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New thread.  Hatch today, I'll bet.


Barbara said…
So how will we know if there is a hatch with the extreme amount of insulation being provided by our parents? Have we seen anything that looks like feeding?
Judie said…
Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Thank you Steve for the fresh thread.

DC eagles have a pip.

Our nest quiet.
WVJerry said…
Thanks for New Thread and Judie for call over. C
WVJerry said…
Belle up and calling. Maybe for food delivery?
JudyE said…
I think food got delivered with all the squealing

WVJerry said…
Almost positive I saw a chick.
JudyE said…
grannyblt said…
I did see a brief movement with fuzz on left side
WVJerry said…
In my excitement I should have only reported seeing the movement too.
WVJerry said…
Well. I could see a fish and hear what sounded like fish being torn apart. But not much else. Looks like maybe Shep back in nest now.
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
♪♫♪♫♪Anticipation, anticipation
Is makin' me late
Is keepin' me waitin'♪♫♪♫♪
WVJerry said…
Can hear voices on CXam I believe too.
JudyE said…
I did get a little video I am uploading to fb
WVJerry said…
Good morning Sharon. Glad you are hear now.
NatureNut said…
Happy St. Patrick's Day to all our Irish friends!
We've got too much flugg in the front to see anything. Belle (I think) got up and couldn't see anything in well. We need Nu to climb up there with a camera!
Gotta shuffle off to Chelsea today~~~have a class tomorrow!
See you soon & try to finish pictures but looking for Eggberts is the most exciting!!!

JudyE said…
video is on fb about 50 mark you can see little grey fluff
JudyE said…
I wonder if the chick is fully emerged from the egg yet is why no feeding yet
JudyE said…
if you watch the video it is about the 50 mark right above the flugg line to the left middle you can see gray fluff
WVJerry said…
Thanks Judy. I got to get ready for work. I'll try to check in as time permits. Have a great day.
Judie said…
Congratulations to Belle and Shep. Steve has confirmed a hatch. Welcome little Shamrock!
Sandi said…
Hi all - just watched the video done by Terri at 9:33 where you can see movement in the grass. There was a parent switch when I posted above but, when Shep arrived, he had a fish in his talons! I didn't see any sign of the chick during the switch but we know s/he is there! Congratulations to Belle and Shep!
Sandi said…
Forgive my manners - thanks Steve for the new thread and thanks Judie for the call over.

My diagnosis - torn tricep. Doctor gave me a script for physical therapy. No sense starting next week b/c then we'll be gone for a week to Mexico. But I think 2X a week for 8 weeks sounds just about right, don't you? So now I have my legitimate excuse for taking 2 days off per week through April and May. Will be sending the script to my principal and assistant principal so they have it on file and can't challenge my absences.

Off to take Janey for a hike to see if the ospreys have returned to the area - clouds rolling in this afternoon so we'll head there early.
WVJerry said…
Thanks Judie and Sandi. Congrats to Belle and Shep as well.
JudyE said…
today is the 35th day for #2
JudyE said…
eagle up walked to the fish in the corner and then to the other side of the cup must be more fish over there
Lolly said…
Good morning! I guess seeing is believing and I have not seen a bobblehead yet. Need to go see videos. Lol

Skippi is happy. She has been purring a lot this morning. Think she is happy to have things back to normal.

Ok, just saw (through the straw) movement. Yay! A little Shamrock for sure!
Lolly said…
Forgot.....Happy Saint Patrick's Day!☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘
Mema Jo said…
Good St Patty's Day morning to all ♥

Just returned from PET scan - everything went well - won't know results until next Tues

Lolly said…
I looked at the videos but did not see anything, BUT I did see a bobble head live!! Yes, we have little Shamrock!
Carol_in_WV said…
I just saw an eaglet head!!!!!
JudyE said…
a saw the little head and got sdnip
Carol_in_WV said…
Eagle in the DC nest keeps looking down like something might be happening.
Mema Jo said…
Steven Chase · Works at U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Getting confirmation of a hatch, just after 8:30 or so.
lots of grass making it hard to see. It will get better...
JudyE said…
pic on the EM page also as well as FB
JudyE said…
ok gonna head out for a bit hold the fort down
JudyE said…
yahoo page also has the pic for non FBers not a good pic only part of a head and sort of a eye
Mema Jo said…
Thanks Judy - Enjoy your day out - I guess I missed it but do you have your truck ?

Sandi - excited about your week visit in Mexico! When you come home is soon enough for your rehab - Frejya may weigh too much to hold with your torn tricep - ya think -lol

Just noticed that the cam has been pulled back - not sure for how long but will
try to find out the schedule
NCSuzan said…
Poor little guy bobbin' in the nest! Can't wait to see that sweet face and big eyes!

Happy St. Paddy's Day everyone.
Barbara said…
Somebody has prepared for a new mouth to feed... I can see two ginormous fish, one to the right of the cup and one over the left side of it. Parent is also restive. The cycle of life!
Kay said…
Happy St. Paddy's Day, Eagle Buds!!!

Well, these Irish eyes are smilin'. Happy to welcome our dear little Shamrock! Looks like there is a nice big fish just waiting for some good feeds.

Big smiles over Wanda the Wonder Woman, too! She'll be dancin' the light fantastic before we know it!

SANDI, glad you went to the Doc and very glad he prescribed the therapy. It's wonderful to know your Spring Vacation will be celebrated in Mexico with that precious little Freyja!

JO, I'm glad to see the cam pulled back a tad---was not going to complain at all---I'm just thrilled to have what we now have---but this is a good view. Cam tour due in less than half an hour.

