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New thread.


JudyE said…
Thanks for the new thread STEVE
JudyE said…
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JudyE said…

remembering JO
JudyE said…
I can't get link to work . My cheat cheat is at home and I am not
Will have to wait till I am home
Lynne2 said…
thanks Steve and thanks for the call over Judy!
NatureNut said…
Thanks for the new thread, Steve. I may be mailing you a check!
I have tried to make a donation on Friends of NCTC 3 times and at the end it always says Incomplete. They even mailed me a user ID #, but that didn't work either. I am not a Friends' member~~~could that be the problem??? DUH
NatureNut said…
Finally got my NCTC donation to go through~~~~used Paypal this time
JudyE said…
I am once again Judy Eddy LOL. She fixed it fast and yours is also listed Loretta
NatureNut said…
Is anybody home???? I still don't know if the absentee's pics for tomorrow's service are really to be sent to Wanda, or not????. I sent ours, but don't know if it's for real. If not, to those attending, please give our thoughts and prayers to Lennox Family.
Thank you, Loretta & Frank
Lynne2 said…
Good night all....I'll be with everyone in spirit tomorrow during Jo's service. God Bless us all. Wish I could do more....
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
It is for real Lowreeda. Email your pic to Wanda.
Thanks for the new thread Steve.

Lovely tribute Judye!
stronghunter said…
Good evening,

Just stopping by for a moment. I will see those of you who are going to the service tomorrow. I am bringing Kathryn and Hunter.
Hoda said…
Good night all.
A heavy heart and a grateful heart. For however long we have known Jo it seems very short. Yet our paths did cross. Her life has made a huge difference to so many.
We are forever changed for having called ourselves her friends. We will always miss her. Glad she is not suffering any more. A valiant and courageous journey she had. Love you Mema Jo.
Drive safely Shirley and family.
With you all in spirit.
Hoda said…
Paula thank you for talking on our behalf.
Love and Light and courage to you too.
Will be thinking of you.
NatureNut said…
Thanks for the answer I needed, Shar! Have sent our Eagle-bead pic to Wanda and she said it's in her purser!!!v Love it and everyone here.
Will try to get on here at 11 AM Sat.
Thank you, Paula, for your participation.
Lori said…

Good morning all on this special day of remembrance for Jo.

Hoda your words echoed exactly my feelings.

I can't be at the service but will carry all of you in my heart.

I will find an eagle pic now to email to Wanda and change my avatar.

Missing you so much dearest Jo even though I believe you now know more happiness and love than ever in your short time here. I will always think of you, and Lynn/Hedgie and Gene when I see an eagle.
Lori O. said…

Avatar made . . . for Jo. ♥
We will be carrying all of you with us in our hearts as well as we attend Jo's service ❤
Janet Neely said…
morning. a somber morning. yet, a joyous morning. I am with each of you....thank you, (again) Paula for being our representative.....saying our thoughts, sharing our feelings, we are holding you close in heart and thought.....I am sure your words will be eloquent and convey what our hearts carry...

Fly on Jo. Blessed Be on your Journey. You now know Perfect love and peace. Blessed Be.
glo said…
Well lets see it's morning of a celebration day. We have so much to be grateful for and to celebrate. I know we are all going to be at that service. We have all been together since July 19 just winging along this kind of difficult part of the journey that has united us all as a "clutch". Mantles everyone. So very glad I got to see this beautiful lady in person a couple of times. Her presence is in my home in several ways and all over my past 10 years of internet memories. The memories make me smile and a couple of them make me chuckle but for today and this morning love drips from my eyes as we remember our MeMa Jo and hold her family and each other in our hearts as we celebrate her wonderful life and our wonderful Matriarch Momster ((((all))))))
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
We just crossed the Maryland state line and crossing the bridge I looked out at the river and what did I see? A beautiful bald eagle. Thanks Mema Jo.
Lolly said…
Good morning! Tearing up! Slowish I was there with all of you!

God bless and keep the Lennox family. Give them strength and peace and feel the love.
Hoda said…
Glo, perfect. Just perfect. Your words. Thank you.

Love the Eagle sighting Shar.
Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel if you are driving!!! ❤️

Thank you Paula.❤️

Prayers for the Lennox Family.
Hoda said…
Megan wrote the Eagle arrangement we sent arrived to the church. She thought it lovely.
NCSuzan said…
Thinking of Jo, her family and friends as we all celebrate her life today.
grannyblt said…
Thinking of Jo as we celebrate her life. Love to her family.♥️
NatureNut said…
Our Beloved Jo now soars with the eagles, but her spirit will be with us forever!
Many heartfelt thoughts and prayers to the Lennox Family.
AZPatti said…
Glo and Hoda, your words are perfect. ((((Mantles))))
Lolly said…
Remembering Jo! There in spirit at her service and celebration of life!
CarolAnne said…
Out fishing on a serene lake with hubby this morning. Suddenly a beautiful eagle appeared above us. It circled, climbing higher and higher until out of sight. Two young eaglets flew to the top of a nearby pine. They cried out (as I was). I asked hubby for the time. . . 11 am Jo's time. Such a send off! Goodbye dear Lady.
JudyE said…
Good afternoon eagle buds

Love all the eagle sightings today.
Saw JERRY pic of the tribute table from the momsters and dadsters. Thought of Wanda and Gene when I saw the pic and flowers and the bird people quote.
Jo's service and reception are over and we are headed out to the nest. I'll post once were there at the nest
Hoda said…
Love and Light to you Paula.❤️
Love and Light to all who gathered to honour Jo❤️
Hoda said…
CarolAnne, beautiful so very beautiful your experience.
Lolly said…
Beautiful, CarolAnne. Just about the same time I felt the urge to go outside and look up. I did, beautiful blue sky, but no eagle. But then I looked at my yard and all was okay!❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹
We are at NCTC. Read my tribute to Jo at the nest. No Eagles in sight.
Hoda said…
Paula, thank you.
It is at our Suycamour Palace that your words for sure will be lifted into the heavens.
When you have a chance would you share them with those of us who were not physically with the gathering?
Love and Light to you all.
Those who are homeward bound please be safe. Stop and stretch. Stay hydrated. Safe travels. Check in when you arrive to your homes please.
Hoda said…
Lolly, when I saw your pictures of the garden I thought right away what a beautiful place to have a walkabout. Beauty and Grace. Yes indeed a reminder of Jo. How she so loved your roses. What an awesome tribute you paid her by posting fresh rose pictures frequently. For Jo you said...
I will send out my tribute to Jo via email when I get home tomorrow.

Amazing the eagle sightings today❤
We will also put photos on the group em site
AZPatti said…
My four-legged kiddos are getting restless. This is the time of day when we start our evening routine and they've pretty much been ignored for most of the day. So I'll go for a walk with them, then stroll my garden and reminisce about the day. If I don't get back, wishing safe travels to those heading home. Hope Sandi is enjoying her foster and he's easing her sorrow. ((((Hugs)))
magpie said…
OH: Hello Beloved Precious Eagle Pals...and before I forget:
We had a "Funny" this morning as the Priest greeted those gathered, family and friends...
We, the Eaglet MOMSTERS were referred to, by this well-intentioned pastor...
as the Eaglet MOMLETS ! some thought he had said the Eaglet OMELETS !
It was Dear....
More to come...on my next post....Love You, Each and Every Single One...
glo said…
lol Magpie ty for the chuckles.
magpie said…
The Service was lovely, many family members were involved, Grandchildren for the readings, and as Greeters, Ushers, and at the Guest Book.....the Cantor sang beautifully....with each and every song...
magpie said…
[ short interruption there by a family phone call... ] excuse me...

Oh, the comments here today and throughout these last many days...are so uplifting, and warm, touching, comforting....

and we DID hold up the photos of those absence...I think Lolly helped engineer that, is that what I understand ? We had some pictures taken with those very
Momsters in our grasp ! And to all who contributed to that...Bravo, Cool Idea !

Lots of photos to enjoy, from Jo's the reception hall, and a video which was running while we shared fellowship...and some Delicious Chow !

WV Jerry was present, and as he knew he would, he had to leave for work ...but he did sit along with us "Momlets" for awhile....☺
magpie said…
Okay, well, enough magpie-ing from me for now, will leave room for others to chime in...

