Monday, August 08, 2016


Fresh thread.


JudyE said...

Thanks for the new one

Lynne2 said...

Thanks Steve, thanks Judy.

Sandi said...

Thanks Steve for a new week thread! Thanks Judy for the call over!

Anxiously awaiting the arrival of a cute little blonde 2-year old!

Lolly said...

Wow! New thread! Must go back and read. Had a good time with Michael and Zach. Zach was definitely excited to be here. And, enjoyed Michael, of course! Throwing an emotional fit worked! Lol. I think he got the message!

Have watered pots and taking it easy for the rest of the day!

Hoda said...

Glad to have a new thread.
Kudos Steve.
Awesome cooler temperatures day. So I cycled for 24 KM, I kayaked, and I swam. I had an awesome Salmon and salad lunch.
Friends are arriving for a three day visit. Generally all is good.
Carol Anne I love my bicycle bell. So very handy. Thank you for this gift that keeps on giving.

Happy for you Lolly and Sandi.

AZPatti said...

Good evening, all! Thank you Steve and JudyE.

Nothing new here in my neck of the woods on this lovely Monday afternoon. Felt a little puny over the weekend but I guess going back to work set me to rights.

Lolly, so glad your "emotional fit" resulted in a visit with your boys. Never underestimate the power of a mom/grandma on a mission! :-)

Sandi, so glad Miss Freyja is on her way to you, even if there are a few detours. I, too, am hopeful Potter is good with children and that Janey will gradually learn to trust him again.

Hoda, glad you enjoyed your day outside and lunch sounds awesome! Enjoy your friends' visit. Nice visual here.... Hoda, just toodling down the road, enjoying the beautiful scenery, bicycle bell just a'tinkling. :-)

We're off for a bit of outside time before we hit the TV for more Olympics. Wishing everyone SED.

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,

Thank you, Steve, for the new thread! And thanks to Judy for the call over.

We had a very busy day on Saturday, but I did think of, and say prayers for, Jo and her family. We wound up going to breakfast with our friend Chuck, who used to work with Ken. His car (a Mustang) needed to go in the shop for a recall, to have the driver's airbag replaced. The front passenger airbag is on order, so it will be deja vu when that comes in. We went to the IHOP near our house for breakfast, and had a nice time catching up on what's happening. After that we dropped Chuck off at the dealership (which is near our house) to pick up his car.

Judie, that's great that you were able to reach Chrissy, and tell her about Jo.
I've tried several times to reach her, with no success. Glad to know she's still out there. Hope you and Darth are okay, and the kitties. Miss you!

Hoda, I don't think I realized that you had been vegan, and now are eating salmon. Didn't know that you had to change. Hope you're feeling well. I sure wish I had as much energy as you! I just find it difficult to balance my blood sugar at a level where my doctor's happy, and I have enough "reserve" that I feel energetic all day. I find that I feel friskier when my blood sugar is at a level higher than the medical community would recommend. They want 90, and I feel a little tired at that level. I like 125-150 better, especially if I'm working and using my brain a lot, or on the computer for a long time. Guess our brains use a lot of sugar for fuel!

Margy, sorry about the shift change at your work! What a bummer! Sure is nice to see you here, because I've really missed you! That's awesome that you have been able to take up swimming again.

Well, I have some chores I need to get finished before it's time to feed Emma her dinner. Have a good evening, everyone. God bless, and goodnight. I ♥ us!

JudyE said...

Good evening
Just got home from the school open house and used uniform sa!e
We had a blow out sale 2 or 3 for 5 on pants shorts and some shirts
Lots of happy parents with the blow out prices
Normally we sell for 5 except jackets are more
Quite a few people brought in more to sell
Just as we think the piles are going down they bring more a loosing battle LOL
I brought all the uniforms home going to size them for easier selling . We had in piles of sizes but they always get messed up and its a pia always having to look for the tag!
Gonna head to TV land

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Good evening my eagle budlets/momsters/momlets/dadsters/dadlets. Didn't have to work late tonight and I am so grateful. Fixing to head to bed. I hope everyone has a peaceful, restful night with sweet eagle dreams.

I love us.

Will tell on myself, when I proofread what I wrote, I had "restless" sleep instead of "restful". That wouldn't be nice to wish everyone a restless sleep. lol

Hoda said...

Shar I hope you are having a restful sleep.
Some good friends from Alberta arrived.
Spent the evening at the park.
Two Iowa classes tomorrow and maybe even Kayak??? Let's see about the weather.
Good night all.
Miss Freyja must be at her Nana's by now.

Hoda said...

Thank you Patti and Andy. Yes I was vegan for many many years. Then my numbers went funny and my medical doctor and I have been working to restore the balance.
Judy glad your sale went well. Don.'this over work. A reminder you are retired.
Good night.

Janet Neely said...

good morning to one and all. it sounds as if everyone is well and happy.
I had such a busy 3 days off! but last night was particularly delightful.
I had my gs and youngest gd while mia went to soccer practice. after dinner we headed for the pool and played for nearly an hour. it was fun. I have a float that is long and flat with a "roll" at each end. lorelei announced that is her flying carpet and she is jasmine. jack became alladin and I became the genie. the little one was floating on her flying carpet singing part of a song from the alladin movie.....and then jack would splash us with water and lorelei would say get him moogie and I would chase after him and dunk him as he dissolved into laughter. such memories to many smiles I had to share!

heading to work in a bit. have a lovely day.....

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

From Shirley aka stronghunter - Good morning from Myrtle Beach. Having some difficulty posting on the blog because the network here wants my password and I do not remember it. All is well with us and we will be home tonight. You are welcome to share this information on the blog. Also having some difficulty posting on email for the same reason.

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Good morning my eagle Momlets. Make a great day.


JudyE said...

Good morning eagle budlets

Sitting waiting for Jordyn to wake up
Dining nothing because of the impending rain
I only got 2 inches yesterday
But others north of us got ponder up to 10 and more today

JudyE said...

Doing nothing not dining LOL
Hope everyone has a ggggreat day

Hoda said...

Thank you Shar for news from Shirley.
Good to hear from you Shirley. Look forward to more pictures.

Our Nana from South Bethaney Delaware has her princess home. Oh my and what a beauty she is. Love you Sandi and family.

On my way to morning yoga and then Pilates st noon.
Some time with Alberta friends and maybe even a Kayak trip.

Lolly said...

Good morning!

Stayed up too late last night watching olympics and playing Scrabble! Have the game on my iPad and we pass it back and forth. Lol. Jack always wins, but some day I will!!! Determined! 馃槵

Love Salmon but not the bear kind. Lol. Prefer to cook it. Have a new recipe I want to try, Salmon and avocados.

Suffered "let down" yesterday. Having a hard time accepting the son situation. (Divorce, girlfriend) Just need to get on with enjoying my life.

Hoda, CarolAnne sent you a bell for your bike? Awesome! Love that CarolAnne. She is so thoughtful! Need to go shake my rain stick! Lol

Nothing on the agenda today. Need to inquire about a id chip for Skippi and take care of some banking.

Have a great day!

Lori O. said...

Good morning MOMLETS!

I am catching up but wanted you all to know I'm here and thank God you are too!

I haven't seen anything on DanaMo, but I am thinking about her a lot.

So sorry LOLLY. We always want the best for those we love, but he has to choose. Whoever he has in his life is lucky to have you and your wonderful family. Maybe it's for that person these things are happening. You are such a beautiful person I'm sure you will be an inspiration to Michael's choice of a partner. ♥

JANET, I loved your story of frolicking in the pool with the kids! Awesome memories for all!

JUDYE, who do you do the uniform stuff for? It sounds like a worthy project!

I saw a story and a petition today where the Fed Gov wants to allow corporations to put logos, advertising and things up in our National Parks as a way of getting money to fund the parks. I hope this is not talking politics, but I hope this is never allowed. Our National Parks should be sacred. I think as nature and eagle lovers we all agree it's not a good thing. Sorry, I was just horrified at the thought. I have such cherished memories of going to Yosemite, Zion, Grand Canyon, Bryce and Sequoia Nat Parks - some of them with my grandparents when I was a kid.

