Monday, November 18, 2013


New thread.  Sorry I'm late :)


Lolly said...


Lolly said...

Excuse my manners! Thanks Steve! Will call the others over! We appreciate this blog...THANKS!

Lolly said...

Ok, have now read old thread and I am back/

Good morning! A wee bit cooler here but nice. 61 presently and the sun is shining.

My cheesecake was the first to be put up for auction. It went for $70, the pumpkin roll for 40, and the bag of pecans 45. Jack thinks my cheesecake would have gone for more but folks were not "warmed up" yet. Two chocolate pies went for over $100each. Man...they are a lot cheaper to make than my cheesecake. Cheese cake takes 5 pkgs of cream cheese, 6 eggs, 2 pkgs sour cream and not to mention the sugar and the pkg of shortbread cookies I bought to make the crust. Oh, an the butter!!

Time to make meatballs for dinner. Jack just got home from a run to the grossssserie store.

Dana, good to see you on here and thanks for the complete update on your dad.

Mema Jo said...

Steve - thank you so much for the fresh thread - Hope you are enjoying our unseasonable weather!

Can you give us any update on our cam or our Royal Couple up there in the Sycamore? Thanks and have a great week

Thanks Lolly for the call over..

Mema Jo said...


Hoda said...

Thank you both STEVE and LOLLY.

Good to see DANA on here. Glad to also know GLO and KAY are alright.

I agree with JACK first auctioned does not go as high as other later items. It sounds delicious LOLLY.

Off to save money and collect my discounts from the city and BCAA.
It is soooooo funny.

Mema Jo said...

Yesterday UM Basketball game - Obama and family attended due to her brother coaching the other team - GS, UM Sophomore, sat about 4 rows away from them.

Mema Jo said...


Sure hope you get video of Hunter and his Christmas gift !

Mema Jo said...

Prayers/Positive thoughts needed

Sharon Lea Crisco Farley (FB)

Just talked to Kelsey. Her mom, Alice, definitely has mono but they also found cancer in her colon. Please pray for her

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Thanks Mema Jo.



Ms Bookworm said...

Good Morning/Afternoon!
Have been watching a few news reports about the tornadoes in IL--prayers for all those folks! So glad Kay is all right!

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, HODA! Hope your day was fantastic!!

Shar, prayers continue for Alice, for sure!
Praying for everyone on the prayer list, too. Dana, so sorry to hear of your Dad's fall! Hope he's feeling better, and healing quickly!

Oh, my--will I EVER get used to the time change?! Fell back to sleep with Emma after we got Ken off to work at 2:45 today, and didn't wake up until 8:30. Lolly and Jack and I are on the same page for sure! I feel as if I'm playing 52-pick-up this morning!

Drinking coffee in an attempt to jumpstart myself. I have laundry to do, and some floors to wash!
Emma is passing the time waiting for me to get off the laptop by snoozing & snoring.

I almost wish we could/would move to Arizona, where they don't participate in any time changes!

I'm perplexed with our gardener again. He went ahead and re-seeded our front and back lawns last Tuesday, then turned off our sprinklers, both at the control box, and at the actual valves! I think he did it so the sprinklers wouldn't come on while they were working, BUT--he had me program the sprinklers months ago so that they wouldn't come on Tuesdays, when he does the yard, or on Mondays either, so the yard wouldn't be too wet to mow. Trouble is, they forgot to turn the sprinklers back ON, and I don't usually keep track of them very closely. Long story short, the yard didn't get watered from Sunday night until Thursday night.
The light bulb finally came on (duh!) Thursday afternoon when I realized I hadn't seen any water on the grass in quite a while. I really wish I could find another gardener, but most of the other ones don't impress me at all. Sorry to vent, but was afraid I'd blow a gasket! I promise I'll behave now. I hope the lawns will recover! Haven't seen a single blade of new grass yet.

On a much happier note, we are supposed to have a whole week of cooler weather here, with rain actually forecast for Thursday!
YIPPEE!!! The highest temperature forecast for the next 7 days is
70. Mostly mid- to high 60s! Finally some fall weather! YAY!!

Well, need to go get some lunch for Emma. Will try to check back in later tonight. Wishing everyone a good day. I ♥ us!!!

Sandi said...

Good afternoon my eagle friends! Thanks Steve, for the new thread - better late than never.

Well, the math teacher on my team was back in her classroom this morning. Don't know if she received a reprimand or not - not really my business.

Shar, so sorry to hear about Kelsey's mom - prayers that the prognosis for the cancer is good.

Dana, good to see you on the blog - sorry to hear about your dad's fall.