Yesindeedy, everyone NOT there in person, WAS there in Spirit and in our Hearts....
That's what we've learned to do over the years....

Megan's flower arrangements were: Stunning....

I'm going to try to stay in better touch with folks: family, of these days I will retire and it will get easier, but in the meantime, please, always know:


God Bless the Family Lennox, and
God Bless Us, Every One xoxo
Eagle-Eyed Shar said… This is the link to Paula's tribute that I uploaded to YouTube. I can't make a hyperlink on my phone but hopefully somebody will do it for me. Hint hint.
magpie said…
Dear Eagle Pals....I do want to emphasize, that the Priest did a magnificent job, acknowledging Jo's - and her family's - many remarkable accomplishments and contributions over the years, and he was Keenly Aware of the Eagle Presence amongst those gathered together, not just us...but in addition many family members were wearing Eagle Pins, some "Momsters" wore the famous Eagle Beads.....and though we did chuckle at the "Momlets" reference, and were able to clarify that it is Momsters....and Dadsters....really, he was wonderfully and warmly aware of the many aspects of family, friendship and fellowship we share, in person and across the many miles.....♥
magpie said…

and Sharon, thank you for getting that link here ... I can't do as you request, but I know someone Smart will do as you ask...
Thanks, Eagle Buds..for being there at the nest for us today, and thanks
to the NCTC Representative who helped make that happen....
Hoda said…
Well was the priest seeing something I for one, don't often admit???
I know I am cracked but did not think I made it to the Omlette stage yet!!! Thank God he did not say scrambled!!!
I so loved seeing you as part of the honour guard.
Yes the priest did a wonderful job. He tied it all together.Thanks for your lovely descriptions Margy.
Hoda said…
I hope my comment is read as a joke!
Jo paid such attention to details that I am sure the priest passed mustard in her books. That is more than good enough for me to know he did a terrific job.
Thank you Margy and Paula for clarifying that point.
Oh we did Hoda. But nobody until Margy mentioned it spoke of his words. And yes they passed mustard LOL
NatureNut said…
Thank you Margy for your descriptions of the service, Paula for your wonderful words, and Shar w/Glo's help for the beautiful recording.
We were almost there. I'm happy NCTC was kind enough to let everyone on the grounds. It would be lovely if there could be sometime an honorary Jo luncheon at NCTC cafeteria!
CarolAnne said…
May everyone have a restful night, knowing Jo is at peace and suffers no more and had a wonderful send off.
My avatar, though hard to see, is today's eagle soaring higher and higher to the great beyond.
stronghunter said…
Lovely story about the eagles, CarolAnne.

The service was beautiful.
Megan's flowers were lovely.

The priest was very kind. He took the pictures of our Momsters holding up the pictures of those who could not attend today.
glo said…
Shirley ty for mentioning that the priest took the picture of the Momsters holding the pictures of momsters who could not attend. That was very kind of him. I am sure he too senses a loss. AOYP everyone.
WVJerry said…
Been home from work for a few minutes and catching up on Facebook and now here. Jo's service was good and it was nice seeing everyone there even though I did not visit much. I have watched Sharon's video of Paula and her words about Jo. Thank you to Carolyn for twisting my arm to come down and sit with everyone. Thank you to Sandi and Shirley for letting me sit next to them. Thank you to Margy for walking me out. When I stopped briefly on the way to work I noticed I lost my glasses and my beat up case. I was hoping I left them home but I didn't. Good night and take care all.
WVJerry said…
Paula - thanks for allowing back into the Yahoo. Group. Much appreciated.
Hoda said…
Jerry maybe if you phone the church you can find out from list and found if it has been turned in??? I hope so. Prescription glasses are expensive. Can you drive without them?

Good Night to you all.

grannyblt said…
Thank you EVERYONE for all of the comments and photos of the service for our Jo.
Hoda said…
Kay, missing Kay.
Has anyone heard from her?
Good morning all...
Glo's usage of the word "mantling" in relation to our process and our grieving for Jo stays with me.
As " the bird people" we can not sustain this level of alert...we can sustain dropping in to share our lives. Some, like Margy have a lot happening. So maybe, for those amongst us who have a lot going on, instead of a frequent daily stop in, we could do the periodic stop in to share the highlights of our lives. A check in. A comment, a question...
I am putting it out there for your consideration...
This time without the Cam, is a vulnerable time for fragmentation. Paula spoke of other wildlife cams we used to watch...
Can we renew this practice? What are you watching? Send us your link?
Sandi is so involved with the greyhounds.
What can we learn about each other's new interests and passions?
Then there is the power of our connection to lift each other up...the empathy and the prayers we share.
I share these thoughts because we are in a pivotal point.
If you can not stay connected on a daily basis, then consider a weekly? Bi-weekly? Monthly basis?
NCTC is about conservancy. Our focus is our nest. Yet we can all share so much more.
For those of us who can stop in daily please continue to do so...
Simply my thoughts offered for your consideration, comments, or if they do not resonate then ignore them.
Jewels said…
Indeed it was a nice memorial service for Momma Jo. It was cloudy at the start, then then the sun was bright. Towards the end of the service, it got dark and windy, then poured down the rain with rumbles of thunder. Fitting I do believe for the day.
Fellowship was nice with everyone gathering and talking. The family made keepsake rocks for us all to take. They were painted with Mema, Jo, Mom on them. So I have two, Mema Jo.
Jerry, You are a Dadster and deserve to sit with us Momsters. SO glad that I didnt have to really twist your arm hard!! LOL
Sure hope that you find your glasses! Did you bring them into the church?

I do not like to see all my friends under the circumstances we have had to, but it was so nice to see everyone that came. Shows me just how important we are to each other. I love us !

WVJerry said…
Thank you Hoda and Carolyn. I can drive and see without my glasses. They are bi-focals. I have trouble with fine print. I will call Church and check.
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends.

Jo's service was indeed a wonderful celebration of her life. My heart breaks for Ed - he is so lost without his JoEllen. I'm glad the 5 children are all close, emotionally and geographically - Ed will need their support.

As Carolyn said, it was nice to see friends from the blog. Even though it was for a sad reason, I know that Jo was smiling on those who were able to be there.

Hoda, message received. I will post as I can. It's hard for me right now b/c being here reminds me of who is no longer here with us. But that will get easier, and I know that Jo would want this community of friends to continue.

Potter, my foster dog, is settling in nicely. Janey likes him, we like him. We could easily fall in love with him and make him part of the family, but that is not the goal this time. Potter belongs to someone else, I just don't know who that someone is yet. My job is to help him become a greyt pet for him/her/them. I can do this.

My nephew and his boys are still here, plus his wife flew in on Friday and has joined us. I'm really not sure how long they are staying - I am feeling the need for some alone time, but will never kick company out!

Have a greyt day all.
glo said…
gm all. Jerry Let us know if you find your glasses. We are used to looking for lost things around here :-).

Hoda I will take your challenge. Patches and I are now a therapy dog team. She is not certified yet but we are on our way. We have officially passed "mustard" at a beautiful retirement community/skilled nursing facility here in our area dn will be a part of their schedule. We are heading to a second place in a week or so as well to get on their roster. I am so very proud of her and she is doing wonderfully.

I am teachign Bible Art Journaling to a group of folks at my church, but those in attendance come from around the area. I love love love it. Google it :-). It is fairly time intensive to prepare for and I have always been one to step up to the plate and prepare.

My cats are now 19 and 17 . I have them both and both actually have fair days and good days. They have added a lot to my home and as many of you know helped to fill a broken heart when I lost my Dex, and in their own way and time have totally welcomed Patches.

Vicky's son makes very slow progress. She is fighting for Medicaid to pick him up but that seems to have turned into quite a struggle. They did put a voice box on his trach last week. He is slowly finding ways to communicate. Within just days of her passing I received a message from MeMa Jo, telling me she was glad Becky had gotten through another surgery ok and that she was praying for Vicky's son. She loved and remembered us all so very much. She loved this blog and together we are going to keep it here and going. Please do check in as you can. There will still be silver alerts. You are loved and you are missed.

Sandi what an awesome way to fill that new role of retirement. Helping greyhounds "patch" up their broken lives. We will love hearing those stories. I think they are indeed wonderful dogs, and so are the folks who step up to rescue them.