HODA, the thought of you riding a bike with a bell on it gives me a big smile! ♥

Love all you Momlets dearly. ♥♥

JudyE said...

LORI the uniform money goes to the PTO Board so far this year almost 1,400.00
They use the money for the kids at the school fun times
This year they are adding a fishing trip with parent
They have daddy daughter dance, laser tag with dads, back to school party end of school party's Trunk or treat skating party plus other stuff
Where ever its needed for the kids
The also have adopt kid class but that may be changing to total school
There was a issue with one teacher using it for herself instead of getting something for her students

Hoda said...

Lolly and Lori, Carol Anne sent me the bike bell a few years ago. It used to say I ❤️ My Bike. The heart has faded and the bell continues to be a joy. Yay!!!

Sorry about the "let down" Lolly. I agree with Lori...

Downtown Nelson is a Zoo!!!
Four detours to get from my flat to the yoga studio!!! Normally it is a ten minute max experience. Paving and blocking off streets.

Then the Shambhala crowd is back.
No social awareness what so ever!!! Cross roads at intersections where light indicates drivers get green for go!!! Maybe they did not get the meme on meaning of traffic lights!!!
Then in the middle of an intersection on a steep hill this Alberta plates car suddenly stops. More barefoot dreads long coats spill out! No way are their that many seat belts in that car! And here we are a live fest happening!!! Hugging and singing and kissing and waving and crying!!!
Can we get a move on! Four detours, trying to get to yoga! Get a move on people I have places to go and yoga to do!!! I start laughing. Be here now is the lesson. This is your yoga...they look at me, flash me a few peace signs. Some get in the car others move to the sidewalk!!! I make it to yoga class for my asana practice!!! Do I dare venture to go to Pilates class? Not sure!!!馃檭馃檭馃檭

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,

Wow! Had another day here with a high of 80! It seems too good to be true! We're loving it, though! Lolly, so sorry it's so very hot in Texas! Our kids had a high of 101 today, though it's cooled down a bit to 97 right now. They set their A/C at 80 degrees during the day, and it makes it manageable.

We went and walked the mall this morning again. Came home and watched some of the Olympics that we recorded while we were gone. Really enjoy watching the Equestrian events. They really keep you on the edge of your seat!

I've been thinking of Jo's family, and Dana and her family a lot today. Have been praying for them.

Well, guess I need to say goodnight. Emma is wanting a lap to sit in while Ken is at the post office to mail something. Have a good evening, everyone. God bless, and have SED. I ♥ us!!

Hoda said...

Good to read your post Andy.
Yes we all continue to think of Jo and her family. Missing her a great deal.
DanaMo prayers to you and your family.

Went to Pilates. It was good. Not many people made it to class. I had to park half way to China!!! A ten minute trip took over an hour. They are ripping out whole streets. Down to dirt! Almost 3/4 foot deep. It will be a week of this! As they finish one area they will rip up another!!! Glad it is getting done before the cold weather.

Lolly said...

Getting on to say good night. Staying inside except in the morning. Did go out after dinner and it was just hard to breathe. So hot! I can stand it in the morning when I have the hose running and keep wetting my feet.

Have been staying up too late watching the Olympics. Better get to bed earlier tonight!

Nite all! SED!

Lolly said...

Well. I said good night and now I say good morning! Sad to see so few posting!

Thinking about going outside now and doing a little work. Gotta think this through. Lol

Have a great day!

Hoda said...

Well good morning Lolly.
All good.
People come on when they are able.

Cool here today.
Visiting with friends.
And generally being grateful

E Coli counts high in the lake!
Staying away from swimming till the city says it is cleared.

Sandi has some awesome pictures of Miss Freyja. She is beautiful.

Paula posted Larry's celebration went very well.

Lynne2 said...

afternoon all!

Hoda, you are so funny with your descriptions! Give me a good chuckle which I need! Hope this Shambalah Fest calms down sooner than later. Puts me in mind of what the 60s might have been like in many places!

Corporate logos in National Parks? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

Glad you are having a cool down Andy....and LOLLY...YUK. It's not even 80 here, breezy but a bit more humid than normal.

I'm envious Janet...I want to play in the pool too! I really miss swimming.

Sandy posted some pics of the baby on FB.....NOT a baby anymore! She is SO pretty!

JudyE said...

Good afternoon eagle budlets
Wow what a differences a day makes. Sun is shining a no rain only down fall temp is rising
The past week hasn't gotten over 84 cause of all the rain. Temp now is 89 and rising

Hope Jordyn first day is awesome she was excited about going back.
A story on her bts the received a postcard in the mail with teacher name on it.
When it arrived Angie had Jordyn read it her teacher is Mrs Cayea Jordyn face went blank sort of sad. Her teacher in kindergarten was Mrs Cayea and Jordyn didn't continue reading the card that said Second grade. So she was thinking she had to go back to kindergarten LOL. What a relief she said when we told her that she is now teaching 2nd grade.

Hope everyone has a great day in what no matter what they do

Green water in diving pool in Rio yuk just showing on the news

stronghunter said...


Got home from Myrtle Beach last night about 9:30. I was pretty tired. We went down to the beach yesterday morning, and I decided to take a walk. I wanted to walk down to the sky wheel, even though I realized it was probably a lot further than it looked, so I took off barefoot and with nothing but my phone. I actually made it, but then decided to walk back on the sidewalk. I ended up really tired and with sore feet. When I got home, I measured the distance on Google Earth--1.3 miles each way. A lot of walking for me. Probably nothing for some of you all.

stronghunter said...

Glad the grade level thing got straightened of Jordyn, Judy, and I hope she likes Ms. Cayea.

Okay, Lynne, I am guessing you do not approve of logos in parks. I agree.

Hi, Hoda, you covered a lot of information in your post. Yikes!

Hoping that all works out well for Michael, Lolly. And, especially for Zach. It will take time.

Been trying to keep up with the Olympics here as well. I have missed some events because of our vacation.


stronghunter said...

Glad the grade level thing got straightened for Jordyn, Judy.

Lynne2 said...

LOL Shirley....maybe a bit of a milder phrase? Whisky Tango Hotel.

2.6 mile walk is a long way! I'd love to walk on the beach that long. Hope you aren't ailing too long. Good to have you back.

Judy, poor Jordan! Her heart must have really sunk when she thought in that moment she was going back to kindergarten! Hopefully she is excited about having that teacher again, though!

Hoda, how often do they check the lake? Where does the E. Coli come from?

Lynne2 said...

Turns out Steve and I are taking a last minute camping trip on Monday morning. A new well is being water. AND, the kitchen floor is being replaced as well with tile. No walking on it til later in the day on Tues. No problem for us but with the whole place being wide open with no way to keep the dogs out, we must evac.! We haven't been in 5 years so I'm looking forward to some real peace and quiet. Errr....did I say peace? We have never taken the dogs camping before. OMG! I'm SO sad not to have a camera for their first trip. Pray for us...LOL!

Lolly said...

Hi Shirley! Welcome home! Does not seem too long a walk to me, however barefoot and on a side walk does not sound good! Much rather walk on the beach!

Lynne, have fun on the camping trip. Bet the dogs do well. They will love it!

Have been doing a little clean up going through my desk. Need to do more....another day! Also, have gone through books and taking quite a few to our preschool at our church. Have done that once before and now ready to let go of more books.

AZPatti said...

Evening, all! Sorry I missed everyone yesterday. It was a busy, busy day at work yesterday so when I got home, all I wanted was to decompress. We headed to the "beach" and then watched more Olympics.

No advertising signs in National Parks!!

