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New thread. 

Hoping everyone has a great holiday season and a fine new year.

The new eagle season is almost upon us.


Judie said…
Thank you Steve. We wish you, your family, and the NCTC staff and lovely holiday and a very successful New Year.
Judie said…
About light and sleep - darkness prompts the Pineal gland (brain) to produce Melatonin which is a natural sedative to aid in sleep. Light counteracts this process = less sleep.
Hoda said…
Good Morning STEVE and JUDIE.
I second JUDIE's wishes to you, your family and NCTC STEVE.

Kay said…
Much thanks to you STEVE---for the new thread---for sharing your blog with we Momsters---for putting up with us year after year! Merry Christmas to you and yours---family and co-workers!

JUDIE, a new feather just in time for Christmas! Wear it proudly! Thanks for the concise and accurate definition of the effect of light on sleep.
grannyblt said…
Thank you Steve for the new thread. I am wishing a very happy holiday to all of those at NCTC.
Sandi said…
Thank you Steve, and all the NCTC crew, for the nest cams and for the blog! Wishing all of you a very joyous holiday season.

Playing slave-driver here at school. About 40% of the kids on the team stayed home - all is calm, all is bright!

Judie, how goes lizard-sitting? How difficult could it be - I'd really like to know what all is involved!

Mema Jo said…
Good Morning to all ♥

Steve - thank you so much for the fresh new thread. I am wishing for you, your family, your staff at NCTC a wonderful holiday during this beautiful season of Christmas.
Looking forward to the new year's blog and eagle cam.
stronghunter said…
Bringing this over from the stronghunter said...
Good morning,

Somehow I missed the part where Judie got to lizard-sit. I am confused.

Much to do today. Though yesterday, Hunter complained the refrigerator was too full, I need to get a turkey and some fixings.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014 9:20:00 AM

Rus once had a pet lizard named Eddie. One time Eddie got loose. I found him on the oriental rug. Since he'd turned all of the lovely colors of the rug, he was very hard to spot and was a lucky lizard to have been found before he was stepped on in my very busy household.
stronghunter said…
To clarify the part about Hunter and the refrigerator--I don't think he is adverse to lots of food in the refrigerator. I think he did not want to hang out in the grocery store. He tried to convince me that leftover pizza was just fine for dinner and that I did not need to go grocery shopping.
stronghunter said…
I will join the others in wishing you and the NCTC staff a most wonderful holiday season, Steve. May we have many happy eagle adventures together this coming year.
Janet said…
Thanks to Steve for the new thread.

It has been confirmed: Tom officially has the flu.

I have a headache and scratchy throat.

Doc is calling in Tamiflu for us all.

Kay said…
Aw, phooey, JANET, what a bummer. Hope the Tamiful helps Tom and fends off the evil bug for you and Olivia! What a creative group you are--skyping to watch the kids enjoy their Christmas presents is truly a modern technology miracle!
Lolly said…
πŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸŽπŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸŽMerry Christmas Eve Eve!πŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸŽπŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸŽ

Today is pie day! Pecan (hmmm? Wonder if I have any) Apple, and pumpkin! Jack will peel the apples. That helps a lot! Then after the pies I mix up the dough for dinner rolls. Great recipe that stays in the refrig until Christmas morn when I take the dough out and shape rolls. One year I asked Ash and Laurel to roll the dough. You have never heard so much complaining about the sticky dough! I would rather do it myself. Think I might recruit two boys this year!πŸ˜€
As for assigning a dish to Ash and Michael. They are NOT cooks, not traditional cooking, that is! One time I did ask Ash to do that. She proceeded to bring the ingredients and cook it in my kitchen. I had to tell her where every thing was, supply things she forgot and then clean up after her!! They usually bring wine. Maybe that is best!

Laurel is a great cook and is bringing pralines, decorated sugar cookies, and more. I also have ingredients here for her to prepare a dish. She plows in and finds what she needs and she cleans up after herself!

Forget all that! It is Christmas! Time to start moving!

Oh, and as for sleeping. Screen time does not bother me! I sleep great! However, no iPhone near me at night!

Later Gators!
Kay said…
I meant Tamiflu, of course!
stronghunter said…
Wine is always good, Lolly.

I just got a sort-of final count on my Christmas dinner table count. Susan is bringing Vince. Rus has said that Debbie probably won't come. Really need to get busy. I wish I could shake this cold and get more energy.
Mema Jo said…
Janet - so sorry to hear the news from your Doctor about Tom and perhaps you and Olivia. Hope the
Tamiflu keeps it down to a mild case - let us know how it works..

stronghunter said…
I hope you have plenty of pecans, Lolly. I just bought 3 packages of pecans at the store. It cost a small fortune.

I would love to have access to the pecan tree that grew in my mother's backyard. There's a children's museum next door to that house now. So many changes. There was a hardware store on that corner when she lived there.
stronghunter said…
Wonder if I can make a deal with Jufie to bring some pecans up from a certain place in Texas?
stronghunter said…
Oh, wow, Janet. Flu. What a mess. Sorry you have to deal with this.
NatureNut said…
Good Early Afternoon, Eagle Buds!!!!
Part of my Xmas wish has come true here today. Altho NO eagles were sitting in the nest when I arrived (I wouldn't sit in the rain, either!)I believe a wet juvie was perched in a tree right out our office door! His head looked small~~~like greasy kid stuff, but probably rain. It had a large beak, brown all over, but when it took off, Huge wings. Got a couple blurry pics, as there were twigs, etc. in front of the bird, but maybe he's a pal of Rudolph! There is so much fog, probably can't see the nest anymore. Will keep my eyes peeled!
Happy Holiday activities to all and please Janet and family~~~Get Well!

Happy Holidays to all the NCTC Staff. We love visiting your sites!!!!

