Friday, April 25, 2014


New thread.


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Kay said...

Thank you STEVE ! I'm going over to snag the others......

Kay said...
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Kay said...

My delete---so excited !!!!

JudyE said...

Thanks for the NEW THREAD STEVE

and the call over KAY

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle buds I forgot to say

JudyE said...

I see a half a eaglet I think Prez at 9 up against the truck area

Judie said...

Thank you Steve. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Kay, you have a feather. Congrats.

Not much on the agenda today. May do a bit more downsizing. Maybe not. Would rather do laundry - easier.

Prayers for Jo and Jacob.

Remembering our Lynn. I still think of her so often. Hugs to Carolyn and Christie.


Kay said...

Good Red Friday Morning, Eagle Buds !!!

Since HODA didn't mention the quake in her early a.m. post, I feel sure she didn't feel it. Centered near Vancouver island and felt along the coast, no damage to speak of.

JO has been on my mind all morning ! It thrills me to think of how she'll feel once both surgeries are over with. I didn't realize what I was missing til' I had mine !

Thinking of our dear LYNN/HEDGIE who went to her heavenly home 2 years ago, but is with us in our loving memories every single day. Don't you know she's proud of her dear CAROLYN/JEWELS ? Seems to me she won that distinction in record time ! Congrats C♥R♥LYN !!!

Prayers are also with LOLLY, JACK and family as more is learned about Jacob's cyst and the best way to handle it !!!

LORETTA, glad you came across the Berry College, GA nest---some of us have been watching it since STEVE guided us in that direction via JO, back when the eaglet was newly hatched. There was another egg at that time, but it never hatched. It's been fun watching "Berry"---the rapid growth always amazes me. Oh, I think STEVE gave us that link as a possible alternative back when there was some speculation that Belle and Shep would not be using "our" nest this year. Thank you, God, for answering our prayers on that front !

Kay said...

MARGY, thank you so very much for giving us the good CAROLYN news !

ANDY, wow, it almost makes my head spin to learn how busy you and Kubby have been. Best of luck re:lawsuit, if you decide on it. Have a great time in FL. Hoping to hear your GD and her team were triumphant !

SANDI, I do so appreciate your sharing all the estate settlement woes with us. I think I have most things in order. However, Julie hasn't seen the need for me to put her on my car title---we need to rethink that aspect of the total picture.

Kay said...

JUDYE, Hi ! You keep watching that "truck" area and I'll back off so you and others can have the floor ! BBL

JudyE said...

TRUNK area lol

KAY I read your comment and said WHAT

now I see lol

JudyE said...

61° at the nest the Prez is fully visible now at the TRUNK and I see Capt just beyond him

81° here

Sandi said...

Hi all 0 home from tennis and wow, did it feel great to have a racquet in my hand and to get some much-needed exercise!

Thanks Steve for the new thread and thanks, Kay & Judie for the call over.

Judie, what's the latest on the retirement community search?

We should be hearing from Jo shortly. As I recall from my mom's cataract surgery, it's pretty quick.


Mema Jo said...


Thanks for thinking of me. I'm a bit
blurred right now but that will go away soon. The skilled hands of my surgeon and all the nurses at the surgical center were Fantastic.

Mema Jo said...

Congrats Kay on your feather.
I need to read rest of am comments

Steve, Thank you for our new thread
Have a weekend of enjoyment !

Mema Jo said...

We have received a Thank You note
from Sandi and Lisa for the flowers.
Thanks too, for the words of encouragement as I have struggled through this month.

stronghunter said...

So good to see you on here, Jo. Take it easy, Lady.

Kay said...

JO, I'm elated to find you posting so soon ! Glad that surgical center team was "Fantastic" ! An answer to prayer !

SANDI, glad you're back on the courts again--participation in a favorite sport will do wonders for your morale !

I've just completed a grand tour of "my" eagle nests. Found Berry alone in the swaying nest, but looking good. The Decorah triplets are a joy to watch--the smallest hatched 4 days after the second eaglet and seems to look to the largest of the three for shelter and comfort at times. I'm sure he has to stand up for himself at feeding time, however. Nothing notable at the others right now.

Our own Columbus area nest is a PIA to watch, only activated by motion and the cam is pointing up from the ground. Saw one parent there today, but impossible to see an eaglet. After a long search I found a little copy which indicates they had three eggs, one non-viable and found on the ground at some point, second hatchling died on it's 2nd day and as of yesterday the park staff saw one eaglet being fed. Apparently they can only tell by the motion of the adult eagle, for they can't see into the nest. What a disappointment it is to have a local nest with such a poor cam and reporting mechanism.

Mema Jo said...

Good to hear from you Andy
Glad to hear you and Jim are keeping busy - Hope Jim can find some sorta of work that he would enjoy and good
to hear you are still trans cribbing
for your dr. We are getting some
decent temps here on the east coast but I thought they would never get here. Take care ♥

Mema Jo said...

I only need to wear an eye shield when sleeping. Just a precaution not to rub my eye. Right now I feel very comfortable . I am going in and put
my feet up as I didn't sleep the whole way through the night - Keep checking on the time about every hour

BBL in the day as this One Eyed
Typing isn't the easiest thing to do

Mema Jo said...

*** Judy I did set up the MAY 20214
Photo Album yesterday. Thanks again
for all the photos you have posted
for us ♥

Judie said...

Hurray and Hurrah (: Jo just came in the door. Soon ♪♫♪Jo will see clearly now the mist is gone ♪♫♪ Now, put your feets up and have a Panda nap.

Sandi, we are scheduled to visit Ashby Ponds (Loudoun Cty)on 5/1 and Westminster at Lakeridge (Occoquan) on 5/8. Will report, of course. Glad you got some exercise with the tennis racket.

Shirley, meant to mention how nice it was of Hunter to help with the bags of soil.

