Monday, November 24, 2014


New thread.


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grannyblt said...

Good morning all, I'll go alert the others

grannyblt said...

Thank you for the new thread. I guess my feather is from a turkey, to celebrate Thanksgiving week!

The camera is unfrozen too.

Sandi said...

Thanks Steve for the new week thread and thanks Lynne for the call over.

My school is currently on a low level lockdown. The police have brought the drug dogs in and they are checking every locker and every classroom for drugs. Don't you all wish you were middle school teachers?


Hoda said...

Good morning.
With you in prayers JO.
We will all deal with what ever comes from your doctors consults and tests today.
Love and Light to you today and always.
Candle lit for you and us with you.
Blessed Be MEMA JO

Hoda said...

Thank you for the Thread STEVE
Thank you for the call over LYNNE

NOOOOOO! On wishing to be in any school system at this point in my life! Been there done that lock downs and all! Knives pulled, drugs, guns and all! It is a zoo!

Janet said...

Good morning to all.

THANKS STEVE for a new turkey of a joking!!!

Busy day planned. Need to get my hiney in gear.

Had a very lazy day yesterday. We had liquid sunshine a good part of of the day off and on, so I laid around and did little to nothing.

Hope everyone has a super day!

stronghunter said...

Been there, done that, Sandi. Always hoped to have a cooperative group in the room when they bring in the drug dogs.

Once had the assistant principal bring a drug dog and line up my class for inspection. They told the kids it was just a demonstration and training for the dog. I was sure that wasn't the case. It was for real, but they did not find any drugs.

As one of my colleagues used to say,"Have a reasonable day."

stronghunter said...

. . . when they brought in the drug dogs.

Judie said...

Good morning.

Well, here I am still sick. Darth took the grocery list and has gone to do the foraging. With Thanksgiving dinner next door, I have until Sunday to recover. Wednesday will make cranberry sauce and a pie for the police.

It really is unnerving to think what teens and pre-teens are into now. Truly concerning.

Just stopped by to say hello. Headed back to bed.

Thinking of Jo, of course.

Mema Jo said...

Thank you Steve for the fresh new thread. I am keeping an eye on our Still Cam - just resent a reminder that it is still frozen.

Lynne - is you still cam really on 11:24 ???? Mine is 11?23 - maybe I am loosing it!

Oh no - I HATE proving I am not a ROBOT - They are so blurred! Does anyone else have to do this on a daily basis? Here goes nothing

Mema Jo said...


Sandi - Middle School Drug Search
I so think of my great grandchildren
and pray pray pray.

So sorry, Judie to hear you are still bedridden. Prayers for your health to improve.

Mema Jo said...

Lolly - I have to agree with Sandi and say again: DON'T CLEAN THE CABIN
It is ok to play pick up.... lol
Grab a good book or a puzzle and
relax and enjoy yourself and your wonderful company.

Mema Jo said...

Going over to vote for Blizzard Bear.
I am like you Judy - I always think it is time but when I get there I usually have to wait 3 more hours.
I am wondering when the contest is over - I don't think Glo every knows.

BBL Have 2:15 appointment.

Mema Jo said...

OH YES - Is the cam still frozen for anyone else. I have sent 2 emails so far. I just need to know
it isn't just mine that is stuck.

Mema Jo said...

I was able to vote - 113 count
That is a sure winner...

Mema Jo said...






Judie said...

Blame it on my debilitated condition that I forgot my manners earlier.

Thank you Steve for the fresh almost turkey day thread and Lynne for hollering at us. Thank you for the still cam reset.

Sipping some lemon/honey water. Eases the sore throat.

Lolly, cannot imagine needing to clean a vacation place. RELAX!

Hoda, Sandperson is in timeout. Apologizes for being sleepless in Nelson.

Okay, back to rest.

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

I join Judie in saying thanks for the new thread and thanks Lynne for the call-over.

I need to get a few things done around the household today. Had planned to go buy myself some sweat pants for physical therapy. They said that's what I need, so maybe I'll get those tomorrow.

Hunter is up in his room. I have been napping in the recliner. My knee is still painful. I do not like this so much.

stronghunter said...

I've gotten a sub for tomorrow's bowling games. I do hope I will be able to return tomorrow.

JudyE said...

Good afternoon for McD 139 is code LOL

I see JO got her wish a new thread

and i see still is up

Judie said...

Hi all.

Got up to check on everyone.

Shirley, so sorry your knee is still so painful but glad you found a sub. Hopefully, therapy will help quickly.

Saw the message from Kay. She's apparently near Darth's home town and hopes to see some eagles which have increased in number on the Raritan River.

Shirley, you were correct. Watched the news earlier and we may get some snow. Shouldn't stick but flakes will look pretty.

Is Hunter feeling better?

Wonder what today's drama is for Sandi.

Hoping to hear from Jo soon.

Okay, back to my chair.

stronghunter said...

Don't know the details of the drama for Sandi's school, but drug busts with dogs do happen from time to time. They make the kids stay on hold in whatever class they were in when things get underway.

Sometimes particular kids get pretty nervous because they often go through lockers, etc. Kid can get busted for having a bottle of aspirin. With the exception of asthma inhalers, all medications are supposed to be turned over to the nurse. At least, that is my experience.

It can get stressful for teachers when you have planned for a regular class period and you end up having the same kids for twice as long.

stronghunter said...

Thinking of Jo here, too.

stronghunter said...

I do hope you are feeling much better, Judie.

grannyblt said...

Good afternoon. Obviously I didn't spend much time looking at the cam this morning. Only the first mistake I made today Lol. Very windy here today and all of our snow has melted.
Awaiting Jo's report if she wants to share.
Will check on the cam, but won't report unless there really is something to report!

JudyE said...

¸.•´ ¸.•*¨)¸.•*¨)
(¸E.•´A(¸.G• (L¸.•´E¸¸.•¨¯`•.¸¸.♥


Sandi said...


Just opened the still cam to see 2 eagles working on the nest! :)

Sandi said...

Kay, good to hear from you!

Shirley, sorry the knee isn't any better.

Judie, sounds like you're doing all the right things for that cold. You should be on the upswing by Thursday - don't overdo!

Drug dogs didn't find anything that I'm aware of. Then again, the kids I was locked in with for an hour told me they knew the dogs were coming today!

Now only 1 eagle.

Time to fix food for people and pets. Will check back later to see if there is any news from Jo.

stronghunter said...

Hmm, wonder if they really heard that, Sandi. It does seem that kids know lots of things before teachers do.

JudyE said...


