Wednesday, August 17, 2016


New thread.  Sorry for sparse posts.  Pretty quiet and my primary computer is having certificate  issues posting to blogger.


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JudyE said...

Thanks for the new thread Steve

JudyE said...

LYNNE2 so sorry about the battery happy someone was there to jump you

Can't you get the people that made the mess clean it up????
That is just bad business if the don't.
And no bear sightings bummer!

JudyE said...

Have you all been checking out the Google graphic daily with the Olympics theme so cleaver.

I also am having a hard time about JO hard to wrap ones head around it

I just hope we can keep her blog going. Saddens me thinking it may disappear one day
Please make time for it. Or for JO I should say. I see lots on the fb mssge but so little here and it makes me sad. I did opt out of the mssge on fb as I feel I should be here HOME!

Maybe when the cam gets back on? Others will post more often

STEVE did say in Aug for cam work I wonder when?

Sandi said...

Thanks Steve for a new thread - no apologies necessary!

Thanks Judy for the call over.

Lynne2, your life sounds like an episode of "If we didn't have bad luck, we'd have no luck at all!"

Things are going well with Potter but the family that was interested in him chose another dog. They live upstate and met a foster dog that came in with Potter at a Meet & Greet event that was scheduled upstate the same day that I took Potter to the pet store in Salisbury. They met Wes, a pretty black greyhound at that event and decided to adopt him.

Two mornings ago, Janey & Potter were outside in the yard and Janey decided to run a few laps. Potter followed her and, when she stopped, he play growled at her and kind of crowded her like, "Let's go!" But instead of going, Janey turned around and growled back - not play growling - and barked the biggest bark I've ever heard from her (I've only heard Janey bark about 3 times in the 9 months we've had her). She was letting Potter know that his rudeness would no longer be tolerated.

Well Potter backed off and looked away, a sign that Janey was the boss. Since then, she has been a different dog. She has reasserted her position in the pack. I was proud of Janey for putting Potter in his place; I don't expect we will have any more issues between them from now on.

Still very steamy here - too hot to even go to the beach! We could get thunderstorms tonight and a little break in the heat for a day or two before it returns over the weekend.

All of my teacher friends from Baltimore County Public Schools, where I worked before moving to DE, started back today. I am really starting to feel retired now!

Janet Neely said...

good afternoon to one and all.
its been another busy few days.

I finally have a few moments to check in.

I am hoping this blog will continue ... but it certainly isn't encouraging, Is it?

I have a pork roast in the rotisserie and am chilling out. Its so hot and sticky that I decided to use my elliptical again today instead of trying to work outside. I might try to do some weed whacking later...not sure though.

I hope everyone is well.....light and love...

Lynne2 said...

evening all.

Sandi, glad Potter and Janey are working things out!
and yes, no matter where we go or what we do our lives do read like that phrase. It's a staple from the Old Hee Haw Show..."Gloom, Despair and Agony on Me...deep dark depression excessive misery. If it weren't for bad luck we'd have no luck at all...gloom, despair and agony on me.

My whole life has sort of been like that and I think I just infect everyone I'm close to.

Hoda said...

Checking in to tick the box.
i would like for us to ease off on comments on blog not continuing.
Self fulfilling prophecy???
Those who can post, those who can't don't.
We can not guilt people into posting.

Much appreciate the new thread Steve. As Sandi said no need for an apology.

Again I saw an eagle. I know all is well with everything...

Had an awesome Buddhist lunch after meditation.

Headed out to yoga and to a film about Autism.
All is good in my world.

Lolly I hope you enjoy supper at Laurel's generous of you. I had a big smile at your time with Jacob and shopping.

Lynne2, I am sorry for the difficulties.
Honestly I strongly know that we are capable of changing the story line to our stories. I do not at all believe you bring bad luck to any thing nor to anyone!!!
"Energy goes where attention flows". Remember that.

Wishing you all the very best.

AZPatti said...

Evenin' eagle buckets! Thanks for the new thread, Steve, and JudyE for the call over.

With the talk of so few of us posting, I just have to say again that even though I might not post as often I'd like, everyone here is never far from my thoughts. But I am making a concerted effort to manage my priorities a bit better so that I have more time to post because even though Jo isn't here, I do feel much closer to her when I'm here - as JudyE said, it's HOME. And I believe once "the summer" is over, nesting season returns and we have more indoor time, we will see much more chatter on here.

Lynne2, I'm sorry Steve couldn't settle down and enjoy the camping experience. If you think it will help, share this story with him.... a few years back two escaped convicts (murderers) where caught camping in our local national forest. All because a ranger paid attention to the description of the car they had stolen. And so sorry to hear about the problems with batteries and wells and messes that others made. But you did get a chuckle from me about the Hee Haw reference. Grew up watching that show. Or rather listening to my dad laugh at that show. :-)

Lolly, love that you've stashed a bunnybear for your great-grandchild. That will be a story they will treasure - my great granny had this for me before I was even born!

Sandi, glad you're starting to feel truly retired and that Janey is standing up for herself.

Lori, I'm not familiar with the iris flags you refer to so I'll have to do a bit of research. But I might have to take you up on the offer. I'd gladly pay the postage/shipping.

Also glad to report my folks in the Houston area, and my bro and sis-in-law in the Corpus Christi area, have not floated away. Prayers for all those affected in Louisiana. The pictures are just heartbreaking.

Off to throw something together for dinner and watch some Olympics. Wishing everyone an enjoyable evening and SED.

stronghunter said...

Good evening,

Thanks for the new thread, Steve, and congratulations on the feather, Judy.

Will need to go back to the previous thread to see what happened to Lynne and Steve.

Went over to Will and Steph's to feed the kitties again this evening, as they are still on vacation. Meadow and I had a disagreement about her medication. She did not think she should take it. I have been told that she has cat psychological issues if she goes unmedicated--Will says she chases imaginary bugs around the room and sometimes throws up. I might be okay with the imaginary bugs, but I do not want to deal with cat vomit.

So, it took three efforts to get the pill into the cat. I finally used the pill popper and it worked quite well. It puts the pill too far back in the throat for kitty to spit it out. (I was beginning to feel uncomfortable about putting my fingers into the mouth of a growling cat.)

I decided that I had to find Sparkles, since I had not seen her on my prior visit. Eventually, I located her sleeping in the girl's room. She did not much want to socialize with me. I pride myself on being a cat person, so I will keep trying. She did come and let me pat her the first day I went there.

So nice to see you on here Patti. Glad that your family in Texas are okay.

stronghunter said...

Quite a story, Lynne. And I loved reading about Joseph and the Bunnybear, Lolly.

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,

Golly, Lynne2, glad you were able to get the car jump-started while camping! As for the mess from the well digging, I would think the company that made the mess would owe you a driveway fix, and a cleanup job. Surely they carry insurance for that sort of thing. God bless you and Steve for all the troubles you've had! Hang in there!

Sandi, I'm so glad that Janey put Potter in his place, and stood up for herself.
Hopefully there will be far less trouble between them now!

Hoda, I'm with you--let's worry less about the blog having fewer posts. I'm sure once the camera is fixed, and nesting season rolls around, things will be jumping!

Well, need to get going and clean up the kitchen now, while it's cooler. The afternoon sun beats down on that end of the house, making the kitchen and dining room a very uncomfortable place to be! Have SED, everyone. God bless, and goodnight. I ♥ us!!!

Janet Neely said...

good morning to one and all. we have managed to make it to Friday eve/aka Thursday.

I have been spending time and thought focusing on getting Olivia's school year started. yesterday I downloaded 3 books for her math. I told her to look and tell me what book she would like to read for literature.

I figured out that I can make a 2nd "account" on my kindle. one just for her! I purchased a fire the other day as they were on sale, so now my 'regular' kindle will be mostly for her school books. :)

I hope everyone has a good day! light and love

WVJerry said...

Good morning Janet. Not much new with me. Happy Birthday to Sandi. Take care all.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. Cloudy morning here with some thunderstorms in the forecast.

Happy birthday Candy - I hope you have a terrific day! Are you going to sub/volunteer again this year?

Lolly, did you say Jacob is 6" tall, almost 200lb, and wears a size 13 shoe going into 6th grade? Wow! And he probably has another 4-6 years of growing to do!

Getting my toes done a little later this morning - have a greyt day all.

grannyblt said...

Good morning eagle Momlets. Too bad we haven't seen an eagle in a while. The far away still cam is still not working, for me anyway.

Happy Birthday to Sandi.

Life here has been very routine. Grocery store once a week, laundry once a week, etc. yesterday I went to the big city(ha to that. It means the town has a few big box stores and more than 2 chain fast food restaurants) with neighbor. We had lunch at a chain restaurant as it serves her favorite steak. I was once again disappointed in my meal choice. I guess so many places these days precook some of their food and then just nuke it before serving. I know I'm getting to become a complaining crank. The food was certainly edible, but not as advertised. Ah well, the waitress was great and the place was spotless.

Today may involve a drop off of items to the Salvation Army.

Hope everyone is well and happily looking forward to fall.

glo said...

Happy Birthday to Sandi . Retirement is great BUT it doesn't really mean you no longer work. Actually life seems to get busier but you get to choose what the business is :-)

Cat pills. Zoey and I are old pros. She has been on meds for over a year now. When she has a flare up she has a few pills a day, otherwise just one small one. Good cat. Gabby however I imagine would be a very difficult cat to pill.

Gosh the days go by so fast. Busy but good week. Son will call this afternoon. I love Thurs afternoons. Going to make a Hobby Lobby run today too. I am indeed a crafter and I need a Hobby Lobby fix 馃檪 . Hope Wanda's Karla is getting along better each dayafter her shoulder surgery.

He Haw lol Hoda now that song is stuck in my head. hagd everyone.

JudyE said...


. Happy Birthday!

♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday Dear SANDI ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you!! ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ And many, many, many more!!
***Sending birthday wishes your way***

Good Morning Eagle Buds

Lolly said...

Good morning! Good time in Denton! Saw Joseph and Jack took him to band practice and Laurel did not have to leave school early. She appreciated a good dinner being ready. She liked Jacob's new clothes as well as the pants I altered for her. Yes, I am the family seamstress! She had two pants that she had put up as they were too small. Well, she has lost weight and can wear them again, however they were bell bottoms. I took them up and she is happy. Hard to find pants that are long enough for her long legs. She is 5' 10 1/2" and now back to a size 10. She looks good!

Yes, Sandi, Jacob is 6'. He is our family giant. He is still 11 and will be 12 Sept. 8. Joey is 6'6" and big. Laurel is tall and slender. Jacob is taking after Joey, while Joseph, the oldest takes after Laurel, tall and slender. Both boys are still growing!

Zach will be tall, too. But, not like the Fritz boys!

Lolly said...

馃巿馃帀❤️馃巿馃帀❤️Happy Birthday, Sandi!馃巿馃帀❤️馃巿馃帀❤️

Kay said...

Stopping by to wish our Birthday Girls, SANDI n' CANDY, the best! Enjoy your special day, girls! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Our rains to end today and then it's hot, but with clear skies for the foreseeable future. Yeah! Hope it dries up all the skeeter infested water holes. I'm tired of Off, n' itch relievers, n' the worries re:their possible spread of disease.

Prayers for all in need! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Lori O. said...

! ! ! ! ! ALERT ! ! ! ! ! !

I just checked my email and had one from : Jo Lennox

The subject line said: Fwd: Fw: to Lori Olivieri

Did anyone else get something like this?

Lori O. said...

the email address is was from did not print above .... it was:

I don't remember that being Jo's email address.

Hoda said...

It is not Jo's address!
Do not open and Delete.
Lori sorry this happened.
So rude when it happens!
Heart skips a bit.
I did not get one. Thank you for the alert.

Yay Sandi.
Happy Birthday and many many more.

Hoda said...

Candy have a very a Happy Birthday too.

Lori O. said...

Thank you for the new thread, STEVE! Congrats JudyE on that lovely feather.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Happy Birthday Sandi ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Glad to hear that Janey and Potter have sorted things out. That's a good feeling!

