Friday, December 11, 2015


Been on travel, thread.


magpie said...

Good Morning, Steve..... Thanks for the new fresh thread...Have a Good Day,
and an Even Better Week-end....]

Good Morning Eagle Pals...
Best Wishes for a Super Duper Marvy Day
xoxoxox ☺♥

grannyblt said...

Thanks for new thread Steve. And Margy, you really keep a vigilant eye out. He he

Thanks to Eagle Momsters prayers for my neighbors. Birding friend neighbor is still in hospital, but sounds improved. Linda next door is beginning treatment for her ovarian cancer. Her family is still numb. More prayers needed. Thanks

Still camera needs reset.

Good day to all.

Judie said...

Good morning.

Thank you Steve for the fresh Friday thread. Have a wonderful weekend.

Hi Margy. Thanks for stopping by. Hope all is going well for you and yours. A James the Wise update would be most welcome.

Enjoy the new dryer, Lolly.

Bei Bei is sleeping. Bears are sleeping. Casper the Barn Owl is sleeping and Dottie is not home. Derek and Savannah are home and Savannah looks to test driving the egg cup. No one home at Decorah. Our nest MT.

My memory may be wrong but I seem to think Jo has a doctor today. Well, no matter. Sending her prayers for a super day.

Lynne1, continued prayers for your friends.

Thinking of Shirley and imagining the holiday fun with Allie and Cheeto. Ah, the memories.

Okay, headed for a little more coffee and then to tackle the mini tree and mantle.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Friday.

Mema Jo said...

Good Red Friday Morning to all ♥

Good to see you Margy and hope all is well - Thank you Steve and enjoy your weekend.

Chilly out there this morning but should warm up in the 60° later.

Hoping everyone has a relaxing day and I'll be back late afternoon.
Thanks again for prayers and positive thoughts for a good report and if it
isn't we'll just deal with it ♥

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Hoping for a good report, Jo.

Hi Margy! Congratulations on the feather.

Thanks for the new thread, Steve.

stronghunter said...

Judie, kitties are tearing around the house as I type. Allie crashed into my bed so hard that I checked to see if she was okay. She seems to be fine.

Kay said...

Good RED FRIDAY Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Much thanks to STEVE for the new thread and to MARGY for the call over!

JO, mega prayers and fingers crossed!

SANDI, the pic of Janey in her decorated crate is adorable! In fact it's GreyT!

LYNNE1, prayers ongoing for your dear neighbors.

Nuttin' much on my agenda for today and that's okay by me!

Again, prayers for all in need!


Sandi said...

Hi all from art class.

Thanks Steve for the new thread and thanks Margy for the call over. Margy, it's good to see you on the blog.

Will check in again from home after grocery shopping. By then we should have an update from Jo.

Janet said...

good afternoon from Nashvegas.

It was a good day at work. I've been home for a bit, taken care of a few things and now I am holding down the sofa.

THANKS TO STEVE for the new thread and CONGRATS to MAGPIE for the purdy new feather!

not much on the agenda tonight. tom was contemplating working on the washer. I am going to grill burgers and hot dogs. just that kind of night.

off to read my book for a bit! hugs for all!

Judie said...

Good evening.

Forgot earlier: Happy Birthday, Cindi. Hope today was extra special.

Well, I am prepared to go out and enjoy a night of jolly ho ho ho. NOT! This is a rather stiff group that could do with a good stiff bourbon ball or two. To make matters worse, I will have to miss a Miss Fisher murder and that makes me most unhappy.

Jo, please watch for me if it's a new one. Hoping you got a good report today.

Likely not back until tomorrow so: wishing everyone a night of restful sleep.

Mema Jo said...

Good late afternoon and almost early evening to all ♥

the report I received on my Pet Scan today shows that
the cancer has spread to lymph nodes in the central chest area but NO new
tumors in the lungs. I will begin on Dec 28 a series of at least 4 but most
likely 6 three day treatments of chemo. Each treatment will consist of 3
consecutive days of Topotecan (intravenous app. 45 min each day) followed by a self-
injection pad of Nuclasta. There will be a 2 week interval following each treatment.

During the treatment the blood will constantly be
monitored because both white and red blood cells may decline. If necessary
transfusions will be administered. If and when treatments clear the lymph nodes,
radiation treatments will follow.

Put me on a permanent Prayer list please. I am ok and I accept what I've been told.
My family and friends will make sure the going is easy! That's you, my Friends.


This is for your ears only

Mema Jo said...

5:06 One went POOF

I missed the visit

grannyblt said...

Permanent prayer list Jo. We will be here for you.

Nest visit was for about 5 minutes at the most. A little flugg was brought in and placement discussed, then poof.

Mema Jo said...

TV - Channel 6 (if you receive it) on 6:00 news
Midlothian VA Decorated House Award
Non other then Christine and her family........

THEN Channel 3 at 8 for the
Christmas Parade - Hollywood CA
Christine is a Grinch balloon wrangler - (Hold down the balloon)

glo said...