We've been battling diarrhea/loose stools with our old girl, Zena. Just when we think we've gotten it under control, here it comes again. The latest thing was prescription food (sensitive stomach/food allergies), along with rounds of antibiotics and steroids. Not crazy about either of those meds but we decided to try since nothing else was working long-term. Thought we had it whipped and this route was going to work. Nope. Diarrhea was back today. Very, very discouraging. We still have a couple more options but haven't decided exactly what we'll do. It just seems so weird because everything else about her is normal. She still runs, plays, is interested in other dogs and their people walking by, and she has NOT lost her appetite. She's still our little chow-hound.

Glad Shirley made it home safe, even with sore feet, and Paula and Larry's celebration was a success. Hope Lynne, Steve and the pups enjoy camping and Jordyn had a wonderful first day IN SECOND GRADE. Wishing Lolly peace and Hoda patience. Oh, did I mention No signs in National Parks? :-)

Going to hop over to facebook to check on Miss Freyja and then head for the TV for my daily dose of Olympics. SED everyone!

Janet Neely said...

good evening all. yet another go go go kind of day!
we missed the rain today and even though I am most thankful for the rain, it was lovely to see the sun. august is my least favorite month due to the humidity levels.

reading back, everyone seems well. thinking of you all! good night

Hoda said...

Welcome home Shirley...good to see you here. Did I see a picture of Kathryn on a Navy Frigate??? How did you ever manage that?
Lynne2 camping that sounds heavenly. Oh how I wished I could do that again!!!
The lake is tested once a day in Nelson. They tested in the morning and shut her down by the afternoon for swimming. They have much higher than provincial standards do I always read it as a precaution. E Coli happens because we have geese and ducks. It has also been very warm. They need to have a week to ten days with normal measures before the rescind the advisory on no swimming. Boating still allowed.
Patti and Janet good to read both of your posts. Rain is good. Many here watch the Olympics too but I have not watched a single thing. Oh well! I hear US swimmers are making a sweep. Bravo.
Yes good Jordyn is settled with her grade two level. Bravo for working her through it Judy.
Alberta friends will leave tomorrow.
I am hiking up a mountain tomorrow. We are going early so I do not get a heat stroke.
Much love and Light to all.
Wanda made a comment about Sandi's Miss Freyja bring so cute so I know Wanda is well.
I need a smoothy for my supper...

Lolly said...

Have been watching the Olympics. Do like healthy competition! Like the gymnastics, swimming, and volleyball. And, they have not even started the running. Like it, too!

Laurel sent pics tonight of Joey teaching Jacob how to shave. Hilarious! He does not need to shave!

Did not take Skippi today to get her chip. Just did not want to get out! Lazy!

Nite all! SED,

Hoda said...

Shirley has an awesome video on her FB of her old school "start of year"!!! Wow!!! Talk about energy!

Happy Birthday DanaMo!
Yes a tough one as a first but I celebrate your awesome being.

If it is too hot to go out, that does not qualify as lazy Lolly.

Hiking early tomorrow. So will sign off.
I want to be back in by noon!

Lori O. said...

So nice to see so many familiar faces here!!!

Momlets. That still makes me laugh.

Have fun camping LYNNE2! It's going to be so hot and humid. Take care to stay cool and lots of water for the dogs. :)

SHIRLEY 1.3 miles is a long walk, especially barefoot! I always wear shoes so my feet are not tough at all.

HODA, can't wait to see pics of your hike! Stay out of the lake. You do not want e coli.

Watching a lot of Olympics here, well the tv is on but I'm always doing something else. I do love watching the diving, swimming, track but not the field part. lol

We're having some very hot and very humid weather through at least Sunday. My sympathies to everyone else who is dealing with it too. Stay cool and check on elderly neighbors. ♥♥

And, since it's past midnight:


Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends - no tennis this morning so I have some time to pop onto the blog.

Happy birthday Dana!

Shirley, welcome home and congrats on that "hike" you took, especially with no shoes on!

Lynne2, are you tent camping? With 2 dogs? Good luck! How is job hunting going for you and Steve?

Patti, sorry to hear about Zena. We've had similar problems with Janey but at least we know the source of the problem - hookworms. I hope you find a solution soon.

Judy, I hope Jordyn liked her kindergarten teacher since she will be spending another year with her. I hope she had a good first day back!

Freyja is a delight - and a whirlwind!! Today we head to the beach. We actually went to the beach last night for a little bit to buy a kite and fly it. Freyja loved flying her butterfly kite - wanted to fly it all by herself as 2 year olds like to do. Things went well for about 30 seconds...and then she let go of the string holder. Bye bye kite! Fortunately Freyja thought it was funny - butterflies are supposed to fly high, right?

Since she is 2 years old, Freyja is very prone to temper tantrums if she doesn't get her way. It sure is harder to ignore a crying child when it's your granddaughter, not your own child!

Potter is doing well - no more being mean to Janey and she is slowly starting to trust him again indoors. He is going to be a greyt pet for someone. Housebreaking was a snap, he walks beautifully on-leash, he understands, "Go lay down." But...he is very puppy-like. Chewed up a stuffed dog toy and swallowed the tail - squeaker and all. Fortunately he threw it all up a couple of hours later. I message Dana on FB because one of her dogs loves to eat stuff and she told me about pouring a bathroom cup of peroxide down the dog's throat to make it throw up. The very next day, Potter ate the inside lining of a disposable diaper so I got to try Dana's tip! It worked like a charm!

Have a greyt day all.

JudyE said...

Good morning eaglet buckets

Another beautiful start to the day. No rain in the am back to our normal summer afternoon and evening storms with the heat of day.
Its 80• now but will climb in the 90s

♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday Dear DANA ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you!! ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ And many, many, many more!!
***Sending birthday wishes your way***

Hoda said...

Good morning all!
Sandi I laughed with joy at Freyja laughing at releasing the butterfly!!!
Next time tie it on her wrist and also show her how to hold it.

Glad you and Dana PM... Awesome resource she is and a good friend.

Headed out for a hike. Hoping to be back in before it hits mid twenties Celsius.

Talk to you all later. Missing Jo, and grateful for all of your company.

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Supposed to be very hot in these parts the next few days. Google says it is 87 degrees now. I have not ventured out.

Cute story about Feeyja and the butterfly kite, Sandi. She is a beautiful child.

I got a big kick out of Hoda's reaction to the school opening video from Culpeper. They have been doing that for several years now. My last year there, the new principal decided we should have an energetic, upbeat, pep-rally type opening assembly. The next year, as I recall, they started the videos. I will see if I can post it here.

stronghunter said...

Happy birthday, Dana!

Hoda said...

K then!
Since Shirley is bringing the Culpepper school opening video here, everyone tell me if you do not think like me, those teachers are for sure on Nelson Btownies!!!
They call it pie! It must be a Southern thing!!!!
Honestly thirty years teaching and NEVER EVER EVER did I feel that way about the start of a school year!!! I never even knew anyone could feel that way!!! Must have been working in the wrong schools I am sure!!!
Bye on my way to find a bear or two!!!

Hoda said...

Love you Shirley!
Don't mind me!!!

stronghunter said...

Yeah, my walk down the beach was pretty long. That 1.3 miles was one way. I walked back, too. Walking in sand is a challenge, but I found that walking on concrete quickly took a toll on my bare feet. I was a bit sore yesterday. Just not used to that much exercise. I should be more like Hoda and keep it up.

If I had been smart, I would have made sure my cell phone was fully charged and taken along shoes and my purse. Kathryn and Hunter got a bit stressed out when they couldn't contact me because my phone died. Then, they drove way down the beach looking for me. Funny thing was, I saw them pull out of the parking lot and head down the street. I was standing that close to the parking lot. After a lengthy wait for them to return, I found a man who loaned me a charging cord and called Kathryn. Thank goodness for cell phones.

When we got back to our hotel room, we were locked out because we were past regular check-out time, We had been granted an extension, so all was good in the end.

