Monday, September 29, 2014


New thread.


Kay said...

Oops, I was just talking about the need for a new thread. Thanks to Steve. Will head out to collect the others.....

Kay said...

How do I look with this purty feather in my cap?

Be sure to go back to the last thread to catch up on the morning comments!!!!

Hoda said...

Thank you STEVE and KAY

Mema Jo said...
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Mema Jo said...

Sandi - hope you have a great week.
IF Kevin makes b-day plans other then
to be in Bethany - I'll expect to see you and Denny in WV that weekend.

Janet - getting up so early will require a Panda nap around 2pm.

Judy - I saw the album pictures - very glad they finally went in for you.

Shirley - what is the brand of Washer you purchased.. Wed can't come soon enough.

Kay - I loved the email you sent this morning - lots of good laughs!
Words can be funny Lexophile Humor

Mema Jo said...

My finger twitched and I stuttered

Thanks for the info Sharon - I knew that Carolyn said she would let Margie know about the weekend and thought she was off on the 18th.
Thank You Carolyn for your friendly influence!

Mema Jo said...

KAY - I think the first episode of The Good Wife was last Sunday and then like you I watched for the first time last night. I did record
the 1st one on Demand but haven't watched it yet.
Seems to be quite interesting but sometimes they lose me..... lol

Mema Jo said...

Prayers for Tori and her mom Robyn as they are at doctors down at UMMC.
They are seeking some answers as to procedures for repairing Tori's ankle bone - it could encounter a
hip replacement.

Judie said...

Good afternoon everyone.

Reporting in with a thank you to Steve for a fresh Monday thread and congratulations to Kay on her elegant feather.

Kay, thank you for the morning humor. Enjoyed with my coffee. Glad you enjoyed some Seth time.

Lolly, congratulations to Joseph on the soccer win. How is Jacob doing?

Sandi, isn't is nice to feel a little bit caught up on school work? I remember that feeling. Bet Shirley also remembers.

Janet, how is Olivia doing with home schooling? Does she like being schooled at home? Glad the GPS is repaired on the school bus.

Have made my reservations for the 17th and 18th. So nice to anticipate seeing some momsters. Decided to make the trip as I need some new Sheetz.

Have a lovely afternoon. BBL

Judie said...

Prayers for Tori. Cannot comprehend the strength that young woman possesses.

Mema Jo said...

NCIS:LA Monday at 10 pm
Lots of competitors the same night and time:Blacklist & Castle

BUT I'm watching Hettie's gang...............

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

How are you feeling Jo?

JudyE said...

Helloooooooo on lunch and find a new thread



JudyE said...

two days now I went looking for Buddy and the pen is MT:-(

Judie said...

Must be losing touch ... Who is Buddy and where is Buddy's pen? Well, hope Buddy returns to the pen.

Quiet day today. Reading and catching up on busy work. I think leftovers tonight.


Janet said...

good afternoon.

THANKS for the new thread!

KAY: congrats on the new feather...looks DEEEEVINE on you dahlink...

JO: Panda nap was taken when I got home. I got right back in my jammies, crawled right back in that bed, Beano by my side (he's such a snuggler!) and back to sleep I went. Kinda made my day skeewonkey, but I will survive.

JUDIE: thank you for asking. I think she is seeing that she CAN do things. For example, we have been working on fractions for a bit now. She missed a couple last week, and said, (with disgust) I just stink at math. Can"t do it.

I pointed out that while yes, she missed 2 out of 20..uh she IS doing math. She has the basic process and the errors that she made were simply mathematic errors that we all make from time to time....carelessness, just an error, whatever. THat didn't mean she can't do math, it means she simply made a mistake in her calculations.

She is beginning to get a glimmer of I can do this...I am doing this...

Then she said, you know in school they just moved so fast, I got lost and just gave up.

The ability to move at her pace is such a blessing to us both.

Today we reviewed the brain, and she is now studying a section on brain injuries.

We also worked on our roman numerals (which she had never seen before) and is using them to outline that which she is currently reading.

We have worked on fractions and I gave her her spelling pretest, which she aced.

