Tuesday, December 15, 2015


New thread.


Lolly said...

Yay! New thread! Thanks! Will go call others over!

JudyE said...



Heading out again Love being on vacation

Lolly said...

Good morning! Heading out for Denton in a few hours!

Joseph story......Joseph asked to be taken to the $5 and below store. Laurel asked why. His reply......Mommy! He wanted to Christmas shop. He bought presents for his parents, Jacob and his girlfriend. He got Maddie a teddy bear and her favorite candy. Laurel is feeling bad. Maddie gave him an expensive Xbox game! She should not feel bad. Joseph did it all on his own with his own money! He earns money lawn mowing.

Lynne2, hope you discover the smelly problem!

Glo, so happy all is going well. Love the pictures of the two pups together!

Time to go dry my hair and get ready to leave!

Lolly said...

Oh...and just thought of this! When Michael was little one Christmas he went into his closet and wrapped presents. He gave us all some of his toys! He has always been a thoughtful gift giver. However he does not still wrap gifts. He used to manage to get Laurel to wrap his gifts, even her own. One year she refused to wrap her own gift, so he wrapped it......in a ton of duct tape! Lol

grannyblt said...

Thanks for new thread and call over.

grannyblt said...

I've had cam up for over an hour and haven't seen our Eagles.--just a bit windy at the nest.

Judie said...

Thank you Steve for the fresh thread and Lolly for the call over. Lolly's lookin' good in her new feather.

Hope Joseph was successful with shopping.

Thank you, Glo for the update. Come visit as you have time. Give Becky's our best wishes.

Maybe Jo will give us a Megan update later.

Maybe Sandi has an update on Sam and his new school placement.

Maybe Shirley's off bowling for dollars.

No maybe about it. Judie's headed to the scullery. Grilled chicken and slaw tonight.

Lynne2 said...

pulled out boxes, unable to find source of nasty smell...although I can't smell it anymore. HMMMMM.

Lynne2 said...

In Laws are fine....they are coming down this Thursday for MIL's sisters Christmas Party so since the weather is good I sent Steve up for a couple days and he'll return with them.

Judie said...

Dinner over. Headed to watch Chopped Junior Chefs. Maybe a crime or two - maybe they're the same. Anyway, going to my recliner and then the pillows.

Restful sleep for all.

stronghunter said...

Good evening,

Bowling today. We only won one of our games. We were up against a group of grumpy ladies, but they were good bowlers.

Then we went out to lunch, and later on I took Hunter to an appointment.

After all of that, I squeezed in some nap time and ordered Chinese. Hunter was happy with dinner.

stronghunter said...

Oh, and thanks for the new thread, Steve. And thanks for the call-over, Lolly.

Lolly said...

Not many comments today!

Have to say all is well, but we had a real scare today! Laurel called. Jacob was in the nurses office at school. He was having a problem with his eyes! He could hardly see from his right eye. Nurse said his eye was not reacting to light as it should. So, we hurried up there. Jack dropped me at the house and he got Jacob and took him to his doctor. They wanted to see him right away! Well, Jack was quizzing Jacob on the way to the doctor and he diagnosed the problem, but kept it to himself. Dr. Goff did a good job of asking questions and examining him. He came to the same conclusion as Jack. Jacob had an ocular migraine. Heave never been so relieved to hear someone had a migraine! We, as well as the doctor, were imagining worse things!

I got dinner on the table by 4:30 and we got Jacob to his orchestra program by 5:30. It was good and then we hurried to the high school for Joseph's band concert, which was great! Poor Laurel was exhausted! Stress can do that to you!

Headed to bed shortly. Night all! SED!

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. I never did get onto this new thread yesterday but thanks Steve for starting it and thanks Lolly for the call over.

Judie, no update on Sam - he doesn't start at his new school until after Christmas break. He is currently on home-bound instruction. I doubt the school will hear anything even when he does start.

Judy, enjoy the rest of your week off - how nice for you not to have to go right back to work as soon as you returned from the cruise!

No school for me for the rest of the week. This morning I am going to the dermatologist to get a treatment for pre-cancers on my face. By this afternoon, I expect to look like I have a terrible sunburn and have to stay away from bright light. It's very sunny this morning so I'll wear a hat and sunglasses home from the appointment. I have done a lot of reading and watching videos about the procedure - I'm hoping I don't look and feel as bad as some folks right afterward.

Have a greyt day all.

Sandi said...

Forgot to ask ...
Lolly, what's the treatment for ocular migraines? It's surprising that Jacob recovered quickly enough to still take part in his concert. Glad to hear that all is well.


Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Good morning, my lovely eagle budlets!

Janet said...


came home early yesterday; headache. still not on top of the world. heading to chiropractor later today. think the real cause is stress tho.

stop the world, I want to get off. i'm done with the holidays; may I please fast forward to January?

hopefully everyone has a good day.....

Mema Jo said...

Good Wednesday Morning to all ♥
I am guilty also for not being here on this new thread yesterday -
Thank you Steve

I may have a visit today from oldest daughter - said she needs to bring in some flowers. I can't have poinsettias due to Mr Newt. Poisonous to animals.