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Good morning. JudyE, so now we are eaglet buckets? LOL

We have been called everything, eaglet momsters, eagle monsters, momlets, budlets, dadlets, dadsters and now buckets. Thanks, I needed that chuckle.

I thought I had better check in before clocking in so I can stay on task today.


Kay said...

Happy Birthday, Dana! Celebrate the way your dear dad would have wanted you to do!

My Julie and I heading for MI to celebrate the long and beautiful life of a dear friend. Just didn't want HODA to send out a search party☺.

Prayers for all in need!


stronghunter said...

Culpeper School Videos

stronghunter said...

Couldn't find a link to the video for 2016, but here are a whole bunch of other ones. I like the one for 2013 and the one before that--It would have been 2012. I guess 2016 is not on You Tube yet.

JudyE said...

Auto correct budlets LOL on tablet

Lolly said...

Howdeeee! Have been out watering pots! Two more days of over 100 and then a "cold" front comes in. A high of low 90's sounds awesome. Also.....chance of rain! Wahooo!

Laurel and Joey returned to school today.

Sandi, your dog stories are something else! Never a dull moment.

Shirley, I am curious. You said walking on the sand was hard. Do you sink? Texas beaches are hard packed sand. Easy to walk on. I remember one tiime, I think Cape Cod, walking on the beach was awful. Never had seen sand like that. It was a struggle to walk.

Have a meeting with meal tonight and after the meeting a swim party. Looking forward to it!

Lolly said...

Just took Skippi to be chipped! Not going to lose my kitty now! Leaving soon for tonight's activities!

Hoda said...

Yay for Skippi and her forever Mom!
Enjoy the evening everyone.
If it is clear your way look up way up
Presieden showers.
Great walk for me today.
Great fun.

NCSuzan said...

Dana, Happy Birthday! Hoping all your wishes come true for you.

Shirley, what a walk! Good for you.

Sandi, Freyja is lovely. I remember those tantrums! So hard being two!

Very hot and humid here today. Went to Michael's and they are totally ready for Fall and Halloween! Yikes!

Hoda the adventurer! Love it!

Lolly, know you feel better having Skippi chipped. What a wonderful gift to give your pet.

Take care.

NCSuzan said...

Lynne2, don't forget to report back to us about your camping trip! Are you going to bear country??

Janet Neely said...

a quick and now very joyous good morning. LOVED THE BACK TO SCHOOL VIDEO! that was awesome!!!!!! whatever they are on, can we please have some for TN schools?

SO happy SANDI is with her beautiful granddarling
SKPPI is chippy
LOLLY is pondering soft sand (I prefer hard packed myself, aka St. Augustine)
and JUDYE calling us that bucket heads?
Belated but heart felt HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANA!

Busy Friday ahead, RED FRIDAY y a'll. then four days off
off and running love and hugs to all!

Hoda said...

Good morning all.
Went to a very dimple and very clear lecture on Buddhism last night.
Some brilliant insights.

Everyone please note I have not raised the alarm on Kay! Ha ha ha! She is with her daughter. ❤️

Lynne2 yes news of your camping trip please...maybe the skies will be clear? The showers are on in the night skies till the 14th

JudyE said...

Good morning eagle budlets

Happy Red Fri

Jordyn teacher has such praise for her from her kindergarten to second grade she has grown so

Hope everyone has great day

Hoda said...

Buddhist Dimple?
I have no dimples!
Buddhism neither!
I aspire for simple.
Lecture was simple!
Autocorrect however is a dim-ple

JudyE said...

Just got a FAKE IRS call from caller ID shows Nicasio,California.
I reported to the real IRS on line and via phone.

I googled the # and many others reported it also!

Lynne2 said...

yes we'll be in bear country...IF we get to go. My permanent WV tag for the car has not come yet and my temp tag expires on Monday. Supposedly they mailed it 4 days ago in which case it should have been here. That's their story and they are sticking to it. They "lost" all the paperwork so the title lady I used faxed it all back 2 weeks ago. This is insane. She said that we could pick up a letter from her saying the tag and title are active should we not get the tag by Monday and MAYBE the police or rangers at the campground would take pity on us. I don't think that is a chance I am willing to take, especially since we'll be in MD and not even in WV.

Just one more thing to stress us out, and potentially ruin our fun time next week.

Lynne2 said...

oh, this all started on June 15 when I applied for the tags. when they didn't come in a month, the tag/title lady said the DMV of WV was running SIX WEEKS BEHIND. Can you imagine??

I'll just take this as yet another sign that we shouldn't be living here in this Godforsaken situation.

grannyblt said...

OH yes Lynne. I can imagine. I mailed a check to Social Security in June and it still hasn't been cashed. The man at the local office says they are about 90 days behind in processing. I sure hope you get a nice surprise in the mail today.

grannyblt said...

JudyE, I got a fake call from the IRS a couple of days ago. It is so common around here I didn't even report it.

Lolly said...

Howdeeeeee! Lawn is mowed yet once again. I have showered and now in for the day. 99 and going up! I hate August!

Had a awesome time last night. Had our meal, meeting and then jumped in the pool. Nothing like soaking, sipping wine, and visiting for a couple of hours with your very best friends! Got home very late!

Cold front arrives tomorrow and a good chance of rain. Bring it on!

Laurel brings Jacob Sunday afternoon. He will be here until Wednesday.

Lynne, I would get that letter and go. Do not let this ruin your trip! I foresee a BEAR in your future! Lol

Need to go eat a bite!

Lynne2 said...

I got the letter and we ARE going! Even better in-laws are in Cumberland today, my FIL had to have a small procedure. Since it's SO hot in the house here and no one is sleeping well, they decided to spend tonight and maybe tomorrow night at a motel down FIL for 2 days!

Lynne2 said...

Lynne, that's crazy!!! I am in a tiny bit of hot water for a check. In Feb, the 23rd to be exact, I wrote a $10 dollar check at city hall for the dog's licences. They won't do debit cards. Anyway, just got a letter saying I'm going to jail (or potentially) for writing a check on a closed account. They didn't try to cash the check until April 21!!!! I closed the account on the 17th. My bad for forgetting to record it of course. I spoke to the state's attorney handling the case and explained it to him. Good grief we had no idea we even were moving way back in FEB! He's cool with it...will send money order, have 2 months to do so. Nice guy...but he IS the guy that wouldn't push for putting our old upstairs neighbor in jail during one of the court dates. LOL!

stronghunter said...


Did I sink into the sand on my walk?

Depended on where I walked on the sand, Lolly. When I walked on the wet or semi-wet sand, I did not sink. I did sink into the dry sand. Sometimes I walked in the surf. I did have to avoid the places where there were broken shells.

So Texas sand is hard-packed?

Hope that everyone has a reasonable day. It is quite hot here.

stronghunter said...

Goodness, Lynne2. So they threaten jail for a $10 check after letting your former neighbor get away with all of his mess?

In South Carolina, we saw signs threatening imprisonment for speeding and littering. We were very careful. Would have ruined our vacation if we had ended up in the hoosegow.

Hoda said...

Very disturbing the IRS fake phone calls!!!
They seem to be frequent!
Lynne2 I am upset on the cheque and the tags. Lots was going on in your life at the time you moved. Still upsetting. I hope things turn for you soon. What news on possible jobs? You are talented and you have many gifts to offer community, Do It!!!

AZPatti said...

Evening, eagle buckets! LOL! :-)

A very happy, belated birthday to DanaMo!

Thank you, Sandi! We've been battling Zena's issues, off and on, for several months now. We think we have it, then it's gone. I wonder if Potter associated the nasty peroxide taste with eating the diaper lining? Hopefully, he will "get the message" quickly.

Wishing Kay safe travels. Sorry for the loss of your friend.

Swim/soak/drink wine/chat with BFFs. Repeat. My kind of evening!

Must go shopping for a 1-year-old's birthday party tomorrow. Her mom suggested "age appropriate learning toys". I'm not very good at gift-giving when they're so young so any ideas are greatly appreciated!

glo said...