OK MeMa Jo permanent prayer list it is.

Sandi said...

Good evening all.

Jo, your report is certainly not what you were hoping for, but you have been on my permanent prayer list for a long time now and it's where you'll stay for as long as necessary.

Dogs have been fed - now it's time for pizza for the people in the house, so I will say goodnight. I'll see everyone in the early AM despite the fact that tomorrow is Saturday and a day off!

NCSuzan said...

Dear Jo, <3

Mema Jo said...

FYI: First egg arrives for eagles Savannah and Derek at the Carolina Raptor Center!

Still waiting for Harriet and M15 in FL to have their 1st egg - should be any day now.

Mema Jo said...

Going to call it a day.......... It's been a challenging one but not to worry !

Thanks for all you comments - I know you're right there with me. Love you all!

Goodnight and Sleep well and SED with AOYP ♥

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. Dogs were up extra early this morning - lucky me. Not feeling sleepy enough to go back to bed right now but I'm sure my afternoon will include a nap.

Another mild day is on tap for Bethany Beach. Tennis for me at 10, then cleaning and laundry.

Jo, when do your chemo treatments start? Prayers for you - today and every day.

Lolly, son Brian posted a photo of a store called Buc-cee's - he's on a business trip somewhere in TX. He was apparently very impressed by this store - is it a chain that has stores all over the state?

Prayers also for Lynne1's Dave, Lynne1's neighbor friends, Jerry's wife (sorry, drawing a blank on her name), and Glo's Becky.

Have a greyt day all.

Sandi said...

Jo, never mind - I just read back and see that your chemo starts on 12/28. I'm glad the docs are OK to wait til after Christmas.

Sandi said...

1 eagle in the nest - not sure which.

Judie said...

Good Saturday morning.

Jo, you are now on the momsters' permanent prayer list. So very sorry that you must endure yet more treatment. Love and faith will see you through this challenge.

Wishing a successful hatch for Derek and Savannah this year.

Congratulations to Christine and family on winning the best home decorations. I am NOT surprised.

Is Glo leaving today or Monday? Regardless, safe travels and prayers that all goes well. Hoping Jerry and Lynne1 stop by with updates.

Sandi, enjoy the tennis and give us an update on Freyja and the holiday plans, please.

Need coffee. Will return later.

stronghunter said...

Permanent prayer list for sure, Jo. We all love you. Congratulations to Christine! Very impressive.

I had a very nice birthday celebration with my bowling friends last night. Both Doris and I have December birthdays, so we celebrated together.

In a bit of a hurry to get out to the bowling alley this morning. I will return later.

Kathryn is hollering for Hunter, so I guess she is ready to head out on her Saturday errands.

Mema Jo said...

Good Saturday morning to all - where is that sunshine - temps are ok but sky is troublesome looking ♥

Nest is MT this morning but our Royal couple was there around 7:28 am - 7:44 am.
I have emailed twice about the frozen Still Cam but they have been in training classes
and have not yet reset it. Dates for the rest of Dec for the Deer Hunts are as follows:12th, 19th, 28th and 30th. I think they may turn off the Live Feed sound during this time. I could be wrong.

Tomorrow I will have 2 of Santa's Elves here at the house - aka Kris and Jenny.
Holiday decorating and cleaning to be accomplished. Ho Ho Ho !

Hoping you all have enjoyable days ♥

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

JO, I hope you know how much you're loved by we Momsters and twixt us all there will be prayers ongoing round the clock, permanently! Happy news re:Christine's beautiful house and so glad those precious Elves are Christmasizing your house today!

SHIRLEY, glad you had birthday extension with Doris and the other bowling friends! Enjoy the bowling today!

JUDIE, I love the way you keep us up to date on other nests! Thank you!

SANDI, it's just like the old days with our babies---we have to catch some zzz's when our furbabies nap in the afternoon!

Another beautiful and mild day here. This is a December for the books!!!

Praying for those with health needs and for those traveling throughout the holiday season.


Kay said...

JO, my oops! A re-read tells me the Elves are due tomorrow.

Lolly said...

Good morning! Yesterday I about finished my shopping. Then last night I was exhausted!

Jo, you were on my mind all day yesterday and today I see you are on permanent prayer! Jo, we got this! We love you and admire your strength! Keep it up! We have you covered in prayer!

Yes, Buc-cees seems to be spreading. Do not know if it is just in Texas. It is a HUGE gas station/rest stop for travelers. Have only been there twice. BIG gift shop area and BIG selection of food. Also, restrooms are Huge as well and very clean. It is not a truck stop. There is one going up now between us and Denton on I 35W. Also, one going up in south Denton on I 35 E. I 35 splits south of us, goes through Dallas and Fort Worth and then merges back together in Denton. Doubt we will be stopping there. First off no stopping going to Denton. Also when traveling we have our trailer, our own personal potty. 😄 And, we usually do not stop except for gas!

