Saturday, September 06, 2014


Weekend thread.


Janet said...

I will call the others over thanks STEVE

Sandi said...

Wow, a new thread on a Saturday morning!? Thanks Steve, and thanks janet for the call over!

Janet said...

Good morning to all! I take this feather and will share it with everyone today!!!!! :) Good morning good morning good morning.

Feeling dandy this morning! looking forward to a great day of work.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Judie said...

Good morning.

Thank you Steve and thank you Janet for the call-over and the feather.

Sandi, have a nice drive and enjoy the family visits and the wedding.

No further discussion on a retirement move. Darth is just not willing to downsize and move on. The more I say = nagging = digging in of heels.

There is an adoption fair next weekend and I am hopeful that a foster family will become available.

Wishing everyone a lovely Saturday morning.

Hoda said...

Thank you STEVE and JANET.
Good morning.
Am in Penticton.
Had an easy time setting up tents
Had a good practice.
Shared a good supper
Slept well
Ready for the races.

I love love love us.

stronghunter said...

Good morning,
Thanks for the new thread, Steve.

Congratulations on the feather, Janet.

ALERT! If you get a notice about an update on your AT&T phone, you might encounter some problems. The update disabled my touch screen. Same thing happened to Will. We were able to fix it by taking the battery out and putting it back in.

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds !!!

Thanks loads to STEVE for the shiny new thread and to JANET on the feather---thanks for sharing, JANET! I've tucked my little bit o' feather into my rather sparse collection. ☺

SANDI, quite the weekend ahead---have fun and safe travel!

HODA, thinking of you in Penticton--wishing your team great success!

SHIRLEY, thanks for the At&T heads up. I would ignore/delete any on line message from them--they can contact me by phone if they have any instructions I need. My only AT&T phone is my land line and you may be referring to cells, I know.

Just as with FB, I'm a smart phone hold out, maintaining only a Trac-phone and use it only for calling out/emergencies.

Seth is home for the weekend as he didn't want to miss out on some out-of-town company. I believe she was only staying last night, so he may be over this evening. If so, I'll be happy and ready with all the right food, etc..

Storm hit early this a.m., lots of rain and still looking threatening now. Supposed to clear soon, however.

Love and prayers for all !!!


stronghunter said...

Yes, it's the cell phone, Janet. The update notice came via cell phone messaging with a cute AT&T sound signal.

Lolly said...

Good morning! Thanks for the warning, Shirley!

Have a great weekend, Sandi! sounds fun! Guess you are taking a day off from school on Monday! Good for you! We do have personal lives while teaching!

Have a party to go to this afternoon. Actually a come and go reception for a great guy turning 90. He still plays tennis!!!! He goes up to TCU and plays tennis indoors. He is amazing!

Skippi has another problem. Ever since we got her she has tiny scabs around her neck and face. The foster said it was playing with the other kittens....not! I have mentioned them to the vet but he seems to ignore them. Her paws were a bigger concern. We have changed her food and I think there is improvement. Any thoughts?

Lolly said...

Off to fill my mug and settle down with sudoku and crossword!

Mema Jo said...

Wow - Janet you were the early bird this morning! Attach that feather on your drum!

Thank you Steve for the fresh new thread! Still cam is down - I think Deb Stecyk emailed you yesterday -
We did see the Royal Couple before it went down - We all think they turned off the cam for some privacy.

Mema Jo said...

Hot one again out there so I am staying inside in the AC. I'll be so happy next week for a cool spell in order to open up the house for fresh air!

No plans - everyone enjoy their weekend.

Mema Jo said...

Just read about Skippi, Lolly
Perhaps by her licking her paws before they healed it transferred to her face. I sure hope not. Send her to the dermatologist - the cat one of course.

I am also hoping that Luna is have a good day and slightly comfortable.

Java, Dana's lab, also had surgery and is doing pretty well. Annemarie takes good care of her.

Judy I hope the stray mother cat has been caught and taken to the vet to be spaded.

Mema Jo said...


It is Grandparent's Day on Sunday September 7th.


Mema Jo said...

I just read older thread ----
Sandi and Denny -
Have a great time! When you pass Midlothian (Above Richmond)give Christine/Pat a shout out. That is where they are now setting up their new forever home.
BTW - new block windows in the kitchen really make a difference - Looks great and makes it look like new.

Mema Jo said...

