Thursday, July 25, 2013


New thread. 


paula eagleholic said...

Good Thurday Morning.

I'll take the feather :)

Thanks for the new thread.

Lori said...

Thank you, STEVE for the new thread!

Thanks for the call over, PAULA!
Congrats on another feather!

JudyE said...

Thanks for the NEW THREAD STEVE and the call over PAULA
and congratulation on the feather
We are going to Great Exploration and they don't open till 10 so we can home to hang for a bit

paula eagleholic said...

Cool 67 and drizzle here this morning

Hoping to see the chincoteague ponies at the carnival grounds today

JudyE said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to PAMMYSUE who is the main reason I came to the BLOG without her I wouldn't not have found this amazing blog She is on FB but no longer visit us here

JudyE said...

83° out now and overcasty North and east of us is getting rain but we aren't so far Heading out to the Great Exploration

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Good morning my eagle budlets. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

In my ongoing saga of health issues, I now have a numb chin. Doc says if it is still there in a week, they will order a neurological workup. Google tells me nothing good about a numb chin. Prayers would be appreciated.

Mema Jo said...

Good morning and the beautiful weather is still here! Going to open up the house today!

Thanks Steve for the fresh thread
Paula - what you going to do with this feather? Do you find any feathers down at Paradise? Hope you get to see the ponies - what main street do they bring them down as they are herded into auction?

I need to go back and read this morning's comments.

Sharon - you are always on my ongoing prayer list from your chinny chin chin down to your toes! Love ya and just hate hearing of all these ailments. I always pray for the complete return of your wellness.

Mema Jo said...

Happy Birthday Pamela - miss you on our blog but enjoy you over on FB
Have a special day

Lolly said...

Good morning! Yes, painting is on the agenda for today. Anxious to get to it! But first..I had to read the paper, check fb, and get on here while drinking my coffee! Then I need to check on things outside.

Jack called again last night. Things may be delayed a bit and therefore he will probably not make it home Saturday. Looks like I will be putting the doors back on the cabinets by myself. Time will tell.

Have an interesting story. Any of you ever watch House Hunters on HGTV? Well, I got a heads up on it last night as I like to watch it but seldom do. Last night a local boy and his wife were on it, looking for an apartment in Iceland. I had him in kindergarten years ago! I missed it when it was on earlier in the evening but at 12:30 AM I caught it. Yes, I was up until 1:30. My usual trick when Jack is gonek. Anyway, small world, it was fun to watch!!!

Lolly said...

Oh, I like that word...gonek. Wonder how to pronounce it? LOL

Hoda said...

96 degrees yesterday and again today.
Soaking in a glacier lake till further notice.
Not cool Mother Earth NOT COOL!!!

Yet I meet Molly Koala at lunch and her terrific parents.

Yoga and Authentic voice workshop in the evening.

JUDIE who says happiness does not grow on trees??? Imagine a marijuana leaf here!!!
Nelson's answer to the Brownie Wedding Cake. I will keep you updated!!! LOL

Pace yoursf with work LOLLY




Hoda said...


Lolly said...

Oh, Hoda....I can just see you soaking in the lake. How long afterwards does your body stay cool?

Enjoy your day! I am is gone gone!

Mema Jo said...

Lolly - Sorry to hear that Jack will be gonek longer then you thought and that you may need to do more cabinet work all buy yourself.

You can do it Gal

Hoda said...

LOLLY, wait for Jack.
A half an hour swim in the lake sets my body thermometer to cold/cool for five hours to follow!!!

Be well SHAR

stronghunter said...

Good afternoon,

Lolly, that word looks as if it might have come from Iceland--"gonek."

Kathryn likes the househunter programs, so we watch them sometimes. How neat to see one of your former students on there.

Sandi said...

Good afternoon all! Home from helping with car parking at the cottage tour! Still gray and drizzly and only in the 70s. I'm actually drinking a cup of hot tea to take the chill off after standing outside for 4 hours!

Sharon, I will pray for an answer to your numb chin. Hope it doesn't affect your ability to talk - or eat!

Janet, I always warm up on the court before I play tennis, but I'm going to give the stretching after I play a try. Since I play at 8am, I'm usually too stiff at 6:30 or 7:00am to even think about stretching!

Today feels like a good nap day - later!

stronghunter said...

Hope you recover quickly, Sharon.

Hoda said...

As a gift to Prince George of Cambridge Canada is donating $ 100,000 to a children's charity. I like that.

Lolly said...

Taking a quick break. Have painted the cabinets and have painted one side of the doors of the cabinets. Doing that out in Jack's shop. Yep, the AC is on out there. Turned it on earlier. Now to do the wall and the baseboard as well as the frames around the doors. That will just leave behind the appliances when Jack returns. Looking a little more green this morn. It is the palest of greens. Think I am going to like it. The tile is white, but sage green carpeting in the den and under the table.

Sharon, keeping you in prayer. Do not google your ailments, just get to the doctor.

Lolly said...

5 hours, that is great Hoda! Lakes and pools around here are warm this time of year, but still refreshing!

Lolly said...

Back to painting....I took a break to give Annie privacy in her litter box. LOL

Lori said...

Good Afternoon all!

Hope SANDI is napping and warming up now.

HODA, hoping you get a lake swim and that wonderful 5 hour cool down - that's awesome. How was your lunch with friends?

PAULA, can't wait to hear about the ponies. Are you home or at the beach?

JUDYE, hope you had fun at Great Exploration with Jordyn.

SHARON, prayers for your chin. Other than that, how are you doing my friend?

LOLLY, good job on the painting! Keep it up! At this rate it'll all be done when Jack gets home.

Off to get my do done...well, trimmed, I still want to be able to pull it back off my face. But, boy does it need colored! BBL

Lynne2 said...

Hi all! It was in the upper 50s this am with a nice breeze! didn't want to get out of bed once we opened up the windows!

Lynne2 said...

I wanted to mention for you readers out there...I started AND finished a really great book on Saturday called "the Language of Flowers"

oops, work is beckoning. break over...BBL

Lynne2 said...

is guess that make me GONEK

Lolly said...

