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TGIF thread.  Wet day.


Sandi said…
Thanks for the new thread Steve and thanks Judie for the call over. Just checking the box before heading out the door for tennis. Not wet here yet. Bye!
Judie said…
Good morning.

Thank you Steve for the fresh Friday thread. Hope the rain brings lots of Spring flowers.

Someone is providing a mumbrella for the eaglets. All have been fed.

Raining in these parts, also.

Today's agenda is lunch with a gal pal. Maybe stop by a craft store after to look for some new pretend flowers for inside. Daffodils are blooming outside and Hyacinths are about to make a lovely Spring debut.

Tomorrow begins the week when Darth and I will be lizard-sitting. Neighbors headed out for Spring break.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Thanks for the new thread, Steve. Congratulations on the feather, Judie.

Hi Sandi! I hope you get your tennis games in before the rain reaches your area.

Raining here, and I see a mombrella at the nest. No babies peeking out, either.

Something at about the three o'clock spot looks very strange. Catfish? Small submarine? I do not know.

Going back to read the previous posts on the earlier thread.
stronghunter said…
Oh, I see that Sandi is playing tennis indoors. On a day like this, it's a good thing.
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all on this Good Friday and it is a wet one here.
Adult eagle has their weather
mumbrella up!

Thank you Steve for the fresh new thread - I'm headed over to see early morning comments.

Hi Sandi and Judi !
Mema Jo said…
Morning Shirley - I forgot to say that I love Sandi's new avatar!

The smallest peep at St Vrain has been lost and I won't go into any details. Our little one seems to be holding his own. Yesterday while in
the egg cup all alone must have seemed like heaven to him!
glo said…
Good morning everyone.
Mema Jo said…
I just checked our nest
Where did the big guys go?
Mema Jo said…
Good morning Glo, patches, Gabby and Zoey. (I think I got them all correctly mentioned)

Looks as though our egg cup is full of snoozing peeps. Hope it stays that way until Mom or Dad return.
Mema Jo said…
I Am feeling anxious

20 min and no adults yet

Peeps still snoozing

I hope they are up in the attic
keeping an eye on their little ones
Kay said…
Good Morning, Good Friday, Red Friday and Wet Friday Eagle Buds!!!

Thanks to STEVE and JUDIE for the new threading and call over jobs-- well done!!!

Guess our Eagle parents want the little ones to air out a bit while rain isn't falling. Like all of you, I do so like seeing them bobble around!

JUDIE, enjoy that luncheon! Your neighbors will hate to see you and Darth move away---it can't be easy finding lizard sitters.

Adorable avatar, SANDI!


Have a great day all!

Prayers for those in need!


Kay said…
I think one parent is sitting at the lower right hand side of the screen. Sure looks like adult feathers to me.
Kay said…
And an Eagle has landed. Having a snack.
Mema Jo said…
I am happy now

Adult just flew in

Brought in new dry (?) grass
Mema Jo said…
Morning, Kay

That lower right darkness on the cam is really part of the tree. It can easily fool you due to the coloring.

Kay said…
Second Eagle joins the rest. So that isn't eagle feathers at the bottom right. Sorry about that false report! Feeding time again with two out of three eagerly eating.
Mema Jo said…
Whole family is in the nest

Feeding - precious sight
Kay said…
Hi JO! Yes, I was fooled and when I enlarged the screen that looks more like part of a rubber tire than like part of a sycamore tree! Shows how unobservant I am as I never noticed it's similarity to eagle feathers before!
Kay said…
It is, indeed, a precious sight and all three are getting in on the action now.
Kay said…
A real family meal with both parents eating and doing some feeding as well. Love it!
Kay said…
Each parent has poofed briefly and returned. Wonder if they're negotiating over which is to cover the chicks next as they each fuss with flugg. Now I think Belle poofed again and Shep is settling in to brood. At least I think that is Shep--the smaller of the two!
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Good morning my eagle budlets. Just watched all 3 babes get fed. Yes Glo, even the baby got to eat. :)

When I got my iron infusion on Wednesday, there was a gentleman there getting some kind of chemo treatment. The girls asked about our eagles and of course I was happy to oblige. I saw the man listening intently. One of the girls showed me a picture of an eagle in our county landfill on Monday. When I really looked at him, I recognized him. He was the guy who organizes the eagle counts at Pipestem and Bluestone. He is also the uncle of Train's tour manager, Sam. So, we talked eagles and Train. He didn't know about the nest off the interstate near Bastian, Virginia, but of course, he does now.
Mema Jo said…
Both adults were in and now they are both out of the nest again
Mema Jo said…
Sharon - small world - right?
Mema Jo said…
Eagle (looks like Shep) has
returned to watch over our precious ones
Judie said…
No details I've seen/heard yet BUT three active eagle nests have been found in D.C. Yippee! DC Eggberts!