Today, Hoda will be a winning day for your team - It already has been wonderful fellowship I am sure. Hope your tent is cozy! Prayers for you♥

stronghunter said...

Thanks for the concern about Luna, Jo. She is back to wearing the shorts. The doughnut collar doesn't work, at least not the one we got. May a larger one.

Problem with the shorts: They have to be removed whenever she goes out, and they are a pain to put on. Also, she tends to walk on them and that pulls them down, so she needs to be watched closely.

Mema Jo said...

Look on FB the ones that Lori uses for all those Bulldogs
Maybe they are a little different

stronghunter said...

Maybe so.

Luna is just so long that she has room to get to the stitches.

Judie said...

Good afternoon.

Went out to return a library book and don't intend to venture out again. Absolutely miserable heat and humidity. Turning ceiling fans on here. AC, while a blessing, is just not good enough right now.

Thank you Shirley for the AT&T information. Very sorry Luna is still having such difficulty. Hopefully, all will be better very soon.

Lolly, no idea about Skippi. It could be a transfer of infection but would absolutely address the problem directly with the vet.

Just saw a newsflash: a group of women in a dragon boat in an area called Penticton are just tearing up the water. One woman in particular is splashing water in all directions passling furiously and the RCMP have been notified to keep a watch on her. I believe it was an officer named DoRight who is first on the scene.

Cleaned shrimp, washed lettuce, threw bread out for the birds (if they dare to leave their nests), and am headed for a drink of cold water and some reading.


JudyE said...

Hello on lunhc and yea MCD is back with wifi Congrats on the feather STEVE JO must not have been home when Steve called lOL



grannyblt said...

Good afternoon all.

I saw on Facebook that our Hodas team is doing well.

Just returned from a impromptu birding trip to see a Sabine's Gull. Very unusual for these parts. We were in the misty rain and getting cool, so you all to the east should be getting relief tomorrow. Late lunch at Cracker Barrel.

Lolly said...

I hear thunder!!! Please whisper a prayer!! We have scattered showers all around.

Birthday reception was very nice. Good friend, Kaye, his daughter in law did a fantastic job!

Have Jacob's cake in the oven. Zacharooski called. I told him what I was doing. He told me, and I quote " on January 30 I want you to make me a chocolate cake with m&m's." His birthday is February 1. LOL

This last week we did nothing. Now this next week is shaping up to be full! Two trips to Denton, one to Dallas and on Thurs my sister and BIL are coming for the weekend. Their RV is down so they will be staying with us. Going to the TCU game on Saturday. I am not like Hoda, I will collapse next Sunday!

Janet said...

good evening. feeling tired and lazy. ordered pizza.

thoughts on the cat: our Natasha seems to have better skin when on a grain free cat food. other wise she's itchy and scabby.

busy day at work.

not sure what we are doing tonight, don't want to do much.

hugs to all! later!

Mema Jo said...

Oh my Lolly - I blew and blew and blew and that storm system would NOT move your way. So so sorry.
We got it good right at 6pm when hubby was getting out of the door into the house from church! Dinner was delayed while he dried off.

I of course was checking out TV for evening viewing. I must get a book for a few more weeks until some new seasons start. Tonight I can watch Cedar Cove (Hallmark type of weekly soap opera) and then if I don't want to watch Forrest Gump I can watch Forensic Files which I really do find interesting. They are half hour segments of how cases were proven.

Mema Jo said...

I keep check the still cam but it is still a duhhhhhhhhh.

I need to get geared into our Lennox Reunion next Saturday... Being the closest hubby usually takes care of most of it BUT this year our sons will help him. Looking forward to it and praying it is decent not too hot and not too windy & chilly weather.

BBL after my evening entertainment!

Judie said...

Hi Jo. Forensic Files is one of my favorites. Just love to see how the crime scene, to include the victim, speaks to investigators. Am absolutely sure that the Family Lennox reunion will be a complete success. Don't forget your Eagle Whisperer hat!

Dinner over. Kitchen restored to order. Need to go across the hall to my book and the tv. But first, need to Google a Sabine Gull.

Lolly, at least you have a few months notice to plan Zach's cake request.

Hoping Hoda checks in.


Lolly said...

Thanks for the effort, Jo! Hope all that blowing did not leave you winded! :)

Storms all around us....we got almost one tenth! I tell you, I am doing something wrong!