Baseboards done...whew!! Managed to get up from the floor, too! LOL Now to finish around the door frames!

Lolly said...

Fort Worth zoo has named the new little baby elephant....Belle! I approve, I voted for that name!

JudyE said...

Check out google for the day

JudyE said...

just got back from Great Exploration, and then the park and then Chick Fl La and now waiting till have to leave to Angies

Lolly said...

I am through with the painting, all that I can do without Jack's help. Have cleaned up the paint equipment, but I see paint on me. lol Too pooped to pop!!

Hoda said...

Wow LOLLY impressive!
Any news of JACK and his BMW?
Laughed today as I chose to wear oven mitts to drive the car!!! Too hot, he was working on the cooling system in the BMW.

Hoda said...

I almost don't have enough energy to go to Yoga!!!
I hope it is cooling poses we do tonight and not fire rising poses!!!

I had a terrific visit with my friends from Australia.
God their Little Miss Molly Koala is adorable.

I feel blessed.

Authentic Voice Workshop after yoga.
It will be 1:00 PM your time by the time I come back in.
I hope you have a blissful and blessed sleep.

Hoda said...

Try 1:00 AM your time!!!

Bob Quinn said...

Hey all!

Don't know if Wanda will be on tonight but the last three on this page are for her. Shot them down the block from my house this evening:

For Wanda


Kay said...

Good Evening Eagle Buds !

BOB, WANDA will love the foxes--the pics look very much like some she's shared from her own back yard !

SHAR, praying for that chinny, chin, chin and all your other body parts, too ! ♥

LOLLY, I got worn out just reading about your project ! Good on you !

HODA, so glad you got to meet little Miss Molly Koala--wish we could see some pics !

Also wish PAMMYSUE were still with us here ! Is she still with the same feller---the one with the big snake--hey for real, her boyfriend had a bpa or sumthin' like that.

My outing today was taking the car to the dealership for routine service--it took me from late 2011 to date to put 3000 miles on my Envoy ! Hoping for more travels now that my achin' back is so much better !

Love and prayers for all !


Kay said...

Oops, make that "her boyfriend had a boa". No idea what kind of creature a bpa is !

Mema Jo said...

Love the pictures Bob and so will Wanda. She usually comes in to say goodnight. Your kits are healthy looking and they pose so pretty.

I lost my computer for the past few hours to my great granddaughter who is spending the night as is her sister. Sammy and Izzy.

Mema Jo said...

Closing down for the evening - I'll not wait on Hoda's return from her evening.

Goodnight to all and God Bless you through the night.


I love us ♥

Judie said...

Good late evening everyone.

Busy day. Had a nasty spam virus. Froze the computer and Verizon blocked my account. Scary. Man who had the same is now in jail without bond. Going to do some calling around tomorrow.

Mr. Q., your pictures 2 and 3 look very much like our Audrey and Grace and, like Wanda, I love the foxes.

Hope everyone had as good a day as possible. Sandperson is just finishing up packing a satchel. Restful sleep for all.

Judie said...

Oh, stupid me.

If you get an email from Department of Justice/Interpol/FBI: DO NOT OPEN. Move immediately to spam and then delete from spam or call your server and have someone take a report. It's a warning that you are being fined for having child pornography...

JudyE said...

Popping in to say good night and I posted two videos and pictures of Jordyn today at Great Exploration
Pictures of Jordyn and two short video one dance and the other pretending to be on TV and picture of a BANYAN TREE at the park and a geese

JudyE said...

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

JudyE said...

OH and for of those who crochet check out the cool display that they have there all hand crocheted really neat of under the ocean

Lolly said...

Getting on to say good night. Heading to bed if I can get up out of my chair. Utility room really looks great. Anxious to get the cabinet doors back on and anxious to get it finished when Jack is home.

Talked with Jack. He had put in an 11 hour day. He is enjoying the cooler weather of Denver when he has the chance to get outside. He did dine outside last night and he said it was cool. He ate with the crew that is running the test on the airplane.

Talked with Laurel and she was painting too. She painted the entry and the main hall in her home. We are both on a roll!!

Going to mow tomorrow. Not too different from when Jack is here only I will do all the mowing....on the riding mower. Then I will edge and blow. I will not use the weedeater as it is too heavy, so the grass under the fence and in varios places will just have to wait until the jubby is home.

Bob, love the pictures. As always they are beautiful. Wanda will love the pictures and the fact you thought of her.

Night all! SED!

stronghunter said...


Will check my mail, Judie. Am a bit confused, but will not open any messages like that.

Bob, I saw a fox by the side of the road that looked very much like those pictures you posted. I thought it was thinner than most foxes I've seen. Loved the kitties.

Costume Lady said...

A little Lolly Bird told me our Bob posted some beautiful photos that I might like...well, I certainly do LIKE them. I never tire of seeing foxes. THANKS BOB!
I brought in the 'card' from our Trail Cam, last week and there are a few beautiful shots of an adult fox...but no kits:( I will post the video/slide show when this 'puter is working right. Some days it is really good and others, freezes on me again!

We have a wedding in the family next weekend and I would like to tell you about it when it is not so late and I am not so busy.

Good night to you and prayers ♥

Hoda said...

Wow JUDIEare you kidding or have you been hacked??? Hope all is well! I might have a heart attack if I get an email from any if the organizations you mentioned.
LOL Hope it is a joke.

Very happy with the workshop.


God Bless us all.

Sandi said...

Good Friday morning my eagle friends!

Cloudy here but guess what I'm doing this morning - playing tennis!!! YAY!

Have a great day all!

Janet said...

Good Morning and TGIF!!!! It is 64 degrees here in Nashville. A very unusual July temp to be sure!

HODA: exactly what is the water temp of the lake? I am curious....

SANDI: the only thing i would caution with stretching AFTER you work out, esp since you already have had an injury is not to over stretch...but i think its a good idea as well. ENJOY!

SHARON: holding you in thought and love....hoping for healing. i am wondering, if it could be as simple as a pinched nerve? hopefully nothign more than that...