Janet said...

good afternoon.
JUDIE: keep taking care!
STRONGHUNTER: same to you ...take it easy!

I've been busy today. Tom and I ran out to Michael's craft stores to check out this item for Olivia for the is on sale online $100 off, but not in the store. supposedly it will be on sale Wednesday. we shall see.

I ran some errands and then have been home. house is clean-ish.....I baked some snickerdoodles, and I made some spaghetti sauce for dinner tomorrow. I have the grill going now, dinner tonight is burgers. mmmmmmmm :)

tomorrow is baking day for me. 5 pies this year . I went ahead and made my pie crust dough today. one less thing to do tomorrow.

hope everyone has a good evening!

Hoda said...


Heavy snow here.
Winter is settling in.

Good yoga class.
Some errands.

JudyE said...

116 is the count now

Mema Jo said...

I did just finish eating dinner -
hubby and I were really hungry after
such a long waiting afternoon. My
blood work (cells count) is very good. The nurse flushed my Power Port - no trouble. She drew blood from my left arm and got some - my right arm just very hard to get a
good vein. I will return in 6 weeks for the port to be flushed again. He agreed that waiting until Jan 21 for CT is ok - gives the body time to work with all the radiation. SO everything is on schedule. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers ♥

grannyblt said...

Good news Jo. Thanks for the report.

Judie said...

Evenin' all.

Jo, seems to be a very positive doctor report with good cell count and agreeable to waiting a while longer. Jufie is prancing and dancing up and down the hall. Says he was there every moment.

Did prepare dinner tonight. Cleaned up the scullery. Exhausted. I HATE THIS COLD!!!

Headed to bed to watch First 48 and sleep.

Sandperson's timeout is over at 10pm so satchel will be packed by 11pm. Strict instructions to head to Nelson - snow or no snow.

In advance, restful sleep for all.

Hoda said...

Thank you JO.
In my heart I am very happy.
Blessed Be my friend and I am so very glad your report is good.
God Bless you and your medical team. Sorry the wait was long for you and Mr Ed, yet glad you toughed it out and had something to eat before checking in...

Snow continues here.
Certainly doing the winter thing.
However I have no complaints it is after all the last week in November...

My skis are ready.

stronghunter said...

117 votes for Glo!!

Just put mine in.

Hoda said...

Goodnight All
God Bless Us All

See you in the morning...

Mema Jo said...

I'm Late - I'm Late - My very important date with the Sandperson..

Goodnight to all ♥

Love you all very much ♥

stronghunter said...

Me too, Jo.

I must sleep.

Good night. SED.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends - it;s my Friday!

Jo, I'm so happy you got some encouraging news about your blood count numbers! Prayers continue for you.

Judie, hope today finds you feeling a little better than yesterday.

64 degrees here, yet the forecasters are still saying it could snow tomorrow!

I'm hoping some parents let their kids stay home today. Of course the parents of the really bad kids don't want them at home any more than we want them in school, so they'll be there.

Have agreat day all.

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle buds

74° here now and warm
Hope my AC is a easy fix for Carl like it was the last time came home yesterday to a hot house He will look at it today

Rain rain coming with the cold front

Hope everyone has a great day

JUDIE I hope you feel better Pronto as MARGY would say

Janet said...

good morning. over slept. whoops. forgot to set the alarm. animals let me know it too!

hope everyone has a dandy day!

grannyblt said...

Good morning eagle buds. When I last checked the nest it was MT.

Today I will do some mild Lollypalloozing. My Thanksgiving guest is the fussiest housekeeper I know--she uses a paintbrush to get the dust from the corners of picture frames--and that is every week. I won't try to keep up with that, I'll just keep the lights low.

Hope everyone has a great day.

Mema Jo said...




Mema Jo said...

Our visitor in the nest has almost
been there for 2 hrs. The first sighting at the arrival was 9:25.
Perhaps lunch is being brought in.

Need to get ready for Dental visit..

I'll return with a few pearly whites.

paula eagleholic said...

Afternoon all!

Jo, good report from the Dr. Just relax and heal!

Shirley, did you do something in particular to your knee??

paula eagleholic said...

Oh...nest is MT

paula eagleholic said...

And yea, that turtle shell in the nest is very distinct!

paula eagleholic said...

Oh, and remember the grass growing in our nest?

There is an osprey nest on a highway exit sign that is over Rt 50 near the bay bridge,,,anyhow, it had tall grass growing in it this year as well! Saw it a couple of weeks ago. :)

stronghunter said...

Good afternoon, Hunter and I are here in the family room. He's watching Ghost Adventures. At least I think that's the name of the program. He stayed home again today. He should be fully recovered by Monday. No school tomorrow, so he will have had the whole week off.

stronghunter said...

Good afternoon, Hunter and I are here in the family room. He's watching Ghost Adventures. At least I think that's the name of the program. He stayed home again today. He should be fully recovered by Monday. No school tomorrow, so he will have had the whole week off.

stronghunter said...

Not happy with J.C. Penney today. I wanted some comfortable outfits to wear for physical therapy, and went to Penney's since I also needed to pick up some pillows I had ordered.

I found a couple of outfits and some socks and went to pick up the pillows, which were pretty large. After I'd paid for everything, I told the salesclerk that I didn't think I could carry everything to my car in the parking lot, so I would like to leave my stuff at the check-out counter nearest the door and drive over and pick it up. She informed me that they did not hold packages once they'd been paid for. I was hobbling around with a cane, and I was most unhappy, so she offered me a large bag to carry the stuff in. Gracious sakes. I managed to make it to the car, but I am thankful I did not buy more stuff. I looked at some sneakers, but didn't buy any. Geesh.

stronghunter said...

My knee is troubled with arthritis, Paula.

stronghunter said...

Saw a snow plow while I was out today. Not ready for that.

Mema Jo said...

I've returned from the Dentist and am 'good to go'. Be back in 6 months.

Shirley - where did all the stores put the importance of people savvy?
or their 'customer satisfaction' ?

Hi Paula - where are you going to be on Turkey day?

Judie - are you taking anything over the counter for your cough? Tussin DM perhaps?

Getting emails on Eaglet Momsters from Kay. Sounds like she is having a wonderful time.

Judie said...

Afternoon everyone.

Shirley, even I might be well enough for school by Monday. lol Hope Hunter is on to being healthy.

I must confess to being an evil person. If someone who uses a paintbrush to dust picture frames were visiting me, I would not clean for several months then sit back and watch the anxiety kick in. lol Jufie lives!

