Wednesday, November 12, 2014


New thread.


JudyE said...

for the new thread STEVE

Mema Jo said...

Thank you Steve for the much needed fresh new thread!

Hi Judy - you now have a feather to flaunt! lol

Mema Jo said...


Happy Birthday Suzan

enjoy your special day


Mema Jo said...

Bringing over yesterday's comment from Wanda:


It is with a sad, but joyful heart that I tell you, my friends, that GG has completed her journey here on earth; her suffering has ended and she is at peace with our Lord

Hoda said...

Thank you STEVE and JUDYE.

Got invited for hot chocolate and colouring by a five year old! Thrilled! Tomorrow was feeling heavy as I also go to a celebration of life. The loss of a team mate is sad. Do I start my day with hot chocolate and colouring...maybe even a cookie!

Today yoga, sauna, volunteer with Grans, bringing flowers and gratitude to a favourite coffee shop which will close soon and also a walk with a friend.
Reports from Alberta of minus twenty weather. Lived it for 26 years. Now I think it is too early!!! Ha ha ha!!!

stronghunter said...

Thanks for the new thread, Steve, and for the call-over, Judy.

Hot chocolate and coloring sounds wonderful, Hoda. Minus 20. Oh my goodness!!

Lolly said...

Home from doctor! All is good! She says I am easy! LOL And got a hug! This nurse practioner is the BEST!

Now heading to get my do done. It's do time!

Great news! Joseph made the Jr.High all regional band! Wahoooo! He had UIL competition recently. So proud, can you tell?πŸ˜„

Kay said...

Good Afternoon, Eagle Buds !!!
Wahoo, a new thread, thank you Steve! JUDY, that feather headdress is filling in nicely, congrats!


WANDA, I lit a candle for GG this afternoon. I keep thinking of the loving and positive imprint she made on so many lives. Her influence will live on.

SANDI, saved by fog. It's no MISTery as to why you're elated!

JANET, wishing Olivia good luck--wish I could sit in on that lesson as such conversions often throw my mind in a tizzy.

JO, great news from Michael. He's a wonderful ambassador to Haiti! Glad Mr. & Mrs. Red have returned. I saw their twins in my front yard today. They don't seem to mind the fact that yesterdays temp of 62, went away rather dramatically. It's 37° now and won't go much higher. I think we may get the first solid freeze tomorrow morning.

LOLLY, kudos for Joseph once more! I love proud parent and grandparent posts!

Nothing new out of the Doc's appt. this morning, but test results won't be in for a day or two. I got a big hug from my dear Internal Medicine Dr., too. She's a gem!

Time for Penny and me to put our collective 6 legs up for a while.

Love and prayers for all!


grannyblt said...

Good afternoon. It is 37 here also Kay. I'm just not ready for it.

Happy Birthday to Suzan.

Ms Bookworm said...

Hello, Everyone,

Hope everyone had a meaningful Veteran's Day yesterday. Many heartfelt thanks to those who defended our freedom in the past, and who do so now.


WANDA, my heart goes out to you and your family! GG was such an amazing person, and I will miss your wonderful stories about her! You are in my thoughts and prayers. (((HUGS)))

PAULA, Not sure whether I remembered to ask--please pass along my best wishes to Michael and Laura for me!

HODA, so sorry for the loss of your dragon boat friend to cancer. I HATE cancer!!

JO, been keeping up the prayers for you this week in particular. I'm with you in spirit. ((Hugs)) & love!

JUDIE, feeling sad along with you as Audrey & Grace move on to a foster home. Hoping they find a furever home together, and you find the kitten(s) perfectly suited to you and Darth. ((HUGS))!

SHAR, will be thinking of you and praying for you tomorrow. Hoping a hip replacement will not be necessary, but if it is, at least it's scheduled for EARLY December!

LYNNE1, did the bread turn out OK?

LORETTA, so sorry about BW!! Hope you can find the orange/white kitty's family. If not, I know I'd be tempted to keep him, in a heartbeat! (I'm really partial to orange kitties!)

HODA, WOW! I would have trouble sleeping after all that excitement, too! YIKES! Grateful to God that you are OK!

