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Fresh thread.


Mema Jo said…
What a beautiful morning it is
Thank you Steve for our new thread

I needed a new feather lol

Have sunshine all week long - Great!

Will tell others of our new thread
and check on our eaglets...
CarolAnne said…
Congrats Mema Jo

Todays hint - secret has reached OHIO & moving on . . .

Wishing everyone a comforting presence thru their day.
Mema Jo said…
Whoo Hoo - moving right along to its rightful owner. Happy for your clue.

Shirley - Concerned that it was ok for Hunter not even to wear his brace and was able to put his weight safely on that sprain. Hope he checks out well at dr when he goes back.

GOOD LUCK Cyclone Shirley at today's games.

JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle buds
JudyE said…
live feed is really PIA this am spinning circle constantly and then comes back
JudyE said…
where are my manners


I bet your headdress goes to the floor now
JudyE said…
Headin out the door be back sometime today
JudyE said…
FYI I don't think we have good sound again I see wind but hear no wind Bummer if it is so :-(
Hoda said…
Thank you STEVE. Congratulations JO.

C/A from east to west or west to east?

Beautiful sunny morning here.

Good luck SHIRLEY. Also concerned about Hunter and early removal of cast.

Fare thee well BANDIT, journey on.

Judie said…
Good morning.

Thank you Steve and Jo.

Jo, so happy the pneumonia has cleared AND you can wear your new feather to the physical.

Shirley, congratulations on the bowling score yesterday (I missed that post). You will do as well or better today. (: Also, glad Hunter is recovering so quickly. Hope he has a good day at school.

Lolly, meant to ask last night about the trailer roof being wet. Wet from rain is a good thing.

Hoda, enjoy the visit with your friend. Should be fun. Happy the elections results are to your liking.

Off to find some mischief. BBL
Lolly said…
Good morning! and it is a good morning. I got the cam for 1 minute and 39 seconds! And, in that minute I could see two bobbleheads!

Trailer was wet yesterday from being washed. The awning had to dry before being rolled up. So very nice, on this trailer we press a button and the awning goes out or in. Nice, nice, nice!!

Thanks, Steve for the new thread. I now need to read back.
Lolly said…
CA, you are so sneaky, LOL Still have my opinion (knowing you) and still keeping it to myself. I may be totally wrong and that is why I am keeping it to myself. Do not like being wrong, but will admit it later if I am.
Lolly said…
I received the email from Paula welcoming Donna. She sent it to all momsters, I am sure.

We have never had problems with the yahoo account. Not sure how it all works but our email does not say yahoo, but it is.
Lolly said…
Kay, how very exciting to receive the blouses from Sandi. How very special! Have been thinking of your Joplin Shirley and so very sorry for the loss. Heart breaking, for sure.

So, Hunter's problem has been a bad sprain.

Can not keep the cam going but at least I am getting a picture and can see it for a few seconds. Yesterday was just a blank white page and that stupid message!
Mema Jo said…
I am just receiving an Eaglet Momster email from Thelma - has a link...

I'm not opening it......
Lolly said…
Have been over on fb. My cam had long since had the whirly twirly thingy. All of a sudden it started up. Let's see if it stays up.
JudyE said…
I got a email in my email while I was gone from Thelma subject was Thelma lost of peeps from yahoo em email like WVADANA and Glo also on it I won't open it just thought I would let ya all know

Its rainy out cold front came through
JudyE said…
OH I see JO also said it
JudyE said…
shhh my cams have been runing ever since I left Eagle stretching wings
Mema Jo said…
Confirmed that email from Thelma is SPAM per Sharon
Mema Jo said…

Resent email to Steve about our Still Cam
JudyE said…
chicks are alone or someone is in NEZ didn't see where they went
JudyE said…


I don't seem to have it see wind but don't hear it!!

Kay said…
Much thanks to STEVE for supplying us with a fresh thread ! And to JO who has added another feather to her cap !

CA, the secret should have clear sailing through ☼HI☼ for it's a gorgeous day ! Zooming right in on WV, eh ? Good show !

Mema Jo said…
It was mentioned and agreed upon that when asking for donations if any
amount was not needed to cover the expense for that occasion, it would be set aside for future use.

As of now thanks to all the donations, we have $80.00 in our
Nest Fund

Please give feedback if you have any problem with this procedure. ♥
JudyE said…

I think that is a good idea to have a little stashed in the nest egg
Kay said…
Thanks for the heads up re:Thelma's bogus mail, JO. The two that came up in my mail both had warnings in the subject line so were deleted immediately.