Have a Blessed day. Do look for the links and enjoy everything from yesterday that was shared for you. Also check the Momster album on yahoo for photos.
Hoda said…
Thank you Sandi. Yes to your post.
Glad Potter is doing well and I smiled when you said you could easily fall in love with him. I thought so.

I am volunteering with Cysowag today. A Triathalon: swimming, cycling and running...
So I will be gone most of the day.

Keeping The Lennox Family in prayers as they go through their grieving process and also look after Mr Jo, Mr Ed...

Thinking of DanaMo and her Dad.
I miss stories about her kids...

Make it a good one.

Safe travels to the Southern Delegation...
Hoda said…
Glo you shine and are a bright light for us all. Say Happy Belated Birthday to Vicky.
Glad to hear Becky is making progress.
Yes indeed Jo cared so much about the happenings in our lives. Awesome people skills she shared with us.
I look forward to hearing more about your therapy dog adventures. Such a vital role.

Off I go to turn the wheels and make my music for the day!!!
Lolly said…
Good morning!

Thanks to all who attended the service and have reported on here.

MARGY, great big hugs to you! Love You! So great to see you posting and seeing your pictures! PAULA, your tribute was beautiful!

I did not post a lot yesterday as we went to Laurel's. That was a good thing as my heart was breaking and being with family was what I needed.

Off to church soon! Have a great day!
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Good morning my eagle budlets or Momlets. The priest was so nice. He came to talk to us, said he wanted to meet us as he knew how special we were to Jo. Through the whole day yesterday, it was so glowingly apparent of the love everyone has for Jo, and that was because of the love Jo had for everyone.

Hoda, I accept your challenge of staying on the blog. We have to do this to honor the memory of the ones we have lost.

I love us!!
Janet Neely said…
good Sunday morning to one and all.
I wish everyone a lovely day.

hugs to all.
Kay said…
Thanks to all who represented us in celebrating JO's remarkable life and influence! I'm enjoying pictures, commentary, video, the works with a full box of Puffs at my side. I do so miss our tolerant, loving, wise and wonderful friend.

HODA, thanks for your call out! I'm alive and well here in hot n' muggy Ohio. This part of each summer and the dead of winter are difficult times for me, but I'll make it.

Get ready to change your calendars to August. May it be a good end o' summer month for all Momsters, Dadsters, Kidsters and Petsters!

Prayers for all in need. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
AZPatti said…
Good morning! Wishing all a great day!
magpie said…
Good Day, Precious Eagle Pals..."Afternoon" for some of us, "Morning" for others yet,Good to SEE You, and I agree, Hoda...your reminder of our Power of Connection.....I'm IN, and and I like Glo's return reply...
she Accepts the Challenge, the opportunity, for us to try to say a Howdy Hey when we can...I know many connect by Facebook....but I'll try to check in on HERE certainly more often than I have been !

Jo has been such a "Unifying Force" over the years...and I think she has Taught us Well....and we can "carry the torch" of fellowship, friendship, and FAMILY...across the few and many miles amongst us....

Lovins' and ((( HUGS ))) to all....
and God Bless Us, Every One xoxox
magpie said…
The comfort and warm feelings that are brought here by those who were able to attend the services, and those who could not....are all heaped into one Big Momster and Dadster Hug for me !! Thank You...All !!

WVJerry: I have that St. Anthony prayer out for you to find those glasses!
(St. Anthony, patron saint of Lost Things....he works Miracles in Instants for me!)

Much to do.....Best Wishes to all for a Marvy kind of a day...

xo ttfn (ta ta for now that is)
Lolly said…
Margy, need your new address! Email it! Have a trip coming up in Sept.

Monday, October 17 is the tentative date we will be in WV. Probably staying at RV park at Harper's Ferry. Can we get together? First plan we have has us arriving Sunday and then heading on towards home on Tuesday. We are stopping inVirginia at friends.
Lynne2 said…
evening all.

Have enjoyed reading the posts about Jo's service yesterday. And thank you Paula for your great tribute.
magpie said…
Night-Night, Precious Pals....
We got a WHALE of a thunderstorm earlier today...
I am saddened by the terrible sudden flooding from torrential rainfall, in Ellicott City MD last night...(not far from Baltimore MD)
as the Southern Delegation has said in the past...."Life can turn on a Dime."

Lolly - I will keep that October date in mind! Would be a Hoot to get together...I'll send along my new snail mail address....soon...

I sure wish I could have been keeping up better with everyone these last many time like the Present to turn over a New Leaf !

Rest thee well, friends.
God Bless Us, Every One xoxo ☺ ♥
Hoda said…
Margy do not over do it.
No regrets when you are doing what you need to do with a work schedule and family and moving... You have a lot on your plate.
So even now please pace yourself and this way we can all stay connected but not over use our time. Love to you and your journey.

Would it be appropriate to suggest we send cards of support to DanaMo? What think you all. The journey continues and she is not alone, never with us as her friends.
Hoda said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Challenge accepted! I spent last night on the sofa with a glass of wine and a movie. I was pretty much wiped out after yesterday's service. Got up this morning and had a nice breakfast and came home to the beach. Took mr. Nick for a nice walk along the beach and he got to swim and I got to look for glass. Nice to see so many people posting here again... Including myself. SED to all
Oh and Jerry you are very welcome sorry it took so long. Sometimes the email on my phone does not work so well so I had to go into the site to accept you back into the group
JudyE said…
PAULA the tribute was beautiful Thank you

JERRY hope you find your glasses

MARGY so nice seeing you back on here as well as others. I am sure JO is pleased . She made a comment a while back worried about the fate of the blog.

Went to Busch Garden yesterday stayed till closing midnight summer hours. Was really humid but had a nice time. Didn't get home till late after one.

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all
♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need
"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle"

Hoda said…
Goodnight all.
Thoughts with the Lennox Family. Thinking of DanaMo and her Dad.
Kay it was wonderful to read your post today. Thank you.

It is a long weekend tomorrow for us. BC Day. Generally in Canada we try to have one long weekend every month.

Stay well all. Talk to you tomorrow.
Lolly said…
Getting on to say goodnight! It is so great to see posts from Paula and Margy! Know Jo is smiling down on us! πŸ˜„ So sleepy! So heading to the pillows fast but Jack beat me to the shower. Grrrrrr!

Night all! SED!
JudyE said…
Good morning eagle buds
Up early watching Jordyn the last week of summer vacation
She is still sleeping
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. Happy August! This is normally a sad day for me because August means it's almost time to go back to work. Not anymore! :)

Paula, I watched the video with your tribute to Jo - it was beautiful! And I'm glad our flower arrangement went NCTC. Did anyone see any eagles while you were there?

Margy, it's nice to see you posting on the blog again. Keeping this blog going really is a way to honor Jo, since it was so important to her.

Our nephew and his family left yesterday afternoon. That gives me this week to wash bed linens, remake beds, dust and vacuum bedrooms, and clean bathrooms before the next company arrives. The next company is the best company because it will include Miss Freyja!

I got a sub for tennis this morning so I can spend more time with my foster, Potter. He really is going to be a wonderful dog for someone. He has not had ANY bathroom accidents in the house (unlike the dachshunds who make several messes EVERY day), figured out how to go up and down the stairs in no time, is sleeping through the night in our room, gets along great with Janey, walks well on a leash, wags his tail (Janey didn't wag her tail for the first month she was here), and gives dog kisses (Janey is still stingy with her kisses). He does NOT like being in a crate and we have to make sure he spends some time each day in a crate in case he is adopted by a family that wants him to stay in a crate during the day while they work.

Have a greyt day all.
Janet Neely said…
good morning to all. Happy August. new week. new month. School starts this week here in TN (not here, Livvy and I will start the end of the month). Its hazy hot and humid. yep. August.

PAULA: listened to your words yesterday, and so beautiful...thank you again, for speaking what our hearts wanted to say.

SANDI: your foster is soooo cute. I love grey hounds. Those faces are precious!

JUDYE: hope you and Jordyn have a blast this week.

It was a very busy weekend: mowed the grass @ tom's 2nd job on Saturday, then went across town to watch a friend participate in the National Association for Blind Athelet's goal ball tournament (they are tough competitors!, yikes).....then Tom and I walked a 5K that night....yesterday scrubbed the house, and then celebrated my gal pals son (Asron, older son) 25th bday.