I told Jack I do not care what plans Ashley has for his birthday. It is always big, fancy and expensive and I am not asked to bake a cake, BUT when I see him to give him a gift, he is getting a chocolate cake with m&m's! He is in 3rd grade now and knows his calendar well! Proud of that boy!

Lolly said...

Thinking of sticking my nose in my kindle.

Lolly said...

Think of this......huge stadium packed with fans, game delayed because of lightning and the stadium stays packed! Duh!! Does that make sence?

JudyE said...

I guess some one from the news media got a recent pic of HODABIRD wait to see it LOL

JudyE said...

Well I finally got it from the WIRE LOL

Here she is not a juvie picture this time a pretty recent one thanks to facebook LOL and her team did great also today she posted

JudyE said...

Got to see the cell phone tower male this evening after work
Sue said they were there most of the afternoon bringing in sticks the nest looks like it takes up more of the corners of the tower now
Planning for a bigger family I guess this year

stronghunter said...

Good evening,

Oh my, it is so hot and humid in these parts. The weather all summer was reasonably cool--at least not miserably hot. Now that it is September, it is burning hot.

Tried to do a Judie. Went to the library, but it was closed. I did return my books, but couldn't get new ones. Was practicing bowling earlier. Needed to make my way there before 5:00 so I could try to use the pass I had for three free games. I was pretty sure the pass had expired, but nobody had bothered to write a date on it, and, besides, while it says the games are free, I had paid $8.00 for the pass. "Free" passes aren't good after 5:00.

I did get questioned about when I'd gotten the pass. Turns out they stopped giving them out (or selling them) in June. But the guy accepted it. Said he wanted to keep the customer happy :).

stronghunter said...

Still frustrated with Luna's situation. I took the doughnut collar back and bought the x-large one, but she is still getting around it and licking the stitches. There is an xx-large collar. I suppose I could try it. Luna is just so long and the area is on a flap of floppy basset skin that hangs down to where she can get to it.

We have strict instructions to make sure she does not lick her stitches. Almost feel like they think we are being negligent.

Anyway, she is back in the shorts AND the collar.

Already have had to postpone the removal of stitches and purchase another $50 bottle of antibiotic.

stronghunter said...

Hoda, you wondered about vacuuming in the early morning, and someone mentioned neighbors mowing in the early morning. Well, I took Luna for a walk just a little while ago, and one of my neighbors was mowing grass. It was about 9:15 and quite dark.

Lots of lightning it the clouds off in the distance. Not sure that storm will come this way, but there were lots of clouds building late this afternoon.

stronghunter said...

Interesting that they are working on the nest now, Judy.

stronghunter said...

Going to say good night and head upstairs. Might find something to read on my Kindle. Decided that would be better than buying something at the grocery store.

SED, everyone.

JudyE said...

SHIRLEY great that they honored the coupon very nice of them
remember our season is earlier in Fl On FB the FtMeyers nest someone is posting pic of them bringing in nesting material Camera isn't on line yet Just someone on the ground I guess

stronghunter said...

Yes, I was thinking that the season is earlier in Florida, but I don't remember when they actually lay the eggs.

Went back and looked at Lori's bullies, Jo. They are shorter and less floppy than Luna.

Mema Jo said...

I thought JAN was the laying season in FLORIDA nests

I am taking an early bedtime
I have the Yawns and keep dozing off. I was watching 48 Hours and keep missing the good parts.

JUDY - love your avatar!

Lolly - chocolate cake with M & M's it is no matter what!

Shirley - good your pass was honored and I loved the reason!

Mema Jo said...

I'm out of here due to eye closure..

Goodnight to all my friends.. ♥

Hoda said...

We did well.
First division is Platinum KRD SIS placed there
Second Division is Diamond KRD LOL placed there.
Then there is Gold, then Jade, then Silver.
Which means both Nelson Teams placed well in the upper half of the Festival.
My goal was to place in the middle of the pack.
We exceeded that.
We race tomorrow. Two more races.
I hope it holds.
Feeling proud of the Kootenay Rhythm Dragons.
The practices have paid off.
We are in the top third of the teams and our teams are holding strong.
Good night
God Bless

Lolly said...

Heading to bed. Jack is still watching football, but I am done in. Cake is made and will ice it tomorrow. Also will do meatballs tomorrow, so no rushing around Monday.