I'm going to re-post something from the last thread. I don't want any of you Momsters to miss knowing what a thrill I got yesterday and just how precious our SANDI is :

Good Morning Eagle Buds !!!

Thanks to all for prayers and condolences for Joplin Shirley and family. JUDIE, I will definitely give her Momster regards when, as you say, the time is right. She has been so thankful for prayers throughout this ordeal.

Well, on to more positive news ! Yesterday was a gloomy, rainy day here, but in the afternoon a ray of sunshine came through in the form of a package in the mail. You may recall SANDI saying one was in the mail to me. Guess what ? I am now the happy owner of two gorgeous blouses--brand new Liz Claibornes that her dear Mom bought and never wore ! Had I walked into a store where they were I'd have gone straight to them--one in my oft worn black and white and one in a beautiful tone of turquoise and black print. I know it won't surprise you to know how loving and generous our SANDI is !

SANDI, I am so very flattered by your thoughts about your Mom, Vi, and I being much alike. I will enjoy her lovely blouses and think of you both every time I see or wear them. Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!!

Tuesday, April 08, 2014 6:25:00 AM
JudyE said…
GREAT news KAY with the blouses from SANDI My mom always was a blouse wearer Always blouses no other tops
You must do a selfie LOL
JudyE said…

56° at the nest

I see in my weather tray I am 68 with the cold front we have been in the 80

Mema Jo said…
KAY Thanks for bringing that over for all to read. Sandi made your day brighter - That is what is so nice about our friendships here on the blog.

My prayers are for Sandi, Denny and
Kevin this afternoon - They have made a wise decision but it is so hard to say good-bye to loyal friends. ♥
Mema Jo said…
Off to start my day - nothing planned but nevertheless it must
be started........ BBL
JudyE said…
eagle just materialized in the nest
Kay said…
JUDY, I have sound, so far nothing but wind whispering through Sycamore Palace as the chicks get some fresh air and sunshine.

JO--IMHO it's great to have that nest egg. With a group the size of ours there are frequent reasons to collect money. This way we'll stay ahead. Thank you so much for being our Treasurer !

LOLLY, none of us LIKE to be wrong about anything---but this is a guessing game for fun---come on, take a shot ! ☺
Kay said…
Yes, my thoughts are with SANDI, DENNY and KEVIN today, too. Take a look at Bandit's dear picture within SANDIE's profile. What a dear dog. May he slip peacefully over the Rainbow Bridge to join all the Momster Pet's who've gone before him.
stronghunter said…
Bowling--I did not do all that well, but my team won 3 of the 4 games, so now we are 2 ahead. One teammate was absent and one other had a fabulous day.
Kay said…
Teamwork---isn't it great? When one team member is away or one not doing so well, another will pick up the slack ! Still have my fingers crossed, SHIRLEY ! It's lookin' good !
Judie said…
Hi all,

Shirley, congratulations on the team's performance today.

Jo, I approve of the "nest" egg fund.

Hoda: moving West to East to bring sunshine and smiles.

Jo, you've got mail.


I an getting the spinny arrow a lot today...think it's because of the wind. That has to be the longest fish I've ever seen in our nest! A pike???
JudyE said…
I was wondering what kind of fish that was PAULA do you have sound I seem not to have it
JudyE said…
lil one peaking from around adult
Don't know JudyE, don't put the sound on at work. If you don't hear wind today, I would say it's not working. You can send OD an email...
JudyE said…
lil one is peeking out from under Shep I think that is him don't see v
Kay, so very sorry to hear about your friends son. Such a shame.

Shirley, good for you and your bowling team.

Jo, glad you are feeling better and healing well.

Lori, where is our Lori??

CA...or traveling north to south or south to north???

I know there is more I wanted to say, but it has escaped me at the moment!!
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Hello my lovely eagle budlets!
JudyE said…
BELLE is in the pantry with foot on fish
JudyE said…
poof out the back door to the right saw shadow
JudyE said…
PAULA I see no place on the page to email them I left a comment under the camera Kay said she had sound earlier Maybe it is just me but I have no wind sound at all on either desk top or lap top

BELLE is picking on fish now had been just standing there
Lolly said…
Oh, what a beautiful sight. Taking a break and I see an eagle! Mae that three eagles, I see the bobbleheads as well!
Mema Jo said…
Falcon Wire News

We can expect the first egg to hatch around the 20th of April. This female has been consistent within her reproductive cycle. The male has been hunting regularly and taking some of the incubation duties.
Judie said…
JudyE, no sound. Saw two babes. If there is a third, it has to be well-hidden.