Good Friday evening everyone. Nice to see some folks on here I haven't seen in a while. It's been an up and down kind of week for me. Monday was well MONDAY yuck yuck but it's problems are now resolved. I have found time to enjoy the Olympics each evening. I especially love the gymnastics and our gals are oh so good. Stayed up late to watch them last night and then it rained off and on all night so had wet basement to deal with this morning and pretty tired listening for phone weather alarm which thankfully did not go off. Patches will now be a regular on Mondays on 2 different units at a really nice local retirement/ nursing home. We will do the Memory Unit, have been there 3 times already and then we will do half dozen or so in Skilled Nursing assigned to us so that their interaction with a therapy dog can be logged. Exciting times for us. Tomorrow I will go do the photography for Disability Dogs once again. I go about once a month now as they really don't need photos more than that and sometimes for newer folks that camera can be a little nerve wracking. Time to enjoy some more olympics. Wishing everyone a good weekend.

stronghunter said...

Stopping to say good night. Beach volley ball at the Olympics now.

Rest well, everyone. SED.

Hoda said...

Very pleased to hear about Patches and her new schedule Glo.
Paula and son and Grands have all arrived to Tennesse.
It has been a good day for me and I have enjoyed cooking and enjoyed the yoga class.
SO much gratitude in my heart for the Meal I had today and also for the hike I went on yesterday.
Remebering Jo and sending Love and Light to her family.

Carolyn is preparing to be a Grandma, which would have made Lynn a Great Grandma...big smile here.

Prayers for Lydia's Doug...Appointment next find out more details.

Love and Light to all.
Good night. SED

Lolly said...

Was going to go out and watch the sky tonight but it is cloudy. While in the pool last night ladies cheered and clapped when one meteor went streaking across. Guess who was looking the other direction!

Storms and rain all around us but nothing here. Grrrrr!

Yay, Lynne! So glad you are having a couple of FIL-less days and also able to go camping. Wishing for you a safe bear sighing! Lol

Night all! SED!

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. The temperature is already 82 but it feels like 92 outside. The humidity must be 90%. For the first time, I can say I am ready for fall and cooler weather beacuse it doesn't mean I have to go back to school.

Glo, sorry about the wet basement but I love the story about Patches' new job. Sadly, I cannot get Janey certified until she is rid of the hookworms that continue to plague her. I guess I get it, since hookworms are contagious. But for people to catch them, they have to come into direct contact with an infected dog's poop and then have a cut on their skin for the worms to enter. The chances of that happening while some child is reading a book to Janey are 0%. Whatever, it's the rule. The next certifcation is in January; maybe she'll be clear by then.

Speaking of wet basements, what a mess Wanda is dealing with at GG's house! Poor Wanda!

Lynne, glad the license plate snafu has resolved so you and Steve can camp. I sure hope it cools of for you though.

Judy, we get those recorded IRS calls daily, just like the Middle Eastern sounding guys with names like Bob who say they're from the Windows Technical Department. I've even gotten the IRS ones on my cell phone. I've given up reporting them or even blocking them, just hang up.

Hoda, I think a dimple lecture would be rather nice! Made me smile. Just think how much joy autocorrect has brought into our lives! Thanks for the heads up about Lydia. I will keep her and her husband in my prayers.

Prayers also for the Lennox family and the Hilmoe family during this very sad time.

This morning I am taking Potter to a fair to show him off. Janey will also be going just for fun. However, last night I got a call from the foster director that she has a family interested in adopting Potter. Gail wants me to try a few things with him today to make sure the food aggression issue has resolved itself because the family has 2 girls, ages 7 and 9. The younger girl is physically and mentally challenged and spends a lot of time on the floor at home so she doesn't have to always be in her wheelchair. Gail wants to be sure there will be no problems with Potter, the child, and food before she sets up a meeting.

Brian, Lynnis and Freyja will be leaving tonight to head to MD for a week to visit Lynnis' family and some of their friends. They will return next Saturday night and spend another 4-5 days here. It has been such a delight spending time with her, although I wish the weather was nicer for being outside so we could do more outdoor things. Even the beach isn't fun when it's this hot unless you love being right in the ocean, which Freyja doesn't. The sand is so hot it burns your feet and although there is a breeze, it's not refreshing.

Have a greyt day all.

JudyE said...

Good morning eagle budlets
SANDI good luck with Potter hope you nan find a furever home soon.

JudyE said...

Can find not nan find

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,

Gosh, it's been a couple of days since I've been here--it wasn't my intention to ignore you folks or anything! Have been busy, and got rather tired, I think because my blood sugar has been getting too low the last few days, and have had to adjust to compensate for it.

BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DANAMO! Thinking about you all the time, and praying for you and your family. Hope your day was a good one. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!

Have been missing Jo, too. Think of her all the time, and am praying for her family.

Lolly, we are bracing ourselves here for a hot weekend. Supposed to be 91 today, with 80% humidity. They're forecasting 97 for tomorrow, 99 for Monday, and 97 for Tuesday. Not supposed to get down in the 80s again until next Friday.
Phew--here we go again!

AZPatti, is it possible that Zena needs probiotics? If she had a course of antibiotics, they may have killed off some of the flora in her intestines. Our daughter is battling that problem right now, and it's no fun. Might want to ask the vet if that could be the problem.

Shirley, glad you made it through your walk on the beach! Ken and I walk about 3 or 4 miles every day, but believe me, it took a while to work up to that distance!

By the way, Ken got a call from some guy yesterday with an East Indian accent, named "Bobby", who said he was from Microsoft. He said they received an alert that there was something wrong with our computer, and he wanted to "fix" it, by remote access. Ken said that since they apparently knew so much, what was our e-mail address? The guy got a bit flustered, and told Ken to "Go to he--!", then hung up!

Well, need to go get ready to head to the mall to walk. Have a great Saturday, everyone. Will try to get back here after dinner tonight, if I don't fall asleep watching the Olympics! I ♥ us!

Lolly said...

Good morning! Just shared with Jack your phone call story, Andy. We had a good laugh!

Official high yesterday was 107. We saw 103. Storms we all around us but we were missed. Another chance today. Hoping, hoping, hoping!

Jack went out early and wired out pecan trees. The trees are loaded. Biggest crop we have ever seen. Last night a big branch broke. Probably under the weight of the pecans. Jack just said he threw away more pecans than we harvested last year. We are co concerned about going on our trip and leaving the trees. Oh, well!

Hoping Potter finds his furever home!

Another lazy day! Going to make ice cream, a new recipe...butter pecan. Had it this week and it was sooooo good!

Have a great day!

Hoda said...

Thinking of Wanda and the mess at Gigi's. Thank you for mentioning it Sandi!
100 degrees where Sandi is! Holy Mother!!! That is not cursing, just so you would not jump to conclusions!!! Ha ha ha!
Seriously her car thermometer, not odometer, showed 100 degrees!
So happy with Glo photographing new volunteer dogs and also Patches doing so well as a volunteer herself.
Judy Bravo for the growth Jordyn shows the past two years. Glad her teacher notices it and is pleased.
Hot here. Going to yoga and some recently opened Art Galleries. A possible play tonight, not sure about that yet...
Thinking of Kay as she spends time with daughter and her Seth soon to resume his studies.
Andy good to see you too. No guilt feelings when you don't post please. Glo said it best: post when you can and share your stories and concerns with us. This goes for all of us...I think this is the key to our continuing and our growth as a community of bird people!
Judie love you and thinking of you too.

Hoda said...

For those not on FB keep Lydia and husband Doug in your prayers as they deal with his diagnosis of cancer. They will know more next week as to their options and choices.

AZPatti said...

Well, back from the birthday party. The birthday girl had to stop for a nap, mid-party so I didn't get to see cake-face or presents. Her big sister had a few friends there so it was very lively. It was outdoors, they had a small kiddie pool set up, squirt guns and water balloons so the kids were in heaven. Most of the adults were able to "escape" with only a few errant drops here and there. After they had tired of the water, there was a rock-painting station set up. Very ingenious, Mom!

