Saturday, September 13, 2014


Weekend thread.


Mema Jo said...

Good Rainy Morning to all ♥
It is a good day to get a feather!

Thanks for the Fresh New Weekend Thread........

I'll call the other Bloggers over

Mema Jo said...

As Judy mentioned on the earlier thread the Eagle Cam on FB posted a
picture of an early eagle visit to
our nest. It was around 6:33 am
and it looked like Belle.

Mema Jo said...

Our reunion picnic is on and wish me
warmth! Wearing a hoodie for sure.
And also wearing socks - lol.


Judie said...

Good morning.

Thank you Steve, again wherever you are.

Jo, you have another feather to wear to the reunion/birthday party today. Congratulations. Have a wonderful time with The Family Lennox.

Not much on the agenda today. Overcast. Having some issues with the landscape person we have been talking with. May need to go to someone else. Meanwhile, I think I will go looking at perennials.

Wishing everyone a wonderful morning.

Judie said...


Wishing you a wonderful day at the family reunion. Enjoy to the fullest. First day of a new year of achievements.

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds !!!

Glad for the automated New Thread---thanks to STEVE for setting that up and thanks to JO for the call over! You look sooo good in feathers, JO! Perhaps you were a vaudeville dancer in a past life!

Happy Birthday to Miracle Michael and happy picnicking to the Lennox clan! Hope the rain subsides.

Yeah, for the eagle visit! Always good to confirm that Belle and Shep are keeping watch on the homestead.

SANDI, I'm sure you're all dying to know what kind of trouble ye olde BFF☺ is in. Hope it's bad enough to spell the end of her career at your school.

57 invigorating degrees here right now! Temps for the next week looking very Fallish and not much rain expected. Yeah! My son Lee is due in on Thursday, will spend Friday on the Ohio State campus where he is to speak to the anthro dept.---the rest of the weekend with us! He'll be staying right here with me---I do so love one on one time with each of my kiddos.

Love and prayers for all!


Sandi said...

Hi all - home from tennis. the rain held off, just clouds.

Now off to shop for stones - yippee!

Jo, I know you will enjoy your reunion, regardless of the weather.

Kay, I wish I knew what the end result will be for my BFF at school. It's almost impossible to fire a teacher - it takes about 2 years for a principal to make a strong enough case for that to happen. But I'm sure he has started documenting and I hope he has some notes that were left in her file by the last principal. In the meantime, the administration can make a bad teacher's life pretty miserable - putting him/her on an improvement plan that requires hours of video watching and meetings with a mentor teacher, doing drop-in observations every few days. Hopefully she will be scared enough to lay low and keep her mouth shut for the rest of this year and then transfer to another school next year, which would make my final year of teaching SO much more pleasant. Don't know if I have already said this but this woman has taught at 4 different schools in 7 years. I think that speaks volumes about her personality and how she "plays with others."

Happy Saturday everyone.

JudyE said...

wow wow another new thread



Mema Jo said...

Home from the picnic and the food was great and the relatives mingling was fantastic. Sun came out off and on for about 20 secs each time. We had the covered pavilion and that worked fine.

Feet up

Judie said...

Oh good grief. Sure hope if teacher mentoring is required, Sandi doesn't become the designated mentor. Ugh!

Jo, so very glad the reunion went well and there was some little sunshine. Another wonder Family Lennox memory.

Hope Sandi is having fun amonst the rocks.

Been to the nursery (botanical type) and it was well worth the time. Learned much. Better armed to get the potential landscape woman to listen to me and not do what SHE wants.

Okay, going to imitate Jo and put my feet up.

Oh, where's Hoda? Has she run off with Dudley? Is she out shopping for woolen socks?

Shirley? Where is Shirley? Well, maybe at one of Hunter's games.

Judie said...


JudyE said...

Home from work

Hope each and everyone had a great day in what ever they did I see JO had a good day

Hey are we sending in lawn service to trim the nest LOL
It sure has gotten long It will tickle the bum of the eagle

Mema Jo said...

Well - Hoda has some explaining to do as to her Whereabouts all day long

Calling out the Mounties if she doesn't soon chime in on the blog..

Mema Jo said...

Sandi - just saw the landscape photos over on FB -
It looks beautiful!

Janet said...

good afternoon folks.


second, thanks for your support to all!

