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New thread.


JudyE said…
Thanks for the new thread STEVE
Sandi said…
Home from tennis. Thanks Steve for the new thread and thanks Judy for the call over.

No update on the cam when Steve started the new thread; I'm sure the IT guys are working on it.
Mema Jo said…
Good Monday morning to all ♥
Hoping for a "ground crew" report on our nest...

Thanks Steve for the fresh new thread Hi! Judy and Sandi

I best read the older thread
Mema Jo said…
Happy Anniversary Lolly and Jack

May you have many many more years of love and happiness
Lolly said…
Good morning! We are home! Thank you, Jo!

Taking a break from Lollypaloozing the trailer. What an awesome family reunion. Wish I knew them all! Lol. 14 of the 15 cousins were there and then their families. Our family just has grandchildren but there are a lot of great grands! Approx 98 there! We visited, played games, ate, laughed and worshipped together! Oh and we had an excercise class, too. More fun! Truly a wonderful family, really blessed. Missed those who could not be there!

Returned home had dinner cooked in no time and then Laurel and the boys headed on to Denton. Joey left yesterday for his service trip to Ecuador and the Galopilis Islands.

Yes, 51 years ago married my best friend! So today we celebrate by Jack mowing and Lolly cleaning. For dinner....left overs from last night. But, must say we had rolled flank steak last night. Our favorite gourmet meal! We will go to Nona Tatas sometime this week.

Need to read back! Have a great week!
grannyblt said…
Thank you for the new thread, Steve. I'm sure the IT people are working on our camera connection. Hope the kids are still around so we can catch glimpses.

Sounds like a fun reunion Lolly. My mothers side of the family had a reunion about 23 years ago. I'm one of the younger of the cousins and health problems and great distances keep us apart. To think that 50 years ago most of us lived with a couple of hours drive and now we are from Maine to California.
NCSuzan said…
Lolly and Jack....Happy Anniversary!

Hope everyone is doing well. Going to be a warm week. Seems the southwest is in for a true scorcher.
JudyE said…

Bringing over from fb

Check out Google for first day of summer

Steven Chase‎ to Bald Eagles 101
37 mins ·
Monday Update. Rob and Clayton surveyed the cam problems today and were still unable to communicate with the primary camera. They are figuring the storm did indeed cause some sort of electrical problem with the camera, either in a cable or the camera. We are prepared to bring the backup cam online until we can do a fix; we tested it today and it works fine. If we need to go up in the tree to do check the primary camera, we will wait until August because of limited activity in the nest. Stay tuned as we continue to troubleshoot.
Ms Bookworm said…
Hi, Gang!

Can't get the cam to work, and had a terrible time getting here as well. Finally made it, though! Have been nearly melting today with heat of 106 degrees in Anaheim! Happy to say it's supposed to be in the mid-80s tomorrow!

I'll be back later tonight to get caught up, but wanted to let you know Ken, Emma & I are still OK. Gotta go make Emma's dinner right now.

Prayers continue for everyone! I ♥ us!!
Ms Bookworm said…
Oh--Happy Anniversary, Lolly & Jack!!!
Hoda said…
Happy Anniversary Lolly and Jack.
Happy Summer Solstice everyone.
Life is very good.
I feel blessed.
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. No live or still cams this morning. Thanks Judy for posting the message from Steve. Maybe today we'll get "the old view" of the nest back - what a good idea it was to leave the old cam in place, right?

Grocery shopping for me before the crowds get up and into the store, then getting a haircut. First time with a new hair stylist - I'm a little nervous. But the young lady who has been cutting my hair for the past 10 years, while nice, just isn't reliable. I can text her about needing a haircut and wait weeks to get a reply (she works from home and has 2 small boys).

Have a greyt day all.

stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Thanks for the new thread, Steve.

Happy anniversary, Lolly and Jack.

Nice to see you here, Andy.

Hope the new stylist works out well for you, Sandi.

Hello, Hoda. Eager to hear about some dragon reports from you.

Thanks for the information, Judy, and congratulations on the feather.

I think the East is about to get some hot weather as well, Suzan. Hunter told me we are supposed to get a storm today. I am supposed to be bowling later today, and I do hope nothing serious happens while I am not home. Hunter is all macho, but the truth is he needs an adult around if the weather is rough. He is still a kid.

I'm with you, Jo. Would love a ground report.

Lynne1--Family reunions are fun. I haven't been to a real one for a very long time--since I was a child.
stronghunter said…
Live cam is just spinning. Nothing.
JudyE said…
Good morning.

A big black bear in a tree in Tampa. Yikes. They are waiting for the biologist. That is a big city. Second bear sighting in a couple of day . The other was at nite at a bird feeder on a porch I posted that video on fb. This is the month they are also discussing another bear hunt also.
Hope everyone have a great day
JudyE said…
Still has old view funny looking
JudyE said…
Live feed looks funny ole view funny looking

FYI bear got rescued.
Mema Jo said…
Good Tuesday morning to all ♥

Old View is better then NO view ! lol - Good forethought by letting the old am remain

Judy - good news about the bear in Tampa! He was probably more scared then those humans!

Hoping for a shower or two today so my flowers get watered!

TTUL xoxoxoxo
JudyE said…
adult delivered a fish and one in nest eatin
Lolly said…
Good morning! Really being lazy today! Busy weekend, worked hard yesterday, today I am moving slow!

Thanks for the Anniversary wishes! We ate at home last night with a special bottle of wine. Will eat out later on this week. Just enjoying being at home.