Thanks to STEVE and all the crew who do so much to keep us happy as we watch Belle, Shep and their hatchlings!

Looks like I need to back track to see what JUDIE and SHIRLEY are up to today. Enjoyed reading about those of you posting on this new thread!

Prayers for TORI, ROBYN and all in need!!!

Mema Jo said…
After tour the cam is in wide range view
Did send email requesting the schedule of the zoom - no reply yet

Mema Jo said…
Barbara the fish off to the left is as you said - ginormous - LOL
Mema Jo said…
The zoom is in a little ways - looks good to me - I think that is Shep incubating #2
egg and keeping the little one warm - really windy again
Mema Jo said…

Sprinkles of rain here in the valley
Probably headed to WV
NCSuzan said…
The view reminds me of the lullaby....

Rock a bye baby,
In the tree tops,
When the wind blows,
The cradle (nest) will rock!

Definitely have some rockin' going on!
Mema Jo said…




NCSuzan said…
Yes Jo! Was going to fix some lunch but wanted to see what happens!
NCSuzan said…
Oh no! The cup is almost too deep to feed.
NCSuzan said…
Did I read that right? Or was it just time to warm up the baby again?
Mema Jo said…

Darn I took a chance and looked at DC nest and missed our little one

Anyone get a pic??? YES Judy has it posted on FB Eaglet Momsters
Sandi said…
Woohoo!!! Glad I made it home in time to see that little black beak and those little black eyes! Even with the cam pulled back, the picture quality is so much better with this cam. You could clearly see him/her trying to keep that head upright.

I saw Belle take some bites from that big fish but didn't see anything get fed to the chick.

Jo, you can bet I can hold Freyja all day long in my right arm! It's the left that's injured

Janey and I went for a hike - no ospreys while we were there, but I'm pretty sure that 2 platforms had more sticks on them than they did the last time we were there. Blackwater has seen at least one so ours should be here soon if they're not already here.
Sandi said…
Jo, I was on full screen - getting a photo wasn't as important to me as getting a good look at that little one. Oh, and I love your new Elliot avatar!
JudyE said…
back from doing some running around ran to Joanne to use my 60% coupon off Picked up a metal wreath wring to make a wreath out of pinecones Jordyn and I collected at the park Going to paint the to look like flowers the stem end of the cone seen on FB

funny while I was out I was watching the nest on tab I did loose IE two times PIA

got pic in the YAHOO album as well as FB got about 3 of the little one in the cup
JudyE said…
also sharing my snips with BE101 Deb and on the EagleCam page through PM
Mema Jo said…
This is Report on Wanda so far today from Karla:

Day 2. Mother had a rough night with IV alarm going off and no real sleep. This morning she had a physical therapy and did well. Although she is experiencing some pain and nausea. Hopefully she is sleeping now after getting cleaned up and into her own jammies. I'm about to take her some soup and fried apples from Cracker Barrel
JudyE said…
all is calm I so dislike hearing them in alert mode scary
JudyE said…
maybe a feeding ????
Mema Jo said…


Hi Jo zoom will remain as it is right now except for the tour per Steve. He will decide on a new schedule depending on the second hatch etc. we are playing by ear at the moment.
JudyE said…
Headin out for bit Hope others get snips
all mine are already in the Yahoo album as well as FB

Will be taking electronic with me to peak

Sure wish I knew if there was a feeding looked like from a couple of my snips but while snipping you can't see what is going on under the snip LOL
JudyE said…
wanted to change AVATAR first with a snip of the little one

JO I have not gotten my truck back yet

Ford is beside them selves trying to figure out why all pumps they put in makes noises They told me they would contact me when they figured it out! kid across street said that happened to him with his mustang so he just took powersteering out

so I am happy with free rental
Jewels said…
Good Afternoon!
So after reading back I see we have a Shamrock bobblehead?! That should be its name, Shamrock or Shammy.. LOL awww I am sos excited to see this bobblehead!!
I hope to get to see Momma Wanda before she heads to Front Royal, but its not looking good for me with my schedule. :( makes me so sad. But prayers are with her for sure!!
Howdy all! I vote for Shamrock too. BBL...tending to Michael. He's doing much better
Jewels said…
Its feeding time and it brings smiles to face. Poor lil Bobblehead cant keep its head still. makes me giggle and tear up at the same time, Oh how mom would love to see.
Mema Jo said…

3:33pm Feeding - really good view
Jewels said…
Paula give Michael Momster hugs, glad he is doing better!!!
Mema Jo said…

Feeding 3:33pm Put a pic on my page and will move one over to Eaglet Momsters page
JudyE said…
back home for a bit but have to head out in a bit for Jordyn gym
gonna go play in the yard for a bit till I have to head out

Judie said…
Good late afternoon.

Foraging and recycling accomplished. Missed the feeding but will look in as often as I can. Really want to see the eaglet.

DC pip is now a large hole in the egg. Suspect that eaglet will make its way out within hours.

Carolyn, Wanda understands and knows how much you love her. Sorry Wanda had a bit of a rough time but she's strong and a little discomfort will not keep her down.

Jo, absolutely adore Master Elliot. Great avatar. Glad the PET scan went well. Awaiting next Tuesday's all clear. Thank you for posting an update from Karla.

Sandi, glad you have a diagnosis and a therapy plan. Therapy can wait until you return from Mexico. Maybe a sling would help to keep the arm stabilized?

Sky now has lots of dark clouds and wind is increasing. Feet up for a few minutes before scullery duty.

Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
I absolutely love this camera. Sometimes it just seems too good to be true to see our nest this well.

I have seen little Mr. Shamwow a couple of times. Such precious creatures.
Lynne2 said…
AWWWW I just watched widdle Samrock get some supper!!!
WVJerry said…
Wow. I haven't seen a thing since before 10:00 but reading the Blog I feel I haven't missed a thing. Finally on my short break. Have a great Bobblehead-watching evening.
Lolly said…
Just loved watching the feeding!

I had plans to go shopping today and had a successful trip. We are going on a short trip next month and
I wanted some new clothes for the activities we will be attending.

Sorry Wanda is having a few complications. Saw pictures...ouch!

I guess the heavy traffic on the cam is causing the jerky movement.
NatureNut said…
Just got home and heard there is a new Paddy 2!!!!!!
Gotta check other cams & try to catch a feeding here--maybe will see a chick!

Oh Gosh, prayers for Wanda's recovery.
Lolly said…
Major hail storm this morning in Fort Worth and north. Looked like snow on the ground it was so thick. It killed and injured animals at the zoo. Laurel got some but not damaging like in Fort Worth.
NatureNut said…
Just saw DC parents switch and one egg thay said started hatching Wed., 7:30 PM has a hole in it still!?
stronghunter said…

Shamrock sounds like a great name to me.

I see a couple of fish in the nest, so that means Shep has been busy.

Judy, I just skimmed over the earlier posts, but I am sure you don't want to give up power steering as it seems some guy said he did. Goodness me, I guess you will just keep driving their rental until they get things figured out.

Wind is blowing the nest around and making the eagle feathers stand up.
stronghunter said…
Hope tonight is better for our Wanda.
Mema Jo said…
Another feeding - I guess I am seeing some white shell pieces
What do you all think?
Mema Jo said…

Loretta the DC hatch is taking a bit longer then usual......
JudyE said…
your are 100% right on SHIRLEY will not want to give up power steering He is a young lad and can handle it I am a old lady in a pick up truck LOL I had only mentioned it because I would have never this happening to someone else. I will just keep waiting They have to figure it our sometime one you think! I hope!


Mema Jo said…

Jerry - FB is better recording of the nest happenings!
Lydia Price said…
I just wanted to congrats all! i was up around 3:30 am last night, having trouble sleeping, and looked in on our nest. At that time Belle WAS VERY RESTLESS AND digging into the grasses, etc..kept looking under her. I was convinced then that hatch was underway. And then today, we had "Shamrock". Love it! And wanted to wish you all the best. Love this family! Hugs to all. Lydia
NatureNut said…
Just saw the DC egg. It's pretty much in half & eggbert is moving around in one half. Probably be Paddy 3!
Made a capture, but then 1st Lady sat on everything.
NatureNut said…
I see a piece of egg shell, too, behind Belle.
Hoda said…
Safe travels exciting...I will stop here to get your news and see pictures of your adorable little Princess. Give her a BIG HUG for me...

I have a request for prayers please:
We had an Avalanche here on Monday.
A local man perished in it. He was recovered Tuesday.
It is sad around here. The older ( 37 years ) brother of my dentist. She looks as if she could not be out of high school!!! Their mother almost died of a heart attack a few years ago. She survived and was paralyzed for a while, till she took up yoga!!!
I am worried about her!!! Requesting prayers for The Krazy Canadian's mother...his name was Daniel Joseph, Davidoff. His mom is Pat and his sister, my dentist, is Kelly. Prayers for his soul too please.He had overcome a drug addiction and was clean for five years. We were all very proud of him for facing his demons. He was a father of two and a wonderful husband to an awesome lady...Thank you...
WVJerry said…
Good evening. Home now. Got rid of a nasty headache too. Hoda - sorry about your friend's loss. After I get something to eat I will watch Cam some. Got a glimpse this morning of little Shamrock and then saw I was an hour later than what was reported on Facebook below the We Cam. I want someone to teach the etiquette of eagle nest reporting. What to see, what to say and how to say it. I feel I just blurt things out without really knowing what I want to report. Hope I am making sense. Have a peaceful evening and I also hope Wanda gets some rest and starts her recovery. My Mom recently had a knee replaced and it was painful some but kept getting better.
WVJerry said…
Well it looks like Belle is settling in the night so I will sign off as well.
stronghunter said…
Hello Hoda,

Prayers for Daniel and for his family.

It is so good to see you here, my friend.
stronghunter said…
Jerry, I appreciate your nest reporting. Please keep it up.
Judie said…

Heartfelt prayers for Daniel and his family and friends. May his soul be at peace.
Judie said…
Jerry, you are making a very fine commentator. Part of the fun of the blog family is making fun of our own typos but you really are doing a fine job.
Judie said…
Headed to my recliner adn then the pillows.

Perhaps we will see more of Shamrock tomorrow and maybe we will see the DC nest eaglet.

Wishing everyone a night of restful sleep.
Janet Neely said…
Good evening and congrats to Beautiful Belle and Handsome Shep! I figured there would be confirmation of a hatch today!!!! And thanks to Steve for a new thread.
SANDI: so sorry to hear of the torn tricep. Bah humbug. I hope the PT will help you to recover. I know your trip to Mexico will help your heart …fill it with love love love!
HODA: keeping you and your close in heart and thought for comfort and the highest and greatest good.
LOLLY: that’s one big storm! Yikes. Scary stuff!
JUDYE: hoping they get your trip figured out!!!! yikes
Its been a busy day. Work was good. I had a client who forgot her appointment so I had a 2 and a half hour lunch break. I had a book, so life is good.
I stopped on the way home and bought one more basket of pansies. I love those. I haven’t put out any other flowers. My tulips are blooming and the daffodils are fading. I see the clementis and iris growing quickly now.
Its been a good day. I am very excited to watch the nest again and the sweet fuzzy bobble heads.
Keeping each of you close in my heart and thoughts for your needs. Good night sweet friends.

stronghunter said…

I heard a chirp from Belle and hopped on to see what was going on. All is well. She is now tucked.

