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New Years Eve thread.

Saw a mature bald eagle on a roadkill near Paris, VA yesterday.  It was right on the road, but fortunately flew off. 


Sandi said…
Thanks Steve for the new thread! I'll call the others over. Happy New Year to you and the NCTC crew!!
Judie said…
Good morning!

Thank you Steve for the New Year's Eve thread. We wish you a safe and joyous evening and a happy and healthy New Year.

Thank you Sandi for hollerin' at us. Enjoy the last feather of 2014.
Judie said…
The children are fine.

Headed out to get my "do" did today. That way I'll look beauteous as I sleep through the transition to 2015.

Bright blue sky and sunshine this morning. A few wispy clouds. Cold. Brrrr.

Wishing everyone a wonderful morning.
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Brr, cold here too. Beautiful and sunny, though.

Janet, your ideas about Tamiflu make sense.

Yes, Kathryn and Hunter have gone to Florida. Hunter seems to be just fine.

Slept in this morning. The critters told me what they thought of that as soon as I got downstairs. And Lucky still doesn't approve of the fact I haven't yet freshened the water in their bowl.
stronghunter said…
Flu has been declared epidemic across the US. Vaccine does not work too well, but it is still recommended. Tamiflu is also short in some places--like here.

stronghunter said…
Good to know your children are fine, Judie.
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!!

Thanks to STEVE for the last new thread of 2014! You've been so good to us over the years and I look forward to your generosity in 2015 with gratitude!

Oh, SANDI, so glad you gained a feather for your New Year's Eve Celebration Cap!

Yes, good news from Julie and the guys--they'll be in by dark and will come here for Malcolm as soon as they've unloaded the car, turned up the heat, etc.. He has been contented, but will be delighted to see them and to go home!

14° here and not destined to rise above 25°. It's sunny, dry, no wind, so it's an okay day for me and the doggies.

JUDIE, nice to know you'll see the Old Year out and the New Year in with a stylish "do"! So nice that you have the furbabies just in time to start the new year off right!

SHIRLEY, so glad Kathryn were able to go to FL. This should help Hunter put the disappointments of his Christmas 2014 in the past!

My daughter-in-law, Beth, is having a sorrowful end of year. Her father, Keith, 86, has been placed in palliative care as the cancer and chemo did nothing but take a toll on his life. He got a natural high over the family all being in MN for Christmas, enjoying their traditions and eating favorite foods enthusiastically. Then Monday, after the holiday was over and Lee and his two children had returned to their homes he went into Septic Shock. The end is near, but, Keith, a retired child psychologist and community activist has had a wonderful, fulfilling life. Prayers for his family will be appreciated.

Tonight I will station myself in the recliner in front of the Tellie and will, if I follow my pattern of the last few years, fall soundly asleep by 10 if not earlier! Happy New Year to all. I'm looking forward to our sharing a lot of 2015 nest action!

Love and prayers for all in need!!!

magpie said…
Happy Almost New Year, Eagle Pals....
bright, sunny and COLD here today...will spend part of this day with James the Wise Kidster....

Many thanks to NCTC, Steve, all the Technicians and Naturalists that bring these Nest Delights and Information to Us....
Happy New Year !!

and to all of YOU, Precious Pals...

Happy End of 2014, and Beginning of 2015... You ALL Totally Rock !!

God Bless This Nest,
and God Bless Us, Every One...
xoxox ☺ ♥
Mema Jo said…
Good Morning on the eve of a new year! ♥

It is really really cold out there this morning - Mr Red came by and he was so puffed up and looked so cool.
I am going to bundle up when Jenny comes to get me and take me out to WV to see Elliot! ♥

As far as watching the new year arrive - like most of you I hope I can stay awake! Remembering when my children were young and then when my grandchildren would spend the night with popcorn and ice cream. Many many fond memories.

I am praying for all of us to have good health and that this flu bug will not touch us or at least won't last long if it does.
Mema Jo said…
Steve and NCTC staff -

Happy New Year to all of you.
I am ever grateful for your providing us with this blog and the Eagle cam. Thank you for all you do and for your friendships !
Mema Jo said…
Judy - Do you think you can find New Year's Eve hats or confetti for
our eagles pics?
stronghunter said…
Need to get myself dressed and out the door this morning, then maybe some firewood and a nice fire in the fireplace for the day. It is plenty cold out there, but very sunny. Does not look to be any wind.
stronghunter said…
Thanks to Steve for the nice new thread. Happy New Year to you and your family and the NCTC staff and their families.
Steve Chase said…
been talking to the Outdoor Channel folks today. Live feed coming back very soon.
JudyE said…
HELLO on lunch and boy I got my days mixed up today is WED and I thought Tues that is what happens when we get old LOL soi I will be able to stay at Angie for the party PaRTY pARTY lol

I am on laPTOP brought it today and I am multi taking two eagle cams radio and blog
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hope to catch up over the long weekend!!

Love to all!
Lolly said…
Howdeeeeee!, one happy Horned Frog here! Way to go TCU! Rif Ram!

Now for GA Tech to win this evening!

Cold day here but cozy inside even though no fire. Boo hoo! Presently 35 and rain expected. Ha! Famous last words!

So very sorry, Kay! Prayers for Keith! What a blessing he had a great Christmas.

Need to go back and read the previous thread!
stronghunter said…
Came home from doing some errands. Knee hurts. Tired. Want to nap in the recliner. Did get a fire going in the fireplace. Kitty sleeping by the fire. Dog is by the door. Looking for Kathryn?
stronghunter said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Janet said…
goooooooood aaaafffttteeernoooonnn!



JUDIE: has her do-did, or would that be do-done? or do-done-did?

Either way. Yeah!

STRONGHUNTER: glad everyone is well in your nest.

KAY: so sorry for the DIL...difficult time at the holidays. I hope the transistion is peaceful.

Work was great. I stayed a little longer to get stuff ready for Friday morning. I open on Fridays and I want things ready. And, it allowed everyone else to leave sooner. They closed @ 3 today.

Michael's g/f stopped by my work today and SURPRISED me with a nice, hot, cup of coffee! :)

I am making wings, buffalo strips and tots tonight. and jello shots. :)

it will be just tom, liv and me. but that's okay. I haven't ever tried jello shots, but they look good I will try to make some. the trick seems to be to have the liquor cold.

anyway will check in later. if you are going out tonight, please be safe.

hugs to all!

