Thursday, November 21, 2013


New thread.  Work is slowly proceeding to get the nest cam back online.


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Mema Jo said...

Good Morning and Thank you Steve for the fresh new (Wed?) thread. I thought yesterday was the hump day. lol
Thank you for the info on the Cam
I am so anxious to see the nest and our eagles.

Feather Feather Feather
I'll call the others over.....

Mema Jo said...

I looked out at all my little critters (Birds and squirrels) and there standing by the frozen birdbath was a beautiful young deer.
Young - no spots. So alert and stayed for a long time nibbling at the grass. God is Good All The Time.

Ms Bookworm said...

Good Morning!

Thank you, Steve, for the new thread, and thank you, Jo, for the call over.

Happy to report that there is slow, steady rain here at this roost! I'm loving this weather!

Hoping that all is well with everyone. I haven't caught up on the other thread yet--will do that in a couple of minutes.
Got some bills scheduled to be paid online, and am waiting for the dishwasher to finish so I can unload it. As soon as that's done, will start doing the rest of the laundry. Now that it's daylight I can turn off our sprinklers for now, too. Hope this rain brings some grass sprouts!

Need to read back and see if Hoda got any answers about her shoulder. Hoping to hear some good news about Dana's Dad, too!
Will be back in a bit. I ♥ us!!

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds and a heartfelt thanks to STEVE for re-threading us and to the well feathered JO for the call over !

JO, what a beautiful start for the day ! Too bad the birdbath is frozen, but happy the critters love your place anyway.

DANA, glad the prognosis is good for your dad and I'm certain your mom was cheered by your thoughtful flowers ! Hope your run chased all the current stress away so you could get some rest yourself !

JANET, too bad the virus was passed on to you. Hope you regain your strength in time for the memory making holiday you envision for the kids and grands !

SANDI, I don't know what that school would do without your conscientious efforts on behalf of the kids there ! Oofta, a periodontist, ouch ! I've never had to see one but have heard about their "hurtful" ways. Will be thinking of you !

LORI, thanks, as always for all the warm hugs you bestow on us here. Right back at cha' and a big atta girl where your studies are concerned. Your hard work will pay off ! Same kind of frigid weather descending on us after a couple of days of rain. Too early, but I'm now believing those dire predictions for a long, hard winter. Ugh !

Julie's Hubby was in Harrisburg, PA yesterday and due home tonight. Some kind of speaking engagement re:fracking. Julie brought Chipotle taco salads over for dinner last night. The dogs played and we talked--nice evening !

Son, Lee, now safely home from Cologne Germany after his speaking engagement there. Now it's off to Chicago where he'll be joined by Eileen's son for an Anthropology convention. Max is working on his Master's in that field and so lucky to get in on such an event with his uncle !

Keeps me praying and my head spinning to keep up with my frequent flyers !

Love and prayers for all in need !


Mema Jo said...

I have posted a pic on FB on our Eagle Momsters CHAT The format has changed
It's weird

Mema Jo said...

FB was weird - now it is back to Normal

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Just checking in this morning. Spend the past few days getting my house in order for guests. Can't handle all of that activity the way I once did, so today will be a day of rest and recovery.

Kay said...

Sounds like you and JANET are on the same page where holiday entertaining is concerned. SHIRLEY. I've turned all that over to the next generation and I'm loving it ! I'll take a tray of deviled eggs to Julie's next week--one of her favs to be used as an appetizer or with sandwiches the next day. I also want pick up a centerpiece at the florists, next Tuesday. Nice to retire from the entertainment biz in more ways than one !

JudyE said...

Good Morning still I see we have a new thread I was really shocked we did so soon the other didn't get a chance to split

Thanks for the thread STEVE and the slow news on the cam repair Waiting with bated breath to see our royal couple

Hoda said...

Good morning
Thank you STEVE. Thank you JO.
The sky is blue again today!
I will try to spend as much time as possible outside.
Just love it when we have a break from ice fog and low cloud cover.
JANET rest and heal, you are burning the candle on both ends for way too long.
KAY good to hear of family news and conference participation.

Missing JUDIE.

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Good afternoon my eagle budlets.

stronghunter said...

Missing Judie, too, Hoda.

Janet said...

good afternoon.

i have had a nap and am now contemplating a shower. i had the fam jump in and help with the house last night, so that left me little to do today but rest. olivia does have ice skating, but that's manageable.

last night while cooking dinner, i made up dinner for tonight as well. chili and corn bread. with ice skating its nice to have something to reheat quickly.

tomorrow will make a pork roast the crock pot i think. still have to wander downstairs and get it out of the freezer though.

as far as holidays: we do thanksgiving over here. i do enjoy cooking it, but just not like i used to. yule is here, and usually very quiet and then xmas day is at chelsea's. she cooks etc. it kind of divides it up that way.

i already bought a smoked turkey for yule! :)

i paid bills online this morning and ordered a couple of things for the holidays. love online shopping. so much easier than going to the store.

amazon and ebay are my friends!

love and hugs to all. continuing to rest up and get ready for worktomorrow. :)

Lolly said...

In from working in the yard. It is 73 and 100% humidity. I was sweating something fierce. And, Jack is hauling down more firewood???? LOL Artic front arrives early tomorrow morning. We shall see what happens.

Gotta go clean up now. I am a mess!

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Gang!
I'm back again. Took me a while, but I got a laptop ordered for Jen & family, and had it sent to a store near them for pickup. Took nearly an act of Congress, but finally got it done. Jen can go pick it up NOW! Their old laptop got broken, and there was not a protection policy on it. I think it had expired. Jen is SO happy!!

Glad that Hoda doesn't have arthritis in her shoulder. Hope it gets better, but glad you're going back in 3 months, just in case. Prayers!

Happy to hear that your Dad will be OK once the infection is cleared up, Dana! Prayers for him, too.

Well, Emma's fed, but I'm not, so going to go scrounge up some leftover chili for lunch. The rain's stopped, but it's chilly outside, so chili should taste good.LOL Get it? chilly/chili :oD
I'll try to get back here tonight after dinner--if Emma doesn't make like a 50-pound paper weight and keep me stuck in my chair!
I ♥ us!!!

Mema Jo said...

Meatloaf, potatoes and carrots in the oven. Smelling good!

I kept an eye out for the little deer this afternoon - she/he had returned once and was nibbling on the grass. There is a small wooded area at the end of our yard before more houses.

2 programs on PBS this evening - love my English mysteries.

magpie said...

Evening, Eagle Pals..
A perfect calm Autumn Day but No wind!

SHARON: I saw you sneak on awhile back...HELLO BACK !!


Thanks, Steve for the new thread, sure glad it is Thursday though and NOT Wednesday

Jo, you should have a full headdress of feathers by now!


magpie said...

Sounds like the Perfect November dinner, Jo....

Janet, sure hope you get all your zippy good health back, very soon....
and that you find some new joys
you were not expecting with the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday, and
always keep in mind, that Germs Hate Rest so get plenty of it !!!

Best Wishes to Every One...

magpie said...

I'm thinking how nice it is, for parents and grandparents here, looking forward to those college kids coming home soon !!

I always sure loved that part of
Thanksgiving when I was little, with several older brothers and sisters coming home :)

ttfn xo

paula eagleholic said...

Evening all!

Bro Steve called today and said he wasn't coming..surprise surprise.

Got a new snake person coming this Monday.

Calm winds and not too cold out tonight...Nick is enjoying it outside tonight. It will get cold here on Sunday!

Had leftover turkey from the luncheon party...yum.

I will be doing lots of online shopping this year!

paula eagleholic said...

Thanks STeve for the update and the new thread!

Dana glad your Dad should be home soon. Your Mom and Dad are real troopers!

Lolly said...

Went shopping this afternoon. Bought for soon to arrive great nephew, Deacon, two darling outfits to go with his name train that Jack made. One little outfit is for Christmas.

Then went to the grocery store and it was a mad house!! OMG! I guess the weather turning tomorrow brought out the troops!

