Monday, May 09, 2016


Monday thread.  The trees are leafing out nicely, including the nest tree.  All that rain seems to have helped.


Mema Jo said...


Thanks for the fresh new thread Steve

I'll see who is waiting to come over

Mema Jo said...

Today is very special to me
My friend, Lynn's is celebrating her birthday up in Heaven
Miss her so very much xoxoxoxoxo

Sandi said...

Thanks Steve for the new thread and thanks Jo for the call over. Jo, I hope you are feeling well today.

Just checking the box.


JudyE said...





both are in the nest with a big fish

Lolly said...

Good morning! So far we have lucked out. The major storms went north of us! More storms this evening and the tomorrow up to 90. Oh, yuck! So far we have had no AC!

Nice to have a slow morning. We were so busy starting Friday, but what a wonderful three days.😃

Today taking it real slow. Back to walking and maybe a trip to Lowes fora few items. Oh, and the grosssserie store.

Remembering Lynn with a smile. So enjoyed her friendship! Remembering the time she helped me find a new coat after Jack gave mine away. As well as the time she helped Jack and me with family tree research. She was special!

Have a great new week! Yes, I would like peek at Jo's deck! Know it looks great! Enjoy, Jo!

Janet Neely said...

Good Monday morning to one and all. just a quick note to let you know you are alive, just busy. I hope everyone had a lovely mothers day. congrats JO on the next feather...and THANKS TO STEVE for the new thread! later ya'll

grannyblt said...

Good morning eagle watchers. Haven't had much time these last few days to do much of that. I'm home and unpacked from my trip to see family and friends in OK and TX. My trusty car, Jane, clocked over 3400 miles in just over three weeks. If you follow me on Facebook, you've kept up with the adventures. The TX end of the adventure was shorter than planned, and I didn't visit as many folks as I had hoped to. Maybe next time. I did however see an eagle nest in The. Woodlands north of Houston. It was located in a tree next to a parking lot in a business park. The juries were making a lot of noise when a parent brought lunch. I only got a cell phone picture that wasn't great.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day.

I too have fond memories of Lynn Riner. She made me feel very welcome on this board and we shared a few emails. She is missed.

grannyblt said...

Well, lots of typos, but it was really juvies I saw in The Woodlands, not juries.

JudyE said...

someone took the owl attack from the Ft Meyers nest and slowed it down to see better

Owl attack E8 not been seen since middle of night

Hoda said...

Thank you Steve and Jo.
Thinking of Lynn and her awesomeness.
Lived a very good life.
I celebrate her daughters.

Janet Neely said...

Good evening all.

Thinking of each of you....hoping everyone is well.

It was a very busy weekend. I worked Saturday. I am off for the next 3 Saturdays, but plenty is going on.

We opened the pool this weekend. It is very chilly yet, with a water temp of 75. But a few days of sunshine and that will change.

We are continuing to work on projects. Someone brought us another 10 cat litter boxes, so we can continue with the bamboo project.

Olivia and I took all of the blankets out of the RV and washed them and hung them out to dry. I like to do that and wipe down the inside of the cabinets...just a precaution for spiders. And I like the fresh smell.

I finished painting the bathroom today. The walls, anyway. The ceiling needs a paint job.

I took Olivia shopping for some shorts. We spent most of the day out performing retail therapy, lol. Allergy shot day as well.

Mothers day was quiet, as I hoped. We were busy, Chelsea and crew came over in the a.m. They were heading to the zoo....Tom, Livvy and I were busy just doing this that and the other (as listed above)....I made chicken swarma, spanikoptita, and a big salad for dinner....and Michael spent some time with me in the evening. I could not ask for more and I am thankful.

I will try to pop in more this week...things are just busy. Next week is my annual trip to PUF and so I have to get the RV together. And I am still painting on the inside of the house. We have rain in the forecast, so that helps. I want to paint the doors on the inside and then maybe start on the outside.

My friend from work is set to have a baby in the next 3 to 4 weeks. She finally had to take a leave of absence from work a couple of weeks ago. I am going to visit her tomorrow because she is missing us...and I will take my table and give her a massage... :) <3

I hope everyone has a lovely evening. Hugs, light, and love to all.

Lori said...

Remembering Lynn / Hedgie today too. She was wonderful and I'm pretty sure she still checks in here and smiles on us. :) ♥

Jo, not only are you getting better you're collecting feathers! How are you feeling?

Kate and I will be moving soon. We found a house we like in Manassas and the owners have accepted the offer. Inspection is Thursday. It has an in ground pool and great planters for lots of gardening. Janet, your comment about opening your pool reminded me to tell everyone here the news of our new house. Well, we will know more after the inspection.

