Thursday, July 11, 2013


New thread.


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JudyE said...


JudyE said...


JudyE said...


Lolly said...

Howdeeeeeeeeeeee!! Joey is in class this week, so Laurel and the boys were not in a hurry to get home. We took the boys to see Despicable Me 2. It was funny and we all enjoyed it. Love to hear the boys do belly laughs. They are now headed home. That was their last hurrah for their vacation.

Got stung by something this morning on my foot. Did not see it and now I have a swollen, hurting, itching, red foot. Lovely! Did not use my epi pen, maybe I should have. This, too, shall pass. Also, having a bit of a back problem. Maybe too much sitting traveling?? It only hurts when I lie down...ain't that just loverly?!!! I took advil and a muscle relaxer last night at bed time as well as an ice pack. Hopefully tonight will be better.

Okay, their are pop up showers all around. Everyone, right now, send up a prayer!!! Jack refuses to get naked and go outside to rain dance. Says it is too hot. 98, nope, just dropped to 97!

JudyE said...

Adult still there I need to run up and get my prescription wasn't ready yesterday I don't want to go there LOL Please someone go get it for me I don't want to step foot in that place for a week at least LOL

paula eagleholic said...

Thanks for the new thread Steve.

Lolly said...

I see one adult in the attic!

Judie said...

Thank you Steve for the fresh "gettin' ready for Friday" thread.

Thank you JudyE for the call over.

Lynne, I read a lot but now mostly school-related crime. My pleasure books have all now gone to a place where others can enjoy them. Did you get the garage door repaired?

Speaking of repairs, hoping the hole in Lori's mouth is not uncomfortable.

Thank you, Hoda for declaring ice cream an official food group. Yes, ice cream ease many discomforts (except the one caused by shrinking clothes). How was the workshop?

Squish = cooked squash. A new addition to our dictionary.

Jo got her "do" did, Shar is getting help for her knee, Paula is having a fun kids day and Margy is having a fun gal-pal day. Hope Andy heard from the vet.

Me, said goodbye to my books and spent considerable time and ingredients on a different ribs recipe for tonight. Speaking of which, I need to make my way to the scullery.


JudyE said...

The adult has been in attic for a while now

JudyE said...

423 is the first time I saw the adult in the attic there was a juvie earlier and poofed and then this one showed up taking turns in the attic I think

Lori said...

Good afternoon everyone!

STEVE, thank you for the new thread...

JUDYE, congrats on the feather and thank you for the call over.

JUDIE, ribs for dinner sounds so good!!! Yummy!

LOLLY, sorry about your bug bite...are you allergic to bees since you have an epipen?

We didn't get our rain here...yet. Maybe this evening.

SHARON, Sorry about your knee, and hope that there is nothing else wrong with it. Glad you're going to PT. How is THELMA???

Hoda said...

Hello my FRIENDS.
My bicycle is now an OFFICIAL SAFE EAGLE MOMSTERS BICYCLE. I went to the post office. There was a package from Carol Anne!!! Surprised I opened it right away as I could not tell from the shape!!! There were moveable parts and what felt like a card and a bulky metal part and a curvy part.
I LOVE MY BICYCLE is what it said with a sweet note from C/A... I am the one who has a big smile C/A.
Thank you Thank You THANK YOU...

Hoda said...

BICYCLE BELL is what C/A sent me!!!

Kay said...

Good Evening Eagle Buds and YOU up there in the tree ! "Away" is going to Sycamore Palace for an uplifting sight !

Thanks to STEVE for the new thread and congrats to JUDYE with her nice new feather !

LORI, thanks for the hugs ! I'm joining you and HODA in the dental chair. Several weeks had a temp filling put in on a crumbling tooth. Thankfully it got me through the NJ trip. Yesterday it began to crumble again. So tomorrow a.m. I'll see the dentist and we'll do whatever it takes to get a crown on the way. So proud of keeping all my own teeth, but it takes some work to do so !

HODA, my thoughts are with you and other Gran friends as you heal from the sad loss of your friend.

LOLLY, you sound like me. When my back was a big problem I wished for some kind of gizmo I could be strapped into so I could sleep standing up ! Hope your pains are only due to travel--do not want to see you following me into back surgery ! So glad you all had such a grand Georgian vacation ! It truly is a beauteous State !

Couldn't visit here yesterday as we were slammed with furious thunderstorms. Small limbs down in my hood, but others were hit so hard and power is still out for some. Penny showed her first angst over a storm, but responded well to snuggling into her blankie at my side. Looks like the 20 straight days of rain is over and the sun with reign for the next week. Yeah !

SHAR, prayers for your knee as well as any other needs out there.

Love us ! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Hoda said...

Thank you for the reports on the Eagle where abouts.
Headed towards the middle if July and we are still seeing them. Amazing.

Work shop was very good practice.
A gentle practice worked on spirals and energy fields.
Feel very good.

I signed up for singing spiritual chants from 22-25th of July.
Rumi and Hafiz poetry... Looking forward to it.

No problem JUDIE with ice cream being a food group. It has to be 90 + weather for several days in a row for it to morph into a food group.LOL
LORI I hope you went for some soft ice cream today.

I laugh.

Glad the children are at your place PAULA. It will be fun to run through the sprinklers. Did they know about the bunnies and are they still around?

Lolly said...

CarolAnne is such a sweetheart. A bicycle bell, wonderful!! Ring a ding and think of CarolAnne and your momster friends. Cool! I do the same with my rainstick.

Georgia is a beautiful state and now it is so lush after all the rain they have had. Niece Linda and hubby have a home in the Georgia mountains right on a river. He is a coach and they are renting the house and hope to buy it as their forever home. It is awesome. Nice water feature!! LOL Beats my two ponds and stream.

Jane and Herbert have a lovely home in Douglasville, just west of Atlanta. They are in town but woody areas all around. It was in the backyard that I saw the momma deer and two spotties. So cute! Two other nieces live in Douglasville and one nieces near Marietta. We had all the family together several times and what fun!! A real riot! Jane's girls, the nieces, are so much fun!

Hoda said...

LOLLY so sorry about foot and back. If it is your lower back stretch your psoas muscles. Balance on one leg lean against the wall if you need to. Bend the knee lifted behind you. You will feel a stretch in groin and lower belly.
It will release your lower back.
Stay well good luck...

Lolly said...

Okay, gang. I am hearing thunder, pray hard!!!!

Lolly said...

Will try that, Hoda!

Oh, and yes, allergic to wasp stings and that is probably what it was. If I should get stung on my upper body, I would use my epipen.

Hoda said...

Glad you had a good trip to GEORGIA LOLLY.
Yes it is nice to have forest property.
Yet I have to admit that when an area is worked on with love and dedication as you have done with yours it holds a special spot more so than the forest as I see the triumph of the human imagination and spirit.

Lolly said...

Uh, oh! Washed three loads and then washed the 4th...towels and the dryer just died!

Hoda said...

Rain Rain go to LOLLY in Texas

Hoda said...

Are you sure?
Maybe the breaker?
Where is JACK?

Lolly said...

He checked the breaker. He did some more checking....looks like a new dryer tomorrow.

Well, it sprinkled. Still hear thunder but it is all missing us.

Lolly said...

Laurel and boys are home. Bosco and Luke were excited to have them home. Think Joey is too. LOL

Mema Jo said...

Lolly - even dryers get tired - give it some time - it'll turn on again.

Very happy that CarolAnne sent you the bicycle bell. Now you can be extra safe in your travels downtown and around.