JudyE said...

Good evening eaglebudlets Just got home from Angie Carl was on a call and couldn't get Jordyn so I did and she didn't have any homework tonight so we went to Largo Park was so pretty out Lovin this weather right now its 75°

magpie said...

Great, JudyE...aren't grandchildren
about as precious as they can be !!
I met a new-to-me grandniece last night, my older brother Fred's they passed through here on the way to Naples!
They will welcome the weather "down your way" for sure

Paula...sorry No Bro, Yay, Snake man on Monday, and definitely, Great on the turkey leftovers....

magpie said...

And for DanaMo: I am happy to hear your Father is getting the care he pretty sure the high fever
can make one confused....
So dear of you to put the flowers out for your dear Mom....
I miss my parents...they were too sick, too soon....they gave me 7 brothers and sisters that sure brought, and continue to bring,
a great deal of Joy to My Life !

magpie said...

In Two Words:

Sounds like a
GREAT Whole Family Thanksgiving
Event YOU have coming up...

magpie said...

And with all those brothers and sisters of mine, came some terrific nieces and nephews....I feel very blessed...

Hoda: YOUR Thanksgiving Plans?? I know it is an "American Holiday" so to speak.. but I hope you can share this Holiday with US! You are formally invited....Cyber-space-ly.

xoxo I Love Us... !!!

magpie said...

I am pretty speechless when I read all your posts....I am totally amazed at all your studiousness
and your kind and compassionate caring ways to all of us as well

magpie said...

I miss schmoozing with you...
and so many others here, I sure wish
I could get to the blog at work, but it just isn't possible these days.
A BIG BRAVO on your new endeavours
and your keen attention to your health and wellness

oh by the way, clothes are shrinking again! How did this happen???

magpie said...

dressing for winter is sooooo much more work! Boy do I miss warm temperatures and sandals ! And a suntan

Sandi: I hope you are healing well with the stitches...and
Yay: Friday and
Thanksgiving Break is nearly upon you, and all the other teachers amongst us :)

magpie said...

Sure hope to see Loretta, Wanda, Judie, and many others, in the days to THAT will be Thanksgiving Joy for me :)

time to close this computer and apartment down now for the night

Prayers for
Wellness, Safety, and Serenity, for all of us, our
Friends, Families, and Pets

Good Night, Precious Pals.....

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxox

Lolly said...

Front is here. Pouring rain ( that is Great!) and the temp is dropping!

Lolly said...

The front arrived at Laurel's first (She lives in the far frozen north) LOL Talked with her earlier and it was 22 degrees cooler than here. Too funny!

magpie said...

I'm watching and listening as often
as I can for the Tundra Swans headed is Time !!

stronghunter said...

Good night!

See you tomorrow.

SED, everyone.

Missing Judie, Loretta, and Wanda, too.

Hope that they will return to watch eagles with us. Time is almost here for intense eagle-watching.

Mema Jo said...

Goodnight to all ♥

My TV shows were great - both mysteries - WETA English

Great to hear Dana's dad is on the mend. Prayers for all those in need of healing.

I ♥ Us

Ms Bookworm said...

Good Evening!

YAY! The doctor I work for has sent me a big stack of reports to transcribe!

Paula, sorry to hear that your brother Steve won't be coming to visit. Glad you found a new snake man, though! Hope he's skinny and can fit in the crawl space!

Margy, so good to see you here! It seems as if I keep missing you.
Hope you hear lots of Tundra Swans in the near future! I'm listening for geese at this roost.

The rain here stopped this afternoon, but we're supposed to get more tonight, continuing through Saturday. Lolly, I'm glad to hear that you're getting some liquid sunshine there. You can certainly use some! What we are having here should reach your area by Saturday some time. It usually takes 2 days to travel to where you are.

Gosh, I'm missing Judie, Wanda, and Loretta, too. Hope we hear from them again soon. Good thing there's progress being made on the camera. We'll be watching Belle and Shep again before long!

Well, my eyes don't want to focus the way they should, which means I need some sleep. I wish everyone a wonderful Red Friday!
The porch light is on, and both security systems are enabled. Sleep well, and have SED! God bless, and goodnight. I love all of you! I ♥ us!!!

Hoda said...

Be careful on the roads tomorrow LOLLY.

It is 12 degrees F here tonight.

I had a terrific cooking class.

Good night
God Bless Us All

Lolly said...

Up to late!! Heading to the pillow. Presently 41 and loving it. 72 today and so humid...hated it.

I will not be on any roads tomorrow, Hoda. I am going to bake! Woo woo!

Night all! SED!!

Lori said...

Good Morning Eagle family!

IT'S FRIDAY - Red Friday, finally!

JUDYE, enjoy your day off today. How will you spend the day?

JANET, I hope you've recovered and got plenty of good sleep last night & feel up to your chores today.

KAY, I love that you can retire from entertaining just like you retire from a job. That's awesome. Glad you're enjoying it! Extra treats for Penny this morning.

SANDI, what did I miss that you have stitches again? Did you have some more skin cancers removed? Prayers for a quick healing. Has it stopped your tennis playing?

LOLLY, the artic blast arrives here full force tomorrow. Can't believe Sunday will only be a high of 24 and windy! Glad we don't have eagles sitting on eggs yet. Have fun baking today!

ANDY, glad your doctor employer is keeping you busy! Enjoy that warmth in So Cal.

Speaking of Southern Calif., wonder where JIM has been lately?

HODA, glad you're getting a break in the weather. Are you going to get this Arctic blast, too, or has it already been out your way?

So glad this crazy busy week is almost over and will spend the weekend working on piles, literally piles, probably close to 50 pages of math homework...and studying for my A & P Final on Monday.

DANAMO, so happy to see you back here. Prayers for your Dad. Hope he's feeling better today.

Have a great day all! Love, love, love this blog and the beautiful people on it!

Sandi said...

Good morning Lori and all my eagle friends! TGIF!!!

The English teacher on the team called me yesterday at 6am to say she wasn't coming in AGAIN, so we had two teachers out sick again yesterday, and no sub plans for either! I had already done plans for the math teacher the day before but had to scramble yesterday morning to throw together something for English. Today the math teacher is still out and also the science teacher - the kids will be crazy. But, it's Friday and I am wearin' my "happy Vans" tennis shoes today, so it's all good.

Haven't read this thread yet, will do that after I post. Hope all is well with everyone. Prayers continue for Dana's dad, Kelsey's mom, both Norms, and Michael.

Have a great day!

Kay said...

Good Morning to Early Birds, LORI n' SANDI and to all my dear Eagle Buds as they begin to rise and shine.

I'm up a bit early---an hour ahead of Penny's get outta bed time. I've given up on putting myself on a set schedule and just go with the flow, so to speak ! ☺

PAULA, I agree with ANDY and hope the next Snake Guy is skinny or a good "Snake whisperer" ! Thanks for sending out your addy !!!

Oh, LORI, piles and piles of math homework ! That would be my worst nightmare, but you'll rise to the challenge in your usual style extraordinaire !

I'm enjoying news from each of you regulars and hopeful that our missing Momsters/Dadsters will join us again when Belle and Shep are on view once more !

SANDI, is there a bad bug running rampant through staff and students at your school ? Glad you have your happy shoes to wear and TGIF !

Happy Red Friday and love n' prayers for all !


Janet said...

good morning.

feeling human. heading back to work today.

it is raining here. cold front coming on thru later today.

not a lot going on. i've been asleep the last couple of days.

i did take olivia ice skating last night. she is sitll breaking in those new skates. thankfully we have the old ones to back her up. she started to learn her first solo routine last night. she will be tigger in the december program @ the ice rink.

anyway, hope everyone has a great day.

light, love, hug and smiles to all!

magpie said...

Good Red Friday Morning,
Eagle Pals....

Hope your days are bright and sunny,
no matter WHAT the weather forecast is

God Bless Our Military

xo worktime looms...see you all later this evening xo

stronghunter said...