THEN I reconnected with a dear from from 30 years ago!!!! And to my surprise she lives less than 2 hours up the road....!!!! can hardly wait to see her. I was even thinking of inviting her to the blog...if she 's interested!

Love and hugs to all as we begin a new day, new week, new month. Blessed Be

Good morning all!
It's chore day for me for the next two days mowing the lawn, picking up, laundry Etc etc. I'm sure I'll be able to get a beach walk in or two. Larry's 2nd Annual cancer free party is this Saturday so I am heading up to his house on Wednesday to get ready for the party. Expecting around 50 or 60 people. Some will be spending the night! We are doing a crawfish and shrimp boil! I thank God everyday that his treatment was successful.
Good morning eagle momlets! I have been thinking about Ed this morning and wondering how he is doing. I can't even imagine. I know after everyone goes about their daily lives, things are going to be so hard for him. I feel so fortunate to have been able to be there for the service. We didn't get to go to Lynn's and I really felt awful about it. Much love to everyone today. It is beautiful here in Bluefield today. I have already walked my 5 miles and I am working. Have to work over 4 days this week so I can be off a half day Friday to go with Mattie to Marshall University for her orientation. Yet another blessing in my life!! Happy August!
Lolly!! A Monday?? Why you do that to me?? I will still try to get that day off and make my way up there to see you!!
Lolly said…
Good morning! Oh, Bev that makes me thrilled. Will talk with Jack and see if we can not shift one day. Arrive on Sat and see you on Sunday. Want to hug your neck!

Have already been to church to work in the prayer garden. No rain at the church when we got it Thursday. Had to water and weed. Came home hot and sweaty!

Yea Sandi! Enjoy your August! It is still a great feeling not to be getting ready for school. Laurel will be going to work some in her classroom this week. (On her own time!). School does not start for several more weeks. Joseph did start band this week. Outside and marching in the morning and inside in the afternoon. So HOT!

And, I always have to say.....I HATE AUGUST!πŸ˜₯😬😑

Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Yes, Lolly, we need a weekend day. :)
Hoda said…
Yay a yay a yay a
Miss Freyja is coming home to Nana's and Poppa's house!
How awesome is that..,
Sandi ONE picture per day? Pretty Please!

So happy to read your news too Paula. Two years cancer free for Larry. Every day is indeed a gift. Congratulations and hugs to you two. Sounds like a terrific way to celebrate.

Lolly happy your September plans are shaping up... Safe drive...

WVJerry said…
Good morning all. I just wanted to say my glasses were at Jo's Church. Looks like someone found them Saturday and turned them in with a note. Glad you o have them back - it is hard for me to see anything in fine print. Everyone looks to be busy on the Blog. I will try to stay active. But I usually won't have much to report but will say hello. Paula has let re-join Yahoo Group. I wanted to go back and see some pictures of Jo and what I missed by joining so late. Looks like everyone had some great times. Sorry I missed the NCTC visit by leaving for work. My other opportunity I missed by having to work earlier than I expected. Take care all.
NCSuzan said…
Good afternoon!

I have been so very touched by the photos, comments and more that has been expressed since Jo passed and her memorial Saturday. Thank you all for sharing. I so wish that I could have attended.

A special nod to Paula for the precise and emotional words she chose to express her and our feelings about Jo. A very moving tribute so very heartfelt. Thank you Paula.

Margy!!!!!!!! {{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}

Jerry you are a good man.

Yes, hard days ahead for Mr. Jo. And there is really no one who can comfort him. Hope he gives himself time to grieve and find a different path.

Seize the day!
So I have to tell you my funny embarrassing story for today. My next door neighbor's son sent me a text about Nick. He said I wouldn't need to feed him because he'd already had two plates of food at his Dads house next door. So I laughingly said well I guess that's why Nick is getting fat. Then I thought I don't think my neighbor is going to feed him people food because I asked him not to. He's been feeding him biscuits which is fine. So I asked the son did his dad feed Nick or did Nick steal it. Well, Nick stole it right off the porch. So I apologized and said if someone was dropping him off food that they could drop it off with me if he didn't answer the door and I would take it over. Which I have done before. He said everything was okay he just wanted to let me know in case Nick got sick. So I just came back from taking my neighbor a dinner plate. I really need to do that more often because I know he doesn't cook for himself anymore. We had a good laugh over it.
JudyE said…
Paula cute story.
Nick the bandit make sure he wears a bandana. LOL

Ms Bookworm said…
Hi, Everyone,

I've been reading and catching up here. Sorry I didn't post on Saturday! I was at Jo's service in spirit, but Ken woke up Saturday with a 2 degree fever, and feeling totally LOUSY, with a headache, body aches, no appetite, and a slight cough. He kept me busy all day. He feels better today; good enough that we went and walked the mall after missing 2 days.

Paula, what a wonderful tribute you gave to Mema Jo! Thank you so very much! She really was one of a kind, and I know that I miss her terribly. I can't imagine how hard this is for those Momsters who were able to meet her in person and spend some time with her! Not to mention what Ed and the rest of her family are going through. Many prayers are being said for all of you!

It's been so nice to see Hoda, Margy, and a few others that haven't posted much lately on here! (I've got to admit that I'm one of the worst offenders! I am going to make a concentrated effort to be here much more often!)

I need to get going now, because I have a new modem and router that I need to get hooked up. We have had a very devil of a time with the old one, and also a bunch of troubles with Internet Explorer. Hope to remedy that situation!

Have a wonderful evening, everyone, and I'll hope to be back after dinner tonight. I ♥ us!!
AZPatti said…
Good evening, all! Not much happening in these mountains of Arizona. 80% chance of rain today and we haven't seen a drop! But at least it's cloudy so the temperature isn't too bad. I absolutely cannot complain about the temps here when I see how hot it is in other places. And while humid here (comparably), that also isn't nearly as bad as some others have it. Lolly, I remember August in Texas and I do not wish I was there! :-)

Just got back from walking the pups and we're headed out to our "beach" with a glass o' wine. Wishing everyone a glorious evening! SED to all.
Lynne2 said…
Good evening.

I was outside earlier watching our resident mother Killdeer and her 2 babies in the yard. She is QUITE THE DRAMA QUEEN if you get too close. She runs away from the babies, throws herself on the ground and flaps around like she'd dying! It's quite a show!
Lynne2 said…
oh, and I have been informed that I am a Pineapple. LOL! (you'll have to ask the CO-Queen about that one!)
Hoda said…
Ha hahaha!
It is all I will say on this pineapple faux pas fued from the co Queen to the Queen!
Staying out of it is advisable as Queens have been known to announce," Offeith your head!!!" I suggest you all tread lightly with this fued!!! Tip toein out of here for a while...maybe they will not notice me...
Lolly said…
Well, she is a pineapple!

She stands tall!
She wears a crown!
She is sweet on the inside!

Therefore......Lynne is a pineapple!!😜
(It was a cute picture with the saying on fb!) Immediatly thought of Lynne.

Worked at church, did some banking, and a little outside hand watering. That's it for today. Really exciting! Lol

We used to see killdeer in our yard. Have not seen them for a while.

Time for the pillow! Night all! Hugs all around!

Lolly said…
Hoda said…
In the morning The Friends Of Kootenay Lake will try again to go Study Eagles nests and Ospreys. It is supposed to be good weather but also breezy. So we will see...

See you all when I return in late afternoon your time.

Good night.
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends.

It's good to see so many popping in to say hi. Jo would be happy.

Judy, did you say that Jordyn's school starts next week? Janet, schools in your area start next week as well? Yikes!

Nothing exciting on my agenda for today. Potter is settling in nicely - housebreaking is going well and he and Janey get along like they've always known one another. Potter ignores Jenni and Bella; Jenni and Bella continue to pee on the floor. Sigh.

Have a greyt day all.
grannyblt said…
Good morning

Sandi, give Bella and Jenni an extra pat for me. They are old gals that just can't help it. I know it is frustrating for you. Potter sounds like a dream rescue. He'll probably find his furever home quickly.

Hoda, I hope today proves to be successful in the sighting of eagles and osprey. Sounds like a really fun day.
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Good morning my eagle budlets. Started my work day at 9.