JO--so happy for Patrick & Christine & the girls' house dedication! Also, glad Miracle Michael's Haiti trip is both busy and productive....YAY! Mr. Red is back now, too! We have recently seen a few of our White-crowned sparrows, and we have a large number of various kinds of doves coming in for breakfast and dinner.

Well, have rambled on a bit! Need to do some vacuuming, and a couple of loads of laundry. Will check back in tonight, hopefully.
Have a a good afternoon/evening, everyone! I ♥ us!!!

Mema Jo said...

I have return from my treatment - ready to get something to eat.. I have yet to take a nap while lying so still at the Cyberknife. I keep my eyes on the robot arm! lol

Nothing planned for the remainder of today. One more treatment and that will conclude things. CT then in 2 months - Hate it that I need to wait
that long in order to see what is left on my lung - better be nothing

JudyE said...

HODA sounds like fun I love to color with Jordyn its so relaxing I think

JO how long will he be in Haiti

POOR POOR ME 72° out now What to do LOL Don't kill me LOL

JudyE said...

don't tell

LOLLY Is EASY LOL now you know one of us would make a comment to that

Mema Jo said...

Judy - the group stays a week on the
Haiti trips.

JudyE said...


JO thanks wasn't sure how long?

are you waiting with me for our visit

JudyE said...

I got a pic of Porch cat this am at 640 on the porch in the fort that I made them to keep warm and dry

Ken feeds them and they sleep here What a great arrangement for the cats lol

NCSuzan said...

Thank you all for the great birthday wishes.

Jo, two months? It will go by quickly. We will be busy watching Belle and Shep on the nest getting ready for eggs!

Mema Jo said...

Yes I have the cam up while I'm waiting for dinner to be ready.

My cat eats in the house now
Comes in late to sleep but wants
back out around 6am - He meows loudly until hubby or I open the door.

stronghunter said...

Happy birthday, Suzan. Been meaning to post my birthday wishes for you. :)

JudyE said...


do I have your attention??

Then if so

¸.•´ ¸.•*¨)¸.•*¨)
(¸E.•´A(¸.G• (L¸.•´E¸¸.•¨¯`•.¸¸.♥

IN THE NEST waiting for you to see them

Mema Jo said...

Whoo Hoo

All of sudden there they were

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...


JudyE said...

that was a short visit but it was a visit

Mema Jo said...

I doubt they come back
Darkness prevails.....

stronghunter said...

Oh my gosh, I missed it.

JudyE said...

I also agree I don't think they will be back maybe in the attic

STEVE if you read the blog Is it possible to get a second cam on the tree like last year??? Inquiring minds want to know

I figure it doesn't hurt to ask they could use the old one when the new is bought All the other cams have multi and Shep and Belle are feeling left out LOL OK I will try any approach LOL

Lolly said...

Getting ready to watch the news. Need to go put a sweat shirt on as I am chilly. 38 and high today of 41. We saw 31 last night and it is supposed to go lower tonight. Lost some flowers last night and the rest will get it tonight. Also, the wind is something fierce!!

Yes, Jo, that picture of Joey holding Cosmo made me laugh, too. Vet predicts he will get to 100 pounds!

NatureNut said...

Hello, Hello. A new thread!

Got some Surprise (blurry) pictures yesterday and they are in the NOOK to share anyway. What I was able to see just made my last 3 months unboring probably!!!!

Speaking of thread, I must finish my house sewing chore as daughter ,Sherry, will be coming here on Sat. She's here on business and staying at Gaylord in the new Nat'l. Harbor by Wilson Bridge!! We originally planned to meet her there a couple evenings for dinner. BUT NO, there will be work meetings in evenings for her. BOO Only 15-20 minutes away.

Hope everyone is doing OK. Prayers for all, especially Jo and Wanda ♥♥

Judie said...

A late thank you to Steve and to JudyE. Took me a while but I'm here.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUZAN. Hope your day was super special.

Jo, thank you for the update on Michael. What a week for him -- Haiti charity work and Christine in a new home. Wowser!

Congratulations to Joseph. A future rock star perhaps?

Hoda, hot chocolate and coloring sounds great fun. 20ΒΊ does NOT sound great fun.

Hello to everyone else who visited. Just have time to skim quickly but seems all are okay and there was an eagle visit. Yippee!

Jo, I like your new avatar.