JUDIE: horrible about the virus! it is scary what people can do to another person's stuff....

a beautiful friday/weekend here. my compadre has reiki classes this weekend and i will go out and help her to prep. this is the first time she is teaching without me sitting in the room. i know she will do well. she is such a dear friend.....and i am excited that she has found her way into teaching. she has so much to share.

and its taken some burden off of me as well. i only teach locally 3x this year and she teaches 3x. we both make some extra $$ and share reiki with others...such a blessing to us both.

hope everyone has a lovely day. tonight olivia will be with her sister to go to a movie at the local water park (they do family movies on friday nights) and so tom and i will have some time alone. i am planning a nice evening just for us. we don't get this treat very often! :)

he picks up his school bus today..i have work, and then a nice evening together! woo hoo!

everyone, have a beautiful, blessed day. light, love, smiles, and healing energies for all in need! :)

JudyE said...

GOOD MORNING eagle buds
getting ready to head out to go
the Highland Playworld and after
a one play in the splash pool Jordyn loves the slide that go in the deeper end of the splash pool

Lori said...

Good Morning everyone!

SANDI, hope you kicked butt and spared your calf in tennis this morning! So glad you're on the mend.

A very nice morning and clear. Spending today and tomorrow getting ready to go to the folks in PA on Sunday. I have a lot to do for school up there next week. Two biggies are the healthcare workers CPR class and school orientation ... oh and getting my uniforms!

JANET, hope that you and Tom have a great evening. My SIL is a school bus driver, too.

HODA, How was last night's workshop? Did you enjoy it was much as the first one?

LOLLY, way to go with the painting. Wish I was a good painter. I'm so darn picky about it!

KAY, Hope you have a great day with Penny! Big hugs!

SHARON, praying for you and your chin. Hope it's something simple and goes away fast.

JUDYE, enjoy your day off with Jordyn.

JUDIE, thanks for the spam warning. Will be sure NOT to open any such thing.

SHIRLEY, have you practiced bowling again?

PAULA, enjoy you day - I assume you're at the beach! Or, are you headed there today?

MARGY, I miss you! Hope your hand is healing well.

Love you ALl!!

Have a great day!

Hoda said...

I am not sure JANET as to the temperature if the lake.
I would say in the fifties from the feel of it.
There are currents and some is colder than the other.
In the winter time it is in the 20's or so!!! I would say.i heard that from a friend who does the Polar Bear Swim.

grannyblt said...

Lori, I loved the world of scrubs..Comfortable and no wardrobe decision for the day.

Lori said...

GRANNY, I'm seriously looking forward to no daily wardrobe decisions! Scrubs cannot be more comfortable!

Mema Jo said...

Good morning to all!
Remember it is a RED FRIDAY so wear red and show your support for out troops.

Hopefully Margy will soon return.♥

Mema Jo said...


Mei Xiang was artificially inseminated twice March 30 after natural breeding attempts with the Zoo’s male panda, Tian Tian, were unsuccessful. She has begun nest building which is consistent with a rise in urinary progesterone.Panda fans can watch Mei Xiang on the upgraded panda cams.

paula eagleholic said...

Afternoon, all!

Just gorgeous here at paradise today. Been here siince Tuesday night.

Didn't see them swim or parade the ponies...went there yesterday after the auction was over. Cool to see the adults and the foals.

Larry left this afternoon for his beach house. I am. Outside doing some yard work.

paula eagleholic said...

There is a cormarant out front...flapping his wings...trying to get the underwater grasses off.

Think the osprey chick here has fledged.

Caught some crabs but no luck fishing

NCSuzan said...

Hello. Everyone must be having a wonderful and busy summer as no one is here posting! That is good and bad!

Hoda, how are you doing? Many people gathering in Egypt. Pictures of the crowds are unbelievable.

Lori, I know several women who swear by a bar of soap, unwrapped, between the sheets at the foot of their bed for RLS. I have it too as did my Mother.

Take care all.

Hoda said...

Good afternoon all.
Getting ready to volunteer with the Grans and then move on to volunteer with the Eco-Society at the Market Fest.
Yes NC Suzan they are certainly out there!!! My sister and cousins were there.
I don't like it.
They don't listen.
I pray.
That is all.

It will be midnight your time by the time I return.
I will say goodnight and Hod bless Us All.

Hoda said...

Let me say that over again

GOD Bless Us All...
Do not know who Hod is

Mema Jo said...

Hedgesville Granddaughter called for me to look at Martinsburg Journal - article about
" Bushcraft School teaches skills in the wilderness". My two oldest great grandsons attended and their pictures are in the Journal.
They are the two in the tie dye shirts. They loved it - all outdoors learnings.

Mema Jo said...

Well Hoda I won't wait up for you again tonight! This time difference and all your activities just don't make for good face to face conversation! Love Ya ♥

BBL this evening unless I fall asleep in my recliner.

Lolly said...


Went out to mow at 8 this morning. Finished mowing, edging, and blowing by 12. Then I picked up a water hose and started watering pots and dry spots in the lawn. Came in at 4:30. Yes...I over did, but I will recover.

Have talked with Jack. He groaned as well when I told him my day. He will be home tomorrow afternoon. Yea!

Lolly said...

Just want to say


Lolly said...

Cool front is going through, down to 84. We did not even get a tenth of an inch. Sprinkler system will run in the morning. Sigh............

Judie said...

Good early evening.

Update: the email from the FBI, et al was spam, of course. The man who was arrested saw the email warning (spam) and (stupidly) took his computer to the police who found his child porn = arrest. Cops love stuuuuupid criminals. So do I!

Another electronic tidbit. Was trying to post a comment using the Tablet and when I touched "publish" the screen changed to adult pornography - really graphic stuff. So, now I am in fear of using the thing. Will try to find out from Samsung or Verizon if Norton or something similar can be installed. I really do NOT want to go to prison. I really do NOT think I like using these electronics after all.

Busy day but nothing significant accomplished. Just stuff.

Did see that Mei Xiang might be pregnant. Will certainly hope for the best there.

Jo, congratulations to the two ggrands.

Hoda, am truly sorry about the situation in Egypt and wish that your family will stay safe.


Lori said...