The theme was lady bugs. Black spots on the regular, go-to red solo cups and the snacks all looked in some form like lady bugs. There was watermelon, cucumber slices with hummus and halved cherry tomatoes (to form the lady bug body), cheese and crackers with pepperoni slices to resemble lady bug wings, halved strawberries with drizzled chocolate "wings". She did a really cute job. Even the birthday girl was dressed as a lady bug. She wore a white onesie that had a big red 1 on it (with a smattering of lady bugs, too) along with a red tulle tutu with black ribbon trim. She was precious!!

I'm off to fill bird feeders and baths, water pots and then relax until it's time to fire up the grill. Hope everyone is having a splendid day!

Hoda said...

Too hot outside and s very good day also.
Much enjoyed my trip to the gallery and Yoga.

Our stoned Festival goers are the cause of our E-Coli in the lake! Very sad! It seems the crowd this year did not get the meme on many acceptable health generating social conventions!!!
Not too sure how or what changes the norms in such a collection of beings.

Not sure I will go to the theatre tonight. It needs to drop 15 degrees for me to venture out again.

Christie, Lynn's daughter, had to put her 18 year old dog to sleep. Always a sad happening.

I love us!

Hoda said...

Sounds like a fun party Patti. What did you take for a gift. Talented Mom it sounds like and delightfully charming Birthday Girl...

AZPatti said...

Hoda, I totally agree with you. It seems I see entirely too much of the "it's all about me" attitude these days. Sigh.

So sorry for Christie and her family. It's tough no matter what or when, but 18 years is a very long time. (((HUGS)))

Now I'm really off to chores! :-)

AZPatti said...

Hoda, I found a puzzle with big pieces that are "toys" in themselves. The elephant rattled, the lion lit up, etc. The elephant piece and the corresponding hole were gray, the lion and corresponding hole were gold, etc. The box said it teaches colors and color matching, shapes and such. I liked it because it was animals. It was pretty cool if I do have to say so myself! Really leaving again!

Hoda said...

Awesome present fun and creative.
What joy to choose it and offer it Patti.

Lolly said...

Getting on to say good night. Better day today as it did not go above 100. High was actually around 90! No rain so sprinkler system had to run. Worked some in the yard.

Tomorrow afternoon expecting Laurel and both boys, but only Jacob will remain with us until Wed afternoon. Laurel and Joey are in school, Joseph has band and Jacob prefers not to be alone for three days.

Ok, time to head to the pillows. Night all! SED

Hoda said...

Lolly sorry about the tree branch that broke. Yes always a concern when you leave something you give do much energy to. Yet in my heart I think all will be well. Glad Jacob spoke up about not wanting to be left alone.

Good night all.

Lolly said...

A quick Good Morning! Off to eat breakfast and then off to church. Skipping a luncheon after church to come home and get ready for L and boys!

Have a great day!

JudyE said...

Good morning eagle buds

Lynne2 said...

Good afternoon!

Except for the food which we'll load in the AM tomorrow we are all packed up and ready for our camping trip. Should return Tues late afternoon, or at least before dark. I'll be more than ready to put that new well to the test for my shower Tues night!

Janet Neely said...

good after noon to one and all. had our date night last night and danced the night away. home now. Chelsea and crew are on their way over to swim and grill.
tonight, Michael niki tom, livvy and I are going to a Nashville sounds baseball game, courtesy of the owner of our massage envy. he bought the entire clinic tickets....I think I already told you this. anyway, so looking forward to that.

everyone have a great rest of the day!

Hoda said...

Glad you are packed and ready to go Lynne. Enjoy the trip. May you see a bear or two from a distance.
Enjoy your game Janet. It sounds like your weekend is great.
I know Lolly is in 7th heaven Laurel and boys are there. Jacob gets to stay. Oh what fun.
Sandi thinking of you as Miss Freyja leaves for a week and then returns. I am relieved there were no Potter stories and aggression while she was there.
Happy anniversary to you and Denis.
Paula is having a terrific time down south with the Grands and her son John.
All good here.
So pleased to have a shady and cool spot to experience the day.
Wishing all are well...
Let us know Sandi about the possible adoption.
Bev I hope you go to the lake soon.
Shar how was your weekend?
Lydia had an awesome compassionate experience at church today. They sang From A Distance, her favourite song. She also saw an eagle.
Be well and stay well...

Lynne2 said...

Well Steve got a call from his friends Dave and Shaun this AM...turns out they happen to be camping, too! While I'm pretty disappointed that we won't really be alone I'm glad that he'll have some friends to catch up with.

Andy, so sorry your weather is going to go nuts again.

Sandi how did the things the rescue wanted you try go with Potter? Hopefully by the time Brian, Lynnis and Freyja get back next weekend this crazy weather will be back to something more normal.

Patti, how is Zena??

Hope you have fun at the game tonight Janet, and hope your feet aren't too sore from cuttin' the rug last night!

Lynne2 said...

well, I guess that's it for me til we get back Tues PM. Hope everyone has nice early week!

Hoda said...

Safe trip Lynne2
Paula and Grands are having a terrific time down south.
We will try to go eagle and osprey nest monitoring tomorrow. Hope the winds are calmer. Wish me well. Will let you know when I come back in.
Won't have time to post in the AM.
Make it a good day everyone.

Janet Neely said...

happy Monday ya'll.
what a busy but nice weekend.
in a short bit I am driving to see my friend whom I found via facebook. I haven't seen her in 30 years. very excited.

the game was fun last night. w e left about 8:30 to go home as tom had to be up @ 5. Olivia, Michael, and Niki stayed for the entire game.

thinking of each of you and wishing you a fabulous Monday! light, love and hugs for all!

JudyE said...

Good morning eagle budlets

So happy you had a good time at the game JANET

LYNNE2 so sorry u won't be alone on the trip but company may be fun!

Sounds like everyone else is also doing good

Have a great day one and all

Lolly said...

Good morning! Good news all around. Fun time with Laurel and Joseph here. They returned home last night leaving Jacob. We played croquet as the weather is great. High of 89! I was the winner! Wahoo! Had a good dinner and then during the night RAIN! Not sure how much but at least a half inch! Still had water in the gauge from the sprinklers.

Jacob and I are leaving soon for the movie Pete's Dragon.

Have a great day!

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. Another hot, hazy, humid one today. I played tennis at 7:30 so we were finished by 9am.

Brian, Lynnis and Freyja left Saturday night to spend this week with Lynnis's family and with friends. They will be back on Sunday. I must admit that, as much as I enjoyed having them here, I am also enjoying having the house to ourselves. Toddlers are exhausting. Plus, we have had company for 31 days in June, July, and so far in August. It's just part of living at the beach.

Lynne2, hope you and Steve and dogs and friends have a good time camping! Stay cool!

Lolly, enjoy your time with Jacob!

Kay, is today your return day?

Hoda, your activity level continues to amaze me. I have not been able to keep up with doing yoga because my left shoulder - the one I went to physical therapy for for 8 weeks - is really acting up. So many of the yoga poses require me to reach overhead, which causes pain or to put weight on my arms, which also causes pain. I need to make an appointment with an orthopedist to see what's going on, since the injury was last October and resting it and doing physical therapy haven't fixed the problem.

Judy, how is Jordyn liking 2nd grade?

Potter did well with me taking his food bowl away while he was eating - just looked at me and wagged his tail. He also did fine when Lynnis picked up his dinner bowl. And he has been fine with me petting him and scratching his ears while he's eating. All good signs that the food issue when he first arrived was an isolated incident. I just took him to the vet's office to weigh him and he has lost 2 pounds since he got here, even though he is eating 4 cups of food a day. I will be upping his food intake since he was already too skinny when he got here!