JudyE said...

SHAR I love the time hop you have on FB with Liberty and Belle in the nest and the camera view is so different further away maybe

Need to find out more about the timehop on FB for Angie not be my phone is only a trac phone not a play on phone LOL .

JudyE said...

4 years ago 2010 are the pic s

Judie said...

Darth and I were out all day.

It was an expensive day for Darth.

My car brakes were in far worse condition than expected. Much expensive work had to be done.

That, however, was not the most expensive event of the day.

We made another tour and placed a deposit on Westminster at Lake Ridge. We will be on a wait list and have indicated our earliest move time would be in about 12 months. We opted to include a similar size apartment as residents have a higher priority when cottages become available. So, we could move into a large apartment first. Either way. A decision has been made.

This sure has been a week of emotions.

Jo, congratulations on having the final radiation treatment. Bet a hug that the CT will show the spot has disappeared. So happy Mr. Red has returned.

Hi Andy! How's Emma? How's Kubby?

Headed to put my feet up. BBL

Sandi said...

Evening all - just checking in to check the box so comments come to my inbox.

Yes, the fog was very bad this morning, even when I drove to school at 9am.

Meetings today were long and exhausting.

Time for dinner - later!

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

JudyE, I love Timehop. It brings up great memories! Those pics of Liberty and Belle are absolute treasures!

Lynne2 said...

good chilly evening all!

Jo, so glad Mr. Red is back!

Loretta, I'm sorry about BW. Did they think it was a blod clot?

And Judie, I'm so sorry that Audrey and Grace have had to move on. There are simply some cats who are just never going to be loving towards humans and it sounds as if these 2 are such. I hope it isn't too long before they find a new home better suited to their aloofness.

but congrats on putting in the depo for the new digs! Hope Darth isn't too traumatized. LOL! Now, remember people....very important that NO ONE BREATH A WORD OF THIS MOVE TO JUFIE.

JudyE said...

check this out eagle and the catch of the day

Judie said...

Back again.

Lynne2, Darth and I wish only the best outcome for Audrey and Grace. It is sad without them. Aloofness could be tolerated but destruction of our home was the more serious problem. They just would not learn to use scratching posts, etc. instead of our carpets and furniture. We are sad.

I thank each of you who have commiserated with us in making this most heartbreaking decision.

This has been a day of momentous decisions. I am tired and plan to head to the pillows early. We must go and retrieve my chariot early in the morning.

Sandperson is packing a satchel. Jufie has declared Texas to be waaaaaaay too cold and does not care for frozen pecans. Well, maybe a visit to Hoda later on to make sure she has plenty of socks for her sandals.

Night light will be on at 11pm. Restful sleep for all.

stronghunter said...

Snuggled in my bed with my new comforter. Feeling sleepy, so I will say SED to everyone.

So happy for you, Judie.

Mema Jo said...

Congratulations Judie on your upcoming adventure ! I am very happy
that you and Darth.

Watched some TV this evening.
Going to close down and get some
shut eye! Last radiation is tomorrow

Goodnight to all ♥

JudyE said...

Oh my this is so right on Daylight Saving Movie Trailer That Captures How We All Feel LOL

Lolly said...

Sleet falling in areas here. We have not seen it! Also, possible snow flurries Sunday! What happened to Fall? It lasted for a day or two and now here it is Winter!

Watched The Voice again tonight and our little Burleson girl is in the top 12! Reagan James, if you watch it!

Laurel did not call tonight but got a message that Joseph made the 8th grade basketball A team! Soon trips for basketball games!

Well, TCU is now #4 in the country!!!

Jack and I committed to a trip next May! We picked out our apartment for two weeks in Tuscany!!! When we get it all tied up I will send you the link to see our apartment. It is on a farm, with an second floor terrace overlooking a vineyard. We did this about 10 years ago and are so excited to go again. Celebrating 50 years of going steady! LOL

JudyE said...

Security system is armed please be sure to use your code if out past curfew

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

Lolly said...

Time to start getting ready to hit the pillows! Night all! Stay warm! SED!😘

Hoda said...

Great news about the trip LOLLY. Blessed Be.

Keeping you in prayers for tomorrow afternoon JO. Blessed Be.