Hi Paula.

Hi Shar.
Lolly said…
No, my guess involves another momster, so I do not want to say anything. I may be completely off base! It is just a guy feeling.
Lolly said…
Wish Belle would move. I see two bobbleheads, but one is taking up a lot of room. Would like to think it is a third but.......
Lolly said…
that little one on the right is certainly cute. Trying to get mom's attention!
JudyE said…
So nice that MS BELLE has decided to let us view her this long
Lolly said…
Dinner time...two being fed!
Feeding occurring. Looked like a parent landed in the NHZ
JudyE said…
eagle in beautiful landing and I got snip
JudyE said…
chick seem to be covered with some flugg right hand corner of the cam page...little lengthy form..

Parent back
stronghunter said…
I see an adult eagle's foot, and, I think, one baby.

Hunter returned home with a sore foot/ankle. He told his mom that he isn't up to going to practice today. She said that she can take him for a little while when she gets home.
JudyE said…
forgot to say that I stopped by the cell phone tower while I was out in the rain and the poor thing soaked was on top of tower Didn't stay long in the drizzle
Kay said…
Yes, JUDY, I still have sound, but had to turn the volume up to 60 for it to be audible.

Had lunch and a nap and missed PAULA and SHAR--hi gals !
CarolAnne said…
Hi all,
Regarding earlier hint. There is sone question as to direction. I 'm directionally challenged. An example : helping husband track a deer into a snowy forest. Concentrated more on tracks than direction. When it was decided we had lost it & should head back by following our tracks I was all in a panic as the tracks were headed INTO the woods and we needed to head OUT.

So I can't rightly say east to west or west to east. As for north to south or vise versa I 'd probably say south as I 'm more in the north. Not as north as Hoda but lots of things are south of me.
Kay said…
CAROLANNE, I'm getting some strange vibes right now---could it be that the "surprise" which headed out of WI to the ESE is barreling through Columbus on I70 wright now. Feel like it's final destination is Martinsburg, WV which is ESE of here, wright? Oh, oh, my crystal ball is clouding up--I may have you going in circles.....
Lynne2 said…
LOOOOOOOLLLLLLYYYYYYY...tell ME what your guess is!!! oh please please please!!!
Lynne2 said…
Kay, my heart breaks for Joplin Shirley on the death of Gary. I hope she will be able to reach out to you soon.
Lynne2 said…
Hunter Hunter Hunter....too much too soon kiddo. Sounds like someone else I know.....LOL!
Hmmmm, maybe CA is sending us the surprise??
Kay said…
LYNNE2, are you still feeling super duper ?
Eating time in the NHZ

Heading home, catch ya later.
Kay said…
CA says she's not directly involved, but me thinks she's heavily involved in this whole clandestine maneuver.
Lynne2 said…
I am Kay! If only I could stop over doing....after doing some garden work on Sunday afternoon, more branch pick up and then barn cleaning, I could barely get up the steps. LOL! I am about half as productive in twice the time now....LOL!
Lynne2 said…
SO, yesterday we finally had the final court date for the stolen check thing. And I witnessed what I believe might just be one of the worst things ever done.

Bruce Jr, who stole the checks from Bruce Sr, was sentenced to 8 years, all suspended but 18 months. That was the plea deal, so there was no jury trial after all.

His public defender asked the judge if Jr. could have 30 days to report as "his son is seriously ill and will be having major surgery tomorrow". Judge granted this request. So we go back on May 14 for sentencing, and at that time we will be able to speak to the judge about how this incident has affected us.
Lynne2 said…
anyway, I was shocked to hear of this grave illness...that son was there and he looked just fine to me. He wasn't in the courtroom but he was sitting out in the hall with Sr.

Now, baby momma April, Jr's girlfriend or whatever she is, is at the bus stop everyday with him, and so is my friend Bonnie there with her little one. Bonnie can't stand her, but is sort of trapped into being civil to her in public, and April is only too happy to gossip away about any and everything.
Kay said…
Mind boggling, LYNNE2 !