Our forecast of rain didn't come yet today. I think it is holding off until tomorrow & some on Saturday. Michael want to go camping with the 3 granddaughters so I told him to take some table games as he might be stranded inside the cabin.

Mema Jo said...

Manners: Thank you for the new thread Steve.

Lori said...

CAROLANNE is so sweet. How wonderful - a bicycle bell for our HODA! Use it with good cheer, HODA!

KAY, glad your rain has eased up, but sorry you have to join the lineup in the dental chair this month. Must have been some storms, that Penny was nervous for the first time. Love you both!

JO, where is the cabin that Michael and the girls are going to?

LOLLY, bummer about the drier.

JudyE said...

Just got back from Wmt got my prescription and some Havarita cheese I am in heaven now

I leave and the blog got busy I see

HODA so happy for Hoda and her new ding a ling now they can hear you if you are behind someone and want them to know you are there down here they yell to the right or left what ever side they are coming up on when on bike and walk trails

LOLLY hope you back gets better I am having issues with my lower that acts up once in a blue moon must be blue this week Its the same thing that bothered me in KY SIS odd how it rears its ugly head once in a while I blame my knee pillow falling out of bed the other night I went more that half the night with out it too lazy and tired to get up to get it I guess

While Jordyn and I were at the park it poured cats and dogs We hide under the rock wall and then made it to a pavilion where one of the girls she went to school with was there I ran left her there and got the truck so only one of us got soaked The cool thing is you can drive up to the pavilion Nice feature at Largo Park She wanted to go to Highland play park but they are closed for two days to install a new fan at the top of the 40 ft slide the people that have to work up there says to hot

We got over a inch of rain then and now more are rumbling in the distance the afternoon sea breeze meet each other storms

LOLLY your dryer needs a long extended replacement-cation

Lolly said...

LOL Judy! Knee pillow did not fall out of the bed.

So excited...Fort Worth had a baby elephant born last Sunday. Voted today on her name. Had a selection and voted for Belle.

Need to go make patties for hamburgers.

paula eagleholic said...

Ice cream is definitely a food group!

Hoda, ring that bell! LOL

Hoda, they know about the bunnies, but we haven't seen one today. Nick was sniffing for one yesterday!

Lolly, sounds like it was a great trip. So nice to see family that haven't seen in a long time.

paula eagleholic said...

Tree is MT

Heading to Paradise tomorrow, will come back on Sunday night. Have lots of stuff to do here at the house, and haven't accomplished anything this week.

paula eagleholic said...

A Bird landed at the very top of the tree, but it wasn't an eagle.

PA Nana said...

Hi everyone. I see others are celebrating the month of dentists.

Lolly, so glad you had a nice vacation. Those babies were so cute but glad you gave them back.
Sorry about the dryer. Those things always happened to us when we were on vacation. Seems the appliances were angry with us for leaving them alone.

Sharon, thanks for checking in. We worry about you too. Prayers for healing. Yes, how is Thelma?

Hoda has a bell?! Do you have a basket to carry all your goodies home from market? That would be a requirement for me.

Paula, you and Nick have a great time in Paradise.

Wanda, do you still have your family night. Always enjoyed those videos. Hope your garden and GG's dry out enough to pick your beans. Do you can or freeze?
Kinda miss the big veggie garden and "doing up" the produce. Kinda, is the key word.

Jim did find 2 red tomatoes today so we had BLTs for supper. Yum, yum! The chef didn't need help tonight. ;-)

Need to check my email. BBL

Lolly said...

Jo was so right!!!! Dryer is working now. Put in only half of the towels. Wahoooo!

Lolly said...

Yes, gave the babies back. One great niece is doing great with daughter. Other great niece is sticking a bottle in the baby's mouth when ever it fusses. First baby is sleeping through the night, other is waking up every 2 or 3 hours. You can not tell them a thing. Laurel and I kept our mouths shut. They have to deal with the consequences.

paula eagleholic said...

Lolly, your dryer might have gotten too hot. When the towels are done, take out your dryer screen and run it under the spigot...see if the water goes through it...if not, clean with a scrub brush and some soapy water.

paula eagleholic said...

Gkids are ready for bed, got my hugs and kisses goodnight :)

Hoda said...

Glad the dryer is working LOLLY!JO knows a lot!!! Yay JO.
PAULA'S advice too. I will have to keep that in mind.

Went and took pictures of the 2nd Dragon Boat team which will race end of the month. Fun group.

Sheila's Family will have a Memorial Picnic in the Park on Saturday the 27 th of July. I like that. They asked us in lieu of flowers to make donations to the Grans! How sweet is that!!! She was a kind and sweet lady.

DIANN I do have a basket for my bicycle. It is a must to me too and now with a bell it is perfect. Thank you C/A

Judie said...

CarolAnne, what a truly sweet gift for our Hoda. Hoda will, of course, be ding-a-linging her new bicycle bell and chanting coded messages all around town to warn the brownie bakers of imminent RCMP arrival. In addition to becoming the new town crier, she is attempting to convince Lolly to twist herself into a pretzel while Jack dances naked in the moonlight.

Lolly, glad the dryer is working again. Thought I might have to make room in the secret place. Very happy you all had such a lovely family visit.

JudyE, glad you got your prescription.

Kay, so happy Penny was so easily comforted. Also glad you did not experience any storm damage. Sorry about the crumbling tooth.

New recipe for ribs was not a keeper. Will return to my tried-and-tasty rub and sauce.

Judie said...

Sandperson is lugging an over-stuffed satchel of sleepy dust down the stairs and out to the chariot. Says departure is 11pm.

Restful sleep for all.

Lynne2 said...

evening all!

Lynne2 said...

popping in to say hello and goodnight!

Hoda said...


What do they drink in Georgia???
LOLLY a pretzel and JACK dancing naked???
They did tell us they were going to the woods of Georgia!!!
Isn't this where they make moon shine???

As to BC Brownies I think I am very close to sending a package to JUDIE she needs to sample it!!!

Lynne2 said...

oh GEEEEEZ Hoda...I saw that British are coming and I thought you were hailing the birth of the Royal Heir!!!

Hoda said...

Caveat here:
Only when it becomes legal!!!

BC Prince of pot did not like US jails and has been approved for transfer to Canadian jail... Yes to BC to be specific. He was shipping pot to the US using the postal service!!!

There is wisdom in learning from others experiences don't you think???

It is true about the Prince Of Pot from BC!!! Google it!!! LOL

Hoda said...

The Royal Heir will require a trumpet!!!

Lolly said...

roflmbo I love you all!!! I just love all the comments made this evening. This group is the bestest!!! No doubt about it!

Dryer continues to work just dandy. I have taken a muscle relaxer and definitely plan to go to bed (with knee pillow) and feel just great.

Going to mow in the morn. Back to routine, but missing the family in Georgia.

Mema Jo said...

I was in front of TV most of the evening - I can't pass up a good English Mystery!

Goodnight and God Bless

I ♥ Us ♥♥

Lolly said...

Think I am going to get ready for some shut eye.

Night all! SED!!!

Ms Bookworm said...

Good Evening!
Dropping in to say goodnight. It is cooler here tonight, but still feels tropical outside. Wonder if we'll get some rain overnight.

Guess I need to call the new vet tomorrow morning to see whether they have the lab results for Emma yet. Got a nice "Welcome" card from them today, but no lab results. Emma's feeling good today. Have been sneaking up on her with the thinning shears, and she has about 1/4 of a summer haircut. Slow but steady progress.
Her 'Kool Collar' is a Godsend! It really seems to work well.