NC SUZAN - thanks so much for reminding me of that. I've heard it before, but totally forgot it. I will try it tonight!

HODA, prayers for your family in Egypt and have fun at your two charity events today. You are amazing.

LOLLY, Take a break've done more than enough for today. Big Hugs since Jack isn't there to give you one. :)

JO, congrats -- GG's make the local paper! Very cool.

Lolly said...

Appreciate the hug, Lori. I have been sitting and enjoying a big glass of wine. Feeling mellow! LOL Time to go heat a Lean Quisine. No cooking while Jack is gone!

JudyE said...

SUZAN my mom and dad both believed in the bar of soap under the sheets

JUDIE I wish you all the luck with your computer I have Norton in mine and knock on wood never have had issues Lot of people don't like Norton because its a memory hog but I think its worth it

HODA the amazing is at it again You go gal I want to be just like you when I grow up and retire Hope I can muster up the energy

Had a nice time with family went to Gators to eat No didn't eat gator bites Not for me Was so pretty on the beach saw some dolphins also lots of birds, egrets, herons and me no camera Angie took pictures with her phone and Jordyn Leap Pad

I dislike getting home this late but I already took my shower this afternoon before we left the house Didn't do much today Jordyn didn't want to go anywhere so he stayed in today

JudyE said...

I got my 105. check for the dental insurance in the mail today Just opened it Yeah
they said give it up to several months I guess they were wrong on the time frame thank goodness

JudyE said...

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

Judie said...

Hi all.

Lolly, glad you are taking a tiny break tonight. Enjoy and relax.

JudyE, we have Norton on the desk top. The porn showed up on the Samsung Tablet. Not happy. Glad you got your $.

Lori, hope the soap will work a miracle for you.

Headed to the grossery in the morning. Evening is a basketball game where I will watch three of my former students return for a tournament. One of the guys plays professionally in England. Will be so good to see them again.

Okay, the Sandperson just meandered down the hall and I heard a closet door open. I think that's where the sleepy dust is stashed. So, guess the satchel is being filled.

Restful sleep for all.

Mema Jo said...

We do have a very cool night!
Happy that the SandPerson is on the way ♥

Closing down for the day
God Bless all through the night with a restful sleep - especially for our Lori! I thought Chrissy said a potato down at the bottom of the bed between the sheets also worked..I am probably completely wrong about what she said - this had been years upon years ago.

Mema Jo said...

Goodnight my friends

I ♥ Us

stronghunter said...

Read back a tiny bit. Will try to do more tomorrow. Brain has quit working.

Hoping for solutions in Egypt, Hoda.

Yikes, Judie. Stupid criminal is right.

Envying you, Paula. I need some beach time.

I did practice bowling today, Lori. I think I will improve eventually, but still need to get comfortable with the new things I am learning.

Getting between the sheets now. SED, everyone.

magpie said...

Good Night Eagle Pals....
Whew, I know there is a lot of
catching up to do...

Lolly...I miss YOU too !
And all of my pals here...

JO I saw those pictures, NOW I will go look at them again knowing Who They Are :)

Paula, I saw a juvenile cormorant
on the Potomac River a few days ago...he was squeaking in such a way that it resembled an Eagle...

It's Late....Shucks, I just
glanced up about the Porn on the
Samsung, Well Shucks about that!

Time for the Pillows, one more
work day in this work week...

We're all fine here...
Best Wishes to All of YOU....
God Bless Us,
Every One xoxox

paula eagleholic said...

Hi and bye Margy glad you could stop in. Got my crabs picked and dishes done. Nick got a bath...he is so soft now. Went to neighbors and had a glassof wine. Have the windows open tonight...should be good sleeping.

Heading home in themorning. Friends from CA visiting on Sunday...used to be my neighbors.

SED llove and hugs for all

Hoda said...

Glad JACK is coming home tomorrow LOLLY.
Yes you overdid it. Rest well.

Thank you for your good wishes for peace. It is what it is and it will be what it will be.

It is ALL in God's Hands.

Very successful volunteering tonight.
We did well with the Eco Society. I am certain I took in over three thousand dollars in donations and raffle tickets!!!

Glad MARGY checked in.

Hoda said...

Tomorrow Paddling in the AM.

Group Coffee afterwards.

Afternoon Memorial to the Gran who died. Her family is having it in a beautiful park.
We will miss Sheila. I will attend the Memorial with the Grans.

Tomorrow is also the momorial of my first Canadian Friend who I met 46 years ago.
They will read a note I wrote in her honour at the church in Ottawa.
I have sadness and I miss her already.
Now to stay present for her kids, young adults actually.
Meditation practice tomorrow is offered to Sherry.

Hoda said...

Good night all.

God Bless Us All.

JudyE said...


Janet said...

And we have made it to Saturday!!! GOOD MORNING!

Yesterday was a great day. Fully booked at work. Stopped to get a bottle of our favorite wine on the way home.

Well, while I was there, the manager asked me if I would like to try a new wine they got in, and I said sure. And he poured me 1/2 glass of wine just to try. It was quite yummy and I took one home!!! Nice sales technique!

Came home and floated and had a glass of wine...we went out to dinner (Cheesecake factory) and then out on the town for a bit.

It was a lovely evening. It is nice sometimes to be just us. I love my children...but the occasional just is us nice as well.

18 years and I still like him. imagine that!

HODA: a 50 degree lake would be COLD COLD COLD. we have property in Waverly and there is a natural creek running thru. It is quite lovely. THe water there is very very cold, reminds me of the water up in Maine. I only get up to my thighs, even in mid summer because it is so cold. But the kids love to jump off the bluff into the water and swim. You can see fish and the rocks, it is quite lovely.

All righty, I have to head out and help my friend Amie prep for her Reiki class. I am not staying as she is more than capable of teaching on her own, but I have the key to let her in and it is always great to see her!

Light, love, hugs and smiles to each of you today! :) Make it a super day!

Lori said...

Good Morning Everyone!

Happy Weekend!

HODA, peace be with you at your services today.

PAULA, safe travels. Have fun visiting with your neighbors.

SANDI, did I not see your post this morning or are you busy today?