So glad you're feeling great--you've got to learn how to pace yourself. Years ago a doc advised me to work 20 minutes then rest 20 minutes when doing household chores. Maybe that should be your pattern on the outside work there.
Lynne2 said…
Bonnie has never mentioned that Adam was sick.

So after we left the courtroom and were heading down the stairs, Bruce Sr stopped us and said "I hope you are happy with what you have done to my son. My little grandson is just 5 years old and dying of cancer and has to have major surgery at Hopikins tomorrow, and because of YOU people his father is going to jail"
Lynne2 said…
SO I looked him dead square in the eyes and I said very calmly "IF Adam has cancer, that is a terrible thing. But I fail to see how YOUR OWN SON, who STOLE from YOU and conned us is in any way OUR fault"

Well, we walked down the steps and out the door all the while he is threatening us with legal action, and those checks were none of our business and we can expect to hear from his lawyer and that we better stop riding up and down his street spying on them.

Lynne2 said…
then when I got home, I called Bonnie and told her what happened. She said april never said anything about Adam being sick and that he has been to school every day. So she called april to ask her and caught her so off guard that she didn't have a lie in place. That child does NOT have cancer!!!!!

Can you IMAGINE....anything so heinous, so utterly SICK, that you would allow a lie about a 5 year old child having cancer be told in order for his father to get 30 more days of freedom???????

Well, Bonnie, who was even more disgusted with this I think than I am, went to pick her kids up a the bus stop yesterday afternoon, and April and Bruce were there. She went OFF on them, right in front of all of the other parents!! (bus hadn't come yet, no kids on scene.) She ROCKS!!!!

April and Bruce were not at the bus stop this morning...they drove Adam to school apparently as her daughter is in his class and she said he was at school today.

Judie said…
Kay, all who are engaged in nefarious acts are either in denial or have memory problems. Now CarolAnne claims she's not involved and can't remember directions. Hmmmm.

Lynne2, glad you still feel good. Sorry about the court scene. Maybe a restraining order?

Have emailed a columnist for the Wash. Post who is writing squirrel columns this week (Squirrel Week). Asked if he would like to use (with permission) the picture taken by Kay's Julie. Will let you know if I hear or read anything.

Off to the scullery.
Lynne2 said…
I am just SO sickened by this. When we went to court the time before this, I heard Bruce Sr pleading with the state's attorney to drop the charges and I heard him say the word cancer. I thought maybe HE was sick himself. The SA said "Mr Rhoten, you and your son and I were all right here 10 years ago because he did the same thing. I will not drop the charges"

But it seems that it wasn't him at all. I just cannot get over how when we think these people have done about every stupid thing that can possibly be done, they then outdo themselves.
Lynne2 said…
I am just SO sickened by this. When we went to court the time before this, I heard Bruce Sr pleading with the state's attorney to drop the charges and I heard him say the word cancer. I thought maybe HE was sick himself. The SA said "Mr Rhoten, you and your son and I were all right here 10 years ago because he did the same thing. I will not drop the charges"

But it seems that it wasn't him at all. I just cannot get over how when we think these people have done about every stupid thing that can possibly be done, they then outdo themselves.
Lynne2 said…
No Judie, we don't need a restraining order I don't think. What THEY need it to be committed to mental hospitals. My heart just breaks for those kids to have to be raised by such hideous people.
Lynne2 said…
OH SHOOT, I lost direction too!

I was going to say that I did a terrible thing Sunday. I was the last one out of the barn after we mucked. And I forgot to latch the door. The two little pigs later escaped. I was in BIG DOO DOO with the boss. Thank GOD that the 2 donkeys and the big pig didn't get out as well, and that no one was hurt. It could have been a disaster. I cried all night.
CarolAnne said…
Nefarious acts she says.
Sarcastic I maybe & forgetful too, but definitely not nefarious.

Last time I don't share a secret with some people!

Lynne2 said…
oh CarolAnne, I don't think you are nefarious at are wonderful and kind and if you tell me the secret I will be your BFF!!
CarolAnne said…
Good try Lynne2
But I seemed to have forgotten the ummm . . . .what was that you were asking about?
Lolly said…
You are all crazy!!! roflmbo

Lynne, sorry about the pigs. Guess you got them back, right?

Trash...that is what those people are!! OMG! Will be so glad when you are absolutely free of them, Lynne.

