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New thread.  Checking still cam. 


Hoda said…
Thank you Steve
Much gratitude. I will call the others.
Sandi said…
Good afternoon my eagle friends.

Thanks Steve for a new thread.

Thanks Hoda for the call over.

This morning, Janey and I did our first unassisted pet therapy visit to the local hospital - we had a greyt time!

Lots of snow still on the ground here but the temps have finally risen above 32 degrees. By Thursday we are supposed to have temps close to 60 degrees. Sounds good to me.
Sandi said…
Oops, forgot to check the box.
Lolly said…
69 here presently. Wish it was more like in the lower 60's or upper 50's!

You do look stunning with your feather, Hoda!
Hoda said…
No one home. Slightly windy. Certainly calmer than the past few days.
Hoda said…
Thank you Lolly.
Make sure you take pictures of your birthday supper. Post.
Hope Jack is doing well with the first step of bathroom renovations. Very cool that you consult with each other as to what the plans for the day are...
JudyE said…
STEVE thanks for the new thread

HODA Congratulations on the feather. Will look good in your snowcap!

Thanks for checking on still cam I had noticed it out a while ago

Hoda said…
Good night.
I did not see the Eagles this late afternoon or evening.
Did any one else?
Sweet dreams everyone.
Janet Neely said…
good mid week morning to all! rain here. but its warm. TN is such an interesting place to live; over the weekend, we never reached 30 degrees....and today, 60's. never boring!

just wanted to pop in. THANKS to STEVE for a lovely new thread.
hope everyone has a lovely day!

hugs, light, and love to all!
JudyE said…
Good morning eagle budlets

HODA the eagle cam posted they were in the nest at 505 yesterday and this am at 7

It's 60 out now gonna get 78 should be same all week

Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
JudyE said…

Just saw on news. The gulf water temperature is cold. 59° yikes shows we been having cold fronts I say
JudyE said…
Would not want to go swimming. Would you?
Hoda said…
Someone brought in a large green branch to the nest.
looks like a nice day over there.
It is freezing cold over here.
Lolly said…
Good afternoon!

Have been for my yearly boob squeeze. Not bad, not bad at all! Thenthe grossssserie store.

They arrived at 9:30 and promptly started work on the bathroom. Like the way they covered the floor all the way from the entry to the bathroom. Two guys steadily working. Yea!

Whoops! Hoda did not take pictures of our dinner but it was extremely good! We got the usual..a plate of anti pasta for two. It is always different and delicious! Then salad, then main course both got different pastas and shared. Have left overs for dinner tonight. Jack says that will call for wine again tonight. I will not argue! LOL

Working on a jigsaw puzzle. Better get busy! Ha!
JudyE said…
LOLLY are u still losing weight. I noticed your FB pic looks like it!

LYNNE2 How is work for STEVE at Walmart???
Did you see on the news they are laying peeps off even at Home Office !

I saw that there was a quickie visit this afternoon eagle cam has pic

I am out to mush without wifi I guess

JudyE said…
Mush fried. Have you all heard of it. Made out of cornmeal and water made into a loaf to slice and fry? My mother-in-law use to make it. I don't know what parts water to meal to make it.
A missed spell made me think of something from Ohio eons ago.

Janet Neely said…
good evening to all.

No JUDYE NO, I do not want to swim in your cold water! :P bah humbug I say!
Fried mush? It might be good, but doesn't sound good.....

a quiet evening ahead.

hugs to all!
Hoda said…
Orb!!!! on nest!!!
Yes snow man like, but not exactly.
No my brains have not frozen...
Went to check on Eagles and no one is home except this orb...
Anyone else see it???
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Hoda, I think the orb was a drop of water on the lens. :)
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Both eagles in the nest! What magnificent creatures!
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Still in the nest. They have been bringing in fluff and crib rails.
Lolly said…
Good morning!

Thanks to Sharon for the eagle alert!

No, Judy no weight loss. Only weight gain through the holidays and Birthday. NOW is the time to start taking it off!

Lots to do today. Time to get busy!

Have a dinner and installation of officers this evening. Some shopping and then rehanging in my beautious new bathroom. All in one day they stripped wallpaper, textured the walls and painted. Not a small bathroom either! I am happy! Happy Birthday to me!😁

Have a great day!
Hoda said…
Lolly I agree with Judy, several pictures showed you decidedly smaller...

Water drop Shar?
Outer space orb is more exciting!!!
Thank you for the heads up on Eagles.
JudyE said…
I say the orb is a ghost not ET LOL

I get them on picture sometime. Next time HODA get a pix of it

Lovely day for waling. Got 25,000 steps so far today

Went to park and saw both eagles in tower

Got to stop taking camera on walks to much time taking pix not walking lol

I went to four tower the other day and was lucky enough that someone else was home in all of them. Was going to go to two other towers bit didn't. Batteries died in camera. Bummer

glo said…
ga everyone. Looks like things are picking up at the nest. Exciting times. Days fly by and I don't get here. I need you to forgive me if and when I don't come and welcome me when I do. So it goes year after year on this Blog.