LOLLY, enjoy your mellow, no cooking time without Jack. Have fun whatever you do.

JUDIE, so sorry about the porn on the tablet. Go to you App Store online and see if you can download Norton from there.

JO, thanks for the tip about the potato...tried the soap last night and something worked. Don't know if it was the vitamins or the soap, but I got some sleep!

I'm getting things ready today to head out to PA tomorrow. First, I have to mow the yard.

MARGY, so nice to see you back!!!

Have a good day everyone!

magpie said...

Good Morning, Eagle Pals...
a beauteous morning it is hereabouts....

Lori: Happy and Safe Trails
back to your PENNSYLVANIA Home

Safe travels, Paula...
and for any and all traveling, anytime, anywhere, and by any means...

Hoda, thoughts of you as you
honor the memory of loved ones lost (( Hugs ♥ ))

magpie said...

I won't be able to catch up for excuse me for my absence of comments on what's going on with everyone...

things will return to normal
one of these days

Oh Jo: Once again, those pictures of the great grandsons are adorable....I'll send you
my newspaper copy also :)

Best Wishes for a Very Good
Day to Everyone, in all our Eagle Corners....

back to the typing grind here at

ttfn xoxox

Mema Jo said...

Good morning to all ♥
Another enjoyable cool morning
I have no plans but will accept any offers I receive to do something.

Good to hear from you Margy and to know you are a working gal again. Sure hope the surgery did the trick.

Janet, your Night out on the Town and you mentioned 18 years - was there a special occasion we don't know about? Love your picture.

Lolly said...

Good morning! My bad, did not get back on last night. Watching more HGTV....bad habit when Jack is gone.

Today I was going shopping. However, not doing that. Instead I am doing laundry and cleaning house. Also, going to cook a delicious dinner for tonight. I expect Jack around 4.

75 this morning and the high is expected to be high 80's. Wonderful for this time of year. So far we have had a mild summer. PTL And, we have had rain so things look green. However, we are still in a severe drought, lakes are very low and some literally going away. Docks and boats are high and dry! Lovely lake homes....with no lake!

Lolly said...

Yea, glad you peeked in Margy!! Love you and miss you when you are not here. Take care!

Miss Lynne too, but she does peek her ornery self in once and a while. Love you, too, Lynne!

Lori said...

Just got done mowing the yard, came in and find that MARGY is back at work! Hope you're having a great day, Magpie!

Now I'm thinking I may leave for PA on Monday instead of tomorrow. Hmmmm.

LOLLY, I'm sure Jack will appreciate the wonderful dinner you are making.

Sandi said...

Hi all! Got so busy this morning that I completely forgot to post - sorry!! Had to do August house budget stuff plus updating Quickbooks entries for Denny's business (I'm his free bookkeeper). Then I did some painting on the screened porch - NOTHING like Lolly's huge project.

It was nice to open the house yesterday and last night but the AC is back on today - starting to get humid.

Lynne, I LOVED Language of Flowers, though I didn't read the entire book in a day!

Judie, I can't believe your tablet didn't come with some kind of antivirus program installed! You may just have to enable it - check your settings or search the manual that probably came installed.

Margy, how is the hand/wrist doing? Are you happy to be back to work?

I see on FB that Sharon's chin is still numb - must be scary to not know the cause!

Tennis went great yesterday - no pain in my calf and no swelling or pain today! YAY!

OK, time for lunch and then more stuff to get done around here - later! Have a great day!

paula eagleholic said...

Howdy, all!

Here in Eburg...just had some rain...

paula eagleholic said...

Bob, great photos of the foxes.

Gkids are here till after supper. Going to do pizza for tonight.

Lolly said...

Jack call an hour ago. He was waiting for his luggage. He should be home any minute now. I am habby to have the jubby home!!!

JudyE said...

HOME from work earlier than norm hour cut for two days Last weeks visit killed payroll so now we all suffer I guess

JudyE said...

Poor poor Jordyn hurt her neck today doing a headstand and landed on her head some how Her neck is hurting
Angie is doing ice also besides ibuprofen like clock work
She is playing dress up now so seems better somewhat Told Angie to take her in if it doesn't get better
Next week they dance class they are going to get to go on the playing field at the Rays game and do a performance Not for sure if it will be on TV with the game or not Need to find out!

JudyE said...

90° out now no rain to cool it off yet

paula eagleholic said...

Oh, Judy, how neat about performing at the Rays.

Mema Jo said...

Just returned from Mass - so happy to see we have finally hit 100 +|

Nice and cool outside
Only a few drops of rain to report.

Glad your home safely Paula
Enjoy the gkids! I'm sure Nick likes them around.

BBL this evening

JudyE said...

HEY guys when you watch the Brook Falls bear cam do you have sound I don't ???

JudyE said...

just got back from Panera Bread

paula eagleholic said...

Got the gkids handprints on my pots! Will post some pics later.

Janet said...

Good evening to all.

MEMA JO: no, no special occassion. as of this past april, tom and i have been together for 18 years....and i'm just so happy that we are still together, happy and each other's best friend, confidant, etc. i am so thankful he came into my life when he did, i just couldn't imagine m life without that knucklehead! :)

chelsea had taken olivia for the night, and we dont' get nights alone very often. so we just took advantage of it....cheesecake factory, night on the town, home to snuggle.....

JUDYE: hope jordyn feels better quickly!!! :( poor baby

been a busy day. picked up olivia. went to the flea maket @ the fair grounds....milled about aimlessly.

came home. took a nap and now, getting ready to watch a movie. MIB III.

hope everyone has a great night!

Lolly said...

Dinner over...we had Involtini di vitella, three cheese risotto and salad, with a good bottle of wine. The involtini is one of our favorites...veal rolled with two cheeses and prosciutto and cooked in olive oil and wine. Yummy! But, I am a definite risotto fan and this recipe is my favorite! Jack has been talking non stop telling me about his three days. I am so proud of him...he is so respected and so well thought of. They are thinking of him going to Houston to talk to the new NASA pilots.

paula eagleholic said...

Sounds like a very nice homecoming, Lolly. Kudos to Jack!

Hoda said...

Glad JACK is home.

