Monday, April 13, 2015


New thread.  New Week.


Kay said...

Thank you, STEVE---a new thread for a new week, we love it!!!

And good afternoon Eagle Buds!!!

Must be a very busy day for EM's--perhaps too nice to stay inside--that is the case in my neck of the woods. Especially when rain is looming in the forecast again!

Thanks to all nest reporters. So pleased that our eagle family is doing well.

Prayers for all in need!!!


JudyE said...


JudyE said...

both are being feed at 11 eagle in NHZ and looks like they buried a fish in the cup area I see silvery there under flugg

really windy at the nest can't keep the sound up horrible

Sandi said...

Home from school and I see we have a new thread.

Thanks Steve and thanks Kay for the call over!

The kids were NOT quiet today - they were their typical 8th grade selves. That's not an awful thing but I was hoping to ease back into work - didn't happen. it was like zero to 60 in 3.5 seconds!

JudyE said...

WOW 79° at the nest right now first I thought the temp in the tray was for me but then its not because in warmer that that here 85 here looks like gonna be nice all week at the nest but rain tomorrow must be a small cold front 63-45 then wed 68-45 Thru 66-49 Fri rain 70-54

JudyE said...

SANDI so sorry they didn't cooperate with you today COUNTDOWN

Lolly said...

We just returned from errands, as our garage door went up it starteled a big possum. What was he doing out? Googled and found out they seldom get rabies! Scary, though!

Then putting away grosssseries discovered we have a mouse! Lovely! Have not had one for years but he made a mess with the birdseed!

Not our day!

Up to one tenth of an inch of rain and Denton has flooding. No justice in the world. Hope it poured on some lakes!

Janet said...

good late afternoon to all.

THANKS KAY for the call over
THANKS STEVE for the new thread.

its been a busy few days. Saturday was busy. Tom and I are in process of prepping the RV for our summer adventures. Changing the oil was on tap for that day.

I was busy with sanding and re-staining the deck swing.

Gdaughter had a surprise birthday sleepover, so Olivia went to that. That gave us a night of quiet. We actually needed to "let our hair down" so we went out on the town for a bit.

Yesterday was another beautiful day. We had to pick Olivia up by 11, then it was time to work in the yard. Usual yard maintenance....mowing, weed-eating, etc.

Tom has been busy trying to get the landing to the pool deck going. Between yesterday and this morning he dug out another post hole (had to jack hammer the big rock half way down) and then we concreted in another post.

Looks like a rainy week, so may not get another in this week.

The rain settled in around 1 p.m. we are experiencing light showers off and one.

Thankful for that. Thankful that we had such a lovely, sunny weekend!

Hope everyone is doing okay.

SANDI: hang on know 8th graders do the opposite of what we want most of the time! You got this!

LOLLY: you have quite the "wild kingdom"! Of all the critters in the world, mice are not on my list of favorites! When I see them in pet shops they are kind of cute, but one scurrying in my house, as silly as this sounds, sends me into absolute panic!

Hope everyone has a lovely evening! I see a quiet evening on tap....watching the race we missed yesterday due to nice weather here!

Light and hugs to all

JudyE said...

WOW just on Fox news overseas a woman school teacher who is 65 is having QUADRUPLETS
she already has 13 childres ages 9-44 The younger child wanted a sibling so that is why she had multi insemination

grannyblt said...

Good warm sunny afternoon all. Thanks for the new thread.

Our eaglets have been in the same approximate spot every time I have checked today.. Wish they would stay in the center of the nest.

My income tax forms finally came from my tax lady today. Mail took a week, so I hurried to fax the signature page to her so she could file. Maybe next year I will be in Tx at this time so I don't have to do all of this by mail..

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Good evening everyone. I had a wonderful weekend in Ripley, then went to the eagle's nest in Bastian. Saw 2 babies doing some big wingercizing but no parent was around. They are much older than our babies.

Just saw one of our babies doing some really cute wingercizing. The whole family is in the nest and all is well with the world.

I am feeling MUCH better after my iron infusion. I haven't felt this good in years. :)

Mema Jo said...

Did you know that Opossoms eat ticks
Guess what I found today walking across the rug - STINK BUG

The 2 eaglets stayed in that spot due to some shade. It was very very hot today - good breeze but HOT.