JudyE said…
Hello home from work

KAY I am so sorry about him going through hell doing the treatments at 86 and not helping so sad Hoping he makes the transition peacefully and will be out of pain
I know if it was me I wouldn't have done the treatment at 86 BTJMHO

JUDIE bringing in the year with a new do done

SIS sounds nice a peaceful of a newyears eve at your house

So happy HUNTER is feeling better SHIRLEY and on his way to FL maybe my mind is going but where in Fl are they going Right now we are 63° didn't get much warmer that that today but we will be in the 80° in a day or so I hope that they get nice warm weather

JudyE said…
I guess I need to upload photo shop or something with only my paint program its hard to do painting on a little picture LOL BELLE and SHEP are ready to go out on the town for the new year

Mema Jo said…
I just got back from WV and I see the very promising remark from Steve about the Outdoor Live Feed.

Be sure you all check it daily
It may come on before we know it.
grannyblt said…
Happy New Year to all. I will probably be sound asleep when 2015 arrives here in western PA. It sure was cold today, I guess winter has arrived.
I went to grocery this noontime to pick up the forgotten black-eyed peas. Couldn't have the holiday without them. That place was a zoo, worse than before Thanksgiving. Pork,sauerkraut and mashed potatoes tomorrow. Do any of you have any food traditions for the holiday?
I hope everyone is recovered from your maladies and remain healthy for the New Year. Also safe travels for those on the road.
Mema Jo said…
Good evenness to all ♥

I think I have a movie to watch 9-11 and then I may watch that ball come down and then the fireworks at the Harbor in Baltimore. But just in case my eyes should close before then ---

Happy New Year for 2015 to each and everyone of you, my friends. ♥
My Thoughts and Best Wishes
Will Be with You
All Through the New Year

stronghunter said…
Sometimes I do some of the traditional foods, Lynne. I haven't bought any of them this year.
stronghunter said…
Kathryn and Hunter are in central Florida, Judy. Not sure what town. They are visiting a friend of Kathryn's. She has a son Hunter's age who's been a friend of his since kindergarten. They moved from Virginia a couple of years ago.
Judie said…

Knowing I will not be awake much longer, I am stopping by for a few quick words.

Yes, my "do" is done did and I will look beauteous as I sleep my way into 2015. lol

Shirley, hope you are enjoying your evening by the fire surrounded by your loving furbabies. Wishing Kathryn and Hunter a terrific time in FL.

Jo, enjoy your movie. So happy you had some Elliot time today.

Lynne, I am of the Southern tradition. Tomorrow will be baby back ribs (pork) with sauerkraut over masked potatoes with black-eyed peas and some kale. As I do not like black-eyed peas, I doctor them with some diced onion, smoked ham hock, Tobasco sauce. Neither healthy nor slimming. Gosh, good luck sure comes in a tasty treat.

Kay, very sad that Beth and the family is ending the year on a note of sadness and loss. May Keith make a peaceful transition.

JudyE, join the club. Seems most of us can only think about fireworks and Times Square.

Paula, nice to see you stopped by. Enjoy the evening.

Darth and I are having thoughts of this being a special night as we begin the new year with our lovely and very sweet furbabies.

Judie said…
To Steve, the NCTC staff, Belle and Shep, and all the blog family:

May 2015 be a spectacular success for all our hopes, dreams, good health and healthy fledged eaglets.

May Jufie find acceptance of Hoda's rejection.

May Sandperson continue to bring restful sleep and pleasant dreams.


stronghunter said…
Prayers and good wishes for Beth and her family, Kay.
stronghunter said…
Loud explosions out there somewhere. Someone is celebrating early.
JudyE said…
Happy new year to my eaglebudlets u
NatureNut said…
Hope everyone has a cheerful, safe evening.
Didn't see an eagle today, but 2 hawks landed in a neighbor's tree! First one was larger, but both were orange/white speckled w/white and brown. Not sure what they were---maybe juvie somethings. Will study more when dwnload the camera.
Another animal story today concerns a lost dog. Or neighbor, the vetenarian called before Xmas to say he took in a small Yorkie that wouldn't leave his yard and to watch for people looking around.
Yesterday, Fubby saw a piece of paper in the street. He picked it up thinking it was trash, but it was a flyer w/Yorkie pic on it who's from 3 blocks away! I scanned it and emailed to Vet and he called saying it sure looks like the one he has! He called the # but no one answered. Hopefully someone will have a Happy New Year!

I had a small mental dilemma this evening. I got the recipe for a wonderful dessert one of the gals brought to our Park party. It's called Chocolate Eclair but is really in a whole 9" x 13" dish. I wanted to make it for tomorrow but was afraid when it's done I'd have to eat some! It's getting a little late, so maybe I won't be tempting myself!
Happy holidays to everyone!!!☺
Janet said…
well, time ticks on.
good for tomorrow: white bean soup. but since tom's tradition is black eyed peas, and he doesn't really like them....I mix them in with white beans, which he does like.

I would love to have collards, or sauerkraut, or any and all of the above.

my jello shots are pretty tasty. pretty strong though. will have to use a bit less liquor next time.

we hada soak in the hot tub. the skies are clear and the moon is bright and pretty tonight.

not sure I will make it to midnight. in case I do not, everyone, HAPPY NEW YEAR and sweet dreams!
Lolly said…
Watching the Georgia Tech game and it is going well! Yea!

Judie I am so happy for you and Darth as well as for your fur babies! A great start to a new year!

Jack and I will be up to welcome the new year but no kiss! He does not want to share his germs and I do not want them! Will have a New Years hug!😜😍

45 minutes away for some of you, so I'll take this time to wish all of you a very happy, healthy New Year! May God bless and keep each of you in his care this coming year! Love and hugs!
stronghunter said…
Getting very sleepy. I might not make it much longer, so I will say good night to everyone now. Ii can always watch from my bed.
stronghunter said…
SED my friends. Happy New Year!
stronghunter said…
Sauerkraut--I think Judie mentioned that as maybe a Southern dish. I always thought of it as an Ohio dish, not exactly Southern.
stronghunter said…
Never had sauerkraut on potatoes until I lived in Ohio.
Lolly said…
Lolly said…
Sounds like a war zone here.,
Hoda said…
Good night.
Happy New Year.
stronghunter said…
Will and Stephanie came in just before midnight, so I am still up. They were at a company party and it seems they are too old for that party group. We toasted the New Year with sparkling cider.
stronghunter said…
But I am about ready to call it quits. Sleep well, everyone.
JudyE said…
Still at angie house. So nice out sitting at round fire
JudyE said…
Just got in and I am not sleepy but I know I must get to bed Egads its almost 3am
had a nice gathering at Angie and Carl and was still going on when I left the kids made it till 12 and then wanted to go to bed

gonna go take my Melatonix and hit the old sack
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends! Happy New Year!