Most of our leaves have now fallen. Yard is a mess with leaves and standing water. Storms expected this evening. Not to happy about that. Going to wrap presents today. Also, making lists and checking them twice!🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎄🎄🎄🎄

grannyblt said...

Happy Saturday all. Did catch a glimpse of a eagle this morning. My iPad isn't the best place to wa ch as the live cam seems to be in slow motion. Maybe I will catch a visit this afternoon.

Update on son and neighbors. Skim over if you wish
Neighbor still in hospital but moved out of CCUnit this morning. They are trying to figure out the cause of her falls and unsteadiness. She lives alone, so I hope there is a satisfactory resolution. She can be a difficult person so further care will be a challenge. Next door neighbor with serious cancer diagnosis has refused to start chemo until she attends her son's college graduation, which is today. At least she has some family to help. Son Dave is home, but just holding on. He hasn't been able to work for over a year because of damage to legs from blood clots and other health issues.

Good news is that cataract surgery for me has finally been scheduled. Mid January to start. I was ready for this in September when I admitted I couldn't see very well. Now the knife can't come soon enough.

Isn't this milld weather lovely? I guess it helps make up for last year.

Thinking of all of you all and wishing you well. Mega prayers too!

Sandi said...

Hi all! Very few posts today - busy time of the year for everyone.

Nest is MT IR light just came on.

Lynne, thanks for the update. I'm sure your son's health issues are very depressing for him. Good news that your cataract surgery is scheduled.

Lolly, Brian's post said he was at the biggest Bucc-ees "in the world" (not sure if that's a fact or an exaggeration) - and he loved it!

Tennis was good. Then we took Janey for a walk on the beach since it was such a nice day. Got laundry done but no cleaning. Also no nap. Will be in bed early tonight.

Brian, Lynnis and Freyja will be arriving in the US next Friday, the 18th. They will be coming here for a few days before Christmas, either the 20th and 21st or the 22nd and 23rd. Then we will see them on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We have a lot of hugs and kisses to squeeze into just a few short days!

Time to fix food for people and pets and then watch a little TV before I fall asleep. I'll see everyone in the too-early AM!

Mema Jo said...

Lynne1 - Cataract surgery isn't bad at all - it's the prep of drops drops that can tire you. I have my right eye to be done but will wait for a while longer - no impaired vision to date.

Sandi - I was gong to ask you if you were having family visit you - I'm sure you
are very excited to see them. Freyja will probably not look like the same little gal as when she left for Mexico. She should have lots of new skills to show you and Denny.

I have invited family here on the 19th and again on the 26th. Whenever they can make it and mainly so that they can make their own Christmas traditions for their own family. I'm picking up some wreaths on Tues from Megan. Anxious to see her - it sure has been some time since we met up!

I am heading out for dinner soon - There are some new Hallmark's tonight.

IF I don't return - I'll see you Sunday morning - Goodnight ♥

stronghunter said...

Hello again,

Bowling practice went well. Everyone is improving.

It was a balmy December day in Fredericksburg.

stronghunter said...


Prayers and good wishes for your son and for your neighbor friends.

Sounds like you will be having a very busy Christmas, Jo. And so will you, Sandi. It is so good that Brian, Lynnis, and Freyja will be able to come.

stronghunter said...

I've never seen a Buc-cees store. Sort of like a Sheetz, maybe??

Nice to know that there's good weather in Columbus, too. I remember plenty of cold and snow when we lived in Ohio.

Sad news from Fredericksburg--Kathryn called yesterday because she'd heard of a tragic event in our old neighborhood. One of our former neighbors was murdered, and her son has been arrested for the crime. Those of you in the area might have heard some of the story on the news. The younger son (not the one arrested) is a friend of Will's. Betsy (the mother) was a friend of mine, though I had not seen her for many years. So tragic.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. The dogs woke me at 5:20am so I fed them and then went back to sleep on the sofa.

Nest is currently MT. Very foggy here this morning but the sun is trying to come out and it will be another day in the 60s. Taking Janey to Lewes to socialize with some other greyhounds at 10am. Bella and Jenni will be staying at home.

Shirley, what terrible news about your former neighbor. I truly don't know the answer to curbing all of the violence in our world today.

Judy, welcome home (is it today that you return??) - I hope you had a wonderful, memorable vacation!

Have a greyt day all.

Judie said...

Good morning.

Overcast with sun trying hard. Warm. I too remember snow and ice in OH. So cold!

Sigh of relief. Either Derek or Savannah is incubating their eaglet-to-be. I wondered yesterday because each time I checked, the egg was uncovered. Our nest is MT.

Shirley, how nice for you to enjoy an extended birthday celebration with friends. Hope today is quiet time with your two little girls. You haven't mentioned how Luna is adapting to the new additions. Is she okay? I did hear a brief item on the news about the murder but no details. Very sad, of course.