Off to hop in the shower and then head for the grocery store - not fun, but air conditioned! Have a greyt day all.

Lolly said...

Just returned from seeing Pete's Dragon. Otis a cute movie. We have had about an inch of rain, still cloudy and 76! Think I am in heaven!

Lolly said...

It is a cute movie!

Kay said...

Thanks to those who prayed for our safely. The trip from Columbus was right out of Stephen King, from about a hundred miles north and all the way to Grand Rapids. Ominous clouds would form, lightening would flash and all a a sudden you'd be confronted with blinding sheets of water. There were two horrible, traffic stalling, accidents, one south of Toledo and one between that city and Ann Arbor. The 6 hour trip took us 8 hours.

Coming home yesterday was a breeze. We got into rain about 40 miles north of home, but it was not blinding. Once home we could see there'd been a deluge earlier in the day---my potted plants are smushed. I hope they revive when things dry.

I'm exhausted today, but feel good about the way Mil's beautiful life was celebrated.

Reading back it seems that most of you are surviving the heat well.

Prayers for all in need. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,

Well, we're back to HOT weather again! It's currently 96 degrees, after a high of 98. All I can say is, YUCK!!! I have more trouble dealing with the heat, the older I get. Well, thank God it's not hotter than that! I saw a thing on Google that last month was the hottest July in recorded history! Hope all of you east of us are hanging in there with the heat.

Ken and I went and walked the mall again this morning. Thank God, they have really cranked on the A/C there--to the point that it's almost too cool!

Hope that Lynne and Steve are enjoying their camping trip! Wishing them safe travels and a lot of fun.

We have decided to make chicken salad for dinner tonight. The thought of doing ANYTHING to heat up the kitchen really turns us off!

It's so hot in the room where our computer is right now, that I doubt I will be back here after dinner. Maybe early tomorrow morning! Have a good rest-of-the-evening, and a good night's sleep, with SED. I ♥ us!!!

Hoda said...

Beautiful photo of Freyja Sandi.
It is nice to have your space to yourselves for a few days.
I will PM you in regards arms and yoga. If you are given instructions to align your body, no one part will bear the weight...

Welcome home Kay. Sounds awful and scary the trip out. I too hope your flowers survive. Glad you felt the honouring and the celebration went well.

Windy again. Trip cancelled by boat. I hiked instead. Such a terrific spot. I enjoyed myself a great deal. Gorgeous country. Saw an eagle!
I do not mind the heat when there is a breeze. So it was in the low 80's, hot enough for me, yet the breeze kept me from getting a heat stroke.
Hope you all had a good day too.
Prayers for Lydia and her husband Doug.
To Wanda and her Karla.
Hope Lynne2 is doing well and enjoying camping.
Talk to you all later.

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Good evening my budlets. Things are pretty quiet in my neck of the woods. And as I was typing that Grayce was trying to get Lilyun to play and Lilyun wanted no part of that. Hissing and running. LOL

I am down to I think 2 younger raccoons, no foxes and haven't seen deer in a while either. I guess they grew bored of my bread and went to greener, sweeter pastures.

I have been keeping 4 or 5 young cardinals on the grass under my feeders. I don't guess there will ever be a time in my life that I won't think about Mema Jo when I see a cardinal. Surely makes the world seem a little sadder with her not in it.

Mattie is moving into her dorm tomorrow. So hard to believe. I remember when she was about 2 years old, sitting at my desk with my mouse in her hand and I asked what she thought she was doing and she said "I'm checking my email" as her head tilted back and forth so matter-of-factly. Sissy, Tom, Andrew and Kelsey are going to help her move in.

Well, I have a little more work to do tonight. Didn't quite make production during my regular shift so I am going to slip a little more time in to do that.

Good night and sweet eagle dreams, my friends of fine feathers and fur!!!


Lolly said...

Another day has passed, a beautiful day and rare for August. Our high today was 76. Can you believe it! Presently 72!!!!! 107 last Friday and now this! Also beautiful rain! So, happy campers here! Oh, and more pleasant weather to come.

Jacob and I enjoyed the movie Pete's Dragon. Cute movie!

Tomorrow shopping for school clothes.

Welcome home, Kay! Hate pouring rain while traveling. Very scary!

Lynne is sleeping in her tent tonight. Always loved tent camping but do enjoy my bed in the trailer.

Night all! SED!

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

Welcome home KAY

LYNNE2 hope she is enjoying her camping trip

SANDI Count down to see your favorite granddaughter
Jordyn is loving school so far She was looking forward to it starting

I want to see Pete's Dragon so bad I loved the old one

Hope everyone has a good day

Its 84 out already

Lolly said...

Good morning! 74 here! Loving it!

Slept late. Olympics keeping us up late.

Today school clothes shopping with Jacob. No easy job with a very picky guy! But, it is easier than the shoe shopping. What a nightmare! Long story there.

Also need to get to the grocery store, too.

Have a great day!

JudyE said...

Just sittin here watching Jordyn homework. Addition one sheet of 100 problems
Easy she says.
Angie called and asked if I could pick sine Carl was still on a job
This way she doesn't have to go into after care which is 15 a day
They don't allow them to do their homework there which is odd but I guess there isn't enough people to help with the work! Even if the want to they can't

JudyE said...

I am like SANDI I am only checking the blog not the fb mssge. So if anything important comes up there I know someone will bring over.

I hope more come to the blog seems to be dwindling down again.

Lori O. said...

Good evening Momlets! ♥

Nothing new going on here - except sweating and taking a whole lot of showers. I'll be glad to see this humidity leave. Oh, there is something new! I have placed an order for 27 different hosta to plant my dream hosta garden! I was going to plant it in the raised brick bed out front but with all the heat I got too paranoid about it being too hot for the hosta .... SO, since I wanted to expand the bed out bed, I'm putting it there under a huge old oak tree and around the side of the pool house and along another brick planter. I think it will be perfect. Funny how a whole plan can change and it gets even better. :)

SHARON, how are you keeping cardinals in the grass? I think we will all think of Jo when we see them. :( Good luck to Maddie in the dorm. WOW!

LOLLY, I am so jealous of your 76 degree day! It's been so dang hot and humid here for the past 5 days I'm thinking of moving to Maine! Kidding, but it sounds wonderful. It's the worst we've ever had here. Cooling off to 92 tomorrow with a chance of rain in the afternoon. YAY!!!!! I'm not a fan of heat either, ANDREA.

HODA, it's a few days later and I'm still giggling about your "Nelson Brownies" comment.

KAY, glad you are home and safe. Mwah!

SANDI, enjoy your quiet time. That's pretty much all I have, but I love it.

Have a great night everyone! Big hugs to ALL! ♥♥

Lori O. said...

Uh, that should be "bed out BACK."

AZPatti said...

Hello all, Sorry I didn't make it here yesterday. Today is the big boss's birthday and we had a pot luck lunch. He's diabetic so we all tried new low-carb, no sugar recipes. He loves pizza and wings (but doesn't indulge very often) so we did a riff on that. Pizza dip (three cheeses and pepperoni), green salad, veggie tray, meat and cheese tray and three styles of wings. I made "individual" caprese salads - small ball of mozzarella, basil leaf and grape tomato on a toothpick, with olive oil and balsamic drizzled over top. So spent last evening putting all that together. He loved that he was able to sample everything! (He usually has to pick and choose at our pot lucks.)

Andy and Lynne2, Zena continues in her good/not so good phases. I'm not going to say we think she might be doing a bit better because every time we do, she back-slides. She does get probiotics but she had this issue even before the antibiotics. Her tests were negative for any parasites but we elected to do the antibiotics anyway because this one also included an anti-inflammatory. And I can only imagine how inflammed/irritated her digestive system is/was. She continues to act just fine, otherwise.

So glad Kay made it safely out the other side of Stephen King. Many are no so lucky! :-)

Lori, I'd love to see pics of your dream hosta garden when you get it planted. I love my hostas, too, but I don't think they are very happy where they are. They come back each year but haven't gotten any bigger since I planted them, probably close to ten years ago.

