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New week thread.


Janet said…
say what? I claim the feather! and shall get the others! thanks steve
Janet said…
and a good morning to all. I see I am alone for the moment so I shall chatter enough to 1. attract attention or 2. wake ya'll up.

it was a good weekend, til yesterday.

work was great on Saturday. I took a nap then we went to lorelei's birthday party. she is 2 and in all her glory. lol. so cute. she was very excited about each and every present!

yesterday, woke up and had a surprise. I seem to have injured my shoulder. I have an 11 a.m. dr apt today, but I cannot put any pressure on it, such as work. i'm on a fairly good pain concoction, and am glad at the moment I am right handed. it is my left shoulder.

thankfully being right handed I can still do some things as long as I don't use the shoulders, per se. so finishing up painting projects etc is fine.

hope everyone has a good day. thinking of each of you. so glad our eagles are back at the nest....

hugs and smiles to all
Janet said…
okay i'm hogging da blog...but I posted a couple of pix on my blogger blog thing, please check them out and let me know what you think. they are things I have completed for gifts this year. please and thank you
Hoda said…
Good morning.
Thank you STEVE JANET.

Sorry about the shoulder JANET.

JO hope appointment goes well!

Great concert, brunch and Yoga yesterday.

Today yoga, lunch, and yoga festival insurance mtg.

So mild here no need for boots. Ski trails closed.

Did anyone see the Eagles this AM?

Judie said…
Good morning again everyone.

Thank you Steve for the new thread.

Congratulations on the new feather Janet.

Shirley, have a good pt session. Enjoy the decorating. I need to Dirt-Devil the needles around the fireplace. Hope the water pressure is fully restored.

Janet, really sorry about the shoulder pain. Gosh, we seem to be having an epidemic of aches and pains. Hope the doctor can find a quick fix. Glad you enjoyed Lorelei's birthday excitement.

Hi Hoda. Happy yesterday was a good day and today will be even better.
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all ♥

Janet you soon will have enough feathers for a new hat decor! Especially this upcoming weekend!

Thank you Steve for the fresh Monday thread - Hoping your weekend was filled with Christmas joys.

Need to go back a page and see what the Early Birds were up tooooooo...
Mema Jo said…

Victoria did great and is in recovery, we can't see her for another hour but the doctor said later she should be able to bear all her weight in her new hip and they may release her tomorrow if her transplant team feels she doesn't need one more day

stronghunter said…
Finished exercises. On the table with leg wrapped. My favorite part.
stronghunter said…
Must find something for tomorrow's bowling party.
Mema Jo said…

Blizzard Bear 189 votes
Lolly said…
Good morning! Well, wide spread rain did not occur! Actually maybe it was so wide spread that is why it was so thin! Moan.....

Going to mix up some hot chocolate mix, stamp some envelopes and then head out to Denton.

Presently 58 and sun shiney!

Have a great Monday! What has happened to our Margy? Margy......where are you?
JudyE said…
HELLOOOOOO on lunch and I find new thread for us to fill up Its almost like a chiristmas prensent 129 punch time

Judie said…
Thank you Jo for the update on Tori. She is truly the definition of "trooper." Quick and full recovery is on her holiday list.

Shirley, after PT on my ankle the message was the best part. I can relate.

Okay, Dirt Deviling is done. Decorations Done. I'm done. Feet going up while I wait for Jo's dr. report.
Sandi said…
Hi all from school! Pretty normal day here - as normal as 8th graders can be expected to be the week before Christmas break.

Thanks Steve for the new thread and thanks to Janet for the call over.

Need to check the box so comments are emailed to me.

Mema Jo said…
I am home but both eyes are dilated.
Don't need a return visit for 12 more weeks. Everything is good.
Judie said…
Hurray! Jo's eyes are good for three months. Excellent.

Sandi, enjoy the near-normal day.
JudyE said…
JO great news on the eyeballs

LYNNE2 has good news also her jubby is home on fb it was
JudyE said…
BLIZZARD BEAR 190 JO I think you and I are the only ones voting LOL
Janet said…
hey all. afternoon check in.

dr. put me on "rest" til the 24th. no work. hopefully it will be completely better by then.

not a lot going on. finishing up some gifts. making doggie treats. (peanut butter drops)

sounds as if Tori is doing well and everyone else is coming along.

have a great afternoon!
Judie said…
Oh joy! Oh rapture! I actually looked just in time to see Belle and Shep in the nest. Such a treat.