CarolAnne, what a nice gift for Hoda! Hoda, your bike sounds just about perfect! Enjoy!

Think I'll go sit in front of the fan for a while. A cool shower first sounds good, too. The porch light is on. Prayers are said for everyone. Both security systems are enabled. SED, everyone. God bless, and goodnight. (Oh--Lolly, so glad your dryer decided to start working again! Hope your foot feels better tomorrow.) I ♥ us!!!
♥♥Carolyn & Christy♥♥

Hoda said...

JUDIE the workshop was very good. Gentle yoga with dome Tai Chi and Feldenkrais. There were seven of us and it was a positive experience. She is an experienced teacher and travels quite a bit. This is the first workshop I have had with her. I know her from the organizing committee of the Yoga Festival.

Hoda said...

Where is SHIRLEY?
Hope MARGY had a good time with her Gal Friend from high school.

Goodnight All

God Bless us everyone.

Costume Lady said...

Goodness, it took me a half hour to read the latest I'm too sleepy to make a comment of my own! I'll try...
Spent a lovely evening with GG, Jillian and Aaron. Jillian works on Fridays and can't very often join us on our Family Friday, so this evening was her visit, along with Aaron.

Yes, DIANN, we still have our FAMILY FRIDAY. Jayden is STILL the STAR of Fun Friday. I haven't made any videos for a long while, but I did put some recent pictures of him on my blog: SMILES...I haven't checked to see if they posted alright, hope they are there:)

Yawning BIG TIME here. Leaving while I still can...
Love and prayers for all ~♥~

magpie said...

G'Night Eagle Pals....

Outing, picnic of two it was at Swinging Bridge was great,
Saw a Louisiana Water Thrush, wowser what a bird, saw one there
three years ago
also some Cedar WaxWings, Goldfinches and a few other
creek specialities.
Weather was perfect
DNR officer passed through the area twice, we were well-protected

RED FRIDAY, it's already Here on the East Coast....
God Bless The Military, Every Day...

G'Night, Eagle Pals

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxo

Sandi said...

Good morning my eagle friends! We have a juvie perched in the tree. Skies look gloomy in Shepherdstown. Raining here in Bethany.

Judy, enjoy your week off from work and your time with Jordyn!

I hope the rain clears out by this evening. Tomorrow is our member-guest tournament at the tennis club I belong to. I'm not playing in it but I'm the organizer for the event and I need dry courts for the 16 players who ARE playing.

Have a great day all!

Janet said...

Good morning to all....
(drum roll inserted here)


Water temp, 80 degrees. This aftenroon my plans are to vacuume and maybe float a little! :) :) :)

We still have much back filling and cleanign up to do in the yard, but our own oasis is finally ready !

We flipped the switch about 10 p.m. last night. Added 40 lb of salt and another tub of stuff which smells very much like bath salts...and let her run!

(insert big smile here)

JUDYE: enjoy your day. hopefully less rain and more fun!

CAROLANNE & HODA: wonderful wonderful wonderful! such a thoughtful surprise! ring a ding ding....Hoda goes a pedaling.

LOLLY: Hoda is correct on psoas. It is often the cause of many back aches. It is a very deep muscle that runs from your lowest part of your spine and runs forward and attaches on the femur. It interacts and is accessable in the hip area to a therapist, hip area such as inside your pelvic bone...the illiac. It is th einside of that hip bone, not the outside and not a popular place to work as it is very uncomfortable. Best to stretch it out if you can...

LOLLY: sorry about the sting.

I don't know if I told you all or not, but recently I was stung by a bee on my foot. Well, I did something I saw my father in law do years ago and it worked like crazy, I poured AMMONIA on it. yes the stuff you keep in your kitchen to clean windows with and such.. It took the sting and pain out almost immediately! I also took a bendadryl to offset any swelling and itching later. It did still swell and certainly would not replace an epipen for those allergic, but it did remove the pain in moments.

Got to get ready for work. Light, love, hugs to all. :)

JudyE said...

GOOD MORNING I seee eagle in the attic

glo said...

Good morning everyone.Such busy times. I like being busy actually. Book for my friend's husband is all done and sitting here waiting for delivery on Monday. He has had his oral surgery and port is in place. Chemo starts on Monday. It was a big project and took 3 visits to get all of the family and their 3 dogs and a cat in the book LOL. Today and tomorrow I have 2 more photo shoots so will spend the weekend editing those photos as well. Todays is a dog and tomorrow is 2 cats. Not all cats are as photogenic as my Gabby is. Time will tell how that one goes LOL.

Hope everyone is doing well enough and weathering the weather OK. It has been quite a season for storms.

OK later today I shall rummage through the attic. I will trumpet if I see one. HAGD everyone.

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Good morning my eagle budlets. Make a great day!

Judie said...

Good rainy morning.

Only see leaves on the tree branches. Guess the kids are out fishing.

Janet, congratulations on the pool. Enjoy till your heart's content.

Wanda, glad you had some GG time as well as time with Jillian and Aaron.

Lolly, hoping you feel better this morning.

Sandi, hope the courts dry for the tournament.

Glo, happy photographing. So very nice you to prepare a book for your friend's husband. Hope he will do well with treatment.

Jo, I watch Midsomer Murders. Fell asleep last night.

Margy, so glad you had a nice day yesterday.

Off for coffee and newspaper. Zimmerman trial may go to the jurors today.

Hoda said...

Good morning

Welcome back GLO . Glad the photo shoot went well. Good memories.
When you find the Trumpet in your attic you will have to be responsible for heralding in THE ROYAL HEIR!

JANET great explanation of the psoas.
Thank you.
Congratulations on the pool

I am concerned...

SANDI I hope the courts have a chance to dry.
Good luck with tournament organization.

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

I will report on Thelma. She is okay but the power cord for the computer is not. That is why she hasn't been on here Hoda. We have to get a new power cord on payday which is still a couple of weeks away.

T-Bird said...

Thanks for shout out HODA! With no power chord for the laptop I'm finding it a little more difficult to stay in touch. ((HUGS))

Hoda said...

Yay yay yay and quadruple that if you please!!!
THELMA checked in.
I know what you mean when technical difficulties happen.
Very very very happy YOU are alright.

Lori said...

YAY THHELMA has been heard from! We were worried about you, T-Bird!

Good Morning everyone!

JANET, congrats on the new, full pool! Hope it is filled with lots of fun for the whole family.

LOLLY, YAY, the dryer is working again. Isn't that exciting that you don't have to go out and buy one today?!

JO, glad you enjoyed your English Mystery last night. I love those, too!

JUDYE, enjoy your staycation and have fun with Jordyn.

GLO, your portrait gift book sounds awesome! You're such a great friend. Good luck with the animal photos.

HODA, have you had a chance to put your new bell on your bike? I love that you also have a basket on it! You're so cute!

SHARON, thanks for letting us know that THELMA is okay.

PAULA, have a great weekend in Paradise! Travel safely.

SANDI, hope the courts dry out so you can host your event. Good Luck!

JUDIE, keep us posted on the Zimmerman trial.

It's raining here today, too. Maybe getting up to half an inch, but the forecast has been wrong every day this week, so I don't have much confidence in it!

Have a fabulous day everyone!!!

Lynne2 said...

Good morning.

I'm going to need a picture of this pose that Janet and Hoda are describing. I just don't picture it....need visual!