I am heading into Jeopardy
Everyone have a relaxing evening

I may be back later and IF NOT

Goodnight to all

Mema Jo said...

Thanks Steve for the fresh new thread

Kay proudly display your Feather ♥

Sandi said...

When I woke up this morning, I had an email from Brian informing me that Freyja's newest word is "butt!"

Later today, Lynnis posted a video on Facebook of Freyja saying her new word. My avatar is a still shot that I took from the video. I cannot wait to get my hands on this baby this weekend!

Off to watch some mindless TV and probably fall asleep on the sofa. See you in the early AM!

Judie said...

Headed to Jeopardy. Then the pillows.

Sandperson will be packing (quietly) and then departing (quietly).

Restful sleep for all.

paula eagleholic said...

Good evening all.
Had a very nice birthday weekend. Got to see a couple of seals over the the weekend. and an Osprey building a nest. And of course a nice dinner out.
Thank you for all of your birthday wishes.
Heading to Emmitsburg this weekend for Gianni's birthday. Going to get me some grandkid hugs too.
Getting ready to file my tax extension.

JudyE said...

PAULA ain't nothing better that a hug from a GK

NatureNut said...

Good Evening Eagle Buds. Spent most of the day outside. All but one flower pot on deck ready to get some blooms. Back when I had trimmed dead growth on the annuals, I couldn't dug them out~~~dirt frozen!!

Hope everyone is doing OK~~
prayers for good health.

Hopefully by morning, I will have some pics in the Nook. My buddy, Doris from the Park, sent me a great surprise pic! She works there on weekends.

NatureNut said...


JudyE said...

Look forward to the picture as always LORETTA

Security system is armed please be sure to use your code if out past curfew

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

Ms Bookworm said...

Good (kind of late) evening, everyone,

Have been going since 6:30 this morning! We went to the mall to walk earlier than usual because the guy who painted our interior walls was supposed to come out and do some touch-ups. On the way home from the mall, his dispatcher called and said they would have to reschedule for probably this Friday. We took this opportunity to rummage through boxes in the garage, and throw out some stuff, and put some stuff back where it belongs.

I'm beginning to wonder if we will every get this place back together the way we want it! The stuff the workmen packed is not organized the way I would have done it, so can't find some things that I need to find. (Example: The curios from the entertainment center in the living room were packed together, but stuff from the bedroom was packed on top of them.) Makes things hard to locate. We'll get it all done eventually, though.

Emma is SOOO glad to be back home, and also so glad that we're here too! The instant you sit in a chair, you have a hairy, 40 pound paperweight in your lap. LOL
She actually started a conversation with us, trying to convince us NOT to go walk at the mall this morning! When we got home she was beside herself! Tried to give her some extra attention today, poor girl!

Paula, glad you enjoyed your weekend. You sure had some nifty nature sightings! Today, while driving to the post office, we spotted a flock (correct word?) of white pelicans flying around in big circles. They tend to congregate at a nearby lake where you can fish without a license.
The Santa Ana River is really low on water right now. Some spots are completely dry. Hope we get some more rain before summer!

Well, hope everyone is well--haven't read back very far tonight. Prayers being said for everyone. Hope to have more time tomorrow to watch the nest and communicate with you all.

Wishing everyone pleasant dreams and a restful night's sleep. God bless! I ♥ us!!!

Lolly said...

Had another short shower, now up to three tenths of an inch! Good grief! Watched the news where some local areas got over three inches. What have I done wrong? We do have another cell moving our way! Hoping hoping hoping!

Jack is setting a mouse trap! Here hee!

Called Laurel earlier. Joseph answered. Hello, hello, hello, (a million times) he let on he could not hear me. I fell for it and hung up. He turned to his mom and told her I was calling her cell phone, which I did. Grrrr! That boy is in BIG trouble. What can I do to him?

Time to call it a day. Night all! SED!

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends.

Two IEP team meetings this morning back to back. One could have a sad ending. Details later.

Have agreat day all. Prayers for Jo and Dana's dad.

JudyE said...

GoodMorning Eagle Buds

kids up and adult at 12 looks like waiting for relief

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Up a little early. A bit of excitement here. Kathryn popped into my room to let me know her bank card has been stolen and someone's making fraudulent charges on it. She was busily calling the bank to get things taken care of. I went downstairs to see Kathryn on hold on her phone while Lucky and Luna sat staring at her as they patiently waited for breakfast. Almost like they knew something was going on. They both seemed quite happy to have Grandma step in and take care of the feeding.

