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Wish things were up to speed many things electronic things breaking down recently...

Best wishes for a fine holiday season to all.

New thread.


Here's the picture that you have been waiting for.
Still image is on, they are working with the video now.

New thread.


Sorry Folks, they are still having issues getting things online.  Here is a screenshot from the local feed I just grabbed.

New thread.

Monday Update

The Wednesday date was a little premature.  Here's is the projection from the tech folks:

"The new eagle camera install went well last Wednesday. I will be working with Ryan to clear up a vine that has wrapped around the signal antenna. Todd & I will be installing the new wire harness into the protective tubing sometime T-Thr. If all goes well the camera should be up by Monday."

Wed night

Night vision working good.

Wed. PM

Here's the new image, be online soon.    Note that they have been preparing the nest.