RAINING RAINING RAINING and MORE RAIN. Shirley, Judie....have you had enough yet?!

Lynne2 said...

Judie, you still here? Would love to know your opinion on the Zimmerman trial.

Mema Jo said...

Good 'Red Friday' Morning! A bit wet but it sure is doable with the squirrels and all the song birds I am seeing on the deck. They do use the bird bath a lot.

Nothing planned except maybe some errands for family today.

Good to know why I haven't seen T-Bird on here! Very happy all is ok with the exception of the Power Cord.

Mema Jo said...

Judie - last evening on the Mystery with young Morse - Derek's dad was the culprit! You sure don't know & can't outguess the endings.

JudyE said...


home for the pool with Jordyn and I see a juvie in the Attic

stronghunter said...

Danged good defense presentation at the Zimmerman trial.

stronghunter said...

That's just my opinion. Now, what does Judie think?

Sandi said...

$#%@!%$!!!!! Water is coming into the closet in Denny's workshop!!

magpie said...

on your behalf Sandi!
WOOF to the MAX on the
invading water

Good Red Friday Morning,
Eagle Pals....


magpie said...

The Day of the Pool has finally arrived....enjoy it to the hilt,
Janet! You have earned it!

Really way cool about the
Bicycle Bell for Hoda...
That's our CarolAnne !!

magpie said...

Very touching, what you have
prepared for your friend's husband....
Bravo !

magpie said...

Thursday Night Family Fun Night
with GG Jill, Aaron, Gene and Wanda...
sounds wonderful !

Sharon...and T-Bird...
Great to see you BOTH this morning.
Wishes for Healing for the back and leg problems, AND the
computer power cord problem...

" Steady as she Goes "

magpie said...

many wonderful staycation days ahead for you, JudyE,...
hope it seems like it lasts forever....someday it will !!

Hoping and Praying for good weather for the Grand-Dad [Michael{
and 3 Grandkids camping week-end coming up...
throw in a couple of packs of cards too....along with the Board Games....and have Michael Pack a Camera....and let the kids turn it around and use it also !!

Happy Paradising it Paula....
and Happy Trails along the way...
Enjoy !

magpie said...

Best RED FRIDAY Wishes to
Each and Every One....

ttfn xoxoxo
(Oh PS, learned of a possible
additional two eagles' nests in or near Berkeley County...have to hook up with a friend to find out
exactly where they are....close to the Potomac....and Adult Eagles were observed Soaring ! )
(Yes, Really ! )

magpie said...

Best RED FRIDAY Wishes to
Each and Every One....

ttfn xoxoxo
(Oh PS, learned of a possible
additional two eagles' nests in or near Berkeley County...have to hook up with a friend to find out
exactly where they are....close to the Potomac....and Adult Eagles were observed Soaring ! )
(Yes, Really ! )

Sandi said...

Rain outside has slowed down some. So far, towels have contained the water to only one closet, which I have emptied. Fingers crossed! BBL!

Hoda said...

Oh no SANDI!!!
Vacuum feel speed ahead???
Enough already with water seeping into your home!!!

JudyE said...

JUVIE is still in attic

Hoda said...

Exciting about two more possible eagle nests near you MARGY. Keep us posted.

Your opinion is appreciated SHIRLEY.
Waiting to hear from JUDIE ALSO.

JudyE said...

I have the closing arguments on the computer

Hoda said...

Enjoy your holidays JUDYE. I am sure you will find lots of interesting things to experience. Keep reporting in.

A Walmart's in Ontario fired an employee because she saw a customer lock her dog in the car with windows up. Temperatures were upper 90's outside. Her supervisor told her it was none of her business when she reported it to her wanting her to tell the customer of the dangers. Supervisor refused, so the employee phoned the police who came to rescue the dog. The employee was fired!!!
Dum Walmart Supervisor I say!!!

JudyE said...

or rebuttal I guess
We have this on the news daily being it is in the area
A local defense lawyer said the state has blown the case (with all the witnesses that they have had have turned out to be defense witnesses)
I guess we will see
gonna go see if Angie wants to do lunch with me and Jordyn

Lynne2 said...

I saw that article Hoda...what a shame.

Sandi. &#(%&())#@@&%

JudyE I think if the state "blew the case" then they didn't have a good one to start with?


Judie said...

Oh my. Lots of happenings today.

Welcome words from Shar and Thelma. Happy to know Thelma's problem is fixable.

Sandi, sorry about the water in Denny's workshop. Hope it stops advancing and beats a hasty retreat.

JudyE, there is the Walmart story of Ontario and now in D.C. Walmart is threatening to stop construction on two stores and backing out of several more (all needed in less affluent areas of the city) because they are refusing to pay the "living wage" of ~$12.00/hr. So disappointing for shoppers and especially those who are in need of legitimate employment.

Ah, the young Morse. Still miss John Thaw and the episode I watched last week has Lewis about to retire. ): Wish Michael and grands a happy weekend together.

Happy travels for Paula and a wonderful weekend.

Zimmerman. Good defense, yes. However, the Defense lost ground with the option of the lesser charge. The possibility remains the jurors will convict on the lesser charge because Zimmerman was told to back off and did not, his numerous 911 calls describing individuals in racist terms, Martin did not have a weapon. neighborhood watch members do not have police powers - only a mandate to report and ask for help.

Okay, back to doing house stuff.

Hoda said...

Princess or Prince if Cambridge are not due before Sunday I do not think. Most say the Duke and the Duchess might not have given permission to state the exact date. The Palace's announcement was not specific.


A carrier will leave the hospital and carry a hand written note to the Palace. If HER MAJESTY has already retired she will not be awakened. Once she is informed it will be posted on board in front of the Palace but within the grounds.

It is hoped that the delivery happens while the Duke is on leave from Search and Rescue. He would be 3hrs and 20 minutes away if he was on base.

Hoda said...

Of not if

stronghunter said...

I agree with a Judie--the defense faces a more difficult battle with the lesser charge of manslaughter.

Judie is our expert on Neighborhood Watch policies. And is is for sure Zimmerman did not follow their guidelines. He did not need to do what he did.

JudyE said...

Home from lunch with Angie and I see juvie still in tree
Drove by the pool that is up the road from me (maybe less than a mile) and wow will have to check it out they have a nice childs area also I am a resident so should be free

JudyE said...

I can't believe the juvie is still there

JudyE said...

Juvie is no longer in the attic POOF

Lori said...

Good Afternoon everyone!

Thanks for opinions on the Zimmerman trial. Does the Jury have the case yet?

JUDIE you have this case totally covered with your experience with criminals AND neighborhood watch.

Glad you all are watching it.

MARGY! How exciting to find two new eagle nests near you. I can't wait to hear when you find them!

HODA, got the bell on?

SANDI, hope you got the water to stop in Denny's closet and it's not a major repair.

Happy Paradise, PAULA!

This dag-goned tooth is still hurting. Hope the pain goes away soon. I didn't fill the pain killer medicine because I thought I wouldn't need it with just one I was numb at the time and feeling nothing! DUH!

magpie said...

jUVENILE Back in the attic..

Hi Lori!

get the prescription filled...
take it as you need it then
put it away in a safe placed...

That's my suggestion...


JudyE said...

YEP LORI the jury has it now

just got back from paying my dentist a 105. bill from Oct of last year the insurance co is going to reissue me a check that I never got GEEZE

Cool that we have a juvie in the attic I love this camera because without it we wouldn't know they were there

JudyE said...