We have also looked at English, grammar and such and are getting ready to delve into that...she doesn't know what an adjective is...nor many other parts of speech. The pre test I gave her helped me to establish maybe some of what she knows and doesn't know.

SHortly, after lunch we are heading to the library. She is going to get another book to read while I get some American History books and English /Grammar basics books.

Yes, I will survive....

Then we will clean the boat and get it ready to be covered for the winter.

Steak fahitas for dinner.

Plenty of cake left if anyone wants to come over for some coffee and cake later...

hugs to all

NCSuzan said...

Good Monday afternoon! Overcast and somewhat gloomy here. Think there is rain in the forecast.

So wish I could attend the group weekend plans. Happy that so many of you will be there.

Janet, it is so very good that you are able to give your daughter time to let her education "sink in" and progress at her own pace. It is a shame that some students are left at the wayside in the school atmosphere when all they need is a little more attention. Unfortunately curriculum, state tests demands and teachers pushed to their limits have all had an effect on this. I am not a professional it is just what I see from teachers I know and life. Was a shoulder to cry on for a dear friend who is a teacher last night so I guess I needed to rant a little. Thanks.

Judie, did you say two weeks for a diagnosis on your sleep study?

Guess I have used my blog space for the day. Have updated my list to include Tori. Take care everyone and enjoy this magnificent weather!

Mema Jo said...

Suzan - there is more space then enough for you to use. Chat as long as you wish! I love hearing from you

I am hoping the photos taken at our
gathering will be placed in a special Momsters album rather then
scattered ♥

Sandi said...

Hi all - home from school.

Lolly, there are very few weekends without school work from September til June. I'm used to that - it goes with the job. And to be honest, I think teachers SHOULD bring work home with them since a school day is less than 8 hours. I just prefer to feel like I'm treading water rather than drowning!

Our DVR has not been working for some strange reason so I missed several season premieres last week. Fortunately I can catch them On Demand I don't love On Demand b/c we can't fast forward past the commercials, but still it's nice to be able to watch something I missed and not have to search for it online and watch it on my laptop. So I am headed to the sofa to watch How to Get Away with Murder which my DVR didn't record last Thursday!

See y'all in the AM!

Red said...

Howdy all y'all. Just wanted to thank everyone for the birthday wishes. Sorry I haven't been active here in a long time. I'm still in good health and just as ornery as ever. Just had cataracts removed in both eyes this month and now I can see sooooooo much better. Been traveling a bit this summer. My wife's family reunion in Michigan and our granddaughter's wedding in Kansas City, Mo. Good to see all y'all again. I'll be back!!!!

JudyE said...

JUDIE BUDDDY is the 6 yr old eagle that has the crooked beak and is a permanent resident in VA at the Wildlife Center they one that takes in eagle and rehabs them there has been quite a few in the past but have been released
Here is the link Buddy is ususally there but not the past two days

JudyE said...

and Buddy is there now

JudyE said...

I sure do enjoy watching him and was always nice to be able to see daily He must have been out and about or just not in view when I looked I love the camera person that zooms on him

JudyE said...

I just wish they had sound after I click publish something else comes to mind

It was pouring when I came home and has subsided for now

Hoda said...

Having trouble getting on here and on my gmail from my desk top. Any ideas. Google Chrome explorere and Firefox all no go. HELP

Kay said...

Wahoo, RED checks in ! So good to hear you're faring well and seeing things clearly! Don't be a stranger. I miss your meal plans and recipes!

JUDY, do they take Buddy to schools and organizations as an aide and mascot?

JANET, I'm so impressed with what you're accomplishing with Olivia and her studies. Being able to pace just the right way for her is such an asset!

SUZAN, never worry about the space used for posts! I always love "seeing" you here and I know everyone else does, too!

Looking for SHIRLEY, LOLLY and HODA to tell us what kind of trouble they've been getting into today.☺

Time for din-din, PBS News Hour and Jeopardy.....see you tomorrow!

JudyE said...

YEAH we heard from RED so good to here you are ornery and doing good

JudyE said...

KAY I am not positive about Buddy but I am thinking maybe yes
I know that have tours there Have seen people outside the pen where he is watching him

LYDIA would know need to ask her

JudyE said...