Paula, thanks for the sweet potato biscuit recipe. Maybe I'll make some for Thanksgiving dinner, since they'll travel to Baltimore easily enough!


JudyE said...

HELLO home from work to find a freash late thread THANKS FOR THE NEW THREAD STEVE

paula eagleholic said... don't need to forward the recipe...I sent it to you and Sandi.

I will put my beach mailing address on the momster email.

Glorious day here today...think it will be the last nice day for was 70 or so.

Turkey is in the oven.

My Bro Steve called..he is coming down for a. Visit

paula eagleholic said...

Snake guy came...he is too big to get under the room through the existing hole. Wants me to knock him out a new hole. Will think about it. This extraction just keeps dragging on....

Glad our midwest momsters are safe.

paula eagleholic said...

Moon was pretty rising over the marsh tonight...too cloudy to see it rise laast night.

JudyE said...

Back from dinner with kids Nice having them closer and I will be there tomorrow to watch Jordyn while Angie is at Zumba
here is a cute video MARGY will love it Magpie plays with dog (puppy) so stinkin cute was on Fox news and had to google it

magpie said...

Wheee doggy, thanks for the New Thread, Steve....
We have missed seeing You post that, but ever so grateful when you can fit us into your busy busy schedule!

Sharon, I am so very sorry to read of the Colon Cancer for Kelsey's mother, hope this is early detection, and that treatment
can be totally successful.
Prayers yes of course....

JudyE said...

I stopped at the nest after work and saw both eagle at tower got a quick video of the one calling and then the other showed up couldn't stay just a drive by so to speak and got a cool pic of 4 osprey on a light pole as I was driving to Angies
and I forgot to check box

magpie said...

good report from Dana, with the cautions still in place, broken
pelvis...that is serious, but....
hope all will be gentle with all his recovery treatments for everything...
hope Aric is OK too....good that his Momma could be there for support

magpie said...

I would have gone for the cheesecake and the pecans way ahead of the chocolate pies, trust me...
but Bravo! Lucky ones who bid and won on those two items !!!

paula eagleholic said...

Oh got to see the Mccready eagles 3 times today. Some days I don,t see them at all.

Judy nice that the kids are closer.

Hi Margy! Did you get to swinging bridge?

paula eagleholic said...

Oh the turkey is starting to smell really good!:-)

paula eagleholic said...

Sharon ...praying they have caught Alice's cancer early.

magpie said...

Yes, Paula..did get to Swinging Bridge....the leaves were mostly off the trees....too bad because before that happens the colors are spectacular, saw one soaring hawk, a Red-shouldered I think, a busy Red-Bellied Woodpecker, heard a titmouse, and a kingfisher.
Lost my cell phone AND my glasses...
but after much consternation and some powerful flashlights, found them both...WOOF it was there for awhile..gotta love that Saint Anthony miracles :)

magpie said...

I'm smelling that turkey, my mind's nose !
Great that you and your work pals
will have this feast...

magpie said...

Hope the grass grows, Andrea!
whew, hope Lori's busy busy day went well...

and everyone else's also...

time to get ready for bed, I am
"on call" from midnight to 0600, so if they call, they need me to go in, otherwise, at 0800 my "Monday"

Prayers for Wellness, and

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxox

Lynne2 said...

evening all!

Margy, for a change of pace I like when the leaves are off the can sure see lots of stuff you didn't before!

Prayers for Dana's dad, and for Aric.

Kay, Janet, Glo...glad you all were spared from storm problems. What a sad, sad mess...

Lynne2 said...

Paula, the snakes will wake up when the weather warms up and go on their merry way!

Lynne2 said...

Got to run, almost bed time. Good night and prayers for all!

Lolly said...

We be home from Denton. Had a great time. Jack got the new strip with pegs installed in Laurel's class room. Laurel and I took Joseph shopping for jeans. Talk about tall and skinny!!!! Had a good dinner and enjoyed the evening.

Mema Jo said...

Good late evening to all ♥

Really on here to say I'm glad to see the evening comments and that all is well.

Goodnight to all ♥

Looking forward to a new day ♥

stronghunter said...

Trying to read all of the posts, but my eyes are giving up.

I will say good night for now.

Oh, and Will told me to check the moon this evening. It was lovely.

Sandi said...

Good morning my eagle friends! About a year ago, I posted all of my class photos from when I taught elem. school on a FB page for the school. Well, 2 days ago, a former student foundd the page and tagged herself and a group of other former students that she is still in touch with in the class photo. That led to 6 or 8 friend requests on FB from former students - all of whom are now 31 years old! I spent last night chatting back and forth with all of them and reading their FBs to see what they're up to now. What a wonderful night! They have many very fond memories of being in my class - yup, that's why I'm still teaching after 30 years! :) Elementary teachers make such an impact on their students b/c we spend all day with them. It was a great evening!