My biggest accomplishment yesterday? Getting flea treatment for all the animals and only paid $29. The vet loves me and gave me 3 sample cat flea treatments, a coupon for a free Nexguard and I had a $19 credit (thanks birdgirl) on my account.
glo said…
Good morning all. Sun is shining in IL. Temps and humidity are climbing however so will run errands early today and then most likely be indoors the afternoon. Tomorrow Patches and I will head to Friendship Manor for our 3rd visit. We will meet up with Percy the Golden Doodle therapy dog I have dogsat for a couple of times. I bet patches will be happy to see him. As we visit the folks there it's going to look like "Me and Mini Me". I may try to find a picture and post a link here of those two dogs together. 90 lbs and 10 lbs side by side. Too fun.

Read a message on facebook to the Momlets. Ya know that is going to help make our hearts smile. I'm good with that. Have a good day everyone.
Janet Neely said…
good morning all.

Yes SANDI: metro schools start TOMORROW. :P I will be picking my gd up from middle school this year ( I do NOT want her riding the city bus if I can help it!)
okay, so i'm over protective.

another beautiful hot August day here. heading for a massage, then work on a painting, do some light house work, visit my pool and get ready for work tomorrow!

hugs and love to all!
Lolly said…
Good morning. presently 80 and heading up over 100. Yucko!

Wish I was out on that lake with Hoda! So beautiful and an awesome activity! Hope the wether cooperates!

Cut a beautiful red rose this morning and thought of Jo.

Not much on the agenda. Need to run errands, but basically not much going on. Laurel starts back the end of next week but school does not start for three more weeks. Texas law that schools can not start before then basically because of the heat. Start time was getting earlier and earlier. Could not take children out for recess. Not a good thing.

See that Dana's dad has gone home. Prayers for him.

Have a great day!
Lynne2 said…
Good morning!

I hope DANA won't mind me posting but we've been wondering....

Her father was able to return home!!!! (Facebook post from last night)
Lynne2 said…
ah, well I see Queenie has beat me to the post! LOL!
Hoda said…
Well I went!
Now am back!
Weather was great!
Motor on boat not so much!
Practicing letting go I suppose!
Yet I did know frustration. Either buy a new motor, or we have to find a new charter!!!
Glad we were able to make it back to the marina!
Saw one perched adult bald eagle. Female I think.
Saw an osprey in flight carrying a branch for its nest. Cool.
So now I am back I will go to Yoga and acupuncture.
Thank you Linne for news of Dana's father.
Glad he is able to be home.
Hoda said…
That would be thank you Lynne!!!
Lynne2 said…
Hoda, in all fairness, Lolly aka "Q2" (queen, too) broke the story just before me. Hoping that Dana gets on here and catches us uup!
Afternoon all!
Mr. Nick has been a good boy and has not stolen anyone's dinner today!
Been out mowing today and watering. Looks like a chance of a shower soon, so I'll take that.
Have to gather up the stuff to take to Larry's for the party this weekend. I am headed over there tomorrow.
AZPatti said…
Evening, all! So glad to hear good news about DanaMo's dad, that Nick has been behaving today and Hoda made it back to shore safely. We're heading out to our "beach" to enjoy the rest of this cloudy, drizzly day. Later gators!
Ms Bookworm said…
Hi, Everyone,

Well, I never made it back here last night. Installing the new modem/router took longer than I expected. The online instructions were so difficult to figure out that I ended up calling the helpline number. Spent ages on hold while they got the ID number for the modem/router on our account. Hooking it up was pretty easy. I'm still waiting to see the correct billing on our online account, but the guy said it could take up to 72 hours for them to adjust it. It was worth the wait, though! We finally have WiFi at home!!! We tried to install it years ago, but it didn't work, and we were told that lead pipes in our walls were the problem. I think that back then the routers were weaker than the ones today are, and the guy who came to install it didn't know what he was doing. This one works fine! What a relief--our Time Warner bill will be $10 less per month, since we're using a router that's not one of theirs, but is compatible. We should have a lower cell phone bill now too!

Say, what's this I see about Lynne2 being a pineapple? LOL! Lynne, I love Kildeers! They really are fun to watch. We see quite a few up by the Santa Ana River when we walk the trail up there.

Lolly, I hope it cools off some for you tonight. I checked to see what the temp. is at our kids' house, and it's still almost 90 degrees! Supposed to get down to 77 before morning. It's currently 83 at our roost. Should be down to the mid-60s by early morning, with a high of 85 expected tomorrow.

Well, better get going. Emma is expecting her dinner! She does remind me if I forget!

Oh--almost forgot. So very glad to hear that DanaMo's Dad has gone home from the hospital! Yippee!! Saying prayers for him.

Have a restful night's sleep, everyone, with SED. God bless, and goodnight. I ♥ us!
stronghunter said…
Good evening,

Okay, we have a pineapple for a queen.

I do want to say that it is good to know Dana's father is home from the hospital. Prayers and good wishes for him.

So Nick went to the neighbor's house and stole a plate of food from the porch. Well, I guess they won't be leaving anymore unguarded plates on the porch from now on.

Hoda is still up to her adventures, but she still has time to express kindness and concern for others on here and their families.

Culpeper teachers went back to school on Monday. I am not sure when the students return. It is sad to think that summer is over for them--I think that most people feel that summer is over when school starts.

We are getting ready to spend a few days at Myrtle Beach--just three nights, though. We go down on Saturday and return on Tuesday.

Wishing everyone a good evening. SED to all.
Lolly said…
Good evening! Almost 9 here and 86. Went out for a while to water pots.

Had a very big white doggy hanging around today in our garage. I put out water but he did not drink. Had collar but no tags. Also had a "thingy" around his neck. Todd from next door said it was for an electric fence. Well, guess, did not work. We were wondering what to do but he left. Toddi did some driving around to see if anyone was looking. Very sweet doggy!

Saw another dog at Target. He was a marine service dog. He was beautiful! Gave me goose bumps seeing him! Wish I had taken a picture. I. Think it was a Doberman. He was elegant, so erect, and pranced when he walked.

Going to put my nose in a book for the rest of the evening.

Q2,huh? Guess that is better than a pineapple! Roflmbo

Nite all! SED
Hoda said…
Have fun at Myrtle Beach Shirley.
How well I remember the conversations you and Lynn had about beach property...

Seth will soon be going back to school too I suppose? Except he is in college, so he might be later than public schools.

Oh Glo the therapeutic pair dogs are adorable. One do tall and Patches to little. Ever so very cute.

Good night all.

Holding space for the Lennox family as they grieve and adjusts.
Prayers of gratitude for each other and our families.
Prayers to Dana's father and family.
Janet Neely said…
good morning to all. and the busses roll.....metro schools are in session. :P
its a very very foggy wet looking morning. I have arun run run type of day.
everyone, stay safe. love and hugs, holding each of you close in my heart and thoughts....make it a super Wednesday!
DanaMo said…
My dad died this morning..He was home and spent the last 2 nights with the love of his life. He passed peacefully with my mom at his side. I had been there this morning as well.
He was aware of everything until the end, he is no longer in pain, and no longer has to fight the fight.
Please pray for my family as we deal with this huge loss and a hole that will forever be in our hearts.
Hoda said…
God rest his soul Dana. What an incredible journey he had with this cancer. A strong and incredibly courageous man. Your Mom kept him going of that there is no doubt. An epic love story they share. Yes share not shared. Love survives death, I have seen it over and over and over again. I think of Wanda, I think of Lynn's daughters, I think of the family Lennox.
So your family is in our prayers. You and your Mom have always honoured a very gallant man. God's Blessings on you both. Our love and prayers to him, you, your Mom and the Grands.
Thank you for taking the time to let us know...
Sandi said…
Oh Dana, such very sad news. I am so sorry for your family's loss. Your dad fought a brave fight. You, your mom, and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers as you deal with a life without your dad in it.
grannyblt said…
Very sorry to hear this news Dana. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Oh Dana, no words. Much love and ((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))).
JudyE said…
DANA I am so sorry for you and your families loss.
So happy he was with family at the end.
Keeping you and your close at heart in your time of sorrow.
Dana, I am so very sorry about your dad!! Love you friend. Big hugs from across the miles.
Lynne2 said…
Dana I'm so sorry about your Dad.