My meet up with Megan went as smooth as silk! The wreaths are another work of Megan's fantastic hands - I also get a bag of bittersweet for Jennifer's birds at her house.
I really miss not going over to Shepherdstown Market so it has been a while since we've seen each other - so thankful for the eagles bringing us together with everlasting friendship

Time to get moving today - I pray all of you don't Stress Out during this wonderful holiday. Stay calm and happy

Mema Jo said...

Merry Christmas

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

I have to share this. Over the weekend, it was discovered that someone had stolen the flower vase off of Beverly and Tom's childrens' grave marker. The newspaper ended up doing an article about it and someone else started a special fund for replacing it. This morning, she went to the cemetery and there was a new cup in their marker. Absolutely renews my faith in mankind.


stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Ocular migraine--I have found that drinking Gatorade helps. I keep some low calorie Gatorade hidden in my personal refrigerator and have some in my bowling bag just in case. It is hard to bowl when you are having an ocular migraine.

Sorry you all had such a scare, Lolly.

stronghunter said...

I saw the picture of the new vase on FB, Sharon. What a nice Christmas gift.

Lolly said...

OMG! That is exciting, Sharon! Wow!

Good morning! Going to bake today and wrap a few presents!

Sandi, Doctor really did not have much to say. Hopefully this will not reoccurr. He did say to have Moltrin available and to take at first sign of it happening. Time will tell.

Have a great day!

Lolly said...

Oh, the doctor did say "No more cell phones, no more screen games, no more computer games....spend more time cleaning his room!" He added that none of that would help, but would make him a better person! Lol. Love the doctor!

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

LOLLY,glad the doctor was able to diagnose Jacob's eye problem so quickly and that the evenings musical entertainment could go on as planned. Sounds like SHIRLEY has a great idea for effectively treating those horrible migraines.

JO, s'wonderful that you had such a nice visit with MEGAN and that you now have some of her beautiful wreaths to brighten your holidays!

SHAR, thanks for sharing the Good Samaritan story with us! God bless SISSY and Tom for no matter how many years go by the pain has to be real and severe at times.

Holiday stress is so prevalent and disturbing. My Eileen has a bad outbreak of Impetigo on her chin, deemed to be stress related by her doc. She's been preparing for the arrival of her kids from CA and WA and coping with the logistics of sharing them with her ex as well as working full time and taking part in many seasonal social events----too much!!!

Time spent with Seth yesterday was grand. Today enjoying the last warmish and sunny day for a while.

Prayers for all in need!!!


Kay said...

Here's one of my favorite Seussisms:

“And the Grinch, with his Grinch-feet ice cold in the snow,
stood puzzling and puzzling, how could it be so? It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags. And he puzzled and puzzled 'till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.”
― Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

This year my family is pretty much rebelling against the commercialism of this blessed holiday. There will be fewer gifts under our trees and more emphasis on our feelings about the season as well as purely being together for good meals and conversation! All the "kids" are over 21 now--we'll see what happens when they start adding little ones to the family picture! It's never too late to begin new family traditions IMHO!

NatureNut said...

HO, HO, HO to all our Momsters. I'm still about 2 months behind, but just was able to post a Fall pic from my daughter in the Nook! I like it so much that maybe it will become an avatar.
Hope to try and conquer facebook next year.
Sharon, thank you for sharing Bev and Tom's story~~sad and glad. We do have some good people like those here!
If I get a break today from packing up everything to mail and doing some cards, I must put on some Park Xmas surprise photos. Have a great day and good health to all. ☺

Sandi said...

Hi all - have been home from the dermatologist's office for about an hour and a half. Putting the chemical on my face didn't hurt at all but boy, as soon as they turned that blue light on, my face started burning!!! Did 16 minutes of "relaxation breathing" while the young lady in the room with me gave me periodic updates on the number of minutes left. Right now, my face still stings and it's a little red , but it doesn't look as bad as I expected compared to the youtube videos I watched beforehand. We shall see what the next 48 hours brings!

Loretta, I sure do love that photo on your blog - just gorgeous!! And you're right, it would make a great avatar!

Saw the news on Facebook about the cemetery replacing the flower holder that was stolen from Bev's boys' headstone. I'm sure the thief was a teen who didn't give a thought to the pain caused by the theft, but it was nice of the cemetery to make things right. Tis the season.

Janet, I'm sorry you are feeling stressed. I agree with Kay about focusing on time spent with family instead of on all of the "stuff" that can occupy this time of year. The only gift I want this year is arriving on a plane in about 48 hours, though we won't actually see them til the 22nd.

Jo, thanks for the heads up about poinsettias being poisonous - I'm used to having little dogs that can't reach tables to chew on plants. We're still adjusting to seeing Janey with her nose at kitchen counter level!

Judie ... about that surprise ...

OK, I'm going to occupy myself with some cleaning that didn't get done last weekend. Later!

JudyE said...

