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New thread.


Kay said…
Thank you STEVE ! Nice new thread for a nice new week ! I'll go get the others......
Kay said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sandi said…
Checked my email and saw the announcement from Kay. Thanks Steve for the new thread and thanks Kay, for the call over.

Still don't have that IEP written - couldn't get onto the site. Just discovered that I can so now I need to do my school work. :(

Hoda said…
Thank you STEVE and KAY
SANDI good luck with school work.

An osprey perched on a tree outside the window at the lake house. I think he has taken up residence over two hours now still sitting there and pruning.
They are back! First one I have seen.
JudyE said…
WOW a SUNDAY thread we must have been good

JudyE said…
HODA I just love seeing osprey yesterday Jordyn and I did a u turn just to turn and see the osprey that flew in front of us and landed on the light pole Sure enough had a fish from the lake at the park

I love how the shadow of the eagle i is on the nest I have several snips
stronghunter said…

Thanks for the new thread, Steve, and for the call-over, Kay. Enjoy your feather.

Must go find food.

Hoda, I do enjoy ospreys. They are so vocal.
Kay said…
That was my double post, of course ! I got so excited !

LORI, Seth and I had our typical evening---listened to Prairie Home Companion during and after dinner. Had popcorn n' Sprite at 7:30, then enjoyed Keeping Up Appearances til' 9. Lots of good conversation squeezed in---he talks during all musical numbers, but loves the PHC skits. Praying that Kate's Mom slips away peacefully. They can be so thankful for the rich long life she had !

JANET, you really did break the rules. Glad for no breaks !

SHIRLEY, a brace sounds more accurate. Hope Hunter won't mind receiving all the attention it will garner him for a day or two. Then everyone will get used to it and so will he. Kudos to him for crawling around to clean up his mess---he is growing up !

SANDI, I loved your early morning feeding description, too ! This morning I looked at several profiles since it had been a while. Loved seeing the Roberts Family picture--at Brian and Lynnis's wedding. You must have wonderful memories of that day and the sharing of it with your lovely Mom !

LYNNE2, I looked you and STEVE over again, too. Among your pictures is one of the best ever of WANDA and GENE---it brought a tear to my eye. The pics of all you Momsters, Dadsters n' Kidsters at the nest did, too. I couldn't attend due to the back surgery, but at least I have your pics and those of others to enjoy ! Thank you !
CarolAnne said…
Congrats Kay.
Hope the day is going well for all.
JudyE said…
babes are basking in the sin again Parent is still on the edge at 1-2 can see shadow sometimes she or he moves to shade the babes
JudyE said…
no no SUN SUN not sin I saw it as I clicked and yelled not sin not the little babes lol
JudyE said…
eagle poofed shadow flew over nest
JudyE said…


AT 9

JudyE said…
Judie said…
Largest chick is much too close to the crib rail and inching toward the edge. Do not see adult or even shadow of adult. Little one still in egg cup. Making me very nervous.
Judie said…
Huge sigh of relief. Adult got the babes back where they are safe.

So sorry my alarm cancelled out my manners.

Thank you Steve for the fresh thread and Kay on her new feather.
JudyE said…
that was so stinkin cute the big one headin back to the cup when parent landed in HEZ
JudyE said…
got snips of the little one out and heading back also
JudyE said…
all you see now is two small tiny butts and a shadow of parent
JudyE said…
Headin to Angie for dinner
stronghunter said…
Oh my, glad that eaglet got back into the cup.
Kay said…
JUDY n' JUDIE, you got this old heart a thumpin' ! So glad the chicks are tucked safely away again !

Heading for TV to sink myself into a state of mindlessness for the rest of the evening.

Love and prayers for all !!!

Mema Jo said…
Good evening to all ♥
Had some of the family visit today - and then ate at Bob Evans and took Michael with us.

TV is Zilch tonight
My Good Wife isn't on.

Tonight 6:30 I'll be thinking and rooting for the UM gals team.
Lolly said…
Hi all! We are home and will be home until late June. Misted or sprinkled all the way home. It is 51 and we got about a half inch of rain. Certainly need more.