Paula, how are ya? How is Larry? You probably update on FB so just hoping he's doing really well. Cool about the osprey nest.

Hope Jo gets a gold star from the dentist today.

Loretta's new companion is adorable. Clearly not a feral. Lucky little kitty and lucky Loretta.

Showered and hair washed. Headed back to bed. Coughed so much my ribs/sides hurt.


Judie said...

Oh my goodness.

Shirley, do not ever let a clerk put you in that position again. Ask to speak to a floor manager immediately and stand there with one raised eyebrow. You might want to consider an email or phone call to the store manager. Very poor customer service.

Jo got a gold star! Yea!

No, don't take OTC because of all the other meds I ingest. Just added yet another one this week. A cold typically stays with me two+ weeks.


Mema Jo said...

I didn't even get a Smiley face sticker BUT I got new toothbrush, New mouthwash, and a free vanilla
lip balm with my dentist ad on it.

Feet are going up! Don't mention that I could get up to 8" Wed.

Lolly said...

Good afternoon! We are having an awesome, lazy time. Really, really cold but sun shiney! We did go on a drive yesterday and drove into a snow storm. However, the snow was very fine, very dry, and really blowing! Some of us went to a movie last night and it was 16 when we left the theater. Presently about 25.

As for dusting. The lodge is owned by Laurel's church. We have a check list of cleaning to do when we leave. I believe in leaving it cleaner than when we arrived. A little dusting was needed and I did not mind. I have also straightened the game/puzzle cabinet and Joseph sorted out all the decks of playing cards.

We plan on going on a short hike soon and possibly sledding. It is just soooooo cold!

stronghunter said...

You are right, Judie. I should have asked to speak to a manager. I do believe I have actually had Penney's hold a package for me before. Can you imagine that they really want you to refrain from buying more than you can personally carry out to the parking lot?

Mema Jo said...

Prayers needed:Lynne Marie Johnston Soper

My Mother in Law has had a massive heart attack. It happened yesterday and true to her nature she didn't allow my father in law to tell us until this afternoon. She is in a Morgantown hospital, and she is stable. Open heart surgery is scheduled for Friday in the morning. We are trying to work out travel issues now. My poor Steve is a basket case, and my Father in Law is a mess....Thank you in advance for the prayers.

Lynne2 said...

Hi all....just when I though I was going to get home early and have some time to play catch up here, we were dealt quite a blow...My Mother in Law has had a massive heart attack. It happened yesterday and true to her nature she didn't allow my father in law to tell us until this afternoon. She is in a Morgantown hospital, and she is stable. Open heart surgery is scheduled for Friday in the morning. We are trying to work out travel issues now. My poor Steve is a basket case, and my Father in Law is a mess....Thank you in advance for the prayers. Strange as this might sound, I had a "moment" on my way home from work where I felt that something was terribly wrong with her. When I pulled up at home, Steve met me outside and I could see he was upset. He said my FIL had called while he was out with the dogs, and he called him back only to be told that "the Dr is here now, I'll have to call back". Well, we didn't know of any Dr appts today for either of them and it would be strange for him to call from a reg. Dr office so we knew something was wrong. I'll check in later this evening....

Sandi said...

Hi all!

Lynne, so sorry to hear about Steve's mom! Didn't you recently tell us they were moving into an apartment rather than staying in their house for the winter? Did that ever happen? Prayers for a successful surgery for her on Friday and for you and Steve as you offer your support. Does Steve have siblings or does all of this fall on him (and you)?

Judie said...

Prayers for Steve's mom and for all the family as they go through this medical crisis. So many advances and so much success. Have faith.

Shirley, just happy you were able to manage and get your new duds and pillows home. Sad example of the death of common sense.

A new toothbrush? I WANT ONE, TOO.

Watching the weather. Hope this is just the first of one of those weather scares that never materialize.

Going to check the nest. BBL

grannyblt said...

Lynne, sorry to hear the news about Steve's Mom. You all will be in prayers. Drive carefully.

JudyE said...

.♥.EAGLE in nest.♥

Sandi said...


JudyE said...


Sandi said...

and gone!

Sandi said...

And back!

JudyE said...

back both

Sandi said...

And both!

Sandi said...

Judy, looks like you are a little faster on the keyboard than I am! :)

JudyE said...


JudyE said...

poof one

JudyE said...


JudyE said...

SANDI and I am also posting pic on FB the momster page at the same time but since you aren't on it you wouldn't know I am multi tasking LOL
it is raining we have flood warnings
76° out now and with the cold front comin down and the warm front below we are gonna have storms maybe
no gym tonight because of the weather

JudyE said...


JudyE said...

PAULA you ought to get a picture of the nest with the grass over the top reading blog LM

JudyE said...

SHIRLEY you need to call that store and let them know how RUDE she was We at our store will carry stuff out and also help shop for customers that can't do it

JudyE said...

Sending healing thoughts and prayers to LYNNE2 family

JudyE said...

I always get new TB at the dentist and I also get the periodontal brushes that go in between the teeth

JudyE said...

all caught up and now will go in LM Carl is here to look at my air just got here I told him it could wait till tomorrow long day for him He said he will take a quick look and plus its dark out well almost dark and raining Silly boy

JudyE said...

121 votes now

JudyE said...

this is in the EM email from KAY

On Monday, November 24, 2014 2:00 PM, "Kay Moffett [eaglet_momsters]" wrote:

Tried to post this, but needed Lee's Google sign on for this puter and he's on a Skype call with some other Anthropologists at this moment, so here's my message:

Good Afternoon from sunny, 70 degree NJ!

Left Columbus just after an ice storm Sat. a.m.---about 7 crashed vehicles seen waiting for over stressed tow trucks to haul. Was in my waiting area an hour and a half before scheduled departure, but my checked bad did not make the plane. It finally arrived at Lee's 24 hours later. Arrrggggh. I carry dire needs/meds on a carry on tote, so was able to get by, but it was stressful. After many broken promises on the part of United I was ready to go shopping, convinced I'd never see it again. So relieved when it arrived.

Eating gourmet meals---Lee is quite the chef! Taking walks in the nearby park and thankful for their stairs as I'd not like gaining umpteen pounds by Saturday!

Thanks for asking about me, SANDI ! I'm in Highland Park, NJ---near New Brunswick and Rutgers where Lee and Beth both teach.

Yike, the school in lock down---no end of stressful situations at that middle school!

Oh, and thanks to STEVE for a nice new T'Day Thread. Happy that LYNNE1 got the beautiful feather this time!

JO, prayers for you and for all our holiday travelers!