Headed to the scullery.
grannyblt said…
Good evening all

I must have just missed the visit.

I did, however, see eagles in the flesh? Feather? This afternoon. My birding friend and I went to a nearby state park to see if there were any ducks. We saw a couple too far away to identify, and a couple of Tundra swans, and the eagles. We are concerned that we couldn't see the nest the eagles have used for a few years. Maybe it has fallen down. The eagles were close to the area, so maybe our old eyes and the slight fog blurred our vision.
JudyE said…
How exciting Lynne1 to see a eagle in the feathers and JUDIE yeah on seeing the eagles Just remember they visit at sunrise and sunset beside a pop in during the day And its almost guaranteed the sunrise and sunset visit
JudyE said…
SIS listen with the bed rest otherwise it won't get better

JudyE said…
I wonder if STEVE can get is the inside scoop on the date of the live feed being live?????
stronghunter said…
Good evening,

Took my computer to Office Depot. They can't get it to work, either. For $300, will send it off to be repaired. OR They will sell me a new one. Now the power cord we were using with Kathryn's lap top doesn't work, so we are limited to using the phones.

I did get the info on a new laptop, but my old one is only about 3 years old.

Anyhow, I called Rus. Need help/advice from him.

Glad you got to see Belle and Shep, Judie.
stronghunter said…
Take care of yourself, Janet.
JudyE said…
SHIRLEY 3yr old repair I would just get another one with a warranty if they want 300 to repair that seems a bit high how would they know what is wrong with it I sure wish you were here a guy at work works on them remember he fixed my desktop when the computer repair shop couldn't find what was wrong with it

Was it a expensive one? if you don't mind me asking because for 300 you can buy a laptop or detachable one at Walmart we have one for 179 and 199
JudyE said…
I am looking at your avatar lol thinking ok maybe a cat sitting on it helped to break it LOL Just came to mind as I was typing
JudyE said…
gotta run to the corner store to get milk its only two block over Making sausage gravy just to discover no milk to finish
Ms Bookworm said…
Hi, Gang,
Dropping in to say hello.

Janet, sorry your shoulder is hurting. Hope it gets better, pronto!

Shirley, hope the PT has you back to 100% before you know it! Hope your water pressure situation is corrected by now. Sorry to hear about your computer problems!

Thankful for the good news about Tori! That young lady is amazing.

Jo, glad to hear that your eyes are in excellent shape!

Lolly, sorry you still need rain!
Can't imagine why the huge amount of rain we had didn't find its way to your neighborhood!

Well, need to go feed Emma before it gets dark here. Will try to make it back here after dinner.
Have a good evening, everyone!
I ♥ us!!
stronghunter said…
My laptop computer cost about $700, Judy. It already had all of the software I needed installed--word processing, etc. The one I looked at today was under $300, but didn't have the software. Going to have Rus check it out again. I feel sure he knows more than the tech at Office Depot.
Judie said…
Oh my. Shirley has the agony of a broken computer. What a PIA. Good that Will can be of help in knowing what to do without being scammed, Shirley.

Lynne, congratulations on seeing the eagles and other wildlife -- but especially the eagles.

I am early to the pillows tonight. Have a couple of early morning errands to take care of then laundry.

Sandperson is packing a large satchel. Night light is on. Jufie is again MIA.

Restful sleep for all.
JudyE said…
Security system is armed please be sure to use your code if out past curfew

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."
Hoda said…
Well I just picked my self off of the floor!
I know NO FALLING RULE for the MOMSTERS! But excuse me this is amazing.
Grans to Grans sent 4631.38$ to the fight against HIV/AIDS for the month of December. It is only the middle of the month and we have no other plans scheduled for this month.
Our focus now is the homeless and the food cupboards...we have ten days to make sure that the community work since summer pays off...pretty sure we will make it with hampers, gifts, full opportunity to have people pick up their supplies for their larders and our shelves will be stocked for the start of January...Private Christmas Teas and Christmas potlucks ask that people bring donations to the food banks and gifts to the children...

This is why I fell off my chair though:
Catch this!
The Nelson Grans sent a total of
$ 22101.15 to Africa for the fight against HIV/AIDS and the caring of orphaned children...
I feel comfortable that we are making a difference. This is just one Canadian Community. There are many others... Blessed Be.
Hoda said…
JANET checked your blog. Wrote a comment. Happy Healing...
Janet said…
late good evening to all. HODA way to go! fantastic!!!