On the way down we had a blow out on a trailer tire. W.W. Brown stopped to help us. W. W. had no teeth and was in overalls, but the nicest guy! He took over the tire changing, took the treads of the old tire, and then told us to leave first so he could make sure all was okay. God bless W. W. I am sure he was older than Jack, but someone that wanted to help and a great guy!!

The high school reunion was fun! Glad, though, to be home for a while. Also, really enjoyed being with Sharon and Larry.

Now, looking forward to watching the cam tomorrow!!
Mema Jo said…
Judy - your pics of our little 'scooter' making it to the crib rail is great. I think he/she is going to keep us on the edge of our seats.
magpie said…

Welcome Home once again,
Jack and Lolly....
Way cool story about W W Brown,
not so much the tire blow out
but the presence of this gentle giant!

Hello Eagle Pals
xo !
magpie said…
The Moon, and Jupiter are ootched
together nice and closely tonight....

hope Y'all get a chance to see it

magpie said…
still daylight at the nest!
All I have is the Still Cam,
so all I have is yesterday's daylight picture...
sure that will get reset some time or another

Been too busy to really check much of anything anyway

When I grow up I really look forward to being retired !!

Best Wishes for a Pleasant
Sunday evening...

magpie said…
I see I missed lots of updates.
Jo, glad you are feeling better and I hope this increases every day.
Sorry about the nausea...get thee some peppermints ??

Sounds like Hunter is hopping along
gamely....Hope Healing is Swift and painless

Sandi: I send my (( HUGS )) and
Love regarding your Bandit...we will encircle you with prayer and
Love you through this

Prayers also for Shirley Joplin
and Gary, Kay
and for Kate and her Mother...
And all of us with needs for
Prayers and Comfort and Peace

magpie said…
Signing off,
Oh, Wait!
JO: Thanks I see you sent an
email to Steve about the Still Cam

Lovins' and Hugs to all

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxo
stronghunter said…
Retirement has been quite nice, Margy. Hope that you get the still cam back very soon.

I will be taking Hunter to school tomorrow, and, I suppose, picking him up. He is worried about getting down the aisles in the bus. We will see how it works.

Someone asked about whether he was sleeping in the cast. It seems that he is. Kathryn told him he could take it off, but he does not want to.

Prayers for Kay and her friend Shirley and Shirley's son Gary, and for Lori, her friend Kate and Kate's mother. And for Charlie.

stronghunter said…
Love your story of W.W. Brown, Lolly.

Bob Evans--a good place to eat, Jo. And so nice to have family over.

Judie said…
Not to worry Shirley. Sandperson is so happy you still need a visit. Will be stopping by soon.

Tired tonight. Don't know why. Headed for the pillows in a minute.

Sandperson is finishing up with his sleepy dust satchel.

Night light is on. Restful sleep for all.
Mema Jo said…
Goodnight to all and SED as AOYP

Prayer for all ♥
Lolly said…
Have been asleep in my chair...sigh. Woke up and got ready for bed. Just woe Jack up and told him to get ready for bed. LOL

Night all! SED! No plans for the week except for a meeting and lunch on Thursday. I think I can deal with that.
Hoda said…
Good night
God Bless Us All.

LOLLY how could a tire on a new trailer blow out?
That concerned me. How fast were you going?
Glad you are safe.

Thinking of you SANDI DENNIS and KEVIN.
Love and Light to you three and Bandit.
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Was wondering about that tire, too, Hoda.

Could be a defective tire or could be that they just ran over something.
Sandi said…
Goodorming Shirley and all my eagle friends - it's Monday, ugghh!!

9 days until my spring break - this will be a long week.

Bandit's appointment is tomorrow after school, not today. But thanks for the positive energy, friends.

Prayers for Larry, Kay's friend Shirley & her Gary, and Kate and her mom.

All looks quiet at the nest.

Have a good day all.
stronghunter said…
Woke up early this morning. Must have been because I slept so soundly, thanks to the lovely sleepy dust.
stronghunter said…
Wishing you a good day, too, Sandi.
stronghunter said…
Will be busy for me this morning. I will be taking Hunter to school. He thinks he does not need me to do anything about arrangements for him to get around the school. But I plan to call and make sure his teachers are alerted and someone makes sure he can get around.
Janet said…
Good morning to one and all. Monday, again. Thanks to Steve for the new tread!
STRONGHuNTER: yes, calling the school is a good thing. I am sure that the school gets calls like this knowing middle schoolers and their half grown attitudes….bodies may be grown, but brains are still not there, lol. Their thought patterns and common sense, not always accurate.
LOLLY: so sorry about the blow out…glad all is well.
LORI: rocking tests today???