Lynne1, wishing the best for your neighbors and,of course, hoping Dave will improve. Meanwhile, cataract removal seems to be almost as easy as having a cavity treated and no doubt you will soon be singing: ♪♫I can see clearly now the cataract is gone♪♫

Sandi, only five more sleeps before Brian, Lynnis, and Freyja arrive. A fun idea for Freya: a friend's daughter was learning to walk and instead of holding onto furniture, she just held onto their greyhound and the two walked around together. Walking with Freyja will be Janey's assignment. lol

Jo, please give Megan our best wishes for a lovely holiday.

Sheetz? I know Sheetz. Seems that Buc-cees is a TX size Sheetz - bigger than life.

Headed to the newspaper and more coffee. Cooking later today.

Wishing everyone a lovely day.

Janet said...

Good morn all.

Just reading back: tears. JO: you are ALWAYS held close in my heart, my thoughts, sending Reiki and light always for your highest and greatest good…….love you my friend.
SHIRLEY: such terrible news! I am so sorry !!!!!!

SANDI: so excited for you! There will non stop hugging and smooching going on!
Was at work yesterday, then went over to the kids to watch the gdarlings while mom and dad went to a work holiday party.
The gdarlings and I watched movies and played. They had chicken nuggets (I ate a salad) and we had a grand time. Two of the three fell asleep in my lap.  Looking at them in their sleep, it was as if I had a moment of time back when Chelsea and my son Michael were little…….my heart was full of love and gratitude for that moment.

Today is Lorelei’s 3rd birthday. How is it 3 years already? She is most excited to have a “Let it Go” (aka Frozen) birthday. Gosh that girl is sweet. The more she giggled last night, the sillier I became to have her giggle some more. I think her giggles are addictive!
Oh! And my oldest gdarling, Amelia is in a gifted program and they are going to Washington DC in June. They will be touring the white house, senate, etc and having a breakfast with some senators. Pretty cool stuff. Pretty pricey too. The trip will cost parents $3,200. Now, if you dissect that that will include all airfair, hotel, food etc for child and parent, its not bad. And I’m proud of Chelsea, she wants Mia to invest in this, so has her earning money. They bought a box of candy bars to sell…..figured out after the cost of the box how much to sell each bar for to get a decent profit. I bought $15 worth of candy bars last night …. And she is out raking yards and such to earn money for her trip.
All right, need to skedaddle. I think my sis will return home sometime today. I hope she has had a blast!
Hugs and love to all

stronghunter said...

Sounds like you are very busy, Janet. And so are your grandkids. You have a right to be very proud.

Thanks for the update on Derek and Savannah, Judie.

Things at your abode must be getting very exciting, Sandi. I see Judie is counting the sleeps for you.

JudyE said...

Good afternoon eagle buds

Got back just a bit ago uploaded pictures and now getting ready to do laundry

we had a blast the best time of my life I should say and back to realty YUK

since I signed on puter it went down once already Will be picking up tablet tomorrow so trying not to over tax this old relic of a computer Vista she is only 8 yrs old
she is also wanting to do updates since it has been powered down for a week now

Transferring pic to Terabyte first before I do that since it seem to be working 1207 pictures I took with my camera and angie has two cameraa a water one and her regular one so I will get her cards from her this week sometime and we bought a picture packet of 20 pic and she has the Thumbnail of it and she has both of them I should have grabbed the thumbnail to upload but didn't dawn on my till almost here OH WELL such is life

Hope all is ok with everyone I shall return later just wanted to let you know we are home

Lolly said...

Hi all! Yay, Sandi, so glad you will get some grand baby time! Soak it up!

Laurel and family will be here for a couple of nights. Our house is the best since we have two guest rooms pluse a sofa sleeper in the living room. As usual, do not know Michael's plans.

My chest cat, not lap cat, is causing difficulties. Lol. I am hunting and pecking on my iPad with my left hand.

We received over an inch of rain last night! Our bog has become boggier! Lol. Is that a word? Time to get a pet alligator!

glo said...

Merry Christmas everyone. Patches and I leave for the airport within the hour. I will check in when I can.

Mema Jo said...

Good early eveing to all ♥
I have had a busy day with the 2 daughters here - and they did great with the decorations in the house. This afternoon I took a nap -

I've been thinking of Glo and Patches traveling - I'll be happy to hear from her when
she arrives.

Shirley - I think my news coverage had a report of a son that killed his mother. News of that nature just sends chills up my spine. Today's world is not very safe - even within your own home and family. Terrifying - My daughter and hubby had friends in NY and they had divorced - He threw himself in front of a train/bus - not sure but he is gone.

I still have little things to accomplish before I am physically ready for the holidays
but mentally and emotionally I am ready. Lolly sounds like you are also ready -
wish we all had sunshine with these warm temps.

Judie said...

Good evening all.

Safe and peaceful travels for Glo and Patches and may Becky's surgery be a monumental success. Okay, let's begin the puppy arrival countdown. lol Seriously, I do hope all goes smoothly with Patches' travel and Becky's surgery and recovery.

Jo, so glad all went well today with decorating and holiday preparations. Can hardly wait for reports of Master Elliot's holiday.

Welcome home JudyE. So glad you had a wonderful vacation. Now, on to retirement.