After talking with Dr. K yesterday, her prognosis is 4 to 6 months, but absolutely everything I read is weeks. We shall see. In the meantime, I will be thankful for each minute more we have.

We were supposed to have Lorelei this morning, but Jack woke up running a fever, so we were excused from toddler duty.

I slept in til 10. I've been so emotional, I am still tired.

We did go to Amelia's noon soccer game. It is a travel team and those girls PLAY. they won against a team that was 1 to 2 years older than they are.

It was chilly out there. It is cloudy, breezy and about 60. Coming from the 90's it feels cool.

I have run a couple of errands. I have a corned beef cooking, home made bread baking, baked potatoes and a pot of green beans simmering. Making chili for tomorrow.

Havne't done a lot. Haven't felt like doing a lot. Just feel really wiped out tired. I know its just the emotion of the week that has caught me.

That or the sandman has overdosed me???????

HODA will check in soon I'm sure...unless of course, she and Dudely are indeed out woolen sock shopping for the sandman, and maybe tye dye jammie shopping for JUDIE?

later ya'll.

grannyblt said...

I think Hoda and Dudley are Spirit Festivaling.

JudyE said...

both in the nest

Mema Jo said...

Whoo Hoo JUDY

Thanks for the alert

JudyE said...

and gone

JudyE said...

I was sitting here working on Jordyn books on Blurb and I actually jumped when they landed scared me LOL

JudyE said...

the nest looks like snow with the night like going on Need to go put the 6 pic I got in the album
and loving my avatar

Mema Jo said...

I put your photo over on FB Eagle Cam
and Eagle Peeps, Judy.
Your pic is so beautiful!

Judie said...

Good late evening.

I must assume that Hoda and Dudley (and now it seems Shirley) are all enjoying a day of woolen sock hunting while fortified with brownies. This is of great concern. RCMP has been notified and Mounties are on the lookout. Sandperson is in a dither as to where to distribute sleepy dust.

Speaking of sleepy dust...I am headed soon to the pillows. Night light is on. Restful sleep for all.

NCSuzan said...

Good evening all!

Jo, sounds like a good time was had for everyone at the reunion today even though the sun wanted to play hide and seek!

Been watching "Farm Aid". Great cause and great music. My daughter and son-in-law are there in the crowd somewhere having a great time. She has texted me saying it is wall to wall people!

Saw the eagles this evening. What a fantastic sight. Wonder if they need a landscape designer too?

Hope everyone is feeling safe and secure. Jo, always on my heart and in my thoughts.

JudyE said...

I was going to as LOLLY or SANDI if they could do something with the nest SUZAN LOL

JudyE said...

Security system is armed please be sure to use your code if out past curfew

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

Janet said...

good night all. the sandperson has just exited after flinging sleepy dust hither and yon...SED

Mema Jo said...

Good night to all ♥
I'm rather late as here it is already
I am really concerned as to where is
Hoda our dear friend. She has not been on FB for 19 hrs and we surely are missing her on here. Anyone know a phone number...??? Maybe later today she will be here...

SED for all ♥

Lolly said...

Time for a quick good night! Going to the TCU game today was fun! It was cool last night, 56, and very cool this morning. So,we went prepared to be cool, but the sun came out and we got too warm, but really a beautiful day! TCU won, 30 to 7!!

Night all! SED!

Sandi said...

Good Sunday morning my eagle friends! Breezy and only in the 50s this morning - feels like fall!

I'm guessing Hoda was just really busy getting ready for and then participating in the Kootenay (sp?) Spirit Festival that was going on yesterday. If she partied too hard, we might not hear from her today either! :)

Janet, hoping and praying for months for Sable rather than weeks and for wisdom for you to know when it's time to let her go.

Jo, prayers continue for you today and every day sweet lady.

Lolly, congrats on the TCU win!

We picked stones just before the rain started yesterday. Brought a small bucket of them home and dumped them in the driveway next to the pavers - looks good. Tomorrow we'll find out how much it will add to the cost of the job for the workers to remove ALL of the gray stone in our driveway and replace it with the new stone, as opposed to just covering the existing gray stone with more gray stone. My guess is it will cost us an additional $1000.

Got 3 bathrooms squeaky clean and lots of laundry done yesterday but still need to dust and vacuum upstairs and then get started on my first 2 IEPs of this school year. These are for boys who are new to DE, which means I have to draft a new IEP within 30 days.