We had family from all over the US. From state of Washington, Arizona, Kansas, Georgia, S. Carolina, and, of course from all over Texas. The 15 of us cousins were raised In the Rio Grande Valley within a few miles. And, all of us pretty close together in age. Range in age now from 68 to 79. The 79 year old was the only one not there as her hubby recently had hip surgery.

It was really great to see my cousin Norm. He is the one I have asked for prayers. During surgery, the surgeon nipped an artery and he suffered several strokes. He is our pro football player with 3 super bowl rings. He was still very active until this tragic mistake! He now walks with a cane, has an electrical device on his knee that sends signals to help him walk. His vision is impaired, but he talks fine, maybe a little slower. His memory is slipping, but I think it already was before he strokes. Love him dearly. We went to TCU at the same time, we were close at high school age.

Taking it easy but do need to do a few things. Lol

Have a great day!
Lolly said…
Yes, old view of the cam is strange. However, did just see a Juvie I the nest!
JudyE said…
storming at the nest AGAIN
stronghunter said…
Thundering here. Storm is brewing.

Oh my, it is interesting to see the old view.
JudyE said…
Picked up Jordyn from camp so I can take her to gun at 5

MT Nest still
JudyE said…
Looks like STI!L is stuck at 110
JudyE said…
Like · Reply · 2 hrs
Steven Chase
Steven Chase And they will stay off until tomorrow, at least. We had a direct lightning strike near the tree. The guys will have to replace the cooked cables they found there. It has been a vicious afternoon in this region with storm after storm bubbling up and intensifying as they come east. More still coming.
Like · Reply · 2 hrs · Edited.

From fb on cam
JudyE said…
That was on a comment on 101 bald eagle
Mema Jo said…
Storms have come thru the area - such a long downpour of steady rain

Could be more tonight but for now it is very bright out there

Everyone take care - have a good evening -

SED and AOYP xoxoxoxoxo
JudyE said…
June 21 2016 - Weather Update - 840 pm - Shepherdstown and area has been hit hard with severe weather today and it continues tonight... hope everyone in the path of these violent storms is hunkered down safe and sound tonight ... including our eagle family.
Severe Thunderstorm Warning
Severe Thunderstorm Warning in effect until 9:00 PM EDT. Source: U.S. National Weather Service
JudyE said…
Airmont ?
Steve said had tornado damage. Hope all is OK for everyone
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. No live or still cam. Judy, thanks for the update from Steve. I hope all WV folks and our eagles are OK.

Tennis for me this morning and then the beach. We got some thunder, lightning, wind and rain last night but nothing severe. Just enough to upset the dogs.

Have a greyt day all.
Ms Bookworm said…
Hi, Everyone,

Well, I'm getting back here a day later than I had hoped, but fell asleep in front of the TV after dinner, and Emma fell asleep in my lap, so that was the end of that! LOL

Have read back a bit, and hope I haven't missed anything important. I think I did miss wishing Jerry and his wife a Happy Anniversary, so belated wishes are headed your way!

Janet, glad Jaimie's surgery was successful. Prayers for a speedy recovery!

Continuing to pray for Vicky's son.

Shirley, prayers for Keshia. Glad you enjoyed bowling with Kayla.

Glo, glad Becky's surgery was a success. Prayers for her swift healing.

JudyE, prayers for Angie's MIL! (Also for her husband, Rick!)

Sounds like you folks back east have had some awful weather! Hope everyone is safe. Sounds like Steve weathered quite a hailstorm. Hope his car finish doesn't resemble a golf ball!

Lori, congratulations on the new house! When do you get to move in?

Jo, hope you are getting stronger and feeling better with each new day! Prayers for you continue!

Hope they are able to work on the fried wires to the cam today. Sure am glad the old cam is working! It buffers a lot, but is still a very good thing to have. Nest has been empty while I've been watching. Any reports from the ground on how the eagles fared with the big storm?

Well, I need to get busy and accomplish a few things (like breakfast for Emma) so Ken and I can go walking at the mall. Will check back in later. Have a super day, everyone! I ♥ us!!
glo said…
UGHHHH Thats all I know to say about the weather in so very many places including where I live too.

Happy Anniversary Lolly and Jack. Reunion sounds awesome.

Got message from Vicky this am that she asked me to share over here. Running crazy with paper work and issues regarding getting son approved for medicaid. She is requesting prayer for this issue to be resolved . I am sure the hospital charges with all this time in ICU have to be humongous. ty all.
stronghunter said…
Looks like the cam is frozen again. Buffering.
Mema Jo said…
Good Wednesday morning to all ♥
All is well here in my valley - I didn't hear any storms through the night

Prayers for Vicky's trying to get benefits for her son. They make it quite a chore.

Have a good day

Lolly said…
Good morning! Successfully did nothing yesterday. Maybe today I will accomplish something.

Hot and drying up here. Jack got out early and did some work. I Slept! Lol

Have a great day!
JudyE said…
Good morning while it still is

I can't get live feed I could earlier but not noe. Still is stuck from yesterday 652pm
Hoping all is good ther . JERRY how is your area??? as well as others in that area

JudyE said…
Steven Chase
41 mins
SO here is the latest.
We will post something similar on the Outdoor Channel tomorrow. The storm yesterday was brutal. A tornado tracked close to my house in VA, and we had four waves of very severe storms and possible tornadic weather in the area around NCTC/quad state area yesterday afternoon and evening. I have never seen anything like the intensity and duration of the storms yesterday. See FB sites like Capital Weather Gang for more on that.
Rob and another colleague personally witnessed the lightening strike that occurred within a few hundred yards of the tree. This strike took out the power supply, portions of the signal cable and other infrastructure. This means it will be a stretch to get the video cam back on line without a nest visit. We cannot do that until August, so the season seems to be headed to a very abrupt end. Rob was able to get the tree shot up today, so there is some view of the tree. Thanks for your continued understanding and support.

