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New thread.


WVJerry said…
Thanks for New Thread.
WVJerry said…
Good morning Sandi. I can't get Live Cam to wort so no nest report. It did storm here earlier and calls for more. Maybe that affected Cam this morning. Enjoy the day and take care all.
WVJerry said…
Cam working fine for me now. One on stump and other in nest.
Sandi said…
Thanks Steve for a new thread and thanks Jerry for the call over.

Just checkin' the email comments box.

Raining here.
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all ♥
Thanks for the fresh new thread, Steve.
Hope your morning is great Jerry and your feather is put to good use!
Barbara said…
I would love to see the kids fly in and fly out so we can be reassured that they are doing so on purpose! I see only one home now, apparently eating something in the middle of the nest. When they have their big feetsies on it, it's hard to tell what it is!!!
Kay said…
Good Afternoon Eagle Buds!!!

Thanks for all the nest reports. I can't get the cam to come up right now, but like the assurances you morning reporters have given me!

Big thanks to STEVE for the new thread and congrats to JERRY on receiving a feather!

Getting set for more thunder storms--a repeat of yesterday. Hope you're all getting rain if you need it and Not if you don't!

Prayers for all in need!!!

Kay said…
Back briefly as just changed avatar. This dog could be Penny's twin and daisies are my favorite flower. Only thing wrong with the picture is that Penny would never cuddle with a cat!
JudyE said…
Good aftrnoon eagle buds

Angie MIL goes every 6 months for a scan on her thyroids with all the radation she had in the past for cancer they are keeping a eye on her Well this scan shows a huge mass that was not there 6 months ago
She just started back to work after getting Rick her husband on the track with his fight at Moffit cancer center he has a long road of experimental treatment ahead of him still and now she has her own cancer to deal with
I am mentioning this as they sure could use a little help with this

not on the lap top or tablet much any longer cause I have discovered it is making my neck hurt more than normally
Looks like I do need to buy a new tower because of it wasn't going to was going to try to get use to not having it.
JudyE said…
had a nice day with Jordyn at the pool yesterday
she ran into a school girlfriend which always makes it nice

tour just came and went buffering issue all day hope with the 18th work on cam it will fix it I do depend on the still more that the live feed Thank gooodness we have it

JudyE said…
only 249.00 for a processor for my desktop being don't need a keyboard or monitor figured i would just buy it plus I get 10% discount at wmt
just not looking forward to learn a new system Windows10
I love my Vista all about it the picture download and edit compared to others Angie has W7 and I didn't like it at all

JudyE said…



Janet Neely said…
quick p.m. check in. what a week. Jaimie had has surgery Monday and he came thru fine. they were hoping to send him home tomorrow, but now looks as if it might be sat/sun. watching him try to just breathe last night was painful. they have reduced his pain meds and want him up and walking....and mentally I understand why, but just knowing the trauma to his body.....I can't imagine.

they allow both parents to stay in the room with him, which is awesome. I can't imagine one person being able to handle this alone...but I know people do.

it is difficult to walk thru those halls.....most of the patients are infants and small children....

and its been hot hot hot hot. we've had some rain. a thunderstorm came thru yesterday afternoon and a large branch broke off and landed on our barn roof, it also took down some power lines.

woke feeling awful this morning, think I just have over done it.....I slept most of the day away and am still feeling tired and puny.

just taking today to recoup.

we are supposed to go to Gatlinburg sunday....I have to pack the rv yet. Chelsea's birthday is Saturday and i'm supposed to watch the grandkids sat night.

maybe today off is what I needed.

not sure.

hope everyone is well. hugs and love to all. THANKS STEVE FOR THE NEW THREAD AND CONGRATS TO JERRY FOR THE FIND!
JudyE said…
Live and still feed aren't workin . Still stuck at 440
Sandi said…
Judy, the cams aren't working for me either. Martinsburg, WV weather has reported a tornado.
JudyE said…
Google Share
Public Alerts

Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Jefferson Co, West Virginia
Active for next 4 minutes · National Weather Service
This alert has been updated.
Posted 5 minutes ago
A Severe Thunderstorm Warning remains in effect until 5:15 PM EDT For South Central Washington and Central Jefferson counties. At 5:06 PM EDT, a severe thunderstorm was located over Harpers Ferry. Or near Charles Town, moving Southeast at 25 mph.

This is a very dangerous storm.

Hazard, 80 mph wind gusts and ping pong ball size hail.

Source, radar indicated.

Impact: expect considerable damage to trees and power lines. You life is at significant risk if outdoors. In addition to some trees falling into homes, wind damage is possible to roofs, sheds, open garages, and Mobile Homes.

Locations impacted include: Charles Town, Shepherdstown, Ranson, Harpers Ferry. Kearneysville, Corporation of Ranson, Bolivar. Shenandoah Junction, Halltown, Pleasantville, Millville. Bakerton and Moler Crossroads.