It's eagle season photography wise in my part of the country. I have actually only gone out to do that 3 times so far. Life is very busy and often away from the computer. I love the Therapy dog work and also continue to be photographer for local Service Dog training group. I am active in my church more than on Sundays mornings and as I have mentioned previously my dear neighbor friends who are very much like family continue to deal with her alzheimers. To be honest I worry about him just as much as her although the concerns are different for the most part, he isn't tracking daily events etc like he used too either. It's all quite scary to watch from where I live my life. They both like their morning visits with Patches for coffee and dog treats. Know that I do think of all of you and definitely keep track of cam happenings. Bring on 2017 Shep and Belle. We are all waiting for you.
Hoda said…
Good to read your post Glo.
Thinking of your friend and I hope the whole process brings some Grace. Alzeihmers is tough.

Thank you for the Eagle reporting and for the heads up Shar...

Let us see some pictures of the bathroom now that it has been painted and now back in use.

JudyE said…
Good morning eagle budlets!

Beautiful day today

GLO hey to you and hope you get out to see your eagles more often. Patches and your are doing a great service. We will be here for you
Hoda said…
Good morning friends
Very cold today...Even the Nordic sSki club says, BRRRRRRRR! only a dusting of snow...
iPhone says it is supposed to rain tomorrow>
I do not think so, but you never know.

no Eagles in the nest when I checked this morning...
Wanda wrote on FB about the earlies we had eggs, late January...mostly our eggs have come in February. She said she hoped they would not have to experience the ice and snow of years too. I hold that thought...

Enjoy the day every one...
Lolly said…
Good morning! Chilly,not cold, but a damp day. Staying indoors. We were going to work in the yard but not a day for it.

Bathroom is about put back together. Jack just has the job of reinstalling the shutters. Need to paint them first. Bathroom seems much brighter and thinking the paint is more reflective than the wallpaper. Interesting!

Anyway, no plans for today. Starting back on our walking with the DVD. Appreciate the kind remarks but believe me....I have gained not lost! Holidays were not kind. Really believe not walking has not helped. I am active but need to add the extra walking!

Have a great day!
Hoda said…
Mung Bean Soup
Avocado Dip
Hummus Dip
is what I am doing right now.
Working on being creative as it is way too cold to be outside...
Hoda said…
3:29 PM your time back East and no Eagles in the nest... I will watch for a while to see if they come in...
Miss Jo being able to have the Cam up most of the day and letting us know when they showed up.
Hoda said…
Digging in cup.
Used corn husk to sweep first.
Hoda said…
Still there.
Messing with sticks.
Lost the connection and it came back
Hoda said…
Wonder what Ma Belle is up to... not in on this visit. Shep still in.
Hoda said…
Mrs Bossy is making sure he understands she is boss!! LOL
Hoda said…
Belle did not stay long. She poofed as Lolly says
Janet Neely said…
good evening to all.
its been a good week.
last night was rather eventful.
tom and I had run some errands and when we returned home, the heelers were in full bark mode....the bark that says something is in my yard!

so with great trepidation, tom went out back to find out who/what was in our yard. (remember last time this led to the great cat escapade...) and found that the girls had a possum cornered.

once the girls were in and we could look, it wasn't one, but TWO opossums! one on top of the other, as if protecting it.

with some encouragement, the really big one that was covering the other, was fairly easy to get to move along.

the other one had its head wedged between two fence posts! (headslap!) (really????)

so tom took a crowbar and pulled the fence post back and I pulled the opossum out (ever so gently and slowly) by its tail. it seemed unharmed, but definitely not happy. it waddled off to join its friend.

still doctoring kitty cats. the older two have had an upper respiratory infection, we are on day 7 of antibiotics. one of the babies came down with conjunctivitis....and I thankfully had meds for that. have another vet appointment for Monday.

hope everyone is well. looking forward to some eggs in the near future!

hugs to all!
Hoda said…
Quite the adventure Janet.

No one is in the nest.

As Jo would have said, I have had my quota of posts for today...
Is there an award for that?
JudyE said…
Good morning eagle budlets!

Lolly said…
Good morning!

Half an inch of rain yesterday and more to come. 39 and damp, cloudy, dreary. Possible storm tomorrow night. Thankful it. Is not colder and icy!

Nothing o the agenda today. Going to do some house cleaning, I guess!

Have a great day!

JudyE said…



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