Just got back from 2hr at sawgrass park

I so hot and in need if shower

JudyE said…
Still can has a distance tree view
Hoda said…
It has been a good season.
I learnt that if the eaglets fall out of the nest when they are close to fledging, they can be lured back to the nest.
Did not know that before this season.
Learnt that the NCTC folks rock awesome.
Pretty much knew that from previous seasons.
It has been a good season.
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. Thanks Judy for the latest update from Steve. And so it appears that our eagle viewing season is over. THANK YOU STEVE AND CREW!

Nail appointment today ... to have all of the gel soaked off of my nails. Some of them started "feeling funny" about a week ago so, last night I removed the polish to see what was going on underneath. 6 of my 10 nails have green spots on them - like grass green. This has happened once before in my 20+ years of having overlays on my nails. The green is a bacterial infection caused by water getting between the natural nail and the overlay. The only solution is to soak all of the product off to kill the bacteria (it dies very quickly as soon as the nails can dry out), cut them all short, and wait for the green spots to grow out. Sigh.

Jo, I hope today is a good day for you. I know you wish that the biggest thing you had to worry about was green spots on your nails, right? Prayers continue for you.

Have a greyt day all.
WVJerry said…
Good morning Sandi. Hope your nails get better. Good morning Jo - good to see you on here and Facebook. I see the Live Cam is done for season. Thanks to Steve, Rob, Clayton and all NCTC crew for making this a great viewing season. I was by nest on Tuesday just before one storm went through. About an hour later a severe storm hit Martinsburg. No wonder some damage was done to equipment. On a side note, I was unable to see anything at nest. The tree pretty well covers nest now. I want to wish you all well. I will just follow on Facebook for the most part. I will try to stay some active on Blog. Congrats to all on their Wright losses...great accomplishments. Take care all.
Lori said…

We have had some awful strong storms this week and they continue today.

So can we still watch the still cam?

I look forward to seeing photos of the nest and cam fix in August.

Sandi, I think I'd just let my nails be naked. Sorry. What a pain.
Naked fingernails are fine, but I must have brightly
painted toe nails for sandal weather. :)

Have I complained yet about how stressful moving is
and how UN-customer service oriented so many companies are these days?
I'm about to lose my mind.

After 3 days of playing phone tag and waiting for calls back from the
movers when they said they would call "right back in a few minutes"
and hours or days went by, AND giving us a move date of
June 30th then calling and saying they can't do it that day
"can you move it to July 3rd?" I should have just said yes, but I really
felt like they were just trying to reel me in with what I wanted to hear,
then it was like "gotcha!"
I finally asked for the money back (Angie's List) last night.
This company had over 700 "A" ratings AND we used them last year
and they were fantastic.

the pool maintainance people who were coming to show us
how to work the pool equipment showed up 2 hours EARLY
without notice and since we couldn't be there at that time told us
we had to reschedule.
It makes you wonder if they even want your business?

Thanks for reading/listening to me vent. I'm at the end of my patience rope! :)

Jo, your plants should get plenty more water today.
You rest and do something you enjoy!

Lolly said…
Good morning!

Another hot day! Just not ready for this heat. No desire to get out and sweat and we have jobs to be done.

Out to eat this evening, our anniversary treat! Then we go to Denton tomorrow. Joey is still in Ecuador and Laurel would like company. Also, have items to take to her. Boys have been in Basketball camp all week.

Lori, so you are moving. Guess I missed a post on the house. Hope things improve with this move!

Oh, Sandi! You make me happy I have never done anything with my nails! They keep themselves short. As they are weak they get layered and break easily so file away! But keep them polished with nail strengthener and a soft color. Interesting though, my thumb nails and little finger nails are strong and get long. I know, I am weird!

Have a great day!
JudyE said…
Good morning eagle buds

July 25
Nctc invite in would love to go

Received the nice CD ON OUR NCTC

Lynne2 said…
JudyE said…
LORI Just take a deep breath and remember after all is done you will have a wonderful home
I know what u mean I a still waiting on my house to be done with siding.

SANDI hope your nail woes will suside quickly
I just started doing my nails since Nov vacation and with retirement and not working been doing them but now I know what to keep a eye on .
I just have issues with suntan products and the acrylic getting tacky after apply lotion
Have any of you had that issue? I googled it also can't find if any of the products don't do it . They said indoor lotions I assume for tanning beds
The gal assured me gel over acrylics will work the last time I just put a glove on

LOLLY any picture from Joey of the area?

JudyE said…



Lynne2 said…
Hello everyone!

It's been a rough ride the past 2+ months and things aren't getting much better for us.

I'll keep my synopsis brief but if you have any questions, just ask.

Getting ready to move and moving day were chaotic but could have been worse.

Not one week after we moved in, Daisy bolted the door and promptly got hit by a car, got up and ran away. After searching and staying up all night she came back early the next morning with only minor scrapes and completely exhausted, but in a couple of days she was her old self again.