As for lizard care~~~those we had in Biology Lab were in large glass tanks w/sand on bottom. They mostly ate mealworms and had dish of water. So, the students would do feeding and a little housekeeping, but that was it.
stronghunter said…
Well, Kathryn just came home sick. She thinks she might have the flu. She does have a fever and is feeling generally miserable. The situation was not made better by the fact that they're renovating the office space where she works and have uncovered lots of black mold.
stronghunter said…
And, I am trying to generate enough energy to go buy a turkey. I don't think I have a fever, but am feeling cruddy. I did get a flu shot.
stronghunter said…
Yes, lizards do not need too much TLC, though we did keep a heat lamp going for Eddie.
Hoda said…
So sorry to hear about the sickness amongst so many of us...
Healing prayers.

JO you said last night you will let us know of the goings on of your day yesterday...are you alright? I have not read a health report from you for a while now...hope it was the festivities that you were going to report on.

Cold here, less icy and generally rather quiet. we raised quite a bit of money for the food bank and I made a few deliveries on behalf of the yoga studio yesterday...tomorrow raising more money and hopefully it comes in handy for that tight spot after Christmas.

Love and Light to all...
Hoda said…
I looked after an iguana once...dullest thing I have ever observed. Ate very little and drank very little and never really saw it pooping much and so not sure on that survived me and I survived it...I do not think it needed much care...Good luck JUDIE...When I touched it, thinking I was giving it love and compassion, I think I petrified it I said it survived me and I survived it...
Sandi said…
School day is almost over - 2014 is in the books!

Kids are at their exploratory classes (art, music, PE, etc.) so we are just chillin' on the hallway, eating Christmas cookies.

Janet & Shirley, I'm so sorry that illness has struck your families. I hope Tom & Kathryn aren't too miserable and also hope that what they have doesn't jump to anyone else in the house.

Will check in from home. Later!
Mema Jo said…
I am wishing that all of you on FB will go to my page to view all the
photos from yesterday evening's get
together. There are many pictures that Christine took. ALSO my Non
FB users I have sent you an email.
Let me know if anyone else isn't on
FB and needs an email.
stronghunter said…
Will check FB in a bit, Jo. I think I am about to gather enough energy to go to the store. I really want to get the food shopping taken care of. After I do the major shopping, I send my children for anything forgotten or anything extra they might desire.
stronghunter said…
No, I do not think an iguana would want to be caressed, Hoda, but I enjoy picture you trying to pat one.
stronghunter said…
picturing you trying to pat one.
stronghunter said…
Kathryn pretty much staggered into the house last night and announced she was going straight up to her room. I took her plate up to her. I wasn't particularly surprised when she came home early today. She went upstairs and sent Hunter down to make her some chicken soup. Well, he brought a bowl of noodles with very little liquid and a fork. There was some discussion about reading directions regarding the preparation of chicken soup from a can. Kathryn requested some water be added. I suggested a spoon. Hunter tried again.
stronghunter said…
Really want to complete shopping and get home before dark. Must go now.
Mema Jo said…
Going out for dinner with Hubby
MT nest now - one was in this am around 8 - Would love to see both in

It is rainy and foggy here this afternoon Well foggy all day long - now some rain. Temps are around 40°

Snap a pic if you see our couple

JudyE said…
Home from work didn't get logged on at lunch you know that wifi issues
JudyE said…



sis so so sorry you all that the flu get better pronto and the med willhelp I hear
JudyE said…
It is 82° out looks like AC needs turned on again
JudyE said…
check out google today
JudyE said…
I think we are being stood up night lite on the nest now and will be black before long
Lolly said…
I just checked the nest, no eagles.

Three pies made. Wish you lived closer Shirley. Would share pecans. We now have 25 gallon bags of shelled pecans and more to come! We supply Laurel, Ash, and our sisters. Also, share with the neighbors. Our freezers are full and so is Laurel's!!!

Also, made a caramel sauce. Read a pecan pie recipe that sere it hot with caramel sauce. Sounded good to me! Also, it could be served on the apple pie, though the freezer is stocked with ice cream to go with any pies.

Saving the dinner rolls for tomorrow. Now I am doing last minute dusting and picking up.

So very sorry for those feeling sick. So far Jack and I are great. Joey had a cold while we were in Colorado and now Jacob has it. Laurel had a headache last night but have not heard from her today. Her tooth is not bothering far!

Back to dusting!
JudyE said…
Got a Christmas card today from someone who never sends cards

JANET can you guess YEP Connie I was floored that I got the card and I went her a email message """Today
Judy Eddy
Judy Eddy
Thanks for the Christmas card
I didn't send any out this year
I was so surprised because,
you have never sent one before this card ."""
and SIS thank you for your card also
Lolly said…
Typo!!!!! that said serve
JudyE said…
That should say above I sent her a email not went her a email LOL
stronghunter said…
Back from shopping. I picked up most everything, but will need to send someone out tomorrow.
stronghunter said…
Kathryn has a fever, which makes me think she has the flu. I am not sure how we are going to handle this. We are going to have to see what tomorrow brings.
Mema Jo said…
Misty Misty Rain - not too cold just very very damp
Traffic was heavy coming home - it's was only for 10 miles - mainly work

Going to put my feet up for a short
time. I sure wish all of you would feel very well.
Janet said…
good afternoon. off to start some dinner...but first

JUDYE: yes, I got a card as well, but I haven't responded. I just am not ready to open up lines of communication. Found it interesting she put no return address on her envelope. Guess she figured I wouldn't open it if I saw it was her? I would have been curious enough to open it....but not enough to respond. Lest you all think I have a hard heart, it is a tough decision. I just don't want to deal with a person whom I know will willingly and openly lie to me time and time again...and it bothers me, but it is the way it is.