LORI you might want to get checked for a DRY TOOTH socket I would always get them with each tooth I had done If its a really bad that is what it may be The blood clot fell out sometimes you can see it yourself Is there a white clot in the hole???

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Gang,
Just dropping in to say that all's well at this roost today. Happy Red Friday!

This week seems to have gone by pretty quickly. Always glad to see the weekend looming! Oh--Happy Staycation, JudyE! Enjoy!

Lori, I feel your pain! Prayers that it leaves you, pronto!

Well, need to get back to housework. Will be in lurk mode, and check in later. Have a good day! I ♥ us!!
P.S.--Called the vet, and test results take 14 BUSINESS days. Should hear from them on Tuesday next week.

magpie said...

Best wishes on the Vet Report,
14 days...kind of a long wait :(
Andrea...Lovins' to you and kubby
and Emma

JudyE -
sounds like you are enjoying yourself
except for that dentist bill

NCSuzan said...

Hi! All. So much going on in your lives. I hope for all troubles to be solved.

Just Cote d'Pablo will not be coming back to NCIS next season. I really liked her character. No reason was given but I guess it would be hard to be in the same roll for eight years.

Also, LunLun from the Atlanta Zoo is denning and on 24 hour cub watch. Could be a baby Panda in the near future. They have been having the camera on 24/7 but this afternoon there seems to be some difficulty.

Very sad about the bear situation in MN. The government seems to be so out of touch with wildlife.

That's it from me. Always take care.

magpie said...

I agree with Judie's and
Shirley's comments and views
on the Zimmerman trial....
no one really wins, in these
kinds of situations

Hoping that Lolly is getting along
okay with the Bug-Bitten Foot

my late lunch or early

SUN is out here now

Judie said...

Lori, have the prescription filled and make a call to the dentist before closing time to find out typical aftereffects.

Wowser, Margy and Wanda might have two more eagle nests nearby. So jealous.

Good news JudyE on the re-issuing of the insurance check. Congrats!

Statutes are different in FL because of the Stand Your Ground law but, if I understand the rules in general, guns are not part of neighborhood watch programs. Our patrols are not allowed to leave their cars or bicycles, etc. They report suspicious activity to a base station who then requests uniformed officers.

Early bite to eat for us. Kennedy Center night. Book of Mormon. Got a very good review.


JudyE said...

this is the link to fox new live
with the trial if you want
Zimmerman trial jury is in deliberation the jury has asked for a full list of inventory of evidence and they think it won't be qquick because of the request for the latter

JudyE said...

Smoke em if you got them is the advise they are giving LOL it will be awhile

JudyE said...

it will be life in prison no matter what in Fl if a gun is used in a crime its life Unless he is not guilty of heading down to Angies for dinner

Oh today Jordyn went down the slides at the pool they have two and she had a blast 25 times I counted she went down them

paula eagleholic said...

Howdy all

Arrived safely...long ride...only rained 1/2 the time.

Larry got 10" in DE...his road is flooded.

Going to dinner w/ neighbors tonight...having a beverage before I go

Bro Steve was a no show....

Other bro Phil due down later tonight...

Will check back later...

paula eagleholic said...

Oh yeah...haven't heard from salisbury job yet...probably early next week.

But I do have another interview next Weds...different job in Gettysburg....woulld like this one too if the pay is right...benefits would be good in this one...with a school district

Lolly said...

Paula, wishing you the best on a job.

Lori, so very sorry the pain is still there.

Back did not hurt last night!!! Wahooooo! Got a good nights sleep and felt so good this morning!

Got out and mowed, edged, blew, and then went around dead heading flowers and just doing general clean up. Also watered pots. Went out at 8 and came in at 2. I was pooped. Now I am showered and relaxing!

Kay said...

Good Evening Eagle Buds ! Or, good evenin' eagle budths, she said with her still benumbed lipth. The dentist did his magic at noon and I'm still numb ! The new crown will be ready in two weeks and I'll manage to stay away from "Quick Loans" or bank robbery in order to pay the bill. They are good to me there !!!

Oh, JUDYE, sounds like Jordyn is getting set for a trip to Aunt Janet's house for pool fun ! That would make a nice family vacation for you Floridians ! For now your staycation sounds wonderful good !

LOLLY, glad your dryer decided to cooperate ! A few weeks back my went kaflooey to the tune of a couple of hundred bucks. Have a stackable washer/dryer so a new one would have cost much more.

Yippee for WANDA's family plans, for PAULA's upcoming weekend in Paradise, for the prospect of more eagle nests in WV, for JUDIE's enlightening legal opinions, HODA's equally enlightening words on all things Royal....

BooHiss for LORI's continuing tooth pain---never say no to the offer of pain killers, just don't use em' if you don't need em' !

Yeah, THELMA's power cord is the culprit. We were worried that it might be your own power cord, dear girl !!!

MARGY, JO, SHIRLEY, ANDY, GLO, SUZAN, LOLLY, LYNNE's 1 and 2, I'm not ignoring you and have enjoyed every comment you made today !

Love and prayers for all !


Lolly said...

Weather report just now says soaking rain is coming. I will believe it when I see it!!

Lolly said...

Plans are in the works for the family to be here next Wed. for Jack's birthday. Hope it comes about! Gave the Dallas family a choice of Sun but they said they could come Wed. We shall see!

Lolly said...

I see two juvies in the the attic!

Hoda said...

Well PAULA somehow I like the School District Option. Would you have to move to Gettysburg?
I am impressed with your resilience and with on going exploration of what is out there. Do much RESPECT PAULA SO VERY MUCH RESPEC.

I would very much like to be able to say , " early supper Kennedy Centre night." Very classy, luxurious rather. What is truly grand is that you take an active part in the goings on there. How lucky and blessed you are. Enjoy and give a report, atmosphere, acoustics, colours of theatre, how many people can they seat, what about the lobby what is it made of? Alabaster is what comes to my mind, but I do not know. I have never even seen pictures a d you go on a regular basis. God Bless.

Hoda said...

Glad back is better LOLLY. If it comes back do stationary lunges and hold for thirty seconds. Repeat. Stretch that psoas.

Happy Birthday to JACK on Wednesday. Glad the family is able to be together. God Bless your family.

I hope all dental concerns heal soon LORI I am worried.

Hoda said...

LORI yes indeed bell is on bicycle and will be making lots of noise as I ride the next three days. It is my main transportation Friday to Monday.
Thank you C/A

Hoda said...

Wished we could hear from SANDI. Last I heard closet was emptied and towels were doing the job... I hop the water retreated...

Sandi said...

Hi Hoda! Just got back from the grocery store - people are kayaking in the streets!! Many roads are completely flooded! Haven't heard how much rain we got but I wouldn't be surprised to hear that Bethany got 10" like Rehoboth! I know we had 9 solid hours of rain with more than half of that being a drenching rain!!

Stopped at the tennis courts - water is ankle deep on them right now. Not sure all that water will find a place to go by 9am tomorrow. But the sun is peeking out now.

Just saw a juvie fly from the nest.

Lori, hope you got that Rx filled - tooth pain is THE worst!

Need to feed people and animals - BBL!

Hoda said...

Oh no SANDI!!!
Is the water in your house?
I hope and pray not!!!
Sorry about the tennis courts.

Lori said...

Feeling better. A doctor of Kates, and my dentist said to take a Tylenol AND an Ibuprofin. Something about how the two of them work together that it's like a pain killer...and it's working!!!
Feeling no pain at the moment, unless my tongue touches around where they wrenched the tooth out. Thanks for your concern. You are all the greatest!