We knew living with my mother in law's husband was going to be difficult but it has surpassed our worst scenarios. He is a perverted, ignorant, loud, disgusting and ungrateful human being. How my sweet mother in law ended up with someone like him is beyond anything I can imagine. I hate him. He's "accidentally" so he says, touched me inappropriately several times and the last time I flat out told him, among other things, if he ever so much as touched me ANYWHERE ever again I would punch the shit out of him. So far, so good. Don't think I'm going to have to worry. Steve is furious with him but what can we do? My MIL wouldn't believe us...that's ;her husband. And we have no place else to go.

Job searching is getting us nothing. We are in one of the most depressed areas of West Virginia. We are also looking in Oakland. MD which is only about 15 minutes from here but we haven't even been able to score a job at Taco Belle.

Several of my MILs friends have told us what a blessing it is that we are here so that we can help them get things done. They truly are not capable of doing too much and certainly not in a timely fashion. My FIL is usrless altogether. The only thing he is worried about is his yard and making sure it looks nicer than everyone else's. I have NEVER seen anyone so obsessed with grass cutting and weed eating...although he can't do it himself anymore so Steve has been doing it. But he is only allowed to cut certain areas sometimes because my FIL thinks only HE can do it right. OMG.

The house should be going up on the market soon, but the well pump needs to be fixed. The water stops working at least twice a week. There is apparently on one company that is anywhere near here and they are so backed up they can't even give a time as to when they might be able to come and my MIL has been calling for 6 weeks now. The kitchen floor needs to be replaced due to some damage from the refrigerator breaking and leaking all over it but again, no one is available.

My FIL uses every opportunity that my MIL isn't home to tell us that we basically are not welcome here and we need to plan on moving out. He hates the dogs, he says the realtor told them that no one would ever buy a house where dogs have lived. He claims they are moving to the Eastern Shore for the winter and we will not be welcome to go with them. OMG. He NEVER talks like that when my MIL is home! I have subtly asked her about the dog thing and the eastern shore thing without implicating him and neither is true.

SO, as you can see, I don' t have a whole lot of good news to report which is why I have avoided coming to the blog. Except for one FIL is leaving tomorrow for Georgia to visit his own kids for about 2 weeks and peace will reign in the land. Even my MIL is looking forward to his trip since she'll be staying behind! Thank GOD for her. She deserves so much better. But, I guess to each their own. I, for one, wouldn't ever be with a man who talks all through dinner with his mouth full, except when he's belching, or who things blowing out 20 farts in front of everyone is funny. is everyone here?? I must confess I have not kept up but will try to get at least a little caught up today.
Lynne2 said…
One good thing I can say....while we were able to bring the dogs with us, we couldn't bring Joker. My in-laws really hate cats. The lady that we became good friends with after doing gardening for her last year and before we left offered to take him. I cried for days. I've had Joker since he was a 4 month old kitten in a box that someone brought to work one day and he just turned 15. I was worried because for the first few days he wouldn't come out or eat but now he is king of the house and doing just fine!!! He gets along with her 2 cats and ignores her 3 dogs who are just as happy to ignore him!!
JudyE said…
must be working on it still goes up and down and buffers the number up and not down in numbers backwards lol
JudyE said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said…
so sorry LYNNE2 that you have to go through so much in your life

and a recording of him being a A---- would be convincing to the wife I would think

I will keep you in my thought and heart that you all will get through this rough patch

JudyE said…
my delete apparently a hoax
Lynne2 said…
my on here all day? Guess I'll check back tomorrow!
Janet Neely said…
good morning....we arrived home yesterday afternoon......just read back...

LOLLY: so sorry things are terrible right now. my heart goes out to you.
SANDI: yikes! there are very few things I dislike about my job....and I can't say I dislike this, BUT, my nails have to be kept incredibly short. I do miss having nails, even though I never had really pretty nice ones. and I always admire folks who have nicely manicured hands....hope this passes quickly.....
LOLLY & JACK: happy anniversary, sorry I missed it.

and hello to everyone!

we had a lovely week away. I was definitely ready for a bit of a break as the week before was very intense.....just a lot of demands on me.

I am ready to rock again.

back to work today; and work the next two days as well as I was out with a virus last Thursday and Friday. I suppose I picked something up at the hospital.

chris & Nancy have no cell service out at the son's not sure how Jaimie is doing, but chris picked up a staph infection somewhere and so I do know she was at the hospital last night getting antibiotics but they did not keep her. having lymphoma weakens her immune system....

with tom and livvy's help I managed to have the entire RV unpacked and then scrubbed clean and ready for the next trip in October.

hope everyone is well....I have thought about you all over the past few days. couldn't get the internet to work on the computer so I did some scrolling fb on my phone and a few necessary things but mostly just enjoyed being in the moment and/or readinga book.

have a beautiful day to one and all! a belated blessed solstice to all!
JudyE said…
I am getting worried with people not checking in with all the storm upnthat way

Good morning eagle buds

JANET so glad u had a nice time and happy your friend is better but sorry you picked up something as well as Chris and the staph

Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Wherefore art y'all?

Storms have finally cleared their way through this area and we're enjoying a lovely and dryer Summer Day.

Can't get the camera to respond???

LYNNE2, the Book of Job comes to mind when I read about your trials and tribulations. Praying for you and Steve!

Prayers for all in need as well!

Lynne2 said…
Hi Kay!

Book of Job and I will be having a one on one later. LOL! Steve keeps asking me the very crux of the story. Why do we have to suffer when &*&#^%% people don't.