SANDI: (((hugs)))) and love.

HODA AND MEMA JO; continue to feel better!!!

All is well. Bowling ceremony last night. Fun. In four years 2nd one I have attended. This one was better. Season was great, we ended up 11th out of 12, but had tons of fun. Glad for the summer break though. Soon it will be pool, boat and RV time!!!!!
Gotta get the kiddo up and get rocking on my day. Light, love, healing, smiles and hugs to all !!!!Have a super Monday.
T-Bird said…
Good morning my eagle peeps.
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all ♥
There is a light rain here in my valley and at the nest. Hope our Royal Couple can keep the peeps underneath - I can't get over the fact that the oldest one made it to the crib rails yesterday. Tat one is going to cause some anxiety attacks.

Headed in for my recheck at 11:00

Good wishes for everyone's day ♥
Mema Jo said…
Whoops - Morning Thelma ♥
stronghunter said…

I told Hunter that using the elevator would be no problem, and that the nurse takes care of things. I offered to go in with him. He said that he could take care of it himself, so I just dropped him off and left. I am sure the school officials will not just let him sit at the bottom of the stairs all day. :)

This is the kid who pretends to be super-confident but will not go to a store cashier and pay for an item.
Judie said…
Good morning.

Lolly, so glad nothing serious was caused by the tire. Scary though.

Shirley, hope Hunter shares some exciting stories from school today. He'll be fine or learn to ask for assistance. lol Happy the Sandperson was successful.

Raining here and looks as if it is, or was, at the nest. Mumbrella in use. Chicks covered.

Off to my favorite cardiologist later on. Wishing everyone as good a day as possible.

Lolly said…
Good morning! Can not get the cam up. Get the message that the page can not be displayed. Need to try something else. Anyone having this problem or is it just me.

Not going fast when the trailer tire blew. Never go fast pulling the trailer. We sorta felt it and Jack saw the tread rolling away in the rear view mirror. When it blew it caused no damage to the trailer. Jack said it must have been low, maybe a nail. Anyway, he needs to get out and get a new tire now. Also, needs to see if we can use the wheel or have to get a new one.

Sun is out today and we had expected clouds and rain. Sun is good. We can clean the trailer and get it back to its' home.
Lolly said…
Tried getting to the cam another way than my tab. Did not work. Have tried on the ipad and not getting on there, so not my computer. What's up? Anyone getting on the cam?
stronghunter said…
I have the cam, Lolly. Back part of an adult sitting on the cup. A fish nearby.
Lolly said…
I see that Judie saw Belle being a mumbrella. What's up that I can not get on? Maybe I am being blackballed since I have not been watching for a while!!! No!!!!
Lolly said…
Well, I have tried every way I know to get on. And can not see it. I will try my phone!
stronghunter said…
Headed out to the bowling place.
stronghunter said…
Hope you are successful, Lolly.
Lolly said…
This page can’t be displayed

•Make sure the web address is correct.
•Look for the page with your search engine.
•Refresh the page in a few minutes.

This is the message I get. On my ipad I just get a white page.
Lolly said…
Not having any luck at all. I have rebooted. Have no idea at all what the problem could be. When Jack is off the computer, I will try in there.
CarolAnne said…
does this help

Maybe as a link in an email? ??
Lolly said…
Weird!! Can not get it with my phone either I get the page that shows the eagle and says Eagle Cam but where the picture should be on my phone and ipad it is just white. Nothing! On my lap top I get that message. Weird! Weird! Weird!
Lolly said…
Nope that is not working either!
Hoda said…
Good morning all.
Rain in the nest area I see.
LOLLY I got on with iPhone

Be well all.
JudyE said…
good afternoon eagle buds I see mumbrella in action and a FISH is being hugged with it LOLLY I hope you can get on That has happened to me in the past just keep trying I know its frustration but worth it when you can see the nest

40° at the nest now

had a nice day with family and fell asleep in the chair when I got home also

Kay said…
Good Afternoon from rainy Ohio, Eagle Buds !!!