Oh my, Sandi. Aren't those teachers required to provide a set of emergency plans in case they cannot get something else in?

stronghunter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
stronghunter said...

Pardon--double posted.

Mema Jo said...

Good Red Friday Morning to all ♥
Good to hear from all you Early Birds.. Sandi you have your hands full with sub plans :(

Wanda is well - she is on FB a lot.

No deer in my yard this morning - just the squirrels and a young groundhog. I'm putting my pumpkins down in the far back yard after next Thursday. Hope the animals enjoy them.

I have a zillion things I need to do - maybe I will start today! lol

stronghunter said...

Hi Jo,

Will put some pumpkins out about a week ago. I have seen squirrels checking them out, but they're not gone yet.

stronghunter said...

Just made contact with a chimney sweep. He is to come by this afternoon to give me an estimate and maybe do the job. Want to be able to use the fireplace if we're going to get really cold weather.

Lolly said...

Good morning! 35 when we woke up and still 35. Worked in the yard yesterday, sweating, but not today! It is rather blustery today. LOL And, the yard is a mess again. However, if we had not cleaned it, I hate to think of how deep the leaves would be!!

Going to make Holiday Lizzies today, or another name...fruitcake cookies. This is Jack's favorite and they need to age with booze. They keep forever and really are delicious!

Lolly said...

Starbucks has their Holiday Blend out now and I am enjoying it this morning. So good!

One of these days maybe I will be able to turn over the holiday cooking. Ashley does not cook and Laurel is too busy and can not afford all the cooking. So, cook I do! Ashley and Michael will bring the wine..good wine and Laurel will help in the and clean up. Ashley does not cook and does not know how to help with clean up. Uh oh, do I sound bitter. LOL

Lolly said...

I guess when you do not cook, do not clean house, do not do laundry, do not do yard work, you do not learn how to help others. Proud to say my daughter knows how to do all the above and work, too!

Mema Jo said...

Margy - On Nov 19 Megan said on FB

November 19 via mobile

Sweet sound of a flock of tundra swans flying overhead

Ms Bookworm said...

Good Morning/Afternoon!

Oooooooh--tundra swans! Wow! Don't think I've ever heard them here. We DO get a few different kinds of geese, though, and ducks.

Janet, glad you're feeling better today!

Jo, glad that Wanda is well.

Lolly, those fruitcake cookies sound yummy! One of these days I hope I can find my Mom's fruitcake recipe, and attempt to duplicate it! Her fruitcake was delicious!

Well, I'd better get busy again on the doctor's reports. Will check back in later. Have a great Red Friday! God bless our troops, and keep them safe!

Emma is saying "Hello" to everyone. "Woof, woof, woof!"
I ♥ us!!!

Lori said...

Good afternoon, still morning for LOLLY and HODA and ANDY.

Home from school early to start my weekend of A & P final studying and doing lots of math.

SANDI, you'll have to post a pic of your happy Vans. Do they have smiley faces on them? What a trooper you are picking up the slack for the teachers who are out, again.

LOLLY, I loved your insight on Ashley. I don't cook but always help clean up. That would bug the heck out of me, too. Astounding that she would sit around and watch you and Laurel clean up.

KAY, glad you're going with the flow. I LOL on that one. You're so clever. Big hugs!

JUDYE, how's your day off going?

MARGY, what do Tundra Swans sound like? I saw Megan's post and I know you & Lynne 2 have commented on them. Just wondering what the attraction is?

JO & SHIRLEY, I used to save the pumpkins for my tortoise when I lived in Southern Calif. He loved them and their calcium/phosphorus ratio was good for his shell.

I feel a nap and a lot of studying coming on. :)

paula eagleholic said...

Lori, Sandi has a pic of her shoes on her FB page...they are tropical and summery looking!

Sandi, glad you had your happy shoes on today!

I haven't seen any tundra swans here yet, but the bufflehead ducks are here.

the McCready eagle pair was out on an osprey nest having lunch today :)

I need to find my Mom's fruitcake recipe as well....although hers wasn't really cake...pretty much fruit and nuts with just enough other stuff to hold them together. She used to bake them in those really small paper cups.

Lolly, I would think Ashley could at least help clean up...maybe you can get her to clear the table? Just shove dishes in her hands and tell her to take them to the kitchen :)

Mema Jo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sandi said...

Hi all - I survived the week!!! Shirley, teachers are SUPPOSED to have emergency plans on hand, but not all of them do!

Kay, there is not an epidemic on our hallway. The math teacher has been out all week b/c she was put on medical leave - that needed to happen so she can find out why she keeps having "meltdowns" and blood pressure spikes that cause her to do things like calling her students a bunch of assholes! The English teacher, who was out Wed. for something planned (she didn't say what and I didn't ask) just decided yesterday, as she was getting ready for school, that she needed a "mental health day." The science teacher was out today to be with his wife while she had a surgical procedure. On Monday, the history teacher will be out b/c he has jury duty.

Jo, very wise words about Lolly's daughter-in-law. God knows my daughter-in-law couldn't be any more different from me and, though she's a sweet person, I would not have picked her for my son. But the bottom line is that she makes Brian VERY happy and that's really the most important thing a parent hopes for.

Lori, yes I have stitches b/c I had 2 basal cell carcinomas removed on my left leg, just above my knee. And yes, b/c of where they're located, I am unable to play tennis til early December.

Time to fix some food for people and pets and then catch up on FB and on some recorded TV shows. Later!

Lolly said...

Man, it feels cold. Wet and cold! Had to run to the store. Cookies are made and now soaking up the booze. They will be ready in a week or two. They are wrapped in a towel that is very strong smelling. LOL

Sandi, enjoy your Thanksgiving break. Have not talked with Laure yet but know she is celebrating. She and Joey have the whole week off and they deserve it!

Sandi, you said it well. Ash could not be anymore different from me, but Michael is happy and that is what is important. Ash has a way of sitting at the table as we start hauling dishes away and getting involved in a conversation.

Janet said...

a very good gray afternoon to one and all. its still warmish, but colder temps are on the way.

it was a good, fully booked day. i am a little tired now, but dinner is all but made. i have the sides to finish and that is done.

i am looking forward to an evening of vegging!

olviia is practing her ice skating routine in the kitchen...dancing it out to the music.

all furbutts have had dinner. feed the humans...and then i call it a night!


Hoda said...

Well I stopped at the Catholic Church St Saviour and meditated and prayed for President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Oh how my heat shattered 50 years ago today.
Then after yoga and donating many items to the Salvation Army I went to The Buddhist Temple where I sat Zazen and lit him a candle and again meditated that such acts of violence cease.
I am now having a spice chai tea with Almond milk
We have many Christmas Faires happening this weekend too and for the next three weekends.
I like to see people and their creative ideas. I will go. It cheers me up.
Beautiful clear day and very cold. I love the blue skies however.

Hoda said...


Prayers to all

stronghunter said...


Going to order a pizza for tonight.

Chimney is cleaned and ready for a fire. Even has some firewood in it.

Sandi--sounds like someone needs to put pressure on some people to get those emergency plans in. I have a sub in addition to being a full-time teacher. I really did appreciate those emergency plans on a number of occasions.

stronghunter said...

BBL. Need to go find my phone so I can call for that pizza.

stronghunter said...

BBL. Need to go find my phone so I can call for that pizza.

grannyblt said...

Good evening all.

Rainy day spent at Wally World and grocery. WM was very busy, grocery usual Friday crowd. But the street traffic in this small town was unbelievable. You would have thought we were being evacuated or something. Where were these people going and, as my Mom used to say, why weren't they home. LOL

Saw 6 tundra swans yesterday, but not one other bird as I was out and about.

SED and prayers for all.

Lolly said...

Fire is going...chili is on the stove....and cornbread will be in the oven soon. Sounds like a good evening for vegging!

Hoda said...