HODA if you recall in the past there were times when I couldn't get on but whatever it was I didn't figure it out and I think others also have had issues Hope it resolves quickly for you At least you have your phone to use till it resolves

Mema Jo said...

Hoda - my firefox is great

Cold boot and try once again

Lolly said...

Two of Jacks appointments were routine. The one today was to remove an infected cyst on his back, really yucky! So, now it is packed, he goes back Thurs, and is on antibiotics. He was glad Jacob did not have pain like he experienced! So, make that 4 appointments this week.

Hey, an armadillo blind......a great idea. LOL

So happy that Margy will be able to go on the 18th!

Lolly said...

Jack says the blind is a great idea as long as it comes with deputy to stand watch while he sleeps in bed.

Mema Jo said...

I saw a robin at the birth bath today - During the spring they were all over the yard but I hadn't seen any for a month. Also I had a little
Downy woodpecker here on the deck.
My bird day!

I'll watch NCIS:LA this evening at 10


Judie said...

What a treat for us! Red stopped by to bring us up-to-date. Happy Birthday again, Red.

Okay, dinner over and kitchen restored to order.

JudyE, I wondered if you meant Buddy the Eagle but never think of him being in a pen. Maybe he was out looking for an eagle gal pal.

Lolly, hope Jack will be just fine and back out hunting armadillo. How's Jacob?

Jo, hope the birds at your BIRTH bath are looking forward to next Spring. lol Mot so many birds the past few days here. Hope some return soon. Especially the wintering-over Robins. Gold finches have begun to return to their winter drab color.

Headed across the hall to watch First 48.

JudyE said...

A must see Eagle hunts deer wow wow wow

Judie said...

Another day has come and almost gone. Another night for Sandperson to pack a satchel and depart to sprinkle sleepy dust into momster (and dadster) eyes.

The night light is set for 11pm and Sandperson is packing a satchel as I type. Says he plans to slide down the mountain to Jo's valley, swoop along the flat terrain and then make a brownie stop in Nelson by way of Hoda's abode.

Restful sleep for all.

JudyE said...

Security system is armed please be sure to use your code if out past curfew

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

Mema Jo said...

Headed for the pillows........

Goodnight to all and may you have a restful sleep with pleasant dreams.♥

Costume Lady said...

Stopping in just before I lay me down to sleep to give you a tentative report on our Gathering of Oct. 17 & 18th. Plans are to meet at 5pm on Oct.17, 2014 in the Rumsey Tavern.
On Oct. 18, 2014, we will meet at 2:30pm in a conference/party room...all in the Clarion Hotel. I will give you a list of those of us who plan to attend in a day or and on facebook. Maybe Jo or Judy could place that message on the Momsters Email.I cannot get there!?
Sleep well, love and prayers for all ♥

Janet said...

late evening check in. tom scored four free tickets to the predators game this evening, so we ended up at bridgestone arena watching hockey! super seats, best we have ever had...8 rows back from the ice.

it was a busy day. we did made a good run to the library and I came out with a STACK of books....all for home school. Olivia was required to check out two books, one of which is will read. (I have her check out two in case one turns out to be un interesting) the next time I pick her book...or I will give her a list of books to read and she has to pick one.

I am a person who tends to be fairly structured. home school is serious business for me. and I do work part time, so for me, I like to have my ducks in a row, know what we are doing and go with it.

if I could have gotten her the help she needed in school, trust me, she would have stayed there! this is a lot lot lot of work...time and energy. I have never dreamed I would be a home school parent...but...that is where I am. it is what I need to do for Olivia. and we are making great strides.

after the first of the year she wishes to take hooping classes. I think I've mentioned this before.

anyway, busy day ahead again tomorrow. hope everyone has pleasant dreams. hugs, light, and love....

Lolly said...

Did some yard work, ran some errands, tried to do a repair job at much for my day.

Let me tell you what love is. Jack used his chain saw this morning and took down a cedar tree. It was a voluntary tree and quite tall, but we decided we would like it gone. He left a stump, then he used his saw to make like a slanted roof. I am going to make with his help a Garden Gnome House or a Fairy House. If this turns out I will take a picture. It will be a fun project. When I suggested it he went right along with the plan and cut the slanted roof. More fun!