I enjoy pansies too, Janet.

I am snuggled in my bed having a conversation with Cheeto. I think he wants me to turn off the light and the TV.
stronghunter said…
Need to read back more and find out exactly what happened to Sandi. I saw the diagnosis and the need for PT. I do hope you will be in good shape for the trip to Mexico, Sandi. That's very important.

stronghunter said…
Time for sleep . . . I will see you tomorrow. SED, everyone.
JudyE said…
Good evening eagle buds

Gym was a bust I drove there Texted Angie Where R U and she called me No gym she forgot to call me So instead I stopped at the cell tower next to the gym got a couple of pic that tower is so hard to get behind fence. Then when I left just about 4 blocks on my left was a cell tower with a eagle on it I pulled got some good pic could walk under it. It has to be a roosting tower no bottom to it.

WANDA prayers for her speedy recovery and hope she has a good night tonight and it is amazing how after surgery they get you up.

TORI prayers for her hope to hear something soon

HODA so sorry for the devastation of the avalanche and prayers and healing thought to you and yours.

Belle is restless it seems goes from tucked to not Some diffing I do see the egg

I so dislike the time change my body clock is refusing to turn back are all of you doing ok with it odd but I get up earlier

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all
♀ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need
"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle"

Lolly said…
Belle is not tucked, but just sitting. Her eyes may be closing.

Time for me to do the same!

Tomorrow we go to Dallas. Always enjoy seeing Zach and Ashley. (Yes, she goes to grandparents day!). Have never figured that one out. However, dreading seeing "Nana"! I will be nice and gag later. I know, that does not sound nice but.........

Heading to the pillow!

Congrats to all Momsters and Dadsters! What a great day welcoming lil Shamrock!☘

Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends - it's Friday!

Hoda, I love seeing you on the blog. I'm sorry to hear about your dentist and her family and the young man who died in the avalanche.

Lynne2, I read on FB and commented about your eviction notice. Yet another setback for you and Steve. I hope you find a new place quickly and that Steve will find new work - at least he's able to drive again for work. Prayers for you.

Paula, how is Michael's recovery coming along?

Please don't be concerned about my arm affecting my trip. I injured it in October and just went to the doctor about it yesterday, so obviously it isn't preventing me from doing what I normally do. But does anyone know how Lydia is doing with her collarbone injury?

Have a greyt day all - supposed to be 65 and sunny again today, then get cold over the weekend. But I haven't heard any more predictions of snow on Sunday.

Maybe a 2nd hatch today?
WVJerry said…
Good morning Sandi. Hope your arm gets better and you a safe trip to Mexico. I see an awake eagle in the nest. Sun starting to show. Leaving for work soon. Saw forecast on Channel 4 - possible 2-4 inches of snow Saturday night in to Sunday morning here. Have a great day.
DanaMo said…
Wow just noticed a pretty large pip in the second egg. Maybe today will be the day. The news is covered with the DC eagles. They are waiting and waiting. Maybe today will be their day as well.
Sandi said…
Parent just got up and like Dana said, there is a large hole in the top of the 2nd egg. Looks like we'll have our 2nd hatch some time today! Watching the live cam while the kids in the classroom are watching a movie about immigrants coming to America to go along with the novel they just finished.

I have been asked to accompany the kids in one of our self contained special ed. classes on a trip today. They are going to 2 restaurants in Fenwick Island as a job shadowing experience. They'll see how the restaurants are run and how the food is prepared and then they get a free lunch! Jo will know the places - Catch 54 and Papa Grande's. Fun day for me and both have great food!

Sandi said…
Just got 3 pics of the 8:30am feeding. Can't post to FB from school so I emailed them to Jo so she can put them on the Eaglet Momsters FB page and the Yahoo album if she wants to. Both parents in the nest now. In one pic you can clearly see the pip in the 2nd egg.
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

I see we have a second pip.

I'm watching an eagle sitting in the egg cup. Looks like it's Belle.
Barbara said…
The parents are certainly expecting to be busy -- that is some collection of fish in the nest! I just saw a peek of Shamrock under Belle's chest when she got up partially. I'm glad the weather has calmed down while the little ones are still fragile...
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

YEAH for a new pip on the second eggbert

Hope everyone has a great day

JERRY how is the headache today didn't come back did it? Thanks for the weather report I always wonder what the weather is like up there since I uninstalled my app for TWC

SANDI sounds like fun at school today and educational


SHIRLEY any plans for today beside cat playing in boxes loved the pic

Have to head to the bank Issues with me transferring the money from the fraud acct to my new one the other day I went down I got a message saying invalid acct last night when I logged on that is why it didn't transfer over Lator
Good Friday morning to all eagle friends out there. So excited to see that while I was volunteering at school yesterday, we had an Irish Eagle born with a second hatching on the way for maybe today.