Congratulations JUDIE. Blessed Be.

Good night.
God Bless.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends.

Judie, congrats to you and Darth on putting money down on your new digs! Your quiet approach paid off!

Lolly, congrats to Joseph on making county band and the basketball team! Big day for him! Your trip to Tuscany sounds wonderful!

Jo, 2 months is a long time to have to wait for results!

Prayers for all, especially for Jo and for Wanda.

Have agreat day all.

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Good early morning my eagle budlets. I am heading to the hospital to get my CT abdomen and pelvis done. Really looking forward to my liquid breakfast of contrast.

Wanda and Jo - I love you both dearly!


Janet said...

good chilly morning. 31. snow flurries in the area!

busy day yesterday afternoon. worked on converting inches to feet, reversing that, feet to yards, reversing that, yards to miles, etc. went better. but took the afternoon. made oatmeal raisin nut cookies. house smelled yummy.

work today. nice day to be inside getting/giving a massage.

hope everyone has a lovely day.

oh and dear dear sister, JUDYE: so concerned, how WILL you cope with such frigid temps????? lol.
hope today finds you feeling better!

love to all!

WVJerry said...

Just want to check in this morning before heading to work. I have been keeping up with things on Facebook but realize not everyone is on Facebook. Also, never realized their was activity at the nest this time of year. I was sorry to hear of Wanda's loss. I'm glad Jo is done radiation now. Work is still hectic at times and when I have been off I've been trying to catch up on things around house. Also been trying to get my son Dean a job...put in some apps but without experience and no license(only permitit's kind of hard. Also when filling out apps not sure how to handle education. He did not graduate on time and was put in a program at Adult Ed Center where he was listed as Home Schooled as opposed to a drop-out and eventually received his GED. Some apps have a place for High School only. Don't want to say he graduated but some times there is not a place to show GED. Hopefully something will open up for him. Enough rambling and know although not always here I think about everyone here and will try to appear more often. Take care all.

Kay said...

Good Morning to my Eagle Buds from frosty Columbus!!!

Penny wore her sweater this a.m. and I had to don hat and gloves. Brrrr. Will be leaving in about an hour to pick Malcolm up. Looks like another indoor "doggy play day".
Adding my congrats to:

JUDIE and Darth, who are looking forward to a more carefree way of life!

LOLLY's dear Joseph on yet another athletic accomplishment and to her and JACK for treating themselves to a Golden Wedding Anniversary trip to Tuscany!
SHAR, thinking of you as you partake of that lovely contrast. Hope the results show a way to relieve your pain.

JERRY, so good to hear from you. I wondered where you've been and should have guessed, FB. Good luck with the effort on behalf of your son.

Prayers for JO, the Wright Family and all in need.


Judie said...

Good morning everyone.

Hi Jerry. Happy you stopped by to catch up. For the job app, you might suggest just writing/typing in GED even thought there is no official spot or mark high school and have him explain more fully if asked during an interview.

So happy that Jo is finishing radiation today -- especially if that brings an ice cream cone.

Congrats to Joseph and on the upcoming vacation/celebration, Lolly.

Headed to retrieve my chariot. BBL

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Jerry, Judie's suggestion sounds good to me. Actually, I know of a teacher who went on to college after getting his GED. Not sure what he is interested in, but there are various kinds of programs out there for additional job training if he wants to go that way. Community colleges have good programs, for example.

Chilly here, but not as cold as I thought it might get. In the 40s, I think. Yeah, Hunter is still wearing shorts to school, but I saw lots of other kids doing the same.

Wow, Lolly! What a wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary.

Jo, so happy to learn that Mr. Red has come back.

Hoda said...

Good morning all.

Prayers. JO and SHAR we are with you.

Thich Nhat Hahn has suffered a severe brain bleed.
He is in intensive care hospital in France.
" there is no birth, there is no death"... and so it is like that.

Praying and chanting.

Lolly said...

Good morning! Another cold one! Saw low of 30 and still only 32. Job of cleaning up frozen flowers and plants now! Some places received sleet, but not us!

Luncheon today. A new friend is having her hubby drop her off here and riding to the luncheon with me! She lives further out and I am not sure where. I'll take her home and then know! They just moved here. They were full timers in an RV but liked this area, children are not too far, so they bought a place. I would buy else where! Lol

Jo, wonder if they are waiting for the radiation to continue to do it's job. That it takes that long for the results we want! Praying!

