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New thread.


And a Beautiful Monday Morning to all!

Thanks for the new thread...

And another feather!!
I haven't had a chance to peek in on our eaglets over the weekend...


stronghunter said…
Good morning, Steve and Paula.

Thanks for the new thread and call-over.

Copied my post from the other thread:

Blogger stronghunter said...
Good morning,

Eaglets are flopped in full view. Moving from time to time. Looks like Prez is flopped on the remains of a fish.

Still need to finish taxes, Sandi. I am pushing this to the last minute for sure. I will end up paying. Need to recalculate the quarterly taxes. I should have paid something to the state, but my program said not.

Monday, April 14, 2014 8:54:00 AM

Look at those big feeties.

Hoda, in answer to your question about #2 eaglet...he just may not have been strong enough....and maybe got too cold. I remember a cold night on that Saturday night.
The eaglets gray down is coming in nicely...should keep them plenty warm.

My neighbor and I took her scope to check out the marsh eagles by the house. Was not feeding time while we were there...thought maybe I saw at least one eaglet. We will try on another day!
Steve, the still cam is down again.

I also sent an email to Steve.

CarolAnne said…
Morning to those here & those to come.
Winter has returned to my little part of the world. Spring lasted about 2 weeks or guess I should call it pre - spring.

Hoping today turns out well as we lead up to Easter.

Read that our eaglets can grow to almost a foot tall in the next few weeks. Wow! Talk a out a growth spurt.

Take care all. May your problems be small & your pleasures be great.
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all on this Monday ♥
Just now signing in and great to see
a fresh new thread from Steve and
a Still cam fix.

There you go again Paula with your new feather. Hoping you b-day weekend went well.

Hi CA and Shirley and waiting for the others to come over - I better go over and read their am comments.
stronghunter said…

Just needed to say that.

Last week, I called in a prescription to my pharmacy.

Was told that they needed to contact doctor for a renewal. I thought, okay, I have a few more pills.

Went to pharmacy yesterday. No pills. They have not heard back from doctor.

Called this morning. Was connected to the nurse's line. Of course, the nurse is never available, so I left a message. Tried to explain that I really need these pills today.

I know everyone is busy, but some days I get very frustrated with talking to machines.
stronghunter said…
Captain flopped at the 10:00 spot.
Sandi said…
Quick check-in from school.

Thanks Steve for the new thread and Paula for the call over.

OK, back to work! TTFN!
Mema Jo said…
Shirley - some (most) of my meds are on Automatic refill and the pharmacy seems to keep changing that status. It is very irritating that I need to call when I';m down to 2 pills to find out they changed it. The other thing is when they tell me they are
out of the drug and it may be a day or two before they get it from another store. I get very frustrated at times.
Mema Jo said…
Sandi I am happy that the shower went along very well and hope the gifts will be very useable. What is this baby girl's Due Date
Mema Jo said…
Shirley - how is hunter's ankle
Did he play in the last game?
I hope it doesn't give him any trouble in the future.
Mema Jo said…
Jenny is here
So I'm out of here

Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds !!!

Thanks to STEVE and PAULA for fixin' us up with a fresh start !!!

SANDI, happy to hear yesterday went well, both for the shower and for the bit of time spent with WANDA. I thought she took GG home the very night she suggested a sleepover--thanks for the corrected info. I'm sure that bedroom with be a delightful sight when WANDA gets it ready !

Temp headed in the wrong direction here, 63° and raining. Only in the 40's tomorrow with snow showers. If it goes as usual this stuff will reach the nest tomorrow and Wednesday. After that I hope Spring really will arrive to stay !
Kay said…
Most of the Sycamore Palace family in the NHZ---just see a bit of one eaglet right now.
stronghunter said…
Jo, that is the other issue. I had allowed extra time because they sometimes have to get the pills from another store. I hadn't noticed the date on the label. I believe it was Wednesday that I called, and their machine said the prescription would be ready the next day.

I had gone over to the pharmacy a few days earlier, but they were so busy that I just left. I needed to get home because Hunter was coming home from school.

This prescription would be hard to manage on an auto refill. I sometimes vary the amount I take, and it is very expensive.
stronghunter said…
Hunter played just a little bit. They were trying to protect his ankle. He seems to be doing just fine.
CarolAnne said…
Today's chuckle.
Bubby 's 12 year old nephew went on a fishing weekend with his dad. Called Gram after first day to report. Was very frustrated -- only thing he caught was a golden retriever. When he attempted to cast, dog grabbed the bobber!