Headed to my recliner and a search for something on tv.

Wishing everyone a night of restful sleep.

Jewels said...

Hello my not forgotten friends. I have been gone for so long on here. So much has happened in the last year. Few may know already.
I moved out of my home last December. I rented a house for 6 months and then was basically kicked out because the owners wanted to move back home from Pa. IT was all good tho, cause Charlie did not want to keep our house and was letting it go back to the bank. SO I did paperwork and am now making the payments on the house. I moved back into my house in July. My oldest Daughter Jessica lives with her boyfriend and my Jennifer is with me. Charlie has been battling health problems for years and addiction to pain pills. We lost our love and grew so far apart and I was just not happy. So I had to make the decision for me. He took it hard at the beginning but now understands I believe that it was partly his fault on many levels. For so long I was the one who fought to make things work. Anyway, a year later, I have a boyfriend that makes me laugh and cooks and cleans! He is a bit overbearing and protective but for now, it works. Will I ever remarry? Now my answer is NO!!

From what I see on this thread, Momma Jo you know your in my constant prayers! I hate that C word more and more.
Not sure where it is that Glo and Patches are going , but safe travels!!
Lynne, sorry that you have to have cataract surgery. But from what I have been told, its not too bad, My dad just had it done. Prayers for your neighbors.
Judie hope your enjoying retirement!!

I am sorry I cant get to everyones comments, I am at work. My home away from home. LOL

xoxo ,

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends - it's Monday.

Judy, welcome back to reality! Think retirement!

Jo, prayers - today and every day!

Carolyn, it's so good to see you on the blog. There sure has been a lot going on in your world lately!

Have a greyt day all.

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

Need to do some running around.

First Angies to get my wallet left in car.

Take back the purse I bought for the trip broke on the last day.

Tonight is Jordyn Christmas performance at school.

Judie said...

Good morning.

A bit of drizzly rain and gray sky this morning. Think I'll spend time in the scullery prepping food for the next day or two.

Jo, have you seen anything Bei Bei? Maybe the camera is down? Hope it's the camera and not something with the little guy

Sandi, how did Janey enjoy her greyhound play date yesterday?

Hope Glo and Patches had an easy plane ride and are now visiting with Becky.

JudyE, welcome home. So glad you had a good time. Yes, think retirement.

What a treat to see Carolyn stopped by. It has been a very long time. Come back when you can.

Okay, off to finish my coffee AND to begin planning a surprise. No, don't ask. I'm not tellin' yet.

Wishing everyone a lovely day.

Janet said...

morning all!
new windows going in now!
beautiful sunny skies. warmish temps. wooo hooo great start to a new week!

Lolly said...

Good morning! If I ever get moving, it will be the grocery store for me today.

We do have sunshine and it is 56. However, we are swampy with lots of standing water. Hope the sunshine takes it away! But, it will take a while.

Have a great week! Tomorrow we go to Denton. 5th grade orchestra performance at 5:30. Jacob on cello. 7:30 High school Band performance. Joseph on trombone. Killing two birds with one to speak! Taking dinner, as usual.

stronghunter said...

Good afternoon,

So nice to see you on the blog, Carolyn. Glad to see you have gotten settled back into your home. I do hope you will find the happiness you are seeking.

Cloudy and drizzly here, too, Judie.

Almost overslept this morning. Will, Stephanie, and Rus came for more birthday celebrating here last night. Hunter decorated my cake. I think I have been well-celebrated now.

The celebration was interrupted by loud sirens . . . the annual Spotsylvania Fire Department Christmas visit from Santa, but Santa went off the other way instead of coming down our street. The three small children next door were quite disappointed (and so were we). We came back indoors, and, about an hour later, we heard sirens again. We ran down the street with our neighbors and, lo and behold, there was Santa again. It seems that the kid's dad posted about the disappointment on FB. Smart man! I posted Will's video of the noisy visit on FB. Not sure I can copy over here. I will try.

Mema Jo said...

Good afternoon to all ♥
Carolyn you know we love you and got your back. Our lives are full of changes and on
most part for the better. I am just so thankful you have a Happy life. Love you!

Judie - Little Prince Bei Bei has been on his cam - usually #1 and then Mei is usually on #2. I have been seeing him daily sleeping and on FB a lot of current videos are posted by the zoo. He is growing and almost walking on his own... sleeps most of the time now. Hope you see him on cam real soon.

Shirley - I saw Will's video on FB and at first was alarmed thinking of a fire - Was very happy when I realized who it was! (Incidentally I got a kink in my neck watching it - lol

It sure smells like rain is in the air. It has not reached us yet!

Mema Jo said...

Message from GLO: Patches and I arrived at my daughters a little after 11pm their time. Patches gets a gold star. She and Scruffy will get to know each other today. They have met and overall I think they will do well.

Mema Jo said...

Judy - lots and lots of pictures. Thanks

Mema Jo said...


One day this week NCTC IT will adjust the view so that we see more of the top of the nest and less of the bottom. Keep watching as I'm not sure when this will be done.