Off to lunch.

Sandi said…
Hi all - home from great tennis (I did just fine, like riding a bike) and the rain hasn't started here yet. It's 70 degrees outside! Think I'll try to get my chubby puppies outside for a walk.

stronghunter said…
Oh yes, that is a nice avatar, Sandi!

I have a couple of daffodils blooming, Judie, and some hyacinths are peeking out of the ground, but I don't expect a whole lot of spring flowers. My knee was hurting last fall at the time I would have been taking care of them, and they did need attention and some new bulbs should have been planted. I need to go pick up some pansies and plant them for some spring color.

I am wondering what is going to happen with my nasturtiums. I just let them be last fall, and they dropped hundreds of seeds on the ground where they remain. A couple of bags of soil that are still full are waiting for me. I just might go see if I can spread the soil over the seeds and see what happens.

Looks like the babies are stirring a bit. Maybe a feeding is about to happen.
JudyE said…
thanks for the call over JUDIE

and thanks for the NEW THREAD STEVE

you are gonna have us spoiled
Sandi said…
No luck - rain started as soon as we got to the end of the driveway.

There have been so many sad eaglet stories already this season - it's why I don't follow more nests. This way, I can direct all of my prayers and positive energy to one eagle family.

Thanks for the comments about the new Freyja avatar. Lynnis has a friend who knits beautifully and doesn't have children of her own. She has made the most gorgeous sweaters for Freyja in varying sizes. I'm guessing she crocheted the hat, but maybe Lynnis did that.

Shirley, how is your shoulder? Is Hunter on spring break this coming week or was he off this past week?
JudyE said…
look like more flugg was brought

and OH YES SANDI I love your AVATAR
so sweet
JudyE said…
another feeding going on now
Mema Jo said…
lol - check out the left hand side of the egg cup - under the flugg I see movement........ It just has to be little bit
stronghunter said…
Yay! Eagle nests in DC!!

Kay, I noticed that tree trunk there in the corner and wondered if it might be eagle feathers, too. You are not the only one. Last year, I think we were seeing some white areas of the bark there. Either the camera angle or a change in the tree bark has made it look different.

Babies are waking up, and now feeding is taking place.

I would like to watch all day, but I really must get some things done. I have food I can put in the crock pot, so that should make for an easy dinner. Kathryn made a vet appointment for Luna later today when Hunter is home to help me get her there, so we'll be busy in the early evening.
Mema Jo said…
Well no I take that back

I think the two being fed is #1 and #3

I guess it was #2 that jut broke out of the flugg

Whoever - it was funny seeing the flugg move!
stronghunter said…
Hunter is off next week, Sandi.

My shoulder has been okay. I have noticed a slight twinge from time to time, but nothing remarkable.

I was careful when I bowled on Tuesday, and it was okay then.
stronghunter said…
Little Bit is getting food. At least, I think that's Little Bit there near the adult.
stronghunter said…
Two babies eating. One flopped. I think #1 and #3 are eating, and #2 is flopped.
stronghunter said…
Maybe #2 is still groggy from sleeping soundly under the flugg, Jo.
stronghunter said…
Interesting story about the gentleman you met, Sharon.

Eagle in with yet another whale.
stronghunter said…
Goodness, that fish would make a fine dinner for my family.
stronghunter said…
I think that was Shep making the delivery. Belle has been on feeding duty.
Mema Jo said…
The rain has stopped
Now if only the sun would make an appearance
Mema Jo said…

Between the hours of noon to 3:00pm I will be praying for PEACE in the
WORLD. Join in if you are free - even one prayer or one positive thought could help this world where we live.
JudyE said…
OH MY HOW HORRIBLE a couple on a cruise ship murder and suicide the ship left Tampa and they just left Key West Holland America Ship is the ship 14 day cruise they are calling it that until further investigation

the couple is from OHIO so sad
JudyE said…
pretty soon those three won't fit in that bowl adult pulling of a large piece of stuck together flugg or food at 10 kids are waking up tug and pull
JudyE said…
looks like all three are comatose and stretched out in the cup the size difference is really noticeable now
Both parents still on the nest.