Jerry, I saw a lot of fish in the nest so I got the clue. :)

Our church choir has to sing at a funeral this am, so just jumped in for a minute. Can't wait to get back home to see if there is a second little bobble head in the nest. You all have a wonderful day.
stronghunter said…
Eagle calls. Not sure why.
Lolly said…
Good morning! Loved watching little Shamrock be fed! Love little tiny bobbleheads! So cute!

Sandi, enjoy your day! Made me think of a certain field trip. I had had surgery in April. I was off 6 weeks. In May near the end of my six weeks my sub took the kids on a field trip to the zoo. I went to the zoo, too, only I was with my mother. Lol. On our field trips the children were divided into very small groups and walked around with parents, did not stay together as a large group. I had a fun morning running into my kiddos. Their mouths would drop open when they saw me and then run for hugs. It was awesome! Best field trip ever, the. When I got tired, we went home. When I went back to teaching I had only a few weeks. Then I had the rest of the summer to get my strength back.

Had a dream last night. Typical teacher nightmare only this time it had a different twist. I was subbing on the first day in kindergarten in my old room. Only the teacher had done nothing to prepare. No name tags! The tables in the room were trash. Other teachers had switched table to get better ones. Kids were unruly, terribly so. And, to top it off the parents lingerie and I could not get rid of the. Lol. A real nightmare. Stress from visiting Zach's school today?
stronghunter said…
Interesting nightmare, Lolly. Not sure about the last part. Parents in lingerie?

I have no major plans for the day, Judy. I do need to do some housecleaning.
stronghunter said…
Oh, I do have teacher nightmares. I am in a classroom unprepared, and everything is in a mess.
JudyE said…
OH LOLLY so sorry about the dream. But good that it is only a dream.

I really can't remember the last dream I had.

Back from the bank. All is straighten out! Went the other day to transfer the funds from the old checking acct hold put on it because of the fraud of 2500. I check yesterday online and said the transfer failed due to invalid acct. Bank has no clue what that is all about so they just withdrew the $ and deposited it to me active checking acct.
The other acct says pending closing. Glitch in system they assumed.

Great picture SANDI of your pip. Didn't think we would actually see the pip this year with the deep cup and happy you got the snip.

someone need to stamp the bottom of these chick MADE IN CHINA LOL

Did I tell you Jordyn when she goes anywhere she pick up the item to see where it is made. Was a little upsetting to her to see most is made in China.

Forgot to tell you a Jordyn story. Angie was picking up strawberry's for shortcake and Jordyn announces really LOUD don't forget the whoopee cream. Everyone around laughed and one lady said where can I get a can. LOL Jordyn ask why is everyone laughing. Angie thinking fast said referring to kicking butt slang LOL

Gonna have lunch with Angie in a bit Then pick up Jordyn and head to their house later Not forsure what Jordyn wants to do after school today maybe a park we will see

catch ya all later gonna go play outside since its so nice right now 50% chance rain for the next three days with the cold front heading our way again Loving our hi 70 and lo 80 of late

JudyE said…
Forgot to mention was mentioned yesterday the jerking movement on the live feed. I only get that on my tablet not lap top or desk top. Noticed when I was out side with the tablet. ODD I would think the tablet would be better more fluent! Ok put tablet down and do something LOL Maybe I shouldn't bring it out with me get more work done Maybe that is a hint from it LOL
Judie said…
Good afternoon.

Hoping for a second eaglet for Belle and Shep very soon.

DC's second egg has a pip, also.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day - especially the eagles and their eaglets.
JudyE said…
I see new whale brought in
JudyE said…
heading out for lunch

Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
The nest looks like Lib has returned from the great beyond. So many fish!
Kay said…
Good Afternoon Eagle Buds!!!

One eaglet hatches on Green Thursday and the second will apparently debut on Red Friday. Wahoo! Their pantry is filling up! Cam tour in just a few minutes.

HODA, sending positive thoughts and prayers up your way. So sorry such sadness has befallen your dentist and family.

SANDI, sounds like this will be a very good Friday for you--anything but a teachers nightmare!

I've done a days work already and must hie myself off to Kroger for Rx's and some food for my hungry little hound dog.

Have a great and greyt day all. Prayers for all in need!!!

glo said…
Stopping in to say Hi. Zoey is feeling some better today and had a good breakfast. Gosh our nest is delightfully busy and full FISH anyone ? :-)
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
There was a feeding just now with the cam zoomed in. I love our camera.

Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Glo, so glad Zoey is feeling better.
glo said…
ty Shar. I got a snap of the zoomed in feeding. It's on my wall. Too cute. Caught the snip just in time though. Some of us still remember what this cam looked like as a still cam when it first cam online in the 2006 season. Small black and white still cam. LOL I love that memory too as it has been an awesome journey.
Lolly said…
Roflmbo. Lingerie was supposed to be in the room! Too funny! I was in a hurry and did not proof read.

On our way home. Was fun to see Zach and also very good to see Ashley. Maryann was as awful as ever. The woman never shuts up! We were in the library for Zach's 5th period class. The librarian was talking to the kids. Her mouth continued running. At one point Ash shushed her! She was very distracting! Really, you can not imagine what a character she is, very unpleasant! It is over until next year!
Sandi said…
Hi all - home from a great day at school. The kids were well behaved at the restaurant and raved about the food there. They were all very polite about thanking the staff. The chef even sent out calamare to each table as an appetizer while we were waiting for lunch. Some kids had never heard of it, much less ever eaten it - all but one tried it!

I'd say we have enough fish in the nest to feed 2 chicks until they're ready to fledge! That Shep - whatta dad!