Luckily no damage done.
Kay said…
CAROLANNE, cute fishing tale ! The rapid growth of the eaglets is amazing. Seems only a couple of weeks ago the Berry College, GA eaglet was the size of Prez and Capt. Today it is all black and about a foot tall. Just watched it nibbling at and tossing a small piece of fish all over the nest. It hasn't learned to put a food on it to hold it in place. Bet the lesson is learned by the end of this day ! Love watching their development.
Kay said…
Make that "put a foot on it" of course !
Kay said…
SHIRLEY, glad Hunter seems to be doing okay--his healing is going remarkably fast ! I guess we all have those arrrrggghhh moments when it comes to our Rx's. I had a lot more of those frustrations with CVS than I do with Kroger--made the switch a couple of years ago after many years with CVS in AZ and here. Switched because the nearest CVS is in an area now riddled with crime. Didn't realize til' it was done just how much smoother the Kroger operation is.
Kay said…
Time to dust and vac. Want to get the place freshened up since Eileen and Bill are coming for Easter. They'll stay at Julie's, but will be here now and then, too. The job I dread is mopping the kitchen floor--have to confine an unhappy Penny because she wants to be in on Everything I do ! ☺
Seems my live feed is way behind the still cam...couple of minutes at least 3-4
stronghunter said…
My prescription is at Walgreens. That is what the insurance company wanted. We will see what happens today.
Judie said…
Good morning all.

Thank you Steve and Paula.

Sandi, happy the shower was nice and especially happy you had some time with our Wanda.

Not so much trouble with the military pharmacy but do sometimes have a battle of wills with a nurse practioner/physician assist who gets offended that prescriptions filled by military pharmacies must be signed by the physician.

Glad Hunter is healing quickly.

Have not seen the babes yet today. Need to check again before heading downstairs to finish with the kitchen.
Judie said…
Shirley, Darth is in total sympathy about taxes. He's getting a bit cranky.

I also thought GG and Wanda had enjoyed a PJ party. Confused as usual.

Cute fishing story CarolAnne.

Need to move to the kitchen. Check the nest first, of course.

Have as good a day as possible.
stronghunter said…
Okay, spoke with Wendy about the prescription issues. She is to call me back. It seems that it is possible I have not been there in more than a year, which puts me in a different pile. I will go in if they wish, but I need enough pills to get me until that time. I think it might have been close to a year since I was there, but not much more than that.

When I go to the pharmacy, I will get a printout of the prescriptions I've had filled, which will enable me to finish my taxes.

Sympathies to Darth, Judie.

Someone suggested that I should pay someone to do my taxes. I did that for quite a few years, but I still had to provide all of the same information I have to put into the computer. That is when I first noticed the hives.
Lolly said…
Good morning! Winter has returned!! When we went to bed it was 70. We had windows wide open and the ceiling fan going. Fan was turned off at some point and the comforter pulled till wide open and 46. LOL It is up to 48 and that is to be our high today. Predicted 34 in the morn. Brrrr!

No yard work today.

No bobbleheads in sight. Why do they like the area of the nest we can not see? Will be happy when they are bigger and we can see more of them. LOL
stronghunter said…
I see what looks like a fish at the 3:00 spot in the nest. No eagles at all.
stronghunter said…
My dogwoods are blooming! Other trees are leafing out. I am going to check the weather forecast.
stronghunter said…
Some temps below freezing, but not terrible. I hope the trees we planted last fall will be okay.
Hoda said…
Thank you PAULA eaglet explanation.
Another sunny day here.
I felt better on the cleanse!
Was digesting better!
Must see about that.

Yoga and possibly a meeting today.

Looking forward to the moon eclipse tonight.
Between 2:00-5:30 AM as far as I can figure.

Enjoy the day everyone.
Eaglets in the NHZ...just had a big cam shake...
Lolly said…
Wow! What a treat! We started back to our "walking" today. My cam ran the whole time and a feeding took place at 4. Eaglets with big feetsies in view. One habby camper here!

Now Belle back in the cup and one big footed eaglet in view.
Lolly said…
I was even treated to a little poop shoot. Walking my two miles went by fast watching the cam.
stronghunter said…
I see part of an eaglet sticking out from under an adult near the wing. And another one in front of the adult.
JudyE said…
stronghunter said…
Looks like an eaglet foot and maybe a head sticking out from under the adult now. :)
JudyE said…
all caught up with this page but need to back to ole thread

>LOLLY loved the family pic and the children in the dinning area

Make sure you put on FB momsters page as welll as EM album
PAULA I always notice the time difference I think it has lots to do with the spinney arrow stalling and stopping I think

SHIRLEY I also have had issues with my presc not being ready and two years I ended up loosing one month because of the pharmacy not having it and off course they don't make up for it PIA

so happy SANDI had a good time at the shower and I also thought GG had spent the night already
JudyE said…
well that was quick went to the other thread and only 3 comments after I had left so that was easy pezzy
JudyE said…
I see the peeking eaglet now gone
JudyE said…
heading to FB for a bit
stronghunter said…
Called doctor's office again. Got to leave another message. I just love it when you finally get a real person and they push a button that directs you right back to a machine. I just might not get that prescription today. Somehow it will be my fault, of course.
Chicks hanging at the 3 and 6 spots...Capt trying to huddle under adult. Don't see the sun out...might be a little breezy
Both chicks sitting at the 2-3 spot. Adult perched there too, but just off cam.
stronghunter said…
What a nice surprise! Went to my mailbox and found a very nice card from Margy. Thanks for the kind words my dear friend. It is too rare to find a hand-addressed card in the snail mail these days.
Judie said…
Oh, finally I see two babes taking an air bath. Too cute.