If you are looking for a good movie to watch, Unbroken was excellent, though not as good as the book (I always think the books are better). Didn't make it til midnight last night.

I wish all of my blog family a 2015 filled with peace, love, and joy - you all are such an important part of my life! ♥

No live cam; still cam is too dark to see anything. Have a great day - stay warm (29 degrees here in Bethany this AM).
Judie said…
HAPPY 2015

May the new year bring good health and happiness to each of us.

Shirley, I always think of sauerkraut as PA Dutch but the southern tradition as I grew up is to eat some on New Year's day (like pork, black eyed peas). Glad you had some time with Will and Stephanie.

Loretta, it would be so special if the Yorkie's owners have been identified. Hopefully, they were just out for the evening or away for the holiday. Reuniting would be a happy new year beginning.

Jo was kind enough to share (email) a couple of pictures taken as she held her precious Elliot. He (and she) are just beauteous, especially together.

Headed across the hall to catch up on the morning news. Was up early for breakfast duty.

Have a wonderful morning everyone. BBL

magpie said…
Well, Happy New Year....
and there is an EAGLE in the nest on this fine, fresh New Year's Morning

Hoda said…
Happy New a Year
Thank you MARGIE for the heads up on eagle.
Sitting in the nest watching the goings on.
Hoda said…
Looking out over five!
Hoda said…
It is indeed Miss Belle.
Her feathers are ruffled
Must be windy at the nest.
grannyblt said…
Thanks for the heads up Margy. MT nest for now, but I did get a few minutes of eagle watching
Mema Jo said…



Beautiful sight to start my day
Mema Jo said…
Checked on Bao Bao and there she is - happy little panda gal up in the tree.

Judie said…
Okay, y'all.

I know a New Year's day trick when I see one. Eagle indeed. Looks like a sunny MT nest. Rats! Missed her. lol

However, Berry birds are often in the nest which is looking really nice. Need to check on Derek and Savannah (3 eggs) and Bao Bao.

Sunshine and blue sky here BUT cold. Very cold. Brrrrrrr!

Hi Margy. So happy you've had time to stop by. Hope the 911 lines were quiet over the holiday.

Headed to the scullery in a few. Ribs covered in sauerkraut are low and slow for most of the day.


Janet said…
good morning and happy new year...

we made it to midnight and then straight to sleep. as the sandperson entered the room, I wrestled him to the ground and held him down long enough to see the new year in, then allowed sleepy dust to be spread around. he was not pleased with me. mumbled something about reporting to JUFIE about cruel and unusual punishment...???????

It is cloudy and gray here. More rain, several inches of it anticipated over the next couple of days.

Planning on a quiet day.

As for kraut, Mom was German. I cook mine like she did, over pork, adding caraway seed. I boil potatoes and put the kraut/pork mix over potatoes. I don't make it often as the only other two that will eat it are Chelsea and Chris. I love the stuff though!

Will check in later!
Judie said…
Oooooooo, Janet. You do pork and kraut my way. As for Sandperson, well, reporting to Jufie is going to have to wait. Jufie is still asleep and snoring as if to wake the world. Suspect he may have been celebrating a bit last night. Wondered why the closet door was locked.

Want to share something we saw at the Siamese Rescue Center. It was a sign on the door of the building similar to a traffic sign:

Siamese Lovers Welcome
Violators Will Be Hissed At


stronghunter said…

Always thought of sauerkraut as German. That's pretty close to Pennsylvania Dutch, I believe. We encountered lots of German culture in the Columbus area, especially when we ventured into German Village.

Actually, my mother-in-law liked sauerkraut, as I recall, and she was from Charlottesville, VA.
grannyblt said…
My mother in law was German, but I never saw her serve sauerkraut. Her only cooking from the old country was baked goods. My family was many generations of Pennsylvanians of English descent and my Mom always did the pork/sauerkraut tradition. I guess we knew good food! When I was in Texas, some folks around there said you had to eat 7 vegetables on New Years Day along with the Hoppin' John. Maybe that was an offshoot of the Italian tradition of seven fishes on Christmas Eve.
Judie said…
Oh, and Hoppiin' John is southern - as in New Orleans. lol
Kay said…
Happy New Year's Day Eagle Buds!!!

It rained on our parade today as the family mourns the loss of d.i.l. Beth's dear Dad. He passed away this morning @5:30 CST. Thanks for your kind comments and prayers--God answered them as he does all prayers--we just have a hard time accepting the answer at times. We know Keith deserved the promotion to Heaven! He will be missed, but there is joy in thinking of his being reunited with Judy, his beloved wife, who we lost 4 years ago.

Hmmm, saurekraut, how I love it--often served by my Okie mother and more often by my German mother-in-law. Yes, SHIRLEY, it's a must when dining in German Village. Remember The Top Steak House out on East Broad Street? Still there and still serving cold saurekraut n' dill pickles as part of their appetizer tray. It's good hot, cold, with or with caraway seeds or on a good ol' fashioned hotdog, you name it!

JUDIE, cute sign! Hope we see a pic of those darlings soon--a new avatar perhaps?

Thanks for the nest reports, gals! Can't wait for STEVE's prediction for the live cam to come true---twill be soon!!!

Penny is enjoying an R&R day now that Malcolm has returned home and her constant monitoring of his activities is no longer needed.☺

Love and Prayers for all!!!

Kay said…
That should be--with or Without caraway seeds....
Lolly said…
Good morning and once again Happy New Year! May you be blessed with good health and happiness!

I am not a picky eater. I enjoy eating and trying new foods. However, I am not a fan of sauerkraut! If I eat at a German restaurant I will eat a few bites but just not a fan.

Being really lazy today. There is always tomorrow to start chores!��

Up to 35 now, but our trees have teeny tiny icicles. More rain expected this evening and tomorrow.
NatureNut said…
Happy New Years to all the Eagle Buds! May this year be a Happy, Healthy one for ALL ☺ ☺ ☺ ♥ ♥ ♥
We didn't have too many "explosions" around here last night, but enough to send some kitties downstairs for awhile!

Judie, congrats on your new furbabies. They are so much fun w/a little frustration sometimes! Hope to hear from our Vet about the Yorkie. He said he was getting attached to it!