Is there dry red wine to go with your vegetarian meal?
How did you ever convince JACK to eat chili?
It is a vegetarian fare!!!
Sounds delicious LOLLY.

magpie said...

Good Evening Eagle Pals...

Jo: thanks, Megan often will send me a text in past years when she has heard them, and they are Right on Schedule! I'll be watching

Lori, I think you asked...
they are usually rather high, and make the most beautiful yet haunting
hooo hooooo hoooo hooooo sound,not like an owl...

magpie said...

That is the ultimate in safe feeling:
a cleaned chimney....
I had an old house with a very old chimney which had horse hair plaster between the bricks...there were many holes...I always felt a little iffy, but we had a long tall stovepipe and bypassed most of the chimney...but still..
Good for you, very happy about this

magpie said...

My mother used to make the Fruit Cake...cooked them then wrapped them in cheese cloth, placed them in round tins, and soaked them with something, maybe brandy...I was not
liking that kind of stuff back in those days...
But I am sure they were very good...

magpie said...

so glad you saw some swans, so not glad about the heavy traffic

magpie said...

Andrea...maybe your mother's and my mother's fruitcake recipes were mother made some
awesome cakes in her time....

Lolly, Sandi...
happy that your sons are happy...
I don't cook much except for myself but when elsewhere, I do enjoy helping with the dishes and clean up...

Fall Firearms Buck Season is about to start hereabouts on Monday...
in West Virginia anyway...lots of folks headed to the Wilderness Woods of West Virginia

magpie said...

I wonder if Shirley found her phone

I wonder if Shirley found her phone


magpie said...

Shirley found her phone, ordered
her pizza, and Pizza has arrived and is now being eaten :)

Nice to hear her voice, of course!

magpie said...

dear, that you had some
quiet time in prayer for
President Kennedy...and for Peace...

Janet, right back to busy busy world for you! Get your rest....
beat back ALL those germs

ttfn...lots to do here,
enjoy your evenings, Friends...


magpie said...

oh Lori..
by the way, you could Google the sounds of Tundra Swans....

I do it just to hear them
when I know I am missing the flyovers because I am working or otherwise inside
It is so Right that Megan should hear them

stronghunter said...

How does Margy know all of the things she posted? She called me! Love hearing from you, Margy.

magpie said...

It was fun, Shirley....
you sound wonderful...

I'm ready for bed. Upstairs folks sure aren't :(

Best Wishes, to all, for Sweet Sleep

Good Night, Precious Pals...

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxo

stronghunter said...

You sound wonderful, too, Margy.

Mema Jo said...

Goodnight to all ♥

I ♥ Us

Prayers for all in need ♥

paula eagleholic said...

Home in Eburg tomorrow .
Larry is home this weekend. he had to take his sister in for tests..her side is bothering her again . We will probably go out to dinner tomorrow night .

paula eagleholic said...

And i agree if my sons are happy then I am happy.

Going to read and fall asleep.

Sed love and hugs for all.

stronghunter said...

I agree as well. If my sons are happy, I am happy. :)

Going to close down now.

See you tomorrow. Really not looking forward to arctic weather coming in this weekend.

Hoda said...

Tomorrow the Dragon Boat Team needs to flip the Dragon and secure it for the winter.
Then I go to Infrared Sauna after coffee with the team.
Then I volunteer with one of the meditation centres I attend. They are tearing down walls and fixing the inside of a building they bought.
I will check in through the day I hope.

Good night
God Bless Us All

stronghunter said...

Horse hair plaster? I don't think I have ever heard of that.

Din bring back memories watching all of the stories about the Kennedy family this past week. Hard to believe it has been 50 years.

stronghunter said...

Did bring back memories . . .

Lolly said...

Hoda, you misunderstood me. Our chili was not vegetarian. Sorry to mislead you!

By vegging I meant sitting and doing nothing. LOL Have watched two movies on Lifetime channel. Warm and cozy by the fire!

It has stayed all day at either 34 or 35 and had not budged!

Tomorrow I am making a soup to take to church. After church Sunday we are decorating the church for Christmas and having potluck lunch.

I'll probably do a little house straightening too for next week. Monday I start cooking for Thursday. Yes, I cook all week. I am glad the weather is cold. That way I enjoy the cooking and not tempted to be outside. Monday will be cornbread for dressing and cooking the cranberry sauce.. Tuesday will be the sweet potatoes and mix the dough for yeast rolls and make Joseph's pumpkin dessert. Wednesday will be pie day, apple and pecan, and making dressing, and getting the turkey ready for the oven! Jack will grill steaks for Wednesday dinner as Laurel and family will get here then and stay until Friday or Saturday.

Sound like a plan? I think so!

Night all! SED!!

Hoda said...

Oh LOLLY I know vegging as a term to just hang out and do not much. Chili already has beans and they are high in protein, so I see it as a vegetarian dish!
Ha ha you added meat to the beans then.

Oh it sounds wonderful your plan for the week.
Blessings to you and the family gathering.

Goodnight again

stronghunter said...

Sometimes people have chili without beans, Hoda. Was thinking that I might mention that the chili Lolly was writing about probably had meat and maybe beans.

Sounds like quite a feast you are preparing, Lolly.

stronghunter said...

Having some problems sleeping tonight. I hear the wind picking up out there. Wondering if cold weather is blowing in. I think the real cold stuff is supposed to arrive on Sunday.

Hunter willingly brought in some firewood for me. He seems to like doing "manly" tasks. I put some in the fireplace, but we do not have much. If we don't get more tomorrow, I will need to pick up some of those logs at the store.

Lori said...

Good Saturday morning eagle buds!

SHIRLEY, hope you finally were able to get some sleep. You'd think the fireplace would just lull you to sleep. Glad you got the chimney cleaned so you could use it.

SANDI, don't know how I missed it, but glad the doc found those spots. Sorry it's keeping you from tennis, but you've been through this routine before. Big hugs!

LOLLY, Hope everyone enjoys your soup today and that you have a great time decorating the church.

HODA, your coffee then sauna sounds like so much fun. You'll be cold enough after being down there on the water to flip the dragon boat. Guess winter is here. Or, it feels like it. Nice of you to offer your help to renovating the yoga studio, too.

MARGIE, thanks for the googling the tundra swans idea...hadn't thought of that yet! DUH. I am curious so I will do that. Are the swans the last to vacate the area for winter, or you just like the sounds?

PAULA, SHIRLEY, LOLLY, SANDI, Glad you all are happy that your sons are happy - right, can't ask for more than that.

Hoping everyone has a great day, and I can retain all I'm studying for the final Monday.

Ready to start my day now.

Love you ALL! Big HUGS!!

Sandi said...

Good morning Lori and all my eagle friends! It rained last night and now is very windy - the last of the leaves are really falling - happy to have a yard covered with pine needles and no grass so we can just leave the leaves! We use a gas blower to clear them off the driveways, but that's it. Forecast is for it to get much colder tomorrow.

Lolly, cooking all week for one day would be torture for me but you sound excited about it, so it sounds like you're the perfect person to be doing it! Lucky Laurel and Joey to get all week off - I have school on Monday and Tuesday.

Paula, enjoy date night!

Lori, I'm sure the finish line still seems so far away and the workload sounds torturous, but hang in there! You'll make it! I agree with you that this nursing school thing sounds impossible if you also have to hold a job!

Bandit's diaper is doing the trick. We have to fight him to get the thing on him but, once it's on, the hardwood floors and area rugs are safe! I'm glad it's buying him some more time.

Cleaning and laundry are on my agenda for the weekend. I had hoped to start on an IEP so I didn't have to write it over Thanksgiving break but the student didn't bring back the forms I need to get it started.

Prayers continue for Dana's dad, for both Norms, for Kelsey's mom, and for Michael. Jo, how goes the stopping smoking for Michael?

Have a great day all - stay warm!!

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle buds
go home late last night

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Good morning everyone.