I always laugh when I call a doctor's office and told to leave a message and the nurses desk will return my call. I understand technology is far more advanced than I, but am in awe that a desk will return my call.

Finished cleaning kitchen cabinets and drawers. Lots of "stuff" accumulates over 3 decades.

Glad you had a good walk Lolly. Yes, colder weather returning here tonight.

stronghunter said…
Yes, there they are, Paula.
stronghunter said…
Love the way they are sitting there together. Definitely a big difference in size.
Kay said…
Wow ! Talk about a growth spurt--Prez has had one and those downy white feathers are changing to greyish black quickly ! What a good eaglet, flopping in plain view for a change.

SHIRLEY, I've never had an insurance co. tell me which pharmacy to go to. Walgreen's has a good reputation though and can be found no matter where one's travels take them. I think all pharmacies do those tax time print outs now---what a convenience that is compared to "the good ol' days".

Kay said…
I got my dusting and vac-ing done in 20 minute increments--20 for work--20 for rest. Mopping will wait til' tomorrow, or better yet, after the snow and rain of this week.

My friend, Shirley, is back in Joplin and called today. She unwound about the sad events of the last week+. She was very pleased with his "celebration of life" service. About 200 people. In addition to the usual format 6 friends spoke--2 Gary went to elementary school with, a high school chum, a college pal and a couple of men who've known him as an adult in the business world. Very nice. Shirley seems to be as much at peace with it all as a mother can be, but there will be many ups and downs as the days go by. She thanks all for the prayers and asks that they continue for her, his widow and his daughter.
Think it's feeding time in the NHZ
Prez just scootched up there for some vittles....
Feeding just finished up and parent is now digging in the bowl.
Looks windier...getting more of Mr Twirly
stronghunter said…
Yeah, they said they would give me the print-out. No problem. They are calling the doctor to see if they can take care of the prescription.
stronghunter said…
I am just hanging around waiting for phone calls. Very frustrating.
stronghunter said…
Okay, now I get a call from the pharmacy machine that my prescription is delayed. They are trying to call the doctor. I have a feeling that the doctor's office is closed. I called first thing this morning. &*^%$#
Lolly said…
Well, we are up to 55. Warmer than predicted, so hope that it does not get as cold as predicted. It has cleared off.

Sorry about the prescription frustration, Shirley! So irritating.

Cam has been up and operating for me. Crazy!

Did some shopping for Laurel. She is so frustrated with shopping for Jacob. He is built like a brick. She could not find pants nor shorts to fit him, so I did a little shopping. Think I may have found him some shorts, so he will try them on this weekend. Her boys are so different. Joseph so slim and Jacob husky!

He will try on the shorts this weekend. I have no problem with returning. She just does not have the time to shop. He is not that cooperative either!

See a little bobble head peeking out!!
Lolly said…
Laurel is texting me from Jacob's bb game. They lost big time 34-10. Guess who scored all 10 pts! My Jacob! He is giving it his all this evening!
Mema Jo said…
Kay - that is so encouraging that you heard from Shirley - I am thankful she is at Peace. I'm sure there will be times that she'll get you on the phone especially in her 'down' time.
Mema Jo said…
You go Jacob - score those runs..

Lolly I had the same problem with my 2 sons - Thin and Trim - Husky and solid. I could usually find the
larger boy's clothes for husky.

Mema Jo said…
JUDY - Paula or anyone: Question

When you go to our Yahoo Eaglet Momster's site = has your Home page changed it's picture or like does
it look different to you..?

Question: Season 21013 - what were our 2 eaglet's names...? I have a
very bad case of CRS
JudyE said…
both eagle in one is in the NHZ feeding the chicks the other on launch pad
Mema Jo said…
Really dislike that interference on our audio
Mema Jo said…
Fly out
Before the fly out the adult looked
as little distracted.... Could be my imagination
JudyE said…
NO I also thought so I saw a duck several times

wasn't one Shamrock Shamie
JudyE said…
JO isn't that the wind we hear blowing in the mic I wonder if there is a fix for that???
JudyE said…
I have been bad haven't posted pic in album in a couple of days need to do tonight will let you know if there is a difference for me
JudyE said…
Angie just left gonna go do some stuff before I settle in for evening
Let me think on the second name unless someone else beats me to it LOL
Mema Jo said…
TIME for


Lolly said…
Jo, the picture at the top looks bigger,
JudyE said…
JO I never ever notice the BIG pic on the top page but otherwise is the same as it was a few days ago
JudyE said…
wow the 8th was the last time I put pic in I am so behind gonna do in a bit Just wanted to see if I saw a difference in the page
Lolly said…
Hedgie was one of our eaglets last year....having trouble with remembering the second.