Time to do something creative (and probably fattening) in the kitchen!
Have a Great New Year!!!!!
NCSuzan said…
Happy New Year! Hope everyone is blessed with prosperity and good health for the year!
Lolly said…
Have been on line shopping. Joseph is growing so fast! He is now 5'10" and skinny! Hard to find pants. Ordering Levi's 29x34, he will have to wear with a belt and finally found some tall sweatpants, size medium. Yea, for drawstrings. Sure hope they fit!

Loretta, was wondering about the pup. It is so easy to get attached to a furry pet when they are in your possession. Remember the toy poodle that was dumped at Laurel's? A friend has her, but posted recently she was having trouble with her legs. Guess that happens when you have no idea of their past, their age, etc.

Laurel is much better as is Jack, but Joey continues to be wimpy! Michael too is fighting upper respiratory infection and is on antibiotics. I show no sign of getting the nasty bug. Thank goodness!

Continuing to be lazy today.
Lolly said…
I see two beautiful Eagles!
stronghunter said…
But now they are both gone.
Mema Jo said…
Good evening to all ♥
My pork,sauerkraut,mashed potatoes is finished. Youngest son was here with his wife and 2 young men. It was delicious - My kraut is usually covered with

Tonight I have found an 8:00 TV show - Fr Brown and then 2 more in a row of mysteries - all on Channel 265 WETA 2.

Kay so very sorry to hear about Beth's dad. May he rest in the sleep of Peace.
Mema Jo said…

I am going to say (just in case) my eyes don't hold up.....

Goodnight to all
I ♥ Us
Judie said…
Ah Jo, our sauerkraut and pork and black eyed peas are also over and the scullery is in order.

Kay, thoughts and prayers are with Beth and all the family.

I, too, am about to wind down. Will try to read a few pages but suspect my eyelids will win the battle of awake or sleep.

Sandperson's alarm is ringing. A satchel will be prepared. Jufie, foolish imp, is still snoring.

Restful sleep for all.
Hoda said…
Good night all.
God Bless us all.
stronghunter said…
Going to say good night and head upstairs. Take care, everyone.

Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. Where has this week gone? A week of school sure doesn't fly by like a week of vacation!

Janet, is the Neely Home School closed this week for Christmas break?

Kay, I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter-in-law's father's death. What a sad way to start a new year. Prayers for the family. I hope Penny is adjusting to her only child status.

Live cam is not running as of this moment (maybe today??) and the still cam is still too dark to see anything.

Nail appointment for me this morning. I hope the "punies" that hit everyone last week are history by now.

Have agreat day all.
Janet said…
good morning to all.

SANDI: yes, Livvy is on break. We start again on Monday.

Friday morning. Back to work!

I did nothing yesterday. The most I managed to do was make dinner and some cross stitch.

I was in bed early. I do not know what time the family went to sleep...I was out cold.

Hope everyone has a lovely day! :)

JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

heading out to pick up Jordyn and probably see Winter The Dolphin
Judie said…
Good morning.

Frosty cold in these parts. Sky is gray. Brrrrrr!

JudyE, hope you and Jordyn have fun this morning.

I also did almost nothing yesterday (except dinner) and plan to do about the same today.

I (we) are contemplating letting the kids out to see the rest of their new world. Advice was to keep them confined until they became comfortable with us. Makes sense. Three new locations in 6 weeks is overwhelming. Will see...

Wishing everyone a lovely morning. BBL
Lolly said…
There are two in the nest!
Lolly said…
Well, now one in the nest! Watched two for a while!
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all ♥

Happy to have your report on the eagles' visit this morning Sandi!

Well, I pray all of you have settled gracefully into 2015. May it be a good year for all of us.

Judie - scared me when you said that Bootsy and Forrest were going exploring today. I immediately thought of the Out-of-doors until I realized you meant in different rooms in the house. Hope you don't lose either one of them.

Mema Jo said…
Oh Lolly - so glad I read your comments after I published mine.
Thanks for the EAGLE ALERT... ♥
Judie said…
Jo, they are now free to explore the world outside the master bedroom. Bootsy is hiding and Forest is sticking to what she knows.

Missed the royal pair each time I checked today. Will try again in a few.

Decorah nest was frosty this a.m. Derek was out of sight but Savannah was egg sitting. Berry nest was MT but looking very lush.
Kay said…
Good Afternoon, Eagle Buds!!!

JUDIE, cute and meaningful Avatar. Glad the kitties are now free to roam and explore.

As always, I appreciate the nest reports. Can't wait for the day I read, "the live cam is up!"

SANDI, Penny is in her glory in her center of attention role--she and Malcolm get along well, but they do vie for attention, a lot.

Thanks for prayers on behalf of Lee's family. Beth says there will be a memorial service sometime late this month or in Feb. in the little NE town where both Keith and Judy grew up and where her remains now lie. Wish I could attend, but it won't be possible.

Off to Kroger--need some things for Seth's Sat/Sun stayover.

Love and prayers for all!!!

Lolly said…
Good morning! Have finished the paper and my morning fb time. Still have sudoku and crossword to go. Yep, being lazy!

Did enjoy watching a morning visit of our two at the nest. Anxiously awaiting the live cam!

Wet day here, not raining....just wet. Really really getting scared about this coming spring and summer. I may be giving up gardening. If you can not water, then no lawn and no flowers. Sad! Please pray! I am thankful we have water to drink and bathe in. Also, great water to cook with. Some towns are running out of that.

If I get up out of my chair today, I MAY start putting away Christmas. LOL

Have a great day!
stronghunter said…
Good afternoon,

Did nothing yesterday.

Need to do some errands today.

Love the avatar, Judie and happy to learn your fur children are set free to explore the house.

Luna seems sad. I hope it is just because she is missing Kathryn and Hunter.

Must go. BBL.
Sandi said…
Good afternoon everyone! The young lady who normally does my nails has gone to Peru for the next 3 months, so I have a new "nail girl" until April. I was a little unsure about that but Caroline did an excellent job - slower than Debbie but my nails looks great and she painted beautiful snowflakes on my ring fingers!

Lolly, I certainly hope you don't have to give up gardening. That would make you so sad!

Judie, good that the girls are free to check out their new digs! Again, you sound so happy to have them!

I undecorated the house yesterday and finished reading a book. Not sure what I'll get into today but I can promise you it will not be very ambitious!

My new avatar of Freyja was taken on Christmas Day. The apple toy in the foreground was Brian's Happy Apple that we passed along to Freyja, along with the rocking chair.

No live cam as of a few minutes ago but it's certainly sounding and looking like our pair are getting ready for another nesting season.