Lynne2 said…
Did you bluegrass fans if there are any....hear that Ralph Stanley passed yesterday?
Lynne2 said…
oh I see Janet was here too! Hi Janet!
JudyE said…
OK am I invisible lol

KaY cam is down till AUG till they can get to tree both cams got it with the storms so happy you checked in I wish other would so sad the news from the floods and not seen on fb either maybe no power in the areas
JudyE said…
off to lunch with Angie and the get Jordyn at camp not for sure if I am gonna swim today raining now
Hoda said…
Glo wrote, " horrific news out of WV"
What is going on?
Nothing on our news feed here!
Hoda said…
Oh God Almighty!
BBC reports 20 people drowned in WV flooding!
Lynne2 said…

Hoda.....I'm not in WV where the worst of the flooding has been although our county is named in the disaster. All was well south of here. I'm geographically impaired so I'm not really sure where eveyone is in relation to the bad flooding although I'm pretty sure Thelma, Shar and Bev are OK.
Lynne2 said…
Every time I look at the "trending news" on FB, the death to goes up. Heartbreaking.
Hoda said…
Shar checked in. She and Bev and Thelma are fine.
Some of their friends not.
Not sure if it hit Wanda's area in Martinsberg.
Praying for all our group... So many!
glo said…
Thanks for bringing that info over here Hoda. I have read the whole Blog for today. Our WV folks have not checking in. I am so concerend for all of them. Think I will go scout some fb walls and see if I can find any more info about folks that way. I pray our Momsters and friends and family are ok.
glo said…
Mema Jo posted 7 hrs ago so assume she has power and is OK. Denise Wanda's daughter posted today and no mention of issues with family, so will assume they are all ok too.
I would say those in and around Shepherdstown area are ok but I sure don't know that for a fact. Hopefully we will hear form everyone over the weekend.
Ms Bookworm said…
Hi, Everyone,

Wow, Lynne2, I had been hoping that no news was good news--guess not! Mega prayers for you, Steve, and your MIL. Sure hope your FIL has a change of heart, straightens up, and flies right! Prayers to that effect, for sure! Mighty glad that Daisy is OK! Our Emma says, "WOOF!"

Praying for all the momsters, dadsters, and their families affected by the bad weather back there! Glad to hear that some are OK, and pray that we hear from the rest over the weekend.

It's a shame that our cam is down, but as long as the eagles are OK, I'm not going to complain. Hope Steve or others on the ground will keep us posted, as they have been doing.

Prayers for all those with medical challenges, and those with other problems too! Will be back soon to check on what's happening. I ♥ us!
stronghunter said…

Oh my, Lynne2. You have had a time. Thankful that you are not in the area of West Virginia that had such bad flooding.

Kathryn has visited the parts of the state that did flood. Tommy's family is from that area, and his cousin Ben posted lots of pictures on Facebook. It is horrible.

One of the cousins got caught under a bridge in her car with water up to her neck. Fortunately, she was rescued, but did have some injuries. I hope she will be okay. Kathryn scrolled through the pictures of flooded areas and recognized many places she has visited. It is a very poor and remote part of the state. She mentioned the towns of Bergoo and Camden on Gauley. They are both deep in coal country.
stronghunter said…
I think Martinsburg and Shepherdstown should be fine. They are not near the area I am describing.
stronghunter said…
Good grief, Cheeto has done it again. He lay down on my remote and now the TV says that "Channel 3435 is currently unavailable." I do not know what this cat has about Channel 3435. He usually lies down on the remote after walking across my keyboard. Now, he is checking out my cell phone.

Janet Neely said…
Friday night.....and I am tired. Good evening to all....(waves at everyone!)

its been a good but busy day back at work. nice to be back.
chris and nancy stopped by this evening on their way home from Vanderbilt. Jamie had another appointment...hi heart is skipping a beat. there was a test that the dr was supposed to have done prior to surgery (not done) to see if he needed a pace they ran the test today and are now running a 24 hour cardiac monitor. if he needs a pacemaker, it will go in in a couple of weeks. but they say he is feeling 1000% better....getting good blood pumping....oxygen everywhere efficiently....feels like a new kid.

chris is doing okay, although her nose is twice its normal size. she's on antibiotics....and it hurts. she has to sleep sitting up.

other than that....tom put a small fence around my garden today. I have lovely little tomatoes growing and everything else is blooming like crazy!

he also cut down the limb that fell on the barn, at least as much as he could get to.

work tomorrow, so calling it a night.

I hope everyone is well.

sweet dreams all.
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. I think I forgot to get on the blog yesterday. Busy day from the time I woke up. Sorry.

Lynne2, I don't know how you are doing what you're doing. I could not live, day in and day out, in a house with someone like you described - truly, I could not. I guess desperate times call for desperate measures. I will pray that you and Steve find jobs that will allow you to get out of that house!

Jo, I hope today is a good day for you - prayers continue.

Prayers also that all of our WV folks are safe and dry in their homes.

The latest on my nails is that 1 of the green nails has fallen off completely and 2 others will probably fall off today. Not sure what looks worse, green nails or having no nails! According to Google, it takes nails 6 months to replace themselves and it has only been a month since I had the allergic reaction to the acrylic. On a good note, just think how much money I'll save in the next 5 months by not going to get my nails done every 2 weeks! Maybe by the time they grow out completely, I'll decide not to go back to getting them done.