LOLLY, I'm having no luck getting the nest cam today---the message I get says the site has timed out. Perhaps due to volume. Very frustrating, isn't it. Tried CA's suggestion without success, too. Arrrrggggghhhhh !!!!!
Kay said…
LOLLY, sure glad the blowout didn't cause damage---wonderful story about your Good Samaritan !

SHIRLEY, hope Hunter is doing okay at school today. My youngest grandsons, Cooper and Seth are both 19. When there are rough spots in judgement, in spite of that male bravdo front, I remind myself that human brains don't fully mature til' at least 25 yrs. on the average. ☺

JO, hoping you're back home and with a good report soon !
Afternoon, all.

No problems getting the cam here. Mumbrella in action...
JudyE said…
I keep loosing my cam goes to the pretty picture but I am able to get all of them by click on the corner pic whoe ever was in the nest was up for a second shook feathers a couple of times picked on flugg near the fish and sat back down got a couple of snips got on of the babes and wing shaking I thought a feeding when I saw picking near fish fut was just pulling flugg from around it

JudyE said…
I feel sort of guilty being I have several browsers open in order to try to get better snips But I have been there also not able to get on but like I said I tried probably for almost a half a hour before to get on
JudyE said…
DANA had 5 duckling hatch over the weeknd so stinkin cute
JudyE said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said…
my delete finger double clicked NO ME but the finger LOL
JudyE said…
got the race on didn't realize they didn't race yesterday being was with family all day

I guess I wore Jordyn out and also the Bday party she went to yesterday at 2-4 she feel asleep when they got home and sleep all night fell asleep about 530 was not awake when I was over last night Shows she can't stay up past her bed time she makes up for it the next day She stayed up till 930 watch Doc MuStuffins so that made her sleepier MY BAD I guess
Kay said…
I've tried a bunch of other links--Rhonda's pups, Berry College GA nest and so on. Get right on to each of them. Have tried ours over and over again without success. Shut down, reboot, you name it. Can't understand why some can get it and others can't. Can we really have THAT many people watching OUR nest ? ☺
Kay said…
JUDYE, thanks for the duckling report ! What a nice thing for Dana and the kids to walk into this morning !
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Good afternoon everybody!! I am alive and getting better every day. :-) This stomach bug was some rough stuff. Thelma got it too but so far Justin hasn't.
Kay said…
Thanks, too, for the race reminder. Good thing for this rainy day and since I can't get the nest.
JudyE said…
so hoe you can get on KAY

KAY one more try

may not help but can't hurt
Kay said…
SHAR, hip, hip, hooray. Too bad THELMA caught it---hope Justin escapes unscathed.
JudyE said…
I heard clunking on the cam housing
Kay said…
JUDYE, thanks for the link, worth a try, but to no avail. It's just sitting there on the page and with the little green circle whirling around up top. Won't even connect to give me a No Go message now ! I'm wondering if Firefox is intruding in some unnecessary way. I'm going to put the computer through it's Norton Virus screening and go away for a while---"boogety,boogety, let's go racin'" !
JudyE said…
KAY try google or IE
Yes, Kay, try a different browser. Running fine for me in internet explorer
Judie said…
Afternoon all.

Sorry I missed the morning comment about Thelma. Hope she mends soon. Hope Justin escapes.

Kay, I got the live cam using Chrome. Mumbrella still needed.

Congratulations to Dana on her baby ducklings. Bet the kids were ecstatic.

Judie said…
Checked email and found a momster email from someone named Dana - new to the forum. Don't remember a new Dana. Did not open any pictures.
stronghunter said…
Hi--Just got in from bowling practice.

Yay! I bowled a 171. Best I have ever done. Now, if I can do that tomorrow and they add my handicap . . .

Will be picking Hunter up this afternoon. Figure I'll get there a bit early and get him out before the crowd leaves.
Lolly said…
Trailer awning is drying. After it is dry we will return the trailer it its' abode.