JudyE said…
Hello Eagle Buds

Jordyn wanted to come home to take a nap She had a late night last night and got up early this am so she is napping I love it when she realizes she is tired and needs a nap Not like most kids and fight it and cranky all day without a nap
JudyE said…
We had a good time seeing Winter They just have changed it so much in the past years Less things to do before there were several things going on so there was always something to do but now not as much To me you don't get your moneys worth there Since the movie it has really changed They don't have the performance like they did before I think what it is they are trying to get away from the performance part because of it being a hospital and they are concentration on training and rehabbing or something like that Just not the same
It was foggy and we didn't do the boat ride which is 30 more for each of us to do
JudyE said…
The have a trolley ride or boat ride to the downtown area where all the things there were in the movie We did do that which is always nice Jordyn did go in the house with the hurricane going on but was scared at the end she went before and also was scared with the wind and the loud noises but she was fine It was her choice to go in I told her you don't have to go Buts she said it s only pretend and we will go LOL Goofy kid Its like getting the adrenaline rush from being scared she like Likes but don't like it LOL
Mema Jo said…
Judie, Sandi, Kay and Loretta I am enjoying your avatars - GrannyBLT I think your cat has been here awhile but I could be wrong.

I hope Forrest and Bootsey enjoy their grand tour...... My stray came
in an hour ago but I can't find his
hiding place - lol I think it is under the couch.

I should be de-decorating BUT maybe Sunday!
Bob Quinn said…
Happy New Year everyone!

Bob Quinn said…
I always seem to drop buy when no one is around. Sorry it has been so long. I can't stop by without at least one photo. This is what we used for our Christmas cards this year:

Christmas Pets
Bob Quinn said…
TTFN! Will try to stop by later
Judie said…
Good afternoon.

MT nest.

Hi Bob. Glad you stopped by and love the picture used for your Christmas cards. Interesting avatar.

Jo, your visitor and our two have similar ideas. Ours hid under the sofa all day. Now back in their safe place.

De-decorated today. Wanted to get the outside "undid" because the next warm day will be a rain day.

Leftovers tonight. Should be easy.

Kay said…
BOB, so great to see you. Your pets all done up for Christmas are absolutely adorable!

SANDI, adorable is THE word for Freyja, too! Brian must have been pleased that you gave her his Big Apple!

JUDY, it IS impressive that Jordyn knows "when to hold up and knows when to fold up"! Seth and my son's daughter, Lauren, have always had the wise sense of their own bodies and minds. Most kids do not.

I'm not de-decorating til' Sunday or Monday. Seth loves the holidays and all the trappings. Due their trip he missed he missed much of that aspect of Christmas this year. So, I'm extending the holiday for him.

Thanks, JO, I decided it was time to get back to my favorite Yellow Daisy Avatar. Dreaming of Spring already!
Kay said…
Just saw the Donna Douglas aka Ellie May of The Beverly Hillbillies has succumbed to pancreatic cancer at the age of 82. I had not idea she was older than I. I always thought of her as younger. She was quite a beauty!
Bob Quinn said…
Back for a quick second. Hey Judie & Kay! Stopped by Chincoteague on Wednesday and took these:

Janet said…
good afternoon!

So sad, Ellie Mae gone from us. Wow. Hard to think of her as anything but what I remember from tv.

JUDYE: glad you and JORDYN had fun.

JUDIE: how are the furry ones doing?

Its been a really good day. Came home and Tom and I took some furbutts for a walk. Dax gets antsy if he doesn't get out to walk or run every couple of days. I need the movement, so a walk works for me!

Four days off for me. Groceries are this weekend. Rain moving in, so, not planning a whole lot.

have a great evening!
Lolly said…
Still wet and cold here. Almost up to 3/4 inch. Thankful for all we get.

Have de-decorated the master bath. Yep, I decorate every room. room at a time. Also, cleaned in there. Have done the laundry and some banking/paper work for church group. On a roll...hope I do not exhaust myself. lol

Bob, love the pictures of your fur babies!

Okay, a little more clean up and that will be all for today! Do not want to over do!!!
stronghunter said…
Decided to take a nap. Was a bit surprised to see it had grown dark while I was asleep. Had to rush into the kitchen and feed the pets. Surprised they were so patient. No barking nor meowing.

Would be very sad if you had to give up gardening because of the lack of water, Lolly. Perhaps an increase in the types of plants that need very little water would be a good compromise.
Mema Jo said…
Good evening - Shirley same thing happened to me - really gets dark fast when your napping. lol

Our dinner of New Year's Day left overs is finished. Our roasted Pork
loin was just as good warmed as it was right from the oven.
Mema Jo said…
Hello Bob Quinn ! I miss your visits on the blog so Welcome and do come again.

Loved your Christmas card with all your fur babies!

Your Chincoteague Island pictures were awesome. Where were the ponies?

Come back real soon!
Hoda said…
So sad!
The couple who run a The Sikh Centre in Virginia were in Mexico giving a Kundalini Yoga session. He went for a hike on the 30th and we had been looking for him since.
He was all of 25 years old. A beautiful man. They found his body today. A born American with an American wife and parents. If I was in Birginia I would have stopped to pay my respects. He was a really great teacher.
All is good here. Lots of laundry and cleaning here too.
stronghunter said…
Oh, Hoda, there was a story about that man in Mexico on the news this evening.

You knew him? It is very sad.
Hoda said…
Yes SHIRLEY. I have taken Kundalini Yoga classes from the Sikhs and often times the American Teachers come up here...They are very good teachers and hearts full of love and Light...She was from Brooklyn and they were thinking of moving there at the end of January...So very very young...Petitions were out and about to get the company to release his GPS coordinates on the phone...his GPS was off but he had sent three texts and they arrived so it once they got the legal papers to give permission they could see which towers the signal bounced off of and they found him. They wanted to wait 72 hours, but the thought was every minute counted. He fell and died of a massive head injury...Yes I am very sad...Virginia is what I typed and yet it showed up in the last post as Birginia...sorry about that...
stronghunter said…
So sorry about the loss of your teacher and friend, Hoda.

Hi, Bob Quinn. Nice to see you. Will have to check out your pictures.
Judie said…
Leftovers are no longer left over. Scullery in order.

Hi Bob. Thank you so much for the Chincoteague pictures. The first is the one that reminds me of how I always think of the island. Also like the new avatar. Oh, sad to report no more #1 Jimmie. Sigh!

Kay, how nice of you to save Christmas for Seth. I know he is really going to be happy.