JUDIE, so glad Darth and the neighbors are taking care of you this week! Hope you can feel up to cranberry sauce and pie duty, but don't push yourself---there are stores that sell both!

SHIRLEY, here's hoping you're back to bowling real soon!

Lee has a laptop set up in "my room", but it's a pain in the patoot to use, so won't be around much, if at all til' I return home Saturday. Have a blessed week and holiday, all!

There are eagles nesting up and down the Raritan River down below Lee's hillside home. With any luck I'll see one or two this week. Fingers crossed.

Love and Prayers,


JudyE said...

changed my profile from a BEAKING moment today visit

JudyE said...

KAY that has happened to me also in KY my plane went to another state but did arrive later that night So after that I bring a small carry on with cloths in it but have another case in the belly of the plane

Mema Jo said...

The highways are beginning to be bumper to bumper - families are on the move for Thanksgiving gatherings.

Praying for all the holiday travelers to reach their destinations safely.

Janet said...

good evening to all.

sending healing and comfort for all in need.

for those driving; please be careful. nasty weather and impatient drivers out there....

for those anticipating snow, (part of me is jealous btw), get what you need and settle well and stay warm and safe.

here? the day started out a little rough. I over slept and the furbutts let me know it. then I had coffee and went and got a massage. that helped.

after lunch I have spent the afternoon baking pies. I have completed 2 pecan, 1 chocolate chess, and 2 pumpkin.

I've been tired today again. I don't like this!

dr. office called and said the biopsy was A-Okay. no problems. great news!

in case I dont' check in again later, Sweet dreams to all...holding all close in my heart, for light, love, healing and peace in this world.

stronghunter said...

122 votes for Glo!

Wrote an e-mail to the customer service people at Penney's.

JudyE said...

good Job SHIRLEY if she was your cashier you should include her cashier # to id her

JudyE said...

its rumbling so I am closing down AC got Freon in it Carl says now he has to find the leak being this is two times in about a month I think Lator Gator

JudyE said...

birds in a tree

Judie said...

Watched Jeopardy.

Good update. Darth cooked Pizza Hut pizza and I not only ate several slices but I could TASTE them. Improvement!

I too wish all travelers a safe journey and a delicious Thanksgiving day of family and friends and gratitude.

Hoping the weather will not be severe.

Tomorrow, if I am able, will try to bake for the police. All do-ahead things like pies, cranberry sauce to be delivered Thursday afternoon.

Questioned Sandperson and am assured he visited Hoda last night and will do so again tonight. Does not like her complaining about insomnia. Sandperson is scared of Hoda. Says she knows about a place where things can be taken ....

Just in case I am overtaken by sleepy dust, Sandperson will depart at 11pm.

Restful sleep for all.

Mema Jo said...

Good evening to all ♥

Janet great news on the biopsy - All your tiredness - is your blood count ok and also is your blood sugar ok? Perhaps there is a medical reason for your not having Go Power.

Judie - so thankful your taste is coming back - Don't overdo tomorrow.

Judy - Hopefully the storm will end soon. I hope Carl finds the leak!

Mema Jo said...

Hi Paula - are the newlyweds home and settled in now?

Shirley - I'm glad you wrote the letter. I think Penny's needs to review this policy IF in fact it is
their policy.

Judy - what exactly is your LM
(Lurk mode)

I watched NCIS but don't think I'll watch anymore TV.


Judie said...

Came back to day goodnight.

Forgot earlier - must have been on a pizza high. I apologize, as I wanted to tell Janet I'm happy the biopsy was negative. Agree with Jo that other possibilities should be investigated. Could be nothing more than iron deficit.

Good on you, Shirley. Please let us know if you receive a reply.

Will take my time tomorrow. Am beginning to feel a little better but tired. Bad cough.

Goodnight to all. Restful sleep.

Lynne2 said...

Well, Steve is calmer after talking to his mom a little while ago. I'm not!

We ran the phone battery down, so I have been messaging family and friends. Seems NO ONE knew about my MIL, not her sister, not the rest of the one. Geesh....nothing like having to be the bearer of this sort of news.

Lynne2 said...

Anyway, Steve will be leaving at 3am Friday morning. Jan's BFF will be driving up and will pick Steve up on the way. No idea when he'll be coming back, could be a week or 2.

I've got to get to bed. I haven't caught up much but I see Janet's biopsy is negative and Judie is feeling better. Good news!

NatureNut said...

Good Evening Eaglebuds.
Hopping on for a second~~just posted a neat (but blurry) picture in the Nook! Enjoy!
Got a few more chores before hitting the hay. Want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Safe travels for all! Luv Yas ☺ ♥

Lolly said...

Has been an awesome, memorable day, we are enjoying being together, playing games, working puzzles, reading and just doing nothing! No TV, but do have wifi!

Today we went sledding. Fun ny all except Joey who has a cold. I went down the hill once! But, claimed the job of official photographer!

Tomorrow a little cooking for Thanksgiving!

Night all! SED!

Lynne, prayers for your MIL!

JudyE said...

GoodMorning Eagle Buds 56°out right now Our high will be 62 today

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. Raining and the wind is blowing. Temps are in the low 40s so all the precip is liquid. We shall see what happens this evening.

Janet, great news on the biopsy!

Lynne2, prayers for your mother-in-law's surgery on Friday. I'm glad you and Steve will at least be together for Thanksgiving - are you cooking?

Judie, hope you feel a little better today.

Judy, Walmart should be a real zoo today - good luck! Hope your AC gets fixed quickly and cheaply.

Stay safe today if you're in the path of this storm. Have agreat day everyone.

JudyE said...

SANDI AC just need a shot of Freon and Carl now needs to figure out where the leak is But with the cool weather in the next couple of days won't be running it Hope it doesn't leak out

JudyE said...

Hey did I mention this is the first year that they didn't attempt to schedule me for Thanksgiving and Black Friday Sure was nice not having to argue for my NA days

JudyE said...

Do you all want to be shocked

a local school had two kids 15 yrs old arrested one gal and on guy so far
Charge Human trafficking Prostitution They cam up with a idea to ask fellow students to pimp out for them for $$ so that can buy drugs and booze
a few girls that were asked to do it went to authorities and they got busted
are you Shocked as I am What is it with this generation

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Wow, Judy. That is shocking.

stronghunter said...

Must get coffee.

Janet said...

good morning to all.

MEMA JO: supposedly my tiredness, and other symptons, from everything I gather and doc's check up is I've gone post menopausal and the severe difference between estrogen and FSH is my issue. I have upped my current meds, but if I do not have relief in a few weeks, we will do some short term hormone replacement.

and news to report! send the shiny green garland! my oven died.