Learned that great nephew, Deacon, will have surgery Dec 31 in Dallas. His first birthday is Dec 3. He was born with 2 fingers fused. Little finger and ring finger of his left hand. Surgery will take 5 hours, so must be more than skin and tissue. Poor baby! They will fly up, Grandparents will keep older son. Will let you know lagain later for Momster/Dadsters prayers!,

Jack just called out....our apartment in Tuscany is confirmed. I am on iPad. Need to go to computer to get the link to show you!

Hoda said...

Prayer request please. My friend Peggy just wrote from Ontario. We have been friends for forty one years.
Her Cancer has returned. Three lesions on her liver and a diagnosis of breast cancer.
Exploring her options. Her husband and family are rallying around her.she is married to a terrific chap. Jeremy.
Please remember her in your prayers. Thank you.

Lolly said...

Will cover your friend with prayer, Hoda!

Here is the link to our apartment. We got it through

Our apartment in Tuscany

Mema Jo said...

Good late morning to all ♥

Sharon - hoping for good clear pics of your CT - Dec 2 hip replacement is going to be great for you - No more motor scooter !

Lolly - Your grandson is outdoing himself! I now the pride you must feel.

Everyone stay warm - our east coast is sure to be hit but not as badly as way up north I hope.

Jerry - Where it list High School - to me a GED diploma is the same as completing High School. Check it and just write GED. Good luck in helping him find employment.

Mema Jo said...

My thoughts are with the Wright family as they gather for GG's viewing this evening. Impossible for me to attend viewing and funeral services - My prayers and spirit are
with them all.

Mema Jo said...

Just scrolled thru the pics of the interior of your vacation apartment, Lolly. WOW! You may get some ideas for some new interior designs in your
own home - it is so beautiful.

Mema Jo said...

Hoda, Prayers for your friend Peggy.
Praying for a miracle for her wellness.

JudyE said...

Hello eagle buds

cam is stuck again at 908 I see

Mema Jo said...

Kay - stay bundled up! Penny too!

Mema Jo said...

This was from Glo yesterday

I am signing off from Churchill. We are all going out to eat together and packing up. Early morning photo shoot and dogsledding tomorrow but will not be able to share that til home Late Sunday or perhaps Monday unless I get a connection back in ND some where on the drive home. See ya on the other side of my dream trippin

Mema Jo said...

I'll send NCTC email now........
We are not having good luck with our cam... Sure hope it can be permanently fixed so the rest of the season can be viewed daily....
Sometimes the Live Feed (JAN) depends
on the still cam..........

Mema Jo said...

Thanks Judy for the heads up on the frozen cam. I had put mine down as
I didn't see any visit this am...

I also asked them to check it out
before they leave work tomorrow for
the weekend......just in case :(

Mema Jo said...

Message from NCTC:

There are updates being pushed to our servers from our Enterprise group. We have no control over these updates, and they can sometimes reboot our servers. I will check before I leave tomorrow, but cannot guarantee that it will stay up the entire weekend. I am headed that way in a few minutes

Mema Jo said...

Out of here for the appointment


Judie said...

Good afternoon all.

Hoda, thoughts are prayers are with Peggy and Jeremy, their families and friends.

Thoughts and prayers are also with Wanda and her family and friends this evening.

It is my plan to try to attend the service tomorrow for Miss GG. I really enjoyed her.

JudyE said...

just got home from lunch with Angie Neck eased up after advilling my self went to Michael to look for something to decorate the crochet tree found something I think will work
Jordyn gym class is tonight and I will take the lap top also with me they have free wifi for the eagle visit if they show up didn't show up this am I had lap top in bedroom and didn't see them at sunrise don't think they were spotted by anyone

JO thanks for contacting on the still cam I have my cam up 24 7

grannyblt said...

Good afternoon.
I see the camera is working again. Thanks for rebooting NCTC. Nest empty though

I just returned from putting up stick in the ground signs for an event our Woman's Club is sponsoring next month. Of course it was snowing lightly, and seems to have stopped now that we are finished.