STRONGHUNTER: so sorry about the crud in your house as well. bah humbug.

Hoping all have a good night. I am going to fix dinner and then veg out. I slept most of the day away.

JudyE said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Judie said…
Good evening.

I am so very sorry that Janet and Tom and Shirley and Kathryn are feeling so sick. Never a good thing but especially unpleasant during a holiday. Do hope you all feel better tomorrow.

The lizard: its name is Toni. She has a bath with water at 94ΒΊ from 5 to 20 minutes. Her huge jungle glassed enclosed heated abode must be misted with water to a specific humidity level. For an additional heat source, she is placed under my shirt on my skin. If she does not eat her meal worms or wax worms (mixed with calcium), we mix some concoction with water to make a paste and feed her with a syringe.

So, for those who might anticipate having an East Asian lizard for a companion, I suggest you slit your wrists.

Am tired. Spent the day cooking. Have errands tomorrow to include collecting prescriptions.
Judie said…
Will be headed across the hall to put my feet up, try to read a few pages in a book, and then to rest my head on the pillow.

Sandperson's alarm just jangled so I expect a satchel will soon be filled.

Night light at 11pm. Restful sleep for all and for those who are sick, may tomorrow bring improvement.
stronghunter said…
Wow! That is some pampered lizard, Judie. Really? On your skin? And you feed her with a syringe?

I remember putting flies in an aquarium with some kind of critter. It was either a lizard or a frog of some kind. This was before we had Eddie, and my memory gets spotty that far back.
Judie said…
Quick thank you to JudyE for the link to the bobble-head link.

Also, Jordyn's Christmas party looks like she was having a great time.
stronghunter said…
I've been telling Kathryn that she needs to take tomorrow off since she had a fever today. Today was the first time since she started working there that she has left early because of illness. At least because of her own illness. She has been there 2 years. Surely she can have tomorrow off. Black mold on the walls is a problem on top of being stick. She has told her boss that he needs to make sure the mold is taken care of...for his sake as well as hers. He has been having problems, too.
stronghunter said…
Bought some eggnog. Had a little bit. Figured I could indulge since I haven't eaten much of anything today.

Now Hunter is enjoying the eggnog. There probably won't be any to tempt me tomorrow.
stronghunter said…
Bought some eggnog. Had a little bit. Figured I could indulge since I haven't eaten much of anything today.

Now Hunter is enjoying the eggnog. There probably won't be any to tempt me tomorrow.
stronghunter said…
I am ready to head upstairs for the night. Please rest well my friends. SED, everyone. I am hoping tomorrow brings good health for everyone.
stronghunter said…
On lizards: I see an occasional skink around here. Hunter would like me to capture one for him, or, at least, tell him so he can capture it. I think the skinks are just fine running free in the yard.
stronghunter said…
Wow, Judy. That does look like an eyeball. Thanks for sharing.
JudyE said…
SHIRLEY Hunter would have a blast in my yard It is full of lizards and I also have geckos out side also and on an occasion in the house Poor guys when they are in here I find dead sometime later Not enough bugs to sustain life or gets stuck on carpet or curtains LYNNE2 has a few carcass that I have found in my house
JudyE said…
I turned down the brightness on my monitor
did I tell you I am not scheduled for work tomorrow I could of swore I was Good thing I checked the schedule yesterday YEAH Three days in a row I will be on mini retirement as MARGY says
JudyE said…
I stuttered I guess or hiccuped
JudyE said…
I do plan on sleeping in so I will probably miss the eagles I will take the lap top and put on nightstand and if my body clock wakes up I may see them We will see

Security system is armed please be sure to use your code if out past curfew

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

Mema Jo said…
I've had my feet up and have watch some TV - Lots of musical groups on tonight.

I am closing down - ready for rain and more rain tomorrow.

Goodnight to all
NatureNut said…
Good Evening Eagle Buds! Had to take a break to see if I had a Park eagle pic worth posting. It's not great, but in the Nook & I think you'll be able to tell what it is! Didn't see any eagles near the nest.

Got some steamed crab legs tonight~~yum~~gotta finish picking.
Good Health Prayers for everyone and Pleasant Feather Dreams ;>)
Mema Jo said…
Drama at the Zoo
Bao Bao has been up high in a tree all evening -0 it was Zoo Lights and perhaps the music scared her. Well
now they have allowed momma to go out on the ground and hopefully call her little girl down!
Lolly said…
About that time to hit the pillow. Have been staying up way too late and tomorrow will be late again, so trying for a reasonable hour tonight!

Tomorrow I make the dressing and get Mr Turkey ready for the oven. Then Christmas morning I will just have to pop him in the oven. Also, still need to mix up the dough for the dinner rolls.

Everyone is arriving late morning! We will spend the afternoon exchanging gifts with Michael, Ash, and Zacharooski. Eating ham and cheese sliders and some sides. Church is at 6. Michael and family are heading home after church. The rest of us will party with great party food!

That's the plan and we are sticking with it!πŸŽ…

No lizards here, never will there be lizards here. And, if a lizard needs warmth....I have a light to keep food warm. Not that I would eat a lizard but it definitely is not going under any clothing of mine.

Night al!

Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. Merry Christmas Eve! It's day 1 of my 12 days of Christmas break!

Judie, that lizard requires a lot more work than the bearded dragon that belongs to the science teacher at my school - wow! Do you really put Tori under your shirt to warm her? Doesn't she have claws??

Shirley & Janet, hoping Kathryn and Tom feel better today.

Lolly, enjoy your day with family - got your Christmas letter in the mail yesterday! Thank you! Denny asked, "Who is that from?" I replied, "A very dear friend who I have never met but who I talk to every single day!" :)

Judy, enjoy your 3-day vacation. I sure wouldn't want to be in a Walmart on Christmas Eve!