Steve does take good care of us - perhaps he fears the eagle canes. lol He is the person who provided the Berry nest information Great nest to watch. Will be branching soon. Practicing now with hopping and flapping.

Going to check the nest. MT when I looked. Then head to the laundry.

Thanks for checking in so quickly Jo.♥

Judie said...

Jo, thank you the avatar.

Andy, have fun visiting with the family. Safe travels.

JudyE said...

We've come a long way baby comes to mind with the modern technology and what the doctors can do
JO good to see you back and doing fantastic and no issues

Kay said...

Speaking of technology ? Will one of you computer whizzes please give me some advice. When I go to other nests I get a pop up that says, "You do not have the Converter Connector Tool"--I delete it and have no trouble getting the nest cam video. So what is that tool and do I really need it ?

Kay said...

JO, you are doing so well--just don't overdo, please ! JUDIE is right, thank you for the beautiful avatar !

JudyE said...


Judie said...

Kay, don't know the answer but if you can still view the nests, just do what you're doing. Maybe someone else knows.

Had not checked Decorah all season. Thought the eagles moved and a camera was not going to be installed. Wow! What a beautiful trio of chicks and the zoomie tracking the action is very good.

Okay, I am seriously going to the laundry room.


magpie said...

And I heartily Second thatn Judie Thank You for the Lovely Lynn Avatar,

and the Good Eye News as well

You Go, Girl, or
said another way
Good On You!

Wonderful the Health care team was so good to you also

magpie said...

And thanks for the New Fresh Friday Thread, Steve, I "figger" this will hold us through the week-end....

Happy Friday to YOU!
Sure is nice to see the Babies often on the view at the Still Cam

magpie said...

On Yay, Sandi...Tennis!

My head also spins to read how busy busy busy Andy is all the time...
[as are so many on here as well !]

Thanks for Checking in, Andy!

magpie said...

The afternoon rolls on...
going to head out for some James the Wise Kidster....when he gets into high school he might not go for an
After School Pick-up, but ya' never know!

Lovely to read posts and see
beautiful and cute avatars here, all the time

ttfn...Enjoy the Day....with whatever is on your Dance Cards

Happy Dance! Whatever it is

Lovin' Lynn....


Lynne2 said...

Afternoon all....thinking of Lynn along with the rest of you.

Lynne2 said...

quiet day so far at work, yay! looks like rain is on the horizon for this evening.

Lynne2 said...


magpie said...

Hi Lynne2
See Ya', Lynne2

Happy Quiet so far Day to You!

I'm waiting for the raindrops to start here also...

Thinking of Jacob right now!
With Prayers for all...

Ta Ta For Now xoxoxo

paula eagleholic said...

I see one eaglet laying in the middle of the nest

Thanks for the new thread and the call over.

enjoy the feather, Kay :)

Kay said...

Thanks JUDYE and JUDIE, you eased my mind re:the Video Converter. Didn't want to miss if it was something needed, but happy to learn it IS NOT.

MARGY, enjoy your time with James the Wise Kidster ! You've laid the groundwork for a lifetime of wonderful times together and I don't think a H.S. James the Wise Kidster is going to turn you away---at least not til' he gets his own car.

paula eagleholic said...

Looks like the rain has started. Parent in the nest trying to keep chicks covered

paula eagleholic said...

JO, glad everything went well! You are typing just perfect :)

stronghunter said...

Parentbrella in full operation now.

Hoda said...

Good afternoon everyone.
I see we have not yet heard from JO and LOLLY.
Prayers continue.

I am back at the Lake House.

Was good to hear from ANDY and glad things are well.

I have not yet read back so I will do so and be back.

Hoda said...

So Blessed we are to have known LYNN's friendship.

PAULA thinking of LARRY and sending positive energy his way.

Hoda said...

YAY thank you JO and I am so glad to know that it went well. Blessed Be.

Waiting on LOLLY.

The Earth Quake was not an issue for me and most people on the coast.
Friends on Vancouver Island reported hearing LOUD rumblings and then a very LOUD boom. They felt no tremor.
Some further North said they felt mild tremors nothing to worry about.
I am inland and BC quakes are not an issue here...
Thank you for your concern.

Sandi said...

Hi all. Here's the latest on my mom's estate ... and I'm sure that Paula and Lynne1 already know this. Since Mom didn't have either my name or Lisa's name on her condo deed (just like she didn't on that little bank account that I closed out last week), I have had to fill out more paperwork which will have to be filed with the Register of Wills Office in Howard County where Mom lived. I had to list the assessed value of her condo on the paperwork and have to pay a $400 probate fee to Howard County. I also had to pay $100 for something called a nominal bond.

I will have to take all of this paperwork to the court house BEFORE I go to settlement on 5/5 so I can get a new Letters of Administration showing that I am Mom's personal representative - even though I just got one last Friday and even though I am already named as her personal representative in her will!!! GRRRR!!

In addition, I will be required to open an estate account (at a cost of about $1500) and deposit the check from the proceeds of the condo (after the mortgage is paid off) into that account. The estate account can't be closed for 9 months, so I cannot disburse the proceeds from the sale of the condo until then!!

So, I will say this again to all of you. If your spouse is still alive, make sure his/her name is on EVERYTHING - bank accounts, car titles, deeds, insurance policies, etc. If your spouse is already gone, put a child's name, or ALL of your children's names if you want, on EVERYTHING. You can even specify that your bank accounts are only Payable on Death (P.O.D.) to one or all of your children, which prevents them from having access to the money while you're still alive, but once you're gone, it keeps that money out of probate. It means your kids won't have to pay probate fees and they won't have to waste their time filling out paperwork and spending their days in a Register of Wills office to get access to the inheritance you planned to leave for them!

The sale of the car went smoothly today with the documents that I gave to the young man who bought it - I didn't have to go to the DMV. One more thing done. What a time consuming headache!!