Tornado, possible hail, 1.50IN Wind, 80mph.
JudyE said…
I wonder if the cams being out is due to the weather
Sandi said…
Judy, I am certain the cam outages are due to the weather. Let's just hope any damage to the camera feed is fixable, the tree stays standing, and the nest stays in it!
Sandi said…
And our eagle family stays safe!

I hope that Wanda, Margy, Jerry, Carolyn and Christy also stay safe, since they all live in the area of the severe weather.
stronghunter said…
Saw a picture of a tornado in Martinsburg. We had quite a storm here. Hunter and I took all of the critters to the basement. Another storm is brewing.

Hoda said…
Came here looking for news on Steve. On FB he said he was in a Tornado Shelter.
God keep him safe.
Hoda said…
Thinking of Megan too.
Any one hear anything about her too?
Hoda said…
Steve posted golf ball size hail. Picture did not tell me if it is at the shelter or his house.
Hoda said…
Virginia and West Virginia folks apparently tornado caused major accident on highway.
Wished everyone would just check in!!! I hope you are all safe.
Lolly said…
We are here at Hill Country RV. Sat out all evening visiting. More fun!

Nite all!
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Checking in here and trying to find out how everyone is.

Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. No live feed or still cam this morning. I hope the fix is as simple as a reset when the IT crew gets in to NCTC this morning. Sounds like the storms were terrible in that area - lightning, hail, rain, wind.

No storms here but some showers during the night and it's raining right now - supposed to clear up this afternoon. I guess I'll do some yoga since tennis will be canceled.

Jo, I hope today is a good day for you.

Lolly, enjoy your family time.

Have a greyt day all.
smokefancj said…
Would love to hear that everyone is ok!
WVJerry said…
Good morning. Looks like Cam is down - at least for my phone. No storm damage at our part of Martinsburg. It took me almost two hours to get home from work last night. I was stuck on Rt. 11 South coming home. It took me about an hour to go three miles. Finally detoured about four miles from Martinsburg. Actually took Scrabble Road that nest is on but didn't travel near nest. I saw that there was a tragic accident at Exit 16 on I-81 South. My friend lives off Rt. 9 and said a tornado was between him and Berkeley Springs. Have a great day and take care all.
Barbara said…
The live feed is buffering a lot but up in my neck of the woods (Maine). I just saw one kid in the nest, and the nest looks undisturbed. Hopefully there was no damage there.
WVJerry said…
I should correct myself The nest is not on Scrabble Road but that road runs in to Shepherd Grade Road. Sorry for any confusion. Also I hope everything is OK at nest site.
Sandi said…
Barbara, the image you are seeing on the cam is not live. This is the same image that folks have been seeing since yesterday afternoon before the storm hit. And the still cam is still stuck at 4:40pm.
PattiO said…
Just thought I'd stop in and send my best wishes to everyone this morning. I hope everyone is safe and well. And I hope the eaglets are safe too. I saw Steve's picture of the hail - as big as his palm! Last evening I didn't even know about this line of storms going through. I'm in NEPA and we only had showers. Be well everyone!
Mema Jo said…
Good Red Friday morning to all ♥

Storms didn't create any havoc here on the MD side of Shepherdstown last evening - some lighting and thunder and rain. My concern was for the Hedgesville WV area and Martinsburg where friends and family live. On TV I saw the whooper sized hailstones
that Middlebug received. I'm wondering how many dings Steve got on his car's roof?? Hope it was under cover. He has picture holding on of the hailstones!

Still cam is definitely frozen to yesterday's date - the live feed is questionable.


stronghunter said…

Nice to see folks checking in.

Welcome, smokefancj.

Had to laugh (though only to myself) at Hunter yesterday when he made sure that he took his Xbox to the basement when the tornado warnings came through. Yes, I would have taken exception to his priorities if I had been concerned that a tornado was bearing down on us at the moment. He did carry Luna down to the basement (after he took the Xbox.) I carried the kitties down. We had wind, rain, and some hail, and I have heard our area got the worst of the storm in this vicinity, but no tornado here--that I know of.

Last day of school for Hunter. I have been told that he has finished his science final. I do hope he did well.

Off to get Hunter from school.
JudyE said…
Good morning eagle buds
Thinking of all those that were in the storms
MARGY hope all is OK with you sure miss you
WANDA was on fb she is OK
JERRY so good to here your OK and no damage
SHIRLEY Last day of school what is on Hunter plate for the summer

PATTIO long time good to see you
WELCOME SMOKEFANCJ what area are you from

smokefancj said…
I used to chat on here a lot, but haven't lately. I grew up in Fairfield and lived in Germantown for a long time. I used to go thru Shepherdstown a lot, and paddled a ton near the RF cam. :) I live in NC now, but miss the area very much.
Kay said…
Good Red Friday Morning Eagle Buds!!!