Glad you got home safely Lynne1 ... I love that you took that trip! Good for you!

Read on Fb that Bev's dog Hollie crossed the Rainbow Bridge. :(

Goodnight all. Sweet dreams tonight and a smile for your face in the morning. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Lolly said...

Getting on to say good night. Has been a laid back kind of day. Plan to work outside tomorrow. We have lucked out and the storms missed us. Poor Oklahoma got the storms.

Missing so many that are not posting. Just wish everyone would just pop in occasionally to say Hi!

Enjoyed watching the eaglets while walking today. Saw a minnow brought in, not a whale! Also watched wingersizing.

Night all! SED!

WVJerry said...

Good morning. I see Shamrock and Clover sleeping. Lori - congrats on the new house. Have a great day everyone. Maybe it won't rain today.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. Both kids laying down side by side in the nest. No parent in view.

I cannot believe this weather. Mother's Day was beautiful - the first dry, sunny day in 10 days. Yesterday started sunny, but by 11:30 it was raining again - not hard, and it only lasted a couple of hours, but the sun never came back out. This morning, it's gray and rainy again with rain in the forecast for the whole day!

Lori, I don't know if you read my post on the old thread, but the potting soil you warned me against buying is what Denny bought - he thought the moisture control sounded like a good idea. By the time I read your post, he had already opened the bags and filled all my pots. So, I planted my annuals using it! Yesterday when I got home from school, I moved all of my pots - that I had set all around the yard - up onto the covered front porch so the soil wouldn't get too saturated and waterlog the flowers. Nothing I can do now except hope I won't be one of those unfortunate "bad review" folks. I went online and read the reviews and even sent an email to Miracle Gro customer service asking if they have changed the formula to correct the problems people were reporting.

Also Lori, congratulations on the new house for you and Kate! How exciting! I hope the home inspection doesn't uncover any major problems.

Jo, I hope you are feeling better today than yesterday. Prayers continue for you.

My hummingbirds sure are plentiful this year! I never recall them completely emptying all 3 feeders in just 3 days this early in the season. And they're already fighting with one another over who gets which feeder. Once there are babies to be fed, I guess I'll be filling the feeders every day - normally it's every other day.

Today is PT - really not looking forward to it this morning. On Sunday I didn't do my "home exercises" because I was too tired from digging in the dirt and moving pots all afternoon. Yesterday, my arm and back muscles were sore from all of the digging in the dirt and moving pots, so it was painful to do the exercises. I think this morning I will take 2 Advil before I go.

Crate training with the 2 little dogs continues to go well. Still only the one poop accident in the house since last Tuesday evening. I really hope this will be a temporary thing for Bella and Jenni, not their new normal for the rest of their lives. I'm going to give it a full 30 days in the crates before I start letting them have the run of the sunroom again. Fingers crossed.

Have agreyt day all.

Mema Jo said...

Good Tuesday morning to all - another wet one - not a cozy day at our nest.
No plans
good to see all of you


Janet Neely said...

good morning to all.

I had not read the bad review on the miracle grow moisture control....good to know. I had considered buying it. many thanks.

rainy day here. going to do a bit of cleaning and head out to see my friend in a bit.

I wish everyone a wonderful day!

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

I agree with JO, good to see all of you who've posted today!

Our eaglets are so cute, sitting up and surveying the scene, now greeting Shep. One of the kids decided to try chewing on Dad's foot. Shep shook it off a time or two, then made his get away! A strange little interaction.

LORI, hope the house is perfect for you and Kate!

SANDI, glad the crate training is going well!

LYNNE1, happy to hear you're safely home and now can enjoy memories of a very good time with your family!

Wishing you well and praying for those in need!!!


JudyE said...

Good Tuesday Morning Eagle buds

LOVE hearing the singing very vocal birds at the nest this am

Lolly said...

Good morning! Storms still missing Us! Beautiful sunshine and presently 76 and heading up. Going to work in the yard.

I am now down 26 pounds and basically just maintaining. Trying to keep active and eating lots of veggies. Staying away from desserts, bread and potatoes. Laurel is running on her treadmill and watching her consumption and is down 15 pounds. Happy I have influenced her without saying a thing!

Have a great day. Do not have the cam up yet but will while I walk!

JudyE said...

both adults have been in and out of the nest like yo yo

Sandi said...

Home from PT.

Both parents currently in the nest. Love seeing fly-ins.

Not raining right now, so I think I'll get some yard work done.


JudyE said...

Raining at the nest One is wingersizing in the rain

Lolly said...