Sun is still out here. Today I have seen both male and female hummingbirds at all 3 feeders.

Jo, glad the surgery went well! Thanks for sharing my thank you note with everyone.


Hoda said...

Opening a bank account costs 1500 US Dollars SANDI? Where exactly will this account be in Fort Knox or something? Dear God that is awful.
I had better look into it more for me otherwise my American sister Carol will have an awful time dealing with things. God Save Us.

Sandi said...

FRESH fish just arrived at the nest! Belle is stepping on it so it won't flop around.

paula eagleholic said...


Later gators!

Judie said...

Hi everyone.

Hope Lolly come in the door soon.

Sandi, so sorry for all the headaches and time-consuming details of settling the estate. Not much consolation but this is one of the benefits of our family - we share and learn from each other.

Nest is being moisturized and a mumbrella is sort-of being useful.

Rain, thunder here. May shut down for a while.

Laundry done. Whew!

Now on to the scullery. BBL

paula eagleholic said...

Having an adult beverage and waiting for the storm. Larry feeling pretty rough today. Birds are filling up at the feeder.

Oh I forgot to mention that the paradise spray are incubating as of Wednesday ..2 days ago.

Lolly said...

Just want to say that it so very nice to have doctors that act quick and phone with the results quickly.

Jacob had his sonogram. (He is not pregnant, did not see a baby) Did not go high enough to see if he has a brain. LOL They did concentrate on his neck. It is a pilomatricoma, a rare benign tumor. It does have blood flow to it. Hospital sent the results to the doctor, the doctor called Laurel, the doctor has called the surgeon, and Laurel should hear early next week from the surgeons's office. Not looking forward to the surgery but apparently once it is removed should not come back. It is rare, but usually appears in children. We have googled! LOL

Hoda said...

Well the Nelson Credit Union, it is a bank, was just robbed!!!
Second robbery in as many weeks in Nelson!!! Too exciting for me. The vehicle of choice is apparently not a bicycle this time!!! A high speed chase on the highway. Ten cruisers and Search and Rescue have blocked the highway west of they have them trapped and they jumped in the river? Not a good move if they did...freezing cold and no where to go but under...
I do not like this at all!!!

Lolly said...

Sorry Larry is not feeling well. So glad you are having an adult beverage...we have done the same!

Hoda said...

Yes indeed sorry to hear that LARRY is having a rough day. Good to find a way to release it all. Well done you two and nice about the Osprey.

Mema Jo said...

My Granddaughter, Christine is running the American Odyssey Relay race from Gettysburg to DC - 2 day race through History! So very proud of her. She has the lap tonight to run through Antietam Battlefield.
With the weather is really hasn't slowed the runners. They are a determined group and there are many many of them. It's all for the Military Family's benefits.

JudyE said...

Hello just got home from getting passports forms filed picture taken and somewhat broker by 150.00
went and ate at Chili's

adlut in nest

JudyE said...

with another fish

JudyE said...

she just walked all the way around the nest LOL

JudyE said...

both adult in feeding the babes

grannyblt said...

Good news re/Jo And encouraging news about the tumor on Jacob's neck.

Raining here all day. Our local woman's club has their la-de-da luncheon and fashion show tomorrow. I agreed to model, as many of the members are physically unable. One of my outfits involves a skirt and I felt my gray white legs needed stockings. I figure I hadn't purchased pantyhose in maybe 10 years. All the ones I had were the victim of rotting elastic. I just don't wear dresses or skirts these days.

Sandi. $1500 to open an estate account? Wow. I didn't have to pay anything. It is in fact still open with the remainder of the $$. It is at a bank that Mom had an account. After Mom died, I went to her lawyer and he told me what I needed to do and he did some of what you are doing. It just took a long time.

magpie said...

OH Good, Lolly! Complicated...but good detail from you, and so very had to read the word BENIGN!

Had to find the news, and glad that I did...thanks for keeping us updated


Paula...(( Healing HUGS )) for Larry...sure he is getting plenty of them from his Home Health Care Nurse as wel ! :)

magpie said...

I'll say Rain! A gully-washer for sure, and an All Wheel Drive driving trip up to get James.....

but we DID need the rain, lots of
"Red Flag Warnings" regarding
outside fire burning dangers this past week

Kay: Thanks for the Vote of Confidence for James and me :)

I know you are right...!

Jo: Great, about Christine, what a loyal and loving activity...

magpie said...

Got my first ever Pneumonia vaccination today, a shot...
good for five years...ouch my arm does feel it now

Best Wishes for a Marvy and Jolly
Evening to all

(( Lovins' and HUGS ))

ttfn xo

magpie said...

Oh Sandi:
The detail of the estate settling
sounds downright nerve-shattering....
but, glad the DMV and sale of the car detail went OK...

Steady as she goes...and I know you will continue to do a
Superior Job...
a Labor of Love, emphasis on Labor,
We're with you, and Here for you,
Girlfriend (Lynn used to use that
expression...."Girlfriend." )

xo and 'bye for now

Hoda said...

Well THE RCMP always get their man! They did get the bank robbers. A young man with a hoodie and the get away car, yes car not a bicycle this time, was driven by a young woman.
So they chased them down the highway and closed in on them and ten cruisers surrounded them and they bailed out into the river...bad move! VERY COLD and FAST.Search and Rescue fished them out. They said they were broke. An officer said have you thought of getting a job!!!
Anyway they have them and I hope they give them the help they need to know what is right and what is wrong action.

LOLLY glad to hear about JACOB'S prognosis. Keeping him in prayer.

Hoda said...

OK The chap escaped on a bicycle!!! Honestly he robbed the bank and hopped on a Kona bicycle and went down Lakeside. He hopped in a white car and the police chase started...Two weeks ago it was a stolen Kona Green bicycle this time it was a stolen Kona orange bicycle...he obviously loves Kona bicycles.