Tough day and a good day.
Very complex.

Glad PAULA is home.

Hope JORDYN feels better soon.

I need to be still for the rest of the evening. I am staying in.

Blessed Be is the best way I can describe my day.

Hoda said...

Good night

God Bless Us All.

Mema Jo said...

Goodnight to All


I ♥ US

God Bless you through the night... ♥

Lolly said...

Has been a good evening, much better than being by myself! Also, I got much needed rest today. Loved it!

Night all! SED!!

stronghunter said...


Took Hunter to his first football practice of the season today. He has a different coach from the one he has always had, and surprisingly had an attack of shyness when he didn't recognize any of the other kids on the team.

I got one of the coaches to encourage him, and he seemed to warm up to the group as time passed. Usually, he is in the middle of whatever action is going on. I was a little surprised he was so shy.

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

Make the best out of the day no matter what it hand you today

Sandi said...

Good morning my eagle friends!

Paula, can't wait to see pictures of the pots with the kids' hand prints! I bought a plastic rain barrel in May and STILL haven't painted it b/c I can't find Krylon Fusion paint anywhere nearby, which seems to be the best paint for plastic. Don't want to stick an ugly black rain barrel in the front of my house.

Shirley, football practice already???? Time for fall sports - say it isn't so!!! Hard to believe that July is almost over!

Would like to take the kayak out this morning since it's supposed to be a cloudy day. Just don't want to get caught in a storm - we'll see.

Have a great day all!

Judie said...

Good morning.

Interesting story about Hunter, Shirley. Do hope he will do exceptionally well with the new coach and team mates.

Happy Paula got the gkids hand prints. Cool idea.

Lolly, glad Jack is back home safely.

Sandi, can you kayak to the next town over to look for Krylon paint?lol Enjoy the day.

Quiet day here, I think. No plans. Will finish a book and then need to watch two DVDs to see if either or both are appropriate for class; one on elder abuse and one on profiling.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

Hoda said...

Enjoy your day JUDIE.
Did you get a thank you note from the visitors?
Just popped into my head to ask!!!

Have a terrific day all.

paula eagleholic said...

Morning, all

Trying to get the house and food ready for today.

Cohen started football practice this past week as well.

Yucky day for a cookout, but oh well! Friends are actually enjoying the rain, they live in San Diego!

Lori said...

Good Sunday Morning Eagle Friends!

Got some much needed rain last night and supposed to have some heavy rain today - we need it. Hope you get some too, LOLLY!

SANDI, have fun in the kayak...sounds like a good time.

Hope everyone has a great day, whatever your plans might be.


Sandi said...

This link was sent to me by a friend - AMAZING!! Hope I can get this right on my first try.

hawk in flight

paula eagleholic said...

Cool video!

Janet said...

good morning.

slept in...have housework, yardwork and cleaning the pool to do today.....but we've had such a nice couple of relaxing days that its okay.

we had a frog strangling drenching rain last night. kind of came up out of no where....and it poured. have to wait to mow the lawn, it is very very wet outside.

hope everyone has a lovely day.

light, love, hugs, and smiles to all!

Lori said...

That is a cool video, SANDI!

Mema Jo said...

Good Sunday morning to All ♥
Not so sunny here - I think we had some rain throughout the night as the deck was a little wet.

Jenny is coming over this morning. I would have loved to have gone to Market as the farms are now having tomatoes at their stands. I always tell myself to plant tomatoes and then I never do it.

My squirrel planted sun flowers are starting to bloom. Not that many and they are so tiny. Love them anyhow and enjoy seeing them on the deck.

Lolly said...

Good morning! Time to eat a bite before heading to church. Was a cool 74 this morning. Jack has already been outside and used the weedeater which I did not do Friday.

No, Hoda, no rain here. Laurel got some but we did not. Bah hum bug!!

Enjoyed the video. I have seen that before but enjoyed watching it again. Birds are amazing!

Sandi, enjoyed your pics of your garden on fb. A great improvement!!

Have a great day!

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

We had a frog-standing rain yesterday evening, too. And again last night. I opened the blinds to watch the early storm while it was still light.

Yes, football practice already. At practice, Hunter first told me he had something in his eye, but he would not let me touch him; then he just kind of hid behind my car until I sent the coach to get him. I stayed out of the way while the coach was talking to him.

We do not know why, but this team drafted Hunter first. His old coach wanted him and tried to trade for him, but it was no go. Old coach (Charlie) thought the other guy knew Hunter.

We do not know what happened. They do scout sometimes. Maybe they saw something they liked. Hunter is one of the bigger kids now. This is probably his last season with parks and rec football.

stronghunter said...

Cam is down. Just reporting the information.

stronghunter said...

Tomatoes--I have one plant in a pot on the front porch, but the tomatoes have not done very well. Blossom end rot.

The few tomatoes I have picked are quite small, but that is okay. Hunter and I are the only ones who eat them.

I have been picking them before they are fully ripe. That seems to help.

Kay said...

Good Afternoon Eagle Buds !

Not difficult to catch up with youse guys in these days of infrequent blogging, but I enjoy all the things you each share about your interesting lives !

So happy the JANET and LOLLY are blessed with super duper hubbies ! I'm sure I speak for all we widows when I say, enjoy every minute with those guys !!!!!

Wishing Hunter and Cohen much success at football this coming season ! Now speaking for all grandma's---enjoy all that---before you know it they'll be heading for college ! That's what Julie, Hugh and I are facing next month. I'm a bit blue over losing my Sat/Sun companion, but am so happy our Seth is fulfilling a dream !

SANDI, the video is, as we said in the Very Old Days, Neato ! Thanks !

Hope you're all enjoying the kind of super duper, cool, but sunny day we're having in Central Ohio !

Love and prayers for all !


Lolly said...

Back from church. Yes, Kay, thank the good Lord for my jubby!! My daddy died at 58 and mother lived to 90. She was 53 when he died and she was a widow for a long time. Proud of her, first few years were really hard but she made a good life and never took her rings off.

Getting ready to make banana nut bread. Have some bananas that are ready!! LOL

NatureNut said...