Bowling today, then one more game and the season is over. I do hope we can at least hold onto second place.

I see two flopped eaglets in the egg cup. No parents in sight right now. And the cam goes off.

That branch at the 10:00 spot seems to be getting a good whitewashing.

Eighth graders--I'm guessing they were excited to see each other after their spring break, Sandi. Probably lots of sunburns, too.

stronghunter said...

Hi, Loretta! Your pictures are always great. Love to check out your nook.

Thinking of our Margy today. Wonder what she is up to?

Hoping for rain for Texas and for California.

stronghunter said...

Need to get ready to take my favorite 8th grader to school.


Judie said...

Good early morning.

Two wet eaglets and one wet parent in the nest. At least the weather is warmer for them.

Sandi, hoping the IEPs are quickly finished and the outcome for one student will not be too bad.

Shirley, very sorry about Kathryn's bank card and the fraud. I'm sure the bank will resolve the situation for her and then go after the thief. As for bowling, the season seems to go by so quickly. While 2nd place is way above great, I'm hoping the 1st place team has a really bad day. lol Just have lots of fun with your friends.

Hi Loretta. Will check the Nook soon. As always, thank you so much for all the lovely pictures.

Hi Andy. Well, one box at a time. Frustrating but you'll get there. Like moving. Lots of work.

Okay, off to finish my coffee. Maybe a rainy morning nap while the Aleve works on my joints.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

Judie said...

Google is cute this morning. Pony Express 155th anniversary.

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Good morning my eagle budlets. Hope all is well in your worlds. Rainy day in Bluefield and Shepherdstown, babes are under mumbrella. Calm waters at the Loon Cam.

The green is a-popping here! Love, love, love it. It used to be Donna, Sissy, Becky and I would go on my Nanny's porch at the first hint of green and whisper "green". As things started growing more, we would say green a little later. When we could see green all the way to the top of the mountain, we would yell "green". Miss those days!

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood and I hope you're enjoying one just like it.

SHIRLEY, what a nightmare for Kathryn. Does she know when/where the card was stolen? Fingers crossed for your bowling team!

SANDI, here's hoping things go better than expected for you and the student today!

LORETTA, love the pics in the Nook.

LOLLY, good luck with the mouse trapping---better keep the trap set for a while---when you see one you've probably got a pack of em'.

Thanks as always for nest reports!

Time to get set for a "do" appt..

Prayers for all in need!!!


grannyblt said...

Good morning all. Couldn't bring up eagle cam, hoping all is well.

In the small world dept, I was browsing on Facebook and as a suggested" person you may know" came up the name of a long ago acquaintance. I clicked on her profile, and it turns out she lives in Shepherdstown WV. Pretty far from Houston, TX.

I need to get busy around here, but will check in on the cam as time permits.

Mema Jo said...

Good Tuesday Morning To All ♥

Rainy day but the remainder of this week have promise of sunshine coming thru those clouds.

Megan said that the Shepherdstown Farmers' Market is already up/running
I need to get over there this season

Sandi - I can't see Lynnis' video of your special little one. Can only see her in the mixing bowl - ♥

Mema Jo said...

There were a pair of Geese on Larry's loon nest platform earlier.
Not sure if they have gone or not.

Mema Jo said...

Need to let you know that my Pet Scan date is changed to the 22nd. Went to dr yesterday and got some
meds to clear up these sinus/head cold/coughing symptoms. I slept well last evening - the first in the past few days due to not coughing.

Take care and stay dry..

Lolly said...

Good morning! Experiencing very cool weather for our area this time of year. Presently 57 and received more rain just before bedtime. Up to a half inch now! Hoping the lakes receive a lot of runoff as other areas got much more than we did.

Shirley, so sorry about the bank card! That is such a pain!

Need to do some shopping today. Need new sheets. Maybe should head to a Sheetz store? Is that how you spell it? Lol

Have a great day!

Mema Jo said...

Our efforts to help the Friends of NCTC seem to be at a standstill today. Still at 30% of raising the $5000 for the new cam.
Collected: $1,515.00
Goal: $5,000.00

Thank you to all the bloggers that have been able to donate - No amount is too small!