I had to laugh at Steve's photo and comment on Facebook. It showed chick#1 and the 2nd egg with a hole in it. Steve included all of these hashtags at the end of his comment - ‪#‎eaglecam‬ ‪#‎oneoftheoriginaleaglecams‬ ‪#‎adecadeofeagles‬ ‪#‎npr‬ ‪#‎nbcnews‬ ‪#‎shepherdstown‬ ‪#‎washpost‬ ‪#‎nytimes‬ ‪#‎nctceaglecam‬. When I commented that I liked the photo, I also said I loved the hashtags. Here was his reply to me: "that eaglecam in DC is getting all of the media attention...not fair to our birds after all of these years!" (smile emoticon)

I didn't know that the NCTC cam was one of the first eagle cams, did you all?
Yes it was one of the first 10 or so out there Sandi
Looks like Belle is back. She is preening
Snuggled up on chick and egg. Good size pip in egg
Sandi said…
Comparing the size of the pip from my photos this morning at 9am to the ones posted after the last feeding a few minutes ago, I'm not sure that #2 is going to make his/her way out of that shell by the time it gets dark. The hole is bigger for sure but that little guy/girl still has a lot of pecking to do to get hatched!
stronghunter said…

Got a few pictures of the baby and the egg. It looks like the second little one is still inside the shell.

Sandi said…
Hey Paula! How is Michael's recuperation going? Will he be hopping back on that ATV again once he's healed up?
stronghunter said…
DC eagle cam is very nice, but ours is great. We have the advantage of a history and experienced watchers who know the history.
stronghunter said…
Posted a few pictures of the baby and the egg on my blog.

I am having to contend with a cat waving his tail across my keyboard. I think it is feeding time.
Michael is doing better. Trying to get off the stronger pain killers. Plus they just got their bid accepted on a house. Inspection was today. We are back home and he is asleep. Not much stamina yet. Doctor app on Monday. I go back to Biloxi on Wednesday.
He'll be out of work at least 6 weeks. Been up here to help for a week.
Lolly said…
Egg roll. Still just Shamrock and second egg with a big pip!
Looks like snow here at Michael's on Sunday
Shamrock still a little wobbly. Time to cover up
stronghunter said…
Hi Paula!

Yes, feeding. Yummy fish for dinner.
stronghunter said…
I am sure Michael is really appreciating you, Paula.
stronghunter said…
Pictures of tonight's feeding on my blog.
We are having fish and shrimp here :-)
stronghunter said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sandi said…
Watching another feeding. I can see chick#2 moving inside the egg shell - the hole has gotten bigger. Boy, eagle parents sure are not enablers! Both parents are in the nest and both are just ignoring that egg! One is feeding the chick and the other is eating.

Time for dinner here. Bye!
stronghunter said…
There was a nice story about the DC eagles on ABC Evening News tonight.
stronghunter said…
Glad you could see the little one moving inside that shell, Sandi. I haven't been able to see that much.
stronghunter said…
Now one adult is on the egg cup and the other one is eating.
Judie said…
Good evening.

This is truly a season of excitement with all the eaglets arriving. Heart warming.

I may have missed Jo today. Hope she's okay and wondering if she has any update on Tori?

Paula, no idea what happened but do wish Michael a speedy and complete recovery.

Lolly, glad you enjoyed, mostly, grandparents day.

Sandi, nice the children had a good outing today. I would have been the one to NOT try calamari.

Headed to my recliner then the pillows.

Wishing everyone a night of restful sleep and may the sunrise greet two more eaglets.
Mema Jo said…
I have been MIA today - I couldn't get away from the live feed - taking pics and being on FB seeing more pics from others.

I will do some updates on Tori and then on Wanda..

Tori will be in the hospital for a few days I will be home until Monday so if you are in the Baltimore area stop in and say hello.
Monday it goes before the team, Monday Tori can be on the transplant list and since her fev 1 is low she moves higher on the list.
All tests came back great and she is a good candidate for a bilateral lung transplant.

Wanda Discharge in the morning to Shenandoah Center in Charlestown. Very disappointed that they couldn't get her into Lynn Care in Front Royal closer to me in Linden. BUT it's all about her healing and getting stronger. She is doing great this evening. Coming down off the med and actually attempting to play on her laptop now. I'll let everyone know when she is settled in tomorrow. Thank you for all your prayers and love
Lolly said…
As usual getting on to say good night.

Great seeing you on here today, Paula! You have been missed! Know Michael appreciates you!

Hate hearing you have a chance of snow. We have a chance of frost tomorrow night. No problem for me as I have not moved out any plants.

Watched a little March Madness tonight. SFA beat WV. That is Laurel's school, Stephen F.Austin, where they visited this week. SFA upset WV. Many excited fans!

Have had a fire this evening. It has been nice as it just felt chilly. Time to rest the eyes ! Night all! SED!
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. I see one eagle tucked and asleep. Sleep whenever the baby sleeps, right - or is it babies?

Cold here this AM and not supposed to get out of the 40s for the next couple of days, after several days in the 60s with sun. I think the snow will miss us here at the beach, at least I hope it will.

Just read that WVU lost their game last night - sorry to all the WV fans.

Tennis for me at 9am, then laundry and cleaning the upstairs.

Belle is awake now and looking around. Have a greyt day all.
Sandi said…
Oh, happy birthday to Bev! I made sure I had the day right this time before I posted. Hope you're feeling better Bev and can enjoy your special day!
Sandi said…
7:15 am feeding. Both parents were in the nest briefly And you can hear the little ones peeping!
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

Which ever is on the nest is looking around

and oh my where has all that fish gone

was a normal late night at Angie waiting for her to call

plans for the day with her and Jordyn

stronghunter said…
Happy to see that we now have two little ones. Right now there is an adult on the cup. No babies visible.