Still can not get on. Do not even get the whirly twirly thingy! Grrrrrr!
DanaMo said…
Lots of ducks! We had 5 ducks hatch. So darn cute. Will post picture to the blog pictures for you non facebookers!! LOL
Janet said…
good afternoon to all~

DANAMO; so happy about the ducklings! Awesome~
Waiting to hear everyone’s dr reports….
Hopefully all is well.
STRONGHUNTER: superb bowling score~~~ woot ! woot! Let us know how Hunter has fared today….
My schedule request for work was approved! This makes me most pleased. In stead of working Mon, every other Tuesday, Thurs Fri, the end of May I will switch to every other Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. This will give us long weekends where we can take mini trips, etc.
Not a lot going on around here today. Just plugging along! Later gaters!
See 2 little eaglet backsides! Feeding time in the NHZ.

cool, just saw a poop shoot!
Loved hearing about our adventuresome eaglet yesterday!
JudyE, we do have a new member named DONNA.
Chicks getting covered up now.
Eagle tenting.

Still cam is still stuck!
stronghunter said…
Mombrella protecting the little ones this afternoon.

Hunter seems to have done OK for the most part. Only problem is that he couldn't carry his lunch tray, so he did not eat. I have been feeding him. I do not think he is going to want any dinner.
Angie Taylor said…
DANAMO and PAULA it was JUDIE not me JUDYE that mentioned the email Donna I hardly go on the email site
stronghunter said…
Hunter seems to be getting around much better this afternoon. As long as he does not overdo, he should be back to normal quickly.
Angie Taylor said…
Angie called and wanted me to pick up Jordyn today Carl was running late Got home work done and now she is playing
Lucky I was on vacation huh
Angie Taylor said…
just popped in this room is tooo warm to sit in and play should have brought my lap top See ya at home or if it cools down in here
Lolly said…
Trailer is back at its' home. Getting a new tire put on the wheel. Did not have to replace it. Yea!!!

Now to adjust to living at home. LOL

Still can not get on the cam. Tried computer, laptop, ipad and iPhone. Tried many different ways to get there and rebooted. No luck.
Lolly said…
Whoops! Just got a blue screen, the whirly twirly thingy and got on for a few seconds! Wahooo! That is progress!
Judie said…
Quick visit before heading to the scullery.

Cardiologist says I'm doing just fine. Asked if I want to return in 6 or 12 months. Decided on 6 to see if my blood work is still good. Numbers were good but even better than 6 months ago. Happy Dance (:

Babes still being mumbrellaed. Still raining here and chilly.

Shirley, happy that Hunter is doing okay. Wonder why he didn't ask someone to help with the lunch tray. Kids lol

Thank you Paula for letting us know about the new Dana. Hope she jumps on the blog.

Dana, congrats again on the ducklings.

Janet, congrats on the new schedule. Seems like a good deal for you.

JudyE, hope you and Jordyn had a fun afternoon.

Would like to hear from Jo, Kay, Hoda, Margy and others who are MIA.


Kay said…
After a nice long pause I've met with success and now have the cam. Thanks for all the suggestions, and happy to have it back. Love those mumbrellas !

DANA, how Ducky ! Puppies, Duckies, Kiddies---what a life ! Thanks for the pics.

SHIRLEY, Bravo ! All that practice is paying off. Too bad Hunter couldn't ask for help---it would have done another kid's heart good to be helpful. Well, he's over half way toward that magic 25 years of age, so hang in there !
WVJerry said…
Good afternoon all. Hope everyone and everything has been good. Just want to comment on the Cam not working for some. I can get it too work for about 45 seconds and it doesn't work at all on my phone. I was in the Wal-Mart in Hagerstown, MD on way home from work Saturday evening. Went back to laptops and once I found some connected to internet I eventually figured out how to pull up the Eagle Cam. Cam worked fine on their laptops. Not sure if their internet connection is better but ther is no doubt their laptops are better than my over 10 year old Dell PC. I have just learned to watch what I can. I've been fairly busy getting my Fantasy Baseball teams going. I have been able to keep up on Facebook though with JudyE and Jo and others posting pics from time to time. I also noticed only two eaglets...did I miss some thing on the third one? Take care all and hope if it hasn't been good for you it gets better real soon.
WVJerry said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kay said…
JUDIE, good cardiology report. Glad you opted for the 6 month sked !