Janet said...

good evening to all. Friday night.

so, today I had to chuckle to myself at work. and no one but you all will understand!

first off let me explain: at work there is music playing all day. it is a continuous relaxing spa type music. our boss goes online and picks the music menu. we have all sorts of things. well this particular menu was soooo tranquil that every single therapist was nearly dozing off during sessions today!

I asked the boss if she was piping something funny into the rooms other than music...

THEN I THOUGHT of the EVIL JUFIE and the SANDPERSON! MAYBE they were sprinkling sleepy dust through out the massage envy in retaliation for my snitching the sandperson over dosing me the otherday.................. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I actually took a 40 min nap during my lunch break. I don't think I was the only one.

its been a nice day. did some yardwork when I got home. nothing major, just an excuse to get outside mostly.

went to logan's for dinner. now home. jammies on. feet up.

read back about everyone's day. good medical news. stressful news for sandi. hoping those who are not feeling well are doing better by morning.

hope everyone has a super evening!

Lolly said...

Laurel and Jacob ate pizza with us and then headed home. Traffic should be better.

I think Laurel was feeling better. We put ice on her back and she took advil. Once home she will take another muscle relaxer. Too much going on.

Jacob was "high". Guess it was nerves, but lay very still for the test.

Now I am going to put my feet up and relax!

Judie said...

Janet, there will be no commentary on where the Sandperson was today. I did notice an extended absence. Evil Jufie was no where to be seen or heard. Happy you got a nap.

Hoda, Nelson is turning into a real wild-west territory. Did I understand correctly, it was the same man? How did he get into the white car with the woman?

Lolly, such good news for Jacob. He's going to be just fine.

Margy, hope the rain didn't mess up your time with James the Wise.

Paula, sorry this is one of Larry's puny days. Hope tomorrow will be better.

Jo, congratulations to Christina. Lovely area run. Please give her our thanks.

Sandi, I have some misgivings about the money being required to open an account. Please, either call the American Bankers Association or demand to speak to the bank president for an explanation.

Judie said...

Sandperson just crept into the hall closet and sounds to be stuffing a large satchel. Will be on the way soon.

Night light is on. Restful sleep for all.

Mema Jo said...

Judie - Tell Sandman to avoid throwing any dust into my left eye
Please and Thank You... lol

Mema Jo said...

Lolly - so relieved to hear of Jacob's dr visit and results of the sonogram.

Paula, prayers for Larry to feel better after a good night's sleep.

I have been resting my eye and it still has no discomfort.

Judy your Passport pic is really good You will have a great vacation!

Mema Jo said...

Going to close for the day
Go to dr 8am for the post check up

I told Carolyn and Christie this story about my day after coming home from the surgery. Got out of my street clothes and put on a lounge gown but was a bit chilly. Hubby asked me if I want my light or my heavy robe - I said heavy but couldn't remember that I had one heavier then another. So here he comes with my Froggy Robe that Lynn had given to me - tears ♥
But her robe made it feel like she was right there with me.

With that beautiful thought I will say Goodnight and Sweet Dreams. ♥

Janet said...

late evening.

JUDIE: Do not hold you fully responsible for the comings and going of the oh so generous SANDPERSON. has hit here full time. time to dent dem dar pillers.

nitey nite. SED

Hoda said...

JUDIE Yes the same chap!
His get away vehicle of choice is a Kona Mountain Bicycle. Last time it was fluorescent green. He headed to the Mountains and got away.
This time he headed to Lakeside Road where the young woman was waiting for him. He ditched his freshly stolen fluorescent orange Kona Mountain Bicycle and got into a white Nissan. People were pointing the way and the RCMP simply followed and the rest is history. She was waiting for him in a busy parking lot and there were lots of witnesses.

Glad you are comfortable.

JUDYE where are you travelling that you need a passport?
Are you coming up to "the true North strong and free?" that is part of the Canadian National Anthem if you are not familiar with the words...

Good night all and God Bless.

stronghunter said...

Eyes not working well . . . I think sleepy dust.

Sorry Larry is feeling yucky.

Glad that Jacob is okay.

Sandperson and Jufie are up to no good.

Jo, I still feel comforted by my mother's robe. Glad that hubby brought you the froggy one.

Bank robber on a bike . . . glad he was captured.

Good that the earthquake did not bother you, Hoda. My scrabble friend in Vancouver said there was no problem there either.

Big rain here, too, Margy.

Good night and SED, everyone.

Hoda said...

We'll apparently this is their sixth robbery in this area since November. Two other communities!
And then they came to Nelson!
Wrong move!
We have TWO Police Depts here and they are not laughing.
Everyone is on call and they are doing Community Policing tonight to make sure people feel safe.

Saturday, April 26, 2014 1:13:00 AM

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. I see 2 eaglets sniggled together in a dry nest. The rain has ended here as well and it's supposed to get much warmer for the next couple of days.

Lolly, did some Google searching about the thing on Jacob's neck - very encouraging - what a relief for everyone!

Paula, sorry to hear that Larry is not feeling well - prayers continue for him.

Jo, loved the froggy robe from Lynn story. When we cleaned out Mom's clothes, Lisa refused to take anything. I took several things even though Mom was much heavier than me for most of her life. When I wear her things, it makes me smile, not feel sad.

Judie, don't worry, I'm not planning to just plunk down $1500 to open an estate account - that's just the amount that I was told at my bank (PNC) when I went there this week with a small check made out to "The Estate of Violet Moore". For that check, I just called Mom's credit union and they said they could deposit it into her savings/checking account. I also don't want to have to keep the account open for 9 months. So I'll be shopping around.

This whole thing with Mom's estate, while frustrating right now, has taught me a lot about what to do to make things easier for my boys when I'm gone. And if I can share the info. with my friends here so you can make informed decisions, then that's even better!