So happy to hear from JERRY and hoping others in the nest area check in soon.

Nice to "see" SMOKEFANCJ and PATTIO--speak up more often, please!

Will be checking frequently to see what's up as the news comes in.

Prayers for all in need!!!

JudyE said…
Today when I get Jordyn at camp she has decided she wants to stay and swim Cool with me 4-6 then to her house then to visit friends later
Just got back from bank a signature was needed on my SP500
he was blaming someone at bank for misplacing the form until I informed him he never did call me to come in and sign them months ago. I knew I needed to sign something but never got the call. Oops
JudyE said…
Gotta run to Home depot sometime gonna buy a bat house

Mosquito control
I have one neighbor that let's her pool go so I hope this helps
Lori the gal we are going to see moved in a place on a lake and the have them and have no mosquitoes at all and been seeing on news as a way to control
We have 4cases of zekia virus in our county but they were contracted out of country
Talk at ya later must get moving
Sandi said…
Judy, we live adjacent to a wildlife area - very swampy. Many bat houses have been put up in the area. They may help some but ... we still have mosquitoes, and lots of them! Good luck!
Lori said…

I was excited to see an eaglet in the nest but read that the cam is down.
Is it still down?

The second appraisal came through on the new house on Wednesday and it
was $5,000 lower than the first appraisal that they thought was low!
That took $35k off the price! Yeah!
I wasn't sure if they were going to go through with the sale or not,
but found out yesterday they are and we close today at 4.
Can you believe that?!?
It has been crazy and stressful. Walk-through is at 2:30 today
BUT we still don't know how much money we have to have for closing
because of the last minute price change.

We are okay after the storms last night, just a ton of rain here,
but it will be interesting to see how the new house weathered it.
It has a ton of huge trees and two of the storms went right through
there. I'm so happy everyone else is okay. I couldn't check in because
the lightening didn't stop until after midnight here.

Sandi said…
Lori, what wonderful news for you and Kate! You get the house you love for a lot less money - hooray!!! Hope the walk through and settlement go smoothly!!
WVJerry said…
Cam back on got to go.
WVJerry said…
Cancel that...must be same frozen image. Lori good news on house. Hope things go through. Also today is our 33rd anniversary.
Sandi said…
Sharing this from the Eagle Cam Facebook page:
As per Steve Chase: We had a lot of heavy weather yesterday. The picture is of the second line of less heavy storms that hit up and down the northern blue ridge yesterday. Shepherdstown made out pretty well. I watched the cam during the first storms and it could have been way worse. Forty miles south where I live, the weather was violent with tornadoes and up to fist sized hail damaging everything in their path. I am not at NCTC today. The cam is likely down due to preparation for a power outage at NCTC tomorrow to replace some power equipment. I am not aware of any other issues. This will require that the entire NCTC computer system be taken down, including our phone system. I suspect it will be late saturday or sunday before the cam is back on.
Sandi said…
Also posted on the Eagle Cam page:
The juvies were both seen at the nest as per Steve Chase. posted by Debi
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. Hope we get the cam back by tomorrow.

The weather forecast for this area looks beautiful for the next 2 days!

Lori, how did the walk through and settlement go? When is move-in day? You can probably get lots of free help with the bribe of a dip in the pool when they're finished!

Have a greyt day all.
Mema Jo said…
Good Saturday morning to all
Enjoy your day in this beautiful weather!

JudyE said…
Good morning eagle buds
Nice cold front coming our way milder temps and lowers dewpoint and humidity

Had a late night last nite got home 130 or so
Tonight it Special Olympics Fund raiser Zumba bash
Hope everyone has a good day
Crossing fingers cam is UP in no time
Kay said…
Good Afternoon Eagle Buds!!!

Just checking in to see what the word on our eagle family and their nest is. So happy to see STEVE's report. Thanks, SANDI!

LORI, very happy for you gals! Keep us posted as events unfold.

Hot n' muggy here today as summer is trying to establish a foothold. Hope your weather is a little less hot and a lot less muggy and that you all have a grand and glorious weekend!

Prayers for all in need!!!

JudyE said…
Steve is keeping Deb eagle 101 page posted this is the update
37 min ago on fb
""The power maintenance is complete at NCTC, but we are not able to communicate with the cam this afternoon. Rob has been onsite troubleshooting, but it may take until Monday to get this worked out. Stay tuned.""
Lori said…

Hope those eaglets are still hanging out when the cam is back up.

Finally, we closed on the house yesterday and was really happy that they left if really clean and nice. So relieved! We're pretty happy about it. Not sure when we are moving. Kate has a business trip to San Diego. Probably a few weeks.