Have not heard from Laurel, so I am assuming that Jacob is doing fine. Jack is able to sit comfortably in his chair. Last night he couldn't because of that cyst.

Ok, headed to the shower. Night all! SED!!

Hoda said...

Blogger ate my post
All is good
God Bless
Good night.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. Have a great day - prayers for all.

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds


.♥ Happy Birthday! ♥

grannyblt said...

Good morning all

I hope for a wonderful day for all of us.

Janet said...

Thank you JUDYE

good morning to all. gorgeous morning here. yes, I just woke up. from a nighmare too. :( don't like those.

another quiet day. homeschool. maybe get the boat covered. cleaned it yesterday.

and I wanted to work on getting Olivia's fall/winter clothes up. the weather isn't there, but I need to know what she needs....

LOLLY: that is indeed love!

everyone, have a delightful day.

Judie said...

Lolly, please thank Jack for building a new hiding place for me. Judie's hall closet is dark and scary and Sandperson snores. Looking forward to moving to Texas.

Mema Jo said...

Good morning to all ♥

I have a free day = of course I know I have lots of free days. Tomorrow is blood work and then late afternoon visit to my pulmonary who will be the one to prep me for the radiation Cyberknife.

Mema Jo said...

Remember that the FL eagle cams will
soon be up/running....

Cut and Paste please

Mema Jo said...

Wanda's Update Info:

I now have our plans written in stone and finalized.

Reservations on the 17th at 5pm Friday night in the Rumsey Tavern...

Reservations on the 18th from 2:30 pm til 6pm for the Tuscany Party Room

I will certainly do details tonight or tomorrow

Hoda said...

Good morning all...
Beautiful autumn day here...
I so enjoyed my paddle last evening and I think this is my last one for this season.
Saturday a short paddle to beach the Dragon and clean it up for the winter...
It has been a good season.

I will take out my autumn and winter clothes out today and put away the linens till next spring summer...

I think today I need to vacuum also and maybe even do some deeper cleaning...
Going to yoga and for a walk with a friend...

Spoke to Edward in New York this morning the twins are doing well.

I keep thinking of HUNTER and SHIRLEY and sending love and Light...

The gathering sounds divine...So looking forward to photos...Wanda seems to have things in hand and it is shaping up nicely...

Judie said...

Good morning.

Overcast and dreary here. Good day for reading.

Jo, enjoy your "free" day.

Tomorrow I go for my six months sonogram for arteries. Must also go this week for blood draw for cardiologist next week.

Hoda, I'm sure you are sad to put the dragon boat to sleep for a few months but that means something to look forward to in Spring. Happy cleaning, and walking and yogaing.

Janet, admiration for your dedication to home schooling. Olivia will benefit greatly.

Wanda, of course, has everything under control. She's an amazing organizer.

Lolly, glad Jacob seems to be okay and Jack as well. Cool idea for the tree stump. I see Jufie has already made claim on it for a new residence.

Now to my reading. BBL

Lolly said...

Good morning! Not sure I like the idea of Jufie anywhere near me! I refuse to allow her on my property!

Not moving very fast this morn, so what else is new?

Nothing on the agenda today, so guess I will meander out. Armadillo did major work the two nights before last but looks like only one small hole out there this morn. Jack has had no luck. Not fun getting up at 5:30 and wandering around the yard in the dark. Bless him!

Have a great day!

Hoda said...

It is all good JUDIE...
Yesterday all of a sudden I found my ski wax and then knew where my skis are...I will probably ride my bicycle a few more times before I completely let go of the summer activities...

Theatre activities start too and I will sign up for a few meditation courses over the autumn and the winter.

So many choices and a sense of gratitude for it all.

I will go on the boat to water test in October and there is a Friends of Kootenay Lake Summit and I am on the board for organizing that there is also the volunteer work to see it is in a little town called Kaslo and it is very pretty there...

Kootenay Spirit Festival cleared in the black and we have over three thousand dollars surplus which makes me very very very happy. We will have a few fund raisers and we will have a few cosponsoring of yoga events in the winter to simply keep our name alive in people's awareness and also maybe even get some press coverage. Some of the presenters this year want to come back next year...and this is a good sign...we have to also balance to stay fresh so we can spread the experience amongst the teachers who are out there...