Heavy rain and 60 degrees here today - maybe a thunderstorm! We will leave for Baltimore this afternoon, headed to Denny's brother's house. Today is his youngest daughter's birthday - 37 I think. We'll spend the night there tonight and head to my sister's for the day tomorrow. Tomorrow night, we'll drive to WV for the weekend. I will check in when I can.

Have agreat day all.
Judie said…
Good morning to all.

Raining here. Yuk!

Need to venture out to finish a few errands such as picking up prescriptions.

Hoping Shirley, Kathryn, Tom, and Janet are feeling better this morning.

The lizard. Yes, the lizard. Yes, I actually put her on my skin. She does not scratch with her claws. She is only about 6" and might weight an oz. Sandi, one of my police officers has a bearded dragon and he just feeds it crickets and water. Anyway, it is an interesting learning experience.

Wishing everyone a wonderful morning. BBL

stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Still taking it easy this morning, but need to get moving. Much rain here.

Kay said…
Good Christmas Eve Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Rain in Virginia, eh? Our temp is currently 55 and all is calm. However, very high winds and heavy rain due to arrive this evening. Hoping it doesn't interfere with my little 3 mile drive to Julie's for dinner and gift exchange.

SANDI, wishing you and your Dubby safe travel and joyous times in those three family households!

JUDIE, I'm venturing out, too. Only need a few things from Kroger to tide me over during my "dog days of winter". However, I'm prepared to encounter a big crowd of last minute shoppers.

LOLLY, as usual you're well prepared for the Ellis family Christmas celebration. So nice that Michael, Ash and Zach will join you at church before heading back to Dallas.

SHIRLEY, hope Kathryn is much, much better today--if not a trip to ER for a Tamiflu Rx might be a good idea!

JANET, hope that stuff has done wonders for y'all.

LORETTA, I love the pic of Juvie in the Mist! It has a very artistic feel to it. Thanks for sharing!

JO, I hope Bao Bao was lured out of the tree and is safe n' sound. I tried to go there last night, but got nothing but a black screen. I'll take another look soon.

JUDY, enjoy your bonus day off! So glad you'll have 3 days for celebration!

Love and prayers for all!!!

Kay said…
Looks like momma panda is enjoying a scrumptious brunch. Can't see Bao Bao, but hope all's well.
Lolly said…
Good morning!

It is amazing that you are the dearest of friends and some of us have never met. I have thought about it. I am sure it is because we do talk every day and we share. We share the good and the bad, and we pray. Sometimes we pray together! I have good friends here, but none that I talk with every day. And, none that know what I am doing ever day! lol

Up early this morn. Jack has prepared jaepenos for tonight and cooked sausage for tomorrow morning. Sausage goes with the coffee cake! I have prepared the turkey for the oven, have giblets cooking on the stove for the dressing, made the dough for the dinner rolls, made two dips, one for chips and one for veggies. Also, cooked my cranberries and made my cranberry sauce! I almost forgot that! My recipe calls for Apple cider and since I forgot, I forgot the cider. Had all the other ingredients so used orange juice instead. Think I am going to like it better!

Zach just called and he is at the firm's office. Hmmm,?? Guess they will not be here for a while!

Going to go get beautiful! Ha! Wish makeup and combing ones hair would do the trick!

I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas! The festivities are about to begin! I'll see you when I see you!

Love and prayers for all!
Janet said…
good late morning.

tom Is feeling chipper. I am not. going to be a quiet day today.

someday I might get to go back to work.

love to all
JudyE said…
Good morning to my precious eagle buds

and a Merry Christmas Eve

I also want to say thank you to each and every one of you for being on the blog and being part of my life and just think PaddyOJoy is the one that brought me to you and I shall always be grateful and thankful for that

and I do think staying off the computer has helped with my sleep pattern although I dislike it I am a computer junkie
JudyE said…
HI SIS we were typing at the same time I do hope you feel better with the med the dr should help and so happy that TOM is better
JudyE said…
Its 79° out now the weather man predicted 78 and its warmer There has been area of storms but not reached us yet with the cold front
stronghunter said…

At doctor's. Kathryn has been diagnosed with flu.
Mema Jo said…
Good late almost noon morning to all♥

Bao Bao came down for about 1/2 hr -
Saw her mom and climbed right back up
She is still there - Kay, there are 2 cams and Bao Bao can clearly be seen up in the tree and Momma Mei can be seen inside the den on the other cam.
Mema Jo said…

On this eve of Christmas I want to give THANKS to all of you, my friends
As the year ends I am so grateful for
everyone of you being in my life. I cherish our friendships and I look forward to the new year with all of you in my heart ♥
Mema Jo said…

This flu bug is going to spoil a lot of plans for celebrations. So sorry
that this will happen. Keep the true
Christmas Spirit and don't give in to Mr Flu Bug !
Mema Jo said…
Judie - I admire your Lizard Sitting
BUT I just don't do lizards and or snakes. Hope you get your errands finished and are in out of the rain.
stronghunter said…
My flu test was negative, but I think it's wrong. Getting a prescription for Tamiflu. Also antibiotic because nurse practitioner here thinks I have bronchitis.
Kay said…
JO, I could only get the Panda Cam 2 to work for me----will keep trying. I've not had a problem with that set of cams before. Bao Bao must really love the lofty perch!

Will add my deep appreciation and thanks for my blog friends---the ultimate support group! Our motto, "I came for the Eagles, but I stayed for the friendships I have made" is spot on!!! I love us!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

SHIRLEY, I have to agree with you am glad you're getting the Rx and taking good care of yourself. Seems to me if Kathryn's test was positive and you're having the same symptoms---you have the flu. Such a shame that Christmas 2014 will go down in history as the "year of the flu" for many.