Do you remember my 2 dear friends who were trying to get pregnant and both went to fertility docs, oh about 10 months ago. Andrew Douglas Gordon was born on November 16 to my friend, Erin, in Bedford. Logan was born I think after midnight to my friend Kim (she used to live in my Nanny's house). God is good all the time!

grannyblt said...

Good morning all. I see some blue sky so all is not lost. We are under a lake effect snow advisory for tonight and tomorrow. Sure hope my yard man gets the leaves up, I can't see any grass.
I worked for Houston Independent School District for 23 years and the best thing they did was have Thanksgiving week off from classes. I won't go to the trouble Lolly will, but still cook a big dinner for myself and a neighbor. I did buy a frozen pie from a fund raising effort, but may just make a pumpkin pie for myself today.
Hope our cam comes back soon and Belle and Shep are still around.

Mema Jo said...

Good morning to all ♥

I keep wondering what the heck I was thinking when I told my girls ok to have Thanksgiving here in our small brick rancher for all 24 family members. I should have set up shifts but instead I will set up tables in each room! I really truly will LOVE it ♥

Janet said...

saturday morning! thanksgiving week straight ahead.

i work today and then monday. i am planning on vegging tomorrow, well doing piddly things....but nothing major. not even sure what i am cooking for dinner tomorrow.

it is chilly this morning and the birds are taking full advantage of the goodies that i placed out for them. tonight it is supposed to be in the 20's. nice to know many of them will have full bellies.

LOLLY: I spread the cooking out over several days as well. I start cooking Tuesday.

I am planning on making stollen on Tuesday. I tried 2 or 3 times last year and it flopped every time...usually due to a false labor by Chelsea. That baby KNEW. lol. I will try Tuesday inaddition to the pies I will make Tuesday. Stollen, for those not aware, is a German holiday bread tht includes almonds, candied fruit, and a healthy dose of RUM...yum yum. It needs to sit for several weeks before it is consumed.

Maybe with noone pregnant I came make it this year.

I love chili....I make it with beans and meat, but love to add a dash of sour cream and cheese to eat it...and some fritos as well. But I will eat it plain as well.

MAGPIE: I do sleep and rest. I was in bed @ 9 last night and didn't get up til 8:30 this morning. I am still bit congetsted but so much better.

SANDI: so glad the diapers are working! :)

SHARON: such wonderful news for you friends!!

HODA: I have been watching several documentaries on Pres. Kennedy. It was an event that occured justprior to my birth. It (in a very minor way) impacted me in that Mom said had he not been killed my name would have been Jacqulyne after Mrs. Kennedy. But the documnetary that I watched, or one of them, protrayed Mr. Johnson in a no win situation, and you rather felt badly forhim. Does anyone here who remembers, have an opinon of Mr. Johnson and his quick pick of the the presidency? Do you feel he did it correctly? Or ddid you feel as if he were power greedy?
It it/has been gut wrenching and englightening all at the same time to watch these shows. (see what being sick dos for me!)

Looking forward to any responses...

Hope everyone has a lovely day. I need to get moving in a few min.

Mema Jo said...

Lynne, Come on down and bring your pie BUT also bring the whipped cream ♥

Sharon - New births are a blessing - happy for your friends. Also here is a special prayer for Alice ♥

Enjoy your weekend in Eburg, Paula. Hope Larry's sister's health checks out

Mema Jo said...

Lolly and Hoda and Lori - once upon a time I could handle everything just like you gals BUT age creeps in when you are not looking! So thankful for my 5 children - taking very good care of me.


Hoda said...

Good morning.

JO you are very active and you are an inspiration and you handle things really well. Yes indeed it is a blessing that you have your five daughters to help with things.
Love and Light to you and your family.
WOW 24 people for Thanksgiving!!! Blessed Be.

JANET yes I remember that a few said President Johnson was power hungry for taking the oath of office on the plane on the way back from Dallas. People were upset that he asked Mrs Kennedy to attend. She was still dressed in the suit with President Kennedy's blood all over it. She looked shocked. It was said later on that she did not want to be there and this is what got the talk started.
The fact of the matter is The President was dead. The Attorney General, that was Robert Kennedy, was consulted and he advised that a smooth transition of power be made as per the Constitution.
We were all emotional and President Johnson received a lot of resentment.
As much as I love the Kennedy's it was done properly and assured the smooth transition of power and it was Constitutional.

stronghunter said...

Good morning--

I agree with Hoda. The transition was done correctly. No one knew if there might be more attacks on public officials. National security was more important than whether or not someone's feelings might be hurt.

I had heard that Johnson had insisted that Mrs. Kennedy be present for the swearing-in, but recent documentaries I have seen said that she insisted. Interesting, but not really significant in our history. She was in a terrible state of shock.

I was too young to have voted for Kennedy--we had to be 21 then, but I did campaign for him, and he came to our campus. I came within inches of shaking his hand, but someone pushed me aside. I should have been tougher! Regardless, his visit to our campus was exciting.

stronghunter said...

We saw Lyndon Johnson in Williamsburg some years later. I was married then, and we heard he was coming to town, and my husband said his helicopter would land at the local golf course. We went over there and sure enough, we got to see the President.

I think that was the weekend Johnson went to the Episcopal Church in town and the minister scolded him for the Vietnam war. It was big news then. We would have gone to the church that morning had we known. Not that we were into the President being scolded, but just to witness the event.

stronghunter said...

I need to head out and get some things done. Birthday shopping for Hunter and some Thanksgiving Day stuff, but I think I'll bowl first. Need to keep in practice with the new ball.

My teammates explained why I score so much better at practice than in competition. It has to do with the amount of oil on the lanes.

Lolly said...

Good morning! Watched a little of the Kennedy stuff on TV yesterday while cooking. I was a student at TCU in Fort Worth at the time. Some of my friends went downtown to see Kennedy the day before. I did not. I was in a lab went the news trickled in and slowly the students began leaving. I eventually left the lab too and went to my dorm room. My room mate, from Florida, had gone berserk. We had a chalkboard on the wall and she had written on it "To h___ with all Texans!" She was not there, thank goodness, and all the other girls were telling me how she was blaming all of us. We did not have TV's in our rooms and watched the news on the TV in the central lounge. Really did not see a lot, dorm life at that time really kept you in a world of your own. Met Jack a few months later and my world opened up! ☺

stronghunter said...

I know what you mean about wondering what you were thinking in having so much family in your house for Thanksgiving, Jo. But you will enjoy it, and I am sure you get help with the work.

We will have a small group. I am expecting just the immediate family. There have been occasions when one of us has invited someone who would otherwise have to spend Thanksgiving alone.

I remember one year when we had Rus's friend who is an on-line food critic. I wondered how he enjoyed the dinner. Biggest problem was that he's allergic to cats.

stronghunter said...

I hope your roommate calmed down, Lolly. That would have been very upsetting to see written on your board.

Of course, we did not have TVs in our rooms, either. We mostly watched in the basement lounge. I saw some of the news on the TV in the parlor while I was on duty there as dorm hostess.

stronghunter said...

If I want to bowl in a calm place, I need to go before it gets later. It was crazy there last Saturday afternoon.

magpie said...

Is it really 5:53 and the last post was almost 6 hours ago? Am I lost?

Oh Good Evening Eagle Pals

I'll say colder, and brusque, with the winds, but I was out walking wanting some
Tundra Swans to fly past....they did not


magpie said...

Hallelujah Sharon for the two new little babies on the planet, regarding your friends...
Joyful I say, Joyful!

Shirley: what day is Hunter's Birthday ???

magpie said...

Great Food Talk here.

Janet: Stollen: there used to be a family that would send to our 9-1-1 offices at Christmas, I liked it the best and I ate the most of it...
it did not have any alcohol though.

I didn't care !!

magpie said...

Yes, the Tundra Swans are hearty
birds, only leave when it does start to get quite cold up North....

grannyblt: My New York Naturalist pal often speaks of the Lake Effect Snow as he lives in Jamestown NY, not far from Erie....
I hope the winter is good for you..
and your Thanksgiving meal, very
warm and cozy....

magpie said...