Well, it has happened......we turned on the AC! Presently 92 and humid. Yuck! I am NOT ready for this! Through in the yard for today!

Mema Jo said...

Good evening - I have been trying to determine an round about date of first fledge
11 weeks is the usual time frame - therefore the end of May or the first week of June
we need to see lots more wingersizing and branching
BUT only a few weeks away
It has been a good season

Have a pleasant evening and a Good night xoxoxoxoxo

glo said...

Hello everyone. Busy times continue for me. You know I always have more than one project going. I like it that way :-). All is well at my home. Zoey is maintaining. Patches hasn't had a seizure that I am aware of anyway for 10 days. My son will be visiting next week for a couple of days. He will be bringing his small dog. That means Patches will have 2 new friends coming to visit a few days this month and Zoey and Gabby will also have 2 new ummm hmmm "friends" coming to visit. Percy the therapy dog will do very well with the cats. Taco the little one who is my son's thinks cats are for playing. My cats will not think that so I will let them have the basement the 2 days Taco is here or we will pen Taco off for a couple of hours and let them come upstairs if they want to. It's all good. They have everything we need in the basement. I do not allow myself to get real attached to any of the eaglets anymore. I just can not do it. Over the years though I become even more amazed at how well they have come back from the brink. There's is not an easy life at all.

Lolly said...

Storms headed towards us this evening, got really dark then split! Storms went south of us and north of us. Not a drop of rain here!

Yes, Jo, it has been a good year with the Eagles. No serious problems! Yea!

Nite all! SED,

stronghunter said...


Jo, I was surprised and pleased to see the little nurse troll as your avatar. My friend Jeanne gave mine to me over 20 years ago when I was in the hospital after my mastectomy. She sits on my dresser now. I wonder if Jeanne remembers giving her to me. I'll have to ask.

That hair is something else.

I've had lots of fun the past few days...went to a movie on Saturday with Kathryn. We saw "Mother's Day." It was interesting mind candy. On Sunday, Kathryn and I met Susan at a nearby winery for lunch. Then, Susan came down to Fredericksburg for a visit. She's planning to visit Ireland later on this month, so I dug through my purse and gave her my leftover euro coins. It is convenient to have a few coins over there. After Susan left, Rus, Will, and Stephanie came for a visit.

I took advantage of the wet ground to pull up a few weeds this afternoon. Most of them came up very easily. I do still have lots to do in the yard.

Interesting how the cats interact with different dogs, Glo. Will and Stephanie brought their new doggie, Nugget. Cheeto thought he was okay at first until he kept bugging him, then Cheeto ran, which was a big mistake. A fleeing cat does excite a dog. Allie hissed and carried on until we put her in a separate room.

Trying to wind down so I can sleep. I think I heard thunder awhile ago. Guess that means more rain. I do hope we do not have any of those tornadoes I've been seeing on the news, and I hope everyone else is avoiding them as well. We did see some impressive videos on the news tonight.

WVJerry said...

Good morning. I see Shamrock and Clover in nest alone. Not much to report otherwise. Have a great day everyone.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. Back to school for me today.

The rain stayed away in the afternoon, though it was cloudy and cool. Some showers are in the forecast for this morning as well and still cool. We still have the heat on and many nights, we turn on the gas fireplace.

Have a greyt day all.

Mema Jo said...

Good morning to all - I'm hoping it isn't another sunless day
Our nest is wet and the eaglets sure are growing

Hoping all is well with everyone - take care and have a good day


Lori said...

Good morning eagle friends!!!

All this rain and no sun for so long. Surely the eaglets have mildewed by now. ;)

Sandi, I ordered a big bag of styrofoam packing peanuts to put in the bottom of the pots since we will be moving. It will make them much lighter than using rocks for the pot drainage on the bottom below the dirt. I've got 2 new clematis and a honeysuckle on the way and hope to have them a long time. I've missed my gardens in Frederick - especially that they were all poison vine free. I was cleaning up here last week and pulled some vines that look exactly like Virginia Creeper, but now I have little itchy bumps on both arms like poison ivy. Grrrr.

Good job on the weeding, Shirley. I always try to delay doing it until after a rain too. Which winery did you go to? We have a Bulldog Rescue event this Saturday at Breaux Winery in Purcellville. It's their annual Dog Day and they let rescues have a booth space for free.

So excited about moving - well, you know what I mean. lol. Excited to get into the new house but NOT about packing and unpacking.

I also thought about you Sandi when Kate came home last night and said one of her employees in her new position (a man who runs marathons) is in Greyhound rescue and flying to Las Vegas soon to bring some back here.