I'm worried. I can't find a JO report since she went to the doc at 11 this morning. Anyone know anything ?
DanaMo said…
Now I'm a little worried. I got an email from Paula addressed to Donna. I did not post any pictures of our nest. Not sure if my yahoo has been hacked. Mom's gets hacked all the time. I do not even open my yahoo, so if you get something from me via yahoo,, it's NOT me. I only use my account and my gmail account.
Kay said…
Belle is feeding the chicks, but obscuring our view of the meal.
Kay said…
Time for me to think about a meal. I'm going to try calling Joplin Shirley again this evening. My heart will be in my throat--will let you know if I learn anything. Thanks for all the prayers---can't say that enough.
Kay said…
Tried to call Shirley--still no answer, left message again.

Look at our adorable little eaglets! Glad the rain has stopped so they can be out in the open for a little while. Prez and Capt. appear to be in great shape !
Kay said…
Sad, sad news. I got back in from an outing with Penny to find a message on my machine. Joplin Shirley lost her son at 8:30 last night. Service to be on Wednesday and she broke up and could talk no more. I called her home # immediately and got the machine again, so she's in TX I imagine and I have no number for Gary's home. Please pray for her, his wife, daughter and sister as they try to make sense of yet another tragedy thrown their way.
JudyE said…
KAY so sorry for the loss of Shirley son
JudyE said…
Adult is eating fish in the pantry
JudyE said…
looks like she is feeding chicks
JudyE said…
What is the pink thing on the tree truck in the lower right corner??
stronghunter said…
Baby eagle on Jeopardy!!
magpie said…
Dear Kay....
I am sorry to learn of the death of Shirley's son Gary...
but knowing in my heart he is without illness now, and in the company of angels and wonderful folks that we all know...that have gone before.....
Prayers from the Heart and Soul for
Shirley and all the family...
stronghunter said…
Hunter did okay...I gave him a peanut butter and jelly and a glass of milk. And then I baked the cookies he asked for. Then he got some of the leftovers from last night and munched on them. By the time Kathryn got home, he did not want any dinner.
stronghunter said…
He has been getting around the house without the crutches this evening.
magpie said…
WV Jerry:
I also lost a trusty friend,
my Dell desktop...that I had been using joyfully since 2005...
eventually I will get another desktop....
but am just hobbling along missing most of the Nest Action this year...
but trying to keep up with Momsters' and Dadsters' doins'

Have Fun with the Baseball Fantasy leagues...I like is
"My Speed"

Hello and Hugs to All my Eagle Pals here

stronghunter said…
Kay, I am so sorry about Gary. So tragic for that family.
Kay said…
Decorah baby eagle shown in a video on Jeopardy, right, SHIRLEY ?

I missed it, but googled and got that much info.

JUDYE, that pink must have been a sunset reflection hitting some fish skin or something like that.

I'm exhausted and calling it a night. Will watch DWTS for something to take my mind off current woes.

Love and prayers for all !!!!

magpie said…
on the loss of Micky Rooney...
my former husband worked at the Lowe's in Palm Beach County, Florida...and Mr Rooney was a frequent customer...
meeting and greeting customers and employees along the way, and signing

Shirley: sounds like Hunter is
getting along well, I guess kids don't "sign" crutches do they ??
stronghunter said…
No--I haven't seen anyone sign a crutch. He may not need them tomorrow. We shall see. He was bothered by not being able to wear his shoe today. Said his foot got cold. He did try to put it on.
stronghunter said…
You know, I did not investigate which baby eagles they were. Glad you did, Kay.

Watching DWTS tonight.
stronghunter said…
I woke up at about 4:00 this morning, and I've been going strong pretty much since then.

But I will still need the Sandperson. Big day tomorrow. I wasn't the only one from the team practicing at the lanes today. Showdown tomorrow. We bowl our closest opponent tomorrow.
stronghunter said…
Oh, it would have been interesting to meet Mickey Rooney, Margy.
magpie said…
for some reason I awoke every hour last night....was always glad to see it was NOT time to get up work yet
but finally it really was.....
Get thee some good rest
and to All Here, the very same

Judie: I see a good cardiologist report....Bravo!

Must find the pillows, blankies, and stuffed animals soon here..

Prayers for Wellness All Around...
and Magpie Hugs to all...

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxox
Janet said…
Good evening.