Tennis club executive board meeting this afternoon, then I'd like to take Bella for a bike ride. Have a great day all.

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

I see one and a quarter eaglet in the cup nice and sunny there at I see the temp is 48°

Mema Jo said...

Good Saturday morning to all ♥
I had a restful night and now I am up and running to eye Dr for check up. No pain whatsoever and vision is just a bit hazy. You know I really could use a pair of Rose Colored Glasses

I'll check in when I return

Hoda said...

The genius who is responsible for the robberies did not heed police commands to stop once the car crashed.
He ran and jumped over the bridge into a dam.
Where was he when God was handing out brains I wonder?
He was injured. Taken to hospital. Now there is an investigation.

Janet said...

quick good morning to all.

Country music marathon is off and running, watching it on the tv.

Getting ready to go open the school for my pal who has Reiki classes this weekend.

Olivia has Sylvan.

Jack (GS) is planning on spending the night.

Beautiful weather.

Tom has caught a cold. Said something about sharing, share and share alike, I said no, no thank you. Bah humbug on that!

Beautiful morning! Beautiful eagles and beautiful friends!

Have a superb day!

paula eagleholic said...

Sandi...I haven't paid any fees to open an account in MD

Larry maybe a tad better

Windy here today

paula eagleholic said...

Sandi...or was the bank talking about a minimum deposit ...or the small estate fees payable to the state of MD.

Mema Jo said...

i have been home for a while- ate a doughnut and drank a cup of coffee.
Exam went well - Surgeon is pleased
and will see me next Friday. The cornea is swollen and that is the reason for the hazy sight - Will take about 4 days to clear. I asked what does a cataract look like and he said it is hard like a rock and that mine was large. Also said the older you are the longer it takes to heal.... we laughed together with that remark. I continue my 3 eye drops plus do an addition daily dosage with the
one. I also wear an eye shield at night to prevent any touching or rubbing the eye. SOOOOOOOOOOO That's the rest of the story.

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Spring is here. Birds singing outdoors. The trees are leafing out. I am smiling.

Baseball game this afternoon. I will be taking Hunter. Kathryn is at work, but will meet us there as soon as she can.

Good thing we have extra baseball hats. Kathryn bought a couple of extras for herself and for me, but Hunter couldn't find his, so it works out for him. I kind of prefer my big-brimmed beach hat anyway. I need all of the sun protection I can get.

stronghunter said...

Eaglets sleeping at the 9:00 spot. Looks like both of them, but it is a big blob of grey fuzziness.

magpie said...

Everything sounding pretty
Hunky-Dorey here this morning
so far,

Whatever, Hunky-Dorey means!
Same category with "Golly Neds" Perhaps

Good Morning, Eagle Pals

Let the Healing and Feel-Bettering Continue !!


magpie said...

Nope, Judie, Rain did not mess up any James Plans...except we could not fill our water bottles at the Town Spring, but I took care of it after I took him home...

Pretty, nice day here so far
What the rain Might mess with is a scheduled outing on the Cabled Path at Swinging Bridge....
But, well, I will devote some energy to the Debris Field instead perhaps

Jo, love the Froggy Robe tale....
perfect timing...
Sandi...I have a few things from my
late sister...a Winnie the Pooh brown cordurory jumper for example...can't part with it, but
not sure when I will wear it either!

Best Wishes for a Marvy and Jolly
Day, Eagle Pals

magpie said...

debris field HERE at the roost that is....
and the mud from rain Friday, might
mess with a stroll on the wildflower path...sure the water is up some too...
doesn't really matter to me !!
time will tell

Happy Baseballing, Shirley...

okay 'bye xo

magpie said...

Well I can see at least one Eaglet seems to be awake

Judie said...

Good morning still.

Jo, happy the checkup went well. How special the have the comfort of the froggy robe. Lynn would be pleased.

Margy, glad the rain didn't mess up your James time. Have fun today mud and all.

Shirley, had to laugh. When I read your post, I read bats not hats. Could not imagine you and Kathryn wearing bats. Hope Hunter's team wins.

Jamet, hope Tom feels better soon. Remind him that sharing is not always a good thing.

Hoda, cops love stupid criminals. Maybe too many extra special brownies?

Off to pick up my stick vac and other chores.

Have a lovely day everyone.

Kay said...

Good Afternoon Eagle Buds !!!

JO, happy with the Dr. report and feel all warm and fuzzy just thinking of you in LYNN's froggy robe !

LOLLY, "benign" is such a beautiful word ! Prayers continue for your dear Jacob !

SANDI, I could have nightmares over what you're going through in the settlement process. I think all my ducks are in a row, but am sure some detail will have escaped us when the time comes. Fortunately a good family friend is a Family Practice attorney and one with a fine reputation. He will help the family jump through any hoops, I'm sure.

Seth will be here this evening, leaving earlier than usual tomorrow morning. He's landed a job as Freshman Mentor for the next school year and the 1st training session is tomorrow. Couldn't be prouder of him as it was a big step to get a prof's recommendation, put together a resume` and get through a couple of face to face interviews. He continues to astound !

PAULA, sorry Larry felt puny following the last treatment. Prayers continue.

JANET, hope Tom keeps those germs to himself, but it's hard to do when we live with others !

SHIRLEY, glad you're heeding doctors orders when it comes to sun protection ! So important.

MARGY, love your "marvy and jolly" wishes---same wished for you !!!

HODA, if you have a Kona bike, keep it hidden !

May not be back til' Monday. Julie is taking me out for lunch tomorrow and then to the Museum of Art. They have a display featuring floral arrangements inspired by some of their paintings. I'm guessing I'll see irises by Van Gogh, etc..

JUDIE, the Sandperson has done a stellar job here this week ! A pat on the back is called for !!!

Love and prayers for all !!!


JudyE said...