HODA, glad you have C/A's bell on your bike already. You are too cute, lady!

PAULA, have a good dinner with your friends. Sorry about the flooding at Larry's road. That's a lot of rain!!!

SANDI, worried about you and all the rain over that way. Did you get everything cleaned up and the rain stopped?

Sandi said...

Water was only in the one closet. A few towels soaked it up - not a big deal but I must admit I was nervous!

Now, I'm just concerned about getting the tennis courts dry enough to play tomorrow morning. All the food has been bought and prepared, the prizes for the winning team are wrapped, I sure don't want to have to cancel this thing!

Lori, glad the tylenol and Advil together are working - I'll have to remember that!

Paula, glad you made it to Paradise safely!

Sky is beautiful at the nest but I see no eagle in the tree.

Lynne2 said...

Oh Lolly, I sure hope so. I hate to even say how sick we are of rain not fair. And I sure hope the Dallas family can get to y'all for Big Daddy Jack's birthday!

Paula, hope Larry's place is OK and that he remains safe! Prayers on the job, what if you get offered BOTH??

Lori, you shouldn't be in pain like this and I agree with the others, get to the dentist. Dry socket no fun but whatever it is, this much pain seems unreasonable....

Glad Themla checked in!

Lolly said...

Jack and I just went outside to walk around before dark but could hardly stand it, 93 and feels yucky! Working in the yard today I just soaked my clothes and bod with the water hose. Actually Jack sprayed me first. Then I got him and then as I worked occasionally hosed myself down. It really helps.

Back is doing great but my foot is driving me crazy. Really swollen, red, hot and itching!!!!

Jack is getting an ice pack to put on my foot.

Lolly said...

Ice pack is now on my foot and held on by an ace bandage. lol Looks like a major injury. Yikes!

Lynne2 said...

going bear to all, will check in when I can.

Lolly said...

Wait for me, Lynne!

Lynne2 said...

Hurry up Lolly! The expedition starts very early in the AM!

Lolly said...

I have seen bears in the wild, but want to see them again.

Lolly said...

I'll borrow Hodas bike and get there as fast as I can!

Lynne2 said...


Hoda said...

Now now you two!!!
When in bear territory you must exercise caution.
It is a mountain bike LOLLY and you are welcome to use it, but can you outride a bear???
Don't encourage LYNNE I was hoping she stays safe and not deliberately go out to seek a bear!!!
I hope you two have second thoughts on this idea???!!!

Mema Jo said...

Good evening to all
My TV viewing has ended for the evening. Doing my weekly chore of filling my am and pm pill containers! Joy ♥

When Michael returns from camping this weekend I will get the directions to one of the other eagle's nests - It is near Harpers Ferry. Near the Hilltop House (Which is closed)He said you could look right down into it through the trees. MTBR
You look down to the

Hoda said...

You can look down to the nest JO???

Mema Jo said...

Margy - with the weather as it is Michael did take board games and cards and books! Not to worry...

I am going to close down..
Lori I hope you got your pain meds and let them help you out. It is bound to hurt if only for the pressure needed for the extraction. Hope you get a good night's rest.

You too Lolly or is that Hippity Hopping Lolly! Maybe you should get that checked by the ER doc.

Lolly said...

I'll scare the bears away with your bike bell, Hoda! And, always say "It's me bear!"

Harper's Ferry! That is where we stayed last time and will again some day.

Mema Jo said...

Yes Hoda - Hilltop is exactly what it says - On top of the highest hill.

Google Hilltop restaurant Harpers Ferry WV...... Beautiful view of the river...

Mema Jo said...

Good night all - may the rain fall on those needing it ♥

Sorry Sandi about the soggy courts!

Bless all and may your prayers be heard ♥


I ♥ Us

Janet said...

Good evening all. Its late and I am tired.

HODA: good illustration of the psoas muscle FB. I posted on my page some of the yoga stretches that will help to stretch it out for anyone who is interested.

I got the pool vacuumed and cleaned and then, yes, true to my word I floated!!!! I smiled at the sky and sun and just enjoyed myself for a good long while.


Thank you all for the kind comments!

SANDI: hope that water stops!!!

LORI: hope you feel better!

BEAR HUNTING????? sounds a bit scary to me. I love critters, but do not believe I would like to see a live wild bear....egad! Much more courage than I!

Good night my dear friends! Light and love to all! SED

Hoda said...

Will google JO.Thank you.
Yes LOLLY the bell has magic and you two keep saying its me bear...
As JO suggested maybe you should get your foot checked?
Thank you JANET for the Psoas yoga stretches. Congratulations on the pool and 12 years making a dream come true. ENJOY.

Judie said...

Will have to catch up tomorrow if possible. Tired.

The play was excellent but it is raucous and has lots of language and innuendo. I thought it was hilarious. Darth dozed.

Do have a question for JudyE before I forget. What is the law that allows for only six jurors?

Well, sandperson is a few minutes late leaving so on your mark, get set, go! Restful sleep for all.

stronghunter said...

Getting cross eyed from too much computer time. Time to say good night. See you all tomorrow. Rest well, SED.

Hoda said...

Too much computer time SHIRLEY? You were not on here much.

Goodnight all.

God Bless us one and all.

paula eagleholic said...

Who is chasine bears? Lynne...lolly????

Janet ... glad to hear you are floating in the poool!

paula eagleholic said...

Lol chasingbears...

Had agreat evening..reteachiing my neighboor how to play cribbage...bro due. shortly..omy the typoosbto correct..

Love yhou all

JudyE said...

HELLOO one and all just got home from Angie late night for me
but I am on vacation and can handle it
Jordyn fell asleep in the truck at 530 on the way to her house and is still sleeping no dinner she will be hungry in the am (no nap today or yesterday)
Angie and I watched a movie Parental Guidance what a great show

JudyE said...


Florida Statute 913.10 
Number of jurors.—Twelve persons shall constitute a jury to try all capital cases, and six persons shall constitute a jury to try all other criminal cases.

Fl has some odd laws and the one with the gun if used in any crime loaded or not loaded any hurt or not hurt If a gun is used it is automatic LIFE IN PRISION

Lolly said...

Well, I stayed up too late. How can I ever get up early, go to Hoda's, get her bike and get to Lynne's? Should have gone to bed earlier. Guess I will just have to pass this time. Good luck, Lynne!

The ice helped. Not to worry about the foot. Though I did not see it, I am sure it is a wasp sting and I am allergic to wasp stings. This too shall pass. right now the itching is driving me crazy and the ice did help. So will time.

Night all! SED!!!

PA Nana said...

Too tired to post. So saying prayers for all needs.
God bless us and keep us safe for another tomorrow.
Love us

PA Nana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PA Nana said...

Sorry, I studdered. 'Nite

Costume Lady said...


What a great Friday Family Fun we had! Hadn't seen Karla or Jayden for 3 weeks, but they were with us this evening, along with Donny, Denise, Brandon, Jillian and Aaron were able to come over (twice in one week!) And best of all, Dustin was home from school for the weekend and brought his girlfriend, Jordan, along with him.
GG was overwhelmed with so many of the family visiting at one time, but she got into the swing of things after having some supper:)
Jayden decided it was time for her to go to bed and took her by the hand and told her "come on, GG, I take you to bed...come on, come on...your tired. Made her get in bed and asked her if she wanted to watch TV.After while, she got up and came out and joined us again. Jaden told her she needed to go to sleep and took her back to bed. Two characters together:)

Saying good and prayers for all ~♥~

Costume Lady said...