I will be heading to the bowling alley in a little while.
JudyE said…

***Sending birthday wishes your way***
stronghunter said…
Mid-morning feeding. I saw two little ones!
Mema Jo said…
Judie said…
Good morning.

Thank you Jo for the updates on Tori and Wanda. Prayers for both.

♪♫ HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEV ♪♫ Please enjoy today and look forward to wonderful year ahead.

Hoping the not-so-nice weather decides to bypass DC and NCTC nests.

Wishing everyone the very best day possible.
Mema Jo said…
Update this morning on Wanda from Karla:
Well.... apparently someone dropped the ball on insurance authorization for rehab. So, being the weekend, we may not know until Monday. Stay tuned.
Hopefully the delay may give Lynn Care a chance to have an opening. Things happen for a reason.
Good morning eagle friends. Eagle just sitting on egg cup looking around; keeping the two new bobble heads nice and warm and comfy. Didn't get to see much of the action yesterday.

Bev Wishing you a very Happy Birthday with many more to come. Hope your day is filled with much love and great memories.

Jo Thanks for the updates on Tori and Wanda. Keep them coming please. Prayers still being said. BTW, how are you doing? I hope all good news.

Paul I am so glad to hear that Michael is doing better. Hope his dr. appointment will bring more good news his way.

We have a dreary and cool day here today so far on the OBX. Supposed to get rain. Hope the storm misses our eagle nest.

Parent eagle is getting a little squirmy on the nest. The two bobble heads may be getting restless. She is up and I can see our two bobble heads in the nest. This is my first time. Maybe it is time for a fish delivery. They are sooooo sweet.Parent just flew in with a stick? Both parents had their heads together. Second parent flew back out and then back in. Fish and feeding time again. Can't see the feeding as the back of the eagle isrigfht in the way. It looks like a fresh new fish. I guess it was just a snack as second eagle is sitting back down on or trying to ....tucking his charges in and settling back down on the nest. So pleased that I finally got to see the little ones.
Heading out for my walk before it starts to rain here. You all have a wonderful day!
Lolly said…
Good morning! Yay, we finally have sunshine again, but it is chilly, 46 presently.

Love our two little bobbleheads. We have Shamrock and ?. Could be Riffe, since he/she arrived on Bev's birthday!

Happy Birthday, Bev and little eaglette!🎉🎈❤️🎉🎈❤️🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

A good morning, indeed, as we celebrate new life at the nest!

Happy Birthday to you, BEV! May this coming year bring only good things your way!

Prayers for TORI, may the transplant come to pass. And, prayers for WANDA, in hopes that the preferred rehab facility becomes reality! Thanks to you, JO, for keeping us informed.

PAULA, seems Momster prayers have helped again. May Michael continue to improve. Glad you were there at such a critical time in his recuperation.

Cold again here, too. Had to bring my pot o' baby petunias indoors last night and will have to do so for the next week, at least. Tomorrow is Palm Sunday and the 1st day of Spring as well. Here's hoping this coming week will be the last gasp of Winter!

Have a wonderful day, all. Prayers for all in need!!!

Parent feeding our two precious eaglets. They are peeping away as they are eating.
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to All ♥

Rain is starting at the nest - not a downpour but enough to get our eagle feathers wet

The recent feeding was showing both little beaks ready to eat - with only 1 day hatching difference I sure hope they become good buddies

I'll check back later..... ♥
Janet Neely said…
good Saturday morning to one and all. I guess its safe to presume we are ALL lookingforward to welcoming spring???


watching the eagles, paying bills, drinking coffee, such a busy life I lead this morning!

its running errands morning, livvy is having a friend spend the night, so pick her up @ 2.

hoping everyone has a great day. keeping Jo, Tori, and Wanda tucked in my heart for highest and greatest good, and keeping you all close in heart and thought. hugs to all.
Sandi said…
Hi all, tennis was good - won one set and lost one. Great competition!

Jo, thanks for the Wanda update. I hope the insurance mix-up allows her to go to the rehab that Karla would prefer. Things turn out the way they're supposed to.

Candy, how was it being back in the classroom? I don't see myself ever going back into a school once I retire, unless it's for something like Grandparent's Day.

I think i'm going to have to take a nap before I tackle the upstairs - I stayed up too late last night to be awake at 5:45am. It seems that all of my get up and go has got up and went!

Saw both chicks getting fed at 11:30am and heard those little peeps! With the rain in Shepherdstown, I guess we may not see much of the babies this afternoon. Belle is now tenting to keep the egg cup and the chicks warm and dry.
Judie said…
Good afternoon.

Belle is providing a lovely mumbrella. Still waiting for an update from DC. Would be lovely if they would post updates periodically. Do hate to think of snow now.

Okay, how about Shamrock and Friday?

Jake and Jude now have a fully stocked pantry and I need to tackle another closet.

Jo, thank you for the update on Wanda. Hope all is straightened out quickly regarding insurance.