Need to go cook dinner!
JudyE said…
Shamrock was the other FEEDing going on in the NHZ can see tail feathers at 3
JudyE said…
babes are feed and plotzed out of the cup but around it
Janet said…
good evening to all.

reading back...prescription woes, cold weather, healing bodies, tax numbers, and growing eaglets....

we have had rain today. we needed it, so it is much appreciated. however. uh hem. spring is taking a quick vacation....28 tomorrow night. ma nature is having a laugh I suppose.

but this time of the year, it doesn't last long.

I had my 5 year review today. I can hardly believe I have been there this long. it went well.

light love hugs and smiles to all!
Judie said…
Hedgie for our Lynn and Shamrock for St.Pattrick's day.

stronghunter said…
Hi--Got an emergency supply of pills from the pharmacy, so all is well.

Got the print-out of filled prescriptions. All is well.

Bowling tomorrow.
JudyE said…
Sure wish I could get up to see the lunar eclipse will be clear they think Worth setting the alarm 50 min should last Blood Moon 3am is not a time I like to do LOL
JudyE said…
on the news they got the bears that did the attack on the lady and they are doing DNA to be positive They lost fear of humans because of stupid humans
There is a old lady that has been arrested for feeding them also was on the news in he past couple of months
JudyE said…
Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."
Judie said…
Shirley, Sandperson is happy to know you got your meds. Was hinting at a pharmacy break-in to help you.

Watched Midsomer Murders. Couldn't get the channel for a program Jo recommended.

Sandperson is huffing and puffing down the stairs with a very large satchel of sleepy dust. Okay, heard the front door slam.

Headed to dent the pillows. Night light is on. Restful sleep for all.
Mema Jo said…
I watched Midsomer Murders too
Brand new - best thing is NO Commercials.

Wow Shirley - thank goodness you got your meds.

Mema Jo said…
On the Home page of our Yahoo Eaglet Momsters down at the Group Description is the Deb Palmer picture of Belle and Liberty - that is the same. Now that same pic is
up at the very top also. When Yahoo changed the format I had a brilliant blue block with Eaglet Momsters and
a design..... No big deal but don't
know why it keeps changing.....
Mema Jo said…
Thanks for reminding me of our 2 eaglets - how could I ever forget Hedgie ♥ Our home page on that yahoo
needs to be updated I guess. But
with my memory I can't do it. lol
Mema Jo said…
I bet our Lynne is out of breath and won't catch it until a good night's
sleep. Praying that all went well at her pulmonary appointment.

Mema Jo said…
Margy - where are you - We don't mind that Ramp smell on the blog so
come on in here............

Janet - 5 years can go by fast when you're doing a job you love ♥

Hoda - goodnight whenever you report in Hope you had a good day ♥
Mema Jo said…
Goodnight to All

Prayers for all of you and your loved ones..........



I ♥ Us
Hoda said…
Good night JO!

SHIRLEY I am so relieved that the pharmacy delivered.
Tha is what they should have done from the start and not put you under so much pressure.

Yes JO I had a very good day. Volunteering and yoga. Good weather and generally a sense of wellness.
It is amazing the 30 degree fluctuation in the weather per day!!!

Just came in from a city council meeting. These guys are hilarious. I went as part of The Kootenay Spirit Festival Board. We are asking the city for six thousand dollars. Favourable response to our presentation. I lay odds we will get at least four thousand! Time will tell.

Good night all

God Bless Is All.
Lolly said…
Some decisions were made tonight. Michael called. They are coming Saturday for dinner, spending the night and going to church with us. Yea! Easter with Zacharooski!! Have not seen him since before our trip. They are heading home right after church as they have company coming. Laurel and family are coming after church to eat us and enjoy the afternoon. Too bad we could not all be together but I am happy with the plan.

Heading for the pillows.

Night all! SED!!
Sandi said…
Good Tuesday morning my eagle friends. Raining here - supposed to be that way all day with dropping temps. It must be raining at the nest also - I see a parent (Belle?) with wings spread to cover 2 little eaglets.

Shirley, I'm glad you got meds from the pharmacy.

The kids were awful yesterday and I expect they'll be worse each day this week - they are already on spring break! I just wish this week was over.

Prayers continue for Larry and for Kay's friend Shirley and Lori's friend Kate.