chicklets snoozing
Parents moving around, kids are waking up...looks to be another feeding time
Looks like the darker down coming in on the oldest 2 eaglets.
Parents are eating, kids are they are getting some bites too.
Belle took off, Shep feeding
aw, they are all covered up...just heads showing...nope, now they are wrestling :)
back to just hanging out under the flugg.
JudyE said…
just got back from lunch with Angie

I agree PAULA Life is good

thanks for the report on the family and I see so much loose flugg in the nest are they trying to hide the chicks from us LOL

JudyE said…
in coming got good snip
JudyE said…
and poof got snip of it also
stronghunter said…
Egg cup is leaking eaglets. Parent is there, but somebody is sticking out. Saw little one get food earlier.
Might be getting some rain...looks like parent tenting
grannyblt said…
Good afternoon. I just returned from Good Friday community services at the college and a nice lunch out. Rain here too and colder weather forecast for weekend. The snow has finally melted from the huge piles in the yard and a few crocus are blooming.I checked the nest and parent was covering two of the babes, but another was under Moms chin. I guess they are getting too big these days.
Shep doing a good job...#1 got his fill, now it's time for #2 and #3
Over the babes and tenting again
Heading home and to Eburg tonight to see kids and gkids over Easter.

Will check in when I can.

Happy Easter!
stronghunter said…
Belle tenting. Must be raining.
stronghunter said…
Appointment for Luna at vet's soon. BBL.
Judie said…
Good late afternoon.

Looks as if the babes are being covered and maybe some light rain.

Rained here earlier today. Stopped mid-afternoon but sky is dark again. Supposed to get more rain. Well, rather rain than more snow.

Lunch was good. Nice gal pal. Has a mother-in-law, age 93, with dementia and has become cantankerous. Sometimes she just needs a shoulder -I have two.

Headed to put my feet up then to the scullery.

Sandi said…
Is anyone else watching the live cam? The picture on my screen keeps going all wonky and then it looks OK again. Hope nothing bad is going on with the camera on this holiday weekend.
Janet said…
good afternoon to all.

its been a busy day. work was great. Fridays are always fun because the Friday crew is my favorite! lots of teasing, playing between us back in the break room.

I ran some errands after work and am now home. Work tomorrow again 9 to 3.

Found out something interesting at work. I talked to my boss about it, it concerned my raise. I told her last year when K did my review, I was told I would get a raise of $x.00 You told me I just got a raise TO that, can we figure out what's what?

Well yes, it was documented that I'm supposedto get $XX.00 amount, but I was never entered into the computer! So now they owe me a year of back pay, and plus I got a raise this year, which tops me out as far as pay goes.

But that's okay, starting next year then, they will pay for some of my continuing ed costs!

Tomorrow night we are going to see my buds Tuatha Dea down in Franklin. I am most excited!

As for now, we are under a tornado watch (yuck! Hopefully all stays calm!

Will check in later! (HUGS)
Mema Jo said…
I have returned and guess what - the buttermilk pancakes have gotten smaller. Bummer !

Sandi so far my live feed is ok

Janet - I feel your excitement!
Good thing you asked about your pay!

Family time in the nest !
Mema Jo said…
Shep took off
Belle is with peeps at the egg cup

We did have some more rain showers
during the past hour
Mema Jo said…
Janet - stay safe in that weather
Lolly said…
Just looked in on the cam and watched a feeding. Wish there was a better, equal distribution!

Heading to church soon. Jack has a part in this evenings Good Friday service.

This morning our neighbor saw a bobcat In our yards. Not sure where it headed. When Jack told me I went out and searched but saw nothing.

Mema Jo said…
7:15pm Just checked back to cam
Where did the big guys go ??????

They have been doing this quite often

OK I'll watch a while but then it is time for JEOPARDY
Mema Jo said…
Adult back
Just in time
Leaving for TV

Janet said…
all is well here. Tornado warning earlier, but east of here. I called my daughter and she and chris were out right smack dab in the middle of it. they got off the interstate and went into a Wendy's. thankfully all is well. Hopefully that's it for the night.!
Judie said…
My goodness: congratulations to Janet on her monetary windfall and to Lolly for having a new family pet.

Sandi, the avatar of Freyja is cute and the hat is a real "topper."

Jo, doesn't it just frost your Dairy Queen that IHOP put their pancakes on a diet? Not fair!

Judie said…
Headed to check out PBS then to the pillows.

Sandperson is packing. Restful sleep for all.
stronghunter said…
I think the Sandperson has come here already, so I am saying good night. SED, everyone.