Prayers for Dana's dad, for both Norms, for Kelsey's mom, and for Miracle Michael.

Have a great day all!

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds !!!!

Sunny, but chilly here. I'll take it after the winds of the last couple of days ! At least most of the leaves are down and ready to be taken care of by the condo "landscapers". That's really a glorified term for what the guys are ! I can relate to Andy's gardener problems in a way.

SHAR, mega-prayers for Alice !

SANDI, happy news re:FB reunion with former students. You're so right about the impact elementary school teachers have on us. I still remember most of mine quite vividly and some with deep affection !

MARGY, so glad you were able to find those lost items ! You need deeper pockets on those overalls !

LYNNE2, you're right about seeing new things when the trees n' bushes have shed their summer coats. I'm calling the police on their non-emergency line today. There is a beauty of a shiny blue mens bike parked against a tree in a wooded area Penny and I walk by. It's been there for several days, so looks like a thief left it there---or, heaven forbid, it's rider is down somewhere in that little patch of woods along the edge of our condos ! Golly, I'm calling right now......

Kay said...

Okay, I made the call. The dispatcher took my name and phone number, but I hope they take care of the matter without having to contact me !

Kay said...

LORI, where are you ? I'm used to seeing your early morning posts and hope all is okay !

Love and prayers for all !!!


Mema Jo said...

Good Morning to all ♥
Another new day to celebrate ♥

Breezy out side and almost all the leaves have fallen. I now can see all the neighbors homes at the end of my yard. Soon in a few weeks I will see Christmas light. I purchased from our church a homemade wooden nativity scene which I have always wanted. It is pure white and I'll use a flood light on it in the front yard.

Mema Jo said...

Kay - you are a sleuth! Hope the bike is just stolen and can be returned to owner.

Lolly said...

Good morning!

Sandi, loved your post about former students. I have several as friends. Also had one who asked to friend me, but now I have him blocked. Did not like his posts!

Another beautiful day here. No cooking today and for that I am thankful!

That freeze that we had last week has brought beautiful fall foliage to Texas. Usually we have little color. Usually the leaves turn brown and fall. However, I am seeing beautiful red, orange and yellow foliage. Loving it!

Kay, interesting about the bike. Glad you called, but can not imagine a bike being stolen and then abandoned. Hmmm????

Going to do a little house straightening today, a little online shopping, take the car to be washed and run some errands. Also have a committee meeting at church. Better get with it!

Hoda said...

Well sorry I did not check in last night.
After yoga festival meeting and notes I was worn out.
Did not even know I did not say goodnight till now!

Rainy day here. The leaves are almost all gone.
I enjoyed watching Texas autumn photos as posted by LOLLY. Thank you.

Prayers on going SHAR.

DANA good to see you on here. Am concerned that Aric had a crisis and that your Dad broke a hip. Praying.

Mema Jo said...

Hello Hoda! Lolly!

I have been watching the NE FL eagle's incubating their 2 eggs. Beautiful to watch and their cam is outstanding. There is also sound - winds blowing.

I think Tues is Shirley's bowling day.

Posted an article from Shepherdstown about Female Pedestrian struck and killed by the train that we alway heard on our cam. Sad :(

Kay said...

On Penny's next trip out we walked the "bike" way. It's still there, but turned upside down and is waiting, I'm sure for the PD Found Bike Picker Upper. Certainly not a crime scene so no body found , yeah ! LOLLY, I agree with you and wonder why someone abandoned the bike there. It looks to be in good shape and was well hidden til' the leaves began to fall. Chances are it will end up at police auction and just in time for Christmas !

JO, sorry to hear about the train track fatality. That happens all too often in this city. Yes, that NE FL eagle cam is great and I'm loving watching some regal eagles in what we've thought of as the off season.

Hoda said...

BBC reports Senator Deeds, Virginia, was stabbed multiple times by his son. The son is now dead. He had suffered with a mental health episode.

Mema Jo said...

Very sad situation between father & son in VA.

Chilling down out there now as the sun fades.......
Time for some comfort warming food for dinner - ???????????
Should have made some chili I'll do that tomorrow.....

I have not baked cookies for many past Christmases.... I think I may do some baking this year.... No, you can't hold me to it - I'm just saying.;..

grannyblt said...

Almost dark here--and cold too.

I had lunch today with a group of ladies from Woman's Club at an Italian restaurant. Their soup of the day was Creamed Chesnut . It was very good. Anyone ever had that before?

Hoda said...