Have a good day all.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds Also raining here as well I see a mumbrella up a the nest
Janet said…
good morning to my friends!
a day off. a cold (40's) day off. cold as opposed to 80's for the past few days...hmmmmmm

plans for the day? getting a mssage from 9 to 10:30. when asked what I wanted for my five year anniversary...a pin? I said, no, I won't wear a pin. you might tempt me with earrings, but beyond that, how about paying for a 90 min massage? they went for that.

then home to work on my painting and work on some henna on my hands for tonight. for tonight, my friends, Rebecca and Danny, yes, friends, yes, TUATHA DEA is performing and I am very excited. I am excited to show them my tattoo, they have seen pix but I haven't seen them in a few months.

this is funny. I have no less than a half dozen other people, from work and Reiki coming along! I've never had anything like that happen before, dare I say, set a trend? lol. joking. just joking. I think their music touches a primal note, a deep chord with others as it does to me.

anyway, so am excited about that.

am not excited looking at the tv, there are SNOW SHOWERS about? I wanted snow in the winter, uh, no so much now, lol.

have a great day all. will check in later!
Morning, all.

Lousy internet reception last night...couldn't get on the blog.

Bro Steve headed home today...I will see him this weekend over Easter.

I changed the picture on the Yahoo home page...

Raining at the nest.

Larry doing OK...throat getting sore...finding it harder to eat...back to soft foods. Dr is supposed to give him a prescription today...hope it will help.
Mema Jo said…
Good morning and it is a wet one but just rain and I hope we don't get any snow showers, Janet. It is 60° here in the valley now but tonight we are to drop below freezing.
I didn't get to see the Lunar eclipse.

Shirley - mail those taxes, gal ♥

The only critters I have out back this morning are Mr and Mrs Bunny.
Mema Jo said…
Good morning Paula - sorry about your internet connection...

SO you were messing around with the Eaglet Momsters site - lol - Well
I am so glad you 'fessed up ♥
In the back of my mind I was going to point the finger at you - lol
You know me - 'picky Jo' rofl.....
Prayers for Larry - back to smoothies for a while. Sounds like you may go home for Easter next weekend. Some time with the grandkids would be very nice.
grannyblt said…
Good morning eagle buds. It is just wrong for the breeding plumed goldfinch to have to forage for seed at the feeder in the SNOW.
Mema Jo said…
Yes, Lynne that is soooooo wrong
I just saw my woodpecker in the tree
Daughter says he is a yellow bellied sapsucker..I need to look closer next time he comes to the feeder..

All 5 in a row of my dogwoods are almost ready to burst open - Don't know what these upcoming temps are going to do to them. I thought they would be out by Easter but not sure anymore.
Mema Jo said…
Oh my: dad and mom aren't being the protective umbrella right now - we have some very wet little ones in our nest.
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Good morning my eagle budlets!
Judie said…
Good morning.

Pouring steady rain here. Good rainy day project will be cleaning out my cookbooks.

Checked most live cams. Giraffes at Pete's Pond, GA babe coping with rain alone, bears becoming active (cute video of Holly w/duck), owls all safe, Isla on her egg, RTH swaying in the wind and rain, and our babes covered safe and warm.

Janet, enjoy that massage.

Jo, I also enjoyed Midsomer last night.

Shirley, get those taxes post marked before the witching hour.

Hoda, hope the council comes through with most, if not all, of the money requested.

Lolly, sounds like a family Easter all around.

Paula, sure hope the med helps Larry with the sore throat.

Okay, off to wash away the grime and then to the scullery - again.

Have a great day.
Mema Jo said…
Dad has returned - digging up the flugg
Mema Jo said…
Lolly - split shifts do have an advantage by allowing to give all your attention to the grandsons at different times. I know though that you probably wished the cousins could
enjoy being with each other. :)
Mema Jo said…
Dad is off the peeps again - I wasn't watching and didn't see the fly out or the NHZ
Mema Jo said…
The nest temp is still in the 60°
Mema Jo said…
Bringing into the nest some green leaf branches and new dry flugg (Nesting material) Covering the eaglets to keep them dry......... What a parent
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds !!!

Nothing new from snowy Ohio. Looks like Easter weekend will be rainy throughout and temps in the 50's. Oh well...

Enjoyed catching up with all your doings and nest observations !

PAULA, those treatments are rough, my thoughts and prayers are with Larry.

Prayers for Kate and family, too.
chickslets getting some fresh air..rain must have eased up for the moment

wow, thunderstorm here at the moment.
Lolly said…
Good morning! Saw 35 this morning. Thank goodness it did not freeze! Jack did move some things back into the green house. Wish I could bottle this cold air for this summer.

I am going to ask for prayers. Mindy, (Dr. Luck) a young mother, Laurel's age is having surgery this morning for colon cancer. She is an OB/GYN, married and has four young children. She was raised in our church, a good friend. Too young for this. She has had radiation to reduce it, now surgery, and next chemo. Then more surgery.

Hang in there, Sandi. Then you will have next week! Wahooo!
Lolly said…
My cam is up and running. Good view of the eaglets!
Kay said…
Some green leaves mixed into the flugg. Prez finds them interesting---a vegan eaglet ?

LOLLY, prayers for Mindy !
Hoda said…
Prayers for Mindy LOLLY.