Watching Shark Tank, then I have to go up and put my bed back together.
Mema Jo said…
Calling it a day

Hoping for sunshine tomorrow
Fairly warm out this evening

Goodnight to all ♥
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. Windy morning here but warm - slept with the sliding glass door open a bit last night.

Looks like Belle at the nest - she's partially blocking the view of the chicks so i can't count heads.

Tennis for me at 9am again. Have agreat day all.

grannyblt said…
Good morning all.

I guess I spoke too soon about the absence of snow here in NW PA. I awoke this am to a heavy dusting. I suppose it will melt quickly, but still.

Off to check our babes, then get busy making hot cross buns. Hope everyone has a great day
stronghunter said…
Good morning!

A nice spring day here. Fifty-five degrees. Supposed to get to 61. I'll take it.

Eagle on nest with wings partially spread. Breezy there.
stronghunter said…

Three lively little ones are there. Little bit under the others, but in front.

Cam shake.
stronghunter said…
I must get ready for baseball practice. BBL.
glo said…
gm everyone. Hopefully today the rain will pass by and the sun and warm nice weather will be on its way. I am off to practice for tomorrow's Easter Cantata. Patches well she is .Great
stronghunter said…
Not all three are actively participating in the feeding, and I see that little one eating.
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all ♥

I'm hearing tennis and baseball
It just has to be Spring

We must have gotten some rain throughout the night. Grannyblt I am very thankful not to have gotten any snow.

I love Easter music and cantatas are so special and spiritually stirring. Loved the pic of you with your 3 furbabies sitting on the couch.

Just having my coffee - I'll return later.
stronghunter said…
Really need to get some gasoline. On less than a quarter tank.
Mema Jo said…
Shirley - since you are at the baseball field (lol) you best get your gas tank filled to be sure you get home before Easter = ♥
Mema Jo said…
Feeding time and the lunch line up is looking good
Morning all.
watching a nice feeding for 2 and 3. Looks like mammal on the menu
All 3 plotzed in the cup now
Mema Jo said…
GM Paula
Where are you spending Easter Sunday?
A little cold and breezy Yoda foe the egg hunt at Ajay's aunts house in Frederick. ..doubt the kids will notice.

John and Ajay are once again back together...God Bless them they are trying...

Ha ha

Today for the egg hunt...

Jo I am in Eburg this weekend..Larry here too at his sister's house..we will have lunch tomorrow together with kids and gkids...going out to eat in Gettysburg
So my brother Steve isn't here this weekend. .he is spending it with my brother Phil. ..I have his 2 dogs here with mine...can you say zoo? Lol
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

PAULA, great Easter plans and the zoo sounds like a blast to me! Best wishes to Ajay and John!

JO and GLO, I love cantatas, too. Sang in many back in my "salad days", but my alto voice is gone due to lack of consistent use.

Seth was here overnight and is out with Julie doing Meals on Wheels now. He has plans with friends tonight so asked if we could "do" Friday instead. You betcha!

LYNNE1, hope that's the last snow of the season for you and for my neck of the woods as well. Flurries that didn't stick here.

SHIRLEY, game practice on, gas up and head home for a glorious Easter!

SANDI, didja enjoy a triumphant tennis game or two?

Oh, so windy in the sycamore tree, but chicks are well sheltered!

Prayers for all in need!!!

Mema Jo said…
Paula it is good to have you in the mountains again for a short stay.
Happy thoughts and prayers for John and AJ..

Hi Kay - Hope your weekend is filled
with many blessings ! ♥
Lynne2 said…
oh my!

Vet visits, hot cross buns, dustings of snow, Sharon chatting up med at the Dr. office, tornado watches, Holy Week services, singing, John and AJay back together, family gatherings.....WOOT!

I have a new job at work, not only receptionist and weather informer, but now those who do not sit at a desk are clamoring for me to see eagle cams!

Sadly, Eagles 4 Kids has also had a nest fail this season. Them, Blackwater, Hayes Pittsburgh...I know there is another. I'm so glad ours are fine, as are the Codorus babes. THEIR nest is so full of fish (and a SKUNK!) that I fear the little ones will want to swim rather than fly!