Mema Jo said…
Denise just commented on her mom progress: Denise Wright Millholland BTW, to ALL on this thread ... just talked with Mom. She is doing so well, I love her so much. She ate all her lunch and enjoyed it. She is done her exercises and she is ready for a GOOD NAP. She is going to stay in the hospital until Monday if anyone would like a little visit
Mema Jo said…

It is snowing here in my valley - and at the nest also
JudyE said…
Howdy eagle buds

just got home
took shower
gotta head out to the Zumba Bash Its the 3rd Sat of each months Tonight money goes to the animals shelters

Had lots of rain just not stopping cold front lots of thunder and lightening

I see straw was brought and applied to the tail gotsnips
Mema Jo said…

The flugg being laid on the tail is one in a million
Sure shows their bonding as our Royal Couple
Thanks JudyE
WVJerry said…
Good afternoon. Lots been happening here. Glad Wanda is being discharged soon and hope She gets to Front Royal as well. Candy - yes the fish were a definite giveaway. :-) North Carolina won and WVU was defeated. Lolly - your SFA team played an awesome game. One thing is for sure - hustle and defense seldom lose at tournament time. Raining here in southern PA now. I think forecast is still for a little snow. Enjoy your day and rest of the weekend.
WVJerry said…
I can see the snowflakes on the Cam now.
NCSuzan said…
Happy Birthday Bev! Enjoy your special day!

Rain here and cooler. Rain predicted for a couple of days with cooler temps then a little warmer.

Put out hummingbird feeders and a swing for them yesterday. We are ready for their arrival!

Hoping for the best for Tori. Think Wanda should be queen this weekend and rule from her royal hospital bed! Go Wanda!

Happy Jake and Jude have a full pantry. Kitties know where their food is and can be quite vocal if they don't have any! At least at my house.

So happy for healthy and strong chicks. Still can't believe how lucky we are to have this wonderful cam!

Take care and be careful out and about.
Lolly said…
I like the name, Friday, Judie! I do want to name them this year. Makes it easier to remember in the years ahead.

Jack and I just walked. Missed doing it yesterday. Up to 57 now. Thinking of putting on my grubbies and heading out!

Tonight is Boys a Night Out! In other words Laurel is home alone and I am home alone as Joey, Joseph, Jacob and Jack join Michael and Zach for dinner out and then the Stars hockey game. Boo hiss! Actually very happy for all of our guys!

Yes, been watching the snow come down at the nest. Noooooooo!!
JudyE said…
Forgot to tell you We went out to Gulfport they have block yard sales and its in a area of a friend We stopped there first and they had plants I bought a rosemary plant that has a caterpillar just now hung himself on it. I bought for Jordyn can't wait for the progress of it.

Headin out won't be back on til tomorrow Hope everyone has a great day.
Mema Jo said…
The outdoor cam comments did also suggest "Shamrock It is very appropriate and could go for either gender.

I haven't heard an suggestions other then Judie with "Friday" -
I was thinking tomorrow is the 1st day of Spring - "Clover" or also how about "Snowy"
If I see more suggestions I'll bring them over BUT all of you can read the comments
under the Outdoor comments

I just do NOT like to hear nickname of Shammy - yuk!

FYI on FB so you know ahead when you see it.......
Eagle Cam already has their site's names of B8 & B9 "B" may stand for Belle.
This is their choice and it's is OK with me and also with YOU I hope.
Other sites do the same by using Letter and #.
Lolly said…
Personally, Jo I do not like the letters and numbers. They are hard to remember, because they are not personal. Also, I do not care what others call them on other sights, threads or blogs. I really like Shamrock but certainly not Shammy. Lol. Right now they are Shamrock and Friday to me!

Went out and worked for a while. But too chilly and too muddy! Good to see there is not a lot of snow on the nest!
Jewels said…
WE have our own names for the Eagles, always have and it should remain that way. IF the other groups want to call them b8-b9 or whatever, that is on them.
I love Shamrock and Friday is cool but I really like Clover.
IN the past I have not seen any real controversy over the names that are picked by the Momster group.
NatureNut said…
Good Afternoon, Eagle Buds. I have been having bad luck in getting any glimpses of egglets. Of course Hays, PA haven't hatched yet, but when Mom stood up I did see 2 of the three eggs. They have yoday as possible hatch date for first egg. DC didn't stand up---they think 2nd egg has a pip. Since that pair had 1 chick fledge last year, they named it DC1 which is OK. New chick (which Fubby saw on TV) is DC2 and next hatch is DC3.
I like Shamrock for ours and Clover would be good, too. Our friends in Paw Paw have had snow off and on, so I guess Shep. nest is probably getting that, too. All these adults just stoically sit there and pretend they're waterproof. See that everyone has fish for dinner! Even though naming makes them more personal, we KNOW they will fledge in end of summer.

Sorry I have to mention this, but our youngest outdoor kitty, Baby Orange, disappeared the other AM and we haven't seen him since. He never roamed except the yards on either side, never went near the street & as soon as you went outside, he ran up for petting sessions. If you were slow, he popped your hand with his paw! (we do have a nasty neighbor who tried to shoot a groundhog next door, but I don't think he prowls between midnight & 5:30 AM & we have spots w/motion detectors. Maybe someone just wanted a pet. He's the second kitten to disappear like that.) Bless you for listening ;>(
My Aunt just told me that she always thought I should be a veternarian! I'd probably be crying half the time!
Judie said…
Loretta, so sorry about Baby Orange. Losing a pet for any reason is heartbreaking. I had one escape (strictly indoor) for ten days. Put out a blanket and toy with our scents and found her there two days later. Worth a try.

Was lucky to see DC 2 being fed and to actually see the tooth pushing a piece of shell out and up. Poor thing must be exhausted. Hopefully, by morning DC3 will arrive.

I mentioned Friday because Friday was the birthday and we do red Fridays; however, I think Shamrock and Clover make a lovely combination and very Spring-like.

Headed to the scullery.
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