The last minute negotiating really hit us hard. We took the lower price of the two appraisals, but got no help with the closing costs, so it was a whammy for sure. Amazing how much buying a house has changed in the last 13 years. At least interest rates are low. :)

Janet Neely said…
Good evening all. Busy week. I am on my phone so pls excuse stilted wording.

Jamie goes home from hospital tomorrow! !

Been busy with nancy here, running her to the hospital, missed 2 days of work due to a virus, trying to prep for our trip in the a.m. still awake thinking of things to be done. Gkids spending nite and we are camping out in rv in back yard as not enough space in house for 3 additional bodies!

Glad everyone seems to be safe and well. Terrible storms!

Will check in as I can. Going to be another busy few days....and oh BTW I have now lost 21 lbs!!!!!!!!

Light love and hugs for all
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. Happy Father's Day to all the dads on our blog!

No live or still cam. Read this post in the comments under the live cam:

Rob Ball · Owner-operator at Rob Ball - Computer and Technology Services
I saw a juvenile in the nest driving by today, the nest and cams look ok from the ground
Like · Reply · 12 hrs

So maybe we'll get the cam back tomorrow.

Lori, congrats on the new house. Sounds like a good decision to take the lower price and cover your own closing costs, even though it meant a bigger hit to you and Kate at closing. The other option would have left you with more money in your bank accounts but higher house payments for the life of the mortgage.

Janet, good to hear that your friend's son will be coming home from the hospital and is doing well. Congrats on the weight loss!

We have another beautiful weather day on tap here in Bethany Beach. I think the heat and humidity return tomorrow. For now, windows are open and AC is off.

Have a greyt day all.
Lori said…

21 pounds! Wow, Janet! Congratulations.

I'm down 5 but headed toward Lolly, Wanda and your bigger numbers! Working it!

Thanks for the update from Rob Ball, Sandi! Hope both are there tomorrow. :)

Hope everyone has a peaceful, restorative day.
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Congratulations on the house, Lori. :) Yay for the weight loss.

Thank you Rob Ball!

Happy to read the good news about Jamie, Janet.
stronghunter said…
Hello Jo and Kay. :) Good morning.
stronghunter said…
Thanks for the information, Sandi and Judy.

Congratulations on 33 years, Jerry.

NC is a fine state, smokefancj. I grew up there--near Charlotte and Greensboro mostly. Went to college at East Carolina. I claim the whole state.

Happy trailer travels, Lolly.

Good morning, Hoda. So happy to see you on the blog.
Mema Jo said…
Good Sunday morning to all and especially to all Fathers ♥

It's beautiful weather fror this special day

Prayers for all our needs
Safe travels to all on the roads
Good health to all in need

Congratulations Jerry on your anniversary

Mema Jo said…
Tried to change profile picture
It is a gift from my Eagle Friend, Helen aka MITS
Hope it shows..........
JudyE said…
JO that eagle needs to join LOLLY JANET and LORI in a weight loss club LO . JK
Its really cute.

HAPPY FATHER DAY to all our dadsters on the blog

glo said…
Happy Father's Day to Dadsters. Late Happy Anniversary yo Jerry and his wife. Happy retirement , weightloss, and new home :-) Speed reading trying to catch up. My plate is sort of full these days and some of it is a little heavy so my time online is brief. I tried to load cam page. I guess it has not returned since the storm. Alcoa eaglets blown out of their nest or fell out during storm on Wed last week. That is the one like 15 mins from my home. Day 4 now. Adults trying to lure back I guess. Not sure they are old enough to get back up there though :-( Rough year for many a nest in so many ways. Love the new avatar MeMa Jo.
NatureNut said…
HAPPY Fathers Day to our Dadsters and ALL the Fathers out there!!!! ☺

Jo, Love Mit's eagle!
Sorry I haven't been on here so much, but really busy keeping track of lifelong friend who's husband passed recently and my lady friend I've known since 7th grade. She was another Biology nut, several years older than I was, became a Biology teacher and later ended up marrying OUR Biology teacher! Have kept up with them over the years as ran into her at Park where she brought her high school students on field trips and then worked there part time after retiring. She got BR CA a year after me (15 yrs. ago) and now just fell, broke her femur and Drs. saw CA cells at the bone break. Leg is back together with titanium rod down center, she is home and will finally see Oncology this week. She is a very private person, so I'll just call her "M", as I know a few Momster Prayers ALWAYS help!
Thank you for listening, God Bless All
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. No live or still cam - maybe we'll get them back today.

Heat has returned here. Tennis for me at 8am, then I'm headed to the beach with teacher friends - it's make-up day for the beach day that got rained out last Wednesday.

Jo, I hope today is a good day for you. Prayers continue for strength and healing.

Have a greyt day all.
Sandi said…
Happy anniversary to Lolly & Jack!
JudyE said…





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