Yoga and volunteer with the Dragons and KSF.

Enjoy the day

Mema Jo said…
Lolly, Prayers for Mindy
I know what you mean about her young age having to suffer so much ♥
Judie said…
Oh, I think I see what might be a somewhat disguised shiny green garland. Nah. Bet Belle and Shep are just playing a joke on us.

Lolly, very sorry for Mindy. Hope the treatments are fully successful.

Mema Jo said…
We just had quite a downpour here in the valley - Hope it doesn't get like
that at the nest - someone opened the clouds and let it all come down.
Mema Jo said…
Someone asked about Belle's record for laying eggs and how many hatched.
Since 2004 through 2014. Looking through my NCTC records since 2004: 26 eggs laid and 15 eaglets hatched/fledged. The weather was the cause of not hatching and then when the new male came into the nest we lost the one hatched eaglet. Quite a record. ♥
grannyblt said…
Thanks to Shirley for suffering through the RX's woes. I thought I would be in for some of the same and her troubles got me moving. Turns out I don't even need bloodwork yet and am good for another 90 days.

Sorry for your friend Mindy, Lolly. I hope she has good results.

Snow seems to be melting pretty fast'''''sure hope it is the very last of it until next winter.
Mema Jo said…
Whoa where did dad go - Adult not visible in nest
Mema Jo said…
Adult is back - all eaglets covered

Feet Up for a TV show at 2:00
New Tricks (Cold cases)
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Prayers for Mindy.

Bowling went well--We won all four games, so we're in good standing for now. Two more weeks until we finish. Will be missing one member next week. She'll be at Nationals.

I see a mombrella (or dadbrella) in the nest.

I see that greenery in the nest!

I will be sending the taxes in by computer. That's the easy way. Getting ready to put in those prescription costs.

Wondering when I will be hearing from the doctor about the prescriptions. The emergency supply should keep me going for awhile. Supposed to be 3 days' supply, but really more like 9 days.

JudyE said…
HELLO on lunch off course
gonna go read the blog BBIAFM
JudyE said…
I see adult in nest trying to sit on babes don't seem to be working LOL aned I think there is adult in NHZ I see white
JudyE said…
all caught up
LOLLY will be keeping MINDY in thoughts and prayers for her

PAULA so hope Larry mends quickly

JO thanks for the info on Belle Yep she has done good keeping the population up there with our eagles

and I so remember 2011 that is the year I joined the blog so sad a year But we must move on

Thunderstorms have been rolling in all day Cold front coming in

SIS I would have asked for several massages for the bonus

Angie was asked what she wanted for a bonus and she replied a extra week a year for vacation and they gave it to her
Walmart doesn't do them :-(

Eaglebrella when we don't know who is on the nest may work I am having the hardest time now that Shep has no spot to see only can tell when see front of Belle Love that V and did you notice other nest the female also have the V I thought that interesting but I don't remember which nest I look at to many but only just a pop in I guess you could say
Judie said…
Shirley, congratulations on the team standing. Keep up the terrific scores.

Did I miss a report from Lynne2 on the pulmonary test experience? Hope it went well. As Jo said: CRS

Shoot, missed New Tricks. Watched one day last week, I think it was. Like it. Need to check listings.

Thank you for the egg data. Yes, impressive.

Headed to play like Jo. Up go my feets.
JudyE said…
very nice lookng fish in the dinning room
JudyE said…
JUDIE you can always watch shows that you have missed online

I do that with some if I miss or if the DVR doesn't know that the snow before ran over and doesn't record the entire show That happens on GW often
Kay said…
Oh, my, it's a rough day for the Osprey's in Naturenutland ! The Patuxent River is raging ! Parent hunkered down---looks miserable.
stronghunter said…
Yay! Taxes done and submitted.

stronghunter said…
Eaglebrella--I like that, Judy.
stronghunter said…
Stormy here now. Temp is dropping.
Kay said…
The Blackwater eaglets are thriving. They appear to be about on a par with the chick at the Berry College, GA.
stronghunter said…
I see out two little ones with parent.
NCSuzan said…
Yes, would love to hear from Lynne2. Was she able to quit smoking? Know she was having a hard time.

Shirley, congratulations to you and your team. I know you have worked extra hard this year. How is your leg feeling?

Lifting Larry up. Hope the medication aids him. And for the young woman, I also have CRS, on her surgery and for a complete recovery.

Lolly, how is your cousin Norm doing?

Love watching our nest even though it has been a struggle at times this year. The"children" are lucky to have such great parents!

Good health, good thoughts and good times for everyone.
Kay said…
I'm not getting sound today---anyone else ? The wind is blowing so we should be able to hear that. I've been roaming the country looking at other nests and getting sound. Also stopped in to visit Rhonda and the pups. They are a riot now that their walking and tumbling ! Looked in on the D.C. panda, too. A darling mass of curled up panda napping !
Kay said…
NC SUZAN, good to see you. Tell us how you're feeling, please !
stronghunter said…
Hi Suzan,

Thanks. We are holding our breath. Still two more weeks. We need to win more games.