Night all! SED!

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

Hope everyone has a great Sunday in no matter what they do

Hoda said...

Well I am anxious!
Racing against two Vancouver Teams this morning and also a Penticton Team!!!
I think we will come in fourth!
I have to accept that we could lose against the big city clubs, and that that is OK!
We have come far.

Hoda said...

Good morning.
Adorable Zacharouski report LOLLY.

Sorry LUNA is having problems SHIRLEY

SHAR keep us posted on surgery.

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Wow, Hoda! How exciting for you and your team.

So much cooler and more pleasant outdoors this morning.

stronghunter said...

Know the cake and everything else will be delicious, Lolly.

Judie said...

Good morning to all.

Congratulations to our Hoda and her team. May they out-paddle themselves today.

Shirley, glad you were able to use the coupon and get some practice time. When do you blow with the team again?

Lolly, I'm sure the cake,meatballs, and birthday gathering will be perfect.

Interest about the FL nests. My impression was the season is earlier because of the warm weather but not this early. Hmmmm. Wonder if the eagles know something we don't? Like the avatar JudyE.

May go foraging later as the weather is cooler. Wishing everyone a lovely day and Hoda's team a big victory.

Janet said...

good morning to all! feeling quite human this morning. I didn't do anything last night, cross stitched a bit, dozed on the sofa and watched the race.

cloudy here today. not a pool day. :( that's okay I suppose, I have plenty left to do.

HODA: superb! am thinking of you today!

JUDYE: LOVE the HODABIRD. so glad to have seen a pix!

they must indeed be rare.

off today and tomorrow, then off and running.

cooler weather by end of the week, uh, 70's. pool weather is indeed coming to a close. booooooooooo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

later ya'll. have a great day!

Mema Jo said...

Good Sunday Morning to all ♥

On this special Grandparents Day I wish happiness and love always to my children's children and then to their children - 12 grands and 12 greats (soon to be 13) And to all my friends no matter what name they have given to you - know that you are a very special person in their lives !

Lolly said...

Good morning! Need to take a picture of the chess set Jack built and then get it wrapped! It is so pretty! I think it will probably sit on Laurel's coffee table for a while! Also, bought a couple of shirts on line but have not arrived. Grrrrr!

Time to eat a bite and then head to church.

Have a great Sunday!

stronghunter said...

Next bowling session is Tuesday, Judie.

Just checked the stats, and my new team is in first place for now. Only one set of games on the record, though. We were the only team to win all of our games. :)

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Rare for my to check in on Sunday mornings, but no Seth this weekend. The college boy has other things to do and that's all good!

HODA, go TeamHoda!

SANDI, miss seeing your early morning post, but know you're having a great weekend!

LOLLY, the cake, the chess set, the meatballs=great birthday fun for Jacob and the whole family!

JANET, glad you seem to be feeling better the last few days!

JUDIE, hope the foraging pays off!

SHIRLEY, your team is off to a great start! Hurray!

JUDYE, thanks your early morning good wishes--hope your day is great, too!

JO, nice Grandparent's Day thoughts from your corner! Collectively we Momster's have a fantastic set of grands n' great grands! What a blessing they are!

It's too nice a day to stay indoors, so picture me n' Penny on the deck or walking the hood!

Love and prayers for all!!!


stronghunter said...

It is truly a beautiful day. Hunter and Kathryn are at the beach this weekend--visiting a friend who lives near Virginia Beach. I am sure they are having a fun time.

Made myself a nice lunch . . . Cornish hen, rice, and spinach. Ice cream for dessert.

Have now put Luna in the doughnut collar and the cone. Maybe that will work. I think the doughnut will hold the cone in place and prevent her from getting to the stitches. The shorts don't prevent licking. She gets around them too. Perhaps she will enjoy a walk. I need the exercise too.

Then maybe a trip to the library and some more bowling practice.

stronghunter said...

Would love to see a picture of that chess set, Lolly.

stronghunter said...

Happy Grandparents Day to you, Jo, and to all the other grandparents out there.

Lolly said...

Home! And, well drat! Laurel just called and said Friday is Grandparents day at Jacob's school. She knew we would not be able to be there and said Jacob would understand. I still can not believe I had nothing last week and this week has piled up!

Need to eat my lunch then mop and start on my cooking.

Lolly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lolly said...