Meeting at church tonight. Was not on my agenda but got an email. Lovely!
Sandi said…
Hi all - home from the vet. Saying goodbye to Bandit this afternoon, and actually the whole day today has been very sad but, as I said to Denny on the ride home, we had 16 years of laughter and joy with Bandit in exchange for 1 day of tears. Well worth it, for us and for Bandit.

In the envelope with the receipt, which I didn't open til I got home, was the poem about the Rainbow Bridge. I had never read it before, but I love it.

The vet gave us the blanket that Bandit was laying on while he was on the examining table to bring home to Bella. We put it in her bed and she smelled it and then burrowed right under it. She is sound asleep now. I think she'll be confused but fine.

We will be fine as well ... eventually. What a sad 3 weeks it has been in my life.
Lolly said…
So very sorry, Sandi. Yes, this comes with having pets and we all have to accept it. Sad!
Sandi said…
Have changed my avatar to my buddy Bandit, back in the days when he could chase down any squirrel, rabbit, or chipmunk and would take on any dog bigger than him!
magpie said…
God Bless You, All, Sandi....
a heartbreaking three weeks for sure...

Bandit, surely had a wonderful life
with you and your family


magpie said…
aka VERY LARGE AND ENCIRCLING HUGS, that's what I mean about

Good Evening to One and All...

Hope the evening time brings
healing and serenity to all
illnesses and bummerini's of the day

passing through, have a meeting coming up...
And it's my Friday!!

Swinging Bridge is on the agenda Wednesday...and I have baby daffodils here blooming out now

xoxo ttfn
God Bless Us,
Every One xoxo
Lynne2 said…
We got the pigs back, Luigi was a piece of cake, he is so good. Evil Chuckie on the other hand was a bit of a challenge but in the end, he went for food!

(((HUGS))) Sandi. Love the picture!
JudyE said…
oh my LYNNE2 drama drama I dislike it so Are you going to tell that he doesn't have cancer somehow let it slip

Just got back having cheddar broccoli soup at Pnaeras got my new card since I lost the other
JudyE said…
been thinking of you all day SANDI My heart is with your family in the loss of a family member
JudyE said…
forgot to tell you I am grandma to two furious vicious mean dogs
The puppies got out about 230 the night of the party and of of the neighbors called the cops and said they were attack dogs Well I can just see the officer laughing his butt off when he saw the two 6mth old puppies wagging their tail wanting to be petted ok maybe jumping up on them but no mean Nothing was done He didn't even talk to Angie or Carl Randal was going out to his car to leave and saw the officer and he had already called the dogs and had them Then the officer said I Must see those to dogs then after interviewing them he just said Have a good night No PROBLEM here with a chuckle
CarolAnne said…
Sandi, Bandit has gone to the Rainbow bridge, well & youthful again awaiting the day you can be together again. Mourn your loss but remember to celebrate his life.
Lynne2 said…
PLEASE DO NOT BE ALARMED. The terrible sound you hear is not a mass murder, but Steve and me singing to Malt Shoppe Oldies. LOL!
CarolAnne said…
Most of us are familiar with the Rainbow Bridge poem. Here is a different one from a dog's viewpoint :
A Dog’s Last Will & Testament Before humans die, they write their last will and testament, giving their home and all they have to those they leave behind. If, with my paws, I could do the same, this is what I’d ask… To a poor and lonely strayI’d give my happy home; my bowl and cozy bed, soft pillow and all my toys; the lap, which I loved so much; the hand that stroked my fur; and the sweet voice that spoke my name. I’d will to the sad, scared shelter dog the place I had in m human’s loving heart, of which there seemed no bounds. So, when I die, please do not say, “I will never have a pet again, for the loss and the pain is morethan I can stand.” Instead, go find an unloved dog, one whose life has held no joy or hope, andgive my place to him. This is the only thing I can give… The love I left behind.
Lynne2 said…
that's beautiful all my years I've never seen this one. It's so true....
Sandi said…
This is what I sent to Mom when she lost her collie about 4 years ago. Just read it again and smiled through the tears. Hope the link works -will say goodnight to everyone. I'm beat!

Last Will & Testament of an Extremely Loved Dog
Kay said…
Yes, SANDI, beautiful. The Vet was so thoughtful in sending Bandit's blanket home for Bella.

I think JUDIE sent the SandPerson packing. I'm beginning to feel his presence. uuUUeeee.

Love and Prayers for all !