Hello and Happy Sunday to Everyone!
Weather finally got decent enough that we could return up from the basement!! AC at least 10° cooler~~~TV but no 'puters.
Nothing very interesting going on ~~the usual, work, sleep, Dr. dentist appts. Haven't been to Chelsea much~~no vinyl work just now, so I still haven't seen any Spotties!!! The osprey nest at Park on UStream has been showing one juvie in the nest now and then. Dad does a fish drop & usually the other appears. Last week the whole family was there one PM for a 3 fish dinner! Only got a few pics around the house of birds, butterflies.
We haven't had a lot of rain, but daughter said in TX last week, they had rain every day! Although they can't move in yet,(such as light fixtures wrong size & now discontinued) she stops by there almost every day to check the ph in the pool water! What fun. They're eventually getting salt water, so maybe less maintenance.
Hope everyone is doing OK.
Need to get out a card for one of our gentlemen, James, at Park. He's retired from Library of Congress, sings in church choir, and has had his brother, ill w/cancer living with them for a few years. James took him to Johns Hopkins for chemo, etc. He really rallied, but passed last week.
Love to all, Later ☺

Hoda said...





Hoda said...

Great Hawk video SANDI.
Thank you.

magpie said...

Good Afternoon Eagle Pals...

just checking in, all is well,
family still visiting, leaving sometime Tuesday so we are doing a number of things here and there....

I'm still having some problems with my laptop, and the PC is not
working yet -
also when James is here he is on the machine playing some games...

My hand is doing OK...I see the surgeon one more time on Monday and hope to walk out with an order for some PT...for both hands....

I would like to say I am up on "All Things Blog" but that would be a fib....things are just
right busy hereabouts right now....

Thanks, Kay for the phone call......I was out but it was nice to hear your voice on my answering machine...

I have a short shift to work at midnight...oh, the computer at work (internet) is giving me the fits also !! so I hop on and off
cyberspace in short spurts....

Best Wishes and Lovins' to All, and ((HUGS)) of course!

JudyE said...

HOME from work earlier again today tomorrow will be regular hours

SANDI WOW what a great video and the hawk is sooo pretty

JudyE said...

HEY GUYS DEB made a 30 min video of NCTC nesting season
and the intruder is in the beginning of it
DEB video recap of the season from mating and intruders the hole kit and caboodle LOL Warning eagle porn LOL

JudyE said...

lots of buffering camera also

Sandi said...

Good afternoon all! What a terrific day for kayaking - not too hot, nice breeze, not buggy! We saw one heron after another along the banks of the canal! Got good shots of a few of them and posted them on FB and on my blog. Also saw an osprey nest with one adult sitting on it, but s/he flew away when we got close.

Need to hop in the shower and get the canal water and mud off - later!

JudyE said...

I posted the video on the Fans page on facebook and sent in in email from to all I have on my email list in case they miss it on here Deb did a great job on the video

Mema Jo said...

Asking for prayers of healing for my gd Christine. Was have abdominal pain, some nausea and some swelling of the stomach. Is in local ER and with the CT showing cyst or tumor on Pancreas. You will remember this past year at Ft Bragg what a go around she had with removing gallbladder. As soon as room available at UMMC she will be transported. Prayers prayers please and Thank you. ♥

Mema Jo said...

P.S. Not a word on FB about

Hoda said...

Healing Prayers for Christine.

Lolly said...

Jo, mums the word on fb but prayers a plenty here.

JudyE said...

Will do JO
Sending healing thoughts her way and keeping you all close to heart
As the saying is we will pray her through this

JudyE said...

I want to ask a question on the Brooks Falls cam Have you all ever had sound Me not Was just curious!

JudyE said...

I posted DEB video on facebook and I tagged with the @ some people and STEVE just shared the video. I had tagged him with others. I wish you could tag more people that it allows but I did email it also but didn't have his email thought he would enjoy it also
That was such a good idea she had to sum up the season in 30 min and with the new cam view also

Lori said...

Hope everyone is enjoying the end of the weekend, winding down and relaxing.

LORETTA, so good to see you!

MARGY, what a bummer shift - midnight tonight? Be safe and good luck with getting your PT request. Sorry your computers are giving you fits.

JO, prayers for Christine.

HODA, YAY rain!!! Sure helps to cool things down and make everything crisp again.

Okay, off to get in the shower and finish throwing together all my stuff for PA this week. I'll leave early in the morning, but will probably pack up the computer tonight, so I'll catch up with you tomorrow afternoon.

Be safe everyone! I love you all.
Big hugs for everyone!!!

Hoda said...

Safe travels LORI.
Putting you in the Light with your week in PA

Lolly said... sound on that cam!

See you tomorrow, Lori! Safe travels.

Tomorrow water pots and then tackle the utility room with Jack's help. Also, have come up with a cute idea for holding rags and plastic shopping bags. Still get a few of those but use my reusable bags all the time. Love them, hate plastic!! They litter the landscape!! I have an old hamper that holds rags. Good grief, I do not need that many. So out goes the hamper. Have some cute lined baskets that I had in a bedroom for children's books with tapes. They are empty now, so we are going to hang them on the wall. It is going to look so nice!

Sandi, Laurel has now been assigned to do a presentation at in service on their utilization of ideas from the Book Whisperer. She hates getting up in front of adults. LOL She got that from me!

Lynne2 said...

Just trying to read home a bit ago from MIL's house. And I have tried to read back at the speed of sound...

Lynne2 said...

but a bad storm is upon us and I must go....lights are flickering.

Jo, many prayers going up for Christine.

Love you all, have a good night.

JudyE said...

Happy to report that Angie said Jordyn woke up with no neck pain at all

JudyE said...

Watched a movie on Lifetime

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

stronghunter said...

Just read your post about Christine, Jo. Am sending prayers for her and for your whole family. I remember the gall bladder issues.

Thinking of you as you heal, Margy.

I am sure Laurel's presentation will be excellent, Lolly.

paula eagleholic said...

Evening, all!

Had a great day with my old good to see time will be in San Diego or Vegas!

I didn't plant any tomatoes this year either....been hitting the fruit stands!

Good to see you on here Lowreeda!