JANET, good news for Tom---you trailed him by a day or two so you should be bright eyed and bushy tailed very soon.

By now the Ellis household must be rockin' with fun, good will and satisfied tummies! How nice!

JUDIE, I'm with JO so far as reptiles are concerned. You are, IMHO a neighbor extraordinaire!

Kroger was a zoo. I had a a few too many items for express and the regular registers were clogged, but a manager spotted me and sent me to the front door area where a temporary check out stand was in place and no one else was there. I love that store and it now rivals Target as a one stop shopping location. I can't remember when I last went anywhere else.

Okay, kids, Santa Claus is comin' to town and NORAD is tracking his progress. Wonder if he and our Sandperson and/or Jufie will cross paths somewhere on high? Have yourselves a Holly Jolly Christmas and like LOLLY, I'll see you when I see you.
Mema Jo said…

PIP in Second NEFL egg!!!

Woo Hoo!!!!!
Mema Jo said…
Bao Bao is down (was tempted by trainer with pole & honey on it)
BUT she isn't inside yet
NatureNut said…
Happy HEALTHY Xmas Eve to Everyone.
Sorry some of Shirley's family are ill, too. Fast healing!
Also wish everyone's festivities today are special.

Prayers and love to all the Momsters for our upcoming year of friendship!The Eagles are the reason we're here~~~~they did it!!!
Mema Jo said…
Bao Bao is UP in HER tree..
Mema Jo said…
In about 1 hr I will have my houseful
of family - about 21 I think. Pizza
fits the bill for this many.
I'll return much later unless my feet go up and stay up....

Love to you all !
Mema Jo said…
Just one came to the nest
In around 4:11 and out and then
back in but by 4:15 MT nest
NCSuzan said…
Merry Christmas Eve to everyone!

So sorry there is so much illness. However You can add three more to the sick list as my daughter, son-in-law and myself also have the flu. And could I get an appointment to a doctor? No way. We are all feeling a little better today and we are grateful.

Poor BaoBao. Hate to see her hurt and scared. Nobody likes to be shocked.

Praying for all to heal from flu to shoulders. Should I not return tomorrow I wish the best of Christmas for all of us and our families and to rejoice in the reason for the season.
stronghunter said…
Oh, Suzan, don't you just love it when you call because you're sick and they offer an appointment in a week or so? You figure you'll be well or dead by then. At least my present doctor does not do that.

There are always the emergency clinics. Do take care of yourself.

Looks like my healthy children might get together in Northern Virginia for a movie and dinner. Kathryn, Hunter, and I will hang out here.
Mema Jo said…
Both eagle did visit our nest!

Suzan I got you name on the FLU list
It is getting longer by the comment


BTW: Mei is out on the grounds - maybe she can get her little girl down and into the den
stronghunter said…
Feeling sad. I have no energy to wrap gifts or anything else. Will offered to help wrap, but I do not have the energy to tell him what to do, and the others should not come anyway. I want him to join Rus and Susan and have a nice time with them.
stronghunter said…
One thing I can do is give my sister-in-law Shirley a call. I know she is sad since this is her first Christmas without my brother Jim. I sent a gift that should have arrived today--a box of steaks. I hope she can enjoy them with her son and his girlfriend.

I'm sitting downstairs waiting for Chinese delivery to arrive. Even though I feel better than Kathryn, there is just no energy.
stronghunter said…
Just talked to Will, and he is going to take Hunter and Stephanie and go join Susan tomorrow. I feel better, knowing that.
JudyE said…
SHIRLEY I hope you feel better

I love your look back on the year on facebook Everyone needs to do it Pretty cool feature Odd one of my friends says that she can't do it that the option at the bottom is not there like it was for me when you go on anyone at the end it says View Yours
Make sure you all do it and on Shirley is a picture of our Margy at the end of it
JudyE said…
and Wanda and Jo are also in the picture I forgot to mention
Judie said…
Dearest Blog Family,

May those with illness be quickly healed.

May those with worries find peace and comfort.

May each of us find peace within our hearts.

I am deeply grateful for the friends with whom we share our daily ups and downs.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.
stronghunter said…
Both Margy and Judie are in my FB pictures, Judy. Of course, lots of others, too, since there are several pictures from trips to
Shepherdstown--one from several years ago.
stronghunter said…
Nice message, Judie. I hope you and Frank have a lovely day tomorrow. I am much happier now that my children have gotten in touch with each other about plans, and have included Hunter. Kathryn and I will be fine.
stronghunter said…
Well, both of my sons have decided to see that movie "The Interview." From what I hear and the bits I have seen, it might not be my kind of movie, but I appreciate the fact that so many want to see it.
stronghunter said…
Good night, everybody.

God bless and Merry Christmas.

stronghunter said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mema Jo said…
I now have closure to my Panda Drama

Bao Bao is down and inside with her mom.
Mema Jo said…


Have good many pics for FB and email tomorrow. I am beat and anxious to
hit the pillows.
Mema Jo said…

Merry Christmas to all of my friends

Enjoy your day with others

Blessing of joy, happiness, hope
and love for all ♥
magpie said…
It's surely Christmas Eve....lots of lovely music programs on the radio stations...especially the NPR stations...

Thinking of all, and daggone it!!
I see reports of illnesses amongst us....

Prayers for Wellness All Amongst Us !!

I am going out at midnight to see if I "hear the animals talking"

xoxo Thanks for your Dear Friendship, Eagle Pals...that's the Christmas Gift that Keeps on Giving ! ☺ ♥
magpie said…
Too Funny!!
to Prove that I am not a Robot...I had to type "Happy Holidays "

Maybe some have already reported that....I did not read all the comments yet...

Peace, Love, Joy....