I posted about the email allegedly from Jo on the Fb thread and Glo said that was not Jo's email address, so do NOT open it. I also reported it as phishing - even though I did not read it - I'm pretty sure that's what it was.

SHIRLEY, Isn't that pill popper fabulous!?! At one point we had to give Parker pills 3x a day and it would have been impossible without it. Still, Kate is better at it than I am. It was a saviour for us.

PATTI, the old fashioned iris "flags" I referred to are purple and goldish yellow and not as big or as full and not ruffled like most of the bearded iris you see today.

I'm a dirt bomb right now after blowing off the walkways and the 1/4 of the pool deck before it ran out of gas. I'm out of practice with that thing, but it's better than sweeping. lol

HODA, congratulations on another eagle sighting! It's always a high to see them. I bet you smiled for hours. :)

stronghunter said...

Good afternoon,

I, too, have had years of pill-popping experience with cats. I gave George a pill every day for a very long time. Will and Kathryn are also experienced. But Meadow did not care about that. She got all growly and squirmy. When I go over today, I will grab the pill popper right away. No more sticking my finger down her throat. The pills are very small, and we thought the popper might not work with them, but I found that it was just fine.

Meadow and Sparkles do not know me very well; that is part of the problem. I am sure Sparkles heard all of the growling and decided to stay hidden. Can't say I blame her.

I am sure your toes will look lovely, Sandi. Mine need some attention if I want to wear sandals. The polish is coming off.

Sounds like Joseph and Jacob have good-sized family members on both sides of the family, Lolly.

JudyE said...

Sitting in carline
Lovin that I can pick her up when they need me to do

Lynne2 said...

Happy Birthday to SANDI and CANDY!!

Patti, wow that is quite a story about the murderers. I may never camp in the forest again!! LOL! I would have to guess that it would be pretty routine for the park personnel to check license tags for that reason. But we had a letter from the title company via the DMV that showed that we had an active title, that the tag was on the way, etc. So I was gettin pretty impatient with my husband that he was so SO worried. But all of our stresses are getting to us.

So HEE HAW with your dad, huh? I used to watch with my dad too. It's still on the RFD or RDF cable station from time to time so I still catch it. Me and dad loved that song...the ooOOOOOoooo parts the most and would sing along!

For those who want to hear who may not have watched Hee Haw, or for others who want a quick trip down memory lane....

Hee Haw Song

Lynne2 said...

That song just makes me laugh!

Lynne2 said...

Shirley aren't those pill poppers great! NO ONE wants to ever get a cat bite. They are usually very dangerous if it is a puncture wound.

Lori I love those irises! I think they are very pretty.

Lynne, what IS the "big city" that you went to? Sorry you're meal wasn't great. I hate when that happens.

Hoda said...

Glad you laugh Lynne2!
Thank you for posting. I never watched the program.

Mind sets affect my way of being!

Cheers to all.

NCSuzan said...

Sandi.HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!Hope you celebrate the whole year through!

Candy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! May the day bring you your heart desires!

It has been a month ago today that Jo died. I hope her family is healing and that Mr. Ed is doing OK. Life goes on, doesn't it?

Have a great evening!

Lolly said...

Worked in the yard a little, also did laundry. Has rained some today, so that kept us in. Now watching Olympics. Have enjoyed it but ready to get back to reading.

If not raining in the morning, it is mowing day.

Night all! SED!

Hoda said...

Mema Jo's special page in her honour has been hacked by an advertisement post!

I will say goodnight all.
Stay well.

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Gang,

Thanks, Steve, for the new thread.

Golly, it's a good thing I decided to drop in! I almost missed some Birthday wishes for Sandi & Candy!

♥♥♥ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SANDI & CANDY!!! ♥♥♥ Hope your day was spectacular! Wishing both of you a wonderful year to follow! (I just made it in under the wire, if you go by Pacific Time!)

It was the usual routine around here today. Nothing much was going on. We DID have cooler weather (in the 80s), but no rain in sight. If you have some you can spare, please send it our way!

Hoda, I'm so glad you were able to see an eagle! What a fantastic experience!
We see hawks around our neck of the woods, but have never seen an eagle near home.

Lolly, the kids had a fair amount of rain today, and our GGD Sierra sent me a text that she couldn't get to sleep, because of all the loud sirens going off to warn them of possible flooding and/or tornado watch. Reminded me of when I was really little (age 1 to 5 years old). We lived in Midway City, CA, which to this day is unincorporated, and the current population is about 8,000 people--way smaller then. I don't know about now, but back then they had a volunteer fire department, and whenever there was a fire or other emergency at night, the air raid sirens would go off to call in the volunteers. Scared me to death, until I was old enough to understand what was going on. I can remember sleeping with my feet on my pillow, and my head under the covers, at the foot of the bed!

Shirley, Glo, Lynne2, and Lori, the pill-popper stories remind me of when the kids had 2 Saint Bernards, many years ago. The biggest one, Budweiser, was about 145 pounds, and I remember finding myself with my arm in his mouth almost to my elbow, when they were on vacation and I was watching the house and dogs (and cat) for them! Bud had pulled a ligament, and was on a couple different medications at the time. He was so mellow you didn't need a pill-popper.

Well, I guess I'd better say goodnight and go try to get some sleep. Have SED, and restful sleep. God bless! Prayers for all those in need. I ♥ us!!!

Lori O. said...

Good morning Momlets!

For the past 4 - 5 days I've been having weird pain, tingling, burning around my waist. Thought it was mosquito bites or a heat rash ... DuH! It finally dawned on me this morning when I could no longer stand anything touching the area and realized it's all on the left side, that it is Shingles! Obviously, it's early and the rash is just beginning so I'm hoping I can get into the doctor's office today for the anti viral meds. Truly, my skin hurts, but glad to have solved the mystery. It can last for up to 4 - 5 weeks! They say if you start the meds soon enough it can lessen the severity. I sure hope so.

Glad some of you are getting cooler weather, ANDI and LOLLY!

Happy Red Friday!

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends.

Lori, as soon as I started reading your symptoms, I knew what you were going to say you had. Thankfully, I have only heard how painful shingles can be, haven't experienced it personally. But Judy has. I hope you can get in to see a doctor and get meds quickly. Poor you.

Lolly, both of my boys are 6'5". Brian weighs about 220lb, but Kevin probably only weighs about 150lb. One has a 38" waist and the other has a 30" waist and both have 36" inseams. But Kevin only wears a size 11 shoe and Brian's feet are even smaller, size 10.5. It will be interesting to find out how much more Jacob grows.

Haircut appointment at 10am. Vet appointment with Bella at 2pm for her annual checkup. In addition to a poop sample, I am taking a urine specimen to find out if there may be a medical reason for her peeing all the time in the house. I have been saying it's a behavioral issue but...

Potter is doing so well. Just got an email from the foster coordinator that she is picking up 5 more dogs on September 1st. There are 7 still available on the website, including Potter. Hopefully Gail has some adoption applications in the works, though I have heard nothing about a forever family for Potter.

Have a greyt day all.

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Happy birthday, Candy.

I think I already wished Sandi a happy birthday on here, but I am not sure. My poor mind gets confused at times, so, just in case, I also wish Sandi a happy birthday as well.

The pill popper--Meadow may never get near me again. She was immensely insulted when I put that thing into her mouth. I felt bad because she had greeted me with meows when I entered the apartment. She puts up such a struggle that it is hard to be gentle about getting the pill into her.

Oh my goodness, Lori. I hope you find relief today.

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

LORI I feel for you I had a bout of shingles as SANDI mentioned Had it for about 30 days in the bra line area front to back on the right side I did get the pills and creme also
I also thought I had a bite or heat rash being it was in that area and in July

Hope you get over them quickly if that is what it is

Sure hope Potter finds a home soon SANDI

Hoda said...

Lynn is now a great Grand mother!
How proud she would have been.
Carolyn's daughter had a baby girl. Miss Bella arrived this morning. She is tiny and cute.

Sorry Lori. It sounds unpleasant. Glad you connected the dots.

Lynne2 said...

Happy BIRTHday little Bella!!

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Hello everybody. I'm working today but just wanted to check in to say hey!

Hoda said...

Good Lord!
Health officials in Canada and USA are advising against travel to Miami Florida! Zika mosquitos are native to the area now???
Judy where do you live??? Stay safe...

Lolly said...

Happy Friday! Have been outside all day until now. Cooling off, drinking water, and about to go shower. 84 and cloudy, no rain today. Rain is expected tomorrow. Last Friday it was 107, a BIG difference. Mower had a problem. Had to borrow neighbors to tow ours to the garage and then finish mowing! Happy to have Todd and family next door!

Oh, Lori! So very sorry! Hope it does not get too bad. So glad we have had the shot! And, speaking of shots, we will be getting our flu shots soon. Want to do that before our trip. Thinking about getting the pneumonia shot as well. We are so healthy, really no problem with lungs, but want to head off anything. Guess I will call Dr. Carol and ask!

Sandi, your boys are lucky to have small feet for their height. Joey wears a size 15 and has to order his shoes on line! And, so expensive!
Sounds like your boys are like Joseph and Jacob, one husky and the other slim. Jacob will always have to be careful what he eats , though he isn't now. Adults have to keep an eye on him. Joseph can eat anything and everything and is still slim. Not fair for Jacob, but none of us were ever promised fair!

Time to go shower, sweaty and dirty! Yuck!

Lolly said...

Hoda, Judy is mid state, near Tampa.

JudyE said...

Yeah we have a new girl in the world I am sure GreatGrandma Lynn is looking down smiling love the name Bella also

HODA thanks for the concern that is south Fl east coast and near Miami i am on the westcoast central area no mosquito here tested positive yet

need to ask a question have any of you have a reaction from the flu shot or the pneumonia shot I read where some have reaction My dr have me a presc to get the latter was going to do when I picked up my prescrip just a bit ago but changed mind getting it then- being I have a full day tomorrow at school picnic and zumba bash later tomorrow Jordyn was so looking forward to me getting it LOL she asked if I can wait till next Fri when I told the pharmacist I will do next week Silly girl

any input will be much appreciated

Jordyn and i getting ready to head out need to go back to the school to pick up the banner they made for the picnic I already got the hula hoops we are borrowing from the school

JudyE said...

They have traps in the area to trap and test them.
also they test chickens in the area for westnile virus
odd that a different kind of mosquito not the standard one carry it I didn't realize there were different types of them did you all?

Hoda said...

Thank you Judy and Lolly for the response on Judy's location and safety.
Stay safe Judy.
I have come to the conclusion that I can not take the flu and pneumonia shots.
I get sick, feverish Abe weak for ten days. Last time I had one I had to use my inhalers frequently. I am also allergic to store bought eggs. They use them as a basis for the shots...good luck.

Hoda said...

Checked with the Pharmacy. Epi Pins have gone up in Canada too. They are now 137$ from 100$ Medicare will pay 20$ extra. My extended health will pick the rest.
It is criminal. 600$ to 800$ increase in unconscionable! Several wrote about that this morning!!! Yikes!!!

AZPatti said...

Howdy all! Belated birthday wishes to Sandi and Candy! And welcome to the world, little Bella!

Lori, I hope you get some relief today. My mom had a very bad case; I can't remember how long it lasted. That's why I also got the vaccination. Someone told me the shot only gave you a 50% chance of not getting the shingles, but I'll take it! And with your description of the iris, I know exactly what they look like. I will take some whenever, if you're up for sending once you get them all cleared out, that is. :)

Lynne2, it was Hee Haw and Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In. Every time I see Goldie Hawn these days, I still go back to her on that show. My dad has a very easy laugh, but when he gets going, it's such a huge belly laugh that you can't help but join in.

Sandi, how is Potter with cats? I have a friend in Albuquerque who also adopts retired greyhounds. She recently lost one of her two boys, quite suddenly. I don't know if she's ready yet but I can ask her. It took quite some time for her to find the second one, as a cat-friendly greyhound is pretty hard to come by, from what I understand.