Margy, glad you could check in! Enjoy the family visit!

JudyE, thanks for the link to Deb's video. The buffering did finally stop, didn't it!

Jo, sending prayers for Christine.

JudyE, have not been watching the bear cam, so can't help you out on the sound.

Safe travels, Lori.

Just had a heck of a lot of thunder and lightening, but not a ton of rain.

Lolly, the utility room sounds like it will be nice!

stronghunter said...

Going to wish everyone a good night. I will see you tomorrow. SED.

paula eagleholic said...

Lynne, hope MIL and FIL are doing well.

paula eagleholic said...

JudyE, did Angie and Carl get the house? Any move in date yet?

Jewels said...

Prayers Momma Jo!!!!! That is just awful, please keep me posted via text or email, I seldom get on here. Just too busy at work usually.

Jewels said...

Hoda, send that weather here please!!! I have had it with these low temps and temps at night into the 60's and even some 50's. I have not had enough pool time!!! LOL
Bob, those pics are ADORABLE!!! Hope all is well with everyone ! Much love and hugs!!

Mema Jo said...

Getting ready for my pillows

They did have a room down at UMMC and Christine is being transported now at this late hour of the night.
I'm sure there will be more testing.
The CT showed Cyst or Abscess. I had mentioned tumor but that was incorrect. Once and for all this pancreas will be in good shape in a few days I am sure!

Goodnight to all! SED & AOYP
I love us ♥
Thanks for the prayers and healing thoughts for Christine.

Hoda said...

Good night

God Bless Us All

Judie said...

Good late evening to everyone.

Jo, lots and lots of prayers for Christine. I'm sure she will be just fine.

Hi Lowreeda.

Lori, safe travels to PA.

Margy, hope PT is a go and that work is not slowing the healing process.

JudyE, the NABC cam has no sound. Tomorrow, I think, is the hearing for a temporary restraining order to delay removing the GPS units from the research bears. Suspect we are nearing the end of our bear education and their safety. Meanwhile, happy Jordyn is feeling better.

Isla and her babe and the dad are nearing time for migration. Baby is quite grown up looking and making flights out over the lake. Has nearly mastered the process of a smooth landing.

Judie said...

$#@#* Was about to say more but the sandperson crept up behind me with a large satchel of sleepy dust in tow. So, I must say goodnight.

Sandperson is on the way. Restful sleep for all.

Lolly said...

Looks like a hot, humid week ahead however they say the 100 temps will not last and a possibility of rain....but that is a week away.

Time to start calling it a day!

Prayers for Christine. SED

Ms Bookworm said...

Good Evening!

My, it's been a BUSY weekend! Too tired to elaborate, but will have to tell about it all in the morning.

Prayers and more prayers for Christine!

Margy, good to see you on here!
Hope that your work is not complicating the healing process, and that you will have much success with physical therapy!
Healing prayers & ((HUGS))!!

Lolly, your utility room sounds lovely! Glad Jack is home safely.

Hoda, have had your family in Egypt on my mind and in my prayers! Awful situation over there! ((HUGS))!!

Well, practically doing face plants, so will just say goodnight
and God bless. SED, everyone! I love all of you!
♥♥Thinking of Lynn♥♥
♥♥Carolyn and Christie♥♥
I ♥ us!!!

Sandi said...

Good Monday morning my eagle friends!

Jo, prayers for Christine - cyst or abscess sounds way better than tumor!

Lori, safe trip back to PA!.

We were under a severe weather and flood watch last night - up to 3 inches of rain was predicted. We got ... zip, nada, nothing! I'm starting to feel like Lolly here! It's cloudy now - don't want/need rain this morning since I have tennis at 8am. =(

Lynne, did your in-laws ever sell their house???

Loretta and Jewels - great to see you on the blog!

Shar, how's your chin?

Found a "welcome back to a new school year" email in my school inbox - REALLY????? Didn't even open the attachments - I guess that's what I get for checking my school email in the summertime!

Have a great day all!

JudyE said...


Yep PAULA closing is suppose to be Aug 23

Janet said...

good monday morning. having a hard time getting woke up this morning. went to sleep just after 9 last sleepy dust must have been the extra powerful

extra coffee maybe?

JO: light, love and healing energies being sent for Christine. pls. keep us updated. poor kiddo.

MAGPIE: let us know what the dr says! hoping for the best healing and report!

JUDYE:. update on carl & angie pls. and thanks for the video. i hope to watch it tonight.

EVERYONE ELSE; have a wonderful day as well!

its a beautiful morning. only 61 and the skies were soft blue and pink as i got up @ 5:30. wish i'd been awake enough to enjoy it.

its back to old routine this week...starting thursday. had livvy hit the bed by 10 last night and make sure she is up by 8 the next couple of days. of course, actual school days she is up by 6 or so....but we will get there.

nothing much going on. hope everyone has a lovely day! light, love, hugs, and smiles to all!

paula eagleholic said...

Morning, all!

What a beautiful day! Got my windows open!

paula eagleholic said...

Judie, I have been keeping up on the bears as well...keeping my fingers crossed. The response and suit is so much more detailed and thought out than the decision by the DNR to deny the permit to the bear center.

Judie said...

Good morning.

Yes, sleepy dust was extra strength I think. Just woke up to beauteous sunshine and low humidity.

Big day ahead. Plan to read the newspaper, drink some coffee, do a little laundry, clean and snap some beans and, if that isn't enough, I'll do some reading. Whew! What a day!

Jo, hope to hear some positive news about Christine's condition. Saying a prayer or two or more.

Hoda, please let us know how your family is doing. Prayers for their safety.

Congratulations to Carl and Angie and hope the closing goes smoothly.

Shirley, how are the Colorado plans progressing? Dates?

Isla and family are off doing Osprey things this morning. Nest is MT. The babe is practicing water/fishing skills. Bear hearing is this morning.

Wishing everyone a lovely morning.

Judie said...

Hi Paula. Yes, the bear situation is upsetting for me. Cannot understand the DNR position. I really do not understand. Why do they care about a dozen bears being studied for research? Okay, off my soapbox.


movin said...





[:~D] Jim