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxoxo
magpie said…
Well, no Animals talking hereabouts, BUT, my Lynn ♥ Chimes are a'tinkling, and I THINK I saw Santa and his Reindeer flying over pulling a sleigh Chockfull of Toys and Love ♥

Good Night, Good Morning, Precious Pals...and to all, including Belle and Shep, of course:

xoxo ☺ ♥
magpie said…
Google Image is Wonderful for Today...fully animated and musical....[Love the little Cats...!]
Hope it animates on YOUR computers ! ☺
Hoda said…

" I came for the Eagles, I stayed for the friendships I made".
Thank you Lynn. Miss you. We are all hanging in there.

Blessed Be!
WVJerry said…
Good morning and Merry Christmas. Hope all has been well. Looking forward to new season. Take care all.
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends - Merry Christmas to all!

Will keep this short since i am on my Kindle. I hope everyone has a wonderful day today, filled with love and laughter.
Hoda said…
Watching something someone flying about?
Pictures taken
Hoda said…
Poof Shep again!
1/2 an hour at least visit.
Bell still in.
They were in when I checked cam
Hoda said…
Boomerang continues!
They ARE having someone close. They are concerned.
Hoda said…
42 minute visit
Merry Christmas.
However I think someone else is flying about the nest.
MT nest now
Hoda said…
Wl post pictures on FB Eagle Cam page.

Tank you
Judie said…
Good morning and a Merry Christmas to everyone.

MT nest
Breakfast at Berry
One in high wind at Decorah

May each of you enjoy the day in some special way.
Kay said…
Good Christmas Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Our nest is MT, guess Belle n' Shep are foraging for their Christmas dinner.

Had a wonderful time at Julie's last night--enchilada dinner and gift exchange. Her family gave me five gifts and four of them have bird themes! Eileen sent 6 new knit tops, one of the turtle necks is bright red, perfect for winter Red Fridays! Lee's family always gives me my years subscription for the local newspaper. I'm truly blessed.

Malcolm will arrive soon and the fun will begin for Penny and me. Lot's of walking, tug games, etc..

Hope you're all have a very special Christmas morning !

Love and prayers for all!!!

stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Merry Christmas, precious pals. You have meant so much to me over the past years. I think it was 2009 that I first found the blog. Hidey was in the nest and I was intrigued by these people who were so concerned about an eaglet gone missing in the night. I had been lurking for a month or so, I guess. That was long enough for me to know I wanted to be part of the group.
stronghunter said…
Good to see that our very own Magpie was here last night. And she was out to listen for animal talk. If anyone could hear it, it would be Magpie!
Kay said…
SHIRLEY,I began lurking at about that same time, but it took longer for me to join the group. It was when Shep began his invasion that I knew I just had to be a part of Belle's support group. I've been lurking around other eagle nests for years, but have not felt the same compelling urge to converse with others. There was something irresistible about the warmth and caring ways of this very special group. Thanks to all for welcoming me and making me feel so at home!
stronghunter said…
Hi Kay, wish I'd known you were lurking then. This was the only group I was watching. A good one it was, indeed.

Kay said…
SHIRLEY, I wish I'd had the pleasure of knowing you all that time, too! The nest at the Botanical Gardens in VA and the OK nests had my attention divided, til' Shep showed up.
Hoda said…
Where was the missing eaglet and how was it found?
I presume it was found?
Janet said…
good morning to one and to all. Merry Christmas to those who celebrate!

I am thinking this Tamiflu stuff is something of a miracle. I woke up not feeling like I ever had the flu. I do still have a slight cough, some congestion...but overall, I feel really good.

This certainly means that Livvy will continue taking her Tamiflu to prevent (hopefully) her from coming down with it.

It has been a good morning. We are not going to Chelsea's as I am still coughing and no one knows for sure if the Tamiflu acts like an antibiotic, where after a specific amount of time you aren't contagious. As long as no one else becomes symptomatic, we will see them this weekend.

STRONGHUNTER: I hope you all feel better quickly. rest rest rest and hydrate hydrate hydrate.

I dislike it as well when you call the dr and can't get in within 24 hours. Ours is usually really good, and slipped up in for Tom on Tuesday a.m. early and prescribed the meds for ALL of us since he tested positive for flu I was most thankful because I could feel it coming on. I already had a massive headache, tired, sore throat and body aches starting...sooooo thankful. I have to admit, I was leery about the Tamiflu, but it has proven its worth in my book.

Sorry to rave about it, but I had the flu back in March if you will remember and I was miserable for nearly 2 weeks.

Anyway, quiet day planned here. Going to grill some steaks later.

I hope everyone has a lovely day filled with family, friends, & love. :)

stronghunter said…
Hoda, Hidey came back after staying out overnight. It turned out he/she had been blown out of the nest by a gust of wind. Someone, I think a man in the UK, saw it happen. He posted the info when he read how perplexed we were.
stronghunter said…
I am feeling better, Janet. Kathryn has actually gone downstairs. She has been much sicker than I have. I did get a flu shot. Funny that the nurse practitioner seemed worried about me because of my age.

I am thinking that Hunter and Will should be taking Tamiflu. However the stuff is in short supply in these parts. That tells you something.
Mema Jo said…
Good Christmas Afternoon to All ♥

It is a quite day here until about
4:00 when a grandson visits with his wife and 3 children. I'll probably have some ham & fixings out for dinner.

Yesterday and the day before were filled with family fun and love.
Pics are on FB and later I will copy some for email. I just need to put my feet up for a few. It has been very busy.
stronghunter said…
Quiet here as well. Hunter went with Will and Stephanie to visit Susan and Vince. I spent some time talking with My SIL Shirley. It has been a tough 7 months for her. We're feeling much better. Kathryn even mentioned going to work tomorrow. I said I think she should stay home.

Sounds like things are really hopping along at your place, Jo.
Ms Bookworm said…
Good Afternoon, Everyone!