Mema Jo said...

This is the link for donations
BE SURE TO CHECK Eagle Cam at the bottom of the form......

paula eagleholic said...

Morning, all!

Looks like Belle just dug out a nestover...maybe the rest of the duck?

Lolly said...

Forgot to add......Jubby is mighty rodent Hunter! He got that little bugger last night!😱😬

paula eagleholic said...

Eaglets all covered up :)

JudyE said...

hello eagle buds



Mema Jo said...

Collected: $1,565.00
Goal: $5,000.00
Could you help us meet our donation goal of $5,000.00? We appreciate your support of the important conservation work being done at the NCTC.

Thank you!for your recent donation!

Janet said...

good afternoon to all. I see two babes plopped and snoozing in the nest.....what a dandy idea!

STRONGHUNTER: so sorry about the card theft. banks are adept these days at getting this resolved, but still what a pain!

JO: TY for the update on the PET scan. All will be well.

Sheesh! what a morning here. As I often say, the best laid plans..........................

My plan: quiet, relaxing day.

The Universe: ha ha ha ha ha

I slept in....not a lot planned. Within moments of waking up my phone rang: Oldest daughter, Chelsea panicking...Mom Lorelei has a rash, she woke up with it, allergic to something! Dr. apt not til 10:10, (its now 9 a.m.) talk to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After talking to her for a few intuition kicked in and I said, yes, take her to the dr. but I believe she may have Fifth's Disease (aka Slap Cheek syndrome).

Talked to her for about an hour. She went to the dr.

And yup. Lorelei has Fifth's Disease. A fairly common childhood virus, but rather disconcerting to look at the red red rash!

At 10 a.m. concert tickets for Olivia's favorite band went on sale. Now, the plan was to get tickets. The concert is in July. So at 10 a.m. I entered the website...with a teenager hovering over me trying to click keys as I click keys. This isn't gonna work.

Finally I became frustrated trying to get seats and gave the computer to Tom, who is much better at this than I am.

We had to send Olivia out of the room as she wasn't helping in the least! Stress puppy!

So by 10:30 we had 2 seats, 3rd or 4th row from the stage....middle of the section. good seats. darn good seats. I paid the $15 to be able to do the presale to get good seats.

Early happy bday Olivia (bday is in may)

okay fine. So now she's ticked because we said she cannot take her tablet to the concert. Tried to explain to her that venues do not allow people to record the show. She could loose her tablet...forever....and in addition, even if she were able to do it, it could get dropped and broken. She can take her camera.


lol. Okay Universe, I'm laughing with you now.

So anyway, that's been my day to start. I also had to run back to Target and exchange a pair of shorts that I purchased for her yesterday.

Stronghunter: how's the cooperation level with Hunter these days? I had to almost demand that she pick out two pair of shorts that are appropriate (cuz in a month when she really needs them they will be mostly sold out)....not the daisy dukes that she wants.....

Wow. all I can say. Wow.

Now, on to watching eagles, doing homeschool stuff, and coupons.

AND today is my gd's 9th birthday. Red Lobster for dinner.

Will check in later ya'll! hugs, love and healing to all!

NatureNut said...

It's after morning isn't it???? Just now was able to put two pics (the most important) in the Nook. I emailed them to myself to access! don't tell, plz ☺
I have more to share at home~~~later.

We are having light rain, but it's pretty steady. Our osprey on the UStream cam looks like a wet pancake and now raindrops are on the lens. She seemed to be laying real flat like this last week. Bet there are eggs. Haven't seen any yet.
Maybe I'll get to have lunch now!!
Have a great day~~Prayers for good health

paula eagleholic said...

Both parents in the nest...double feeding going on :)

paula eagleholic said...


Judie said...

Good afternoon.

Terrific pictures Loretta. Thank you.

Darth and I went flower/herb shopping. Still need vegetables but flowers are here.

Sorry you've had such a discombobulated day, Janet. Enjoy Red Lobster.

Jo, thank you for the PET scan update.

Kay, how's that "do" doing? Lovely, I bet. Tomorrow is my "do" day.

Didn't see the geese on the Loon nest. Lake looks so soothing.