Not too much on the agenda this weekend. Grossery shopping in the morning and hopefully, some yard work. This time of year, our local population almost triples with "sun birds" (the opposite of snow birds) and others trying to escape the heat of the deserts in Phoenix and Tucson. We don't like grossery shopping on a good day, much less with three times as many people. We'll go early but that doesn't necessarily guarantee a less stressful event.

If I have time, I'll upload a few pics from around the place. Yesterday, Mike said he wanted his picture taken in "his" field of sunflowers. Our yard leans toward the "natural" side anyway but we totally let one area go. And the sunflowers are amazing! I love watching the birds, goldfinches mostly, feast on the seeds.

Wishing everyone an enjoyable weekend!

AZPatti said...

Sandi, just saw on facebook that Potter isn't cat-friendly. Bummer. BUT, if you find any of the others are, let me know and I'll get in touch with my friend. If the adoption agency will let out-of-staters adopt.

Hoda said...

Hi Patti.
I would love to see a picture of your sunflower field.

Paula has been posting about her trip with her son and the Grands down south. They are having a terrific time.

We have a collection of amazing Grandmothers on this blog.
Little Miss Freyja will soon be returning to Nana's. Yay.
Anyone know what a dog does when he Roos? Sandi was very excited. So I googled and it looked painful to me. Dogs with front legs gone, who jump about like a Kangaroo.
I hope that is not what was happening with Potter.

Lynne2 said...

LOL Hoda! "rooing" is a sound like a howl that greyhounds and other dogs make. Google "greyhound rooing"

Lynne2 said...

Judy I have had a flu shot every year for 30 years and never had a problem. Some's the egg based whatever they use in the vaccination that if someone is allergic to eggs they can get pretty sick. You DO NOT get the flu from the's a killed virus so it's impossible. But as your immune system reacts to it, you can feel a little groggy or achy for a day. I've never had the pneumonia vax so I am not familiar with the particulars of that.

oh Patti...Laugh IN.....OMG! There are sometimes infomercials on for the TV series on DVD and they show some great clips that make me ROFLMBO!

You know what I really miss...the Dean Martin Roasts.

Lynne2 said...

Lori, so SO sorry about the shingles. Hope the AV meds help lessen the symptoms and time. I worry about that since I had chicken pox as a child.

New battery installed in the car today and she's running just fine!

Hoda said...

I did Google greyhound roping...
Awful videos!
I will take your word Lynne2

Deb Stacyk's aunt died. She is in Saskatcehwan for the funeral.

Inflammation has been a problem for me this past little while. Hard to adjust.
Increasing my minerals as of today. Apparently I am not eating as much as I used to and my minerals are dropping.
Anyone else noticing they are not eating as much as they used to?

Hoda said...

I tried again!
Got a video of a demented chap who put shoes on the greyhound and fog is not happy the demented chap, well is BeIn demented!!!

Then I found a video of grey hounds sounding like wolves! What a ruckus! Enough to wake up the dead.
Glad you enjoyed it Sandi!!!

AZPatti said...

Oh yes, the Dean Martin roasts were hilarious!

Hoda, here's a link to "rooing" that's not too bad. I don't know how to make it a link so you'll have to cut-and-paste. My terrier mix, Bubba, can sound sort of like this when he's "singing" with the sirens. Occasionally, we'll all join in for a pack howl. Even mostly deaf Zena joins in! :-)

Hoda said...

Thank you Patti!
They do not need to use a trumpet on judgement day! They could just get a greyhound to Roo!
No disrespect intended!!!

Hoda said...

Lydia wrote she broke her wrist. This is why she had not been posting! Right hand. Looks awful she is now in a cast and will have several medical opinions to sort out if there is a need for surgery. Yikes!
Prayers continue for her and Doug.

Sandi said...

Dear Hoda, the wonderfulness of Potter rooing is why he did it. He hadn't seen his person (that's me) in about 7 hours, even though we were sleeping in the same room. When I got out of bed, he was so happy - either to see me or because he knew it was breakfast time, that he spontaneously rooed! I guess you had to be there and I guess you have to be a dog pwner to get it.

Fingers crossed, someone is interested in adopting Potter. I have sent an email to set up a meeting at the lady's house so Potter can meet her other 2 dogs.

Goodnight all. See you in the morning.

Hoda said...

Sandi, I love that you loved the rooing.
It is so cool that you have this connection with him.
You are right I do not have dogs and have not had the experience of rooing!
This is not taking away anything from the marvel of your experience. My comments were more about how I experienced the YouTube videos. No offence intended. Hugs

Lori O. said...

Oh Sandi, love and best wishes to Potter and you for a successful meeting with the lady's two dogs. Hope it all works out perfectly!

Feeling out of it. Yes, it is shingles and I got a mega dose of the antiviral med - which is tough on the stomach, but I'm grateful to be on it as it's supposed to greatly lessen the severity of shingles if you start is within the first 24 - 72 hours of getting the blisters. :) They also give gabapentin to lessen the chance of post shingles nerve pain. This is more than I bargained for. Amazing how the gabapentin works very quickly in quieting these irritations.

Now I know what rooing is - thanks!

Glad things are looking better for you Lynne2. Vroom Vroom. It's always nice to have a car running again.

Hoda said...

Good to read your post Lori!
Good luck Sandi.
Goodnight all...
Volunteering with the Grans tomorrow at the Market. Yoga at noon.
Maybe a Kayak in the evening.

grannyblt said...

Good morning all. Sunny so far here in NW PA.

Judy E, I've had the flu shot every year for probably 20 years with never a problem. I had a pneumonia shot 4 or 5 years ago with no problem. If I remember correctly they wouldn't give them the same day. I also had the shingles vaccine. My daughter had shingles in college across her back and has had another minor round of it confirmed by her Dr. a few years ago. Glad they have an antidote these days. Glad you are able to get into the Dr. quickly Lori.

Judie said...


May today be spectacular. May the year ahead be even more so.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends.

Lori, sorry about the diagnosis, but glad you got in to see a doctor quickly and have meds to lessen the shingles symptoms. I hope the cure isn't worse than the disease and you feel better quickly.

Judy, I have never gotten a flu shot, a pneumonia shot, or a shingles vaccine. While I was teaching, I had a very strong immune system from years and years of exposure to just about every germ imaginable. I rarely ever got sick - maybe one cold per winter - so I chose not to get the shots. I may have to reconsider that decision in a few years.

Patti, Potter is absolutely not cat safe. He's a real handful at the pet store I go to because the owner has several cats that live in the store plus she always has a pen set up with rescue kittens available for adoption. Potter actually salivates he gets so excited about seeing them! In reality, about 75-80% of greyhounds ARE cat safe. It would be a pretty complicated venture to transport a retired racer from Delaware to New Mexico. But I'm pretty sure there are Greyhound Pets of America chapters in every state. I also believe there is still a greyhound track with live racing in Texas. If they have racing in TX, then they have dogs that are finished running that need homes.

Today is what the locals around here refer to as the beginning of the end of the summer traffic. Since many Maryland schools start next week, when this bunch of tourists leave, the bunch coming in for vacation will be much smaller. The grocery store will be less crowded, the roads will be less clogged with traffic, and it will be easier to find a parking place in town. Yay!

Have a greyt day all.

stronghunter said...

Good morning, everyone.

Happy birthday, Steve!

Hoda said...

Good morning all.
Happy Birthday Steve.
I will be off line from Sunday till Tuesday night. Travelling to Slocan Valley out of cell range in most areas.

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

STEVE, you deserve the best birthday ever! You are so generous with us and all we can do is wish you a Happy Birthday and thank you for your kindnesses.

HODA, be safe and enjoy!

Prayers for all in need! LORI, so glad you got to the doc when you did!


Lolly said...

Good morning!

馃巿馃帀馃巿馃帀馃巿馃帀Happy Birthday, Steve!馃巿馃帀馃巿馃帀馃巿馃帀. Wishing you a great day!

Never a problem with flu shots. Sometimes arm is a little sore and warm and sometimes not! Much better than getting the flu!

Just googled greyhound rooing. Interesting!

73 and another rainy day. No working in the yard.馃槨 But loving the rain! Cute little mushrooms sprouting up in the lawn.

In a month we leave on our trip! Getting excited! We will be on the road for a month. Love living in our trailer. This time going to take the bathroom scales. Have been off the diet for a full three months and so far so good. Want to keep it that way! We are also going to take our workout DVD and make ourselves take 30 minutes to get some excercise. If weather permits will try to walk for 30 minutes at RV parks.

Have never taken Skippi on this long of a trip. She may not like it when we have long days traveling.

We have adjusted our schedule to arriving at Harper's Ferry Saturday, Oct. 17 and hoping to see some of you, Sunday, October 18. We continue our trip home on Monday. I guess sometime we will try to find the bend in the road where we can see the nest. Will also keep an eye to the sky!

AZPatti said...

Good morning, all! Happy, happy birthday to Steve! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Hoda, safe travels.

Sandi, fingers (and toes) crossed that Potter finds his furever home today.

Lori, glad you got the meds and hope they start working, pronto!

Hi Judie!

Have gotten the grossery shopping done. Heading to Home Depot in a bit for a couple of things for the yard work. Bubba will go with me. He's such a little social butterfly; he loves all the attention he gets there. He just "prances" down the aisles, giving hugs (and kisses, if he's lucky) to anyone who wants one.

JudyE said...

I am one pooped lady. Left 730 this am just got home from
Back to school picnic ant the park 9-1 went and set up early got volunteer hours
And now need a shower to go to the Sumba bash at 6-8
A great time was had by all

JudyE said...

Had a DJ he was awesome a huge bouncey house. Plus the nice playground that they have. I love that park. So many parents were unaware of the park there.

JudyE said...

My grandpuppy does the same thing rooing

JudyE said...

Angie gave me her fitbit. By 1200 I had 10100 steps but battery died so it is charging now. That is why she got a replacement
OK now shower

AZPatti said...

Sounds like an awesome time, JudyE. Did you know 10,000 steps is approximately 5 miles? That's a lot of walking! Congratulations!

Bubba and I accomplished the rest of our shopping. He's passed out now, napping. Greeting people (and a couple of female dogs, woohoo!!) is hard work.

Thundering now so I'll put off the yard work for a bit. Will make potato salad to go with our brisket tomorrow. Mike mesquite-smokes a big brisket in the spring/early summer and then we freeze portions for later in the summer.


AZPatti said...

FYI, I added some pics to Patti's Stuff on my blog.

NCSuzan said...

Steve Chase, Happy Birthday to you! Wishing you a spectacular year with many nature adventures! Many thanks also for all you do for this blog!

NCSuzan said...

I receive the flu shot every year with no side affects whatsoever and I am a person with a weakened immune system. Also get the pneumonia vaccine every five years, again with no ill results. Never had the flu or pneumonia since and I am thankful for that!

Have a good evening!

Hoda said...

Nice Chipmonk Patti. They are hard to capture.
It was 97 here today!
Uncivilized is all I have to say.
The Market was fun.
The Grans made a lot of money.
That is always good...
Yoga class was perfect.
Goodnight all. Stay well.
If I find internet I will post. If not I will see you again Wednesday.
Going to New Denver.
This is where I am staying.
The Hobbit would be happy there

Hoda said...

Well good morning!
Going on a trip always means I wake up early!
The strange things I need, yes NEED, to do!
Wash the floors, scrub the bathroom, file and organize Tax Papers, vacuum!!!
I know it is crazy!!!
I packed yesterday!
The flat was ready!
Yet here it is now 5:48 AM my time and I have been up for two hours!!!
Have a great few days.
See you when I return.

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Sounds like a great trip, Lolly. I always enjoyed our trailer trips. We did some long-distance ones, too--Utah, Yellowstone, the grandparents in Minnesota. It would be nice to have a gathering in October. I do not know yet what I will be doing then. I have a trip planned to Georgia in September.

Hi, Judie. Nice to see you here. I hope all is well with you and Frank and that you will be residing closer to me before too much longer.

Will check out your pictures, Patti. It is very nice to be hearing from you. I hope you have included some pictures of Bubba.