Sandi, not only did you give Frejya a terrific pass-me-down but a lovely gesture for Brian.

Janet, glad you have some time off but, if you would be so kind, please send your rain to Lolly. We're due for the storm tomorrow. No thank you!

Yep, always thought of Ellie Mae as being so young. Was very surprised by her death and by her age.

Also heard the news about the hiker in Mexico. Very sad.

Shirley, you are just too funny. Close your eyes and times just seems to soar with the eagles. Hope Luna perks up.

Can just envision next summer. Lolly's Cactus Farm. lol

Forrest and Bootsy are not adapting well to being outside their safe place. They hide under the sofa. They are sweet and fun but it will take some time.

Judie said…
Taking a page from Shirley. Going to pick up my book, climb under the covers with the girls, read then sleep.

Sandperson and Jufie are debating where to begin tonight. East or West coast or somewhere in the middle. Well, they will sort it out.

Night light at 11pm.

Restful sleep for all.
stronghunter said…
Nice story again tonight on your yoga teacher, Hoda. They talked about the plans to move to Brooklyn.
Hoda said…
SHIRLEY I can not say he was a friend. I know he was a very good teacher. Many souls were praying for him that he may continue his work here. I was but one of them.

Beautiful picture SANDI.

JUDIE nice kittens.

JO glad you enjoyed your meal.

BOB good to see you on here again and thank you for the photos.

Missing PAULA and MARGY.

Saw a video of SHAR climbing the stairs and the hip is working well.

I will say goodnight and God Bless Us All.
Mema Jo said…
I am really late tonight or too early today - not sure which..

Goodnight to all ♥
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. No live cam and the still cam is too dark to see anything yet.

Judie, I'm sure the girls are still wondering what's up with yet another place to live. I'm sure they'll come out from under the sofa - maybe today. It took Jenni 3 months to get used to having Bella around, at least that's when she stopped peeing in Bella's bed every other day.

Upstairs needs cleaning - hope I can feel ambitious enough to clean it!

Have agreat day all.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

Sandi said…

Went into the kitchen to get my tea and, when I got back to the computer, there they were!
Sandi said…
grannyblt said…
Good morning all. Both eagles having an early morning visit.
Mema Jo said…
I'll go for 2 in the nest..

Lynne, Judy and Sandi - good morning
Judie said…
Good morning.

Does anyone know, in Siamese talk, how to explain the difference between 7am and 9am? lol

Gloomy rainy day here. Several chores I can choose among. Going outside chores might be best as today will be warmest for a week. Zero chores, however, is a nice lazy option. lol

Missed our eagles. Berry eagle was sitting on the edge in the rain.

Going to drink my coffee and contemplate the day ahead.

stronghunter said…
Hi Judie,

Drinking coffee and contemplating here, too.

Raining just a tad here.

Probably the best tactic is to hope for a gradual adjustment for the Siamese kitties, Judie. Good luck!
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Aw shucks, MT nest at present.

It's raining, please excuse me dear Momster Pets, Cats and Dogs here.

JUDIE, it will be interesting to watch the kitty cats evolve into full fledged family members. They have each other, which has to be comforting and lessens their need for humans. Except for the eventual dawning of the fact that "this wonderful lady and gentleman are the dispensers of our food for the long term!" Then, they'll fit right in. Have you moved their dishes and litter box out of the master bedroom so they have to begin to see the whole house as their territory?
Kay said…
HODA, the tragic story about the fall and death of the young Yoga teacher is, indeed sad. I have two grandchildren who are avid Climbers and I have to avoid thinking too much about danger in the sport.

Thanks for the reassuring report on SHAR! Great progress! I hope Tori is healing well, too!
Judie said…
Good late morning!

What a really dreary day. Raining constantly and heavy at times. Had thought to return a library book but think I will wait, as will foraging. Yes, Scarlet, tamarrah is ahnotha day!

Emailed the rescue lady to ask for a reminder on how to register the microchips. Also provided her an update. The ladies are so sweet and well-behaved. Just overwhelmed with all the changes.

Have a terrific afternoon.

stronghunter said…
We're not getting the heavy rain yet, Judie. But it is very dreary.

Now the blue jays are fussing at me. Food! Food! They want the peanuts immediately.

I swear they are watching. As soon as I put out peanuts, they swoop down and grab them. I also get squirrels and titmice with peanuts. They are watching, too. The squirrels will come running along the fences. The titmice are much less aggressive, but they do okay. Of course, only the titmice can use the feeders. They close up for the squirrels and jays.
stronghunter said…
So your kitties have microchips, Judie?
NCSuzan said…
I have come begging.

Judie, did you make a chess pie recently? Would you be willing to share the recipe? I would be so grateful and thanks in advance!

Also I am thrilled about your babies. They will venture out soon. Crumble up a ball of aluminum foil and roll it on the floor. They will soon be pouncing on this remarkable plaything!

Sounds like illnesses have just about cleared up. What a messy couple of weeks almost all of us have had.

Pot Plant Owl has two babies and the Facebook site is showing a few pics and keeping everyone updated. So cute.

Can't wait for the live cam! So excited!
NCSuzan said…
I am in no rush should you share your recipe Judie. I apologize for not letting you know that earlier.
Judie said…
Hi Shirley. Yes, Blue Jays seem to have a network of food hackers. They just appear almost instantaneously. Thieves one and all.

Suzan, I will put the recipe on tonight. Have to go to the kitchen to get it. Alternatively, as it is a recipe from Carla Hall, and you can access it by Googling The Chew recipes.

Yes, a ball of tinfoil is a great idea. The problem is they are scared. Three moves in six weeks after 11 years of stability. Hence the hiding behavior. It will take time and patience.

Okay, on to finishing the newspaper.

stronghunter said…
The jays are at it again. The peanuts must be all gone out there. I think they're at the top of the food chain out there. The squirrels don't seem to want to mess with them. Pretty scary to see that blue thing plunging at you from the sky.
Lolly said…
Hello! Well, that was annoying! Had a pop up and HAD to verify I am not a robot, not a robot, not a robot! Whoops, better change my batteries!πŸ˜„

Slept to 9:30 this morning. That never happens! Better start going to bed earlier!

Going to Denton Monday. Laurel and Joey have Inservice. Going to stay with the boys. Then Laurel has a tooth pulled and she wants me to go with her. She wants her Mommy! That way I can also prepare dinner for Joey and the boys. She will not be eating much, maybe ice cream!

Total of close to 1 1/2 inch of rain! Had thunder storms, strange for mid winter. Glad it was not a bit colder as we would be in a terrible icy situation. Going down into the 20's tonight, but the sun is out!