Very nice apartment you will be stating in Lolly and Jack. How very fortunate you are to be married for 50 years and be able to take this trip.

Thinking of Wanda and her family today.

Lolly said...

Jo, our last apartment had more antiques. We selected this one because of the full kitchen and the private terrace. Last trip we also had and upstairs private patio off the bedroom. That is where we enjoyed our meals if eating in or our evening glass of wine!

We do plan on grocery shopping! If we eat out mid day, then a light supper at "home". On days we plan to eat at out at night then we pack apples and cheese for lunch. It is just an adventure in itself to buy groceries! More fun! This apartment also has a washing machine! Yea! Can pack light!

Luncheon was great! 18 ladies at a friends house!

Janet said...

good afternoon to all. chilly here. 36, but sunny.

HODA: holding your friend in light.

Thinking of WANDA. Good to hear from JERRY.

busy day at work. on my "break" now between jobs. coffee break that is.

making a new thing for dinner tonight. tortellini soup. will let you know how it turns out.

everyone stay warm! (((hugs))) to help

Janet said...

good afternoon to all. chilly here. 36, but sunny.

HODA: holding your friend in light.

Thinking of WANDA. Good to hear from JERRY.

busy day at work. on my "break" now between jobs. coffee break that is.

making a new thing for dinner tonight. tortellini soup. will let you know how it turns out.

everyone stay warm! (((hugs))) to help

Mema Jo said...

Light snow showers - 35°
Just return home from final radiation
treatment - Scan is 1/20/2015.
The radiation is still working during
this time.

Nest has snow!

JudyE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said...

my delete the video wasn't what I thought

Mema Jo said...

5:23 pm and it is so dark at the nest
Weather is causing this...... :(

Lolly said...

35 here and going down to mid 20's! Snow is predicted Sunday snow is possible! Brrrrrrr!

Lolly said...

Well that post is a little crazy. Got distracted mid sentence. Lol

Mema Jo said...

Going to head into TV
Jeopardy, Bones and Gracepoint
All in a row...........

The precipitation has stopped for now


magpie said...

Good Evening, Precious Pals....

I will be back on in a minute with the report from the Visitation for our Grand GG...

xo ♥

magpie said...

I wish to report, a joyous gathering of family and friends - yet surely with the sadness of profound loss of such a wonderful woman - mother, grandmother, great and great-great grandmother.

Wanda, Denise, Karla and most of their families were present, including adorable Jayden and his younger brother Jaxson...

GG is absolutely stunning,
with garments of peach silk, and the casket, unique and classic

magpie said...

The girls put together a spectacular photograph presentation, spanning many years back, and some very recent pictures...I saw a lot of "our pals" in there

There were young and old alike present, family, church family, and friends...

Wanda is beautiful, of course! and everyone seems to be doing Wanda has mentioned, her mother was ready...and this brings a peaceful comfort to this loss

magpie said...

I stood at the casket and privately, silently....encircled GG and her family with the Love and Care of ALL of us....
Momsters and Dadsters.....

It was beautiful to be there...Christie was able to attend, Carolyn is on a training class...but We Are Family
and we were all there, for our beloved friends

magpie said...

Jo ....I am grateful to read that your treatments are complete...though I read the radiation will still be working during this time of waiting...may the beauty and comfort of Family and Friends, and the Holiday Season...make this waiting manageable and "miniscule" for you...


and may
God Bless Us,
Every One xoxo ♥

Judie said...

Margy, thank you so much for letting us know how comforting the visitation for Miss GG was this evening. Surely all the family were happy to have you join them.

Jo, rest well. Treatments are over and final healing has begun.

Will be headed to the pillows in just a short time.

Sandperson is packing. Jufie left pieces of a a Google map on the desk - looks like directions to Occoquan. Hmmmmm

Restful sleep for all.

Janet said...

good evening to all.

tortellini soup was a success. not difficult at all. yummy and filling on a chilly fall night.

temps are currently @ 28 and going down down down over night. glad to have a warm house and comfy bed.

afternoon discussion for today was peaceful protests...doing research on hunger strikes and sit ins....someone, named Olivia, claimed at one point that this was interesting....hmmmmmmmm

going to call it a night early. I am tired. another busy day ahead tomorrow

MAGPIE: thanks for the update on Wanda and family. so glad you and others could be physically present.