My apologies to everyone. When I saw her post on FB that her father was home, I took that to mean that he was doing much better and it seems I was sadly mistaken.
Lolly said…
Oh, such sad news! Dana, so very very sorry! Will be keeping your mom, you, and the whole family in prayer. Hugs!

Hoda said…
Lynne it could have meant that he was better. You were simply holding space for that possibility. I am glad you brought over the news that he was home.
Stay well and Light to you lady
Lolly said…
Did not get on this morning, headed outside instead to do some work. Came in a little while ago and have been cooling off. It is 95 and I have melted. N Ed to go take a shower.

Laurel called had a story to tell. Michael and his girlfriend found a Great Pyrenees outside a restaurant in downtown Dallas outside a restaurant. He was hungry. He has a chip and is a registered dog. Through the chip found the owner. He is a contractor who is presently in Iraq. Dog ran away before he left and could not find him. He can go to whoever wants him. Michael wanted Laurel to take him or foster hi, but they can not. Not now when They are all returning to school. However, they have contacted a large dog rescue as well as Great Pyreneese rescue. Strange when the dog who showed up here yesterday was also Great Pyreneese or at least part GP.

Hoda said…
Wait wait wait, Miss Lolly!
Spill the beans!
Michael and his girlfriend?
Who? What? Where? When? How?...Go!
Waiting on you Miss Lolly!

Yes amazing story on the GP. Also the one in your garage.
Why does'nt Mike keep him.
Sad about the separation from the soldier.
NCSuzan said…
Dana, such sad news to hear of the loss of your dad. I join with everyone in sending hugs of comfort to your Mom, you and family.
Lolly said…
Hoda, so sorry, thought I had mentioned it. Know nothing, just that he is dating a girl. Her name is Savannah, and that is all we know. Have never met her. He has said that Zach has met her. He also said she is younger. Younger than him? Younger than Ash? Have no idea what that meant!!!

Presently he has not retuned my two calls and messages. We are cutting him out of our will!😬 Lol. He knows I am pissed! Laurel told him last night to call me. We are trying to get everyone together Saturday since summer is coming to an end and everyone is returning to school. Laurel has not seen Zach or Michael since Christmas. She is pissed, too!
Lolly said…
Hoda, Michael lives in an apartment.....high rise.

Marine service dog I saw at target was in is "uniform" that said "service dog". He was with is marine daddy!πŸ˜€
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Lolly, I would venture to say that would never happen with Laurel, would it? Boys are like that and I don't like it.
Lori O. said…

DANA, I am so sad and sorry to hear about your dad.
You have been there for him and your mom through this battle for such a long time.

(((((BIG HUGS))))
You know we are here for you.

HODA, lovely words above that you posted after Dana.

LOLLY, I would guess that by Michael saying "she is younger" that she is much younger. If she were just a few years younger he would have said she's my age, or she's a few years younger than me, right? Maybe he is trying to prepare you for meeting her.
I hope you get to see them all soon.

Again, a humongous thank you to all of you who posted pics of Jo's service. ♥♥ (2 hearts for JO)

glo said…
Patches and I made our visit to the Retirement Center today. We visited many folks in the Memory Care Unit and then headed over to skilled Care. She has been well loved and received many a treat.

Dana I am so sorry to read of your Dad's passing. I know how very tough a time this is for all of you. Holding you close in prayer.
Ms Bookworm said…
Hello, Everyone,

DanaMo, I am SO sorry to hear that your Dad has passed on! I am glad that he was not in the hospital, and was with your Mom, and you, before it happened. My heart goes out to you and your family, and you are all in my prayers at this difficult time. ((((HUGS)))) to you! Your Dad was so courageous in fighting cancer! He was an extraordinary man. (He reminded me of my own Dad, who I lost to cancer in 1998.) God bless you and your family.

Lolly, that's pretty amazing that both Michael and you should find Great Pyrenees
dogs! They are not particularly plentiful! Hope a GP Rescue will be able to help.

Well, guess I'd better get going. Have some vacuuming to do. Will try to get back here tonight, or tomorrow morning. Have a good evening, everyone. I ♥ us!
WVJerry said…
Good evening everyone. Dana - sorry to hear of the loss of your Dad. Sounds like a great man. Lots of reports to catch up on tonight. Take care all.
Janet Neely said…
Good evening.

First and foremost: DANA, I am so sorry that your dad transitioned. But it sounds as if it was peaceful, and that is a blessing. I will keep you and your family close in my heart and thoughts, sending light, love, comfort and healing to you all. Blessed be my friend.

Just popping in to see what’s going on with everyone. Nothing much new here. Wishing everyone sweet and peaceful sleep….
Lolly said…
You are right, Sharon, Laurel always returns calls or answers messages. Michael is busy,he does travel a lot, but that is no excuse! He did finally call this evening but he can not get over here. He is going to see if some plans an be changed. Do not know if it's a problem with bringing Zach or something else. I did make him promise he will call back tomorrow. I have no hope and I give up! It will be up to him to rejoin the family! I admit....I cried.

Talked with Zach, too. They were on their way to eat. Saw pictures of Ash on fb. Think she was at the Guns and Roses concert at ATT stadium. Always partying!

Oh, I am being ugly. Excuse me! Time for the pillows! Nite all!
Hoda said…
You are not being ugly Lolly!
You are a loving and caring Mom and Grandma and you are frustrated that your son is incommunicado! Understandable.
I think he and Ash are both hurting!!!
OK I admit I got confused with the dog story... Three dogs and I mixed the military part up.
Judie would have something funny to say about that I am sure!!!

It was a good yoga class. Much enjoyed it.
Depending on the weather as to what activity I do tomorrow. Kayak or bike ride...
There is a Bear/Fish Cam that Bev and Lolly are watching. Anyone else here watch it? Brook Falls?
Let us know what wildlife cams you are all relating to and please share the links...January is a ways off and it is fun to watch something together and discuss behaviours and learn from what we are seeing...
Kay, chime in please.
Would love to hear from Judie too.

I will say God Bless Us All.

Jennifer worked in her Garden today and will go to the park with Elliot and his parents on the weekend.
Thinking of the Family Lennox and Mr Ed in particular. God Bless them all.
Prayers for Dana and her family.
I have not seen anything about the service...

Talk to you all in the morning.
Safe travels Paula...

Janet Neely said…
good morning to all. wishing everyone a wonderful day!
JudyE said…
Good morning eagle buds

Sitting watching news waiting for Jordyn to wake up
Apparently she went to bed late

Hope everyone has a good day

Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. Beautiful day here - sunny but not blazing hot and low humidity. Nothing on my agenda - some cleaning to get ready for special company this weekend.

Paula, what a wonderful anniversary for you and Larry to be celebrating this weekend!

Dana and her family are in my thoughts and prayers today.

Potter is doing well - too well actually! I keep waiting for him to act like a dog that I wouldn't want to keep around - every day it gets harder to think of giving him to someone else. Oh dear.

Have a greyt day all.
Hoda said…
I am going to start a betting on Potter and who gets to keep him after fostering.
Lady, I think you are head over heals in love with him.
To the store you go!
Get a new bed for the room that has only one dog bed! Janey got there first! She did not look too amused with him saying, "move over girlfriend"!!!

If Kay does not chime in I think I will phone her this afternoon.

Janet and Judy good luck to the children as they start their school year.

Going to kayak and later to the meditation centre.
Too hot to cycle.

Hoda said…
Lolly, you did say about Michael and a girlfriend. I just forgot because you said so little.
Exciting about your road trip. I wished I could come too. Give them all hugs from me. Wanda high tea on the porch sounds terrific.
Take pictures. I hope Lynn's daughters visit too. Is Carolyn going to be a Grandma by then? Hard to imagine she is so young.
Did you hear from Margy? Are you able to meet up with her? How far East are you going?
Please post the link to the Bear/Fish site.
Lolly said…
Howdeeeee! Did like yesterday and went outside to work early. When I went out it was 79. Worked in the shade. Now it is 97. I am in for the day! I hate August!

We leave Sept. 18. We are going to New Hampshire first via Niagra Falls. Have been there, gotta see it again! Then The Finger Lake region of NY. Will also be some in Vermont. Then on to Acadia NP. This will be our third time there. Love it! Then meander down to WV, then stop in Virginia to see friends, and then head on home.