I am definitely chilling. most of what "I" am doing is with help. Olivia. tom. I instruct.

I have the TENS unit on now. heading to bed here shortly. Thanks for all the healing thoughts! see you tomorrow!

Janet said…
btw, thank you HODA! <3
Mema Jo said…

Goodnight to all my friends ♥

Lolly said…
Home from basketball. Joseph team is undefeated. Nice since they did not win in football. Also, he was anxious for us to see his first place trophy for soccer. They were undefeated there, too!

Enjoyed a barbecue dinner that we took. Yummy!

Cosmo has a new trick. If he gets out of the front door, he bolts!! He is fast, too. Well, he got out and Laurel ran! Jacob ran and Jack hopped in the car. They managed to get him, but Laurel did not stop coughing for a long time! She also had a scare because he went around a corner and Laurel heard Jacob yell "Oh, no!" It is a busy street and Laurel was so afraid he had been hit. Scary! When they are here Christmas they will have to take him out for potty breaks on a leash. What a pain!

Time for bed. Last trip for the week. Now....baking and wrapping presents.

Night all! SED!
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends.

Hoda, what a wonderful feeling to know you have helped so many with your organizations' donations! Congratulations!

Jo, glad the eyes are working OK! Great news about Tori's hip replacement!

Janet, busy time of year to be working with just one arm - good luck with that.

Have agreat day all.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds
JudyE said…
Excuse double post was still in comment box odd 3 min apart it posted but looked like it didn't
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

SANDI, love the Freyja avatar! She is "Gerber Baby" beautiful!

JO, s'wonderful, s'marvelous to know your eyes are Aok! Thanks for the TORI updates--prayers continue.

HODA, kudos to you and your friends for raising so much money for worthy causes!

LOLLY, happy news generated out of the Denton visit, including the safe ending to the Cosmo story.

JANET, glad you have a Tens unit--mine has been a life saver at times. Also glad you have a couple of good helpers in Olivia and Tom and I'm sure it makes them feel good to be of help!

Hi, JUDY! Have a good day at WallyWorld---see you at lunchtime aka punchtime!

It's my Judy Dench Do Day and I'll stop off at Trader Joe's for some tins of Cinnamon Bark--the last thing on my Christmas giving list---mostly for neighbors.

Had a grand time at Julie's last night---tree beautifully trimmed and taco dinner greatly enjoyed! Tis' truly the Season to be Jolly!

Love and Prayers for all in need!!!

grannyblt said…
Good morning.

Kay said it all.

MT nest so far

My cat brought in something alive that I have to deal with. It looked like a flying squirrel or baby bunny. It is shut up in the tv room/office/sewing room. Oh joy. Better get some gloves on and a towel and box. Wish me luck.
NCSuzan said…
Good visit. No work but it did look like some HP goin" on!
NCSuzan said…
Still there just looking around.
NCSuzan said…
Looks like a nice egg cup is shaping up.

have to get ready to leave for annual eye appointment in Goldsboro this morning. Have a good day!

They're still there!
Hoda said…
One puffed eagle still in centre of nest!
Looking around.
Hoda said…
Back to two eagles!
One still puffed up!
Hoda said…
Poof one
Think Shep
Puffed up eagle is Belle
Hoda said…
Looking about.
Shep is flying about is what it seems like.
Hoda said…
First reported in at 7:12 AM
One or the other or both in till now!
Good visit.
Hoda said…
Screen went black a few times. On iPhone i can not refresh.
Refreshes on 30 second mark.
Hoda said…
Still Eagle.
Pretty sure it is Belle.
Hoda said…
Poof Belle.
In nest over 45 minutes.

Good morning Eagle Friends.
Judie said…
Good morning.

Congratulations to Hoda and the Grans for their wonderful work and monetary contribution. Many will be grateful.

Janet, don't know what a tens pack is but sure hope it works quickly.

Ewwwww! Lynne, your cat loves you but don't we wish they could find another way to show it?

Hope Sandi has a terrific Tuesday. Only three more days till break.

Kay, happy "do" day.

Suzan, wishing you an excellent eye exam report.

Off to do some errands in a while. Wishing everyone a lovely morning.