Everyone stay warm and toasty tonight. Please remind others to bring furbabies in....

Sending warm thoughts to all....
good night.

Lynne2 said...

Good snowy evening!

Good to see you Jerry!

Prayers for Deacon Lolly, and for your Peggy, Hoda.

Thinking of Wanda and family....

Well Jo, glad the radiation is done, but hate that it will be 2 months before you know anything. Glad that the Holidays are just about here and that the Season and Family will be full of fun and love to keep you busy!

Lynne2 said...

Thank you Margy for the beautiful report.

Lynne2 said...

well, it has been nothing short of HORRIBLE at work in the past 2 weeks. Both human and animal serious illnesses, deaths, and accidents. And sadly, the suicide of our former coworker/friend's daughter in law. And she killed the dog, first. I am SO glad I wasn't there when Joan brought her "grand dog" in this morning. By the time I got to work, most of the tears had dried. Please say a prayer....

magpie said...

I do sincerely hope to catch up and comment on, and offer prayers and good wishes and positive thoughts and everyone here...busy times, as we all experience...but I am getting a little closer day by day....

Lynne! the Tundra Swans are on the Move !! Keep your eyes and ears on the alert...Megan saw a very large flock of them...last Friday !!!

magpie said...

I am honored, grateful...that I can be here to help represent all of us who WOULD be here if at all possible, trust me....

You Raise Me Up.....

each and every one....
(( HUGS ))

Lynne2 said...

I'm keeping the eyes and ears open Margy!

Going to go finish my fun Debbie Macomber Christmas book.

Good night and prayers for all!

Mema Jo said...

Good evening ♥
I am happy to read Margy's remarks
concerning GG's Viewing. I am sure there was a Warm Heavenly feeling throughout the room of family and friends.

Mema Jo said...

I am about to close down for the day

Goodnight to all ♥

Lolly said...

Margie, so pleased that you were able to attend the viewing and to give us a report.

28 here now and going lower. Can't help but wonder what this winter will be like.

We managed to finally get an ID tag on Skippi's collar a week ago. She protested but then accepted it. She is presently going wild on my lap trying to lick and bite the tag. Crazy kitty!

Lolly said...

Going out to buy a new Christmas tree for the church. Since we have a truck for the huge box, and I am the treasurer for our group we are going to go get it! I will have fun browsing at the store, Decorators Warehouse! It is an awesome store!

Lynne, so sorry things have been so rough at work. Not fun for sure!

Enjoying a roaring fire. May just fall asleep here in my chair! Night all! SED!

Thinking of Wanda and holding her close in prayer!

magpie said...

Night-Night, Precious Pals...

RED Friday, right around the Morning Corner...

God Bless Our Military....Every day!!

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxo

stronghunter said...

Good night. SED, everyone.

stronghunter said...
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Hoda said...

Good night.
God Bless Us All.

Prayers of love and gratitude.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends - it's Friday!

Margy, good to see you here - thanks for the report from GG's viewing. Today will be a sad day for Wanda and family - prayers continue for them.

Jo, January 20th sounds like forever away! Boo hiss! have you chatted with Michael anymore in Haiti? I bet he's working hard and having a wonderful time.

Lynne, good to see you on the blog as well - sorry things have been tough at work.

Jerry, please visit more often - good luck to your son in his job search.

37 degrees here - only got some rain, no snowflakes. Got an email from Brian that Freyja will be venturing out to see her first WV snow this morning.

Have agreat day all.

Janet said...

good morning to all. chilly here! 23. but guess what, they say in about a week we will be back in the 60's. crazy weather.

work day. then one more and a couple off. planning on sleeping in. was so busy on my last stretch of days off never felt like a day off. plans for sunday? watch the race. read a book. sleep. be lazy.

we shall see if I can do that. lol.

hugs to all! have a great RED Friday!

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Having coffee and watching CNN.

It was cold this morning, but the air was dry, so no frost. Low 30s.

stronghunter said...

Good that you could represent us at the viewing, Margy. Prayers for Wanda and her family.

Judie said...

Good morning.

New Red Friday thread. Ya'll come on over.

grannyblt said...

New thread, but I see Judie beat me to it!