Want to wish all of you, including Steve and the NCTC crew,a very Merry and blessed Christmas! I appreciate your friendship so very much! So true--I came for the eagles, but I stayed for the friendships I have made. I love all of you!!

Ken and I went to our nephew Sean's house for dinner last night, and Sis-in-law and Bro-in-law were there, too. Sean definitely got the "Chef Gene" in this family, because he's an amazing cook! He BBQed a large prime rib roast, and it turned out perfect! It was medium rare sheer perfection! We all had a great time, and we didn't get home until late, and didn't get to sleep until nearly 1:30 am!

Slept in a bit this morning, then called and talked to the kids in Texas. Today is daughter Jen's
43rd Birthday!!! As I always say, she is my best and favorite Christmas gift ever!

Saying healing prayers for those of you still on the sick list!!
Hoping you feel much better, very soon!

Need to go make some lunch for Emma--she says "Woof, woof!" to everyone. Have a fantastic day, and I will try to get back here later tonight. I ♥ us!!!
Hoda said…
Thank you SHIRLEY!
I remember reading that now!
Glad it got back in again. Glad someone was watching!

I did my teaching in Karma Christmas.
It went well.
People left knowing that it is possible to live the Birth we celebrate today all year long.
This is the meaning of Christmas. To live this birth through out our days and years, with our losses and our triumphs.

In for the rest of the day.
Money raised again today. We had some who could not pay at all. I welcomed them and said when they are able to pay it forward. It surprised me that they told me they can not pay. I would have not known as it is all by donation in a basket. I insist that no one sit next to the basket for that very same reason!

Blessed Be.
stronghunter said…
Bless you, Hoda. I am sure you were much appreciated today.
Lolly said…
MERRY CHRISTMAS! It has been an interesting day! All went well yesterday though Laurel was coming down with a cold and Joey was not feeling well. He has been sick since Thanksgiving. Well, this morning both Laurel and Joey were worse. After the boys had Santa gifts and we all had stockings, Joey disappeared while we were having breakfast. He then decided to go home. No presents, no Christmas dinner. He is going to emergency care if no better. I made the decision to serve dinner at the kitchen table, no China, no silver, just everyday stuff. That made it simple for Jack and I to do the clean up. We told Laurel to stay out of the kitchen! I am not worried about getting the bug. If we get it we get it! No plans on my agenda!

Sad....but we had fire trucks heading down our street! Smoke was thick in the air! It is a dead end street though it goes a ways. Just called a friend to check on her. It was her neighbor's house. Totally gone! They were not home. He thinks he may have left a turkey fryer going and is blaming himself. A big, new, beautiful home gone, but any home gone is sad!
Time for pie!
Hoda said…
Dear God LOLLY!!!
So sorry for all the sickness and Joey having to leave. I bet that put a damper on things...yet your every day stuff is beautiful and the food is delicious and the grands gathering with LAUREL receiving care at her MOM's house is bound to improve things.
So sorry about the house which burnt down...Glad no one was in it. The loss is huge though I am sure.
Quiet here.
Finished my yam and squash Christmas meal and am having a cup of tea. I feel blessed. I spoke to many people on the phone and I am still honoured that my part in the Christmas offering went well today. Thank you SHIRLEY.
stronghunter said…
Wow, Lolly, so sorry about the illness at your house and the fire at your neighbor's house.

I hope Laurel and Joey recover soon.

Kathryn is really planning to go back to work tomorrow. I have suggested that she go in late and leave early. She is still aching every time she coughs.
Hoda said…
Hope everyone had a terrific Christmas.

See you in the Morning.
Blessed Be.
Lolly said…
Boys are in bed! Laurel is headed that way and here it is 9:20. We are taking them home sometime tomorrow. Joey took the car!

Going to say good night. We will probably be up another hour, but think I will go shower!

Night all! SED!
Judie said…
Good Christmas Evening.

Shirley, hoping Kathryn will not be expecting too much of herself. If she tires at work, I'm sure she will come home early. Otherwise, glad you are feeling some better.

Lolly, very sorry your holiday was dampened by illness. So sad when I think of all your time and preparations. May everyone recovery quickly.

So happy for all who enjoyed a lovely Christmas Eve and Christmas Day together with family and with thoughts of our blessings.

Darth and I are planning a small foray into the countryside tomorrow. Will be in touch when possible.

Sandperson has packed a satchel. Jufie will be riding shotgun.

Restful sleep for all.
Kay said…
LOLLY, so sorry Christmas went a bit upside down for your family and a LOT upside down for the neighbor. Here's hoping their insurance company will help them through the trauma and inconvenience they're suffering. Prayers for Joey and Laurel---sounds like some Tamiflu might be the ticket for them, too. Hope the boys, you and JACK can somehow avoid coming down with it.

SHIRLEY, I hope Kathryn isn't pushing it too hard and that she'll leave work early if need be. Hate to think of someone with a recently compromised immune system encountering yet another bug.

The dogs and I had a good day--I feasted on leftover enchiladas, black beans and salad--not the usual Christmas dinner, but yummy. Penny went to her crate on her own about 7, but Malcolm requires a 10:00 outing, so he snoozed as I watched TV, then was in his crate alongside hers shortly after 10. They will get up at the same time, hopefully between 7 and 8.

Heard from all my kids today. Lee's and Eileen's arrived at their destinations safely and Julie's are bedded down in Janesville, WI tonight. That leaves a 4 hour drive into Eau Claire for tomorrow.

HODA, you are a blessing to all who know you! I so admire your life of community service and your dedication to living a well balanced. active and healthy life.

ANDY,I do love hearing about the scrumptious meal you and Kubby shared with a choice group of people!

JERRY, so happy to see you here and looking forward to your being with us more when the live cam is up and running!