No on the cream of chestnuts . Never had that. I like chestnuts though.

magpie said...

Me too neither Grannyblt...but I would surely try it! I do have cream of butternut squash!

Brrrr, sure got a lot colder from
yesterday into today

Best Wishes for a Good Evening...

naptime for me ! right now


stronghunter said...

Another rocket launch from Virginia tonight . . .

For some reason, I can't get the tiny URL to work.

stronghunter said...

Yes, today was bowling. I had two awful games and one reasonable one.

Trying to get dinner ready. Want to watch the rocket launch. Supposed to be between 7:30 and 9:30. Just found out about it this afternoon.

Lolly said...

A good day! I have finished shopping for Ash! Woo Woo! I ordered a woven lap blanket with Zach's picture. While at Hobby Lobby saw Fall wreaths 80% off, bought her a beautiful wreath that had been $200. Huge house, huge front door need a huge wreath. I think she will like it!

Also, on line, ordered a talking globe for Zacharooksi. With his photographic memory, I see him and his dad having fun with it.

I am on a roll!!

Lolly said...

Dinner is started, then off to a meeting after we eat.

Sandi said...

The math teacher on my team had a meeting at 9am with the principal and the head of personnel for the district. She was told that she had been approved for a medical leave of absence, effective immediately, to find out what's going on with her blood pressure that may be causing her to have periodic outbursts/meltdowns. There was a substitute in her classroom by lunchtime.

Off to the grocery store!

Mema Jo said...

Sorry you didn't roll as good as you wanted too, Shirley. You and Paula and even Sandi have a great chance of seeing the rocket launch.

Our dinner is over and I am going to get ready to watch my 3 in a row TV shows (If I can sit still that long)
I'll try to get back in after the shows BUT if I doze off in my recliner - I'll see you in the morning ♥

Lori said...

Good evening everyone!

KAY, I'm so worried about you walking alone (with Penny) in a wooded area that could be frequented by criminals! Please be careful. ♥

LOLLY, congrats on the $70 cheesecake - it sounds like it was delicious. Glad you're getting that shopping done. Can't wait til Laurel gets the BDay dishes. Nice of Jack to put up the pets in her room.

SANDI, how fun to hear from your former students. My how fast word spreads on FB! Always praying for Brian's safety.

DANAMO, I'm so excited you're back - I hope it's a regular thing and many more updates to come. Prayers for your Dad and hope all turns out well for Aric.

HODA, with your schedule it's no wonder you konked out last night. All that BDay partying, too. ♥

SHIRLEY, sorry you had a bummer bowling day. Congrats on the good game. Maybe it's just a breaking in time for your new bowling ball.

JO, hope you do do some baking this holiday season. I'm certain some of your many GKids would love to help!

SHAR, prayers for Kelsey's Mom. Been there with Dad on the colon cancer, and pray they found it early and can do a resection - if they have to - that doesn't mean a colostomy.

PAULA, couldn't imagine being at a job on the beach where you get to see eagles. You must have some great Karma!

JANET, glad you're safe and made it through all those nasty storms safely.

JUDYE, where are you? Are you watching Angie and Jordyn at Zumba? That would be a hoot!

Gosh, I'm craving Lolly's cheesecake now and it's NOT here! Will have to go get some of my white chocolate fudge covered Oreos to make up for it.

Had clinical today at the long term care facility. Got a report back that I did over the weekend with "Nicely Done" written on it. High praise from this teacher! AND, I got another paper back with "Nice job" written on it...this after we had been grumbling amongst ourselves that this teacher never gives praise. Too bad they were just mandatory assignments and not graded papers!

I have a work from home day tomorrow and will be working on another paper/report/project that's for a big portion of my clinical grade. I'll be glad to get it out of the way. It's a nursing care plan on one of my patients at the rest home.

Just wanted to check in and let you know I haven't disappeared, I'm just so busy this week. Another session with the math tutor tomorrow afternoon, too.

Love, love, love ALL OF YOU!

BIG (((((HUGS))))

Mema Jo said...

New launch time: 8:15pm

stronghunter said...

Hope the math teacher can get it together, Sandi.

stronghunter said...

We got to see the rocket!

Hunter was too "cool" to show interest until he saw it, then he ran out into the yard for a better look. (Kathryn had to drag him away from the TV to watch it. He was watching one of the Transformers movies.)

Sleepy . . . I am going to say good night. Rest well, everyone. See you tomorrow.

stronghunter said...

Okay, I am back and I'm annoyed. Susan has to work on Thanksgiving at eleven o'clock at night. So she was going to come down to spend some family time on Wednesday. But the company will not allow store managers to take Wednesday off, so she cannot come then either. Her mother does not approve.