It's really hard to create a detailed document about strengths and needs and classroom accommodations for 2 kids you have only known for 2 weeks. And both of these boys are very complicated. One is mildly intellectually limited, yet his old IEP states he was placed in a regular classroom with one-on-one support. The para who is with him for his academic classes says he rarely speaks to her (he doesn't speak to anyone else either, just smiles) and she is taking all of his notes for him in class. I really think he needs to be in a self-contained special ed. classroom and can't imagine how his needs were ever being addressed in a regular classroom setting.

The other young man finished last school year at an alternative school, has already failed once, and his records are full of behavior issues and refusals to do work. But again, his IEP from MD said he was in a regular classroom setting before being sent to the alternative school. However, he was also failing 7th grade before he was sent to the alternative school. According to the reading assessment I gave him, he is reading on a 2nd to 3rd grade level at age 15. How is a kid like that going to be successful in a regular 8th grade classroom setting?

Bottom line, I suspect I will spend hours drafting IEPs for 2 kids who will be moved to a self-contained setting within a month, and then their IEPs will have to be rewritten by their new case manager!

Anyway ... have a great Sunday everyone!

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

Sandi said...

Saw on Facebook that one of our eagles was in the nest again this morning - encouraging news!

Also saw on FB that the Kootenay Spirit Festival runs from Sept. 12 - 14th. So our Hoda may be MIA again today! I bet there are LOTS of special brownies being eaten in Nelson this weekend!!! :)

Sandi said...

Kevin has been gone for almost 3 weeks. He has hooked up with some hippie lady who sells silver jewelry and leather goods at music festivals. Two weekends ago he was somewhere in NY, last weekend he was somewhere in VA, and this weekend he is in Chicago. I bet he has been eating special brownies as well!

Hoda said...

All is good.
Kootenay Spirit Festival is on.
A brownie would be good.
No time for even a brownie.
Have not seen KEVIN and his lady friend in a Nelson yet.
Good destination for them though.
Headed out in twenty. 6:00 AM my time.
Last day today.
Exhausted my self.
It is going really well.
Love you all.

Hoda said...

37 in Nelson
People sleeping at the beach though.
We were at the park last night
Walked the beach for security.
It was a clear night stars were out.
See you Monday.
God Bless us everyone

Janet said...

good morning to all. sunday is bright, sunny and cool here. in the 50's.

thankful HODA checked in. party animal! lol.

SANDI: loved the pix on facebook. beautiful stones.

work today. drinking coffee now....feed the furry ones, then get ready for work.

hugs to all!

Janet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Janet said...

oops hiccup. my delete. pardon.

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds !!!

It's a lovely Fall day in this neighborhood and I hope the same can be said throughout Momsterland. Except for HODA's territory for she's already enduring what I consider to be Winter weather.

Hmmm, SANDI and Dubby are getting "stoned"---their Kevin and his lady friend may be as well and HODA wishes she had time for some special brownies like the "stoners" visiting Nelson this week. Makes life here seem so very dull.

JO, thrilled that the Lennox celebration was a huge success!

LOLLY, congrats to you and all TCU "toads"!

SANDI, God bless you and all teachers of special needs kids. Hope the IEP's flow more easily than you are imagining, leaving you with some time to relax before the day is over!

Here's hoping our lovely sisters, JUDY and JANET have wonderfully good Sunday's, in spite of having to go to work.

No Seth here for the third weekend in a row. I'm beginning to adjust.☺ He did call last night and says all is well at school with classes and activities.

Missing SHIRLEY and a bit worried about Hunter---as I recall she brought him home from school in the middle of the day Thurs. or Fri.. His back was hurting. Have I missed any details since that time? Prayers for Hunter!

Love and prayers for all !!!


Mema Jo said...

Good morning to all ♥
As soon as I put my computer up I hurried to my emails and the blog. Yepper - I was looking for Hoda and there she was on both. What a relief - I just didn't want anyone at the festival to have kidnapped her and her brownie recipe. I wasn't sure Dudley was looking after her adequately.

Mema Jo said...

Sandi - perhaps you will wind up with some silver bracelets!
You have certainly been tasked with 2 very challenging students. You will do well by them I'm sure.

Lolly - congrats on the TCU win.

Kay - I'm sure you miss your weekend buddy ♥ Hunter was on the muddy football field - all is well.
Shirley could be practicing & improving her bowling skills.

Mema Jo said...