Jacob's chess set

I think Jack did a great job. Jacob will really appreciate it as he gets older. A lot of hard work went into making it.

JudyE said...

sounds like everyone is having a good Sunday

On lunch as if didn't know lol

Lolly said...

Well, did that happen?

Lolly said...

My delete!

Mema Jo said...

The chess set gift was made with lots
of love you can tell - wow! what a keepsake ♥

Mema Jo said...

I am not sure yet if it is no hair or
hat over no hair. With red lipstick and a little of color on my cheeks -
Well - I'll let you know. It is too
hot for a head covering .... :(


LYNNE1 - Grannyblt Breathless last episode is on tonight!

Hoda said...

Races held off for now.
Quite a wind picked up.
Water chops on the lake.

We had a survivors ceremony.
I said a prayer for you JO
Offered a carnation for your healing.
Many cancer survivors out on the Dragon Boats

Judie said...

Foraging complete. Feets are complaining.

Lolly, the chess set is gorgeous. Jacob will surely treasure Jack's labor of love.

Shirley, I do really hope the new garb will help Luna stop licking the stitches. Grace kept removing her collar and licked her hysterectomy stitches which got infected. Not fun for us furr-parents.

Lolly, was Layla Skippi's original name? I forget. She's beautiful.

Darth is at his second day of Neighborhood Watch education for a community nearby. That means I can put my feet up and read (maybe snooze).

Shirley, sounds as if you had a terrific lunch and a bit of quiet time.

Beauteous day out today. Do hope this is the beginning of Fall weather.

Happy Grandparents day to all the wonderful grandmothers and great grandmothers and the grandfathers also.


Lolly said...

Yes, Layla is the name she came with. We wanted to name her, so Miss Skippita she is!

Pet names over the years:

Ah So! $10 dollar cat named Li Ti Bo. Called him Ah So!

Lolly's Candy Kisses (registered name! LOL) Called her Kissie.

Kissie's Misty Morning (registered name) Called her Misty.


And now Miss Skippita.

Dog names: Rikki Tiki Tavi Called her Rikki. A Keeshund mix.

And, Kip (after Kipling) a full blooded Keeshund.

We laughed about the Siamese registered kitties and tried to come up with silly names.

Lolly said...

Cake is made and decorated and now the meatballs and sauce are made. Will cook them at Laurel's.

She sent me a funny picture of Joseph sleeping upside down on a recliner. We thought it funny, but really not we found out. He is running a fever. Groan... We will see how this plays out.

Off to mop floors.

JudyE said...

Hope he feels better LOLLY and this is just a 24 hour thing and its almost over for him

Mema Jo said...

Thank you Hoda ♥

I ventured out to the steak House with hubby and NO hat. No stares at all! I at least thought they would notice my red red lipstick! lol

Really hoping that Joseph feels better tomorrow and that it isn't a virus that will hang on.

9 - 10:30 is my TV evening BBL

stronghunter said...

Sorry Joseph is sick, Lolly. Hope he recovers quickly.

That is a beautiful chess set.

Made myself a nice salad for dinner, and now I am enjoying the recliner. Plumb wore myself out at the bowling place.

Too tired to walk Luna right now. She is flopped by the front door where I can see her. Might need to rearrange the doughnut/cone getup.

Big event in the neighborhood this afternoon: Guinea pig next door has gone into the driveway culvert. I suggested they put the cage with the other guinea pig at one end. Last time I looked, the cage was still sitting at the end of the culvert.

stronghunter said...

Just looked outdoors. It is getting dark and they are still trying to get the guinea pig out.

Judie said...

Oh my goodness. Hope there are no gully washing rains down your way Shirley. Poor guinea pig. Seriously, hope it finds its way to the cage.

Lolly, thanks for the name info. Hope Joseph will be all better quickly.

Wonder what Hoda and Dudley are up to tonight? Celebrating no doubt.

Jo, glad you went out for dinner. Hmmmm. Red lipstick? Well, no matter as long as Mr. Jo noticed. Hope it was tasty. Now, I too am headed to the tv.


stronghunter said...

Good news! The guinea pig has been captured and returned to safety. I went over there and so did our neighbor Jennifer from across the street. Bluebelle the pit bull joined us. Guinea pig was persuaded to move by pulling a blockade attached to a rope through the culvert. Then it had to be chased down. Quick little critter. Gave out a guinea pig squeal when it was grabbed.

stronghunter said...