I will check th eone downstairs to see if it heats up to temp, if not, cooking will be done at Chelsea's...

woo hoo.

off to work for 3 hours of sanity.

love to all. healing to all. peace to all.

Judie said...

Good morning everyone.

Raining all night and still this morning. Looks like dusk outside.

JudyE, child trafficking is prevalent in the U.S. What surprises me is the number of adults/parents who are unaware. Vulnerable kids get trapped (runaways, throw-aways, drug users/prostitutes). My friend at Interpol works child trafficking/prostitution. Most people think this is a third world problem. It is a serious problem in the U.S. Sadly, too many very wealthy men in the U.S. are involved yet because of their wealth and social position, no one suspects. Good book/movie is "Girls Like Us" by Rachel Lloyd (a U.S. victim who survived). Sorry, got on my soapbox.

JudyE, enjoy the Thanksgiving and Black Friday days off. Lucky you. Glad the AC is not on its way to the place where things go ...

Lynne2, prayers continue for Steve's mom. It is good that he has someone to travel with and that he will be there with his mom. Keep us updated as you can.

Must check Loretta'a Nook in a few.

Glad you and family are having fun, Lolly.

With a large bottle of hand sanitizer nearby, I do plan to cook for the police today. Oh, and Splenda cranberry sauce (ugh).

Still not feeling much better. Coughed all night. Sides hurt. This is typical. Should be back to normal in a few days.

Have a lovely morning by imagining the sunshine hiding behind raindrops.

Judie said...

Oh Janet, how awful with the oven dying. Shiny Green Garland will be on the way and oven will soon be where things go never to be seen again. Can a new one arrive by tomorrow? I would be in a meltdown.

Okay, NW DC has snow mixed with rain. Wheeeeee! Here we go!

Sandi said...

Just checked my school email and there was one from the vice principal stating that the young man who ingested heroin at the dance on 10/31 has been granted a first offender waiver by the school board. So instead of having to attend the alternative school, he will be back on our hallway on Monday! My school district has lost its mind!!

Janet, so sorry about the oven though I must admit, if I was cooking Thanksgiving dinner and my oven broke the day before, I would be elated!!

Don't see any evidence of snow at the nest, though Bev is already seeing it in Bluefield. It's a typical Nor'easter here - lots of wind and rain blowing sideways.


stronghunter said...

I didn't encounter child trafficking in my teaching days, but I did find a note from a girl to a boy in which she was making plans to meet him for, um, I will say, unhealthy purposes. Not going to go into detail, but she made it clear he was not the only boy she was meeting for this reason.

Mema Jo said...

Good morning to all ♥

36° and snowing BIG TIME - rain changed to snow here in the valley at 10am
Prayers for safe travels for all going home for Thanksgiving.

Really big flakes and 2 little squirrels siting at the feeder are
covered with snow and are white.

Mema Jo said...

Janet - you must have killed your oven yesterday with all of those pies you baked!

Sad news from my son this morning that they need to have their German Shepherd put down. She is in the same condition as your dog Janet. It's her hind legs. She can't even roll over and they can tell she is in pain. They knew this would happen - making this decision is very hard but they are thinking of her well being.

Mema Jo said...

There is a trace of snow in the nest now.

Judie said...

Jo, you don't say which son but my condolences on the decision to be made. As most of us know, it is a terrible kindness.

Snow flakes here.

Off to the scullery.

Mema Jo said...

Judie - our youngest son (50)
He does have 2 other Shepherds so
those 2 won't have much anxiety over
one missing which is good.

Janet said...

touching base.

MEMA JO: so sorry about the furbaby!!!! we are trying to make it thru the holidays ourselves.....tough time, tough decision....

The oven is over 25 years I guess is just kaput. I am not elated. I am not panicked. I have options. A new oven will likely not happen by tonight when I need to put the bird in. Hopefully the one downstairs heats ups correctly, if not, as I said, I told Chelsea to prep a place in her fridge for a 23 lb bird....I'd prep in and she can pop it in the oven @ 3 a.m.

About the human trafficking... sad situation. Kids see too much and know too much these days....but, they don't know enough of the right stuff to keep them safe...and adults don't know, maybe hiding heads in sand? to help to prevent such things.....difficult at best.

Well about that time boys and girls, heading to work.

Hoda said...

SANDI I hope the returning heroin user has conditions put on him so he can return to school. Not good simply not good.

Prostitution in schools??!! Say what??!! Take a suspecting teacher to a disciplinary hearing for expressing concerns. This is my experience. I spoke to the school and the parents. They disagreed. I was taken to a disciplinary hearing. Years later the kid died of AIDS and wished some one had intervened. I bit my tongue!

Sorry about the dog. Best decision though.
Sorry about the oven. First world problem though!
There is food to be cooked. There are options for cooking it is what I am reading. So it is all good!

Gobble Gobble
Happy Happy


JudyE said...

good afternoon eagle buds

cam stuck at 612 last night bymmer

JudyE said...

ok I see you guys have seen ssnow at nest AND MY CAM IS STUCK ON LAST NIGHT WTH

JudyE said...

ODD I can't get the cam to load now at all says web page can't be displayed bummer going to go watch the nFl nest since they arethere tending eggs

Sandi said...

Judy, my still cam picture is completely black. saw a light dusting of snow on the nest a while ago. Wonder if the wind has knocked the cam offline? The winds are terrible here but it's still in the 40s so the precip is all rain.

Jo, so sorry about your son's shepherd - making a decision like that is so hard.

Hoda, we are boatless in Bethany - the boat was pulled yesterday - finally!

Loretta, is the orange kitty still in your house? Jo, how about your gray kitty?

I am so disgusted with my school board for their decision to allow this kid to come back to school, regardless of the conditions. It sends a terrible message to the other kids that the consequence for ingesting drugs in school are not that severe. Parents should organize and complain to the board!

JudyE said...

so glad you said that Sandi I keep trying to get it but nothing

almost time to go back to work

stronghunter said...


Mema Jo said...

Here is the info on our cam:

Right before 1pm the cam went black. There is a message when you try to log on:
The connection was reset
The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.
The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network connection.
If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.
Try Again

I'll email NCTC

Hi Jo, those errors mean the entire website is down so more than likely there is an Internet outage somewhere down the line, even possibly in Denver or Arlington. I will check the cam out later to see if it is

Mema Jo said...

Judy The cam was up/running this am.
Sandi and I had made comments about the snow at the nest. Sometimes when you leave it up all night you may wish to refresh it and then sometimes it will update.