I really hope to see Margy and Wanda and anyone else that will make an effort to be in that area. Megan is close!

Oh, Sandi! You are doomed! Lol

Sorry you were confused about the dogs, Hoda. I had a stray here, but he left before we could do anything. Michael also found a stray and a friend is keeping it until a rescue outfit can take him. The third dog was on a leash at Target. A young man had him. Young man is a marine. His dog was a marine service dog. Had on a handsome doggy vest that said Service Dog. Clear?

I know, I ramble! Lol

After resting a bit and cooling off going to a bit of house straightening! That will be it for today!

Thinking of Lydia and hubby! Also, Dana!
Hoda said…
Woof woof!
Clear as mud!
Got it Lolly!
Ha ha ha!
I could not help it!
Woof woof woof!

Too windy to Kayak!
There are 12000 extra people in my corner of heaven!
They are all here for the Shambhala Music Festival. They are headed to a 500 acre farm, and most should be there by Friday!
Boggles my mind.
Our two police detachments are very visible. Bicycling and hanging out around Main Street and the parks...cruisers out on highways too. I am certain they must have help from other detachments. We simply do not have that many officers as a general rule!
I do not think I will venture out much today then.
I forget every year and get surprised when the first weekend of August brings in this invasion. Their 18th year.
The police allows drug testing labs on site. Trying to keep people away from Fentenyl. Those who test have antidote kits that they hand out for free...please God they all stay safe!
The town and surrounding area add up to 10,000 people. Pretty scary to jump up to 22,000 for five days!!!
Sandi desert has to wait for another day maybe Saturday when they are all out on the ranch!
Kay said…
Good Afternoon, Eagle Buds!!!

DANA, so sorry to hear about your dad, but hope you can all celebrate his life and his ultimate promotion as time goes on. My favorite detail about his life is the fact that he taught all four Hillmoe kids how to drive! That was a great gift to you and Monte and gives the kids (I know, they're all young adults now) some great memories of their beloved grandfather! Prayers!

HODA, sorry to worry you, I've just been busy. Started this day off with my annual physical. Nothing amiss unless the labs come back with something and that I do not expect. Seth goes back to Otterbein in two weeks. His name was in our neighborhood newspaper today in "College News"---the only Clintonville OU student on the Dean's list all last year. Yeah!

Don't send out a posse`, I'm not getting on line s'much these days, but I'm well.

Prayers for all in need!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Hoda said…
Yay Kay!
Thank you.
Love you too.
Bravo Seth. Great on honour roll. Great on going back to college. I am sure you will miss him. Happy to hear your medical went well. Praying the same for the lab work.
My Dracula appointment is in autumn. Will keep you posted.
Liberty and Jo.
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Good afternoon to all my eagle budlets/eaglet momsters and dadsters/eagle momlets and dadlets. Working, working working. So glad folks are checking in. WE CANNOT LET THIS BLOG DIE! I'm saying that to myself more than anyone.

I did mean to report that although our sycamore tree may be getting a little old, it was full of luscious green leaves when we were there. That made me happy.
Hugs and love and prayers for Dana's family. Have comparative Larry's. Probably won't be on much the next couple of days. SED and love to all.
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Paula, I was just going to ask what we are comparing at Larry's. :) Have a great weekend! Love and hugs!!!!
Hoda said…
Thank you Paula for checking in.
Happy company at Larry's.
I hope there are no comparative any thing.
Hoda said…
Luscious green leaves are always a good sign Shar!
stronghunter said…
Good evening,

Dana, I am so sorry about the loss of your father. Prayers and good wishes for you and your family.

Getting ready to make a quick trip to Myrtle Beach this weekend. Kathryn and Hunter are going with me.

Oh my, Lolly. Maybe Michael is a bit nervous about introducing the girlfriend to the family.

Busy day here. Stephanie's two daughters are staying here while Steph and Will are at work. They brought along Nugget. Things are getting better between Nugget and Allie Cat, which is a good thing for Nugget.

I decided that pizza is okay for tonight's dinner. I cooked what I might have served tonight at lunchtime for Hunter and myself. I was just too hungry to wait.

We have a coyote in the neighborhood. Kathryn and Hunter saw it in the early afternoon recently--Saturday or Sunday, I think. Then Hunter saw it last night. We figure it is after the great abundance of bunny rabbits we have this summer.

Have a good evening, everyone.
stronghunter said…
Oh, and Susan is working on wedding plans. The date is set in April. They are planning to marry in an amphitheater at a museum. My biggest suggestion was to make sure they have a back-up place in case of bad weather.
Hoda said…
Wow Shirley!
Safe travels to Myrtle Beach. Post pictures and when you come home be sure to check in.
I am predicting more than on wedding in the future of your family. Boarding a cat while you are gone and while Will and his girlfriend are at work sounds like serious commitment to me!
I agree about maybe cause for Michael's absence.
Good advice on plan B in case of bad weather!
Disturbing about coyote hunting bunnies in the hood!!! Bunnies, Kittens, puppies... Same difference I would rather think.
Hoda said…
I asked Dana about the Mass celebrating her Father's life.
This is what she wrote:
Yes, you may mention the time of the mass, it is at 11:00 Saturday morning. . We will need strength and prayers to get through the service.
OK Momsters Dadsters Momlets and Dadlets big communal gathering in thoughts and prayers and good energy to lift Dana and her Mom and their family to go through this. ((((( Hagelberg/ Hilmoe ))))) ❤️❤️❤️πŸ™πŸ½
JudyE said…
Here in Fl we also have coyotes
There has been issues of pet remains found so sad

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all
♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need
"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle"
stronghunter said…

Will keep you posted about Myrtle Beach, Hoda. And, yes, there might be another wedding before too long. Will and Susan are twins, after all. It would not be surprising if they get married about the same time. Not sure about the cat boarding thing???? We did watch the girls and their dog.

Having the two girls around is quite different from having Hunter around. Checka likes pink toys. Adia was talking about her favorite element on the periodic table. Really. She is a very interesting child.

stronghunter said…
Coyotes--Will said that they are in invasive species and that perhaps we should call authorities. I am sure they would be a menace to kitties and small dogs. I do not remember if anyone else remembers when our Hedgie (I think it was Hedgie) wrote about coyotes in packs in her area. A pack of coyotes would scare me. I keep my cats indoors, and Luna is pretty big. I doubt if a coyote would be interested in bothering her.
Lolly said…
We occasionally hear coyotes but it has been a while.

Well, Michael called again this evening. He is not coming over this weekend. So basically I told him I am making no more plans to get everyone together. Will see him when he makes the effort to come over. He knew I was very upset.. He made excuses and apologized. Did not make me feel any better. Plans now are for Laurel and Jacob to come next weekend, spend the night then leave Jacob with us for a few days.

Went back outside after dinner. Morning is definitely better. Here it is after 11 and still 85.

Night all! SED
Hoda said…
Oh my! It is going to be a full time job for this blog to sort out my understanding of things!!! Do while you are gone to Myrtle Beach you are not bring asked to board are boarding two human girls? Did I get that right? They are Will's girlfriend's children?
Lord save me!!! Sorry everyone... Miss Confused you should all call me!!! πŸ˜„!!!
Miss C for short!!!

Lolly at lead the phoned. I know it is upsetting. I had been looking for personality changes and adjustments after the separation and divorce! Even the younger woman I see somehow connected to the break up of his marriage. Sorry!
Any plans for your time with Jacob?
Meditation centre was about Tibetan Buddhism...learnt a lot...

Red Friday every one!
God protect the US troops.πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
Hoda said…
With all my spelling mistakes in the last post to Shirley and Lolly, I think I am a Lydia wanna be! Sorry Lydia! 😊
I am being a good Canadian it seems!!! Every other word is Sorry!! Eh?? πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Janet Neely said…
good RED FRIDAY morning to one and all! make it a great day!
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends.

Lolly, I feel your pain with Michael. There is much truth to the saying, "A son is your son til he takes a wife, a daughter's your daughter for the rest of her life."

Shirley, have a great trip to Myrtle Beach!

Dana, prayers continue for you, your mom, and your family.