I found out on Thursday, via email, that the web host I use for the tennis club website is discontinuing it's website feature and I only had until June 19th to move the entire website and all of the tennis club documents that I have stored on the cloud to another web provider.So that's what occupied all my time yesterday after tennis. Not terribly hard, but very time consuming and I still have tweaks to make.

Have a greyt day all.
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Getting ready to go bowl and then to a birthday party. Hoping that everyone is well and safe.

Lynne2, take care of yourself.

Hello Jo, you take care of yourself, too.
Lynne2 said…
Sandi, SO sorry about your nails...that is crazy!
How do I do it? Fortitude I guess. It's not easy but I have to make the best of our situation. UGH.

Death toll is up to 26 in the WV flooding. The pictures and videos online are just unbelievable.
stronghunter said…
Sounds like your nails need a nice long rest, Sandi. I vote for no more fake nails.
Lynne2 said…
Hey Shirley! The Cheeto story about the remote and the numbers is hilarious....maybe you should play those numbers???
stronghunter said…
HI, Lynne2. Good luck on the job search.
stronghunter said…
Last night, I was unable to type anything on my computer. I tried to search the word "keyboard." Silly me. Nothing happened. You have to be able to use the keyboard to do that. Had to search on my own. I finally fixed it. Cheeto had struck again. I thought I heard him chuckle. Do cats chuckle?
stronghunter said…
Maybe I will play those numbers. Will need to find out how to do that. Not much of an expert at the lottery. That would be quite a story: "First-time Lottery Player Becomes Millionaire. Credits Cat and Blog Friend, Queen Lynne."
Lolly said…
Good morning! Wonders never cease! Welcome home Queen Lynne! Just remember we love you and are here for you! We are your sounding board, so sound off! What a poor excuse for a human being is your FIL!

We had a great day going to Laurel's yesterday. Now, going to have to strictly watch what I eat. Reunion, anniversary and Laurel's meal have seen a few pounds creep back on. Can't have that!!

Joey, with his group have done their service project now this morning headed to Galopilis Islands. Jealous!

Oh, Sandi! So very sorry about your nails!

Need to start moving! Have a great day!
Kay said…
Good Afternoon Eagle Buds!!!

JUDY, thanks for the cam info---what's wrong with my memory these days? I know STEVE will let us know if there is any late breaking news about Belle, Shep, Shamrock and Clover.

So glad to know all our WVians are accounted for and safe. Prayers abound for those folks who suffered losses. So sad.

SANDI, the nail dilemma sounds awful. Sorry you have months of regrowth ahead.

SHIRLEY, love your cat tales ☺!

Thinking of you JO and praying for you and all that are in need of God's special touch today!

Seth put in hours of work helping with with chores yesterday. He'll return this evening for our usual Sat/Sun. I love having him home from college for the summer!

Have a good day all!

NCSuzan said…
Good afternoon!

I miss the cam and the eagles but know they are starting their life in the air, free to roam and fish and will be fine.

Distressing to see and hear of the flood in WV. Having been through a flood and losing everything and trying to rebuild I have the utmost compassion for what these people are about to endure. It will not be easy for them. You know they probably do not have flood insurance and who knows if the government will have the ability to assist. Definitely some challenges ahead.

Shirley, my Olivia loves the remote too. I never knew there was so much that one of those things could do when a cat sleeps on them!

Sandi, so sorry for the nail issues. Hope they grow back quickly and healthy.

Jo, hope you are feeling peaceful and rested today. How are the planters doing? Bet they are full of flowers and colors! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Lolly, wish our bodies had an internal alarm that sounded whenever we put on two pounds.....something annoying until we take off that weight! It can go on so fast.

Ok. Have bored you all enough for the now. Take care.
JudyE said…

Good afternoon eagle bud.

SHIRLEY hope you win something with the lotto # and if u do someone will need a little cat treat.
I also don't play never have

I noticed most of the flooding was in the southern part of wva

JO has been on FB cute pic with snap chat ap LOL looks like she has had wonderful family company

Author unknown
"An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it’s going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming.”
Saw this on fb and just wanted to bring over

Yesterday we had a inch of rain and now it is raining also
Last I checked was already over a inch and a half
And this isn't rainy season LOL we are way over rain for this month and year blurb blurb

Lynne2 said…
that's a good thought Judy. Thanks!
Lynne2 said…

JudyE said…
Good morning eagle buds


WHERE is everyone?????BUSY with life I assume

Lolly said…
Good morning! Oh, good grief! Lynne2 also had to comment about Christmas here! She messed up fb and now the blog. The girl is out of control! Off with her head! And, her crown will tumble, too! Roflmbo馃槣

Off to church soon! Then a lazy day ahead. Have several hard jobs facing me this week. Must prepare.

TCU lost last night, College World Series. Watch out next year! We have a young team!

Sunny and hot here. Part of yard is still wet but had to water another part. Possible rain in the wee ahead! But, we plan on sprucing up the area that has been a bog.

Have a great day!
JudyE said…
Wanted to pop in with some good news. Tom my x is now cancer free his PSA numbers are excellent 1. Angie just let me know they went online and found results. Dr appt next week but cool u can get results before hand

stronghunter said…
Good news, indeed, Judy.
grannyblt said…
Good hot afternoon eagle watchers. I've been reading the blog every day and keeping up with news the best I can. My brother paid an earlier than expected visit this week and I've been keeping him busy with " honey do "chores. Somehow the item wash the outside Windows didn't get done. I think he shirked that duty last year too. He has gone back to NY where is wife is visiting family. It was nice to just see him. He and his wife will stop by in Aug,

Judy, good news about Tom. That type of cancer is very common in older men, and many live with it for years.