Snow is stopping here - the nest was covered - just glad it is early in
our season.

Mema Jo said...

Blizzard Bear is at 124

Mema Jo said...

Snow had stopped for about an hour

Here it comes again!

Judie said...

Good afternoon.

I just checked the still cam. Picture is nest covered in snow. Did update, I think.

Shirley, have you received a response from Panny's? Got to thinking about that policy and suppose it might be to protect employees from being accused of taking items out of bags. Nevertheless, policy can be adapted - e.g. floor manager stands watch for a few minutes or assists customer to car.

From what Loretta said, it seems her new companion cannot be feral. Too comfortable in the home and around her and Mr. Loretta. Probably either dumped or got lost. Lucky Punkin'

Snowing here again. Not a mix but real flakes of good size. Starting to stick to grass.

Finished two pumpkin pies, dressing, cranberry sauce for the police. Made Splenda cranberry sauce for next door - apparently the trick is to add Splenda after the boiling is done and cooling begins. Tastes adequate. Police get the real deal - want them on a sugar high. lol Only need to make some sweetened whipped cream to top the pies.

Headed across the hall to put my feet up. Finished cleaning up the scullery and realize I am more tired than expected.

Okay, enough. BBL

stronghunter said...

Got a response from Penney, but I think so far it is a machine. Said they would notify the local store and that I would hear from them.

stronghunter said...

Can see possible problems with holding packages, but should be a way around them, I would think. I would have been happy for someone to help me to the car.

Mema Jo said...

Very happy that the cam is up/running -

Snow is still coming down.

Kids with Michael made it up in about 3.5 hrs from the Richmond VA
area. Now just so my gals with all the food make it here tomorrow!

stronghunter said...

Snow-covered nest at NCTC.

Judie said...

Just checked the nest again. Still cam seems to be updating but nest is snow covered and MT. Guess the royal couple has found more comfortable digs.

Shirley, glad you did get a response. If you don't get a local response by Monday, resend your message and/or call the store and ask to speak to customer service. Get the name of the person you speak with.

Also, if Will is going to fry a turkey, make sure he has a fire extinguisher nearby. Saw that reminder on t.v. this morning.

Jo, a Thanksgiving feast will arrive for everyone to enjoy. Celebrate and give thanks.

JudyE said...

Home from work I saw I think was Belle in the nest I did grab one pic of her or him in the snowy nest

JO I was at work when I couldn't get the cam to load when I did load it It was on last nights black screen and after that kept getting message But now the cam is up at the house haven't checked the lap top yet

Looks so cold at the nest love the feetsie prints of talon prints

Judie said...

Bear update. Was just surfing around and a camera has been installed in Honey's den at the Bear Center. For those who don't follow, Honey was saved and arrived at the Bear Center last December (hence Holly). Can't wait to see what happens. I really miss the bear cams.

Okay, going to do other stuff. Bye

JudyE said...

changed my picture to the snowy nest with one eagle in it

JudyE said...

will be a reminder of first snow in the nest this year

stronghunter said...

Nice picture, Judy.

stronghunter said...

Will is not planning to fry a turkey this year. We discussed that possibility last year, but decided against it.

He is going to start working on the turducken tonight. He cleaned the kitchen last night and requested that it be orderly tonight so he can work in there. Fair enough. I ordered Chinese. Planning to use paper plates and disposable cups. Hunter cleaned out the dishwasher.

I am doing a little better since the physical therapy on my knee, but am willing to sit by and let him do the work. Girlfriend Stephanie is going to help.

Rus and Susan are bringing some items. I even asked Rus to bring some firewood. Just some of that stuff you get at the grocery store.

stronghunter said...

Thanks for the bear update, Judie.

JudyE said...

LOL just on the new our newspaper tomorrow will have 144 circulars ( on sales items black friday) weight 4.5 llbs I can't think of 144 stores in the area LOL

Janet said...

good afternoon. or evening. whatever it is.

sooo, a friend of mine came up with an answer to my problem. she said, uh, janet, why don't you just cook your turkey in a roaster?


so after work I zip right on over to bed bath and beyond.

no electric turkey roasters.

okay fine.

go to sears. sears will have it.

ha ha.


so I went where I didn't want to go, Walmart. it really wasn't bad in there and I was thankful. I had a difficult time finding them, but I did. I got a 22qt roaster oven, in the scratch and dent, on sale! it was the LAST one that size.

according to what I've read, it takes very little to cook a turkey in one. anyone else have any experience with this?

I am going to go finish up the collards and get them to cooking and the sausage cheese balls (cooking them in the toaster oven will reheat in the a.m. via microwave)

hope everyone is well! later!

Mema Jo said...

Janet - I was just reading over on FB about Tesea Dawson leaving your most favorite group Tuatha Dea. Any chance you would decide to go on
Saturday, December 20th, 2014 Tuatha Dea is having a musical party at the place it all started. The Fox and Parrot in Gatlinburg Tennessee.
That is were you were recently - right?

Mema Jo said...

I am only watching a 10:00 TV show
The Stalker

Then it is going to be off to bed.
I am going to bid everyone a

Goodnight and Sleep Well and get up
early enough to turn that oven on.
Of course Janet and Shirley and me
and anyone else not having to cook will sleep in. SED AOYP I ♥ Us

Lolly said...

Howdy! Playing Trivial Pursuit, just want to get on to say HI!

We are having an awesome time! Beautiful weather but cold!

stronghunter said...

Coming on to say a quick good night. Kathryn and Hunter have gone to bed. I have touched base with Susan and Rus.

Time for sleep. SED, everyone.

Hoda said...

Lots of snow here.
Very pretty.
Glad to read of everyone's activities.
I hope DANA's ARIC arrived safely for the holidays. Many challenges she reported on FB

Good night and God Bless.

Judie said...

Janet, congrats on the electric roaster. All will be yummy in Nashville.

Well, Sandperson is in high dudgeon. Claims to get no respect with momsters just going to sleep whenever they feel like it. Says it won't be long before the need to stand in the unemployment line. Grumbled something about a place called Nelson he visits where there is a never-ending supply of special Nelson brownies. Might get some respect there and can hang out with his buddy Dudley DoRight.

Speaking of sleep, cajoled Sandperson into packing a satchel. Will depart soon. I too am headed to the pillows. Did all I needed to today but reality is I did too much. Very very tired.

Restful sleep for all.

JudyE said...