KAY: sending comfort and hugs….
STRONGHUNTER: sounds like all is well in your home. Young ens heal quickly…won’t be long and you won’t even know he ever had a cast!

JUDIE: great report!
JUDYE: so glad you can be there for the kids…..time off can be wonderful!

Its been a quiet evening. Made steak on the grill and a large salad for dinner. Dyed the ends of Olivia’s hair purple-y /pink and blue. Sigh. My colorful child. Lol.
Finishing up watching the race, shower, and bedtime soon!  SED to all

stronghunter said…
I do that sometimes Margy...wake up several times during the night and check the time.
stronghunter said…
Yes, definitely happy dance time, Judie. So glad your report was good.
Hoda said…
Yes missing JO hope all is well.

KAY so sorry for Shirley's loss of her son Gary. Prayers continue or your friend and her family.

DONNA is the new person who joined us not DANA. It is all good. PAULA confirmed she is a new member. Yes Welcome DONNA and we hope to see you on the blog.

JUDIE very thrilled to read your medical report. Way to go Lady WAAAAAAYYYYY to go! Glad on the six month check not a year and keep doing what you are doing to make sure those numbers are good. Bravo my friend.

JANET I am worried at the frequency with which OLIVIA changes hair colour...So many chemicals and it must be tough on her hair strands.

SHIRLEY glad to hear that HUNTER is improving.He is growing so much I bet you he eats again before bed!

I had a very good day. Feeling healthier and enjoyed the sun reading my book and taking it easy as per the instructions for the cleanse. Went to Yoga and the library today. Found lots of books to bring home regarding Ayurvedic meals and health, brought three home.

My college roommate is coming up from Whitefish and will stay with me at the Lake House. I checked with the owners and they said it was OK. She will be here for Easter Week.

stronghunter said…
Steak and salad--two of my favorites, Janet.
Judie said…
Late check in.

Kay, I am so sorry for Joplin Shirley's son's death. She is surely devastated. Please, at the appropriate time, let her know your momster friends send their condolences.

Anyone heard from Jo? Lynne2? Hoda?

Lolly, glad the tire damage was not more extensive.

Going to dent the pillows early tonight.

Sandperson is busy in his closet packing a large satchel. Will certainly be visiting Shirley and then others.

Night light is on. Restful sleep for all.

Mema Jo said…
Good late evening to all ♥
Dell was here again this afternoon and I had no computer until the spare came out and just now got hooked up. I really didn't desert you.

Lung check up shows I am healed...
Then for the pre op of the cataract I went ahead and went to the lab and had the EKG and my blood drawn. I was beat by the time I got home. My physical is Thurs. I also had my foot dr check up. Almost forgot about that one. lol Too much on any one day.
Mema Jo said…
I'll read back for a few - as my eyes are drooping.
Mema Jo said…
KAY - My deepest sympathy for your dear friend Shirley. I pray in thankfulness that Gary is now at peace. Prayers for his family ♥

I of course saw the eaglets on Jeopardy. We all knew that answer but he almost forgot to say Bald.
Mema Jo said…
Dana's 6 hatched duckling pictures are so fluffy and just adorable.
Those K kids have it so good
Mema Jo said…
I guess Steve didn't see my email about the still cam. I'll re-send

Shirley - great score and I bet you can do it again tomorrow.

I know there must be more to address but I need some rest and sleep.

So Goodnight to all ♥

My prayers and thoughts are with you Sandi, Denny and Kevin ♥

Lolly said…
Played catch up on some TV programs tonight. I recorded many while we were gone the 3 weeks.

Judie, sound like you got a great report!! Yea!

Not sure what happened to Hunter but glad he is doing well.

We got a little rain tonight. Wish it had been more. Did get a lot of thunder!! Thunder does not fill lakes sad to say.

Going to head for the pillow soon. Night all! SED!!
Hoda said…
Well I am a happy camper. The Parti Quebecois lost the elections tonight.I hope now the Charter they were proposing is never going to become law. I am very happy.

Thinking of the blessed community that we are on this blog and I feel grateful.

Prayers that transitions are experienced and that love survives all...SANDI DENNY KEVIN.

Very happy to see JO'S report and wishing you the very best DEAR PRECIOUS FRIEND.