Running off to get some things done....
glo said…
Kay I too wondered if my voice was gone as I had not used it in many a year. Even these 3 or 4 months since I rejoined the choir has made a good difference. Sing lady. You can strengthen those muscles again.
NatureNut said…
Happy Easter Saturday Everyone!!
Eddie Eagle has his basket ready!!
What fun in the sun for our 3 Bigger bobbles~~you can really see each one now. Got a couple captures for the EM Album.
We have sun, too, but the breeze makes it chilly.
Guess it's time to boil some eggs. Going to try something different that was served many years ago at my Polish Grandparents home. Got a couple cans of pickled beets and will remove shells from a few eggs and try to soak them in the juice for color and flavor! Kitchen chemistry 101!! ☺
Sandi said…
Good afternoon all - sunny outside but gusty winds are keeping the temps down.

Tennis was good fun but not as much competition as yesterday.

After tennis, Denny and I went to 2 local mattress stores, tried out a bunch of mattresses, and settled on one. Felt like the princess and the pea! Tried those Tempurpedic solid memory foam mattresses - comfy but WAY too pricey for me! Cannot justify spending $5000 dollars for a bed unless I was planning to LIVE in it, which I'm not! We bought a pillowtop innerspring mattress with a 6-inch memory foam layer on top of the coils - very nice to lay on and a LOT less money! Also bought a hypoallergenic mattress protector to replace the quilted mattress pad that we are currently using. One of the things Denny is allergic to is dust mites and they can live in a regular quilted mattress pad. New bed will be delivered on Tuesday and they will haul away the old one.

All that tennis playing and mattress testing has tired me out - I see a nap in my very near future.

Paula, what good news about John and Ajay that they aren't giving up on their marriage! Too many young people are quick to throw in the towel rather than rolling their sleeves up and working hard to save a relationship. Good for them - prayers and positive energy that they can work out their differences, since it's obvious they still love each other.

Got an email from Brian today. Freyja's first word - aside from Mama and Dada - is DOG! :)

Later all - hope you are enjoying the day.
JudyE said…
HOWDY eagle buds haven't been on because I had no internet and no phone I had cable so don't know what was up with that

I now see our family and om my what a big big difference in size

LORETTA I love to make pickled eggs that way so easy
I love pickled beets I always have several cans in my cupboard

SANDI happy you had a good game and the proud new owners of a mattress

PAULA what great news of Ajay and John trying to make it work

I see temp at nest 54° and sunny

and I see the little ones being feed

glo said…
So sandman will start coming in soon and lots of folks preparing for their Easter celebrations. I just wanted to send a wish for Easter Blessings To all of you and your friends and family . Catch you all at some point tomorrow. AOYP everyone
stronghunter said…
It will soon be dark at the nest. Parent sitting on little ones. It has been windy here today, and that wind was more than a bit chilly.

I hope that everyone has a pleasant Easter day. God bless.
stronghunter said…
Feeding. I guess this is the bedtime snack.
stronghunter said…
A little hard to tell which is which since it is getting dark, but I think Little Bit is doing okay.
stronghunter said…
Checking out opportunities for conversational French lessons around here. The library has something going on right now, but it is already underway.

However, I think it is worth checking out. They want you to have had at least two years of high school French behind you, and I do have that, but that is all, and it was more than 50 years ago. They say rusty is okay, but I am more than rusty.

I'm not sure what Val and Julie have had, but I think I will call the library tomorrow. It won't hurt to ask.
Lolly said…
Hi Shirley! Just took a peek at the nest. Belle seems to be tucking them in for the night. Saw the little one moving, but would like to see a head up and alert.
stronghunter said…
Went out and bought some things for Easter dinner awhile ago. Need to clean out the refrigerator a bit. Might as well find something to eat while I am at it.

Congratulations on your salary windfall, Janet. How nice to learn that you have extra money coming your way.

Glad you found your way back online, Judy.
stronghunter said…
I thought the little one was on the left, Lolly, but I wasn't sure. The one in the middle did not seem to be getting any food.
stronghunter said…
Getting a bit chilly here in the house this evening. Wonder if I can put together enough logs and fire starters to get a fire going?
stronghunter said…
Can just see the white head and a bit of the tail now.
Judie said…
Shirley, rusty French? Well, my French is more like corroded. I suspect most of those you will meet will also speak English.

Enjoy the new sleeping accommodations, Sandi. Biggest problem I have is finding fitted sheets that actually fit. Most are way too big. Annoying. Too cute - dog as a third word. Freyja has her priorities in order.

Judie said…
Sandperson is packing up a special Easter satchel -- decorated eggs filled with sleepy dust. Will be departing soon. Wishes everyone a lovely Easter.

Jufie has also asked that I wish everyone a wonderful Easter and promises not to steal the eggs filled with sleepy dust.