JudyE said...

Back just for a shower and then heading out for Christmas performance at 530
YEAH I found a crate for one of the dogs they both are kept in the same cage and Angie wanted on for after surgery on the 23rd

Took purse back to and no issue on returning I have to take Jordyn shoe to Kmart but for got to get them new broke in two days What is it with cheap made things anyway LOL

Picked up Santa Layaway at WMT and went to 6 thrift stores before I found the crate It seems narrow then the other 20 only was marked 24 but I pointed out bent bottom But will be easily fixed with a pair of pliers Dropped them off at Angie job and picked up the SD and one XD card from her Bummer I don't have a XD reader only SD so will have to wait till I borrow hers Also got the flash drive of the pics from the boat that they did through out our trip they maybe had 100 we picked 20 for 199 Angie did put them on my page I haven't yet But I do that you can see them I hope otherwise I can download on it

JO that is just a percent of the pictures LOL I took over 1200 and Angie has many also 219 with her water camera When we played in the pool and beach lot better than ruining a reg camera Not positive how many she got on her fancy camera will have to wail

OH and I did do the rope course also The plank was closed due to wind when we did it bummer I wanted to do it and Jordyn also did the rope course So proud of her Lori, Faith and Khloe didn't do it chickened out But Jason did and he got to do the plank on a different day than we did Funny we went with friends but missed doing lots together I think it worked out ok anyway the girls had a blast and I think to much time together may have been a disaster LOL

JudyE said...

Just uploaded the other card with the rope course on it

now to go shower that way hair will be dried by 530

Just opened the still since I got home and the view is the same sofar anyway

Kay said...

Good Afternoon Eagle Buds!!!

Happy news--GLO and Patches safely in AZ--JUDY safely back home in Pinellas County--JEWELS aka CAROLYN getting some well deserved happiness in her new life--JUDIE is working on a Surprise!!--

Eagle in nest. Shep I think!

JudyE said...

walk in from shower I see Belle in nest saw the V

JudyE said...

HI KAY looks to be in bowl area I say

Kay said...

LOLLY, enjoy those musical performances!

JO, glad your home is all decked out for Christmas! Those "girls" are so dear!

SHIRLEY, your family is dear, too. What a kick it had to be to have a Hunter decorated cake!

Tomorrow Seth and I will lunch at Red Lobster and then I'll take him shopping for parent presents. A fun day ahead.

Yesterday was filled with good meals and visiting at Julie's house. Hugh's sis and b.i.l. were in from WI.

What a regal looking eagle we have sitting right in the middle of the nest! It won't be long til' we're on HP and egg laying watch! Yeah!

Prayers for all in need!!!


JudyE said...

we poofed

Judie said...

Good late afternoon.

What good news that Patches is not only a perfect companion for Glo but also a terrific traveler. She and Scruffy are making friends. Such a good beginning.

Jo, I wondered about Bei Bei because the past several times I've looked in, both cameras were on Mei just different angles. No doubt, a problem would be on the news.

Kay, saw on the midday news a terrible warehouse fire in Columbus. Hope everyone, workers and firefighters, are okay. Now, please, both you and Seth must each have a biscuit for me tomorrow. So scrumpdeliosis. Found a box mix for Red Lobster biscuits but have not tried it yet.

Yep, eagle in and eagle out. Getting windy there and here as well.

Shirley, what fun it must have been to have a cake decorated by Hunter. Somehow I picture decorations of tiny X-boxes, shorts, and sandals all accompanied by the raucous arrival of Santa. Another special day for a special lady.

Janet has new windows. What a nice gift for everyone.

Off to the scullery.

grannyblt said...

Afternoon all.

I missed the visit, but will keep laptop on in case there is a return.

Welcome home JudyE. You sure took a lot of pictures. I remember the days before digital cameras when you had to change film and pay to have them developed. We were always on a tight budget, so no 1200 pictures for a weeks we can just delete the bad ones.

Judie, I've made those Red Lobster biscuits from the box. Tasty, but I go easy on the seasoned butter.

Neighbor still in hospital, but at least the MRI came out ok. She is complaining a bit, so I guess she is feeling better. Other neighbor starts chemo today.

Dreary day here, but I'm not complaining about the temps.

Glos Patches and Scruffy (?) seem to be getting along, not playing together, but side by side. Hope all goes well with the surgery on Thursday.

Prayers for all in need.

Mema Jo said...

Egg #2 for Savannah and Derek.

Judie said...

So, here I am. Scullery in order. Boeuf Bourguignon cooled and in the frig for later this week.

Congratulations to Derek and Savannah. I so hope they have a successful season. Last year was a heart breaker.

Lynne1, thank you for your comment on the boxed RL biscuits. I will try them soon. Maybe Christmas? Yes, complaining may be a sign of recovery. All best wishes for your neighbor.

Not much of interest on tv tonight. Headed to my recliner with a book. Maybe I will stay awake for more than two or three pages. Need sleep. Tomorrow will be the making of bourbon balls.