Tennis for me at 8am. Have a greyt day all.
JudyE said…
Its Fri
Good morning eagle buds
Sitting her nice and quite Jordyn still sleeping
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
I haven't seen a fox since Monday night and have only seen the 2 young raccoons this week. Sometimes there is still some bread left the next morning. Maybe getting burned out on bread?
Hoda said…
Good morning.
On the count down for Miss Freyja's arrival.
So curious to find out how she will be with the two huge, from her perspective, dogs.
Lovely day here. Headed opposite side of Shambhala Festival. Sirens galore yesterday! I hear of arrests!!! Heaven help us. Our guys are pretty chill! To get around to multiple arrests is a big deal!
Lolly said…
Good afternoon! Lawn is mowed, edged, etc for the week! Looking good, but a lot of time spent holding a water hose for it to look good. Now showered and waiting for my hair to dry to finish getting beautiful. Lol

No special plans for time with Jacob. Movie one day and another day to buy some school clothes. There really is not a lot todo I this hot weather. We went to Dallas twice while he and Joseph were here a few weeks ago. Days of Camp Hawkwood are in the past! Wonderful memories!

Jack is running errands. One is to AAA for maps for our trip. Going to go buy a new GPS. That is Jack's birthday present that we just have not picked out yet.

Lolly said…
Yesterday we found two large feathers in our yard. Great Horned owl lost a couple of pretty feathers!
grannyblt said…
Lolly, on my recent trip to OK& TX, we used Siri. She never let us down. I had just paid for a year of directions and connections on my On Star and planned to use it, but didn't one time. Big bucks wasted.

Earlier today I drove out to the green green countyside about 5 miles from here to my favorite apple orchard as they announced they were selling peaches. I didn't really realize how large a peck was. I think about 30 peaches. I stopped at my hairdressers and he relieved me of about 10. Most of them are rock hard, but I decided to process those with bad spots(I knew some of them were seconds). Well, I had big chunks and indistinguishable pieces I was going to freeze for smoothies. I saw the Vitamix sitting there and now have 7 small containers of peach purée. I had a healthy taste and now have peach breath.😊 I have 18 sitting out to ripen further. I guess I know what I will be doing
this weekend.
glo said…
Good evening.Stopping by to say Hi as I try to also sit and actually watch the Olympics Opening Ceremony. Pretty concerend about the situation in Rio this year on several levels. Prayers that all goes well and athletes have the itme of their dreams. So many years, so much time and work and competition to even be there. Bless them all.
Storms last night. Tired with headache today but looks like a beautiful weekend ahead atleast weather wise. Dry broke tonight so had to run laundry to neighbors to dry. I am too tired to even think of dealing with it right now. Will check it out more otmorrow and if necessary get repairman here on Monday I guess is the plan. Have a great weekend folks. ((((Momster, Momlets, and Dadster Dadlets)))))
Sandi said…
Lolly, I echo Lynne1's comments about paying for OnStar or a new GPS. Why spend that money? I have an Android phone so I don't have Siri. But Google Maps can be installed on any phone. I didn't get lost once driving from my sister's house to Middletown for Jo's service and then again driving from Middletown to Marydel, MD to pick up Potter and from Marydel to home. A GPS has to be updated periodically as roads change and, if it's like my old GPS, only the first update was free. Google Maps and Siri are updated automatically on your phone so the routes and roads are always current.

I have a favor to ask of the folks who also post on the private Facebook blog. I just do not have time to keep up with both and I am choosing to post here rather than there. So if something is discussed among the Facebook group that I should know about, would someone either post it on this blog or send me an email or a PM on Facebook? I would really appreciate it.

Hoda, my Kevin would LOVE the festival that's going on in Nelson. That's his life - traveling from music festival to music festival peddling his leather goods and jewelry and dream catchers.

Goodnight all.
Hoda said…
Tell Kevin to come over Sandi!
Lots of good people there too.
Warnings around Nelson is to be very careful of the drugs sold even on Bsker St, our main St.
Tests show some not very clean stuff is around. The warnings are from Festival goers not the authorities.

I will keep my eyes out Sandi on keeping you informed. I am sure others will too.

GPS info is interesting. I like a good old paper map.

Sorry about the headache and the dryer Glo.

Remember every one Dana and her family tomorrow at 11. Lift them up in prayers as they celebrate her father's life.
Hoda said…
Love the peaches and found feathers stories grannyblt and Lolly.
Ms Bookworm said…
Hi, Everyone,

Hoda, is the service for Dana's Dad tomorrow at 11:00 Eastern time? I will be sure to be thinking of them and praying for them.

It's a lot cooler here today than we expected! We had a lot of cloud cover this morning, and the temps were about 4 or 5 degrees cooler than expected as a result!
Thank God! A high of 80 feels mighty good!

Shirley, I'd be very careful if you saw a coyote in the neighborhood. If there's more than one of them, they might be a problem for Luna. Years ago, when some were in our neighborhood, someone's Lab was killed by 2 or 3 of them.
At about the same time, we lost a cat to them, too. We haven't seen any in recent years, but would never let Emma outside by herself, just in case.

Lynne1, those peaches sound mighty yummy! Will have to check to see if there's anywhere within reasonable driving distance that has some available for picking.
....I have Google Maps on my cell phone, and it works great!

Well, better run. Miss Emma's getting restless, and it's because it's time for her dinner! Have a good rest of the evening, everyone. Goodnight, and God bless. I ♥ us!!!
Hoda said…
Yes Dana's Dad's Service is 11:00 AM Eastern. 8:00AM Pacific Time.
Please join us.
Good awareness in regards Coyotes too. Thank you for sharing.
glo said…
Heading to bed. Prayers for Dana and her family . AOYP everyone
Hoda said…
Good night all. Great live guitar music and interpretive dance in the meditation centre.
Just got back in. Enjoy the weekend...
Hoda said…
Happy Birthday Robyn. Make it a terrific year.πŸŽ‰πŸ’₯πŸ…πŸ†πŸ‘❤️
Sandi said…
Goodroming my eagle friends.

Well, today is Potter's first Meet & Greet! It's at a pet store which isn't the best place for him to find a forever home, since people who come to a pet store already have a pet. And after last night, I think Potter would be better as an only dog. I have been really careful about feeding both big dogs in separate rooms so there are no food fights. But last night, I was pouring a 30lb. bag of kibble into the storage bin we keep it in and Potter was in the room with me. Janey tried to enter the room and Potter went after her. Lots of snarling and growling and teeth baring from Potter; lots of squealing from Janey.

When i pulled them apart, Janey immediately took off upstairs. A thorough examination revealed 2 scrapes on her face from Potter's teeth, one on the top of her head and the other under her chin. She will be fine physically but I worry that she will always be fearful of Potter now. This morning Potter was very repentant but Janey wants nothing to do with him. I'll take them for a walk together shortly (I hope) before Potter and I head to the M&G and Janey can get some private TLC with Dennis while I'm gone.

Have agreyt day all.
Janet Neely said…
good morning.

SANDI: so sorry of the squabble with the furry ones! poor janey! I so admire you for mind and heart say I wish I could do this, but maybe down the road...

travel companion. I use WAZE which is a free app available in google play or your apps store. I like it because drivers can report current events on the road, such as police spotted, accidents, etc. I have used it for several years now.

cloudy humid morning. heading to work in a bit. have a great day all!
grannyblt said…
Janet, WAZE kept us informed when stuck for several hours on the highway last summer. At least we knew why. Not too good if you are driving alone unless you pull over. I don't even like to talk hands free on the phone when I'm driving.
Hoda said…
Dana. Prayers.
Love and Light
Lolly said…
Good morning!

Appreciate the comments about a GPS. I do think though that Jack wants a GPS (his third) up front and very large for him to see. We will also be using my iPhone! He does all the driving while pulling the trailer. I have never learned that skill and very fearful of it.

Andy, high of 80 sounds heavenly! We are headed to 10th day in a row over 100! Hate August!

Thinking a keeping in prayer Dana and family!

Sandi, so sorry about the doggy squabble! Not good! And, everything had been going so well!

Enjoying a lazy morning after three days of getting out and working in the yard.

Have learned this morning where Lydia is building her new home. It is near the same town in VA that we have friends and plan to visit them in Oct. I get to officially meet Lydia! Wahooo!
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