My leg is much better, thanks. I hadn't mentioned my aching leg on the blog. Was a bit stressed over other things yesterday, but I am fine.
stronghunter said…
No baseball practice today. Rain. There are games on Friday and Saturday.
Kay said…
Aha, and I thought SUZAN was confused and meant to mention Hunter's injury. So, you, dear girl, are withholding info from those of us who are not FB'ers ! For shame. Whatever happened I'm glad the leg is better and that you got some needed help from Walgreen's. Hope the doctor comes through with your Rx before the short supply runs out !
Kay said…
Worried about some of the budding trees n' plants--going below 32 overnight an much of tomorrow morning here in Central Ohio.

stronghunter said…
I had two problems with my leg Kay. When I was practicing my bowling on Sunday, my leg suddenly started to hurt. I had to give up on bowling and come home. I do not know what was wrong, but the heating pad helped.

Then, I was feeling better, so I went downstairs late at night and tripped over the barricade we have to keep Luna out of the dining room.

I had a big lump and a scrape on my leg, so I got Will's help with bandaging and cold compresses. I ended up with a heating pad on one part of my leg and a cold compress on another part.

Yesterday I happened to bump into one of the cats. That was quite painful, so I put lots of padding on the hurt place before I bowled today.

But I survived it all, and am much better now.
JudyE said…
KAY I don't seem to have sound either I just wish we or they knew what causes it to just go away and come back Has to be some kind of loose connection I would think It doesn't seem to be real windy at the nest right at this sec Will have to see if it comes back

HOME from work as if you didn't know

I see both chicks in cup area no adults maybe in NEZ

it was pouring rain on and off all day at work with storms but when I got home which is a little over 1 1?2 miles straight over from the store I only got a few drops of rain not enough in the rain gauge to measure
JudyE said…
SHIRLEY sounds like the animals are against you LOL so sorry for the boo boos
I feel at the park the other day going to Jordyn Bday party in the parking lot after getting out of my truck and it was a piece of bark from the mulch the ironic thing is that is what I got hurt on in Wmt parking lot when I feel also But I didn't hit my head this time went down on one knee and palms of heads got road rash on the knee
JudyE said…
any one here see the stepping on the eaglet by adult I got a snip
JudyE said…
trying to tuck them in looks like but keeps stepping on them lol
JudyE said…
still trying to tuck not going very well at all
JudyE said…
adult looks like trying also to dig deeper in the cup
well looks like she finally has then settled in but sticking out also in here chest area
stronghunter said…
So, both of us have taken a spill, Judy. Hope your knee is okay.

Adult visible with little one trying to get under.
stronghunter said…
I do not have sound either.
NCSuzan said…
Shirley, I am so sorry. I spoke without thinking.

Kay, thank you for asking. I was sick for a long time and it is taking me a while to heal and get strength back but it is much better. Medical personnel has brought up the subject of a transplant once again. For me, the cons far outweigh the pros.

Well, the bottom just fell out of the sky with a little bit of thunder thrown in for good measure!

Off to find something ready made for dinner. Do not want to cook!
NCSuzan said…
PS- By cooking I mean microwave, boil eggs or use the toaster! LOL
JudyE said…
NO sound winds is picking up NO SOOUND again so sad
JudyE said…
SUZ your cooking sounds like mine LOL
JudyE said…
My big cooking last night was frying up a polish sausage in the skillet and the buns toasted on the skillet
JudyE said…
EAGLE out the back door I think no longer of babes
JudyE said…
i just heard a pop on cam two times a clunk of sorts anyone else hear it ?????
JudyE said…
the other eagle is now trying to tuck the babes in but we have the back side of the adult to us :-( Turn around please

I think that is Belle looks wide
maybe that was Shep having a time with them tucking them in earlier Like I said I don't commit to the adult anylonger without seeing the chest area
JudyE said…
EAGLEBRELLA is part of the way out not full only 1/3 maybe but I think its Belle
JudyE said…
I sure wish I could figure out FB yesterday the pic I posted on the Eaglet Momster Page showed up on my news feed but today NOT ODD

I see the EAGLE CAM page are calling the eaglets B3 B4 WHY B is it for Belle this is not her 3 and 4 eaglets and that is usually they say E3/E4 like the nest in Ft Meyers they have been only on the air two years and so that would be the 3/4 any idea anyone why ?? Just curious!!!!
JudyE said…
this would be B25/B26 for fledged eaglets

Ok since I an all alone I shall also part ways Lator Gator
Kay said…
SHIRLEY and JUDY, that will be enough rule breaking out of the two of you. So glad neither of you suffered a break and that all seems to be okay now.