Okay, guinea pig did not pull the blockade. Will (the neighbor) did that.

stronghunter said...

It seems the guinea pig was to be the subject of a Power Point presentation the girl next door is working on for school. I guess she has plenty of interesting material now.

stronghunter said...

Kathryn and Hunter returned from the beach awhile ago. Kathryn said it was gloomy down there today, so they went to the museum.

Luna has been medicated with Benadryl. We're hoping she sleeps instead of licking tonight.

stronghunter said...

Time to head upstairs. SED, everyone.

stronghunter said...

I am sure you looked lovely with the red lipstick, Jo.

Judie said...

Whew! I was amazed that a guinea pig could pull a rope attached to a blockade through a culvert. Funny Shirley. Just glad the critter is safe.

Started another Grisham book, The Racketeer, but eyes keep falling down closed. So, headed to the pillows early.

Sandperson is almost packed and ready to depart. Night light is on.

Restful sleep for all especially Luna.

Lolly said...

Wow! So proud of you Jo!! Not so sure I could do that!

I cooked Jack some of the meatballs I prepared for tomorrow. I will eat some then, but tonight I stuck with my diet. I was down almost 6 pounds this morning! It will be a hard week what with 2 trips to Denton, one trip to Dallas, and company coming. I'll just have to be tough!

Zacharooski called this afternoon. "I'm at work", he said. This means he is with his Dad in downtown Dallas. He told me he had more work completed in the finished work box than in the to do box. Lol. I asked if his dad was working. He told me he was working on solitaire. Lol. So much for Sunday "work" for Michael! Zacharooski squealed on him! I said, "so he is playing solitaire!" And Zach corrected me, "no, he is playing Spider.." Too funny!

Lolly said...

Heading to bed. Still plan on going to Laurel's tomorrow. She called and Joey is getting sick...fever and nausea. Lovely just lovely. We said we would still be going up there and she said she was hoping we would. We are made of pretty strong stuff and I will wash my hands frequently.

Night all! SED!!

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone!
I've been MIA for a while again.
Much happening here! Our 11-year-old washing machine died on last Monday, so we had to run to my Sis-in-law's to get laundry done.
Went looking at Sears Outlet Store in the hopes of finding a bargain, but found a LOUSY selection there. Went to our local Sears store, and ended up getting a new washer AND matching dryer! They're by LG, and they got delivered on Friday. Now we go do a load of wash for entertainment! The washer is a top-loader, high-efficiency, with a HUGE capacity, and no agitator inside. Has a glass lid, and it looks like the Grand Canyon in there! Can hold what was 3 washloads in our old washer!
Uses 1/4 the amount of water, or less! With a major drought here, that's good news.

It's been really HOT here the last 2 days! 97 yesterday, with high humidity, and about 93 and humid today. Well, it is what it is! Emma is more comfortable with her shorter haircut, and it will have time to grow longer before really cold weather shows up.

Jo, I'm SO happy that your test results were good! Praying for more good news for you! Out, damned spot, and don't come back, either!

Read back here a bit, and see that I've missed a couple of Birthdays. Happy Belated Birthday to Iris, and to (I hope I'm remembering correctly!) Lynne1 too.

Shirley, hope Luna will do well on Benadryl and sleep soundly enough that she doesn't lick her stitches! Sorry you had to purchase more antibiotics. Glad the neighbors re-captured the guinea pig! Out here, there had been an albino cobra loose in Thousand Oaks (L.A. County), and they finally captured it last Thursday. It bit a whippet, but it was apparently a dry bite, and the dog was O.K., thank God!

Lolly, hope the vet can figure out what's causing Skippi's skin problem. Could be an allergy. Might be something else, too. I think it would be a good idea to have the vet check it out before it gets any worse. Does it seem to itch, or doesn't it bother her? Glad her feet are better.... Wow, Jack did a fantastic job on the chess set!

Hoda, congratulations! You and your team outdid yourselves!

Well, gotta get myself to bed. Getting tired, and Emma will be up pretty early as usual tomorrow.
Ken will be, too! Goodnight and God bless! I ♥ us!

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

JudyE said...

SHIRLEY did the Benadryl work?

JudyE said...

Poor poor Kate she is PG again and is getting just as bad morning sickness like she did before Shows you that being royal doesn't help

Janet said...

hey good morning ya'll