54° now some area are 40 in Fl but we are warmer because we are surrounded by water on three sides 45° will be the lo for us tomorrow night also 68° the high that will be nice and 61° on Fri that is gonna be cool going to Weeki Wachee

JudyE said...

Security system is armed please be sure to use your code if out past curfew

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

Hoda said...

The Sandman is deluding you...
he has been some scarce in these here parts of late...

you might be losing your control over him...Nelson he says...might need a new GPS then because he certainly has not been showing up in Nelson...

Good night all...

Sleepless in Nelson...forget Seattle.


Judie said...

Good Morning!

Wishing each and every momster and dadster and their families and friends the loveliest day of Thanksgiving ever.

I certainly give thanks for my blog family♥

WVJerry said...

Good morning Judie. I want to say Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone else here. Hope all is well with you and yours. Just going to be food, family and football here today. If anyone is traveling or shopping - be safe. Enjoy the day and take care.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. Happy Thanksgiving!

We have an eagle in a snowy nest. Looks like Belle.

Sandi said...

Judy, what is Weekie Wachee?

Judie, hope you are feeling a little better today and can enjoy your day.

Lolly, how will Jack survive without football on TV today? Your photos on FB are beautiful!

Janet, glad you found a solution to your oven woes.

Now both eagles are in the nest.

grannyblt said...

My Thanksgiving Memory 1964

We had only been married a few months. Dave was still in the Army and also worked part time at the 7-11. He was scheduled to work the 3-11 shift that day. Being a confident cook-I don't know why, the first meal I had served my new husband was fried Spam and a Kraft dinner-I roasted a turkey. It turned out all right and we ate early. I walked Dave to the car and stopped to chat with a neighbor after he had left. Imagine my horror when I went inside and there was the turkey and a very fat German Shepherd puppy on the floor. Knowing that the turkey was the only thing in the larder for the next week, I cut off the area that the dog had chewed on and rinsed the remaining carcass with hot water. We warily ate another meal from that bird, but with a very jaundiced eye and queasy stomach. We were very thankful there were no ill effects.

I wish all my eagle friends a very Happy Thanksgiving

Sandi said...

We are driving to my sister's in Elkridge this afternoon. Then we'll visit with Denny's brother and sister-in-law tomorrow. And then head to WV to see Brian, Lynnis and Freyja. I hope they still have some snow by Friday so we can see Freyja use her new sled!

Goodorming Lynne1 - are all of your pictures dusted for your friend who's visiting? If she's bothered by the dust, give her a paintbrush and tell her to help herself!

Color at the nest and still 2 eagles - pretty sight.

Have a wonderful day all! Safe travels to those who aren't staying home. Don't eat too much today! I love you all and am thankful you are in my life! You have all helped me through so much in the 3 years that I've been a member of this family. Nov. 26, 2011 was the date of my first blog post.

Sandi said...

Judy, took one photo of our eagles but, it's been so long since I posted a photo on the Momster page that I'm not sure I'll remember how. You'll probably wake up before they leave this morning and get a dozen photos but, if not, let me know and I'll put this one in the album.

grannyblt said...

Ha Sandi. The house is vacuumed and dusted. I never have, nor ever will dust the corners with a paintbrush!
Ready to head to kitchen. BBL

Mema Jo said...

Good Turkey Day Morning to all ♥
(I just had to say that) lol

I cannot express the feeling of thankfulness that is in my heart for
ALL of my Momster/Dadster FRIENDS ♥
It really is overwhelming. Your love and caring has gotten me through so much. ♥

Mema Jo said...

Grannyblt - Your experience so many years ago is still so fresh in your mind and heart. I loved your memory.

Sandi - Thank you for your pic in the album. I see a turtle shell around 4-5:00 in the nest. Have safe travels today and I'm sure Freyja is waiting for you!

Mema Jo said...

I expect about 16 family members to arrive about 2 pm. Houseful but shoulder to shoulder means so much to a loving family.

I wish and pray for all of you to have a loving thankful day.

I ♥ Us ♥♥

Judie said...

Happy Thanksgiving♥

I must have dozed off sometime early this morning. Didn't hear Jerry come in. So nice he stopped by.

For those traveling, please stay safe.


Hope Steve has been able to see his Mom and that she is stable. Got the impression The Queen will be in residence. If so, hoping she has as nice a day as possible.

Not much on my agenda.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day. BBL

stronghunter said...

Good morning. Hanging out in my room watching the NY Thanksgiving Day parade.

Happy Thanksgiving Day to everyone. Thinking of Lynne and Steve.

Janet said...


Mema Jo: I would LOVE to go to Gatlinburg to see Tuatha Dea ANY time, but it is 3 hours down the road....and have to get a hotel over night....given everything with Sable and not this time.

They had a big show at the loft where we shot the first video with another artist, Wendy Rule....and as much as I would have loved to have gone, just wasn't in the cards.

I am HOPING they will give a show around winter solstice ...but we shall see.

Tesea is Danny's daughter. She has two kids and being a single mom I can certainly applaud her decision. I think it would be most difficult to be on the road when you have kids. Their schedule is getting busier and busier, which is grand.

So, got up this morning, turkey in the roaster just before 7. Tom and I got in the hot tub for a bit.

I have had the dogs out to run. They were antsy.

It is in the low 40's and breezy. Nice and cool outside. Watching the parade...they have snow flurries............

Will check in later. Love and hugs to all!

JudyE said...

Good Morning my eagle buds

and I am also thankful for my eagle momster and dadster So happy I was pointed to you all

SANDI this is Weekiwachee mermaids from years ago I took Angie to this when she was little

JudyE said...

check out google also today

JudyE said...

I did get 12 pictures from this am

Janet said...

Yanno, Mema Jo, I just changed my mind. I'm going to try to go that Dec. 20 cooperating and such.....I don't work that weekend. woooo hooo

Hoda said...

" Have I told you lately that I love you?" A crooner I am this morning with all sorts of songs in my head!!!
What is this world coming to???
No ear plugs please.

I echo MEMA JO'S post of gratitude. You are Amazing MEMA. With all you do for all of us and then you write us such a beautiful message. God Bless You and Keep You.

As our LADY LYNN would say:

I came for the Eagles and stayed for the Friendships I made.

Safe travels if you are on the road.
Happy turkey meal if you are partaking.
I so loved the story you shared about a The Dog, the turkey, being frugal and the love you share. GOD BLESS.

God keep the US Toops safe. And let them know of our gratitude.

Hoda said...

Christmas 1964 Memory is what I was saying I loved in my last comment.
Thank you.

JudyE said...