Hoda said…
The 22 thousand raised by the Grans is just for 2014!
I think in total Nelson has raised over 200 thousand over the years! It overwhelms me the amount of money. I do not really understand such large numbers. Glad and am grateful. Thank you for your comments. We actually enjoy ourselves too.
Janet said…
good morning all. i am up.

JUDIE: a TENS unit is a machine that provides electrical stimulation for muscles. it calms down spasms and pain. it is very effective, although it is temporary, but it is helpful with a painful muscle injury.

yes SANDI,one arm is a challenge, but i'm behaving, not lot i have a lot of choice here.

LOLLY: sorry about Cosmo wanting to be an explorer! not good!

Going to be a busy day. When Tom gets home we are going to take my AFLAC forms over to the dr and to work. Then, I can deliver my secret santa stuff too!

Callie came by yesterday and picked up her gift, which was the rock that I painted with a likeness o fher best friend, her horse, Ace. :)

She even posted it on facebook! It was amusing as she looked at it, she said: That's my horse! Then the how did you? Lol That was great.

Unfortunately I won't see corrie open hers, but I think it will be okay.

I think she will be pleased!

Hope everyone has a great day. I'll check in later. Need to get the kid up, some educational stuff done, and get me showered and dressed.

Hugs and love to all

Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all ♥
Raining here this am hour - don't expect to see the sun for a couple of days.

So sorry I missed the long visit from the Puffed Up eagles. It is 39° and no wind but I think the rain was the reason for being puffy! I sure hope you did see some HP but there is quite enough time for more of that. Egg cup sometimes looks well defined and at other times it really isn't visible. I can tell if it is going to be right up there at 12 noon or off to the right side a bit. I guess we'll know for sure once our 1st egg is laid.

I'm happy not to have to prove I am a robot - I can't make out that picture worth a darn.
Mema Jo said…
Blizzard Bear 192 votes
Judy - We have a long way to go until the end of March! I guess it is
so long due to more and more photos being submitted by persons just now visiting the Tundra ????????????

Mema Jo said…
Suzan I hope you have someone driving you to the eye dr for when your eyes are dilated. Yesterday the sun was so bright that even with my shades on I couldn't really see anything.

Mema Jo said…
Cosmos on the run! Sorry that Laurel got so out of breath - I bet he is a fast one. Sure hope it doesn't happen too often.

Lynne - I hope by now whatever present you received this morning is once again outside. My scariest present was a 'snake'.
Mema Jo said…
Janet - Hoping the Tens (Which I didn't know what that was) is helping
Please delegate and favor your arm.
Are you still planning your weekend adventure?
Mema Jo said…
Thinking of your Sandi - I know you will be able to breathe easy once this Friday is a done deal.

Kay - I do get a bit jealous with you having "do" days. My girls at the shop emailed to tell me I was missed. My hair is growing I told them = give me another month or two.
I have a contest with my 4yr old ggs to see if my hair can grown longer then his! He's the winner so far!
Mema Jo said…
Hoda - I'm sure you are busting with pride with your group's wonderful monetary work that is being done for others. Such a feeling of satisfaction. Now - Fill those Food Cupboards. ♥
Mema Jo said…
Judie - shouldn't we call Margy???
We need to track her down... She is worst then a little ELF - hiding from us ♥
grannyblt said…
I've spent a lot of time critter hunting. I'm pretty sure it is a young squirrel, but glimpses are fleeting. I'm pretty sure I have it confined to one room and have closet blocked off. I borrowed a safe trap from neighbor and it is set with peanuts.. I had a busy day planned, so I'll just wait it out. That's what I get for buying a squirrel buster peanut feeder for the woodpeckers.
Lolly said…
Good morning! Hope you catch the little critter! Since before Thanksgiving Laurel has had critters in her ceiling at school. Not only does she hear them but the ceiling tiles move! The school district guy set out traps but no luck so far! Now they are calling in more pros to get the job done!

46 and sunny. Nice to have a little cooler weather back. I am from the semi tropics, have been swimming on Christmas Day, but do not like warm weather in the winter. "Ain't " natural!

Have errands to run! Need to get busy! So very jealous you are seeing our Eagles! Need to start trying harder to get on in the afternoons. Not going to happen early in the morning!
Mema Jo said…
Off to get some chores done in my house.

JudyE said…
AWW LYNNE1 you got a present from you cat How sweet LOL
Judie said…
Good afternoon.

Errands accomplished in the midst of a nasty rainy morning. Chilly cold outside.