Costume Lady said…
There has been no comments since I on the right page?
CarolAnne said…
Last comment was9:21 or 8:21 by me)
Costume Lady said…
I guess my computer is not on Daylight Savings Time...I found the rest of the comments :)
CarolAnne, that is a beautiful poem, it made me cry~

I was at GG's this afternoon and she told me she didn't have any clean underwear. I asked her why she didn't wash them and she admitted that she forgot how to work the washer. I gathered up all her dirty clothes and she said she didn't want me to wash them, just show her how to turn the washer on. I showed her the cycle that she should use and went on and washed the clothes myself. She wasn't real happy with me, told me that I worked too hard. I told her I didn't want her running around with dirty or no panties, so I HAD TO DO IT! I'm needing to be a little firm with her. We had a long talk about her inability to do things like she once did and she agreed she needed help. I am pleased to say that before I left for home, she agreed to spend the night with me...said it would be like a pajama party. She then asked if Denise and Karla could come :)
Gotta love her!
So, I'm counting on her liking it here so well she will want to stay, knowing that I will take her home whenever she wants...and...she can come back whenever she wants. I have a few things to do to make her more comfortable before I bring her here. I'm a Happy Camper!
Costume Lady said…
You are correct, computer froze and wouldn't move on the later comments~
CarolAnne said…
A sleepover! How fun.
Hope it all works out for both of you.
CarolAnne said…
Do not know where everyone disappeared to - think maybe TV land or possibly the land of Nod
stronghunter said…
Oh Wanda, that sounds ideal. I hope you can convince GG to stay.
magpie said…
Well, Happy Pajama Party and Sleepover night with GG, Wanda !!

magpie said…
"Us Folks" on here are pretty darn
wonderful in my opinion....really loving the way we hold each other up.

...As I approach MY 6th anniversary
[in May] as an official Momster

Well, on that sentimental note,
Good Night Eagle Pals...

Prayers for Wellness All
Around in ALL our Eagle Corners

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxox
Judie said…
Alright CarolAnne, you are not nefarious - just sneaky. lol

Sandy, email tomorrow.

Wanda, I had given thought to Miss GG coming to stay with you. Might be a good arrangement for you both. One day at a time, friend.

Lynne2, Luigi I do not know but Evil Chuckie is a close cousin of Evil Jufie. Must do a geneology search for Luigi.

Love Panera cheddar broccoli soup. Yum!

Judie said…
Sandperson did depart early tonight. Some of the momsters might already be feeling a big drowsy.

Night light is on. Restful sleep for all.
JudyE said…
WANDA what a wonderful thing GG having a sleep over
YEP was involved with TV land watched DVR'd trying to catch up I don't think I ever will May take a road trip to the Gainsville area tomorrow to see something I saw on Fox13 news Devil Mill Hopper its about two and a half hours from here
Mema Jo said…
This evening was the Terrific Tuesday TV - Shows were ok - I still like
BBC and PBS channels.
Calling it a day - Goodnight to all

Love and prayers to all ♥
JudyE said…
LYNNE2 so sorry about all the drama still with the old neighbors Sad that they have to pretend a child having cancer Bad people to do that
Lets hope Karma gets them eventually

JudyE said…
Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."
stronghunter said…
Eyes are watering and brain is wearing down. I will see you tomorrow.

SED, everyone.

Oh my, there seem to be evil beings all around. Stay vigilant my friends.

Until tomorrow . . .
Costume Lady said…
Good night my and prayers for all ♥
Lolly said…
Oh, Wanda! I do hope she will want to stay!! Perfect to have her there with you. And, goodness, we do not want her without panties!!!

Had a meeting at church and then watched The Voice. I do enjoy that program. American Idol just is not good this year. No Scotty for me to swoon over. LOL

Heading to the shower and then to the pillow. Will work in the yard tomorrow. Time to bring some hanging baskets out of the green house. Have a whole lot of work ahead of me.....I have lost a lot of the lawn and flower this winter. Not looking good. :(

Night all! SED!!
Hoda said…
Well I had a pretty interesting afternoon.
An 84 year old neighbour came to visit.
She loves the Royal Family. She got confused every once in a while referring to The Queen Mother as though she was still alive.
She met her and The King during the Big War.
She lived in London when the bombing took place. Of course the Queen Mother would not leave with the children to a safer place. Her place was next to the King and the children were to stay with her. Yet the Royals recommended that other children be evacuated.
She was 9 when she was taken from her parents and spent three years away. She had tears.
We spoke of some joyful things also.
Hoda said…
Raining here tonight.
Snow on the mountains.