Our Royal Couple have started to be a little regular in their visits.
The nest now looks as though they had been doing yard work as the grasses on they appear to have been trampled. It is so good to see them and I am glad Judy and also the Eagle Cam on FB capture pictures.

Kay said...

JO, thanks for the heads up on SHIRLEY n' Hunter. I'm relieved.

Guess Belle and Shep are enjoying their new grass carpet. Remember the era when so many folks had that on their patios and decks. Maybe some still do, but I've not seen it used in years. Maybe "The Carpet King" gave our pair a deal they couldn't refuse when they dropped in for flooring advice????

Judie said...

Good morning!

Wowser. So glad Hoda checked in and is busy with the festival. Had an image of Hoda walking the beach for security hand in hand with Dudley wearing socks and sandals. lol

Sandi, wish you luck in writing the IEPs for those boys. Frustrating task. BUT - you have stones!

Kay, so happy Seth calls even if he can't visit you. Enjoy the cool Fall Ohio weather.

Congrats on the TCU win, Lolly and we must congratulate the Mountaineers on their defeat of VA. Tech.

Not much on today's agenda. May make a quick trip to the farmer's mkt this morning.

Thanks to JudyE for the pictures of our royal pair. For some reason, it seems they have returned a bit earlier than usual this year.

Okay, wishing everyone a lovely day.

stronghunter said...

Good afternoon,

Sorry if I've been absent too long. Yesterday was crazy.

I was expecting Susan and Rus to come down, so I decided to stay home and get things organized while Kathryn took Hunter to his game.

Then, Kathryn called from the game site. She had a wardrobe disaster and a dead battery, so Will and I rushed up to rescue her. We had to use GPS info to find the place.

We got there in time to see a group of very muddy, smiling boys come around the corner from the game field. They had won nicely. Hunter had sacked the quarterback twice. He was on top of the world.

By the time we got home, Rus and Debbie were already here, and everyone was starving. Susan got stuck at work covering for someone who was sick.

Will and I stopped at Popeye's and picked up a big bucket of chicken and some sides. Not exactly the cookout I had planned to have, but a pretty good save.

Keshia and her daughter showed up, so we had a pretty good crowd.

By the end of the day, I was pretty tired, so I crashed without checking in.

stronghunter said...

Will have to check the nest for evidence of trampling.

I have made plans to meet one of my teammates for bowling practice this afternoon.

It is a beauteous day here. Cool and sunny.

JudyE said...

HELLO on lunch so happy HODA checked in
Doing brownies while SANDI is getting Stoned LOL
Oh my mistake the stones are beautiful you installed easy mistake LOL

Lolly said...

Good morning! Sharon and Dan have departed! We had a great time! Ate lunch at special tailgating party with the Letterman's club. Dan was a trainer while at TCU and now a member of the Letterman's club. We do this each time we go to a game.

Great to see the pictures of Belle and Shep in the nest! Very promising!

Sandi, Laurel has been telling me of some students that she wonders about. How have they been surviving in a reg classroom? One little guy....who is doing nothing.??? He reads in kindergarten level in 6th grade!

Have had the house open for two days now. Loving it!

Lolly said...

Lol. Should have said "Good afternoon"!

Lolly said...

Skippi enjoyed having Dan here. Sharon and Dan both like cats but he spent a lot of time playing with her. She is so friendly with everyone. She does not know a stranger.

Take her to the vet this week and hopefully get her surgery soon. Paws are doing fine and the bumps around her neck are better.

Lolly said...

Feeling very discouraged! Just noticed that Skippi's front paw is very swollen! It is not raw, no sign of infection but it is very swollen. And, I just posted she was doing great! I may cry!

JudyE said...

LOLLY so sorry about the paw

must be allergic to something somewhere
when I read your good morning Lolly I was wondering how may hours you were behind us then I saw you correct it

Home from work as if you didn't know

Mema Jo said...

Picnic leftovers for dinner - just as good as yesterday and even a bit better.

Evening sun shinning on the nest.

Going to watch 2hr Unforgetable TV tonight. 9- 11. Must be the finale
as nest week most of the season's new series start.

Michael said TY for the birthday wishes and ecards.

Janet said...

honies! (plural of honey?) I tis home!!!!

had a great day at work.

Oh LOLLY... :( so sorry about the paw!!!!!!

after work we took Olivia to the tennis court (SANDI would have done a head slap, i'm sure as none of us know how to play). we just whacked the ball....goal was movement. success. we moved our bodies.

chili is done. cornbread about done. dinner.

bright and sunny outside. beautiful day.

later ya'll

stronghunter said...