Jo, will try to hunt down Margy.

Lynne, a squirrel was trapped in a crawl space once and I closed off the bedroom door, opened a window, and the critter made a hasty escape.

Janet, thank you for the explanation. Hope it works its magic for you.

Ah, The Great Cosmos Escape. Hope Laurel is better.

Now to the laundry room. BBL
NCSuzan said…
This will be short because I my eyes are still dilated and I can only see blurs! Appointment went well. Now safely back home and going to put my feet up!

Yes Margy! Where are you?
Hoda said…
JUDIE please report on MARGY.
I miss her.

JUDYE please post eagle pictures to the album from this morning. They are on FB.

JO we are working hard on homeless issue. Nelson Cares Society has been fund raising. We have 35 flats to refer bush do they can house the homeless. At 15000 a flat.
Several of the organizations I belong to have already sponsored the cost of a flat. Fund raising Underway. Construction too.
There is a campaign to raise a hundred thousand for food cupboards and soup kitchens. We are doing well there too. Fine tuning the final touches for 2014!
There but for the Grace of God and we could all be in that position!!!
We have a sick man that needs to travel to USA for long term treatment for Lyme Disease. This is costing 60 thousand...we are trying to do something about him too. Those who can dig deep and share... All an offering to God's Mercy.
All an abundance to God's abundance. HE does it all...
Hoda said…
Ma Belle was all puffed up again.
Doing some digging
Doing some rail mending
Hoda said…
I think the cup is at noon section
Hoda said…
Back to two!
I now think it was Shep who poofed.
Neck line was Belle's
Hoda said…
Poof Both.
Neck line from photo tells me my previous post was wrong!
Belle Poofed First.
Hoda said…
3:12-3:30 is the sighting.
They were in when I checked.
Longer than a 17 minute visit then!!!
Hoda said…
Poof the other!
I think someone is flying around the nest.
I wonder how many eagles the NCTC folks can spot from on site???
Judie said…
Hoda, thank you for the nest report. I checked and sure enough, I got to see them both for a few minutes. Again, congratulations on the charity money.

Suzan, rest your eyes as long as you wish. Glad you had a good exam.

Laundry almost finished. Salad in the frig. Shake-N-Bake chops tonight w/salad and stewed tomatoes.

Feet going up.
Hoda said…
Will post on FB. Hopefully JUDYE will take them to photo album. Thank you in advance JUDYE.

Thank you JUDIE. Nelson does care.
Glad you saw them too.
Have you phoned MARGY?
I got a Christmas card from her. So sweet she is. Kind hearted friend.
Mema Jo said…
Suzan - happy for the good exam - rest your eyes - good excuse to take a nap!

I have sent email to Margy - I guess I may need to pick up the phone.

Hoda, Keep up the magnificent work with your fund raising - there is always a need.
Mema Jo said…
Whoa! Hoda you are the offical
Phone Contactor -- do you have
Margy's number?
Janet said…
good afternoon all.

JO: no, the weekend plans have been canceled. that is okay too, i'm rather happy to stay put. i'd love to see my friends, but I will see them in a few months, i'm sure.

i'm going between feeling blue and angry this afternoon.

well, let's see. i had tom to take me over to the dr. office and then over to work to drop off the AFLAC forms. i have been paying for my AFLAC since Sept. 2010 in case of something just like this.

my boss, whom i could see was way stressed out anyway, asked me if i injured myself playing with the grandchildren or was this related to work?

odd question. i guess she's concerned about workman's comp?
i don't know, but i said no it is work related. nothing to do with grandkids.

then, she and the assistant manager told me one of my clients threw a fit. now granted, this is the 2nd time this month I've had to cancel on her. she was on my books when sable died, now this. both pretty much out of my control. she apparently told them she deserves a free massage because I've cancled on her twice. no, that's not gonna happen. i said why didn't you book her with someone else? we have 29 other therapists for goodness sakes....and she refuses to see anyone else citing that she was going to cancel her membership til she found me....

i feel both sad and angry. sad that my coworkers had to deal with that....and angry not only that they had to deal with that but had to tell me about it when there's nothing i can do about it right now.

anyway, so i'm just going thru the feelings. this too shall pass.

all right, will chill for a bit i suppose. hope everyone is having a good afternoon.!