Exciting times indeed...
I will keep you posted...

My laundry and winter clothes beckon... Be back when all that is done and before Yoga...

Judie said...


Please don't tell Hoda but I have resorted to socks and shoes this morning.

Mema Jo said...

This link should be in your bookmarks
It has a wealth of information for our eagles

JudyE said...

HELLO on lunch

stronghunter said...

Stopping by to say a quick hello. Will be back later. Need to catch a quick nap first.

JudyE said...

take a nap for me

almost time to head back but only one more day this week

grannyblt said...

Judie, I put on some heavier capris this morning for a trip to get a haircut. Just now I was seriously thinking about socks. We have had a lovely stretch of weather, but I think a jacket may be necessary this weekend. Summer was way too short this year.

Kay said...

Good Afternoon Eagle Buds !!!

Coming to you from cool, dark, rainy Ohio. Heavy rain began to fall just as Penny and I got on the road for her mani-pedi. At the same time an NPR reporter was saying, "scattered showers possible"---Duh, you think? We do need the moisture as the grass is all turning brown too early.

JO, I've bookmarked all your suggested sites and I thank you!!!

JUDIE, warn Jufie that JACK has a gun and is on the prowl nightly or early in the morning.

LOLLY, two blinds now needed---one that will fool Armadillos and one that will fool Jufie! Two deputies needed now so that JACK can get some shuteye.

HODA, as always, just reading about your busy life wears me out! So glad you are blessed with such high energy enabling you to do so much good for the community you live in!

I think I'm missing something--I see no SHIRLEY posts for Monday and the one this afternoon says she needs a nap. HODA mentioned special thoughts for her and Hunter. Anyone have details?

Love and prayers for all !!!


DanaMo said...

I thought I posted earlier, but it must not have gone through.
Just stopped in to say Hello.
I was going to try to do better, but haven't done very well.

Things are good. School is okay. New aide this year...getting adjusted. Not the same without my Suzy.

NCSuzan said...

Two days in a row! You guys better watch out!

It was great to see Red post yesterday. Sounds like he is still doing very well. I am jealous that he can travel so easily but happy he can do so. He friended me on FB. I took Jo's advice!

Bet Shirley is resting up for tomorrow. Don't you know she already has laundry sorted and ready to go!

Lolly, hope Jack is feeling better. Sounds like the same type of cyst that my father had which bothered him off and on for years. He was not the best at taking care of himself. Fortunately Jack has you!

My Night Blooming Cereus has two blooms!!!!! Started this plant from a one hundred year old cutting nine years ago and this is the first time it is going to bloom. I am beside myself with anticipation. Will be sitting on my front porch watching for it to open soon. Of course, they only open at night!

Hope everyone is good. Jo, can't wait to hear what the lung doctor says should you want to share.

Have a great afternoon.

PS- The baby cheetahs can already run very very fast!

NCSuzan said...

Good grief! That's the most wind I've had in a long time!

Janet said...

whew. good afternoon. did I say quiet day? I must be insane!

got up and got the day a rockin'
subtracting fractions from whole numbers
discussing nouns, pronouns, subjects, predicates, antecedents, possessive nouns and pronouns
the Mayflower Compact
walked 2 and 1/4 miles
cleaned out my downstairs storage area with a run to goodwill donation site for stuff others might be able to use.
now...boat is been whisked off to remove leaves that accumulated last nite, cover to come shortly

need to get ready for tomorrow's massage...vacuum the floors and fix dinner.

did I say quiet day? lol. NOT

off to feed the furbabies

light and love hugs and smiles to all!

Mema Jo said...

Janet you are getting as busy as Hoda! I'm not sure I can take it -
Just be very thankful you can do so much - it is a blessing.

Suzan - Red did sound good - he had used oxygen and I am wondering if he still does. ???

Lolly said...

Yes,Jack gets these cysts regularly, but this is only the second time that one has become infected. There is a name for them.

Have posted picture on fb of my new garden fairy house. Lol. I love it. But, even better, Jack got caught up in the fun, too! He did more than his share!