Lynne2, thinking about you. It must be really tough putting up with FIL with all of your other concerns. We love and support you. May the second half of '16 provide you will great opportunities.

I hope our eaglets are doing well. I will just assume they are!

Hoda said…
This is the summer of Eagle Medicine.
I see them everywhere I go.
I hear them with three different songs.
The town has installed two eagle related statues.
An eagle landing with spread wings.
An indigenous Eagle Dancer.
Good Day here.
stronghunter said…
Eagle Medicine? You have to explain, Hoda.

Didn't know you had lost everything to a flood, Suzan. When did that happen?
stronghunter said…
Oh, Lynne1, I would not mind having someone wash my outside windows.
Hoda said…
When one recognizes an Animal Totem the Indigeonous people speak of that animal's medicine. The qualities of the Eagle in my case. What can they teach me? What do I need to learn from eagle. This then is Eagle Medicine Shirley.
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends.

Judy, what wonderful news about Tom's latest test results!

Tennis for me this morning, then lunch with tennis gals, and then family arrives for 2 weeks this afternoon. My sister, brother-in-law, Madeline, Michael, and Daisy their yellow lab. I spent the weekend washing bed linens and dusting and vacuuming bedrooms that have been closed up all winter.

Have a greyt day all.
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

SANDI, enjoy your company! Sounds like the makings of a lot of fun!

JUDY, always good to hear that kind of good news. Happy for Tom and all who love him.

HODA, thanks for explaining "Eagle Medicine". Our Native Americans and Canadians have such a rich and interesting heritage to share. I grew up in Tucson and was always fascinated by their nature based customs. We can learn much about respect for our environment from that lore.

We had heavy thunder storms/rain starting at 9pm last night and continuing for hours, but it's now hot, humid and sunny. Penny and I are enjoying our comfy A/C setting!

Prayers abound for JO, TORI, the WV flood victims and all in need!!!

JudyE said…
Good morning eagle buds

Lolly said…
Howdeeeee! Had my regular doctor's appointment this morning. All is well! My weight loss set off bells and whistles. Not really but when they entered the weight it did signal a big weight loss! Yay! Still have not shrunk in height. Yay, again! All is well and good. Also going to go without a certain cholesterol med and see how I do. Fell in that fern doughnut hole with the insurance.

Do not return for 6 months! Yay,, a third time!

Attacking my patio for it's annual clean up in the morning. Jack bought me a small pressure washer for the job! Getting up early to do the job. Presently 97. It was 80 this morning and that sounds a whole lot better than the afternoon temp!

Laurel got a message from Joey this morning. Still visiting the Galopilis Islands. They swam with sea lions! He said whiskers, flippers and tails brushed against him. Wow! Can hardly wait to hear his stories.

We will be planning our Sept/Oct. trip soon. Will be working on the dates. We are planning on a stop in WV and hoping to see those who can get together for a meal. Oh, I hope you can!

Lolly said…
Lol. Dern not fern!
Janet Neely said…
good Monday to one and all. my only day off til sunday; have to make hay while the sun shines......ha ha. its raining today.

tom and I spent the morning running hither and yon.....he had a few errands and I tagged along. I have to admit, at the end of 3 hours I was antsy and ready to be home.

STRONGHUNTER: many people identify with animal totems/animal medicine. HODA is completely right.....but shaman and other folks identify as well. it is fascinating. Eagle medicine is strong....

I have been getting the house together today, doing laundry and all that fun sort of stuff. I have been working on some projects.....I have some items that I have copper wrapped to my walking stick. I have another small project that I am finishing up and I have a painting to begin for someone. I finished the mermaid for the bathroom.

won't have to water tonight. plenty of rain today.

hope everyone is happy and well. light and love to all

NCSuzan said…
CarolAnne, Happy Birthday! Hoping you have a cake filled day!
JudyE said…
Good morning eagle buds

I do believe CA bday is Wed

Where is everyone?

Jordyn is here with me today . Seems to be coming down with something no camp today.

Cleaned gutters yesterday need to do carport next just wanted the last remaining pine cones to drop but they seem to hold on

Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

I'm chiming in to wish CarolAnne a happy, fun filled day, no matter which day is IT!
You might as well take a couple of days to celebrate, dear friend.♥

LOLLY, are those the Galapagos islands you're referring to? You know, where the turtles are? Or is there another island(s)---if so, which body of water is it in---the Gulf of Mexico or the Pacific. Glad Joey is having such an interesting time!

JUDY, enjoy Jordyn today!

Good news for Bluefield, WV residents! Two men who were camping and presumed to be dead turned up at home in Bluefield after abandoning camp and hitching a ride with someone on the way out of a danger zone. Glad our Southern Delegation is Aok.

Mega prayers for our dear JO and TORI as well as anyone in need of a blessing.

Lolly said…
Good morning! Up early, it was 74, and after having my coffee got out, emptied the patio of furniture, etc, scrubbed , dried, and then sealed the tile. Jack scrubbed the furniture. Now, waiting for all to dry and will move everything back on the patio. Looking good.

Yes, Kay, the Gal谩pagos Islands. Looked back to see what I typed or auto corrected. Lol

He went with a group of high school kids. They did a service project in a village in the Mnts of Ecuador. Then they went to the Gal谩pagos Islands. He will be home tomorrow. Can hardly wait to hear all about it.