(((hugs))) and love to all
grannyblt said…
I haven't seen the critter since 8 ish this morning. The trap is untouched as in the bait is still there and I have looked a few times under furniture and the closet. There is a bookcase that is only open in the back along the floor, so it could be there. I'm thinking the cat could have injured it and it is hiding. Time will tell. Off to check nest.
Hoda said…
JO I think I have MARGY'S phone number.
Will phone her when I return from Christmas Tea fund raiser.
Off I go... Food hampers this afternoon.
Sandi said…
Good evening - dull, boring day at school (that's a good thing). I sure wish y'all were correct that I only have to get through this week before Christmas break. No such luck - we have school next Monday AND Tuesday!

Hoda, that's a LOT of money that will help a LOT of people! Wow - how generous of the good people of Nelson!

Lynne1, hope you're able to find the critter in the house and get it safely outside.

Tomorrow I am meeting with the personnel director to discuss the details of my plan to stop being a teacher and become a paraprofessional for next year. I hope she makes it sound easy to do!

Mema Jo said…
Sandi - best of luck with your meeting tomorrow - Praying that they make the transition as easy as pie for you.

Your new avatar is breath taking...
In just 6 months what a beautiful little personality comes forth. ♥
JudyE said…
Good evening eagle buds Just got home from work and seeing Jordyn at her Tues gym class

HODA all picture are now on the Yahoo album Did you loose the link to it Is that the reason you aren't putting them on Just curious?
Thanks for the eagle report and the pictures also

Now I need a shower

JudyE said…
YEP SANDI your avatar is priceless such a cute expression on her face

Lolly said…
A Successful day! Ran all the errands and even got a little grocery shopping in. It is 45 and we have a roaring fire tonight! Yea! Going to watch the final show of The Voice! Chance of rain coming up the next few days! Hoping, hoping, hoping!

Going to bake tomorrow. Takes all day as the dough rises twice. Going to make 8 and can only bake two at a time. House will smell good,

Has anyone talked with Margy?
Hoda said…
Good Christmas tea gathering. We raised money and have food...
Yummy things for the hampers.

Thank you all for your positive comments.

JANET I am concerned...let me know how it pans out...

Cold, it is getting colder...maybe snow by Sunday, not too sure.
I wore a dress and shoes to go to the tea party...

Tomorrow I go to the dentist and then to yoga and then to volunteer...

Blessed Be...
Judie said…
Good evening.

Janet, so very sorry about the work situation. Such a diva client. And we wonder where these "me first" young people come from. We've got your back girl.

Sandi, sorry about the two work days next week. We can all hope for peace on earth and in your school.

I plan to call Margy tomorrow.

Lynne, hope the critter problem will be resolved soon.

Lolly, happy baking.

JudyE, how is Jordyn doing with gym class? Does she enjoy it?

Judie said…
Hoda, you say the temperature is getting colder. Well, just remember Jufie will be more than happy to snuggle up and keep you warm. lol

Where's Shirley?

Judie said…
Sandperson is packing a satchel. Departing at 11pm.

Restful sleep for all.
Mema Jo said…
Closing down for the day
My NCIS programs were ok tonight

Goodnight to all ♥
Hoda said…
Good night and God Bless.

I will try to phone MARGY tomorrow too JUDIE.
One of us should be able to reach her...

Mema Jo said…
Email from Margy late this evening.
Very very busy with work, college-level [work-related....] class every Mon and Tues 6-9 pm since middle of October, Family,
stepdaughter and her father came
visiting since Dec 7. James the Wise
15th b-day tomorrow. And dozen of
other small things are keeping her busy. Margy is alive and well and busy. She'll return when things slows down.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle buds
JudyE said…
Great news from Margy JO thanks for relaying the message
JudyE said…
JUDIE Jordyn loves loves gym One of her friends has joined her now she had her second class with Jordyn

She still can't get the cartwheel mastered Its her booty that is causing issues LOL
She has fun and that is the main thing So cute while she is waiting in line she is always bouncing up and down she can't stand still

JudyE said…
we are 17° warmer right now compared to yesterday Just on the weather

but we do have another cooler front coming in
Hoda said…
No Eagles!
What is up with that?
Hoda said…
Maybe they were there earlier and I missed them?
I hope someone else saw them.
JUDYE wrote at 6:40 and I chimed in at 7:30!!!
They well could have been in!
Hoda said…
where is SANDI?

Thank you JO on MARGY NEWS.

Good morning all

Have a great one.

Janet said…
come on over, NEW THREAD!

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