BTW...some pictures on my Blog: SMILES, from tonight.

Judie said...

Good morning.

Paula, I'm directionally challenged so how would the Gettysburg job impact your commute or would you need to move? Well, no matter. I just want the offers to roll in and you can pick and choose the best for you. Hmmmm, typos. Just how many beverages did you have last

Judie said...

Good morning, again.

I see that Lolly's back is so improved she is headed to brownie land to borrow Hoda's mountain bike and then ding-a-ling her way to Lynne's for bear watching. Seriously, do hope your foot is better. Also hope all the family will be together for Jack's birthday.

Kay, suffherin' suckothash. Hope your mouth is better this morning.

Glad Lori is better and Janet has enjoyed a sunshiny view of the sky from her pool.

Thank you JudyE. I knew about the crime/gun law as an attempt to control all the gun-related crimes but not the 6 person jury. Who makes that decision? Defense attorneys?

Judie said...

Doing a Margy.

Wanda, absolutely wonderful pictures of Family Fun night. Jayden is so adorable. Especially like the picture sitting with Gene and his reflection watching the goldfish.

Hoda, the Kennedy Center reminds me of an aging debutante. The beauty is still there but fading. The building is old and expensive to maintain. Yes, the outside is white and inside the halls are carpeted in rich red. There is the Hall of Flags, flags from almost all countries line the hall. The back wall is all glass opening onto a building-long balcony that overlooks the Potomac River.


Janet said...

Good Sunshiny Morning to one and all!

It is a beautiful day here in Nashville, low humidity and probably close to 70 degrees...going to the mid to upper 80's! Bet none can guess what I will be doing later today. lol.

In all seriousness, I have a bunch of yard work to do....but its stuff I love to do.

Hope everyone has a lovely day!

Light, love, smiles, and healing energies for one and all! Stretch your psoas!

Lolly said...

Good morning! Sitting here with ice on my foot again as it really helps the itching. I think the swelling is down a bit but it is the itching that is killing me. lol I will survive!

A big change in the weather is coming. Starting tomorrow, temp will be down a bit and a good chance of rain. Prayers guys and gals, prayers!!

Nothing on the agenda today. May go shopping for some plants to put in front of the pond. We dug up daffodil bulbs and it is bare ground. Oh, horrors!!! :)

Lolly said...

Nice to see a juvie in the attic. Same view as last nights. Never knew they stayed so close to the nest this long. Interesting!

Hoda said...

Good morning.
On my way to paddling.
Thank You JUDIE. A glass wall overlooking the Potomac sounds great, red carpet is regal.

Itching is a sign of healing LOLLY.

Let me guess JANET your activity has nothing to do with swimming in the pool. " stretch your psoas" you say. Cool closing


magpie said...

G'Morning Eagle Pals....

Great late night and earlier this morning updates on the Doins'
amongst us....

Nice way to start the day

WANDA: Magnificent pictures,
thank you so much...what a
beautiful nice
to see Dustin and his gal pal too

Best Wishes to Every One
for a Very Good Day

xoxox ttfn

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

I see a juvie in the attic. Yes, it is interesting how long they stay close to the nest.

Lori said...

Great Saturday Morning Everyone!

JANET, YAY, you'll be in your pool today! I hope you get the backyard work done quickly so you can relax.

WANDA, thanks for the pics. What a beautiful family you have. Cute story, too, of GG and Jayden.

LOLLY, there is a spray Benadryl for itching and it works GREAT! I use it on bites all the time and even carry it in my purse!

Guess SANDI was too busy with her tennis match and running the event to get on this morning. I wish her well today.

My tooth is still bothering me. I've switched to taking Tramadol when I need it. I'll stay on those because it does work. I have an appointment with my regular dentist to have my teeth cleaned on Monday morning, so I'll see what she thinks. There is a white spot in the middle of where they pulled the tooth, but I think that's just the thread from the stitches. Anyhow, if it gets out of control, I will call the surgeon who pulled it.

JUDYE, enjoy you weekend off!!! You must be happy dancing!

JO, that nest that you look down into sounds awesome. Let's go as soon as you get the directions!

HODA and MARGY, what are you two up to today?

SHARON, Good morning to you and please tell Thelma we miss her!

Love, light, smiles and joy in your heart for everyone today!

Lolly said...

Spray Benadryl, think I will check it out!

Have a great day! I am off to start mine!

stronghunter said...

Hope your foot gets much better today, Lolly.

Interesting description of the Kennedy Center, Judie. Funny that you describe it as aging. Just hard to accept that something built during my lifetime is "aging."

Well, it is newer than a lot of buildings in DC. I always feel elegant when I go there, regardless. I also think it is fun to check out the Watergate next door, considering its history.

Lolly said...

Oh, and say a little prayer for Lynne. She is going on a bear hunt and not coming out of the woods until she sees one. Hmmmm??? Wonder how fast she will exit the woods? Might be a sight to see!!! :)

stronghunter said...

Oh, do not wait too long to call the dentist who pulled your tooth, Lori.

magpie said...

Ditto that, what Shirley just said,

Mema Jo said...

Good morning to All!
Another wet one this early am - Hope the sun shines a little!

Lori - we would need a zoom camera to look down into the nest. That is how Michael saw it - a photographer was there taking pics of the eagles & he let Michael look with the camera.

I think Sandi is on the courts with her brigade of Hair dryers trying to get ready for the games..........

Mema Jo said...

Dana and Annemarie are visiting the darling puppies of Olive again.

Some pics on FB on Dana's page.

Daughter coming up to attend Mass with us and then to dinner this evening. Michael will still be camping in the cabin! Christine is with her dad now - He said the bacon and eggs for breakfast was great. They were all going to take a hike.

Lolly said...

You will appreciate this.....I was outside, wading in the stream, had bucket and picking up debris in the stream. When Jack, 4 feet away, says "What a beautiful snake!" PANIC!!!!! Could not get out of the stream fast enough! Have to get my balance just right. LOL Appreciate the warning but he could have done it in a better way. It was not in the water but the ground cover. Lovely!

Lolly said...

Staying inside now. I was out maybe 20 minutes, sweat was pouring into my eyes, was blinded. Nose also running (lol). You get the picture...stayin in!!!!

Kay said...

Good afternoon Eagle Buds !

LOLLY, that stream water must have felt good on your wasp bite, but you reacted just the way I would to a snake !

JUDIE, the lithpe is gone, now I just have to baby the temp crown along for 2 weeks. The dentist called last night to ask how I was doing---unheard of---what a fine man !

LORI, that "white" thing may be an emerging piece of bone/root. I had the same thing when I was about your age and there were several little pieces that emerged within a few days. I kept going back to the dentist and he kept pulling them out. That was the only really bad dental experience I've ever had. I was interested to hear that a couple of people told you to take acetemenaphin and ibuprofen together. I remember Lynn telling me not to mix the two for back pain ???

JANET, the baby is adorable !!!!

This is Seth Saturday--burgers n' fries for dinner. Tomorrow we all go to his college for a Summer Theater production of "Little Shop of Horrors". This is the last of three plays and the other two have been top quality.

Penny's snoozin' and I think I'll join her. zzzzzz......

Love and prayers for all !


Mema Jo said...

Lori - Kay's info about bone chips emerging from an extracted tooth is not uncommon and in fact that is what I thought about when you said you saw a white center where it was pulled. I didn't know you had it stitched. Glad you are goi9ng Monday to regular dentist as I'm sure that it can be checked then.