Lynne2 said...

I'm right there with you Shirley. GGRRRRR! It's one thing for essential people needing to work, police, fire, etc. but this whole retail nonsense SUCKS.

Evening all...just popping in to say hello!

Lynne2 said...

On FB, I have posted links for Christmas TV shows and movies!

OH KAY! I'm so glad there was no body found near the bike!

My cocker spaniels need your help! Please vote for us every day!

The name is Cocker Spaniel Adoption Services in Westminster, MD


JudyE said...

Good evening eagle budlets
Just got home from kids house
Had Jordyn in bed by 8 and watched Terrific Tues Angie got there about 9 and we sat and watch Mike and Molly then had to come home sure is nice to spend time with her
I will have Jordyn stay the night with me on Thanksgiving night being Angie has to work Fri and I will have her then so easier and Angie and Carl get some adult time Angie says yeah I will get to take a nice bath in my new garden spa bath tub she hasn't been in it yet :-(
Their anniversary is Wed and Jordyn will be spending that night with the other grandmother so they can go out and I volunteered for Thur
My manager changed my NA day back to a na day on Thur but they didn't give me back Tues which is ok with me to be off a third day this week since I get paid for Thanksgiving

SHIRLEY so sorry about her not being able to see you all on a holiday I so disagree with Walmart policy but people do to keep the peace and keep their jobs
I told my boss that them scheduling every one on one of the two days either Blk Fri or Thu that had NA days goes against Sams belief especially for the NA days they are NA for a reason But I am happy he changed my hours he did it today after me bugging him twice not to bad I think I am only the second person that I know so far sticking to our guns and not working on NA days It is against policy but the other associates are to scared to stand up for themselves OK enough of that

JudyE said...

OH and I also added that Sams belief was "Respect for the Individual" is no longer in Walmart vocabulary and the funny thing is the AM agreed with me That they should have had the decency to get with the associates that have NA days on holidays before they schedule them,.
I had written a email and left in my drafts at work just in case they didn't change my day to the Co Mgr and my Asst Mgr just to remind them because there are days go by that you don't see certain mgrs and I didn't want to be penalized for missing working on Thu and not get the holiday pay if they didn't change the schedule for me Just got to remember to delete the email

JudyE said...

Here is a quickie video 50sec and then a few pic Female calls out male arrives talking eagle at the cell phone tower Love that sound

They are spending lot of time at the nest I am gonna ask Sue if she has any idea when we may get a egg

JudyE said...

Eagle at NE seems to be upset!

JudyE said...

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

Mema Jo said...

Back from TV
Lynne, I have been remembering to vote for your cocker spaniels daily - sure hope you win.
Happy to hear of Hunter's interest ♥

Going to say Goodnight to all ♥

Hoda said...

Good night All
God Bless Us All

Lolly said...

Have spent the evening catching up on a few TV programs. That is I did that after I got home at 8.

Lori, you are doing so well. Proud of you! Knew you could do it and do it well. Now, I want to know, aside from all the studying, tests, papers, etc., are you enjoying it?

Another big change in the weather coming. Early Friday morning an artic front comes through. Possible "wintry mix" in the near horizon. HODA!!!!! Leave the freezer door closed!!!

Lolly said...

That time of night now! Time to say Good night! See you tomorrow!


Sandi said...

Good morning my eagle friends. It's hump day! Two teachers out on the hallway today, which means 2 subs - that should really ramp up the kids' energy levels - goodie! :(

Prayers for all - make it a great day!

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle budlets

Its my Friday

Lori said...

Good morning eagle friends!

It froze solid overnight. Cat's water was an ice chunk. Saw the three kittens this morning and one was sitting in the bowl eating kibble! Adorable. If I find a spare moment I'll take pictures of them. They're just little fluff balls.

LOLLY, I'm enjoying the nursing part, but not the school part. It's just too much. There's no way you could work and do the schooling and get good grades. It's very intense. Thanks for asking - hadn't really thought about it before.

SHIRLEY, so sorry about Susan's work schedule. I hope something happens where it will workout that she can come and spend some family time with you.

Sorry this is so short this morning. I haven't forgotten anyone. You are all in my prayers.

I need to get off and get going on my project report on my patient that is due tomorrow. Working from home today. Hope to get it finished by 2 so I can go to math tutoring at 3.

Love, love, love all of you!

Hope you can feel these BIG (((((HUGS))))).

Kay said...

Good Morning from sunny central Ohio, Eagle Buds ! Chilly, but plumb beautotius !!