I was glad to hear you say that Wanda is on Facebook a lot....
I bet there will be houseful at
GG's this year....nice big house for all that Family Fun!

Well, time for me to take care of many things here at home, am on my two days off, but on call all week....makes me miss out on my James visit on Sunday but I'll sneak some time in through the week, he is OFF all week
ttfn xoxo

magpie said...

best wishes for Larry's sister's recovery....hope she will be all well, soon!

magpie said...

on the Blackwater page, there is a picture link to some hearty Eagle H-P :)

magpie said...

Blackwater OSPREY cam that is, the Eagles are on the platform

JudyE said...

Good Evening Eagle budlets

check out Google

and WOW is Venus so bright tonight

just got home from the cell phone tower eagle nest uploading pic right now and got a quick video of one bringing in nesting material

magpie said...

Thanks for that reminder about Google..I saw it from work and knew it would be animated here on the sound ??? do you have sound ??

magpie said...

now I have sound, sort of

JudyE said...

no sound at work laptop and no sound on desk top also MARGY

JudyE said...

ok sound is coming in and out for a second and stopped

JudyE said...

Click on it to play and I get sound on and off

Hoda said...

Perfect Day. The Dragon boat must have had 200 pounds worth of ice in it. Gracious me we worried about what would happen to the fibre glass with such weight and the compression and expansion as we tried to move it.
Many team members were there and Thank God for three hubbies who also showed up. We positioned tires and such beneath where the boat was to be flipped. CRACK! I cringed! The ice dislodged water came out, I had thought it was solid.Fiber Glass OK shunks of ice came out and we were able to flip it with the men's help no problem.

Life is good.

Volunteering was wonderful I will go back again tomorrow.

I can not believe the talent of people in the Artisanants Christmas Faire.
I love Nelson.
I feel Blessed.

Hoda said...

LOLLY it saddens me that the whole of Texas would have been blamed by some for the assassination of President Kennedy. I do not fathom that at all. A nicer, kinder, more generous and heart warming people do not exist anywhere. God Bless Texas then and fifty years later and forever.

I loved being in the Sauna. It is so good to feel the muscles relax and let go of toxins.
I get to go twice a week as part of my Yoga Pass.

Tomorrow I volunteer with the Meditation Centre and then meditate and then do groceries and then go to a concert at the Anglican Church. I love this time of year.

Hoda said...

Chunks not shunks!!!
I am going to go prepare soup and also cook artichokes for my supper.

magpie said...

Bravo to the
Whole Team....sounds like a real
challenge with a very successful

Hoda said...

Delicious Soup. Vegetable and sea weed soup with onion and garlic and herbs and nutritional yeast!
Artichoke is cooking. I so look forward to drinking the water after it is boiled. It seems to me that to throw the water is a waste of vitamins and minerals. People up North always used the water from vegetables and they used it as soup stock too.
Soup has time to settle before artichoke is ready.

Hoda said...

Thank You MARGY. Yes we were very happy with the outcome and my oh my there must have been thirty Dragon Team members so we went for coffee and took over the coffee shop!!! It seemed everyone was talking and laughing at once...
I love this group. I will arrange for us to go to a Christmas Concert together and a meal before that. We have our conflicts and personality clashes but we all push to remember that we are The Kootenay Rhythm Dragons and we must rise above...

Mema Jo said...

We have returned from Mass and then soup/sandwich at Paneras. Getting a little windy out and temps are just Cold

Going to watch a new Hallmark movie on Chn 48 at 8:00 I can't get enough of these "lighthearted always a great ending" shows.


Mema Jo said...

Oh my - that scared me
Google just requested my password

Good think I had it written down - I never close down our blog - therefore I never have to sign in but Google caught me! But here I am.


grannyblt said...

My bank requires I change my password every 6 months. It is a pain but better safe than sorry, I guess

magpie said...


Lolly said...

We have eaten and now sitting in front of the fire. New forecast for tomorrow 1 inch or more of ice and snow. Really? I was still enjoying Fall!! Grrrr!

Soup is cooking for tomorrow. It a new recipe off of fb. Laurel has cooked it and said it is delicious.

magpie said...

I close down the blog and the whole computer here at home....and every so often but not often I have to
re-add my password...surprises me too.

grannyblt, yes, better safe than sorry for one would get
too far with my bank account...
except on Payday$

magpie said...

I really love your menu!

magpie said...

and I made Venison Stew, Lolly :)
lots of vegetables, will feed me for a few days!

Hoda,yepper, save that water when you cook the vegetables...lots of good stuff in there for sure!

Janet said...

Good evening.

Thank you all for your perspectives on President Kennedy's assisnation. Very interesting indeed. Of course, hindsight always gives us 20/20 vision.....

It was a busy day. I had a great day at work. And .... boss had a chat with me.

I am the opener Monday, Thurs, Fri and every other Tuesdays. Typcially, only front desk holds keys to open. I think at least one of the lead therapists does. Anyway, sure as sugar she wants to give me a key. I said no, thankyou, i don't want the responsiblity that comes with the key.

So she assured me I would not have responsibiity for opening the front desk, just disarming the alarm, and then prepping for my 8 a.m. client and I would one f the last people called. I said, well with that, okay. I can do it.

It doesn't happen very often now, but it is a big inconvenience when I get to work and noone is there to open. Last week a gal had car trouble and the boss was in Gatlinburg. It all worked out, but it is not professional to say the least.

So, anyway, that's coming.

I already hold a key to the massage school so I can come and go as I please there. LOL.

What does this say????????

Nice relaxing night here. Tomand Michael are watching Vandy ad TN play football. I have no plans for the immediate future Just plan to chill out! Bought this amaretto liquore that is quite tastey, I will say. :) YUM

MAGPIE: the rum in the stollen is only for flavor, the baking process removes any of the actual liquor. But it is yummy.

Hope everyone has a good night. Light, love, hugs and smiles! :)

magpie said...

Oh I understand, Janet, thanks...maybe there WAS some in it after all...
Best wishes with the key...sounds like a pretty good plan....hope you are not the "last one" to be called very often!
Enjoy your evening...
I saw your post that you are feeling much better, YAY for that

and YAY for Lori having no school for at least two days..homework, anyway, but no school! Hope there is time off for the Thanksgiving break also

magpie said...

Time for beddy-bye soon.
I have gone out a few times listening for Swans....I think I will hear them tomorrow :)
and see them too! Wind is a-howlin' here
I have cat duty and get the mail duty at two different places for friends who are out of town this week. I love the cat duty, wish I could bring "Jake" here but I think he needs to be in his familiar home.

Prayers for Wellness Amongst us, and our friends, families, and pets.

G'Night, Precious Pals.

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxo

magpie said...

there is a bird on the Blackwater
Eagle Cam, and I do believe it is
an Eagle !

Mema Jo said...

Yes, Margy - It is a beautiful eagle in the nest with it's head tucked under it's wing.

So glad you found it......♥

Mema Jo said...

I see the date/time stamp at Blackwater cam is accurate. I was
just afraid maybe the cam was frozen
Good to keep warm down in the nest..

magpie said...

Glad you see that beautiful
eagle also, Jo...pretty sure
there will be a picture link on there in the morning for it!

G'Night now for real...have a few little magazines to look through on the way to slumberland

xoxox Sleep Sweetly, Eagle Pals xoxo

Mema Jo said...

It is cold enough to have snow flurries. I get excited when I think about it happening.Enjoy them♥

Mema Jo said...

lol I want to see some movement on the BW eagle in the nest... lol

Mema Jo said...

Going to say

Goodnight to all ♥


Have a peaceful sleep and pleasant dreams ♥

Mema Jo said...

Woohoo! The BW eagle has just changed positions - Strange to stay in the nest as it is only Nov

NatureNut said...