More projects today but inside! I have a luncheon here in a week and two days after that a brunch.
Sandi said…
Good afternoon my eagle friends. It has been a gray day here in Bethany Beach. The rain recently stopped and the sun is trying - unsuccessfully - to peek out.

Happy birthday CarolAnne! I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Jo, I hope today is a good day for you
Lynne2 said…
Well Lolly, that fern doughnut hole is no place to be falling into. But glad all went well at the Dr!! Sure will be interesting to hear of Joey's adventures!

Kay that sure was a miracle story about those 2 campers!

Judy, hope Jordyn isn't really coming down with something. Summer sickness is the worst.

Well CarolAnne....hope you have a great birthday, day before birthday, day after birthday and all other days, too!
Lynne2 said…
10 dead, 20 wounded in suicide attack on Istanbul airport. OMG.

Lynne2 said…
We are enjoying our last day of being alone in the MIL will return home tomorrow but thankfully it looks like my FIL will be staying away for at least another week. WOO HOOOO!
stronghunter said…
Good afternoon,

Thinking of Jo and Tori.
Prayers for those in the WV floods.

Thanks for the explanation, Hoda.

Very tragic news about the attack in Turkey.

stronghunter said…
Hi Lolly,

My medicines put me into the doughnut hole in March. Paid a deductible in January, then got into the doughnut hole.
grannyblt said…
Good morning all.

I have been checking the far away view of the nest from time to time. Has anyone seen any eagle action from afar?
Lolly said…
Good morning! We had a thunder storm pop up yesterday and enjoyed sitting on a clean patio and watching an inch of rain come down! Had mixed feelings about the rain. Some parts of the yard needed it while other parts still muddy.

We got a lot accomplished yesterday. Besides cleaning the patio we ripped out some shrubs. Beautiful shrubs when healthy but were looking awful. Too much rain, then sun did them in!

Today we are jumping into more landscaping repair. Mud slide had buried rocks on a path this spring. Jack is digging them out, raising the path, washing the rocks and putting them back. He is out working now and I am about to join him. We are on a roll! Lol

Joey texted Laurel yesterday that his plane arrives at 5 Something AM. She set her alarm for 4. He texted her at 3:30 AM that it was Thursday, not today. Thank goodness she saw the text. She was already threatening his life! That would have done it! Lol

Have a great day. I am heading out!
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

LYNNE1, what far away view of the nest do you get? Both the OC live cam and the still are down for an unknown period of time. Is there something else available?

LOLLY, Laurel threatening Joey's life? Do tell. Sounds like this trip was an admirable thing to do.

JO and TORI, I'm praying mightily for each of you! And, I'm also praying for all Momsters, Dadsters, Kidsters and Petsters in need!

Penny and I are enjoying a cool down with low humidity and clear skies! Wishing the same for all of you!

JudyE said…
Good afternoon eagle buds

LYNNE1 NO I haven't seen any action in the STILL. CAM its not !like the tree view we had before to far to see anything they need to zoom in more
JudyE said…
♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday Dear CAROL ANNE ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you!! ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ And many, many, many more!!
***Sending birthday wishes your way***
JudyE said…
Have to meet Angie at Plato school at 445 with the 12 loads of school uniforms I washed for the school uniform sale tomorrow. Set up the tables. I also will be going to be there tomorrow to sell them. Then in the evening we will be going to a 4th celebration at Jordyn camp swimming and cook out. Last year was fun I love it that the do this.
JudyE said…
KAY still can is up with distance tree view so similar to a couple of years ago
JudyE said…
Still cam not can auto correct
CarolAnne said…
Thanking everyone for the birthday wishes. Missing nest watching and regular blog time. Prayers for all, with extras for those most in need. Wishing a wonderful summer to all.
Hoda said…
One of the founding members of the Dragon Boat Club and a 20 years breast cancer survivor, is now in dying of lung cancer.
Her family asked her what her final wishes were. She wants to go on the Dragon across the lake one more time. So we gather a team and the hospital gave her permission, the paramedics will bring her to the beach and we will paddle her across the lake.
We will beach the dragon in her honour.
We will form her victory arch.
Her family will come out with her. Husband, daughters and Grand kids.
So in less than an hour all this will happen.
Blessed Be!


Please God make sure we don't kill her in the process!!!

Asking for prayers for Mieke and the dragon team who is taking her out for one final ride!
Give us strength!

I will check in when we all deliver her back to the ambulance.

God Help Us!

Lynne2 said…
That's beautiful Hoda. Prayers that all goes well. Will check back for your update.
JudyE said…
HODA what a wonderful beautiful gesture the dragon team is doing for her to honor her last wish. I hope her transition to a new chapter in her life

Hoda said…
Thank you Ladies.
We made it back.
She insisted on walking to the boat, a few steps, but not carried. She had her oxygen tank, her daughter a nurse was close to her. Yet Mieka would not hear of us saying she did not need a paddle. We gave her one and she dipped it in the lake a few times. She thought enough of a slow careful start. Insisted on four race starts and was thrilled.
She got off the beached dragon with the help of a few. She went to a motorized wheel chair and the arch. The ambulance was there to pick her up at the top of the driveway. She waved to us. She cried and said thank you. We cried and told her thank you.
And so it is and it is like that...Mieke a Dragon to the very end!
Thank God we did not kill her.
The ambulance attendants seemed reassured with her vitals.
Thank you God.

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