Oh, LORI, not to worry. I live in a fairly heavily wooded area close to the second largest river in the area, but Penny and I stick to the main streets. The area where the bicycle still sits is a wooded strip between some of our condos and adjacent to my road. I's on condo property. There is a large grassy area between the road and the strip of trees n' bushes, and we stick to that. It's in plain view of any passerby and the houses across the street. The bike can't be seen unless you go along the edge of the treeline, however. I know other dog walkers have seen it, but decided it was high time for one of us to speak up. Strange spot, probably picked by some kid who could not show up at home with it. There aren't any teens on the whole four block long street, but who knows ? Anyway, I'll be looking daily as I'm wondering how long it takes for the pick up of such items.

I'm so glad you're enjoying the nursing part of your current work and that you're doing so well on the classroom part. Before you know it you'll be an LPN and nursing full time, back home with Kate, too ! We'll all celebrate with you !

SANDI, had to laugh at myself as I had to read your sentence about teachers being out on the hallway a couple of times before this ol' noggin' kicked in. I was thinking, what are the teachers out in the hallway for with subs taking their classes. Doh !!!! Hope it won't be tooooo bad !!!!

LYNNE2, I'm with you on the dear Cocker Spaniels ! My first dog, when still a preschooler was Snoopy the Cocker Spaniel. My sister didn't come along til' I was five so Snoopy was my constant companion in the early years. Twas' before Charles Schulz created the Snoopy we all know and love today.

May be back, but if not, be assured, my love and prayers are with you all, as always ! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Kay said...

Oh, by the way, I realize my bike story perhaps wrongly indicts teens ! It's just that the bike is adult size so unlikely to be ridden by younger kids and I hate to think of an area adult doing such a thing, but who knows....... I love teenagers, I really do, even when they go through unlovable stages !!!

Mema Jo said...

Good morning to all ♥

Yepper - a good freeze last night - water bowl and bird bath frozen solid

Praying for everyone to remain healthy. Holidays are a coming.

Lori - enjoy your study day at home - Sunshine is out there!

Good to see you here this morning, Kay. Hope all is well with you

I need to get some things organized today - wish me well...

Lolly said...

Good morning!

Lori, as long as you are enjoying the nursing part....the studying part will end!!! Hang in there!!!

Chilly today as there is no sunshine. We are going to have to get rid of more leaves either today or tomorrow. Rain is coming, or so they say. lol I always believe it when I see it. Lakes are still way down, 9 to 20 or so feet. Really bad! Brings all new meaning to the words dry dock.

Off to have blood drawn (routine)and I need to go in search of a large turkey! Gobhle gobble!

Have a great day!

Hoda said...

Good morning my friends.
Inside the freezer the temperatures are dropping.
I understand in Texas they are complaining from a touch of frost maybe!!!
LOL!!! Sorry about the freezer door LOLLY!!!

Off to see the doctor do she could tell me about the artheritis she thinks I have in my shoulder. Pretty sure I do not have that. I will be polite though I promise do long as she does not push a pill on me we will get along I am sure.

Yoga afterwards and then volunteer and then a documentary called Friends of a Feather about the Innu and climate change.

Proud of you LORI love you.

Lori said...

LOLLY, the nursing part of me kicks in when I see that you're going for a routine blood draw - which tells me that they're monitoring you for something. Hope it's just warfarin levels and nothing serious.

Lori said...

HODA, your faith and service are unbelievable! Proud to know you.
Okay, what is Innu in the film you posted about seeing?
And be careful about shoulder pain, could be cardiac or pulmonary based. Just did a bit for my paper on "referred pain," which is when pain from a condition like gallbladder or something shows up as pain in your shoulder. If I could stand all the schooling I'd be a doctor, but I'd be too old by time I finished. LOL.

Okay, back to work. Had to cancel my tutoring session for today - no way I can get everything done. Oh well, trying my best.

Hope to BBL

Mema Jo said...

2 little panda boys playing

One eagle incubating their 2 eggs

Lolly said...

Lori, I do take some meds for blood pressure and routine stuff. Carol just just wants to make sure everything is A OK . I am fine, nothing but being close to 70. LOL I am still very active, up and moving!!!

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

I am going to chime in on the referred pain. When I had the liver abscess and it was against my diaphragm, the pain in my shoulder was horrible. Also had the same pain after my gallbladder was taken out.

DanaMo said...

Not so good is back in the hospital. Fever of 102 all day yesterday. Didn't want to go to the hospital. Went for his appointment this morning and mom couldn't get him out of the car. When she went to get help she told them about the fever. They called back to the oncologist and he sent him to the ER. Turns out the port line is infected. Mom said they admitted him to the infectious disease unit. :(

Mema Jo said...

Prayers Dana

Local or Hopkins?