Time for me to join the dogs in zzzzland--my tired eyes and bod tell me JUDIE has dispatched the Sandperson!

Love and prayers for all !!!

stronghunter said…
Kathryn has good reason to want to go in tomorrow. Awhile back, she asked for the last week of the year off and it was granted. She is planning to take Hunter to Florida to visit friends.

Since then, a new company has bought the business. They take over on the first of the year. Meanwhile, the building is being completely renovated. Tomorrow is Kathryn's last chance to tend to things before all of these changes take place. She had not planned on being sick and missing time on top of everything else. Nobody has provided much information about what changes are going to take place. She does not expect anything bad to happen, but she likes to be on top of things.
stronghunter said…
I am winding down for the night. And, I am feeling pretty good. I think I will be pretty normal tomorrow.

Kathryn and Susan are talking about having our Christmas celebration on Sunday, January 4. I will have to decide what I am going to do with the 18-pound turkey sitting in the refrigerator. I think I just might cook it, but that is going to be a lot of turkey with Kathryn and Hunter gone.
Hoda said…
I have to make myself scarce!
Oh no!
Oh MY GOD!!!!

JUFIE sent me an e card!!!
happy Boxing Day???
Won't be opening any boxes!

What to do what to do????
Said she running around flailing her arms!!!!
Oh no!!!
Hoda said…
Checked the cam!
Even the Eagles are a no show!!!
Anyone else????
Hoda said…
Night light off
No eagles while I watched this morning!!!
Two white dots on opposing sides of nest!
Hoda said…
Watching someone flying about.
Poof one.
grannyblt said…
Thanks for the heads up Hoda.

I can't watch on iPad and also reply.

Good morning to all

Back to the cam
Hoda said…
Poof the second.
Nice golden sun hue on nest railing
Hoda said…
Back to two eagles in nest
Hoda said…
Poof one!
Honestly some other bird is there.
The resident couple are fending off the nest.
Wished someone was there to see from on site how many birds flying about!!!
Hoda said…
Live cam would also be good!
We can hear what is going on
Something is going on!
Hoda said…
54 minutes and still in nest.
First sighted 7:15 AM
Hoda said…
In for an hour and counting.

JUDYE You have to go back to work so you can put pictures in album.
Two days worth
Chrisad and Noxing day.
Please and a Thank you.
Hoda said…
Repeating myself!
Poof one!
Hoda said…
An hour and thirteeninute visit!
Judie said…
Good morning.

Belle was in the nest a minute ago. Just looking around.

Decorah is frosty. Berry looks to have had a large delivery of nesting material.

Sure hope Lolly's neighbors are okay this morning. Very sad about the fire. Also hope flu symptoms have gone to the secret hiding place.

Shirley, I can understand why Kathryn would want to go in today. Don't know about that turkey. Cooked you could make other dishes (soup, sandwiches, ala king) and have a variety of things on the 4th.

Kay, glad all the family is safe and Penny and Malcolm have you under their control. lol
Judie said…
Hmmmmm. Hoda and Jufie? Whatever is Dudley DoRight going to do about that? Perhaps a love triangle for our blog?
Judie said…
Darth and I are going to make a trip into the countryside. A place somewhere sort of near Shirley. Locust Dale, VA.

The sun is shining. The sky is bright blue. The temp is supposed to be 50's. Looking forward to a very special day.

Meanwhile, please everyone have a lovely day.
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

I am angry.

Tommy was supposed to pick Hunter up to take him to Luray for Christmas with his family. Kathryn told him that Hunter has been exposed to the flu, and Tommy is now refusing to pick him up because he says he cannot afford to take a chance on getting the flu.

We did not have a Christmas celebration here, and now Hunter will not have Christmas with his dad's family. Hunter has shown no signs of the flu. This is the boy who still must be reminded to wash his hands. Maybe he is onto something. Regardless, parents have a responsibility to be there for the kids, even at the risk of getting sick. He even ordered Kathryn to cancel Hunter's tutoring session this he can order either one of us to do anything.
stronghunter said…
Locust Dale, Virginia: On Highway 15 between Culpeper and Orange. Not to be confused with Locust Grove, which is even closer to me.
stronghunter said…
That's " IF he can order either one of us to do anything."
stronghunter said…
stronghunter said…
2 again. looks like they are fighting over a stick placement
stronghunter said…
nestorations are taking place
stronghunter said…
I still have some leftover Tamiflu--I really do not think I need it anymore, and Kathryn is going to call the pediatrician to see if we should give it to Hunter to keep him from getting sick. With the shortage here, I would like for him to have it so he can go to Florida.
stronghunter said…
2 in the nest again

This is nice. It has been a long time since I've sat and watched the eagles.
stronghunter said…
Wonder how Lolly's family is doing?

I am still eagle-watching. One in the nest now.
stronghunter said…
Two beautiful eagles sitting in the bright sunshine.
Kay said…
What a beautiful and idyllic scene!

Love our Eagles!

Good morning, SHIRLEY and all other Eagle Buds as you come on board...

I won't comment here on what I think of Tommy, but I have sent you an e-mail SHIRLEY.☺

JUDIE, hope you and DARTH have a safe and lovely day!

HODA, Happy Boxer Day from me, too! Don't let Jufie intrude on your activities today!

We are about to do a split--get ready for the big wheeeeeeee!!
stronghunter said…
Saw your e-mail, Kay. Thank you.
stronghunter said…
Guess I kind of filled up this side of the split.

MT nest . . . well, not empty any more.
stronghunter said…
Thanks for the e-mail, Judie. :)
stronghunter said…
Think I will go take a shower and check out that turkey. It needs to be cooked. Really. While I have a teenaged boy in the house to eat it. The plan is for Hunter and Kathryn to head south on Monday.
stronghunter said…
And split-time is upon us.
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