Hello on lunch at McD and watching the NMB nest and ours

JudyE said...

JO so happy appt went good yes you need rose colored glass I agree The world looks bettter with them

PAULA so glad that Larry is feeling somewhat better

JANET didn't you read in between the lines of your marriage certificate on sharing things in marriage Colds are listed LOL

Janet said...

good afternoon all. getting ready to head out to Reiki share in a few min.

LOL. share and share alike, yes, to more often than not include colds.

we went out to family leisure and bought our pool chemicals for the season. they had 16 weeks worth of chemicals on sale. tom wants to put down a concrete pad for the pump before we actually start. maybe later this week?

he mowed. I painted the front ramp and a few other things out front. I like to paint. instant gratification!

it is so beautiful outside. warm but not muggy. mostly sunny, but not cooking! yipppeeee for nice weather!

later gaters!

JudyE said...

ADULT in nest

Home from work

JudyE said...

i don't think we have sound again Windy and I hear nothing

JudyE said...

the wind looks really rough the nest is rockin and Belle lays lo at times

and no sound of the wind

JudyE said...

beak opened no sound calling out

JudyE said...

one eaglet is at 1 and the other at 9 can only see feetsie of the one at 1

JudyE said...

there is a adult in the NHZ I see shadow and also one ealget went that way Prez is plotzed in cup and Belle is at launch pad since I got home she has been there

Hoda said...

Rain mixed with snow.
Good for Fire Season to have this moisture, so I am not complaining.

Excellent gathering with the Dragon Boat Team. We shared lunch.
Tomorrow we dunk to test our equipment and we flip the Dragon Boat as the seats have to be replaced.

Prayers offered in town for the two misguided people who thought it was OK to rob banks...six banks in six months most every one agrees is an indication of poor judgement and incorrect action.

Their streak came to an end in Nelson and we are very proud of our first responders and the RCMP and NCP. Bless them all.

stronghunter said...

Dinnertime for our eaglets. All in the visible zone tonight. Lovely view.

Baseball game did not go well. We were short a player or two. The other team got lots of hits--one went cleanly over the fence.

JudyE said...

feeding going on Wow lots of pin feathers on PREZ he is the one that has been out of sight since I got home it was Capt in the cup area now can really see the dark feather since last night they almost look like the same size

JudyE said...

Notice how the eaglets are laying down eating legs sprawled out and eating

JudyE said...

I think they are so prehistoric looking at this age

JudyE said...

RACES are starting

JudyE said...

RACES are starting

JudyE said...


JudyE said...

adult back in messing with cup and the eaglet don't like it work them up

JudyE said...

so sweet Belle is down on her belly at 9 and the chicks are lined up next to her

Mema Jo said...

Judy, thank you for all the pictures from today at the nest. So happy they are coming out of the NHZ.

JudyE said...

Belle is eating at the launch pad the chicks are awake and content just sittin in the cup

Mema Jo said...

Shirley - hope Hunter isn't getting disappointed with his baseball and I sure hope they start to win and maybe Hunter can get one over the fence.

Mema Jo said...

Hoda - sure hope Nelson has shown that they won't put up with any shenanigans in their town.
Hope your boating friends are ready for a new season.

Mema Jo said...

Hi Kay Enjoy your time with Seth this evening. Being a Mentor speaks so well of Seth's character. Hope you enjoy the lunch and museum -
Will Julie take any pics in the
museum - you may not be allowed.
Enjoy ♥

JudyE said...


JudyE said...


Mema Jo said...

It has been a beautiful day - getting just a few rain drops as I write this. I mainly rested my eye today... Tomorrow Jenny will stop by in the morning.

I have been following Christine and the Relay race yesterday and today - She has finished and on her way home from DC. I am so very proud of her and especially the endurance she has shown. I'm anxious to hear all the side stories.

Mema Jo said...


JudyE said...

adult is back probably
Belle can't tell just yet
at 9 picking in cup area

JudyE said...

no in the NHZ and babes are in cup

JudyE said...

NOW not NO

paula eagleholic said...

Evening all.Full day today. Mowed the yard..planted at least 100bulbs...
Got to watch an osprey chase an eagle into my tree...then he tried to swoop in twice and get the eagle sitting on the branch after he landed. Eagle didn't budge...stayed for about 5 minutes then moved on back over the house and over the marsh.

Went up to the store for water and dog food..grabbed a great quick dinner at a local seafood restaurant ...Poor Larry is really pooped now.

Getting some rain here I hope...lightening and thunder all around us.

Lolly glad to hear the good news on Jacob...although surgery can be scary...glad its not serious.

Kay...enjoy your evening with Seth and tomorrow at the show.

Margy good to hear from's the wrist?

Judy hope your upcoming visits are productive. How's Darth and the kitties ?

Oh dogwoods are starting to bloom here .

Mema Jo said...

Evening has come as always does ♥

This is from Christine (gd)

Thank you for all the support the last two days! It meant more than you know. Two days, 200 miles, Gettysburg to DC, 11 team members, 3 legs totally 15.5 miles. Now good nite!

I am so proud of her and her team.

Mema Jo said...

We have had some showers here but no lightning/thunder. Paula you got
a lot accomplished today. Hope Sun can be a restful day for you and a better day for Larry.

Mema Jo said...

Going to close down here on the blog

Goodnight to all
Prayers for all

I love us ♥

Have I told you that I am so tired of eye drops........ lol

paula eagleholic said...

Jo glad everything is healing well. Good for Christine and her team.

Raining here now...good for my bulbs :-)

JudyE said...

HODA I just remember I didn't answer your question about me getting a passport We are going to Cancun, Mexico for 8 days 7 night ALL liquor, all food, snacks, unlimited exclusive vacation
Angie, Carl and Jordyn and Carl parents , his sister and hubby and brother and wife, and a Uncle celebrating Carl, MaryPat and a Uncle Birthday leaving June 28 getting back June 5

Judie said...