Had two good yoga classes today.

Reading a great book called "I know This Much Is True" by Wally Lamb. Very well written. It was on The NY Times Best Seller list in the nineties.

Things are a mess in Egypt.
That part continues to make me anxious.
The Ayurvedic cleanse is going very well now and I am pleased with how I feel. I eat like a horse!!! Honestly those digestive herbs are doing a great job!
I do not even crave honey or chocolate!!!
I will try to carry it on till the end of the month.
I still miss my black tea, so might add it back on after Friday, when the cleanse ends on Saturday.

You are a Lady of Grace SANDI. Touching posts. Blessed Be.

Good night
God Bless Us All!

Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends - it's hump day.

Wanda, your new arrangement sounds wonderful for GG and for you! Hope it works out!

Lynne, what an awful story about your former neighbors, but surely you were not shocked that they would do such a thing. Some people!

Hoda, glad you are feeling like yourself again. Upcoming visit with your college roommate sounds very nice.

Shirley, glad that Hunter is healing quickly - hope he doesn't overdo.

Haven't had time to watch the nest in the past 2 days - hope the chicks are doing well.

I have a rather unpleasant IEP meeting today - one where the student is in great danger of failing 8th grade (IMO, it's exactly what should happen since he was pushed along at the end of 6th and 7th grade without really passing). I worry that either the parents or the school will make it "my fault."

Have a good day all.
DanaMo said…
Good morning all!

Sandi-good luck with your IEP. Sounds awful. When did parents and students stop being responsible for their own success or failure. WOW! Times have sure changed haven't they. There is a good comic out there about it. I will try to find it. It's one you have probably seen.

I have been busy with my duckies in the classroom. They are so cute and such a distraction!!

Finished my 3rd 1/2 marathon on Sunday. Beautiful day in Atlantic City, running on the boardwalk looking at the ocean made me realize how much I want to move to a beachy town!

What a sweet gift, Kay! Sandi that was so thoughtful of you.
I love having this wonderful, supportive group of friends on this blog.

The news is talking about the "heart bleed bug" on the internet. They are saying not to do online banking today. Wow...I need to search and learn more....everyone be careful today online.
CarolAnne said…
Oh Sandi, no one should have to start a day with a worry like that. Know that the Momsters all have your back &wex know that you could never be the reason for a failing student.

Keeping you in thoughts & prayers for a better outcome than you are anticipating.
Janet said…
Good morning.

I am surprisingly off of work today. My private clients extended their stay in florida, although they did ask if I would care to drive down there and join them, lol. I said although I could use a day on the beach, (cuz I knew they were joking), I think I’d pass this time and see them next week.

SANDI: thought about you all day. ((((hugs)))) sometimes there are now words.
LYNNE2: so sorry about the bad little piggies! You are human hon, let it go. You got the piggies back home.

Oh my gosh: CAROLANNE: tears from that different version of the RAINBOW bridge. I can’t read the original with out tears, and now this??? Beautiful. But wow, overwhelmingly happy and sad all at the same time. I am copying and pasting that one into my computer.

WANDA: hugs. Just big loving hugs.
HODA: so glad you are feeling better!
SANDI: so hope the meeting goes well. Thinking of you.
DANA: the ducklings may be distracting….but what a lovely and positive distraction!!
Beautiful morning here. Sun is up and temps are supposed to be nice today. I am working on a painting for a friend. Must run and get more white paint this morning. I am enjoying my creative time.
I also have some mundane chores to do, but will work on them a bit. Not planning a lot today. Thought about calling in and volunteering for a shift, but then thought better of it and said, nope. A day for me.
Hope everyone has a lovely day. Thinking of you all, holding you close in my heart!
Sandi said…
Remembered after I posted this morning that I wanted to say there are 2 new photos on my blog for those who are not on Facebook - a collage of Bandit over the years and a photo of Mom and my boys from when she was happy and healthy.
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Took some time to read back a bit.

Lynne2 . . . I am so glad that you do not live near Bruce anymore. What a mess that is. It is hard for me to believe that they will just take his word for the so-called fact that the child is dying.

Hope the business with the parents and that child ends up okay for you, Sandi. If he had to be pushed through two grades, it is hard to see how the school could hold you responsible.
stronghunter said…
I see an adult on the nest covering the babies.





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