Sorry about Skippi's paw, Lolly.
Back from bowling practice and grocery shopping. Got home to find a nice dinner prepared by Kathryn.

stronghunter said...

Whatever is going on with Skippi's paw seems to have come on very suddenly. You thought it was fine, and now it is swollen.

Sandi said...

Hi all! The weather was so beautiful today that I spent most of the day outside enjoying it and didn't get a lick of school work done. No worries!

Lolly, sorry to hear about Skippi's paw - how frustrating for you and Jack!

Janet, tennis is about exercise and fun and it sounds like you got plenty of both this afternoon on the court - it's all good!

Kay, sorry you are experiencing Seth withdrawal but I know it makes you happy to know that he is happy at school.

I forgot to tell y'all that last Thursday, I got a letter from the IRS stating that my mom owes $7983 in unpaid taxes from her 2012 (not 2013, but 2012) tax return. YIKES!!! I dug out Mom's tax records for that year and walked them down the street to our accountant who did her taxes for 2013. Hopefully the error is the IRS's and not Mom's. MTBR.

I got an email from the dachshund rescue lady yesterday asking how Jenni is doing. I shared all the positives and then said the only problem I am having is that Jenni pees in Bella's bed at least once a week. I know it's not incontinence. Anyway, the rescue lady recommended trying a washable waterproof diaper for when Jenni is in the house. I spent some time this morning checking out different online sites and eventually found a diaper to try. The owner and operator of the company lives in ... wait for it ... British Columbia!! Placed an order today though I don't know how long it will take for the package to arrive here in the US. Will post a photo on my blog of Jenni wearing her stylish purple diaper when I get it! :)

Time for me to hop into the bathtub and then into bed. Have to gear up for the first 5-day week of this school year.

Goodnight all! See you in the early AM!

Judie said...

Hi everyone.

Lolly, I'm sure the vet has checked but could there be something embedded in Skippi's paw? A nail/claw problem? A small cut? Very sorry and really hope the cause/cure can be identified immediately.

Shirley, hope bowling was good practice and the surprise dinner deeeeelicious. Speaking of pets, how is Luna doing? Can hardly wait for tomorrow's Hunter report. Sounds as if you had a real rip-roarin' day yesterday. But then...Popeye's is good.

Janet, exercise is good even if the tennis racket does not connect with a tennis ball. lol

Okay, headed to watch the kid's cookoff. Friend of mine has a five-year-old future chef (Chef Benjamin) so we all watch and then Benjamin cooks for mom and dad OR critiques their cooking skills. Just too funny.


Mema Jo said...

Popping in just to let you know I am

headed for the pillows.

Goodnight to all ♥

Lolly said...

Hitting the pillow! Have had my nose buried in a book.

The swollen paw was just noticed. Was busy with company and she has been acting fine. No limping, no licking. Hopefully she just needs stronger antibiotics. I just worry that this will be an on going thing. If I just knew it was something we can end eventually!!! She is such a sweet kitty and I am so in love with her!! Poor baby! We had stopped the washing and the topical meds as it is not an open wound anymore. Anxious to see the vet.

Night all! SED!

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

JudyE said...


Hoda said...

Good morning JUDYE

See me December on Christmas count!!!

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

In answer to your question Judie, Luna seems better. She has a veteran's appointment this morning. I sincerely hope the stitches come out and that we can finally remove the collar and the cone for good.

stronghunter said...

Football practice this evening.

Small crisis this morning. Hunter missed the bus looking for his slides (sandals). He is sure he brought them in yesterday after being at his dad's. I expect to are at his dad's house, but didn't say anything.

Janet said...

good morning to all.

lol. SANDI & JUDIE seem to have the gist of my "tennis". lol. it was fun. walking here in a bit. just got up. was so cozy in the bed I just slept in by 30 min.

JUDYE: :P (sticking tongue out at you) YUCK. don't want to think about December holidays, yet. although, truthfully I have been and gathering ideas for purchases.

seems like everyone is well. it is cloudy and cool here. nice for a walk. have to drag Olivia out of the bed.

all is quiet and calm here.