Skippi is becoming more and more of a lap kitty. She goes everywhere I go. She is a stalker! LOL. After working in the yard, when I come in she comes running and purrs and purrs!

Mema Jo said...

Momster email sent out about
Oct 17 & 18

JudyE said...

looks like our royal couple has stood us up again Tomorrow the Fl goes live Can't wait someone has been posting pic regularly of them from the ground They are doing lots of nestoration bring in sticks

Sandi said...

Hi all - the Roberts family could use some prayers and positive energy.

Denny got a phone call from Lynnis yesterday that her grandmother was having double bypass surgery today. In the early afternoon today, we got an email from our niece Marci that her sister Meredith (the one we JUST went to the baby shower for) was taken to the hospital. Her blood pressure was very high and her doctor had decided to induce labor and deliver the baby. The baby's due date is 11/7 so she is really early.

I forwarded the email to Lynnis and asked how her grandmother was doing. Lynnis emailed back that she had talked to her grandmother just before she went into the OR and she was feeling OK.

Brian just called us to say that Lynnis's grandmother died on the operating table this afternoon.

We are still waiting to hear an update about Meredith and her baby.

Mema Jo said...

Headed over to see the Fairy House..

It is wonderful - Very creative of

you and Jack!

JEOPARDY is calling me

See you later

Mema Jo said...

Sandi, prayers for you and all your family. Praying so hard for Meredith
and the newborn! That is such
devastating news about both the situations.

You really have steady prayers
Come back to us with any updates

grannyblt said...

My goodness, what a time for your family Sandi. Prayers of course.

stronghunter said...

Good evening,

Oh Sand, really difficult situations for your family.

We have received several notifications informing us that the washer will be delivered between 10:30 and 2:30 tomorrow. I am hoping it is closer to 10:30.

Bowling did not go well today. We lost all of our games. New averages have been calculated and we were up against a very good team. We might still be in first place. Maybe. But we have lost our cushion.

JudyE said...

SANDI so sorry for your loss and will keep her in my thoughts and prayers My daughter was about that early so there is hope with modern technology also

Berry Eagle cam is up and there is a eagle in it now was just on FB

JudyE said...

Berry cam in case you lost it

Judie said...

Sandy, sincere sympathy on the death of Lynnis's grandmother and prayers for Meredith and the baby. So very sorry for the family.

Other posts must wait until late tomorrow. Headed for the pillows. Must arise early to go for a sonogram of arteries, then a blood draw (both requiring a fast) and then home for some food. So sleep is on the agenda.

Sandperson is packing a satchel. Jufie is checking out his new Texas living arrangements. Night light is set for 11pm.

Restful sleep for all.

Janet said...

evenin' all.

SANDI; light, love, hugs, and comfort..... blessed be.

LOLLY: love love love the fae house!

JO: I am most thankful I can do all of the things that I do. on days that I work, I don't get nearly as much done. massage is a very physical job and after 5 hours of it, I don't want to do too awful much at home. however, when I have several days in a row off, I use that energy to take care of stuff around here.

we did get the cover on the boat. with all 3 of us, didn't take much time at all.

fahitas for dinner. I put a candle between 2 of them and sang happy bday to tom! :)

hot tub time as my hip was bugging me after the walk today. feeling much better now.

and heading to the bed shortly.
good night to all. pleasant dreams!

JudyE said...

Berry eagle is still on the nest and awake

Security system is armed please be sure to use your code if out past curfew

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

Mema Jo said...

I'll be thinking of you Judie with all your appointments tomorrow.
Wishing they will go very smoothly.

Sandi my heart goes out to the Roberts' family. Prayers for all ♥

Mema Jo said...

Saying goodnight on this last day of
September. October is my favorite month so I will welcome its arrival.

Everyone sleep well and have
pleasant dreams that come true.


Hoda said...

So sorry and Condolences to you and LYNNIS' family.
Prayers for the mother and child.
Keeping you all in the Light.

Headed to bed. Good night.

Lolly said...