Mema Jo said...

Dana answered me with Local - Hagerstown - Meritus

Lori said...

So nice to know you're here with us. That referred pain is bizarre. How is your health these days?

DANA, Sorry to hear about your Dad. They should be treating him very well since someone let his port get infected. Believe me, they will take every little step to make sure he gets over this and fast.

Just finished my paper/report/project - it was 10 pages typed - a mini manuscript. Just hope I get a good grade on it. Carpooler Cindy called to remind me of 2 other assignments that were given to us last week that are due tomorrow. I had totally forgotten about them. No rest for the wicked, I guess. :)

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,
Dropping in quickly to say hello before Ken gets home from work.

Dana, prayers indeed for your Dad!
Lori's right--they should be treating him very well. Hopes for a speedy recovery!

Need to get a few things done before Ken gets home. Will try to get back here after dinner tonight. Prayers for all those in need. Have a good evening! I ♥ us!

paula eagleholic said...

Eveing all!
Saw the rocket launch last night...its really bright near the ground when ittook off.

Turkey luncheon at work was great.

Making the sweet potato biscuits tonight.

Bro coming tomorrow night.

Drivin home Fri night so I CAN DO THE CARPET STORE BOOKS AND COME BACK ON Saturday. Also have to get some paperwork from home . Nick will stay here with my bro.

Dana sorry about the infection...hope they get it cleared up quick.

JudyE said...

Good evening eagle budlets
Went to the cellphone tower and yep both were there and the female dropped down in the nest when I left at dusk Don't know if she left maybe a egg??? didn't want to stay had to do a nature call LOL

DANA so sorry about your dads infection I hope it recovers from it soon with out complications

LORI I can feel the happiness in you post of becoming a nurse Great job young lady keep up the great work

McDs has the wifi back so I am taking my laptop to work for lunch odd today when I logged on to facebook I had to do a security thing and I had a email in my email telling me a Window 7 is now been added to my acct Odd I though for sure I had been on FB with the lap top before its been a year since I bought it

JudyE said...

my camera started acting up at the tower every now and then I would get a zoom error and the cam would shut down and power up again Had it just a tad over a year don't want to buy another one hope was just a fluke

But I have been eyeing a cam for awhile it went on rollback 229 was 269 and with my 10% discount would be 206 but its not as compact as this one that can fit in my purse of pocket It is a 40 X zoom where as this one is 24 x zoom big difference I like keeping it in my purse Will have to mull it over in my head for a while I guess Ok gonna go get a shower and haven't ate yet

paula eagleholic said...

Oh I wass LOL this morning at Nick...he was about to come inside when he heard something...I looked to see what it was... a nice juvie eagle in a pine tree...he took off barking at it...the eagle flew off. Never seen Nick chase a bird...and it wass an eagle! He doesn't mess around with the little birds.

Lori said...

PAULA, very funny about Nick and the juvie eagle! He knows how to pick them...and what great in birds Nick has!

JUDYE, sounds like a great deal on the camera. 40x sounds attractive if you're using a 24x lens. You'll get it sorted out.

LOLLY are you getting the rain that was forecast?

Down to one project left to do, and it will probably take at least an hour...then I'm off to bed and up at 3AM. Tomorrow is my last clinical day at the long term care facility. I will really miss my patients, but plan to stay in touch - dropping by after school to visit.



Lori said...

should be GREAT TASTE in birds Nick has.

Hoda said...

DANA Prayers for your father.

LORI and SHARON thank you both in sharing your knowledge and your experience.
The X-rays came back normal which is what I knew they would be. I do not have artheritis I feel certain.
Medical doctors see only what they have studied and jump to wanting to write a prescription.
Well this time she wanted to give me a steroid shot for the pain!!! I refrained from saying " Good God Almighty I am not in pain" instead I said " I feel uncomfortable about that. I have a periodic weakness in my left arm. no pain. I have a normal range of motion" So she asked me to come back in three months. I said OK.
I do not think it is referred pain either ladies. I will however sit with that and make observations as I had not thought of that.
Thank you. It is all good.

Great yoga class. Headed out to a documentary about the Innu... Oh LORI asked about them. They are the Eskimos from up North. They and the eider ducks are co dependant on each other for survival. The Innu have long spoken of the effects of climate change. They are not happy with the dams which supply New York with electricity.

JudyE said...

There is now a second egg at Ft Meyers nest

JudyE said...

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

Mema Jo said...

Temps dropping again this evening
Moon is still very large and bright..

Watched some TV and just relaxed this evening.

Thanks for the pic of the Sweet potato biscuits, Paula. Really look good.

Mema Jo said...