Still achy from weed murdering yesterday. Think my feet are going up.


Judie said...

Two little eaglets
Sittin' in a nest
"I'll preen you
Cause I preen the best"

Too cute. One preening the other.

Branching at the Berry College nest.


Janet said...

JUDIE: what I have learned is when the Universe starts playing jokes, laugh alone and that is what I am doing.

ha ha ha ha ha ha aha ha hahahahahahahahahahahahah

can you hear me laughing?

Sandi said...

Hi all. 8am meeting this morning very quickly went to, "When I spoke to my attorney ..." Meeting was eventually halted with no resolution and all future meetings will probably include lawyers.

Jo, when Brian and Lynnis post videos of Freyja to Facebook, they post them to a "Friends and Family" page that only includes people Brian and Lynnis have added. It's their way of limiting Freyja's online presence - I get their thinking. But it means that my friends often can't see the photos and videos that I'm able to see. Glad you slept well last night and feel that the new meds are working.

Whole family is in the nest right now - one parent brought new grass, the other a stick.

It has been raining all day here but the temps are warm.

stronghunter said...


I am feeling so very sleepy. I do need to see what I have downstairs that I can use for dinner tonight. I am thinking spaghetti. Then, maybe a nap.


stronghunter said...

Bowling--we tied the fist game, won the second by 4 points, and lost the last one by about 20 points. So, the other team got credited with 2 1/2 wins, and we got 1 1/2. The first-place team got 4 wins, so they remain ahead of us.

glo said...

Good late afternoon or is it early evening. Busy times here but good. House is more and more back to normal each day The lady who always stayed with Dex for me a few hours in his final years came by to meet Patches today. I must make a 5 day trip in Mid May and so do not want to have to kennel her. I am hoping that with this lady staying nights and my neighbors helping with letting her out during. the day that she can just stay home. I am going to change her diet now that she has settled in some. So went to Petsmart and found what I would like to switch her to. Good news is Petsmart takes it back if she won't eat it. It is grain free and supposed to help eliminate yeast in ears of floppy ear dogs and also help cut down on tear stains which she has as well. We'll see. Gets good reviews in a maltese forum I am following. MeMa Jo so glad you got some meds for that cough etc. Sandi sorry about the meeting and atty stuff. You don't sound overly surprised. I wish that teachers jobs could just be for the kids without all the junk parents throw in. I think parents often mean well but in the end they end up hurting the teachers time and ability to teach their kids. They need to co-operate not put up complaints and road blocks. I so respect teachers and have no idea how anyone even does that job especially in today's society. Looks like the sycamore palace and its royal family are all doing very well. Good times.

Mema Jo said...

Shirley, win or lose you gals are one happy team! That's what means the most. I was glad to hear that last year's nasty/rude bowler has confessed her meanness and that you
were forgiving.

Glo, Patches will miss you but should do alright with her two other fur friends being with her.

Sandi I understand about videos and pictures on FB. Brian and Lynnis are very wise. Love your avatar of her and glad to hear you are going to WV this weekend. Remember that Market is open now.

Mema Jo said...

Whoo Hoo

Collected: $1,600.00
Goal: $5,000.00
Could you help us meet our donation goal of $5,000.00?
We appreciate your support for the upgrading of our Eagle Cam

Mema Jo said...



Judie said...

Dinner over. Scullery restored to order. Machine is washing and drying tonight.

Shirley, what a remarkable turn of events. I am not one bit surprised at your gracious acceptance of the apology. I am so glad to be your friend. Win or lose, your team is a winning team of friends and companions.

Glo, Patches will be just fine in her familiar environment. She will miss you but she will be fine.

Sandi, lawyers smawyers. You are almost done with all the aggravation. It really is just so sad for the teachers and for the children.

Headed across the hall to the t.v. May just head to the pillows.

Sandperson is packing a satchel. Restful sleep for all.

Sandi said...

Shirley, thanks for sharing the story about the lady at bowling. You were very gracious to be so forgiving.

About the mom and the attorney today ... sometimes parents ARE the problem. But in this case, the mom is being an advocate for her son and she has a right to be angry and to feel that the school and the district let her son down. There are things that should have happened that didn't - not on my part, but on the part of people higher up than me. I admire the mom for what she's doing b/c it's obvious that it's not about money, it's about her son and what's right for him.