Hello, hello, Hooray, Hooray, an eagle in a nest!!!!Been a LONG TIME. Thank you Margy & Jo, you reminded me about a "yard" visitor we had the other night. Actually got a bum pic w/out flash thru the window. It and a few nice ones will be in the Nook ASAP.
Decided to take a break from running around in circles and get on 'puter for something much more enjoyable than shopping---uugghh!
And pray I won't feel guilty about not doing chores!
Margy, also glad for your reminder about Tundra swans. Haven't heard or seen any at Park, but will ask around there on Tuesday. They do sound like a longer, softer whooooo than owls and some naturalists from Park across the river have heard them, but not been able to see them! We usually have some that take a rest and land for a day or two.
I'm going nuts here due to this being the first time in 6 or 7 years that we've traveled before Xmas. Tons of & more things to do earlier (I don't do early!)than usual. I've made some lists to try and get organized and clear my mind, but think I need to send brain on vacation first! ;>)
If I can remember some of what I've read want to say Congrats to Shar's friends who had babies! Just realized that the youngest Lundholm GGD will be 1 year old in early Dec!!!!!Her father's birthday is end of Dec.
Lolly sounds as if she should go into restaurant business, maybe with Janet & I heard from the Austin gang that temps dropped 40°s!!!!We'll get that tomorrow. Got a call from Paw Paw friends 2 hours ago, that they were getting some snow!
Sandi, didn't realize your knee isn't usable for tennis due to basal CA surgery. I bet it's all that playing outside in the sun. We pay for our thrills, but most of the dozen skin kind I've had were above chin & probably caused by tonsil radiation the Drs. think. Gotta slather that sunscreen.
Dana, hope congrats are due for your Dad's encouraging health once that fever's gone.
Lori, keep up the good work!
Greetings to everyone else~~~I enjoyed reading about all Momster activities.
As for the JFK remembrances, I really don't want to watch much on TV now. It was one of the most painful & devastating historic events I witnessed on radio & TV at the time.
Gotta Go, no new news on my cousin's Norm, but ongoing prayers for both Norms, Dana's Dad, Miracle Michael and All in need.
Pleasant Feather Dreams ;>)

Hoda said...

Good night
God Bless Us All

Lolly said...

Heading to bed soon. Winter storm warning for us...snow, sleet, freezing rain. Hmmmm...should be interesting. Will go to church tomorrow and stay for lunch and decorating unless the weather turns bad. Will head home before it gets bad.
Soup is ready except for adding last minute ingredients.

Night all! SED!!

magpie said...

Good Morning Eagle Pals...

Speaking of Pals....
There are TWO eagles in the nest at
Blackwater Eagle Cam now :)

magpie said...

Both are awake..wonder how long they will be there, maybe they will head to the Osprey Platform next

Loretta: good to see you...but I missed this, what are your traveling plans before Christmas ?

magpie said...

20 degrees here in Martinsburg
going to check weather channel for the wind chill factor

magpie said...

really crazy weather headed to Texas...

magpie said...

Great Pictures, Loretta!

temp 20 feels like 9 with wind chill here

Lolly: I see what you are about to
get today....and
Dallas...whew, hope you can get out and around with your plans...

BWE pair still there, will watch while putzing around here

Wishing you ALL a very good
Sunday....bundle up, stay warm....

JudyE: my brother arrived in Naples...85 degrees!
Guess YOU will not need to bundle up!

xoxox ttfn

magpie said...

Well, here's
Blackwater Eagle Pair :)

magpie said...

One just left, from

magpie said...

both eagles at BWE have left for now

will watch now through the morning...and watch the site for picture links!

Good Morning, Once Again, friends

ttfn xo

Lori said...

Great Sunday morning everyone!

We have 3" on snow on the ground and it's still snowing. Supposed to snow until tomorrow night!

I did read through all the posts and am glad everyone is well and having a good weekend, and already getting ready to cook for Thanksgiving.

LOVE and BIG ((((HUGS))) to all of you.

I'll be studying all day, 17 chapters for my Anatomy & Physiology final tomorrow. All prayers that I do great are welcome! ♥♥♥

Prayers for DANAMO's Dad, Michael, both Norms and Kelsey's Mom that she doesn't have to have a colostomy.

I love you all so much. Your love and support means so much to me. A million thanks and (((hugs))).

Lori said...

Also, prayers for SANDI's Brian and his safety.

Sandi said...

Good morning Margy, Lori, and all my eagle friends! Temp here in Bethany is 28 degrees with a windchill of 9 degrees! Wind is howling and the trees are just about bare now.

Got the laundry done yesterday but not the cleaning. I was so tired all day - took a 2 hour nap and still slept 8 hours last night!

Loretta, good to see you on the blog! Are you traveling to your daughter's house for Christmas this year?

Lori, anatomy & physiology final - that sounds about as bad as it can get!! Yuk!!! Good luck tomorrow! Have you managed to squeeze in any time with your math tutor?

Have a great day - stay warm!

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

OUR cold front has made it
MARGY did your brother bring it down LOL

67° right now our high will be 71°

Mema Jo said...

Good Morning to all ♥

Cold 20° here in my valley
Squirrels are ice skating on the birdbath - Mr Red has made his appearance - always on the coldest of days and the wrens are fussing at the door because I haven't put any seeds out for them yet. I need my slippers and a coat!

Jenny is headed over soon - Off to market to meet the Basket Man for my ggkids baskets. Love the ride!

BBILW Take care and stay warm ♥

stronghunter said...

Good morning--

It is a very blustery day out there. Have not ventured outdoors yet.

Wow, Lolly, a winter storm.

Lolly said...

Good morning! 35 and the storm is not here yet. It is still west of us. Hmmmm??? Still plan to head to church but will monitor the weather. Will head home if it starts getting nasty.

Soup is heating for after church!

Lolly said...

Norm is going home next week!

From Caring Bridge.....

We love you, God -
you make us strong.
God is bedrock under our feet,
the castle in which we live,
our rescuing knight.
Our God - the high crag
where we run for dear life,
hiding behind the boulders,
safe in the granite hideout.
We sing to God - the Praise-Lofty,
and find ourselves safe and saved.

Starting Tuesday afternoon of next week, Norm will find himself safe and saved, hiding behind the boulders at our home on NW Boulder Place. His hospital stay will have lasted 46 days and he is more than ready to come home. The Acute Rehab Team at Swedish Cherry Hill has been outstanding. We will be eternally grateful for their diligent efforts in working alongside Norm to try to regain what he lost as a result of the doctor's and hospital's mistakes and the ensuing strokes. Norm called Coach Shula this week to thank him for teaching him how to work hard - very hard! I believe these past weeks have been his toughest "training camp" ever.

Next week he will continue working with physical, occupational and speech therapists on an out patient basis, at home and at a nearby hospital in Issaquah. We will have Home Care assistance starting as well. Deana and Monte are still here with us and my sister, Lynna, arrives this Sunday to help for Thanksgiving week. Our neighbors and friends continue to provide meals, run errands, babysit Kenzlie when she is here, add extra stairway railings and bath rods and handles, move furniture to maximize Norm's safety inside our townhouse, sit in on meetings as we plan for the future, call or show up at the hospital to offer strong support, and send a bouquet to brighten the room. A gift to cover dinner out and a coupon for a massage were unexpected blessings. Wow - "Thank you" doesn't come close to expressing our gratitude and love to each of you.

Please pray for Norm's safety as he adjusts to being home again. The adjustment is going to be a challenge to all of us who are walking alongside him on this unexpected detour in his journey. We call to God - we cry out to Him to help us. Abba, Father - hear our prayers.

Janet said...

good morning all. it is chilly this morning. i slept in. it was so nice and snuggly in the bed....and cold outside, it just made sense to stay put for a while! tom took care of all of the furbabies...allowing me a nice snooze!

i had to laugh when i got up. i come out of the bed room and IMMEDIATELY 6 eyes are on me...2feline, 1 canine.

now my gal pals and i have nick names for each other, we are the 3 bees....chris is honey bee (because she is so sweet)
nancy is killer bee (as she is no nonsense)
and i am queen bee.
and i laughed this morning.
queens have an audience.
i have an audience. only my audience is furry . lol!

not a lot planned today. cook dinner. bowl.

have a great day to all! :)

stronghunter said...