Hoda, read about the young man in the paper this morning. Very sad!

Michael just called and we are going to Dallas tomorrow to watch the Cowboy game with them. Have tickets for the Boars Head Festival at University Christian Church in Fort Worth but passing them off to someone else!

Ash, just texted me with a picture of her new kitty she is getting tomorrow! He is being fostered at a friends house. She is so excited. Michael, wisely, has refused a dog. They are gone all day and Ash's mother would be taking care of the dog. Ash loves cats as well, Michael is NOT a cat person but this is a solution.

Time to get moving!

stronghunter said…
Good to know you're getting some rain, Lolly. Grey and drizzly here.

Not too cold right now, but still not pleasant to be outdoors.
stronghunter said…
Oh my goodness, I do hope that we aren't going to have to start proving we're not robots.
NCSuzan said…
Judie thanks! I googled and it delivered. Thanks again.

I am so sorry. How did I miss that the kitties had had some bumps lately in finding a forever home. No wonder they are a little skittish.
NCSuzan said…
Shirley, I did not have to prove I was not a robot just now.
stronghunter said…
Good to know that, Suzan. I haven't closed down the blog, so I haven't had to prove anything either.

Hey, Judy, Hunter and Kathryn are visiting Winter and Hope right now. She just posted on FB.
Hoda said…
Well the group of Sikh Americans in Mexico have a lot of class. This morning they walked to the base of the Mountain where their colleague died. They passed by several Christian Icons and stopped to pay homage. The towns people stood in attention and removed their hats. They went to the base of the mountain and respected the police and paramedic advice as to how far up they could go, without footing becoming treacherous.
They chanted, they did their rituals. His Lady bless her heart is full of Grace and wise beyond her years.
They thanked the American Embassy and the staff, they thanked the Mexicans and now they are in the process to bring him home to the USA. How he loved being American. He won the lottery he said. Such a young age to cross, but cross he did.
Hoda said…
Good news on MIKE'S and ASHE'S cat LOLLY she is beautiful.
Thank you on the report of LAUREL's Family. I was wondering what is going on. Glad so far the kids did not get it. My Aspergers nephew loves cats and they were a foster home for three feral cats and he tamed them and one of them stayed at his home. They said no to all three of them staying there and he was impatient with his parents. They already have a cat and a dog...

Janet said…
good evening to all. its been a productive day.

Yes JUDIE, I would be most pleased to send this rain to LOLLY....I have tried. I appreciate rain, but its been so cloudy and gloomy for over a month!!!

Tom and Michael went and bought this basketball goal that Tom found on craigslist. It was in Columbia which is just under an hour away.

While they were gone, I got the house cleaned. Glad that's done.

Now its quiet. Michael and Olivia are out at a wrestling match with SIL Chris. Tom is watching football and I alternate between reading, cross stitching and playing games on the computer.

Its a lovely, quiet evening!

Hugs to all!
stronghunter said…
I think Kathryn and Hunter are all over your stomping grounds, Judy. Got a FB post from Madeira Beach, Fla. I am sure they are enjoying much better weather than we are having.
JudyE said…
Yep SHIRLEY we were 83° today Right now its 74°
I hope they weren't to disappointed in Winter place--- The movie make it look different than it is

It is a water treatment plant turned in to a medical facility to sealife

Eventually they are going to make a new building down town But it will always be a training and medical facility

Lot of people things it is like a aquarium or sea world with shows but its not and I think its to expensive I use to buy a senior yearly pass for 45. that you get me and one guest in But this last time we went it was 38 for the both of us I think its is toooo much money for what they offer Jordyn likes to go on the boat but that is a additional 30. but the downtown experience that you can take a boat to or a trolley is free and it has all the movie props from the movie and a working replica of the house during a hurricane Jordyn doesn't like that but she did go in it this year again
and Maderia Beach is the place I like to go for sunsets They have a nice area there with a wooden deck that they have bands play on

stronghunter said…
Sounds wonderful, Judy. Eighty-three degrees would be very nice.
stronghunter said…
They didn't express any disappointment about Winter's place.
Mema Jo said…
I left my house today at 10:30am and returned around 8:30 pm. Shirley - I hollered as loud as I could at you as I went by Fredericksburg going and coming. I bet you didn't hear me.

Today I was in Midlothian to see Patrick and Christians home. Michael and I rode down with her Aunt Susan and Michael's granddaughter Alexis. Michael and I surprised them big time as they had no clue we would be there.
Mema Jo said…
It was a 3 hr drive down and again coming home. I really didn't mind the ride at all as we didn't stop for any breaks. I am just so thankful I got to go down. ♥
JudyE said…
SHIRLEY I should have had you tell them about the Primate Sanctuary in Tarpon Springs its inexpensive and Jordyn love all the animals its been there for years We took Angie there when she was little Its is a place for the moviestars like Tarzan monkey died a place to live out their lives
The Salvador Dali Museum is down town also I love it that man had a odd mind LOL
JudyE said…
10 is the admittance and it goes to feed the animals That is where I am going to volunteer when I retire also Lots of different primates, tortoise,turtle, alligator and a python snake and others
stronghunter said…
Maybe they can go there next year, or maybe this summer. Kathryn is talking about sending Hunter down there to spend a week with his friend Ryan. They will need things to do.
stronghunter said…
Any more suggestions, let me know, Judy.
Mema Jo said…
Watching Ravens/Steelers game
20 - 15 Ravens....
Sure wish Ravens would win <3

Also closing down for the evening

Goodnight to all ♥
stronghunter said…
Congratulations, Jo. You got your win! :) Yay, Ravens!
stronghunter said…
Oh, so that was the hollering I heard today. Thought it sounded like you, Jo.
Lolly said…
Yes, Ashley's new kitty, Axl Laedo, is a cutie! Anxious to meet him tomorrow. She is getting him tomorrow morning, so he will probably be a bit skittish. He is 5 months old, and so pretty, long hair, all black. Axl is from band Guns and Roses. Zach gave him the middle name. It is from American Ninja Warriors. Lol

41 presently, front arrives about 2 AM and drops, also big wind so very low chill factor. Brrrrr! But sun!

Heading to bed soon. Night all! SED!
stronghunter said…
Quite a name for that kitty, Lolly.

Yawning. Time for sleep. SED, everyone.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

70° out now hi today 80°
BUT we will be getting a cold front The coldest of the year by Thurs Not looking forward to that

Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. Live cam is not yet turned on and still cam is still dark.