Will read back tomorrow. Very tired tonight.

Sandperson has no respect. Threw sleepy dust in my face then fled out the door. Going to have to set up detention cells for Sandperson and the Evil Jufie.

Get ready for slumber time. Night light is on. Restfol sleep for all.

stronghunter said...

Rest well, Judie.

stronghunter said...

What kind of bulbs, Paula?

stronghunter said...

Getting very sleepy.

Going to say good night and wish everyone SED.

JudyE said...

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

Hoda said...

Good night.
God Bless us all.

Prayers continue.

Lolly said...

Getting on to say good night. Sharon and Dan still here. We enjoyed sitting outside after dinner. They are going to church with us in the morning and then early afternoon we are heading to Dallas. We will all be there. More fun again!!

Did work in the yard some today.

Heading to bed...I is tired!!

Jo, so very happy you are doing so well.

Night all! SED!

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. Looks like Belle is standing in the nest just watching her world while the 2 eaglets are snuggled together snoozing.

LONG tennis club board meeting yesterday - 3 1/2 hours - but we accomplished a lot.

Today is the last day of my retirement. back to school tomorrow but ... drum roll, please ... there are only 31 days left in this school year! I can do this!!

Paula, I hope Larry is feeling better today and can enjoy this weather!

Jo, so glad to hear that your eye is doing well.

Have a great day everyone.

stronghunter said...

Lots of feathers on Prez. Captain is still fuzzy and grey.

Costume Lady said...

Just a quick check in. All is well and good on the home
front. Busy, busy working in the yard, which I love, but not as much fun as when 2 are doing it, but I'm getting it done, slow but sure.

Heading out the door shortly. Have a Blessed Sunday ♥

paula eagleholic said...

Morning all.

Pretty day here.

Shirley, I planted summer bulbs...iris...ranunculus...freesia ...liatris ...sparaxis ...

Maybe this fall i will remember to plant some spring bulbs

magpie said...

Oh my two babies and a parent, maybe brunch time is upon the nest

Welcome back to Jo's Royal Sycamore

Good Morning, Eagle Pals

magpie said...

yes, it is

Hi Paula!
Well, you were a whirling bulb-planting dervish yesterday

will so much fun to watch
everything pop out of the earth !

magpie said...

JudyE will be on a time machine on her trip to Mexico..leaving
June 28 and returning June 5 :)

I have two orange tulips and about 5 white ones about ready to blossom

magpie said...

Paula, my wrist is fine, thanks....
both hands are about as good as they
are going to be ....

I must keep up with focused exercises and the Activities of Daily Living...will help also

magpie said...

Great Christine report from JO...
Bravo, to all the team-members

Kay: wonderful, Seth's new
endeavors....we are Proud right along with You !

magpie said...

Best Wishes, Hoda

on the Dragon Boat activities today....brrrr, sounds like things could be right cold up your way
for this

magpie said...

Wildflower count from Swinging Bridge and surrounding area yesterday:

Carpets of Virginia Bluebells,
blooming trilliums
wild red columbine
Golden Ragwort
a few other "regulars" like Spring Beauty, Trout Lily, and Cut-Leaf Toothwort, and the prize of the day,
a first-ever find for me:
Birdfoot Violet!
Also saw yellow, white and purple violets

BUT, cannot find any Jacks in the Pulpits yet...they are out there somewhere !!!

magpie said...

Best Wishes to ALL on a wonderful Sunday, for whatever is on YOUR dance cards....

Happy Travels and Trails....

ttfn while the babies are still
being wonderfully-fed

xoxo (( ALL DAY HUGS ))

Mema Jo said...

Good Sunday morning to all ♥
It is so great to open our cam and see both Prez and Capt right in the middle of the nest. They are starting to blend into the nest materials that I had to find them by looking for those feetsies.

Jenny is here so I will go visit.
Just letting you know I am doing ok


magpie said...

Well, GREAT, Jo...
always happy to see the letters
OK !

those babies are really exploring their nest these days...
I had not seen them in the 5n o'clock spots yet until now
[they were both there a minute or two ago]

Lolly said...

Proud of you, Wanda! Wish we lived closer so we could take turns working together in the yard. We could take turns at each other's homes. LOL

Good morning! Waiting for the arrival of Sharon and Dan and then heading to church.

Threat or should I say prediction of rain went away. Once again no rain. Oh, it got dark this morning and I thin 10 drops fell from the sky, but that was it! Sun came out! Boo hiss, need the rain so bad. Will have to hand water a little when we get back Dallas.

See you later this evening! Have a blessed Sunday!

Lolly said...

The sticky k key struck again!

stronghunter said...

Captain at the 5:00 spot, Prez walking over to join Captain.

I need to go practice bowling. This is the final week of the bowling season. Banquet the following week.

stronghunter said...

Love your descriptions of the wildflowers, Margy. You recognize so many of them. I saw some purple violets near the trees in the edge of my backyard.

Paula, I hope you will post pictures when those bulbs bloom.

A blessed Sunday to you, too, Wanda. I am sure you will have a lovely yard.

Enjoy your Jenny visit, Jo.

I remember those last days of the school year, Sandi. Dreaming of the summer days to come.

Wishing for a gentle rain for your part of Texas, Lolly.

Good morning, Hoda!

Hope you are enjoying those races, Judy.

Thanks for sending the sandperson this way last night, Judie. Just wish George could get an extra dose of sleepydust--and Luna. She started barking much too early this morning.

I think Luna has been conspiring with Jufie. Yesterday, when Kathryn left, Luna gave a little whine. Then she went straight for the kitchen barricade, pushed it out of the way and was ready to raid the kitchen when I stopped her. Now we know how she ended up shut in the laundry room when we went out the other night.

Judie said...

Good afternoon.

Very slow and lazy this morning.