SUZAN, I don't think you have to feel bad about spilling a FB secret, for nothing said there is REALLY a secret. Guess the rule of thumb should be if you want to keep a secret don't tell it there or on a blog. The nature of these mediums does not safeguard such things. It puts some pressure on folks who use both to remember what to say where ! Safer to use old fashioned e-mail in some instances.
Kay said…
I love it when both Shep and Belle are on the nest for a while ! Family time !
Kay said…
I said that without noticing the whirlygig going round. Don't know how long my cam had been on stall. A reload reveals just one parent forming a mumbrella.

Jeopardy time !

Love and prayers for all !!!

JudyE said…
lots of new pic on the Eaglet Momster page make sure FBers check them out or wait till you see them in the EM album I got a couple of good pics of Shep stepping on the eaglets while he was trying to tuck them in one was on the little ones neck and head :-( there are about 4 5 pic in the series of it
JudyE said…
KAY that is exactly why I love the still cam If the live feed and it doesn't match I know I have to refresh it and off course I have 3 browsers open with the live feed that is why I can get so many different pic in a series when the cams are just a little behind each other

ok shower is calling me BBIW
Mema Jo said…
Still raining here and temps are still dropping.
Jeopardy time and the NCIS and NCIS:LA


JudyE said…
did anyone on the blog see the moon last night Angie was up letting the Casper out at his normal Pee time 3 and she got a couple of pic I remeinded her if it laughing she should set her clock and that is when she said the dogs are the clock nightly
JudyE said…
eagle up on still only cams are way behind
JudyE said…
feeding time looks like she is getting the fish from the pantry
JudyE said…
so much for the shower thought action was over snip I go
JudyE said…
but with the cams freezing I have all the same pic Oh well so it is to be
JudyE said…
two started over them selves after I f5 one
JudyE said…
sure do miss the peeps peeps of the chicks
JudyE said…
looks like Captain is getting most of the food in the front Prez is not getting as much right now
JudyE said…
feeding is over and she had them tucked but now still working on it She is pulling flugg all around the front of here while someone wants to get out from under it LOL
Judie said…
Oh my goodness. Shirley and JudyE, please take care. Falling is against the rules (to include bumping into things). Seriously, hope you both are okay.

Feeling tired tonight. My Lollypaloozing has taken a toll.

Still raining here. So ready for some consistent pleasant weather.

Fox was on the patio tonight snarfing up baby back rib bones. Pretty creature.
stronghunter said…
Suzan--not to worry. I do not put secrets on Facebook. Nor on here. :)

I noticed the bright moonlight last night, but I did not move from my bed. George decided that I should feed him at about 4:30 this morning. I thought differently.
Judie said…
Sandperson is rummaging in the hall closet. Has an extra humongous satchel. Will be departing in a while.

Says he is concerned about Lynne2 and Hoda and Margy.

Night light is on. Restful sleep for all. May tomorrow bring sunshine and smiles.
stronghunter said…
It was muggy this morning. Now it is very wet and cold.
stronghunter said…
Supposed to get down to 30 degrees tonight. There is going to be some ice around if it gets that cold.
stronghunter said…
Always enjoy seeing foxes, Judie. Would be a bit surprised if one showed up in my backyard, but I supposed I might see the skunk under the front porch. I prefer foxes to skunks.
Oh my has the wind and rain blown tonight .

Got all my plants in they are selling annual down some flowers and maters and pepper over the weekend.

Larry got miracle mouth wash today...makes throat feel much better...supposed to use bEFore you eat...really helped tonight.
stronghunter said…
Can't really see anything at the nest.
stronghunter said…
Can't really see anything at the nest.
Lynne2 said…
evening all!

I got so bogged down in cocker rescue email stuff last night I didn't get here.

So, I actually saw another Dr in the cardio practice to further discuss my issues. The one I saw first was for the A-Fib. I didn't have a pulmonary test, I actually had one back in the fall which was called a breathing test and so DUH I didn't understand.

Anyway, she is concerned enough due to my father's history and my symptoms of shortness of breath, (it's now takes me about 5 minutes to catch my breath after walking up our steps) and wow, she estimates about 5lbs of fluid in my calves, not to mention the A-Fib and other risk factors blah blah blah...that I should have a test called a CT angiography. It is a newer version of the test that will look at all of my arteries, and can not only detect large amounts of plaque, but smaller amounts that can be just as dangerous. More dangerous than cholesterol. (mine is good). Anyway, I have that on Thursday morning.

I have had some medicine tweaking, and she has put me on Lasix because YAY there is now nothing more annoying than having no bathroom on the main floor at work! LOL! And a potassium supplement because my level was a bit low, and it could get lower with the effects of the Lasix.
stronghunter said…
Pardon the double post. Somehow the messages got posted a minute apart.
And it does say miracle mouth wash on the prescription label !

stronghunter said…
Nice to see you here Lynne and to learn that they are working hard to fix you up.

Also, Suzan, glad you are better. Please take good care of yourself. Know what you mean about the cooking thing.
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