What a great football game - IF you are a Ravens fan! Any given Sunday (or Saturday). The Ravens were just the better team last night -fun game to watch! Sorry Lynne2!

Still raining here! Actually pouring right now. Between the gray skies and the fact that this is the last day of my vacation, I am suffering from S.A.D. Of course teachers at my school refer to it as Selbyville Affective Disorder rather than Seasonal.

Tennis for me at 9am, then some laundry and getting Kevin's bathroom cleaned (he has to declutter it before I can clean it and he didn't do that yesterday).

Have agreat day all. Lolly, I hope Axl likes his new home!
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Time for me to find some coffee.

Good to see that our eagles have been at the nest. Really eager to see the live cam online.
Mema Jo said…
Good Morning to all ♥

Eagle Alert
at 10:03am
Judie said…
Good morning.

Still dreary here BUT temperature is supposed to make it an unusually warm day.

Sandi and Jo - GO RAVENS! Was also happy with the win.

Sandi, you are half way to the no more teacher days. Stay calm. Do not play with sharp objects. lol

Jo, what a terrific surprise for Patrick and Christina. No doubt you all had fun.

Lolly, congratulations to Ashley and Zack and Michael on their new family member. Safe travels to Denton and all the best for Laurel.

Shirley, sounds as if Hunter and Kathryn are having a great time. Lots of fun memories for them both.

Temperature supposed to be warm today (well, until dark). So, heading out to forage for human and kitty food.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.
stronghunter said…
Finally got my coffee. Also some bacon and eggs. Can't do that too often, but occasionally I enjoy it.

One eagle in the nest.
stronghunter said…
Maybe just an awkward landing.
Janet said…
good morning to all. skies have cleared here, temps are dropping, but its a beautiful day!

hugs to all!
Hoda said…
They would be on time for some mating SHIRLEY. Thinking of eggs and dates from the past.
A major storm expected here. Avalanche warning extended.
Roads are not so good.
We keep getting major snow followed by major ice. The Avalanche centres in BC are having fits!
We also had an earth quake northern Vancouver a Island.
Can we say fracking anyone!
Such a stupid practice and very dangerous!

Oh did I not say GOOD MORNING?
Sorry manners got tracked away in an Avalanche!!!
I love us.
Thinking of SHAR and BEV and THELMA. They lost DONNA 8 years ago today. RIP
Hoda said…
Is someone , MEMA JO, doing the calendar again this year? I have not seen any talk of it. Perhaps it is set up to renew automatically?
Hoda said…
Those cats are some Skinny JUDIE!!!
Long on the legs too!!!
Are yours really like that?
NatureNut said…
Good Sunday (I think) afternoon to all Eagle Buds!
We have grey skies, too, but 60°! Think train is done for now. Would like to work outside, but a little wet. Will we see sun this year????
Just email conversing with my Aunt in Pittsburgh. She has probably become a cam addict!!She watches a nest in Hays (PA?) & hopes someone will drive her there before leaves cover it. She also knows about the FL nest with eggs!!I have to check these out again. I sent her links for our nest.
Have to get my act together & put away Xmas stuff tomorrow & get ready for TU back to the grind. Santa said I could order a new parka. All I've seen on line that I LOVE, are sold out! Guess I will have to wear my Panda hat next week. My newest coat doesn't have a hood.
Well, have a wonderful day ☺ ☺
NatureNut said…
Correction~~~rain is done! Haven't heard the train DUH
Lolly said…
Good afternoon! Heading to Dallas in just a few minutes! Going to meet Axl who is presently sacked out on Ashley's lap. Will report later!
grannyblt said…
Loretta, the Hays eagle cam is in Pittsburgh. The nest is in an industrial area on one of the rivers. From news reports it requires a hike across railroad tracks etc. and the nest is on a very steep hill and hard to see. The camera set up is the best view.
Judie said…
Good afternoon to everyone.

Have returned from foraging. Ten minutes for human food and 30 minutes contemplating cat food selections. Ah, the joy!

Hoda, please use every caution with snow and avalanches predicted. Best to stay in, I think, where you are safe. Forrest and Bootsy are not the newer ultra thin that has been bred in recent years. These are the more traditional (called Apple Head) with fuller faces and, yes, long legs.

Temperature around 60ΒΊ but overcast and becoming windy.

Loretta, made me nervous when I read "train" as that would set you know who on a Train ride. Hope you get that new parka.

Headed across the hall to check on the football game scores and put my feet up for a few.


grannyblt said…
Judie, I put my pearls on today-with my fleece, in "honour "of Downton Abbey. No tea and scones though.
Ms Bookworm said…
Hi, Everyone!
Dropping in to say hello before you wonder whether I've fallen off the face of the earth! Have been quite busy. Had several days of gout in my right knee, which slowed me down quite a bit.
Was in good enough shape yesterday to help taking down the outside Christmas lights. Last Monday part of our electricity to our house went out, so the City of Anaheim sent a truck out to investigate. They got it restarted before too long. Turns out our electrical is as old as out house (think 1962), so it's not in as good shape as we would hope. Last night, one of our circuit breakers tripped, and we had no power to our refrigerator or our microwave. Called an electrician, who replaced 2 of the circuit breakers and got us running again. They are coming out Monday to replace the whole electrical box. It's corroded, and not exactly as safe as it should be. I'll be glad when that's done!! Expensive way to begin the new year, but I've been concerned about it for a while now. Will be breathing a big sigh of relief. Hope they inspect all our wiring while they are at it. We had rats in the attic for far too long. (No sign of any for months now, though.)

Enough about us here in SoCal.

Judie, thrilled to hear of your new Siamese friends!! Sure they will adjust once they realize they are with you to stay.

Kay, so sorry to hear about Keith's passing. Prayers for Beth, and the whole family.

Hoda, sorry for the loss of your former yoga teacher, too. (Hugs).

So nice to see Margy here for a visit! Been missing you something fierce!

Bob, love the Christmas furbabies, and the Chincoteague pics!

Lolly, glad you finally got some rain!

Hope those who were feeling poorly are feeling much better now! Wishing all of you, including Steve and the NCTC crew, a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!!

Ken and Emma say "Howdy!"

I ♥ us!!!
Mema Jo said…
Good evening to all ♥

Guess we are about to SPLIT

Just wanted to mention that tonight
I'll be watching

Downton Abbey on Masterpiece
9:00 PM on WETA 26, 1 hr 15 min
2014 TV-PG
Mema Jo said…
Loretta - this is the HAYS Cam
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