Two beauteous babes basing in the sunshine with mom/dad keeping watch.

Kay, congratulations to Seth. Quite an accomplishment. He deserves extra momster hugs.

Wanda, glad you are doing some outdoor gardening. Maybe if you arrange for a Lolly visit to the nest, she will come visit and Lollypalooza your garden.

Wishing everyone a wonderful afternoon.

stronghunter said...

Oh, yes, congratulations to Seth. I am sure he will be a great mentor.

paula eagleholic said...

Interesting bird sightings on my walk today were green heron..osprey going fishing and an eagle soaring :-)

paula eagleholic said...

Eaglets plotzed by the launch pad. Parent on Duty...eaglets look warm.

paula eagleholic said...

2 adults in the nest....think there was a flugg delivery

paula eagleholic said...

Oh, think it's eating time...chicks moved to the middle and the NHZ...nope back to the lanuch pad...nope adult back up to the top...

paula eagleholic said...

one adult at the 10 spot...other one took off

one chick in the middle of the nest

JudyE said...

HELLO on lunch

and I was a bad girl I got up at 740 this am clock didn't go off I think I had it on music not beep I busted butt and did make it to work NOT LATE yeah got here at 3 till 8 and didn't get a chance to say hi this am

MAY 28 not JUNE that would be a long vaca it it was June 28 to June 5 over a year would be nice LOL

JudyE said...

when I came on both eaglet were visible and a adult but now gone

JudyE said...

but I did get one snip before they went in to the twi light zone

JudyE said...

adult in nest

JudyE said...

you can see shadow from the NHZ

JudyE said...

on facebook MNBound lost the smallest eaglet

and on the chat they said also PA Pittsburg nest lost one not positive on that

Janet said...

good afternoon to all.

sitting down for the first time since this morning. slept in, had some coffee, then made breakfast, and cleaned the house a bit. I took jack and Olivia to the park where they played for a bit.

now dinner is made. Chelsea and the girls will be over in a bit.

MAGPIE: so amazed at how you can identify so many wild flowers. I can name a few things, but wow, that's amazing!

all righty, suppose some rain is going to move in shortly. they say severe weather for the next 3 days. bah humbug. I don't like at all!

I have everything ready to go down stairs in case. let's hope we don't have to!

later ya'll.

paula eagleholic said...

Janet, they are calling for 3-4 days of rainy weather here too...same system I believe.

Nice here...the wind has let up a tad...nice sitting outside. Larry has been out to enjoy the sunshine yesterday and today.

Doing laundry and some misc things here today.

paula eagleholic said...

Can see part of one eaglet at the 10 spot.

JudyE said...

Just got home and I can see a smidgen of a eagle at 9 10

JudyE said...

Has anyone notice sound yet today ?????

Its not really windy hard to tell

JudyE said...

my live feed was up when I got home but frozen after 22 hours

paula eagleholic said...

JudyE, I haven't heard anything yet.

JudyE said...

Thanks for the feedback PAULA sometimes you tend to thinks its just your computer
Watching the news
The one eaglet I think Capt is at 10ish see more gray no dark color

JudyE said...

Was watching The Red carpet

and they announced all the new shows and there is one I might want to start watching All I need is another show LOL
Sign, Sealed and Delivered is on the Hallmark Channel starting tonight sounds good about Post Office workers doing something about the dead letter file and try to get the letters to the intended party
It happens often in real life there was a lady that recently got 3 letters from her husband who is now gone they were from the Vietnam war got lost somehow

Talks about a lost art of writing letters Which as we all know is true except for a few like Margy and others

JudyE said...

Love your avatar PAULA

paula eagleholic said...

Oh Thanks Judye....a water scene from down here...I didn't take the pic, but you know I love sunsets :)

Show sounds good, Judy.

JudyE said...

CAPT heading to cup area wing stretch

JudyE said...

CAPT is picking at flugg so cute

JudyE said...

little rolly polly in the nest lol

JudyE said...

CAPT is plotzed in nest and there is a small stick poking him in his head looks like eye now

stronghunter said...

Good evening,

Back from bowling practice. I bowled six games, and now I'm tired.

I think I am seeing two eaglets in the sunshine. kind of hard to tell.

JudyE said...

Adult in NHZ see shadow at 9

stronghunter said...

No, I believe that is just one. Captain, maybe.

JudyE said...

ONLY ONE SHIRLEY but someone is in NHZ and a adult I see at 9 talons

stronghunter said...

Looks like Prez emerging from the NHZ.

JudyE said...

YEP CAPT it is

JudyE said...

Prez was peaking out now I just see talons

JudyE said...

adult is in

JudyE said...

and poof over nest from NHZ

JudyE said...

I dislike news teasers Where they tell you part of the story and say stayed tune for tonight at 10
Hawks in a city attacking people Should be interesting at 10 I shall have to wait

Capt is so restless tossing and turning keeps shifting around I see movement of a little shadow so Prez is at 9 still

JudyE said...

I tired so hard to get the fly over but no go boo hoo LOL with the other cam up thought I could capture it put my snip is slower that my fingers

JudyE said...

GLO is under the gun with the bad weather and that front is headin to TN and Ga area Everyone be safe

JudyE said...

for our area ISS is flying over tonight at 841 N.W sky

JudyE said...

I checked at work and my vacation was approved already for May/June but I had going back to work on the Sun but with us getting home Sat I put in for Sun off also I am sure they will approve it I was so surprised they already approved it because we are 3 weeks with scheduling

Mema Jo said...

Good early evening =

Judy - I watched the first show last Sun. of Signed,Sealed and Delivered
I enjoyed it - It is a spin off of the TV show Highway to Heaven. I hope you like it.

JudyE said...

I love how he wiggles his tail Capt is wiggling it big time

JudyE said...

Capt was messing with flugg looks like he has his head under it now

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