Sandi, I do believe Potter will soon have a furever home. He will be a delightful new family member for someone.

JudyE said...

Good morning eagle buds

I am pooped got to bed super late and just woke up a bit ago
I got 19184 step in fitbit that Angie gave me and I feel it lol but a great time was had doing the day.
The fitbit only holds a charge not even a 24 hr period so that is why she gave it to me. She got another I had to charge it at 1230 yesterday and last night at 1130 when I got home
Hope everyone has a great day
Good seeing JUDIE name on here again

Jewels said...

Hello!!! I have been a bad momster!! Thank you Hoda for bringing my news to our eagle family!!
I am a Grandma and I felt my Moms presence in the labor and delivery room with Jessica and I.
Jessica had her Dr appt on Thursday the 18th. They don't check you the last 4weeks but we knew she was at 4cm the week before cause we asked her to be checked.
By 845pm she wAs so uncomfy, couldn't lay couldn't stand
She called her Dr and they said to come in if it continues for a hour or if she starts bleeding. She also felt like she had to go #2 continuously, So about 930 she went to bathroom and had some blood. Told her boyfriend to leave work. I was at work already. My boyfriend helped her pack her bag. Awww
And off they went to hosp. I got there about 10 till 1am.
They told her she was at a 6 with 90% effaced.
Water broke just as we got up to go walk... 1:40am. She was then at 7 or 8 cm
Started pushing at 5:42 and had Bella at 6:12am and she weighed 6lb 12oz 19 in long and a 13 in head.
She had no epidural. Shortly after 3am I think she had a lil something in her IV and Tylenol. That's it!!!
She had a picture perfect delivery.
Full name Bella Hope Burress
And I'm waiting anxiously for them to get home!!!!!

Janet Neely said...

good afternoon to one and all. Gosh everyone's so busy!!!!

JEWELS: so loved the pix that you have posted. Congrats It is a love like no other!

Another cloudy, gloomy day here. We have had cloud cover for nearly 2 weeks. I am most thankful for the rain, it certainly doesn't look like August out there, it is lush and green. But I long for a bit of sunshine......

It has been yet another busy weekend. Yesterday was Jackson's birthday. It was a busy day and Lorelei spent the night. She just went home a short bit ago. Whew . I can sit down.

Sadly, there's always so much stress and tension when the kids get together. And its my oldest that seems to be the root of it. I don't know. It makes me very sad and I don't know quite how to handle it without someone feeling alienated or hurt.... I don't like being in the middle.

Anyway, other than that, happy and well. Niki and I go to clean Massage Envy tonight. I was tired of the previous cleaning crew NOT cleaning and I was having to clean when I was there...and not getting paid for it. so at least for now, she and I are going in on sunday nights and cleaning and getting a bit of money for it. not my idea of a fun time per se, but the job's getting done right.

everyone have a good afternoon!

Jewels said...

Thank you Janet!!!

I hate when your made to feel in the middle and you know someone you love and care about will get mad at you for a decision they make you decide on. Sending prayers for you!!

Lolly said...

Good afternoon! A beautiful day here, sunny and 88. Certainly is not the usual Texas August.

Have been church and now about to do some chores around here. Jack has gone to the trailer in storage to do some work. Not waiting on the last minute!

I am not busy! This has been one lazy August. First is was too hot and then last week too wet. Lol

School starts tomorrow for most of Texas. Laurel spent yesterday in her room working. She is ready! Boys are ready!

AZPatti said...

Hello Eagle buds! We slept in a bit this morning. I cooked breakfast and then caught up here while Mike cleaned up. Nice, lazy morning.

Shirley, I uploaded a few more pictures of Bubba. Some "before" and "after" photos. I can't remember if I've shared the story of how he came to us. My last job was at a fish hatchery on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation in Whiteriver, AZ. One of my coworkers seems to be a magnet for strays (she still works there and continues to rescue there). I think at last count, she'd found homes for over 100 dogs, mostly moms with litters but a few individuals.

Anyway, Bubba found her and she took him in, nursed him back to health. We don't know what happened to the flop part of his right ear. It was an open wound when he found Jennifer. It could have been bitten off by something or ripped off running under any of the miles of barbed wire fencing used on the rez. We had lost Rory to osteosarcoma in April and this was June (2013). We really weren't ready for another dog but Zena certainly was. She was moping/grieving something terrible. Mike was not particularly ready to open his heart yet but we went to take a look. I fell immediately and I guess Bubba could tell because he kept coming to sit between my feet. I told him Mike was the one he had to work on, so what did he do? He went to sit on Mike's feet. The rest is history. He's a pretty special boy. Healed all three of our broken hearts pretty quickly. It was pretty trying in the beginning though. I couldn't seem to keep the boy from digging in my flower beds. Finally ended up putting temporary fencing around each one. Just like any other teenager, he just had to keep pushing the boundaries. But as one of our neighbors is so fond of saying, "He turned out to be a good lookin' dog, didn't he?"

Off to enjoy the rest of the day. Hope Potter found his furever home yesterday and Congratulations to Gramma Carolyn!!


Hoda said...

Impressive Judy on number of steps.
Good to see you Jewel. Beautiful child.
Had an awesome day. I cycled, I hiked, I swam and soaked in hot springs.
Ate well. People are friendly.
There are four bears who are presently roaming about anew Denver! They fire a loud noise maker to scare them off and let people know where, direction wise, the bears are...
Cell phone is the pits.
Wifi works well in cottage!

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Good evening Hoda. Glad you are able to check in. It looks like an awesome place you are staying. Stay safe from the bears. Love and hugs!

Lori O. said...

Great Monday morning Momlets!!!

Shingles must be a mild case. I feel really tired and itchy, but not painful. Thankful to have gotten the right meds right away. This should be over very soon. YAY. I'm kinda shocked it's not terribly painful, but thankful!

Congrats on the dog, Patti! Glad Bubba could convince your hubby he was worthy of adoption. ♥

How is the Potter home search going SANDI? Our current foster is a PIA with cats too so we have to really watch her. But Jackie the cat is pretty smart.

Wow, I can hardly keep my eyes open this morning.

Oh, all plants, trees, shrubs, etc at Southern States are half off right now, and fall is the best time to plant them. We're really working on the yards so got 3 Acer Japanese Maples with the threadleaf but in tree form, not the low mound, and I got a blue atlas cedar which I have always wanted.

Can't wait to get my energy back and get out there to plant them!

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. The forecast for the next couple of days is for highs in the low 80s with low humidity - perfect! We had thunderstorms and heavy downpours yesterday in the evening.

Lori, I'm glad you're not feeling too badly - I hope that continues. How exciting to start planting trees at the new house! Will have to Google blue atlas cedar.

Hoda, glad you are enjoying your visit to Hobbit town - what cute little cottages! Are you there with friends or alone? Hooray for working wifi!

Patti, loved the pics of the dogs - I bet you do a lot of vacuuming and/or swiffering!

Brian, Lynnis, and Freyja arrived yesterday afternoon. Freyja's arms and legs are covered in welts from mosquito bites. I cooked - Freyja ate cheese curls and one cucumber slice and drank some grape juice. Hard keeping my mouth shut.

I have arranged a meeting on Friday afternoon with the lady who is interested in Potter. But unless I hear a lot of things to allay my concerns, it will be my recommendation that she not adopt Potter. On the upside, she is an experienced greyhound owner and has a female greyhound and another dog. I have heard through someone who knows her that she loves her dogs more than some people love their children. But the downside is she is a widow, so Potter would only have 1 person, not 2. She is a nurse and works four 12 hour days per week. I have no idea what she does with her dogs while she's at work (I'm guessing she has a pet sitter who comes in several times to walk them) but I just can't see Potter being happy with just 2 other dogs for 12 hours a day. And, she has no fenced yard - Potter loves to play ball and just lay around in the yard.

Have a greyt day all.

JudyE said...

Good morning eagle buds. Is hot hot I just did a 15 in brisk walk to get back to the AC
Thinking to hot I have been walking at night just may only do that instead of am.
When I got up I had to take the hula hoops back to the school. Saw Jordyn in her class she was so surprised to see me. I am thinking she is hoping Carl has jobs all week LOL she asked me if I am picking her up I told her only if daddy has a job running over past 310

JudyE said...

LORI so happy u caught it early
I was surprised I wasn't in so much pain even the Dr said it surprised her since she said its the worst she had seen. But I was about 6days after the first bump showed up that I saw someone.
SANDI will be crossing finger for a furby home.

JudyE said...

Gonna go do my bike while finishing the news
Then go find something to do

Lolly said...

Good morning!

Hoda, love where you are visiting! Enjoy!

Sandi, just can not imagine having several dogs and no fenced yard! Years ago we had Rikki and after Rikki, Kip. Both Keeshond. We do not have a fenced yard, but at that time it was no big deal for dogs to run loose. Would not do that today, but dogs do need a yard!
Since we do not have a fenced yard it is a problem when Cosmo visits. Have to keep him on a leash as he bolts. Also he does not like to do his business on a leash. Luke is no problem. He stays right with you when you take him out, but you do have to go with him.

Funny story.......Laurel runs every morning. Last week she took Cosmo on a leash. He was excited! He started out in front, gradually started slowing down until she was pulling him along. Lol. The next morning she asked if he was ready for a walk and he tried to go hide. Roflmbo! Great Pyrenees can not hide!

Out to water pots! However, rain chance isback!馃榾

JudyE said...

LOLLY LOL smart dog
have you brought out the melting candles this summer yet-- but I sort of remembering seeing a pic!

Hoda said...

Good morning.
All good.
Signal weak.

glo said...

Hoda asking me to post that she is safe and actually having a great time overall but her signal is weak so she is unable to post.

glo said...

Hoda has posted some gorgeous photos on fb of where she is . Today appear pretty cool and overcast but she is still very much having a great time. Once she gets into the Blog with a stronger feed signal I am sure she will have stories.

Patches and I made our weekly visit to Friendship Manor . We used her (actually Dex's old stroller) today. It made it so much easier on both of us. She does so very well. I had her dressed up cute and a bow in her hair. I saw lots of smiles on staff and patients. What fun that is. Life is very very busy for me right now. I like busy though. I always have. Hope all is well here. AOYP everyone.

Janet Neely said...

good evening to all.

it has been another busy as anything 3 days "off"

today we finally ahd a sunny day! the first one in a couple of weeks. the temps were much cooler too. I was excited just to be outside in the sun!

hope everyone has a great evening!

AZPatti said...

Evening, eagle buds! Not much happening here on this beautiful Monday. Janet, I "felt your pain" about no sunshine. So glad it finally showed up for you!

Sandi, yes, the swiffer is my best friend! But I'd much rather have the long hair bunnies. It seems with every short haired dog I've had, the hairs would work their way into every piece of fabric around - clothes, furniture, etc. I have to say I tend to agree with you about the lady nurse and Potter but maybe her arrangements are satisfactory. I also wondered about taking him into a new "territory" without first meeting the new dogs on neutral ground. Maybe greyhounds aren't as territorial?

Lori, so glad you're feeling some better. LOVE Japanese maples! I have all sorts of evergreens so it's the "out of the norm" that catches my eye.

Lolly, I'm wondering if Cosmo wasn't too hot rather than not wanting to run? Maybe Laurel could ask him again when the weather cools off (like in the middle of January)? :-) But then again, it's Texas, and it might be just as warm in the middle of January.

Hoping Hoda's still having a wonderful time. I'll get over to facebook to see pics eventually.

Headed for the TV. Really liked watching the Olympics but I'm definitely ready to watch something else. It's almost time for football!!

Have a wonderful evening and SED, all!

stronghunter said...

Loved your pictures, Patti. You really are a lover of nature and fur children. That is delightful!

Japanese maples--trying to grow a couple in my front yard. So far, they are not doing too well. I think I need to do some more study on the proper care of these trees.

My brain is wearing down, so I will say good night and wish everyone SED. See you tomorrow.

WVJerry said...

Just stopping by to say hello to everyone. Not much new with me. Weather is some cooler this morning. Take care all.