SABLE is reacting quite well to the steroids. acting like her old self, standing tall, more of a trot in her gait. its nice to see....even though I know its temporary. last night she laid beside me and pretty much insisted I scratch her back. for almost on hour. I obliged. :) I was lying on the sofa watching the race we had recorded.

ya'll have a great day. will check in later. light and love to all

stronghunter said...

Did get Hunter safely delivered to school before the tardy bell.

Am enjoying watching the hummingbirds zoom around outdoors. There's also a goldfinch out there.

Mema Jo said...

Good late morning to all ♥
Later then usually breakfast and had my nose in the newspaper. 100 days until Christmas - oh Judy I know all
the stores are trying to bypass Halloween and thanksgiving - BUT NOT ME! I love the fall and not so much the snowy winter.

Janet - very happy for Sable to be enjoying feeling much better - Hope it lasts for a good while.

WHERE IS OUR SANDI? I am a creature of habit and when I tune in to our blog I look for Sandi's morning comment and then I know where to begin my day.

Good luck with your trip to the Vet with Luna, Shirley. Hoping the healing process is completed.

HODA - what are your activities for the day? Is the festival finished and is Nelson down to just the regulars?

Hoda said...

Good morning JO
Yes the Festival is done.
I have errands to tie down the festival
Deposits to make of cash and cheques we took in this weekend. 3000$
I have 4000$ worth of statues in my car.
I have to return them.
I have to clear with the venues we used and make sure they are happy with the condition. Of their buildings.
Collect deposit money from several if they are happy.
Fix whatever needs fixing as I want the deposits back.
One building is a concern as I know one volunteer did not remove the garbage and bathrooms were not wiped down. First on my list this morning. 300$ riding on this one! I spoke to the volunteer. This a glitch that I could not sort out during the festival. Other things were happening.
Life is good. We had forty volunteers.
Two of the young ones were a little bit too proud.
They ate and drank the food we brought in for the volunteers yet they did not carry their weight as well.
Mopping a gazebo was an issue and cleaning a building's bathroom was another... On the whole all I need to do with them is explaining what a team is I terms of carrying their weight. They are lovely kids...
All is good.
We had people from New Zealand, Washington, Idaho,
California, Montana and New Mecico. Also Japan.
Some of them were hanging out fit the week.
I will go to yoga this afternoon and Dragon Boat practice this evening.
I feel blessed. Our weather held up and have yet to receive complaints.
Indications are we broke even or maybe slightly ahead.
The numbers are not in yet.
I was anxious over money in August.
Keeping my fingers crossed.

I bet you are sorry you asked JO!
Sorry for the details...

Off I go!!!
Three hours later than I had been doing my errands this past week! Yay!!!

Mema Jo said...

Oh No Hoda - as a volunteer for many years I appreciate all you are telling us about the rewards of the
festival and of the follow up you need to do to make it a perfect success. I admire your determination
for all your follow through with the volunteers. Your profits speak well
of all yours and the others hard work and time spent.
Enjoy the rest of your day!

JudyE said...

Hello on lunch
MT nest

JudyE said...

It was on the news this am count down to Christmas Or was I pulling a Lynne2 move lol Wonder how she is the queen

stronghunter said...

Home from vet. Luna's stitches are removed and so are the collar and cone. They say the neckwear can stay off as long as she doesn't lick too much. So far, so good.

JudyE said...

Hope she contunes not to lick Does it look healed I wonder if it itches


? Did Steve say anything certain about the fund raising for the cam I remember he said to wait till he figured it out Just curious !

JudyE said...

continue not contunes

JudyE said...

watchin Buddy Cam

sure wish they had sound

Buddy is voicing his opinion it looks like

JudyE said...

today is a 4 o'clock day for me Cut one hours I can deal with that

Eagle-Eyed's Sissy said...

Good afternoon! I was reading Wanda's post on FB about being away from here far too long, so I thought I needed to jump over here and say hello. I love you all so much. Just not enough hours in the day. I am grateful we can stay in touch through facebook but not all of my favorite people are over there. Magpie, I think of you especially. You are near and dear to me and my family and I haven't said Hi in while. Love and hugs all around!!

Mema Jo said...

Good Afternoon to all ♥

Hurray for Luna !
I sure hope Skippi gets an answer to her swollen paws.
Java - Dana's lab had torn her ACL and had surgery. She is healing now.
And of course Sable has our prayers.

Prayers for all the furbabies and also for all the little birds and critters.

Christmas count always reminds me of our Lynne........