Sandi, many prayers headed your way!I

I am telling Jack to keep an eye out for strange person with satchel. He will be patrolling with shotgun!!😁

Watched TV tonight. All my programs are back. Watching The Voice, Castle, and Grey's. They record automatically if I am not here. Love technology!

I think the little house turned out cute. Will have fun with it. Want to add flowers and a few other things. It's a conversation piece.😄

Still Sept here for 25 more minutes but want to wish you happy October!🎃👻

Head to the pillows. Nite all! SED. 🌃

Uh oh....Jack just headed out for his first stroll. Jufie better watch it!😱😩😢

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends on this 1st day of October.

No news on the baby since an email late last night that Meredith was still at just 1cm dilated. I am praying.

Brian was in VA when Lynnis called him about her grandmother. He is flying to Mexico today - can't cancel the trip. Lynnis was packing Freyja up and driving to her mom's. Today will be a very sad day for Lynnis and her mom and her grandfather.

Judie and Jo, good luck with your doctor appts. today.

Have agreat day all.

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds Just got the email in my box saying Romeo an d Juliet got live today

I had the Berry cam up all night and the eagle is still in the nest also

Our nest is MT

SANDI hope all is ok with the baby being you haven't heard anything

JudyE said...

They have 3 cameras on that nest Eagle in nest now
The page has all three camera on it also

JudyE said...

So both Fl cameras are up and running NE and SW cams The Ft Myers
is MT this moment

JudyE said...

Just on the news in IL a guy got out of his truck People had been staring at his truck and he didn't know why until he got of it and he found a coyote stuck in the front bumper of it , It was docile they said they cut it out and took it to vet It has three broken legs and will recovery Odd story had to pass along they did have pictures on the news also

Sandi said...

Baby was delivered by emergency c-section around 11pm last night. No update since then - Denny had an email in his inbox when he checked this morning.

JudyE said...

Will be praying for the baby SANDI

Was hearing blue jays making a big commotion in my front yard I looked out and they along with mockingbirds have a Hawk in the tree I ran to the truck out the side door to get the camera Got the camera and just as I walked to the front they were chasing it to another tree down the street Not fast enough with the camera Bummer

Judie said...

Good early morning.

Prayers that Meredith and baby are doing just fine.

Lolly, Jufie says he would like some flowers at his TX abode - thinks armadillo daisies would look pretty.

Hoping all goes smoothly for Jo today.

Headed to my ultrasound followed by doctor who will tell me what's going on inside my arteries. Then likely go and get blood drawn as long as I'm starving.

Wishing each of you a lovely day.

Janet said...

morning to all!

light, love, hugs, smiles to all... keeping each of you close in my heart and thoughts.

have a super day!

Lori said...

Wanda -Kate and I plan to be there at the gathering for Saturday.

Typing this on my phone and not good at it. New Internet service to be hooked up tomorrow or Friday.

Love you all!!!!!

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

WHOOHOO!!! Good morning Lori!!!!

Mema Jo said...

Good morning to all ♥

Sandi - my prayers are with you and Denny and all the members of your family. Loving prayers for Lynnis and her family's loss - prayers for a safe journey for Brian and Prayers that the angels are watching over the precious newborn baby and Meredith and her hubby. There is so much sadness for you today - my prayers for many guardian angels to be watching over all of you. ♥

Mema Jo said...

Many leaves are starting to fall - and the leaves are the vibrant colors
I love October - don't forget to flip those calendars.
I had asked hubby to water the potted mum out front yesterday - then
came the rain storm around 8:30. You know like when you wash your car!

Mema Jo said...

Thinking of you Judie - hoping you find a yummy lunch today after your test and then blood work.

Mema Jo said...

A lot of eagle cams are up/running.
Judy - how would you enjoy the 3 cams
Isn't that the best! I would flip out if NCTC had that!

Mema Jo said...

I have sent a message checking out Norma Long's correct address - Hoping that as a Momster or Dadster we can send her cards as no computer that I know of. I also have a phone#
It is on 10/9 - She was an original and we loved being around her.

Kay said...

This is post #100 and time to call you over to the NEW THREAD !!!!!



Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Good morning my eagle budlets.

I just tried to call Normabyrd to tell her about our gathering but no answer. I hope I remember to try again.