JudyE said...

Good morning eagle buds

JudyE said...

Thanks for the update on HODA- GLORIA
happy she is having a great time there

Lolly said...

Good morning! Yes,Hoda is having a fabulous time! Beautiful scenery! She is chasing away bears with her whistle and wearing socks with her sandals! Crazy lady! Lol. Love you, Hoda!❤️

Judy, it has not been hot enough to melt the candles. Brought them out, but no melting. PTL

Patti, Laurel took Cosmo for a run because it was a cool morn. Well, cool for here, upper 60's, low 70's

In my memories on fb, 7 years ago today I became friends with Jo and Shirley! Wow, time flies by when you are having fun!

Everyone had a great day at school. Jacob managed to completely ignor his mom even while passing her in the hall. Lol. Laurel had only one class that had four students that she could have done without. Because of those four students she has to be grouchy, frownie, grumpy, strict Mrs. Fritz! Too bad!

Jacob did like middle school! Yea! Joseph used to eat lunch with is mom once a week in her room. Wonder if Jacob will do this? Laurel loved it!

Worked in the yard yesterday, cleaning up my herb garden. Then I made 6 batches of pesto to freeze. Have lots more basil so going to make more!

Have a great day.

Hoda said...

Don't know if this is going to publish.
Thank you and yes I am having a terrific time.
Will head North today to Halcyon and then do a loop through Kaslo to return home to Nelson by night time.
Thinking of you all and every time I see an Eagle I say " love you Mema Jo, we miss you"

NCSuzan said...

Just a heads up! On Panda watch at Atlanta Zoo!

Hoda said...

Back on Kootenay Lake turf.
An hour or so from home.
Will stop for supper.
It was a wonderful few days for me.

Hoda said...

Big week for Lydia. Surgery on her broken wrist Friday. Many medical appointments prior to surgery. Doug goes in to oncologist to find out the type of lymphoma and where to go from there.
Double Down for Momster Love and prayers for them please.

AZPatti said...

Evening, eagle buds! Very nice day in these parts! Woke up to a slow, gentle rain (ended up being almost a half-inch) so it's been very nice outside. Heading to our beach shortly to enjoy the cool. Sometimes, we think there's just the teeniest hint of fall in the air. We're ready!

Shirley, indeed my fur babies and nature are my two favorite things. (Well, I suppose I should put hubby in there somewhere! LOL) My niece gave everyone hand-painted coffee cups for Christmas last year. Mine said "Aunt Patti, fueled by coffee and nature". Everyone's had their name and "fueled by coffee and ..." whatever their favorite thing or activity. Mike's had coffee and music. Very, very nice gift. Noticed another addition out front yesterday, an Arizona tree frog (he's our state amphibian). Photos coming soon.

Lolly, that is a cool morning! I wonder why Cosmo didn't enjoy it? Zena has the same type of coat he does and she's not big on the summer months, either. Fall is her friskiest but she will lay for hours (if we let her) in the snow. I'll have to see if I can find the photo of her curled into a ball with snow so thick on her, you can just barely see her. We don't let her stay out like that too much in her advancing years. I'm afraid she'd be so stiff she wouldn't be able to get up. She grumbles, but she comes inside. For a while at least. She is our "snow dog" for sure. And pesto is on our agenda for dinner tonight! It's not home-made fresh, but rather store-bought fresh. A friend gave us LOTS of basil last year and I made fresh. Yum-O!!

Suzan, will you keep me/us up on the happenings in Atlanta? Another one of those things there's not enough hours in the day for. :-)

Good to "see" you, Jerry!

Going to check Hoda's facebook to see socks with sandals! Then head to the beach. Later, gators!

Wishing everyone a very pleasant evening and SED.

AZPatti said...

Welcome home, Hoda!

Hoda said...

Thank you Patti.
I was just coming here to say I made it home safe and sound.
Tonight I saw a doe with three fawns still with spots. Then I saw a bear fishing for salmon. He ate four while I was there!!!
He came out of the spawning channels five feet away from me!!! I said, it's me bear, it's Hoda" he left...we looked at each other and I forgot to take a picture of that moment. I took pictures of him fishing!!!
I love us. I also saw Eagles, osprey, hawk, turtle, little song birds, red fish oh and turkeys!!! So many wild turkeys!!!

JudyE said...

Good morning eagle buds

HODA YEAH a bear that is so awesome

JERRY good to see you pop in

JudyE said...

KKAY is she doing something and I forgot??

SANDI bet you are in heaven with your company
Any lunck with POTTER home yet

Lolly said...

Good morning! Beautiful morning! Almost cool as the humidity it down.

Getting my do done today!

Heart is breaking for Italy. On our trips there we were not too far from the center of the earthquake. Suck a beautiful old country and just hate the devastation . So afraid of the number of people killed. Prayers!

Lori O. said...

Happy Hump Day Momlets!

Wow, HODA! What a wonderful day you had yesterday. I can heart your heart singing from here.

PATTI, funny I always think about you being so hot in AZ. Where are you that you get the snow? Prescott area? Must be beautiful.

LOLLY, good news about new school year. Is it me or is school starting earlier now than it used to? I've read posts from people on the west coast recently saying "first day of school."

Sorry to report that the tree I really wanted was a WEEPING Blue Atlas Ceder. :( They are so gorgeous and unique...what I got was a Blue Atlas Cedar which will get about 40 - 60' tall and 25 - 40 feet wide. Oh well. Next one. We want to plant Leland Cypress along the fence way out back, but our landscape connection said the best price he can get for them is 15 gallon pots, 5 - 6 feet tall and $70 EACH! My heart stopped. That is a good price for them, as I've seen the same at some nurseries for $150+ but I still think it's a huge markup. Anyway, we're now checking on 3 foot tall Lelands. If we can plant them this year they will grow to the $70 plus size by next year. lol

KAY - are you around? I haven't see you in a few days.

SANDI, I understand on your concern for Potter's potential new home. I am just as picky as you when it comes to placing them. They deserve the best, especially since they have never had it. My heart just aches for them to have a great furever this time.

Getting ready to go out and garden before the heat blasts back in here again Friday. I'm tired of feeling sick and tired so I'm just going to put my butt to work and forget about it.

Sandi said...

Good afternoon my eagle friends. Just now finding some time to pop onto the blog since Brian, Lynnis, and Freyja went out for a bit.

Hoda, what a wonderful trip you had - I would be super excited seeing so much wildlife! Welcome home!

Lori, when we planted our Leland cypress 12 years ago to block out the neighbor behind us, we made the mistake of planting them too close together. Now there's not enough sunlight and air circulation between them and we constantly see more and more sections that are turning brown and dying. I really suspect that we will have to have them all removed in the next couple of years - lesson learned! Also, thanks for the feedback about being a careful foster parent; it's reassuring that I'm not being unrealistic to want the best forever home for Potter. I am really amazed that I'm still OK with not keeping him, but I want his forever home to be the right one.

Patti, greyhounds are so used to living their entire lives with other greyhounds that there are rarely any problems introducing them to one another even indoors. It was one of the things I was so impressed with when I went to Greyhounds Reach the Beach last year, an event in Rehoboth Beach where people come from all over the US to spend a weekend at the beach with their greyhounds. There must have been 100 greyhounds indoors at the same place, all on-leash, and I never heard one bark, one growl, or one snarl! The dogs all acted like they knew one another and had been friends forever. Still, when I get to Linda's house, we will walk the dogs outdoors before going into the house.

There are 5 more dogs arriving from the same track in WV on 9/1 and one of them is a fawn brindle male like Potter, except the one coming in is 5 years old, not 2 years old. I have already mentioned this to Linda via email and I'm hoping that, before she decides she wants Potter, she will also agree to meet the older dog. I really think Potter needs to live with more than one person and needs to have a yard. Many greyhounds can live just fine without a fenced yard but Potter isn't one of them. I've had almost 4 weeks with him and know his personality better than anyone.

Also on the subject of Potter, this morning Freyja was laying on the sofa and Denny was tickling her. Freyja was squealing. I was sitting on the sofa getting ready to change her diaper. The next thing we knew, Potter ran over and grabbed Freyja on the upper arm. He wasn't angry; he was excited by her squealing and her movement. He has nipped me on the leg when I say, "Let's take a walk!" simply because he's excited to go. But he has never left a mark on me. Unfortunately, he left several teeth marks on Freyja's very tender skin. Naturally, Freyja screamed and cried but, once she calmed down, she wasn't afraid of Potter, which amazed me. We will now be watching Potter like a hawk until they leave. If he even looks at Freyja, he gets a stern NO from me. This is definitely a 2-year old dog behavior that needs to be corrected.

Sandi said...

Today we are installing a dog door that will allow the little dogs to go out onto the back deck whenever they want. The past couple of days, I have left the sliding glass door open about 5 inches and they have gone outside to do all of their peeing and pooping. No messes to clean up on the floor!! It's much easier for us than remembering to take them outside every 3 hours, especially since taking them out to the yard involves carrying them down and then back up a whole flight of stairs. The deck is composite so the urine won't sink into it; I just use a watering can full of water and pour on it to rinse the spot and I just pick up the poop like I would if they were taking a walk on a leash.

This morning I wedged the little dog door between the slider and the door frame to see if they would push the flap and go in and out. Denny is going to attach the door to a piece of white composite that's the height of the door and then the slider will just close against it. So far, no luck getting the dogs to go through the flap, but I'll keep trying because this would be such a great solution to our problem with their bad bathroom habits.

Off to buy 30lb. of dry dog food - boy do we go through that stuff with 2 greyhounds. And I don't buy the cheap stuff! Oh well, I'm just spending the money I would be using to get my fingernails painted, and this is much more rewarding!

Hoda said...

Yes prayers for Italy. I wondered if your village there was still alright. I loved the view and the people at your wine estate where you stayed.

Sorry Sandi! I gasped! I do not like Potter! You started to say Miss Freyja squeeling and I knew what was going to happen. Potter is a bully and I do not like him. Sorry. I accept you know more. I accept two years old. I do not like Potter!

Enough said.

I too am missing Kay.

All is well here. I am settling back in... I like my living space.

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Hoda, my favorite part of your adventures the past few days is the "It's me bear, it's Hoda." I made Hedgie/Lynn a ringtone of Lynn Rogers saying that. :)

Hoda said...

Ha ha Shar!
I learnt it from Lolly and Lynn...
You rock awesome Shar.
Love you...

glo said...

Sandi Use a high value treat "for Patches it is a piece of chicken. Show it to them. Then go outside the doggie door and open it for them Once you have them walking through several times for the chicken. Close the door or almost close it if possible. Show them the chicken and go outside and call them through. I hope it works. Patches caught on to using a ramp like that very quickly. Just followed the chicken down the ramp.

Lynne2 said...

Just checking in...not much new to report.

Hoda, loved the bear story and pictures...thanks!

Good advice Glo...hope it works Sandi!

Lori, Weeping Blue Atlas ARE gorgeous! Years ago I worked at a garden center that had one growing and I just loved it.

Also...check out Green Giant Arborvitae trees vs Leyland Cypress. They are more deer and disease resistant.

Lynne2 said...

Patti, Zena and Bubba are gorgeous! Love the petite sunflowers too!

grannyblt said...

Good luck with the pet door Sandi. Glo probably has the best idea. When I moved up here from TX to care for my Mom, I brought my elderly dog and cat with me. Mom had a big pet door for Daisy, her Golden Retriever. My dog Bobbi Sox, who was sometimes lax in the potty routine, never caught on about going out the pet door. She would come inside, but not go out. She wasn't the smartest dog anyway. Faith the old cat figured it out, but never got off the porch. The cats I have now love it, but so does the mean neighborhood Tom who has come in and terrorized Lizzie and sprayed everywhere when I was out of town. I now keep it closed.

Kay said...

Good Evening Eagle Buds!!!