Goodnight and God Bless Us All.
DanaMo said…
I know it said Donna, but I got an email that said welcome Donna. I went back and checked, I guess Paula sent the message to "all". My mom's account has been compromised so many times that I do not trust yahoo. As a matter of fact I will be deleting that account. Sorry to have caused confusing or appeared to misunderstand. I knew the persons name, but I got an email addressed to Donna. If you did not send it to "all" Paula, please let me know.
Another day with the duckies. So fun for kinder.

Sorry Kay for your Shirley's loss.Losing a child has got to be the worst thing that one could go through..

Foggy out there on the news. WOW, not foggy out west here.

Well it's Tuesday. One day closer to spring break and Puerto Rico! Can't wait for sun, surf, and sand1!!

More coffee neeeded....
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends.

Kay, I am so sorry to hear about Gary - so much sadness for your friend Shirley. My heart goes out to her.

Shirley - what a great game you bowled - I'd say your practice has really paid off!! Hope you can match that score today when it counts!!

Jo, happy to hear your lungs are clear - yay! Is something wrong with your new computer again??

Worked on an IEP last night - #3 of 3 for this week. Need about an hour more to finish it - maybe during my planning today.

Good morning Dana!! Just saw a notification pop up on my computer that you posted while I was typing! Enjoy those ducklings!!

Have a good day all. Prayers continue for Larry and for Kate and her mom.
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds !!!

Thanks to all for prayers and condolences for Joplin Shirley and family. JUDIE, I will definitely give her Momster regards when, as you say, the time is right. She has been so thankful for prayers throughout this ordeal.

Well, on to more positive news ! Yesterday was a gloomy, rainy day here, but in the afternoon a ray of sunshine came through in the form of a package in the mail. You may recall SANDI saying one was in the mail to me. Guess what ? I am now the happy owner of two gorgeous blouses--brand new Liz Claibornes that her dear Mom bought and never wore ! Had I walked into a store where they were I'd have gone straight to them--one in my oft worn black and white and one in a beautiful tone of turquoise and black print. I know it won't surprise you to know how loving and generous our SANDI is !

SANDI, I am so very flattered by your thoughts about your Mom, Vi, and I being much alike. I will enjoy her lovely blouses and think of you both every time I see or wear them. Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!!
Kay said…
JO, your health report brings a smile to my face as well ! So glad the med knocked that pneumonia right out of your chest !

DANA, I've had Yahoo for years without experiencing the woes your Mom has had with it. Could it be that her password is weak ? I don't like the new Yahoo format since they redesigned to more closely match g-mail, but changing and informing so many contacts of the change would be a really big hassle. So, I've no problem sticking with them.

Keep us posted on how the duckies are doing !

HODA, happy to hear your friend will be visiting and enjoying the lake house, too ! It's always rewarding when election results are to our liking, isn't it ? Congrats on that !
Kay said…
SHIRLEY, it will be grand if Hunter can manage without the crutches---that was a quick adjustment. He won't have to worry about missing lunch if he doesn't have them ! Fingers crossed for your bowling team !!!

Have a great day y'all ! BBL
Janet said…
good morning;

HODA: the color that we use on the ENDS (and only the ends) of Olivia’s hair washes out in about 7 to 10 shampoos. They are not rebleached. I use the bleach on them 1x and then every other week or so we apply a bit of fresh color. I am sure it is not the BEST thing for her hair, but we keep it to the ends. That is the current “style” and it works for me.
When this color thing started we did do more hair, but that passed very quickly. I was glad.

Yeah! Another good medical check up! JO!!!

Off and running on a terrific TUESDAY! Hugs to all!
stronghunter said…
Hunter went off to catch the bus this morning. No crutches and no brace/cast. He has baseball practice this afternoon and has said he wants to go. He can probably practice batting, throwing, and catching.

I am watching two cute little eaglets.
stronghunter said…
Oh how nice, Kay. So very thoughtful of Sandi to send you the blouses.
stronghunter said…
Dana, I got an e-mail welcoming Donna to our group. I just assumed Paula had sent it to everyone.

Welcome to our group, Donna.
Just tuned in to see the eaglets getting covered up.
Mema Jo said…
We have a fresh new thread

Hurry over




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