I am closing down for the day -
Goodnight to all ♥

Prayers for Dana's dad and all those in need.


Lolly said...

Rain is not predicted until Friday, maybe a slight chance tomorrow. Not holding my breath! The predicted low temps keep going lower and lower with possible ice. NO NO NO!

We are going to mow/mulch tomorrow but in MHO there are too many to mulch. I do not like putting that much organic material on the lawn all at once. Can not argue with jubby about it. I will bag some!

No more meetings to go to until after Thanksgiving, thank goodness. Have started getting things ready around here for Thanksgiving. Everyone will be here. Yea!

Prayers for Dana's dad. Have not had an update about Norm. From something one of his sisters said, I got the impression that they might have had a short break to go home. Not sure.

Going to say good night. See you tomorrow!

((hugs)) all around!

Hoda said...

People of a Feather is an excellent documentary.
Very informative about climate change.

Definetly feels like a freezer tonight. My car was frozen this morning. Doors wipers and door key hole!!!
Was a beautiful day though. Hoping to hold off from a third layer till December. I doubt it though. Tomorrow I add the liner to my gloves.

Good night
God Bless Us All

Lori said...

Good Thursday morning everyone!

JUDYE, happy day off! Hope you find lots of fun things to do.

HODA, glad you liked the documentary last night - sounds interesting. And, thanks for the info. Very happy your xray came back showing no arthritis and you're tough enough to go without a pain shot - probably steroids. Good on you!

KAY, thanks for the update on your safety situation. I do worry about you. Big Hugs!

LYNNE2, I haven't done it yet, but tell me what is the thing that the Cockers need voting for?

It's an ice box out there this morning. Very cold & forecast has changed to a 60% chance of snow Friday through Sunday night...Wow, tomorrow is Friday! Sounds like something big is brewing and I don't have a clue as to what it is. Let's send the snow to LOLLY!

Gotta run. It's a clinical day and we start at is my last day there - at the long term care facility. Saying goodbye to patients will be really tough - glad they probably won't remember. They really are just precious.

Have a beautiful almost Friday day everyone! Love, love, love you!

Lori said...

Good Golly - I just checked the forecast and Sunday's HIGH is only 24 with wind chills in the single digits!


DanaMo said...

Thanks for the prayers. Doctor says he will be fine once the infection is cleared up. He was a little confused last night. Mom did end up coming home. I left flowers for her on the counter. I sure hope it cheered her up a little. Not a great day to spend your birthday.
Longest week ever. Not sure why. Racing to get report cards done and stressing, only to find out they go out after Thanksgiving. I thought they go out before. Assessing 19 students individually, orally, is very time consuming. So much of what is on my report card is subjective. I do not like it. Everyone else is computerized except pre-k and k. Been waiting for this to change for 7 tears!
Going out for a run in a half hour. Have a great day everyone!

DanaMo said...

years...not tears!! LOL

DanaMo said...

years...not tears!! LOL

Sandi said...

Good morning Lori, Dana, and all my eagle friends. Really tired this morning. Yesterday was hectic - the sub for math had no plans and no clue what the kids have been doing. Got her set up with something for the day, talked with the math teacher on the other team to see where the kids should be heading, and then wrote lesson plans for the sub for today. Sat with the sub at the end of the day to go over the plans for today and she's good.

Dentist wants me to make an appointment with a periodontist. HATE the thought! Have been to a periodontist before about 10 years ago - everything they do inflicts pain!

Prayers continue for Dana's dad, Kelsey's mom, both Norms, and Michael. Have a great day all!

Janet said...

Good morning.
Thursday and another week almost done.

I am home today. I was asleep most of yesterday. Tom was kind and shared his virus with me.
I figure one more day to rest and I should be good to go again. Just so tired.
Weather is beautiful here, but that will quickly change. Cold front moving thru tomorrow and then by Sunday, high’s in the 30’s.
I am finding it difficult to believe thanksgiving is next week. It has rather snuck up on me. There was a time way back when … I would be so excited to cook and have everyone over. Now, its just another to do. I enjoy it, but not like I used to. I still want to do it, make those memories for the kids/grandkids, but I sure don’t have the same enthusiasm…
Hope everyone has a lovely day! Light, love, hugs and smiles.

Mema Jo said...

New Thread

New Thread

New Thread

It will say Wednesday but we all know it is for Thursday. Update on our cam fix

magpie said...

I'm thinking how nice it is, for parents and grandparents here, looking forward to those college kids coming home soon !!

I always sure loved that part of
Thanksgiving when I was little, with several older brothers and sisters coming home :)

ttfn xo

magpie said...

whoops wrong thread....
so I took it over the Right thread

See Ya' !