No reason to send out the posse, but I appreciate those of you who miss me. This has been a grand day as Julie and I, mostly Julie, cleaned all windows, tracks, sills, screens, blinds---anything having to do with windows and doors. Took time for a nice lunch and enjoyed lots of one on one conversation with my dear daughter. Feels so good to clean up after the power washing and paint crew left their mess about a month ago.

HODA, what a Bear story! So glad you and he had respect for each other.

SANDI, love all the dog tales! What a lucky bunch of pooches in your care.

LORI, I don't know one cypress from another, but hope you wind up with just the right combo as you gals improve that fine new home!

PATTI, you have some beautiful and fortunate dogs in your care, too! Thanks for sharing the pics.

Prayers for all in need---especially hoping little Bella Hope is thriving.


Lori O. said...

LYNNE2 and SANDI: Thank you so much for the Leland Cypress help. I really appreciate it!

SHAR, ditto on your HODA comment about what she said to the bear. My favorite too. Sometimes I read so much before I post I forget half of what I read. :(

GLO, great advice on the stinky treats or high value treats. Kentucky Fried Chicken is what we use to lure feral cats into a trap to take them for neutering. It works every time.

Lori O. said...

KAY, so glad you checked in! I'm very happy to hear you had a great day. Not many would say that about doing windows. I know it was really Julie who made you smile.

Lori O. said...

Sorry. LYNN/Hedgie would be upset with me for the incorrect spelling of Leyland and not proof reading.

AZPatti said...

Evening, all! Yes, it is so sad about Italy. I have a cousin and his wife over there but I do not know exactly where in Italy. My cousin is in the Army but I don't think they live on base. We are not particularly close but I have put in messages to those who are, to find out about their safety.

Lori, we live in the White Mountains, in eastern Arizona. Little 'burb called Lakeside. Elevation at our house is about 6800'. The ski resort here, Sunrise, has a peak of over 11,000'. We definitely get to enjoy all four seasons. Where do you call home? I think someone mentioned a new house? Landscaping a new yard is the best way to make it feel like home.

Sandi, we also used Glo's "trick" but another thing we did was one of us on the inside, the other on the outside. We took turns calling to the dog(s) and opening the flap. Eventually, they will get used to the flap brushing on their back. We can't leave ours open at night because Ms. Zena thinks she's bigger and badder than the skunks that call our neighborhood home. She's been sprayed four times!!! And she's a very smart girl. Except when it comes to her prey drive.

Howdy, Kay and both Lynnes! Thank you Kay and Lynne 2 for the compliments about our fur babies. They are the world to us.

Hoda, bear whisperer. How exciting! I want to be like you when I grow up.

We're heading out to our beach for a bit. Wishing everyone a wonderful evening and SED.

AZPatti said...

Whew! Cousins are okay. They are a bit north of Tuscany and didn't feel a thing.

grannyblt said...

Good morning

For those of you that are Friends of the NCTC, be sure to watch the video of the interview with John Chaney. A link to the video was emailed several days ago and is about 55 minutes. Informative and entertaining.

JudyE said...

Good morning eagle buds

Had no WiFi when I woke up
Unplugged and reset and yeah got it back. When I have no WiFi I also have no land line.
Hope each one if you have a greaaaaaaat day

Lolly said...

Good morning!

Jack sent an email to Italy to the home we stayed in. They replied that they are fine. Thanking us for concern. They say it is getting worse by the hour. I am sure they felt it, but no damage. Having been there three times, we know the area well. The older centers of the towns are awesome, and so old. They would just crumble. So sad!

Yesterday Jack went to work on the trailer at the covered storage. Our trailer had been broken into. Upon investigating, it was discoverd that about 15 trailers and rv's had been broken into. Nothing was taken!! Though evidence that the trailer was searched. They pried open the lock and dead bolt. Only damage is bent door frame. Jack will attempt to straighten it. Locks still work. We were the first to discover it. Called the owners, they came and called the police. They then had to call all the owners of rv's. We will call today to find out if anything was stolen. Thinking they may have been looking for guns. They also will be looking at surveillance video. Makes me mad!!

Going out for a while before it gets hotter! Have a great day!

JudyE said...

So sorry for the break in LOLLY I bet you are correct with looking for weapons when nothing else was taken. Like electronic equipment for resales. They weren't looking for $$$ making

JudyE said...


AZPatti said...

Evening, all! Lolly, so sorry about the break-in. Could have been so much worse. And glad your friends in Italy are okay. Truly is heartbreaking. Things don't much better in Louisiana yet, either.

Lynne, I have the video with John Chaney saved for when I have a spare 55 minutes. :-)

Not much happening here. I sure am glad tomorrow is Friday, though. Not a bad week, but it certainly was a long week.

Hoping everyone has a wonderful evening. SED.

stronghunter said...

Good evening,

All is well at our household. Was happy to find out this afternoon that Bluebell, the put bull next door, has been found. She went missing when their owners went on vacation, leaving her at home with someone taking care of her. She escaped from the backyard and went to a nearby neighborhood and ended up in doggie jail.

The situation in Italy is very tragic. Happy to learn that your friends there are okay, Lolly, and that your cousins are okay as well, Patti.

Wow, Hoda. You were much calmer than I would be should I encounter a bear.

Lori O. said...

Caught up reading, but too tired to write. I feel like I might pull a Wanda!

WANDA weren't you the one who would fall asleep at the computer?

Night all!

JudyE said...

Good morning eagle buds

This afternoon when I pick up Jordyn I will be passing out cookies that Carl and Angie baked last night for the fall fundraiser at school. In car line.
Then Jordyn is spending the night Angie wants a date not night!
She planned this last week but now she seems to be coming down with something. So she says now she just want to rest LOL

JudyE said...

BUMMER plans changed
Angie posted on my timeline she is home Jordyn isn't feeling well. Lo grade temp and diarrhea and sniffles
Angie is home with her. Carl will take off at 2 so angie can go to the school to do the cookie drive
I wonder if she picked up what Angie has? More than likely I would think!

Hoda said...

Yay! Patti! It is here! It is here! Friday!馃槃 Get some rest this weekend.
All good here.
Volunteering with the Library. Volunteering with Grans.
Art Gallery opening.

Enjoy your day everyone.

Hoda said...

Prayers for Lydia. She is in surgery right now.

Lolly said...

Howdeeeeeee! Yard work complete, have showered and clean once again!

Jack went to RV storage the fill out paper work for police. Camera surveillance showed one slender guy going under the gate. He wore shorts and a hoodie. Sounds like a kid. Only things missing were DVD's. Imagine he would have taken a gun if he had found one. They have a welder coming out to see what can be done with the bottom of the gate. Until it gets fixed the owner is sleeping there and making rounds. It happened 2 AM Monday morning.

Car is at the repair shop. Nothing broken. They are just checking for problems and doing a little servicing before our trip.

Thinking of Lydia!

Hoda said...

Glad to hear that it was a kid.
Upset that is was a kid!

Lydia's surgery was delayed due to someone else with an emergency needing the operating theatre. This according to a post from Doug.

All good here. Meeting between library board and staff and setting a five year strategic plan went very well. We have several steps to take before this is presented to City Council in November or December. Going well.

Janet Neely said...

good Friday evening to one and all. it is almost time for me to turn into a'm tired.

another busy weekend ahead. hoping next weekend will be more quiet!

tomorrow SIL gets his 4 year college degree and in the evening we go to celebrate tom's aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary.

sunday is niki's birthday and that night back to work to clean.

LOLLY: awful about the break in!!! so glad nothing was taken. but how frustrating!

hope everyone is well!

Jewels said...

Good morning friends,

Just wanted to touch base and say Bella is a dollbaby. She already has gained her weight back and grew a inch... She eats like its going to be taken away from her.
Hope all is well with everyone.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends.

Brian, Lynnis and Freyja have left - they are in VA for a few days and then heading home tomorrow. I have spent the past few days cleaning and washing bed linens. I enjoy summer company but also enjoy having my house back to myself and everything neat and in-place.

Lolly, sorry about the RV break-in but you are lucky that there wasn't any serious damage done and nothing of real value stolen.

Carolyn, enjoy every single minute with grandbaby Bella!

Hoda, Potter is not a bully. He is a 2-year old dog that has never been socialized to be a pet. He is learning. Nevertheless, you are allowed to not like him for what he did to Freyja. I didn't like it either. I also don't like the mark I can see on Janey's head from where he bit her over a bag of dog food 5 days after he arrived here. But he doesn't display any food aggression anymore. Again, he is learning.

I didn't always like the behaviors of my students but I didn't throw my hands up and give up on them. I didn't ask that they be assigned to another teacher. I have committed to teaching Potter until he finds a forever home and that's what I'll do. He has many good qualities and will be a greyt pet for someone. Just maybe not someone with a 2-year old.

And I don't think he will be going to live with the lady who met him yesterday either. She had 2 lizards, a tank of fish, 2 dogs (a female greyhound and a male doxie mix), and a parrot. The doxie mix did not seem to like Potter very much. Potter ignored the other greyhound but was way too interested in the parrot. The woman works nights as a nurse and the dogs have free run of the house. I told her I think she would come home to a knocked over cage and a dead bird!

Nothing on my agenda for this weekend which is just fine with me. Have a greyt day all.

JudyE said...

Good morning eagle buds

BELLA sure is a doll love seeing the picture on fb.

SANDI hope she doesn't go to the home of the bird hope they listen to you advise

Lolly said...

Howdeeeee! Have been out running errands, SAM's, Lowes, Best Buy, Academy. Now going to do a little bathroom cleaning and then to the kitchen to make pesto. Stocking up on it in the freezer.

Nothing else on our agenda! Have a great day!

AZPatti said...

Hello! Hope everyone is having a very enjoyable weekend!

Sandi, I agree that that doesn't sound like the best furever home for Potter. He's such a handsome guy, I'm sure his turn will be along shortly.

We haven't done much today. Did a little grossery shopping this morning. We have a new farmer's market in town that we stopped at on the way to the grossery store. We stopped mostly just to check it out but did get a few things - red grapes, asparagus, fresh eggs, some "baby" heirloom tomatoes, avocados. Wanting to make a stir-fry for dinner so we got most of the other veggies at the regular store - broccoli, mushrooms, yellow squash, green onions, spinach, bean sprouts. Mike decided he'd rather have beef than chicken. So there you have our dinner tonight. And since it makes a battalion-size (as Mike calls it), we'll have leftovers tomorrow and a lunch portion or two for me next week.

Bubba and I went to our local pet store to socialize mostly, but he needed more kibble, too. Met the cutest little puppy! I recognized her from a facebook photo. She was rescued by the same lady as Bubba - my old co-worker. One of the wonders of a small town and only one true pet store. :-) Her new person is hoping she'll become a therapy dog.

I better get going. Those veggies aren't going to chop themselves!

Hoda said...

Good day here.
Glad Lydia posted after surgery.
All good Sandi.
Stay well.

JudyE said...

Good Sunday afternoon eagle buds

Hope everyone is having a productive day

No much up with me just getting aggravated with this fitbit Angie gave me.
Looks like if I want to continue I will have to buy a new one. This one the battery wasn't holding a charge for long so they sent her another one in its place. So I figured I would give this one a try charging once a day in the beginning but now its two times a day getting worse as the days go by. Now it is refusing to sync and is 17 min off in time so I think it is telling me something!

Lolly said...


Not much going on here! Watered some dry spots after we got home from church. Now doing a little house cleaning. Really exciting!馃槣

Jo's daughter, Jenny, had a bear come up on her in her yard while filling bird feeders. House door was close and she got In safely and got some great picures.