Glad to "see" everyone is doing well. (((HUGS))) and SED.

Hoda said...

Pictures Lori.
Would love to see pictures.
Patti what a kind and considerate gathering. For those of us with food restrictions, this sounds heavenly. Bless you for going through all the effort.
Andy always good to read you.
Shar want to hear more about the dorm move. Congratulations and a job well done you and Bev...and of course Mattie for actually doing it.
Judy if anything happens on FB blog I will bring it here if the poster feels comfortable with that. Sometimes Mema used to ask us to be considerate about sharing others information. Not to assume it is alright.

Went to Accupuncture and Pilates and Yoga.
Volunteered for the Ashram distributing brochures. Had such a good day.
System is now resting. Will take it easy till meditation at noon tomorrow.
Then there will be a silent lunch at the meditation centre.
I will also try to go to a movie about autism and I will go to yoga.
I feel very blessed.
Goodnight every one.

Lolly said...

Jacob and I had a successful shopping trip, three shirts and three shorts. Also, got Joseph a shirt but his momma will take him shopping this weekend. They are so particular! Geeesh!

Putting a roast In the crock pot in the morning to take to Laurel's tomorrow afternoon.

High today was 79 and just a few sprinkles. Sorry you are having our horrible heat! This is so rare for us and continuing to have highs way below normal.

Time for bed! Night all!

Lori O. said...

There will be pics of the hosta garden for sure, but right now I have to empty the area where they are going and take out 3 pink Knock Out rose bushes, a ton of iris rhizomes, a hydrangea and an old holly bush. I'm going crazy because I can't transplant anything right now because it's so darn hot. Lots to do!

Patti, hosta love water and need about 1" each week, plus the right amount of shade/sun and some are more sun tolerant that others. It can drive you crazy. lol. Your lunch story made me hungry!

Hoda, love the idea of a quiet lunch.

If anyone wants some purple iris let me know. They're pretty and not the super old fashioned "flags" type. They've been in nearly complete shade so they are not as big as they could be.

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle buds

LORI I loved the old fashion flags my mom always had them in her yard
I don't think I have ever seen here in Fl to hot

I agree I want to work in my yard but too hot out
a couple of more months of this then it will cool off some

Lolly said...

Good morning! Hi, Lori! Can totally relate to NOT working in the yard because of the heat. I have a ton of Iris that were planted in the sun, but are now in the shade. That is what happens when you live in one place for 43 years and your trees are much larger! I really need to do something about them but it is always the last on my list of things to do.

Another day here of below normal temps and a chance of rain. So far it is just dripping, not raining.

Have a rump roast in the crockpot to take to Laurel's. Taking my boy home today, will miss him. He is the sweetest at bedtime. He wants to be tucked in and kissed goodnight. He has three bunnybears that he sleeps with. We joke about him walking down the ailse carrying a bunny bear. What he does not know is that there is a 4th bunnybear In my closet. It is there for his first child. Lol. Found it on line and paid an arm and a leg for it. A bunnybear is a stuffed bear in a bunny suit. Hallmark stores sold them for babies. Laurel's best HS friend gave it to Jacob when he was born. He became very attached, so I bought another in case it was lost. Same with the third so they could be washed. I have mended and restuffed many times. He never knew there were three until he was much older. We laugh about the day he was shown three. He has to have all three at bedtime. Yes, he is 6' and 200 lbs. but he is still only 11 years old.

Waiting to hear about your camping trip, Lynne!

Hoda said...

I love your story about Jacob and bunnie bear Lolly. So cool.

Preparing for meditation and silent lunch practice.
Feeling gratitude.

Me too waiting to hear from Lynne about her camping and how the well is working...

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Gang,

Well, after lots and lots of trouble with our laptop, I've spent at least half an hour on the phone with Earthlink, and they got me switched over so that our Windows Live Mail runs on Firefox, instead of Internet Explorer. Had the newest version of IE, but it seemed to constantly be "Not responding", or just freezing up, and generally causing problems. What a relief! I took IE off of my start menu and taskbar, and put Firefox in its place, and all's well with the world!

Wow, Lolly! Awesome weather you're having, considering it's August in Texas!
I'm jealous! Our predicted high is 87 for today, but we have quite a "marine layer" (cloud cover) this morning, and so far it's only 67! Hoping and praying that it will be COOLER! Love your story about the bunny bears!

Lori and JudyE, all three of us are on the same page regarding gardening! I have some California poppy seeds I really must sow, but it's too hot to work in the garden! Also need to trim back some tree branches, but just can't bring myself to do it!

I have been missing Jo a LOT these days, too. Still can't quite believe that she's really not here with us any longer.

Our friends, Jim and Darlene Wilkoski, gave us a call yesterday to let us know that their Snowshoe kitty, Purrski, was doing fine. He had an infected fang that he had to have surgically removed. He's not a super young kitty any more (probably about 10 years old), so surgery at his age could be dicey. He came through it well, though. Bet he will feel MUCH better, once the anesthetic is completely out of his system! He was a bit groggy yesterday.

Well, I have a lot of stuff to do around this roost, so guess I'd better get busy. I spent way too much time on the phone with Earthlink! (In fact, I sent Ken off to walk the mall by himself today.) Guess I'll have to walk around the block a few times to reach my steps goal.

Have a great day, everyone, and I'll be back soon to catch up. I ♥ us!

Lynne2 said...

OMG what an adventure.....

Steve was so upset about one of the forest rangers or DNR police finding the expired temp tag that he just couldn't settle down and enjoy himself.

The weather was pretty good, nice and warm but not hot, sleeping weather in the mid 60s.

There were storms all around popping up but we got only a small amount of rain Monday afternoon that was nothing to fuss about. But the thunder all over the place had poor Daisy freaking out.

We saw a lot of butterflies but no bears of course. It was nice to see Shaun and Dave. Puddle bit Shaun. He was trying to pet her backside without letting her smell him first and she took a nip at him. Not a big deal and he wasn't upset at all.

Late Monday afternoon a group came in to the group campsite but they were not obnoxious or anything. Other than them, us and Dave and Shaun we were the only ones in the whole forest!

Other than the Puddles incident the dogs did really well camping, and I am SO relieved for that!

We were going to wait to the 1pm checkout time to leave yesterday but a storm came up on us pretty fast around noon so we tried to get out and the damn battery was dead on the car. No cell service in the woods. The dogs and Steve stayed in the car while I took the umbrella and walked down the road. Luckily there was ONE guy still at the group camp site (no one else camping anywhere in the forest either) and he was able to find keys to his son's truck (the rest of the group had gone out to do something) and he was able to give us a jump start! He was so nice and asked if he could pray for us so we had our own little prayer circle!

Lynne2 said...

We came back to find that the floor in the kitchen was done but can't be walked on yet because they had to use extra mortar in one area because the floor was uneven...or some such thing. Should be able to let the dogs on it by Friday but for now they are confined to our bedroom and they are not happy.

The drilling of the well didn't go so good either. The were still drilling and down to 600ft yesterday, with no appreciable improvement in water production. Today they came back, put in a new pump at 300 where the reservoir is really good and there is (only) 20 gallons per hour but that's twice as much as the well had been producing. It seems with this reservoir being so big, recovery time, should we lose water, will be much faster. My in-laws simply couldn't afford to have them keep drilling down. (in fact, it's not even a new pump, that was way too's a refurbished pump). It's already over 2 grand more than what was originally estimated so as you can imagine, everyone here is a lot sick and depressed.

AND to top it off, the car wouldn't start this AM so we need a new battery.

Oh, and the driveway is ruined from the massive equipment and there are piles of sludge from the digging that we now have to remove ourselves. My father in law is at the doctors and hasn't seen it yet. He's going to have a fit which will make things just that more difficult around here.

JudyE said...

STEVE has given us a NEW THREAD