Mema Jo said...

JUDY - I don't know of any official word to date from the Friends of NCTC, Steve or Deb.
I guess we should inquire because the
annual meeting was held 9/10 and I really don't want to see the ball dropped on this one.

Lolly said...

Good afternoon! Skippi went to the vet a couple hours ago. Interesting, the swelling was down today. We have more moxicillin to give her an she is scheduled for her surgery next week. We will take her in Tues late, surgery Wed and we pick her up on Friday. Also, now putting the topical med on the spots on her head. He is thinking allergy and it has improved since we changed her food. Poor kitty. She is such a sweetie! She sits on my lap in the car, in the waiting room of the vets, and is so good on the examination table. Not one meow!!! Annie was extremely vocal and LOUD!

Glad Luna is better and look forward to when Skippi has recovered from her "hysterectomy"! LOL

Glad you checked in here, Bev. We miss many on here!

Good report, Hoda!

Sandi said...

Hi all! I am so sorry! I didn't even realize I hadn't checked in this morning until I read a post from Jo asking where I was! When I read that, I even looked back b/c I was so sure I had posted this morning ... but I didn't!

OK day at school. Work continues on the driveways here at the house - today they removed all of the existing gray stone, re-graded both driveways, and started putting down the new tan stone. Looks good but I will be happy when the job is finished - SO much dust!!

I WILL get started on those IEPs this evening. Later!

stronghunter said...


Yes, Luna' incision looks healed. And since an initial liking period, she has left it alone. Probably feels better with the stitches out.

Lolly said...

Forgot to mention that an armadillo has really been plowing up the lawn. Just before going to bed last night Jack flipped on the backyard light and there was the villain digging away. He got his gun but it ran before he could get a shot off. We do have our camera set up and we got a picture of him. Also, got a picture of Jack in his bedtime clothes with gun. LOL The pic is on the other computer. I will try to remember to share it with you.

Worked in the yard this afternoon and got all sweaty. Yucky!

Judie said...

Good early evening.

So glad Shirley got Hunter to school on time although he's misplaced his slides; JudyE got an hour off today; Sandi is liking the stones but not the dust; Skippi is scheduled to become asexual and hope her paw heals completely; Luna is free of her collar and pants and stitches; Sable is responding to treatment; and Hoda has shared the wonderful festival activities. Whew!

Quiet day here. Landscape lady showed up. We agreed on plants, etc. and she is to have her workers begin in a few days. We are having some existing stuff removed and replaced.

Crab cakes, corn-on-the-cob, sliced tomatoes tonight. Crab cakes are made but want to see if I can find a recipe for baking them.


Lolly said...

Judie, make green onion sauce to go on those crab cakes! Yummy! First time I had it was at Bar Harbor. When I got home I searched on the internet for a recipe.

stronghunter said...

Judie, I have lots of crab meat. Can you share your crab cake recipe?

stronghunter said...

And, Lolly, could I have the green onion sauce? I have green onions, too.

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,

Sorry I haven't been here in a while again! Have been very busy, and it's been SO HOT here, especially in the room where our computer is located. It was 103 yesterday, and 102 today. The humidity is not too bad yet, but it's supposed to be higher tomorrow because of monsoonal moisture from Mexico.

Have been praying for Jo. I'm hoping that spot will disappear!!

Also praying for Sable, Luna, and Skippi!

Lolly, hope you and Jack can get rid of the pesky armadillo!

Hoda, glad things are back to normal in Nelson. I have a special favor to ask--would you please open the freezer door? Ken and Emma and I could use some cooler weather! Thank you in advance!

Well, I'm going to say good evening and go sit in front of a fan with my feet up, before I melt into a puddle! I'll try to get back here more often. I miss all of you, and pray for you every day. Have a good evening!
I ♥ us!!

JudyE said...


Mema Jo said...


EAGLE ALERT..........


stronghunter said...

A quick look at the eagle cam shows me a dark and deserted nest now. Must have just missed the eagles. Judy is good.

JudyE said...

They were in and out got 5 pic put in album and on FB

I was sitting here finishing up the two books I made for Jordyn for Christmas Otherwise I may have missed them and again I was startled when they landed not use to it I guess

I think from now on I am going to use Walgreens or Walmart for pic Blurb books only gives you 14 days to order after it is made Now I can go in an edit every week and it will hold it Will check out the other two sites I really do like blurb I guess cause I am use to it

JudyE said...