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,

Gosh, sorry it's been so long since I've been here! Have had MAJOR problems with my e-mail, and have had to spend literally hours on the phone trying to figure out the problem. I found that I have over 106,000 e-mails! Asked the C/S-IT guy whether they could archive a large number of them for me, and he said no! I have to go into my e-mail myself and delete what I don't want. Trouble is, it takes as long as 30 seconds for Windows Live Mail to delete each e-mail! I also found, after some researching, that each e-mail has been duplicated as many as 11 or 12 times! The program was supposed to be archiving the oldest e-mails on a regular basis, but obviously that hasn't happened. I have literally spent several entire days trying to get rid of most of them. They go all the way back to 2012! I am highlighting about a dozen at a time (which amounts to only ONE e-mail and its many duplicates), and hitting the 'delete' button, then waiting for an eternity for them to disappear! The Windows Live Mail program is 5 years old, and they want me to get the e-mails down to a manageable number (not sure what that is!), copy and save them somewhere (in my documents?!), then delete the program and re-install it. After that, I am supposed to be able to return what I've saved to the e-mail program. I hope there's a newer version of Windows Live Mail available! My biggest problem is that I have 4 years of e-mails saved that are related to my work, and I absolutely cannot lose them. I don't want to have to print them and have physical copies of them, either. Am I having fun yet? NOPE!

Carolyn, congratulations! Little Bella must be a real angel! Enjoy her--they grow so very quickly. I can hardly believe that our GGD, Sierra is 10-1/2 years old already!

Prayers for Lydia and for Doug!

Lolly, so sorry to hear about the break-in at the RV park! Glad nothing more than DVDs were stolen! Hope they catch the thief. Glad to hear that your friends in Italy are OK! Have been praying for the people there. Such destruction and loss of life! Really sad.

Sandi, I hope that a good furever home will be found for Potter soon. I agree, too, that the lady with the bird would not be a good match. There has to be someone out there who's right for him, though!

Hoda, I'm glad you got home safely from your adventure. I'm not sure I would have remained so calm, had I come that close to a bear! Sounds like you had a wonderful time, though. Imagine--a doe with THREE fawns! That has to be quite a rare thing!

Well, I wish I could chat some more, but I need to get back to deleting e-mails.
This is becoming quite a nightmare to try to straighten out!

Have a good rest-of-the-evening, everyone, and a good night. God bless! I ♥ us!

glo said...

Stopping by to say good evening. Another perfectly good but very busy week. I am actually not sure if Sandi saw my advice about the doggy door. I hope things are working out with the older dogs learning to use it. Sandi . I also love your teaching attitude with Potter Bless his heart. He needs and deserves a good forever home. He will have had the best teacher and the ones whose heart he captures will have a wonderful dog. I hope he finds them/ and them him soon. Instead of my camera I took Patches to Disability Assistance Dogs yesterday just to put her through some of the paces etc and see how she would do. She was wonderful. I knew the trainer for the Alliance of Therapy Dogs who also trains for our group would be there on Sat. She came over to see Patches. She too was amazed at how very much she has changed in 18 months or so. To make a long story short she has invited Patches and I to begin our hospital sessions starting this coming Thurs night. I am excited and a little nervous too. I think though Patches will do fine. I do not think seizures is an ongoing diagnosis for Patches. She had them in April and May following spot on flea stuff. Last year she had them along with several other issues following Nexguard. I think I have a dog who will not tolerate flea protection taken internally. We so far have not had an issue with fleas. I hope our luck holds. I will never put a spot on on her again , that is for sure. I thought of our MeMa Jo right away when I saw Jenn's story about the bears too. They are beautiful and I love wildlife but I am thinking unless high up on a tundra buggy :-) I would only photograph them from inside a safe building, which is what Jenn did. She got some really good pictures. Take care everyone. AOYP. Good Night.

Hoda said...

Awesome report Glo. Thank you.
Sorry Andy for the problems with the computer. Glad you made it on here.
I volunteered eight hours today with bears and children. So much fun. Bear education and children joy with games as we played.
I am tired.
All is good. Talk to you all tomorrow.

Janet Neely said...

Saturday was busy but yesterday took the cake!
noon: old spaghetti factory for uncle rudy and aunt pat's 50th wedding anniversary

tom had a visitation @ 3 p.m. co worker, 58 died of a heart attack

home. I napped for 2 hours

6 p.m. The Hook. seafood place for Niki's birthday dinner

spent from 8:30 to 11:30 cleaning massage envy.

soaked in hot tub, body hurt. asleep by 1

today: orthodontist @ 9. school begins for Olivia. a meeting @ 11. pick up mia at 3. I foresee and early bed time....

ya'll have a lovely day! smile emoticon:)



Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends.

Andy, what a PIA with Windows Live Mail. Have you considered switching to a different email program and transferring your existing emails, once the number has been pared down?

Lori, how are you doing with your shingles symptoms?

Glo, both doxies are now using the dog door independently. Pushing them through it and rewarding with treats for 2 days did the trick. The door helps during the day - they go outside onto the deck and take care of business. But they're still pooping on the sunroom floor and even peeing in their beds in their crates in the evenings (the crate doors are open so they're not confined)! But then they sleep in our bedroom ALL NIGHT LONG (all 4 dogs sleep in our room - but not in our bed) and don't pee or poop! I just don't get it. I cannot even remember the last day that I didn't have to mop the sunroom floor and/or launder their beds and the washable diapers that I bought for them about a year ago. I am so fed up. Truly, if I could find someone who would take them for the rest of their lives, they would be gone. I am a dog lover but everyone has his/her limits and I have reached mine with these two. I am really struggling.

Yesterday I got an email from Gail, the greyhound foster coordinator. She had received an email from Linda, the lady who met Potter last Friday, saying how much she loved Potter. Linda didn't seem worried that Potter would kill her parrot and wasn't worried about dog fights or Potter overeating with her free-feeding policy. At this point, I have voiced my concerns; the final decision about where to place Potter is Gail's, not mine. She has successfully placed hundreds of greyhounds in forever homes and knows the breed far batter than I do.

However, Gail said she appreciated my email about the meeting and the worries that I expressed. She also said she just received an application from a husband and wife (no small children) about adopting a greyhound. They have a 12 year old greyhound and a 2-1/2 year old Husky mix, have a fenced yard, and the husband works from home. That certainly sounds like a much better placement for Potter. Gail was going to chat with the husband or wife and then she and I will talk. So things with Potter are moving along.

Today is the last day of summer vacation for Indian River School District teachers. So I am really feeling retired today because I'm not feeling sad about going back to work tomorrow.

Brian, Lynnis and Freyja are back in Mexico. Those of you on FB may want to check out my timeline. In January, Lynnis decided to get serious about getting into shape and losing the weight she gained during her pregnancy. Last Saturday, she competed in a bodybuilding competition in Richmond. She posted a before and after photo on her Facebook and I shared it to mine. Though I'm not a fan of bodybuilding competitions, the change in Lynnis from January to today is amazing, especially since she didn't hire a personal trainer.

Have a greyt day all.

Hoda said...

Good morning.
A morning of Learning in Retirement program committee... Finalizing our course offering for the term.

Bicycle riding afternoon.

Bear Guardian in the evening.
I am so aware how the days are getting shorter.

Enjoy your day everyone. Keep us posted as much as is possible.

May all of our problems be resolved.
May all of our healths continue to improve or simply maintain.

JudyE said...

Good morning eagle bud

SANDI That picture of her is amazing. Congratulated to her.
Things are looking good for Potter it seems and sorry about the doxies odd how the are clean in your bedroom just odd.

ANDY I think you can backup your email on a drive disc then it would be there then just delete all from computer
I had windows mail but no longer since mt desktop doesn't work.
I loved it also. I am just going to roadrunner to check my mail now which I don't like, but I am dealing with it.

JANET our Spaghetti warehouse closed its doors. But so many complaints they reopened it in a different location. I do believe it was closed because the state needed the area for 275 widening That is the place we meet you at in Tampa.

Thinking of getting sandbags. Don't think I will need them. I got some years ago but of course the bag rotted and sand ended up all over the yard. I am not in a flood prone area but most people aren't when they get flooded.

JANET pulled a WANDA with all the white blank area. Not unless we are to read in between the lines LOL 馃槺

Well need to call Angie to see if she is going to the emergency meeting at the school tonight. We went Fri and it was horrible. The news media was there and thank goodness they didn't use it all on the news. I don't know if anyone on fb saw the pieces I posted from the news. There is a no ac, mold issue, big time at the school which is a charter school.

Lolly said...

Have been out watering pots. We need to walk but have not been inspired yet! Ha!

Sandi, Lynnis and I started at the same time. Only I do not look like that! Lol. Just weight loss for me. It is hard to believe she did that In Such a short time. She is to be congratulated! I am not an admirer of body building, but being in good shape is to be admired. Is she going to keep this up?

Second couple sounds so much better. Hope is works out for Potter. He does need a yard!

We have been having the car serviced for our trip. They have had it since Thursday afternoon. Hope to get it soon! Waaaaah, I want my car.

Need to shop for yarn and a pattern for a neck scarf. I like to knit while traveling. Can talk and look around or listen to an audio book and knit , too. Reading is not so good!

Time to get busy!

JudyE said...

got my sandbags When I got there 5 nice young gentleman were there Two came up to me for ID and ask how many I wanted I said I thought 10 was the limit They asked if 20 would be good I said fine they assured me my truck could take it I ended up with 23
I am seeing if Angie wants some I will give her 11 They are on the highest area of the county Never have to evacuate

JudyE said...

LOLLY why would it take more than a day to service your car? getting any thing done??? I always get a once over before when I use to go on road trips but it only took a couple of hours I would have them bring me home that way they had it for the whole day they would come pick me up at 3 one time it wasn't ready till 4 which was fine with me.

Sandi said...

Judy, why sandbags? Is your house at risk for flooding? How close are you to water? Does the county give them to residents or did you buy them?

JudyE said...

every where in fl is always in danger of floods I think one might say I live in a area that is the last that would have to evacuate We have the TD that is out there that will be here Thurs and we will be on the bad wet side of it up to 8 inches maybe I am not required to have flood insurance but my neighbor across the street does he is lower in elevation than I am I am build on a brim my house is so much younger that all in the area also by 40 yrs.
and the yards only hold so much water with the retention ponds We got a inch and a half yesterday We get rain on a daily basis during the summer so when a TD comes in it just means more rain on top of what we normally get And the bags are FREE for residents. I am about 7 miles to a beach
The scary thing is on 60th there is a sign that shows storm surge in my area and its over my head but that is for a high hurricane I think 5 I walk by it every time I go for a walk I always want to take a pic but never take my cam on a walk in the area

JudyE said...

Angie has a yard that also get lots of water and the extra room that was added is at ground level so they get seepage under the wall when they get to much water in yard

JudyE said...

BERM instead of brim

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Gang,

Sandi, I am considering switching to a different e-mail provider, but want to wait and see how much what I have now improves, once I pare down to a manageable number of e-mails and re-install Windows Live Mail. I have a memory stick I can use to store my current e-mails, once I've deleted most of them. It's just SO time consuming to get to that point! Ken has pared down his e-mails, and says that his now works great--nice and fast. That's encouraging!....I hope that the new family inquiring about adopting Potter works out. They sound like a MUCH better match to me.

Judy, I hope you don't have any flooding at your roost! It's good that you've been able to get some sandbags, for sure!

Got to go feed Emma her dinner. Saying prayers for everyone, especially those with health/healing needs. Hope to get back here after dinner, but may fall asleep in front of the TV. In case I don't make it back here, have a good night's sleep, with SED. I ♥ us!!!

Hoda said...

Saw two Bears fishing. The young one does not know how! Needs more lessons. The older one is an excellent fisher.


stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Sandbags, Judy? I hope you will not need them. Goodness. I have seen the weather forecasts, though. Florida looks like a target for some rough weather.

I am getting ready for a trip to Savannah and Jekyll Island Georgia, then Beaufort, South Carolina. We leave on Sept. 19. This is a bus trip sponsored by Fredericksburg Parks and Rec. I will be going with my bowling friends, Valerie, Julie, and Doris, plus another friend of Val's. I do hope the weather will be kind to us.

Hoping that everything works out for Potter, Sandi. That second home does sound like a much better choice. And, oh, do I understand how you feel about the start of school as a retiree.

Hoda, you just keep on going. I cannot imagine being so calm around such a big bear. I loved your pictures, though.

Oh, no, Andy, I had better check out my email situation. I have not deleted much of anything for quite awhile. I do hope you get everything straightened out very soon.