Prayers for all in need.

Wishing everyone a night of restful sleep.

Janet said...

Good evening to all.

WELCOME HOME SIS! (hugs) Pix are awesome. Makes me (ALMOST) want to do a cruise…almost.

JUDIE< LYNNE1…I make those red lobster biscuits quite frequently as they are a household favorite….but I don’t skimp on the butter, I use a LOT of butter……but I only eat one. Its difficult to do, but I manage. Love those things ! and yeah, I add extra cheese as well.

What a day! YES! New windows are in. they arrived @ 8:30 (I was told they would call first…..i had no idea what time they were coming and I was still snoozing away) whoops! Two really nice men….they left just after 1 p.m. 7 new, clean windows…..the ones that they replaced were put in with the house in 1967, it was time!
We had a big ole front come thru last night. We had over 50mph winds …. It was howling like crazy.
Then some rain, but when I got up @ 8:30, it was sunny and bright.
Once they left, Livvy and I had some errands to run. Then home. I put a lasange together this morning and cooked it when I got home. I also put a brisket in to marinade.
I did swing by work and slip my secret santa gift in. I have several for the gal whom I drew.
Tom is baking his famous peanut butter bars….gosh the house smells good……wow.
Am reading Joan Lunden’s book HAD I KNOWN.
In case I do not return tonight: good night and SED. Holding all close in my heart and thoughts….

Lynne2 said...

Good evening all!

JO, of course you are ALWAYS in my prayers!

Lynn, continued prayers for Dave, and for the neighbor ladies.

Also praying for Jerry's Rhonda and for Glo's Becky.

Happy (late) Birthday to Lorelei!

Sandi, you must be bustin' at the seams waiting for Brian, Lynnis and Freyja to arrive!

Judy, been checking you pics on FB and I'm so glad a good time was had by all!

Shirley, so very sad about your former neighbor.

CARO??? WOW girl, long time no see...and haven't you been the busy girl! Glad you are in a happier place now! Stop by more often!

Kay, Red Lobster and shopping for you and Seth tomorrow! Have fun!

This weather is crazy. Steve and I have been doing some garden clean up for a woman and she's got some bush with yellow flowers blooming, the hydrangeas are budding, new Sedum is coming up and this other bushy daisy like thing has got new growth as well. Yesterday we saw 2 Yellow Sulfur Butterflies here at the homestead!

Lolly said...

Remember my cousin, Norm. Well, tonight at the halftime of the Miami Dolphins game he was honored along with others as one of the top Miami players in their 50 years. His two sisters and their families as well as his family are all there wearing #73 jerseys! What an honor! He is still getting therapy for his problems brought on by the surgeons mistake. His vision is impaired and he I'll never drive again.

Sitting here watching The Voice.

Lynne2 said...

Radar indicating a line of rain developing that looks like it will have some heavy but brief downpours....heading to Frederick now.

Well, I must go. There is a dead probably mouse behind the "Wall o' Boxes" near the front door. I will now have to dismantle it to try to find it before the smell gets really bad. Steve is at mom's (they are all coming back on Thurs) so I'm alone in this adventure.


stronghunter said...

Jo, was the video sideways? Will posted it on my timeline, and it looked fine to me, but no one made any comments or anything, so I shared it to myself and people started responding. I am not sure what happened.

The first time we heard the sirens, two ladies came out on the street and were concerned that something was wrong. Of course, if you got a good look at the trucks, you knew that it was Santa. It has been an annual event for quite awhile. They throw candy, too.

stronghunter said...

Oh my, hope you find the source of the awful smell, Lynne2.

Congratulations to Norm, Lolly.

The weather is crazy. It's balmy out there.

Peanut butter bars. Yummy. Save some for me, Janet. And bourbon balls at Judie's. Oh my!

Yes, not long until HP and egg watch, Kay.

Sounds like a wonderful vacation, Judie.

stronghunter said...

Time for sleep. SED, everyone.

stronghunter said...

Oh, sorry. It was Judy, not Judie who went on the vacation.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. 64 degrees outside right now - on December 15th! We slept with the sliding glass door open some - bad idea. Janey must have heard something outside at 4:15 and wouldn't go back to sleep. What a way to start my school day!

New windows for Janet and a surprise from Judie!

Judy, back to work for you today? Things should be getting crazy at Walmart with only 10 days til Christmas!

Lynne2, is everything OK with Steve's folks?

It looks like Scruffy and Patches are getting along fine in AZ. Today is Becky's surgery, right? Sending prayers and positive energy her way.

Jo, prayers continue for you.

Have agreyt day all.

Janet said...

morning to all.

amazing this morning....I can see out the windows! shhhhh! its amazing!!!!


hope everyone has a beautiful day!

Judie said...

Good morning.

Rain last night. Bright blue sunshiny windy morning.

Beautiful Berry eagle just so busy weaving a large stick into the crib rail. Amazing to watch. Our nest MT except for sunshine.