Restful sleep for all.
stronghunter said…
Well, I have tried to get a fire started, but it keeps dying down. Lucky is not pleased. He followed me to the fireplace every time I made an effort to get things going.

Just now, he went over and looked at the dying fire, so Kathryn went put more newspapers on it, and Lucky meowed at her, "Please get this fire going."

Now he is needing to have his bed moved closer to the fire. One-hundred-year-old kitties should be able to sleep by the fire whenever they want to.
Ms Bookworm said…
Good (very late) Evening, Everyone,

It's been a very busy day today.
We had our gardener come and plant a lot of new daylilies, some social garlic, and lantana groundcover out front, and put mulch down so all of it will not need to be watered as much. Our governor has announced that we all need to use 25% less water. I hope that means the farmers too.
I only found this out recently, but it seems a LOT of rice is grown in California! That certainly takes a lot of water!

Thanks to all of you who have been describing the happenings at the nest. I haven't been able to watch as much as I would like, and your comments are very helpful!

Need to get to bed and get some sleep. Want to wish everyone a very Happy Easter, though.
Hope you all have SED, and AOYP.
God bless, and goodnight.
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Wishing everyone a lovely Easter.
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. Happy Easter!

Chilly here this morning - only in the 40s but going up into the 50s. Kevin went to a show in DC last night and Brian, Lynnis, and Freyja are in Philadelphia for a wedding this weekend, so it will be just Denny and me for dinner today. Someone else will be doing the cooking and we will just pay the bill.

All looks and sounds quiet at the nest - haven't seen the kids yet this morning. Within a few days, it will be tough for either parent to get all 3 huddled in that egg cup. #1 is 2 weeks old today.

I'd like to suggest Wynkin, Blynkin, & Nod for names. The poem starts like this: Wynken, Blynken, and Nod one night
Sailed off in a wooden shoe –
Sailed on a river of crystal light
Into a sea of dew. "Where are you going, and what do you wish?"
The old moon asked the three.
"We have come to fish for the herring-fish
That live in this beautiful sea.

Our 3 are not fishermen yet but they will be once they fledge. They will "sail" away from us at some point in June. And, while they won't use a wooden shoe for their fishing, they do live in a wooden nest right now. Just my thought.

I also liked Paula's earlier suggestion of Earth, Wind, and Fire.

Belle is up and all 3 little ones are wiggling.

Have agreat day all.
stronghunter said…
Feeding and poop-shooting at the nest.
Judie said…
Good morning.

Happy Easter. May everyone enjoy the day.

The eaglets are all having some breakfast as sunshine begins to cover the nest.

Sandi said…
Belle just poofed - I think just up to a branch. Kids are alone, huddling together. You can really start to see the darker feathers in chick #1.

Good morning Lynne, Shirley, & Judie!
stronghunter said…
Wow, hard to believe it has been 2 weeks.

Love the poetry connection, Sandi. Not sure about those names for eagles. Too early for me to think too deeply. Need coffee.

Janet said…
good morning to all. Happy Easter to those who celebrate.

A gorgeous but chilly morning here!

Thanks all for the congrats. It felt good to know I wasn't completely nuts.

Work yesterday, then home, change and out to Big East Fork Farms. Tesea had put together this gathering. She had several people who taught classes (missed those as I was working), about a half dozen bands (headline, Tuatha Dea)

It was good to see my friends (and other friends who go to similar events as well!) hug them and congratulate them on their win @ Hard Rock. Met the new drummer, Luca. He is from Italy. Funny, our first conversation involved what does one do in the event of a tornado and you have no basement! lol.

There were some awesome fire dancers/hoopers/spinners. Pretty amazing!

The full moon was out Man, the stars you could see out on that farm! Can't see anything like that here in the suburbs!

Loved it, just wish it had been a tad warmer.

Tom wasn't feeling well so we skedaddled a bit early. Thinks he may have a kidney stone on the move.

Busy day ahead. Going to make some food, kids coming over. I am off tomorrow as well, but taking a me day....getting a massage in the a.m. and a pedicure in the p.m.