Got home last night with a new DS for Hunter and a sleeveless jacket I found on sale . . . reduced from $50 to $30. Not bad, since the DS cost a small fortune. This one would be worth stealing and taking to the pawn shop.

stronghunter said...

Looks like rain might have arrived at Lolly's abode.

stronghunter said...

Enjoy your bowling, Janet. I think I will go practice.

stronghunter said...

Somebody else must be here. I got a "conflicting edits."

magpie said...

A Beautiful and Inspiring, Spiritually uplifting post Lolly,
from Norm's CaringBridge site....
Thank you for bringing this to us...
What a fellowship abounds amongst his friends, families, Health care team...


magpie said...

Yay on the sleep-in restful Sunday morning, Janet....that's the way to do things !
Nice, Tom....taking charge too :)

Shirley: hope Hunter likes that sleeveless jacket...I have a vest with pockets that comes in really handy for me...but in this kind of weather it goes on over a sleeved jacket. Yes, DS's are pricey, but it is really nice that you got him another one...(( Hugs ))

Mema Jo said...

Jenny and I were in and out of market with a danish in our bag very quickly. The wind was howling through the small alley into market - once in it was calm. We were early
birds - but people were starting to come in.

NatureNut said...

Happy, Blessed Sunday to everyone.
Lolly, thank you for that uplifting Caring Bridge report about Norm. How great he will be going home.
Got lots to do, but since I got my do done on Friday instead of work, gotta go in for a couple hours.
Oh, YES, we are going to TX this Xmas after a 6-7 year absence!Sherry has been sending me inside house pics. They have most furniture, but she still wants coffee table, end tables etc. The layout is quite similar to the original house with a few additions. She just sent a living room pic that I must put on Blog.
They've always had darker than royal blue furniture, but I wrote back that she must be decorating for kitties!!!!

stronghunter said...

Hi Loretta!

So glad you are going to Texas this year for Christmas, and wonderful news about the house.

HI Margy!

I figure the jacket will go nicely over a hooded sweatshirt. I did get a roomy one for him.

I hope he does enjoy the DS . . . I told the clerk that grandma does not buy violent games, so they helped me pick out a good strategy game. Hunter likes those, too. Yeah, he also likes to blow things up.

stronghunter said...

Funny--they told me that the used games cost only $10.00 less, but included earbuds and a cleaning cloth. Hmmm, I went for the new game.

stronghunter said...

Waiting for my hair to dry before heading out for bowling and a few errands. Not excited about going out in the cold wind.

NatureNut said...

Shirley, thx and sounds like you're really getting in with the modern age. I had no idea what a DS was!
Got Sherry's email pics and part of the family in the Nook.
Have a great day!!!
Gotta blow over to Chelsea for a couple!!

stronghunter said...

It's a portable, hand-held game system. :)y

Just hope this one doesn't get stolen, or, more likely,--lost.

It will be good for Hunter to take along for the long drive to Florida in December.

Just got scolded by a squirrel because I allowed the supply of peanuts to run out.

I put some more out and a squirrel came along, climbed up the door and got on the doorknob. Don't know if he was trying to get in to the supply of peanuts or maybe decided he was cold out there.

stronghunter said...

Time to bundle up and head outdoors.

Mema Jo said...

Keeping tabs on the Raven's game- So far score is in their favor
against NY Jets at 19 - 3. Most of the score is field goals........

magpie said...

things looking GREAT for Baltimore...hope they hold on and get the win!

OOOH, lots of cold talk...talked to a friend in Franklin WV....1 degree and snow there !
The hunters are going to have to have to bundle up there for sure !!

Loretta, oh Texas!
Great !! Sounds wonderful, so very happy that
Sherry's home is coming along....

Whooboy I'll say howling...
I have been listening for those
Swans, still checking often, outside


magpie said...

We just might get to the
SPLIT before too very long....

though we are being quiet and frugal..except for someone I know who has been magpie-ing a lot...

magpie said...

James likes those rock n'em sock 'em
games too, but he remains a very
gentle fellow, thank goodness !!

Lolly said...

Home!!! Jack has a fire going but I am still cold. Need to get up and moving to warm up, I guess.

Happy you like Bobbe's posts on Norm's Caring Bridge page. I think she has done a good job with the posts and they are very inspirational.

Loretta, so very happy you are coming to Texas to be with your daughter. Certainly wish Texas was not so big and she lived closer to us. Would love to see you! It will be good for you to see her new home.

Came out of church and it was raining, temp about 35. By the time we had lunch and decorated the church the rain had stopped. No sleet, no snow, no freezing rain. I think it is mostly north of us but more starting up late tonight. We had fun. A great group working hard but having fun!!

paula eagleholic said... very happy to hear you are headed to Texas for an early Christmas.

Shirley..Hunter is very lucky to have you for a Grandma! Hope the bowling practice was good.

Oh sounds cold in Texas Lolly. Glad you didn't get any of. The nast stuff.

Left home around 11 tbhis morning...tried to stop at a couuple of furniture places but theylooked closed. Still need a dresser...wicker is hard to find.

Wind is hoooowling here! Knocked my lighthouse over but it is ok. I moved it up by. The house.

Next time home willbe in 2 weeks for Johns birthday...then we will do xmas the weekend after.

When do/did the skins play today?

Lori...good luck on your test and enjoy your qquick break.

magpie said...

Washington plays Monday night, Paula...
San Francisco at Washington,
8:40 pm

Welcome back to Paradise...!!
Good to SEE You !


magpie said...

Baltimore plays the
Steelers in Baltimore on Thanksgiving
Day! 8:30

wonder how much snow Lori has by now??
do they call off nursing school ?? :)
that would be kind of nice !
Gotta love those snow days.!!

magpie said...


Lolly so glad the weather turned out OK for you, and that you had such good fellowship...

Snuggle up, get warm !

xo ttfn pals...."Later."

magpie said...

Had me a Peppermint Mocha coffee from McDonalds fav-oh-rite specialty coffee

and bought some Peppermint Bark at Big Lots ! I just test drove that, yummers !!! A little bit of dark chocolate every day is recommended, right ???

Mema Jo said...

We ate dinner at Cracker Barrel - almost too cold to go out! I bundle
up with my hat and neck scarf and heavy coat. I have misplaced last year's gloves - they may be packed away.

Paula - Good Wife tonight should be on time. Shows have been ok - getting tired of the drama..... :(

Just maybe at 10 I'll find out who Red John is on the Mentalist....

Mema Jo said...

Loretta - very happy news about your TX Christmas.. ♥

I'm sure Lori has her nose in the books. 97.1 has Christmas Music

No eagles at BW nest so far tonight


stronghunter said...

Sitting by the fire. Right now, I have the Dallas-NY game on. It is tied at the moment and almost over.

I am trying to thaw out. It is cold out there. I went to the gas pumps at the grocery store. So cold. Could not get the pump to work for some reason. Ended up having to move to another pump. It was so cold. I really did not take my warmest jacket. My mistake.

The guys working at the gas pumps had light sweatshirts. They were freezing too, and they were working outdoors.

paula eagleholic said...

Margy enjoy that bark! Of course its good for you :-). Tha.nks for the skins info.

Jo they still have football on good wife will be 40 minutes late I still like the show...but no so much the stuff between the firms.

Oh speaking of 97.1 sometimes I get them on my car radio in Crisfield.

stronghunter said...

Got my turkey. It is thawing in the refrigerator.

stronghunter said...

Well, it looks like the Cowboys just won.

Thanks for the football info from me too, Margy. I was wondering.

paula eagleholic said...

Ha ha I had fox good wife should be on time :-) watching 60 minutes now.

magpie said...


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