Yes, I believe Becky is scheduled for surgery today. Prayers for success and healing.

Shirley, you made me pause for a moment thinking sure wish I could remember my vacation. lol

Hmmmm. 4:15am? Not to worry Sandi. Now you know you have a greyt alarm system.

Jo, bet you've got a whole bunch of customers on the porch looking for seeds and peanuts. Is Master Elliot scheduled for a visit?

Hi Lynne2. Hope you have successfully disposed of the whatever died. Crazy weather, indeed. Cherry blossoms at the Tidal Basin and cone flowers in our backyard. Hoping all the critters are doing well.

Sure wish Jerry would drop by to give us an update on Rhonda. Wish the best for them.

Janet, I was soooooo pleased when we replaced windows several years ago. Tilt-type so cleaning is just so much easier. Enjoy! Also, thank you for your version of RL biscuits. Maybe I'll do half and half.

Yep, bourbon balls today. Will need to do some tasting, of course. I see an afternoon nap on the agenda.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

Judie said...

Doing a Margy:

Forgot to mention for those, like Jo and me, camera and zoomies are back at Pete's Pond. Lovely there this morning.

Mema Jo said...

Good Morning to all ♥
Janet it's good to have a clear clean view out of those new windows. I would love to do ours and also get a bay window type replacement for the large picture window in front.
lol At first read I thought you were downloading WINDOWS 10

Lynne2 - Hope you find that mouse! I have been wondering about your in-laws and praying they are both well. .

I am very thankful that Glo's trip with Pretty Patches has been successful. Becky's surgery is Thursday. Scruffy will miss Patches when it is time for her to come home.

Shirley I could see Santa waving on the second fire truck - I was hoping he had candy to throw but it was dark so I bet the kids found some the next morning

Lolly that was quite an honor for Norm - Prayers for him!

I am off to meet Megan to pick up my wreaths - I have not seen her is a long while - I sure miss not going over to market as I used to.


Lolly said...

I was able to copy and paste! Yay! Number 38 is my cousin, Norman! He is just a year older. We lived close but went to different high schools. Then we both went to TCU, he playing football, of course. We were close. Whe he had girlfriend problems we would go out together. Lol. He married his HS sweetheart who I was friends with. Proud of him, and really pleased he has been honored. Good for him what with all the negative health problems the last two years!

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Yep, I have Becky's surgery penciled in for Thursday, too, JO. Prayers in progress. Say hey to Megan for us and tell her we miss her!

JUDIE, enjoy that Bourbon Ball induced nap this afternoon!

SANDI, too bad about your shortened night! Janey is taking her watch dog duties seriously!☺

LYNNE, hope the dead "whatever" is history and that your in-laws are doing okay.

LOLLY, a great tribute for cousin Norman!

Just had some phone interruptions so now I've gotta get set for today's outing with Seth and those cheezy biscuits! I've seen the RL biscuit mix on Kroger's shelf, but have stayed strong and resisted temptation so far.☺

Prayers for all in need!!!


JudyE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said...

my delete reposting

Good Morning Eagle Buds

SANDI I am still on vacation the rest of the week I thought we were going to stay in Miami with Angie friend for a day before coming back it was the opposite the day before we went over But I saw no sense in going back to work for 3 days LOL
so I have a two week vacation So only will have one week of crazy when I get back

JANET so happy you are pleased with your new windows At first I thought you were talking about the computer windows LOL silly me I need new ones also
Maybe one day

Gonna head out for the day So nice out

Keeping you all in my thoughts as I do daily

Just walked back in to let you know what just happened to me PRETTY FREAKING COOL

I walked out the side door to go to the truck and my rain gauge looked like it had something in it I went to it and turned up side down and GUESS WHAT

a beautiful orange and some black BUTTERFLY on it flew out of it

SURE wish I had my camera with me I normally do have in pocket but Angie has it from last night event Christmas show

JudyE said...

our ship the room view and some min or us cursing from Miami

glo said...

gm from Tucson AZ. My kids are blaming me for bringing the coldest weather in 3 years to Tucson lol. I asked to use my daughters laptop this am to stop by and say hi to all of you. Patches did well on her flight. She is indeed quite a trooper, bless her heart. I know she was very glad to get out of the crate but many had no idea there was even a dog on the flight and my seat mates were great :-) Stewardess though made sure I knew the rules were in the crate under the seat at all times, so that is where she stayed. She and Scruffy are doing well together. Daughter's surgery in in 2 days now. I can tell she is getting nervous. I don't blame her, bless her heart. it will be a 6 to 7 hour procedure. I have not read back on the blog but will do a quick read while I still have some battery power. Wishing all of you a great day. Very aware of the many needs for our Momsters and or their families. All are in my prayers. I do see a link just above for Judy's Cruise. I must go take a peak at that.

JudyE said...

silly question

When did we loose the date stamp on the live feed and the old date stamp seems to be back on the still cam or am I loosing it LOL

Lolly said...

New thread alert!!!

New thread alert!

Come on over! Staying here a minute to read!