Wow my mouse is acting up OK I can blame my mouse and not me

Mema Jo said...

I share your pics to Eagle Peeps,

Can you get them over on the Eagle Cam site..... THX

JudyE said...

JO I put the pic on the eaglecam page right after I put them on the momsters page and then Shep fan page

JudyE said...

Thanks for sharing to them

JudyE said...

Eagle cam thanked me for sharing

Judie said...

Dinner over. Stuffed of course. Kitchen restored to order. Headed for PBS Roosevelts.

Shirley, recipe downstairs. Will send tomorrow. Blog or email? It's a recipe by John Shields - Chesapeake Bay recipes.

Lolly, no green onions. Will remember next time. Only make these about once each year. Have you considered creating a recipe for armadillo? Suggested name: Shotgun Jack's Armadillo salsa.

Missed Belle and Shep so thank you JudyE for the pictures. As for the mouse, so not fun to have an out-of-control mouse.

Hi Andy. I'm sure Hoda will be most gracious in sharing her cold air. When you've finished with it, please send it East. Hugs for Emma.

JudyE said...

DEB S did a video of the still and the visit of our royal couple

Lolly said...

Armadillo in yard...Grrrr

Lolly said...

LOL Love the name of the sausa! However, no way on God's good earth would I eat armadillo!

Lolly said...

Going to get our flu shots tomorrow. Time to get your flu shots folks if you have not already done so!!

Lolly said...

Think I am going to go shower early. Still a little grimey from working in the yard. Then I will put my nose into my kindle.

Yes, Shirley, how is the best way to sent you a recipe? email?

stronghunter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
stronghunter said...

E-mail is fine. Thanks, Lolly.

stronghunter said...

MY delete. Too many errors.

Sleepy. Going to say good night. SED, everyone.

Judie said...

Ah, Lolly, thank you for the pictures. Have flu shot on my agenda for sometime in the next week or two.

Shirley, will send crab cake recipe via email tomorrow.

Oh, good news from my former student and Houston detective. One of her first cases as a detective ended today with a jury conviction and sentencing (43 years) on multiple counts of sexual assault of a minor. Consecutive sentences.

Sandperson is packing a large satchel. Night light is on. Restful sleep for all.

Mema Jo said...

Good late 'before bedtime' evening ♥
I also was watching the PBS Roosevelts. It was very interesting due to all those personal family insights that were presented.

Happy to have the sandman at my door
It has seemed like a very long day
Flu shots are on my calendar -

Prayers for all our needs
Goodnight and Sweet Eagle Dreams ?

Lolly said...

Night all! SED!!

Hoda said...

The guy is a few bricks short of a full load!!!
Again I ask: where was he when God was handing out brains???
Obviously not in the line up!!!
The chap who held up stores in Nelson and other Kootenay locations, not from Nelson, but was caught in Nelson, requested a bail hearing. He got one. He argued he was not a flight risk. The judge denied his request.
So what does this winner do?
He attempts to escape on crutches!!!
The cops nail him within a block and cuff him.
He complains of police brutality!!!
We were all standing downtown Nelson shaking our heads and laughing!
This happened yesterday when I was downtown running errands.
The guy needs serious help. He is not making his life any easier!!!

Hoda said...

Need more sleep.
Good night

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends - I am checking in this morning!

Very frustrating evening. Cordless phones (landline) wouldn't work. Called Panasonic for tech support using my cell. After being on hold and then trying this and that, it's not the phones, it's a problem with Verizon. The guys working on the driveway must have cut a line. Verizon tech comes today.

Then the cable guy showed up to check out our kitchen TV b/c the picture is messed up but only on the hi-definition channels. He was over an hour late. When he finally arrived and checked everything out, he announced it's the TV, not the cable. Dug out the receipt and the TV is 1 day out of its 1-year warranty. Called Vizio customer support and the young lady walked me through several very time consuming things over the phone. When they didn't work, she said sorry, the TV is out of warranty so they won't cover the repair.

Got NO school work done - GRRRR!!!

Glad to hear that Skippi and Luna are mending.

Jo, prayers continue for you.

Wishing everyone a great day.

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

JudyE said...

SANDI so sorry about the TV woes

Janet said...


JudyE said...

Congrats on the won games SHIRLEY

as we know you are extraordinary

It is nice out today 75° out now not 90° has been overcasty all day so far only drizzles