VOTES 127 now don't forget to vote Lets blow this out of the water so far we are but I think we can get it higher the other top # is Wait for it wait for it


ok now we know she has it made in the shade but I want it to be higher Blow it out of the water

I voted for a couple that had ZERO I guess the owner of the picture didn't vote for their own LOL

stronghunter said...

Turkey here is still being deboned.

stronghunter said...

I came back upstairs.

Dressing has been made. I haven't seen it.

Lemon pie has been made. I saw it

stronghunter said...

I have never deboned a turkey. It looks challenging.

stronghunter said...

It would be hard for me to sit downstairs while all of that stuff is going on.

NCSuzan said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope all of you are safe and warm and surrounded by loved ones.

I too am grateful for the blog and the wonderful people who are part of it.

Judie, I miss the cheetahs. Watching Holly in the den is nice but she doesn't move much! Haha

Shirley, so glad you are already feeling some relief from therapy. Hope you do nothing but rest today.

Jo, enjoy your loving family.

Margy, I think you have to work? Thank you for what you do. Many. many people are grateful that there are people like you who enter the service field.

PS- Shirley, I claim that lemon pie!!!

Judie said...

Oh no you don't, Suzan! Race ya to Shirley's. We're about equal distance north versus south. First one there gets the pie - well, okay, maybe Shirley can have some.

Police stuff ready for Darth to deliver ~4pm. Then he is headed next door. I am headed to my chair and tv.

Sunshine here.

I remember Wichee Wachee (sp) mermaids from childhood (maybe age 9). Family visited maternal grandmother in Inverness. Stayed in Cold Water. Visited to see the mermaids swim.

Okay, bye

Ms Bookworm said...

Hello, Everyone,

Haven't read back on here, but want to wish each and every one of you a Blessed and Joyful Thanksgiving.

I've been fighting terrible allergies due to the Santa Ana winds we had starting last weekend, but the winds have died down, and I'm nearly 100% again.

Ken & I are going to Sis-in-law and Bro-in-law's later today. Our two nephews and their families will be there. I'm contributing my creamed corn recipe.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day. Stay safe and warm.
I ♥ us!!

Mema Jo said...






Mema Jo said...

Well my house is now MT - The kitchen is as clean as a whistle.
The food was so delicious - right down to the homemade pumpkin pies!

What a Blessed Day - as we were eating there was a down pouring of
snow! Very beautiful and it stopped just as quickly as it started.

Praying everyone is well
I am now putting my feet up! ♥

Mema Jo said...

Blizzard Bear

130 votes

Janet said...

good evening to all. is everyone tired? I am. grandkids are here. chels and chris dashed out to get a few deals.

hope everyone's day was light and lovely.

it was good here. I have to say, that 23 lb turkey, plus dressing was cooked to perfection in about 6 hours. tender. juicy. the only flaw was it wasn't golden brown, but I put some paprika on top to help it out. the bottom of it was golden but not the top.

lots of food. lots of conversation. now chill time.

in case I fall asleep early ... good night.

Lolly said...

Hi all! Has been a great day. Waiting for the turkey to cook we went for a walk. After dinner some went for a scenic ride. Presently listening to TCU football.
They are ahead of U.of Texas 20-3. Go Frogs!

We have one more day here and then head home. It really has been a beautiful week, though the boys would have liked to have more snow on the ground around the lodge.

I guess we will be taking the boys back to Wolf Creek Pass to go sledding one more time.

Looks like good weather for our drive home.

I hope everyone has had a beautiful, awesome and blessed Thanksgiving!

Mema Jo said...

Good evening to all ♥
Relaxed for q while after everyone left. Really didn't want any kind
of dinner. Hubby ate a piece of pie and I really just nibbled on some

Now I am ready to sign off the blog.
Prayers for all to continue to give
thanks every day for all of your blessings.


stronghunter said...

Nice dinner. Now I'm ready for sleep.

SED, everyone.

Judie said...

The end of another day of Thanksgiving shared among the blog family.

The neighbor sent a care package and I nibbled but still not really hungry.

Plan to head to the pillows in a few.

Sandperson is almost down the stairs and will be out the door momentarily.

Restful sleep for all.

Hoda said...

Very good day here...
Am thrilled to be alive and am thrilled to know that I have many blessings in my life...
Good yoga times two...good meals with friends times two...good dessert with friends times once!!! I know very tough...I feel deprived!!! Good walks times two and I have a Nelson Public Library Board of Directors Application Form...I will fill it and send it in. The City Council makes the final decision and it is an honour to have been invited to fill the form...

Hoda said...

Good night. God Bless.
Miss you PAULA. Miss you MARGY...
I have started my Prayer Circle for SHAR. Her surgery is on the second of December...that would be this coming Tuesday...
Where did November go I so so fast...

Janet said...

good morning to all. I've been up over an hour.

hope everyone has a good day!

Judie said...

Good morning on "the day after."

Sandperson says he hopes everyone slept well. Claims everyone was so full of turkey he barely had to use a speck of sleepy dust. Everyone seemed mostly unconscious.

Hoda on the Board of Directors for the library? Well, that would be an exciting adventure. Hoda? Are you going to ban all cookbooks containing brownie recipes? lol Good luck on being selected!

Guess what? Darth found a motor for the dryer online, it arrived, and he was able to make the repair. TA DA! He had already completed most of the laundry when I woke up this morning. Yea! Sick or not, I was planning to head to the laundromat today. I must give him credit. Happy Dance!!!!

Since Darth went next door yesterday, we are having our turkey, etc. on Sunday. I like to brine so will do that overnight on Sat.

My goodness. Wonder if I feel better? So chatty this morning.

Wishing everyone a lovely morning. Don't fall when the split arrives.

Lolly said...

Good morning! Yea for Darth and so glad you might be feeling better, Judie!

22 and bright sun shine. However, we are in the woods so hard to see the sun!

Jack is preparing breakfast!

paula eagleholic said...

Happy day after!

Shirley how was the turducken?

Had a wonderful meal here in Rehoboth with friends. Taking it easy today...water is not fishable and the stripes still have not arrived. We may try fishing tomorrow. Cold and windy here today..but sunny.

paula eagleholic said...

Glad you are feeling better Judie and will have your turkey later.

Prayers for Steve's Mom.

Mema Jo said...

Good 'Red Friday and Day after Thanksgiving' morning to all ♥

Blizzard Bear is at 131 - remember to keep voting. All others are still single digits! I think we've made a winner for one of our own. ♥

I am having more Turkey company this afternoon - My Hedgesville family (all 5 greats) will spend some time with me. I am excited!

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