Hope everyone enjoys the day with family and friends! light and love to all!
JudyE said…
Happy Easter to all my eagle buds

JANET I guess I can consider myself lucky as I can see the stars at night We don't have enough lights to block them and I do agree the past couple of nights have been outstanding starlight night I forgot to say that one day last week you could see the milkway here there were picture of facebook now my camera isn't that good
stronghunter said…
Yes, Judie, my French is very rusty indeed. I am sure you are right about those we encounter will most likely speak English. Val is eager to embark on learning some more French, and I think it might be a good project as long as it is not too challenging. I do not want to conjugate a lot of verbs or any such thing as that. But it might be interesting to understand some of what we hear in France. :)
Mema Jo said…
Good Easter Sunday to all ♥

Getting ready to welcome about 20 warm bodies for Easter Dinner. Ham
smells delicious. We are busy fixing some other items but the sides are being brought in by the children.

Praying that all of you will enjoy today♥

JudyE said…
All three bobble heads are in the cup I am so surprised with that
JudyE said…
a adult is at 12 picking of food I think gonna feed the little ones they are just sitting there bobbling right along waiting watching the adult
JudyE said…
the little on e is on the move using the big one to step on
JudyE said…
nope didn't make it out the cup looks like they are in and out of of sleep adult just landded and start moving sticks
JudyE said…
wow that was close almost put on chicks but now its moved to 6 stickplacement I wonder if it was brought in I bet it was
JudyE said…
must have been just a stick delivery out to get more supplies I guess
JudyE said…
gotta get ready to head to Angie's and then to Bernadette for dinner
Kay said…
Happy Easter Eagle Buds!!!

Checkin' in before heading for a holiday lunch with Julie and the guys. Yeah!

SANDI, I love those names since we have 3 beautiful chicks this year. They do "wink, blink, nod" and feast on fish every day.

GLO, thanks for the vocal chord encouragement---I'm sure you're right that some exercises would bring the dulcet tones back. I'm not sure any choir would take a look at this old gal and ask me to join up. It's under consideration thanks to you!

JO, your Easter feast sounds good. Enjoy! None of us eat pork, so I don't know what the meat will be, but I know there is tater salad n' baked beans on the menu. I love the aroma of a ham baking or bacon in the fry pan, but no longer like the taste. I feel the same way about beef now. My taste buds have adapted to a near meatless diet, I guess.

SHIRLEY, good luck with the French, but as someone said you'll find English in wide use. I was in France twice in the 70's and had the benefit of Julie's fluent French (she lived in Calais and Paris for several years, teaching English to adults). However, even then English was spoken most everywhere we went.

JUDY, thanks as always for your eagle reporting.

Prayers for all in need!!!

Judie said…
Jo? Wait!!!! WAIT!!!!!!

I'm on my way for ham and other good food. I'll be there soon. WAIT for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shirley, a brush up on conversational French should be helpful but conjugations, not so much.

Now to complete my perusal of the newspaper (before heading to Jo's).

stronghunter said…
Dinner here will be ham, chicken, asparagus, green beans, and potatoes with tiramisu cake for dessert. I am not 100% sure how many are coming. We'll eat later this afternoon, and I am about to go down and go over the foods with Kathryn and Hunter so they can take care of things.
stronghunter said…
Judie, when I was in Montreal, a woman told me I should try to speak French while I was there. Well, that would have been fine, but I would have been pretty limited in what I would have said--maybe "hello" "How are you?" "Here it is." "It is raining." I think I can count to 5 maybe, and say a few other things.

Most people there did definitely speak English. It is a shame that more Americans do not speak multiple languages, but we simply don't get the exposure people in other countries do. At least, not until recently. I do hear a lot of Spanish these days.

Kathryn had a funny story recently. A Spanish-speaking mother and son came into her shop. The mother explained in Spanish to her son how they had to be careful because these people would try to cheat them when they gave the estimate for their repairs. The person who would be doing the estimate was sitting right there, and when he spoke with the woman, he addressed her completely in Spanish. It is not safe to assume that those around you don't know what you are saying just because you are speaking a different language. :)
grannyblt said…
Shirley, all of my grandchildren are in Spanish Emersion programs at their schools and have been since kindergarten. The oldest will graduate from high school next month and surely will get advanced placement in college Spanish. The knowledge of a second or third language can be very important in today's global business world.
grannyblt said…
My Spanish is of the uno, dos, tres variety. My daughter experienced a similar situation when she and the children were waiting at a car dealership and a person also waiting said to another in Spanish that they might be cheated. My grade school aged grandson asked his mom in a loud voice whether that would happen. Spanish speaking folks were very quiet after that.
Mema Jo said…
I am pleased reading that your plans do include friends or family. Judie you head on up and be careful of all the traffic. tart now and you will be here around 2:0 - just in time!

glo said…
Happy Easter everyone. I have had a glorious Easter morning in so very many ways. .Kay well I can guarantee you could be welcomed in our choir. Might be a bit of a trip though :-) Sing to Him anyway: wherever and whenever you sing.
Good afternoon Eagle watchers and friends. I have been lurking the last few days, but wanted to stop in to wish you all a very Happy Easter. He Is Risen!