Cannot imagine being skinny enough to slip under a gate the way that guy did, Lolly. Wonder what other types of places he might be sneaking into? Doggy doors? Yikes!

Janet Neely said...

good morning to one and all.

yes, I look as if I collapsed on the screen the other night. good grief I was so tired. after 2+ hours cleaning at massage envy on sunday nights my body hurts. so I have taken to getting in the hot tub as soon as I get home. I surely hope my body adjusts to this!!!! it is usually 1 a.m. before I get to bed.....and thankfully I can sleep in on Mondays.

JUDYE: I wish I could teleport ya'll right on up here. I do NOT miss tropical systems. of course, we do get tornados, but I have my hidey-hole (basement) as I call it.

Please be safe.

SANDI: those doggies are keeping you BUSY! good thing you retired!!!!

my oh my we are back to sticky hot weather. the a/c went out on the mazda. (it is giving us some fits these days). taking it to the shop tomorrow. thankfully we have the wagon.

early this morning, someone plowed into not one, not two, but 3 light poles on Charlotte Pike, which is down the hill behind out house. Power was out for quite a while. they are saying its going to be a traffic nightmare today with a 12 hour fix ....

Olivia started 10th grade yesterday. (I have to think of Jo sending me the video of I will survive homeschool version).....we made it thru. its just one step at a time. their Spanish is hard to navigate. I will have to find a better way to have her hear the words. I am surprised they haven't started with the sounds of the alphabet.....they started with naming animals.....hmmmmmmm....thinking

need to get busy. day off, but things to do today. heading out to the pool. never made it into the pool yesterday.....days are getting shorter and soon the pool will cool down to a level that is not comfortable for me. must get it in while I can! lol.

have a great day to all!!!!
light love hugs smiles

Lolly said...

Good morning!

Boy is something ever getting to me this morning! Nose is running like a faucet and sneezing my head off!

Heading to Denton this afternoon. Open house at Laurel's school this evening. Parents go with the kids and walk through the day with them, 5 minutes in each class. Laurel will be busy with her classes so we are walking with Jacob. Joey can not go as he is working....Driver's Ed., his second job. So, off we go. Also, taking dinner!

Last night rain north of us and rain south of us. Jack reminds me "it rains on the just and the unjust, but never on Lolly." However, that is so wrong as sometimes we flood. Lol. It just never rains when I want it!馃槣

Sounds like a fun trip, Shirley! We leave the 18th. Hoping to see some of you on Sunday, Oct. 16th after being in New England and headed home.

Oh, man my nose is killing me! Zyrtec is not doing it's job!

JudyE said...

Good Morning eagle buds

not much going on was out side earlier and oh my it feels nice out for a change But wait it will get hot and humid again

From what the news reported the meeting last night was so much calmer that the one on Friday nite Which is great in itself! Angie said it seemed to go good and the board was unaware of some of the issues and the owner Mr C showed is ugly side and they did capture it on the news when he ripped off the poster the kids made for the picnic (that was over a soft spot on the wall water damage????) I just hope this can be resolved with out any repercussions against any parent and children

Hoda said...

Stay safe Judy.
You are a big concern right now.
Hope no floods.
Prayers continue for Doug.
All good here. Happy with how my days unfold and how solutions manifest.

Hoda said...

Lolly not much longer before your trip starts. So looking forward to coming along...POST POST POST!!!
Shirley you too. Post if you can. Hope no rains for you...

Lori O. said...

Good Wednesday morning Momlets!

Up at 3 this morning so maybe I will take a nap today. I've been doing this lately, getting up to potty and I don't even try to go back to bed. Maybe it's my comfort zone after doing early mornings for so many years when I was on the air.

Wow, JUDY, 8" in a lot of rain. I'm not watching much news lately. When is it supposed to hit? Please play it safe.

LOLLY, it never rains when you want it to if you're a gardener and your plants need water.

JANET, the hot tub sounds so wonderful. We haven't even used ours yet and it's one of the things I loved about this house. Good luck with the Spanish lessons!

SANDI, good news on Potter's future home. Nice to have a choice of 2 homes for him!

What we thought was the beginning of Shingles was not, yeah, but the doctor thinks it is some stress response by nerves, the so same meds seem to be doing the trick. Still a little burning pain occasionally, but definitely better. Was not happy with that doctor visit, came home with cholesterol meds which I've been putting off for a long time since I know it is hereditary high cholesterol from my dad, but my LDL - the bad one - is really high. I'll now eat even more veggies, which I love so that's fine with me.

A dog rescuer Facebook friend who lived close to me in PA apparently went off the deep end, or maybe always was. Apparently relapsed with drugs and was arrested, then everyone finds out she sold several dogs for drug money! No one saw it coming. Anyway, all of the sold dogs have been located and returned except one, Hoagie. I'm devastated. You really don't know people online. I'm so glad most of us have met at one time or another.

JudyE said...

Good morning eagle buds

Got woke up several hours ago with loud storms. Still raining this is one of the bands I guess and this isn't the worse
I have a 1110 appt for mammo and bone scan dex scan

Just checked rain gauge 3 inches with more coming
Still saying up to 9 today on and off rain for the nest couple of days
This isn't the storm this is before the storm I think will be coming in at the panhandle. But we are on the wet wind side

Lolly said...

Good morning!

Good time last night visiting Jacob's and Laurel's school. Met all of Jacob's teachers. Most interesting was Jacob's teacher for history. She has the class room next to Laurel's. She is on Laurel's team and she is a BIG problem. It all started a couple years ago...hands shaking, bazaar behavior, VERY loud classroom. She was out for months last year after several went to administration. They do not know the exact problem, but they suspect prescription drug abuse. Well, the 5 minute presentation in her room was something else! She rambled! She said that she allows gum to be chewed even though it is against school policy. Also school district policy on grading is that every child can be reassessed to change a grade. She says she does this by just talking to a student.????? Note this week sent home by email was full of incorrect statements and misspelling. Laurel is at her wits end! She is documenting every incident.

Best news! While gone last night we had storms and almost an inch and a half of rain!!! Wahoooo! Must have poured as we have mud on the bricks and water on the patio.

Much better today. Thank goodness! No more runny nose. Something sure was in the air!

JudyE said...

back from mammo didn't get the dex scan They didn't get authrozation from insurance I have my book says no charge but they must have it from the insur co PIA so now I go back on the 7th
I had a appt for the 6th for dr recheck
I will cancel since the results for the bone des test won't be there

ONE MORE INCH since I left so 4" so far today

the interstate 275 in TaMPA some of the exit ramps are closed due to flooding I had no issues when I was out There are some swollen ditches and retention ponds and more rain coming If we weren't already drenched from all the summer rain wouldn't be bad. but that is Fl weather gotta live with it LOL

JudyE said...

LOLLY I hope that the teacher situation gets resolved Has the principal been informed???

JudyE said...

ONE more inch 5 TOTAL since last night and still raining I went out to MT the gauge before it flowed over

All schools are closed Angie work is also close I was gonna go over to spend the night there if Angie had to work but they decided to close They are in a lo lo area of the city

JudyE said...

Just upgraded the TD to HERMINE official hurricane

stronghunter said...

Hoping that you are safe, Judy. Know you are a veteran of Florida weather. Take care.

Sunny here. I have not ventured out. I still need to pull some more weeds in my flower beds. I have been lazy for too long.

Goodness, Lolly. I hope that teacher situation gets straightened out.

Glad to know it is not shingles, Lori. But I do hope your doctor figures out what is going on.

I plan to post as I travel, Hoda. I will most likely take along my computer this time. I did not take it to France, but this is a lot less complicated.

Wishing everyone a good day.

Lynne2 said...

Just checking in....haven't been here in a few days.

All is not well here, things with my FIL are getting worse after having leveled of for a while. Tensions running very high.

Lolly, wow, that's crazy about that teacher! Hope something can be done about it.

Judy, stay safe!

Janet, I found Spanish to be very easy when I was in school except of course for verb tenses, LOL! Hope Livvy finds it easy as well.

Patti I hope Bubba's new friend from the pet store turns into a great therapy dog....they do SO much good for the world!

Andy you inspired me to rid my computer of old emails but I only had 600ish to deal with!

Lori, glad it's not shingles but wow, still a pain never the less. So sad about the dog rescuer.

A new potential home for Potter! Yay! Lynnis looks really good Sandi!

I have lost 20lbs since we moved here. I have been trying to lose but I have no doubt some of it is due to the extreme stress of just being here. And it's not really noticeable since I have much more to lose but it was a real confidence booster when I got on the scale at the Dr last week!

Janet Neely said...

Good evening to one and all

LORI O: we do love the hot tub. Tom doesn’t get in much this time of the year because it is so hot, but I am finding it handy with this new job I gave myself! Lol.
JUDYE: stay high and dry sis. I don’t envy you. I’ll take winter over that!
Its been another hot TN day. I’ve gotten a few things done. My cicada wing earrings are coming along nicely. A few more coats of varnish and they will be complete.

Seeing an early bed time tonight as I am tired.

Good night to all! HUGS!

Hoda said...

Lynne! I am sorry. Very upsetting living situation.
Congrats on losing the weight. Less stress is even better.

Judy please keep checking in. Fon't much care for hurricane!

Happy for you Lori... Hope you get rid of the pain.

All good here. Volunteering a lot.
Days are noticeably shorter however.

AZPatti said...

Evening, all! Just checking in. All's well here but I do have a lot of to-do list items that are taking up my evenings. But I continue to tick them off, one by one. Off the to-do list, that is! :-)

Take care everyone and SED.

JudyE said...

Howdy eagle momlets still here This is one WET system and not even her yet still out in the Gulf.

today was such a dark day with the clouds being gray to black Looked like evening all day.

so far today TOTAL I now have 8" just walked out to look at gauge Will go out in a bit and empty it so can catch the overnight rain.

JudyE said...

I want to go walking LOL I miss my evening walk
If it was just raining I would go but every now and then I hear thunder rumbling So I stay put Not going to get my 20,000 steps in at 13,000 now

/will check in before I retire I know GA is getting some rain with this when he finally hits land

stronghunter said...

Checking in to say good night. We are having a rumbly thunderstorm. The rain is very welcome.

Looks like that hurricane is coming our way.

Good night, everyone.

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,

Wow, Judy, saying some prayers that you won't soon need an ark! That's a LOT of rain!

Lori, I hope the doctor figures out what's going on. Glad that the meds seem to be working for you, though. Hope you lick whatever it is, quickly!
What a shame about the dog rescuer friend! Hope they get the help they need very soon!

Lolly, that's good that you got some rain, and that your nose has calmed down!
I hate when I get really bad allergies like that. It's hard to function with one hand in a kleenex box! That teacher situation sounds pretty crazy! Hope that it can be straightened out before too long!

Well, wish I could chat some more, but Emma is reminding me that it's a few minutes past her dinnertime. Hope to get back here later tonight, but if not,
have a great night's sleep, with SED. God bless! I ♥ us!!

JudyE said...

SHH not raining at the present time Roads are all drained also.
emptied the gauge and total is 8 1/2 inches we will see what tonight brings they are saying to expect a addition 4.5. to 8 inches of rain tomorrow It is still out in the gulf slow moving storm

Hoda said...

We are going to split in three!

I am concerned about the teacher in Jacob's class. Stress is not good. Mixed messages not good for the children. I am also concerned for Laurel. She does not need the extra documentation time!!!

Thank you Judy for posting. Glad you did not go out for a walk in hurricane weather.

Hoda said...

Well good morning!
198...two more...weeeeeeeee
Who will it be?

Hope Judy either has a sail boat or an anchor do she would not be drifting somewhere out in the Atlantic.

All good here.
Hiking, volunteering and out to supper tonight.
14 new fires in the Kootenay due to a lightning strike. Under control though!
Rain predicted for the weekend.

Hoda said...

Well thinking of Sandi.
Does the absence mean she is busy with Potter adoption?

Hoda said...

Judy has not checked in either!
This is worrisome!!!
Hope to hear from you soon Judy?
Hope you still have power.

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