Thanks for the fledge dates JO and hope you're feeling better every day.


Lori said...

That should be bring some Greyhounds back here. :)

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Shamrock and Clover are at the stage when their parents are happy to leave the nest to them most of the time. I'm sure at least one adult is sitting close by and keeping a close eye on their younguns'.

Happy to see the nest looking fairly dry. We've had rain all night and up to this minute. It may work it's way toward them, I'm afraid.

JO, so glad you're up to a bit of posting each day. Healing takes place in such itsy bitsy increments, it's really hard to remain the patient Patient, I know!

SHIRLEY, Julie, Hugh and Seth will be in Ireland from the 13th through the 23rd. Susan may overlap with them somewhere along the way, but we'll never know.☺

Time for me to spruce up the house and justify my existence!

Prayers for all in need!!!


Hoda said...

Great News!
The fire season in Canada does not start till tomorrow!!!
Seriously the National Radio station CBC just announced!!!
K then!
Beam me up Scotty! P L E A S E.

Kay I might have to tidy up my house then!!?? Ha!

All good here.
Spending the day at the Library Conference today. So much going on! Changes and budget cuts.

Always happy to hear from Jo. Looks and sounds stronger.

Make it a good day!

Lolly said...

Good morning! Just took some Advil and feeling better. Something in the air is really getting to me, drainage, raw throat, and achy. Oh, and a clear my throat cough. Not fun! Hit me fast last night. Going to take it easy today.

House is still closed up. Knew we had wind last night though the storms missed us. Was surprised this morning at the amount of branches on the ground. Clean up time and Jack will have the job without me. More storms possible tonight.

Love seeing Jo's posts! Love you , Jo, and keeping you in prayer for your get up and go to return!!❤️

Jack has gone out to work. I am going to stir a little and see how I feel.

Have a great day!

Hoda said...

No I do not!
Tidy up that is!
Kay said "spruce up" not tidy up!!!
Off the hook again!
I will bring in a branch to my flat!
That should do it!
Kay wannabe here!!!

Lolly said...

Lol, Hoda! Going to attempt to tidy up here! Went out for a while with Jack. That was a no no! Came in and took a nap. Going to try moving around inside . Hate feeling this way!!

Lolly said...

It has been a long day without much being accomplished. Guess that comes with not feeling so great. Heading to a steamy shower and maybe that will help me feel better.

Storms out there. Could be headed our way.

Night all! SED

stronghunter said...

I don't remember the exact dates Susan will be in Ireland, Kay. Susan usually shares her itinerary at some point before a trip. It is interesting to think they might cross paths.

Hope you are feeling better soon, Lolly.

Goodness me, Hoda. You just keep going and going.

I honestly do not remember the name of the winery, Lori. It is in Widewater in Stafford County north of here. We went down a winding, narrow country road to get there.

Brain is tired. I will see you all tomorrow. SED.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. Two eaglets in the nest waiting patiently for breakfast. No parent in view.

Jo, it's so good to see you posting on the blog more regularly. I hope you're feeling well.

Lori, styrofoam peanuts in the bottoms of pots - very clever! Wish you had shared that great idea before I did all my pot planting. My annuals are looking good - spreading out and getting taller already after being removed from all the little pots and 6-pack containers. So far so good with the Miracle Gro Moisture Control soil. Clematis - on my list of "to buy" plants - they're so beautiful!

Judy, are you car shopping?

Lolly, hope you are feeling better today.

We had more rain, and even a thunderstorm yesterday. Janey was not happy with the thunder and did some trembling but didn't freak out or turn into a statue. The little dogs didn't react at all.

Had the first setback with crate training yesterday. Bella peed in her crate, despite being taken out every 4 hours. So Jenni is on day 9 today but Bella is back to day 1. I've also moved Bella to the smaller crate. I had put her in the larger one so she would have a little room to push a ball around inside the crate and be able to play a little. Now, she's in a crate that is just the size of her bed. Tough love.

PT for me from 8-9, traffic committee meeting from 10-1 (newly formed town to address the speed and increased volume of traffic through our community as new housing developments have been built just to the west), microdermabrasion at 1:30.

Have a greyt day all.

Sandi said...

Parent in with breakfast. Quickly claimed by one of the kids but then snatched back by the parent who is taking charge of the food distribution.

WVJerry said...

Good morning Sandi. I see Shamrock and Clover together in nest now. Not raining but sure looks like it could. Good morning Jo. Hope you keep getting better. Take care all.

Lolly said...

New thread!

New thread!

Come on over. Staying here a sec to Read!