Kay - enjoy your Seth Saturday!

Mema Jo said...

Today my youngest grandchild (son) turns 18. He is such a caring person and I pray he stays that way all his life - he will do well.

Janet said...

Good afternoon. Break time. Just had some lunch and we are relaxing for a bit

Went outside about 9:30. I have manicured the front yard, replanted my tomato plants (poor things!) and Tom was in the back yard working on our ditch around the pool. He "built" a cross over between one side and the other using dirt and some of the lovely limestone rocks that we grow around here.

After the break we are back outside working on the pool area. I'd like to mow the back yard as well...

Sounds like everyone is having a good day. Will check in later. Maybe I'll take a few pix to show you some of the projects that I have going.


magpie said...

Happy Happy Birthday
to your Youngest Grandson, Jo

May all your wishes for him
come true.....
Enjoy your time with your
Daughter this evening....
And,oh boy, I bet Michael and
the Kids are having a GREAT TIME.

Kay: it's always a treat to
hear about your Seth time...

Hello Eagle Pals

Mema Jo said...

Just got a phone call from the 'camp' that all 3 gals are napping!
I sure hope Michael naps right along with them.

Getting ready to head out to Mass
Prayers for all of us will be offered!

I ♥ us

JudyE said...

Hello and good afternoon guys I was up super late last night and when I woke up several time today it was raining and raining and raining to were I have a lake on my road again which is usual for lots of rain so I went back to sleep or attempted it to sleep though maybe would help my hip and back to

but now I am up and the rain has just now stopped but the road is still a river will take a while to drain

JudyE said...


JudyE said...

looks like we got 4 inches or more

Sandi said...

Good afternoon my eagle friends! Lori and Jo, you are right, I was scrambling this morning to get to the courts and get things dried out and set up for the tennis tournament. Everything went well, even though we started 2 hours later so it was much hotter for playing.

Jo, we used gas powered blowers to blow the water off the courts - a little more powerful than blow dryers! =)

Now that I'm home and everything is put away, I feel a nap coming on! Later!!

Sandi said...

Judy, forecasters are saying between 7 and 9 inches of rain yesterday here in Bethany, over a 9 hour period!

JudyE said...

JUVIE is still in the tree
storms are rumbling in the area

Lori said...

KAY, have fun with Seth. I know you love your Saturday nights with him. The Tylenol/Ibuprofin worked excellent for my tooth pain. Scary what you said about pulling bone fragements out. I don't want to go back there!

JO, thanks for your thoughts, too. Enjoy dinner with your daughter and mass.

JANET, glad you're getting so much done. You'll have your own little Paradise soon!

LOLLY, laughed at your snake story. Tell Jack he's a bad boy for doing that to you. I'd have been out of there like a bolt of lightening! I have a rule, no talking about snakes at night - that's just asking for a nightmare.

Lori said...

SANDI, hope you're taking a nap now that your event is over....very happy that it was a success for you!

JudyE said...

JUVIE is still in the attic

paula eagleholic said...

Afternoon all.

Having a nice weekend. After the sprinkles this morning itturned into a beautiful day.

Bro and neice are out fishing. The boys. Went swimming.

I didn't get the Salisbury job...guess there is a better job waiting out there for me!

PA Nana said...

Good afternoon/evening. Having some 'puter trouble with modem. Am using the tablet now and holding the stylus is not fun.
nursing tendonitis in my left arm. Of course, I'm a lefty. Few years back tore the tendon from elbow and suffered for weeks. Guess I aggravated it again.

If I don't comment know I'm watching you.

Lynne, leave those bears alone. The moms are showing the youngins the ropes. Moms are especially dangerous.

Janet, glad your pool is ready, now enjoy!

Hoda, keep dinging along, but watch for those cars.
Btw, how is your family in Egypt? Just realized our Max's paternal grandfather was from Egypt. It's a small, small world.

Now, I must put the stylis down while I can still use my arm. Have to eat yet.

Prayers for all. Love us!

PA Nana said...

Stylus! Spellchecker gives me grief sometime.

Hoda said...

Wow quiet blog today.
Spent my day with the Dragon Boat Team. We paddled we shared food we celebrated the 87 year old blind woman who allows us to use her beach. She was looking for company as she put in a new stone deck. So we brought the good and the drink and took the party out to her. She was happy. We tried to take her out on the boat, told her we would carry her in and out of the boat she did not want to do that. She asked us for hugs instead. She wanted each one of us to go sit with her and visit. She has an awesome memory. She does not see hardly at all. She sees us as her family in Nelson as all her family is in Vancouver and Victoria.
I told her about my bicycle bell C/A and she laughed with joy and said people will mistake me for an ice cream wagon!!! I will have to take the bicycle out there so she can hear it. Thank you C/A
Her name is Donna.

Hoda said...

Good is really food and yes it was good.

Hoda said...

SANDI so you had the tournament!!!
Amazing .

LORI hope the tooth cavity is better. I too cringed at the bone fragment posts.

Worried like KAY on mixing drugs LORI. Yes indeed LYNN said not to do that.

Happy Birthday to grandson JO. Youngest is 18 already.

PA NANA I think you asked after my family in Egypt. Thank you. For now they are safe. I keep them in my prayers and am doing a practice of staying away from worrying and instead strengthening Faith and Trust. It is all in God's Hands.

My American Sister is celebrating her 70th today and is very much enjoying the Vitamix her husband bought her.

Lolly said...

Jack thinks it was just a garter snake. It disappeared. We discussed a better way for him to tell me a snake is near by, but there I was in the stream with just rubber flip flops on and precariously balancing.

Lolly said...

Have been watching the Atlanta panda cam. Wish it had sound.

Lolly said...

50, 80, 40, 30, 30.....our chances of rain for the next 5 days starting tomorrow. High tomorrow here 78 and low 68. I think I am in heaven!!!! Dear Lord, please bring us a good soaking rain.

Janet said...

Good late afternoon/early evening.

HODA: Wow what an awesome story. I love doing things for people, making them smile.

PA NANA:hope your tendonitis feels better. Tom is nursing a bilateral case of that right packs, ibuprofen and I will work on it probably tomorrow.

JUDYE: more rain! egad! Well at least no drought.

MEMA JO: happy bday to youngest grandson!!!!

Its been a very busy day. We were outside by 10. I mowed and used the weed eater on the yard...moved some rocks over to where (maybe next year) I would like to put a small pond. And I replanted my poor tomatoes!

Tom spent the day working on filling in part of the ditch around the pool. He also built a walk way to the pool using some of the rock. It looks really nice and is useful! I helped and so did Olivia with shoveling dirt.

Finally about 5:30 I said its quitting time! and yes, you guessed it, We got into the pool!

Dinner is now done and we are all tired. Tom is sitting with his ice pack. I am just sitting and relaxing.

Here's to a productive day! :)
Have a super evening!

Lolly said...

Panda is awake and eating bamboo. Saw her licking her privates. Would love to see the panda born.

Hoda said...

PAULA yes indeed the right job is still waiting for you. Holding space for you that the right one manifests itself and that you would also know it to be right for you.
In many ways you are over qualified for run of the mill jobs.
Blessings to you and prayers too.

LOLLY!!! That JACK was there really a snake or was he teasing you??? Oh my if he was teasing he might not get a birthday cake!!!
There was a woman paddling with us from Dallas Texas.
Her son is a lawyer in Dallas too. She told me his name and I forget !!! Sorry. She knew Denton.

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