Our little bobble heads seem active; hope the smallest one is getting fed to get him stronger. Our pantry doesn't look very full either. What is going on there? :) Are Mom AND Dad getting a little tired out? :)

I see one parent back in nest and looks like it is going to be lunch time for the parent. Maybe the babies will be next.
Judie said…
Jo, I am NOT a tart! lol

Enjoy the dinner with family. I guess I'll stay home because if I'm a "tart" I might not survive. Serious lol.
Other parent now in nest; with a fish. Maybe the little one will stand a chance at getting some lunch. I just find it very hard to watch the feedings, and the babies trying to get ahead of one another for the food. That poor little one isn't as strong as the other two.
Lunch is over. Both parents left the nest. Now it is nampime. :) Parent back on nest
Our three babies are full and all sprawled out in the warm sun napping.
All is well at the nest. :)
Lynne2 said…
Oh lookie....Candy has made a new word for our dictionary....NAMPIME!!!

You are sooooo funny Lynne 2. I'll respell it to read nap time. :)
Mema Jo said…
Company has departed - a beautiful day - food and friends ♥
Just watched both parents double team on feedinf..all ate well..including the youngest :)
Kids..gkids Larry and I ate out today. .was nice..but we do miss having duck on Easter
Missed Laura and Michael today..but I'll see them in 2 weeks at Gianni BD party..hard to believe she will be 5
Janet said…
evening all!

What a busy day. food prepped. a bit of light cleaning done. kids arrived. visited. ate. enjoyed. kids left.

a friend stopped by. good to see him.

now I am tired! glad I have tomorrow off. massage in the morning and getting my pedicure in the afternoon.

have a good night sleep to all!

Lolly said…
I do hope each and everyone of you have had a blessed and glorious Easter! We did! Laurel and family arrived about two and we sat down to our ham dinner shortly after that. They left about two hours ago. Will see them Thursday at the track meet.

Has been a chilly Easter. We had rain during the night and it was cloudy all day and did not get out of the 50's.
Judie said…
Sandperson here.

Have packed a large satchel with sleepy dust and plan to depart soon to visit each of you. First stop: Shepherdstown to check on the eaglets.

Restful sleep for all -- especially those who did not enjoy a nampime earlier today.
stronghunter said…
Pretty sleepy here. Company has left. Dinner was good. I think we will have plenty of food for most of the week.

stronghunter said…
Hoping that everyone had a glorious day. I will see you tomorrow. SED.
Sandi said…
Good Monday morning my eagle friends.

Yesterday was a different Easter for us - just Denny and me. We took the dogs for a long walk at the nearby nature preserve - watched 2 pairs of osprey fishing and working on their nests. Then we went to dinner at a very nice restaurant in Bethany.

I see one eagle trying to sit on 3 growing chicks at our nest.

Have agreat day everyone - not sure what I'll get into today. Maybe washing windows, maybe digging in the garden, maybe sitting outside in the sun with a book.
glo said…
Good morning everyone. Phew time to catch my breath from last week. Met myself coming and going a few days there. Patches is doing so very well. Our family has essentially blended. It's really nice to have a little dog at my feet or by my side once again. She is a happy busy little girl.
Mema Jo said…
Good Monday Morning To All ♥

Not too many early birds on here this morning. Nest looks to be
in order. At the nest it is 44° and very calm with sunshine and blue skies. Should get up into the high 60's.

My morning is full but I'll be back this afternoon to chat. Just a reminder that I am thankful for such true friendships - I'll be thinking thoughts of you during the MRI - you have to occupy your mind with good stuff! All will go well - ♥

Sandi - I vote for a good book while sitting in the sun !
grannyblt said…
Good morning eagle friends.

Prayers for you today Jo, as always.
Janet said…
good morning all.

I vote with JO: a book in the sun for Sandi! and JO: yes, you are right. Fill the mind with good things, happy thoughts.

Just wanted to pop in and saw morning. CLoudy here. rain anticipated. Its all good.

Have a wonderful day!
Mema Jo said…
I had to remove my Easter Eggs
This is just a temporary pic until I get some of Elliott at his Easter

Here's looking at ya ♥
Judie said…
New Monday thread. Come on over. A couple of visitors already there.

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