Still raining here - wish I could send it to Lolly!

Goodnight my friends. See you in the early AM.

stronghunter said...

It was very nice when the lady at bowling asked to talk with me and then apologized for what she did last year. I respected her for doing this. I do not like to hold a grudge.

stronghunter said...

Sent a donation to the eagle fund. Not sure what has happened because my son got a receipt from Pay Pal for my donation. I thought I paid with my credit card in my own name. Need to check this out.

stronghunter said...

I am not sure how to check it out beyond looking at my credit card account to see if it is there.

I dropped my cell phone today and it is toast. Went to the ATandT store. The guy there told me to go find a kiosk and see if it could be fixed for less than the deductible on my insurance coverage. Nope. The repair would be $100 more.

Tomorrow I will journey to the corporate cell phone store and see if they can take care of me. Do not like the idea of mailing the phone to ATandT and waiting for them to mail me a replacement. All of my phone numbers are in that phone. I am having a hard time with this. :(

stronghunter said...

Hope things work out for the parent who is so upset with the school, Sandi.

stronghunter said...

Yes, the bowling team is a happy group. We enjoy each other.

stronghunter said...

Very sleepy. Cleaning lady is supposed to come tomorrow. Not sure how that stands. She can't call me and I can't call her. I would like to postpone, but we will have to see.

stronghunter said...

SED, everyone.

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Gang,

Had plans for taking it easy today, and that didn't happen. Got more work from the doctor, so transcription is the order of the day. Also went grossery shopping and to Wally World. Hung more pictures and emptied some boxes.

Wanted to find time to watch the nest, but no luck. Thanks to those who are reporting every move of those eaglets! Would be lost without you!

Lolly, glad Jack caught the pesky mouse. Hope you get some decent rain--WITHOUT any flooding!

Need to say goodnight and go pamper Miss Emma. She's been mostly left to her own devices today. She's been really good, with not a thought of separation anxiety, so need to reward her with some lap time.

Shirley, so sorry about the identity theft, and the cell phone mishap! Hope you can replace the phone quickly, and that the bank will catch the thief right away! Prayers!

Will say goodnight now. Have SED, and sleep well. God bless! I ♥ us!!! (Prayers continue for everyone.)

Ms Bookworm said...

P.S.-- Pulling a Margy. There is an Egyptian goose flying around here in the Anaheim Hills area that has an arrow through its neck! They've been trying to capture it and treat it, but it keeps evading everyone! Prayers, please, that they can capture it before it gets a nasty infection!
Thanks in advance. :o)

Lolly said...

No more rain today but it was cloudy all day. More rain possibly coming! Lakes are the highest in three years but still have a way to go. We may avoid the once a week watering restriction. West of us is needing rain the most.

Also, our cooler than normal temps continue.

Our order for caladiums is due to arrive tomorrow, then the big chore of planting them.

Sandi, the same rules apply here for pictures of Zach on Facebook. Michael is adamant that his and Zach's pictures not be on Facebook. That is why I post them only on the Momsters fb blog.

We were going to Dallas tomorrow to the opera. We had free tickets but neither of us want to go. We are such homebodies!!!

Time for some shut eye! Night all! SED!

Lolly said...

Oh, that poor goose! Hope that catch it! And,as for the person who shot it......I hope they get an infection!!!!

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends.

Shirley, I know how you feel about not having your cell phone. It's amazing how dependent we become on them. I left mine in school the last day before spring break and didn't realize it til 6:15 after the custodians had left for 10 days! Couldn't call anyone b/c their numbers were stored in my phone. long story, but I finally found a colleague who has a key to the building who was at school coaching his daughter's T-ball team, so he was able to let me into the building to get it.

Have agreat day all.

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

was late when I got home last night I went to Jordyn gym and hung out at the cell phone towers eagle nest till 830ish did a nice video of it also got to see both juvies

Adult is in the NHZ feeding the chicks I can see a talon there

Judie said...

Good early morning.

First egg laid at Loch of Lowes. Zebra at Pete's Pond. Two wet eagle pre-teens at Berry College. Loons off on a swim. Hawks incubating. Two eaglets being tended at our nest.

Shirley, hope the phone can be repaired or the memory data retrieved and transferred to a new one. Good luck.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

Mema Jo said...