Good afternoon eagle buds

forgot to say GM

Its so pretty out today but we do have a cold front gonna be here with rain later this week should be a tad cooler for Christmas

Hope by now JANET the pain is less and the chiro helped some

Sad that someone would steal from a grave yard just sad
but happy all came out ok

Angie posted pic on fb of us at Busch Gardens right before vaca forgot about them completely one of me with Jordyn on rollercoaster
hope you all can see them the way Angie shared them to me

Janet said...

Good afternoon/early evening all.
SHARON: best news I have heard all day! Wonderful! Thank you for sharing!
LOLLY: love your doctor’s advice. Yes, Gatorade at the start of a headache has often helped me, I take 2 motrin and 2 tylenol with it. If I have it, I get those generic migraine tabs from wally world, they have caffeine in them. I might take those instead of the motrin & Tylenol.
I’m not sure if this headache is stress related or virus related. I know I’ve slept all day again. Could be either.
I am feeling somewhat better. Hopefully it continues. Sure made me grumpy.
I hope to get back to work tomorrow!!!
Hugs to all!

Judie said...

Good late afternoon.

Lolly, so sorry about Jacob having an ocular migraine. Hopefully, it won't reoccur. So nice that the boys' events were successful.

Shar, there is no explanation for the behavior of some so just very happy the vase was replaced and so quickly.

Win or lose, Shirley, you ladies just seem to have a wonderful time. Boo hiss on the grumpies.

Sandi, I expect your face will heal quickly and do enjoy the remainder of this week. Oh, about the surprise? Patience. Soon. Very soon.

Hi Loretta! Um, take a deep breath and you'll be fine. How are your kitties? Maybe I missed an update. If all else fails, there's Ledo pizza.

Janet, hope you're feeling better by now. Rest!

Jo, so happy you did see Megan and got some wreaths. Seems there are all sorts of precautions necessary with pets this time of year - Poinsettias, chocolate, mistletoe - long list. Thanks for looking out for Mr. Newt.

Kay, glad you and Seth had a good day yesterday. How did my biscuit taste? I also like your Seussism. Remind Eileen that she doesn't have to be perfect to have a perfectly wonderful time with family.


Judie said...

Eagles in.

Mema Jo said...

Good evening to all ♥
Accomplished today fixing small Christmas gift bags for the family to give out on Saturday. Since all family members (est 40) said they could come we hurriedly tried to find a spacious place - fire halls, VFW's Church socials - all were filled! Saved by
Pizza Huts large private room. We were headed for Pizza so we are sticking with the plan.

Hoping that everyone had a good day - Sandi hoping that you don't have much if any discomfort.

Nothing on TV so it is a good time to get all cards ready to go out tomorrow.
I may not return and if so -

Goodnight to all - SED and AOYP

NatureNut said...

Dear Friends, Been trying to post my "surprise" pics and when a tiny icon appears on my posting page, Blogger says the picture can't be found!!!!!!!! I could barely get new avatar on the other day, but shut post down anyway and it appeared. "Puter pranks" have been the story of our life lately. However, this one fixed itself the other night! There was a square flash on top corner of screen that said virus control had Stopped a dangerous malware! Everything seemed fine until I double-clicked on a photo to enlarge it. The Windows Gallery square said pic could not be opened, had to be reinstalled!!!! (It was no longer in camera!) It said to go to the Store (Win. 10 thing). I thought there would be a charge! Clicked on Store Icon and it said it would reinstall pic! I think it did all of them! One + for Dell!
I'm working on the out of town cards tonight, so Blogger better straighten up it's act.
Earlier this evening, heard some Canada geese going by and gal at Park DID see Tundra Swans last weekend!!!
Since most are hitting the hay, Pleasant Feather Dreams and Good Health Prayers for ALL

Sandi, hope you are surviving your skin treatment and they gave you something for pain.☺
Jo, great you got to see Megan. Wish I lived closer!!

stronghunter said...

Glad your large group found a place to meet, Jo. I would have a very hard time entertaining 40 people in my house.

Brain is wearing down. I will read back tomorrow.

Oh my--Kitty is thinking of eating a stinkbug. Yuck. Must prevent that.

SED, everyone.

NatureNut said...

FYI, my end paragraphs are out of order. Blogger did it!!!

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. Still warm here with rain headed this way today, then it gets colder for the weekend.

So today is surgery day for Glo's Becky, right? Sending lots of prayers and positive energy to a hospital in AZ for a smooth, successful surgery.

My face isn't hurting this morning but boy, is it swollen.

Have agreyt day all.

WVJerry said...

Good morning Sandi and everyone. Looks like nest is empty. Just found out that I can watch Cam on my phone. Hope everyone has a great day. Supposed to be rainy here.

Sandi said...

Brian and Lynnis have a housekeeper/nanny named Jasmine (pronounced Yaz-meen'). Yesterday, Lynnis went out to run an errand for about 15 minutes. When she returned, she found Freyja dressed in her Halloween costume from last year - a pink pig. She was also holding her stuffed pink pig and riding on her bouncy pink pig. Jasmine said that Freyja found the costume in her dresser drawer and brought it to her for help in putting it on. Voila - my new avatar!

Nest is still MT.

Mema Jo said...

Good wet Thursday to all