Thursday, March 03, 2016


Fresh thread.


Judie said...

Good morning.

Lovely eagle egg-sitting on National Anthem Day.

Thank you Steve for the fresh new thread on an appropriate day.

Jo, Jufie will bring the feather to you today. Glad you're feeling well. Congratulations on the arrival of your great niece.

Sandi, enjoy your last work day of the week.

Hi Lynne1, Jerry, and all others.

Today is foraging day. Snow expected here.

Kay said...

Good Red Friday Morning, Eagle Buds!!!

STEVE, thank you for our fresh start and JUDIE, much thanks to you for the call over and for your generosity with the feathers!

JUDIE, how many times should I sing The National Anthem today?

SANDI, wahoo, enjoy your early Friday!

JO, that's one big bundle of joy---hope mommy is doing okay!!

Looks like Shep is holding down the fort. Happy to see no snow there. Some expected here soon and will try to divert it to a more northerly course.

It's about time for Penny to surface for our first outing of the day.

Prayers for all in need!!!


Sandi said...

Thanks Steve for another new thread - 2 in 2 days! Thanks Judie for the call over.


Judie said...

Kay, you only need sing the National Anthem once today and then once again tomorrow (Red Friday). You gave me a startle thinking I missed one entire day. Had to chuckle as I sometmes look at the newspaper to check the day/date. Puppy hugs for Penny.

And, into my chariot I go.

CarolAnne said...

Stern looking eagle sitting tight in the sunshine.
Head rotating back and forth, eyeing the neighborhood.

JudyE said...

Good Still Morning Eagle Buds

just got back from my 3 mile walk

STILL CAM is stuck again


JudyE said...

Thankful no snow on our nest so far

Fulton nest has some Love the view of the lake or river which ever on that cam Not frozen like it has been in the past

Lolly said...

Good morning! Same here.....often have to check to see what day it is. Retirement is so rough!🙃

Another beautiful day and down yet another pound. Doing my walking and working in the yard. Eating right and excercise is doing the trick!

Winter and sitting inside is not good! One more month of dieting and then I stop. Getting tired of it and so is Jack, but it is paying off.

Heading to the grocery store this morning and then getting the grubbies on and heading outside. And, I do mean grubbies! Looks like I wallow in the mud! Lol. I love it! Yesterday heard geese headed north two times. Found the second group. They are so awesome and love the sound. My daffodils are about finished blooming but my tulips still look great.

Okay, when is the due date of our bobble heads? Loosing track of time.

Gotta eat a bite and then walk! Have a great day!

JudyE said...

tour is early

Mema Jo said...

Kay you best stop doing that to me - I read your Red Friday and almost went to get my pictures - lol

Good afternoon to all ♥

I'll be back later this afternoon.

THANK YOU STEVE - Fresh daily thread may mean you are taking another trip! Thanks.
Thanks Judie for the call over and for the advice you gave Kay - lol.


JudyE said...

Changing of the guard happened in and out in one minute

I am also watching the Fulton and they had a switch and then 10 min later the other eagle showed up to switch the one didn't want to get up Like hey man I just got here LOL but did get up with a little pushing LOL

JudyE said...


JudyE said...

waiting for the courtesy van to come and get me

walked around the house and guess what I have sink bugs out there LOL Neighbors says she has them all over the side of her house by the hundreds yuk

Sandi said...

Judy, stinkbugs are better than termites - just sayin'!

Off to the grocery store!

JudyE said...


I agree

JudyE said...

Just noticed that M15 has a dark spot on his head Never noticed it fefore

JudyE said...

BEFORE not fefore LOL

JudyE said...

Waiting at ford. LOL this pump is also making some noises. They are working getting me a loaner otherwise will have to bring back. The will charge ford for the loaner because of the defective parts

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,

I apologize that I haven't been here in so long! Ken and I have been passing the flu virus back and forth, and just when we feel like we're on the mend, it hits us once again! I'm recuperating from my 3rd version of the stuff. Ken feels better than I do, so hope we're almost done with this nonsense. Ken got it first, at the end of December, and it's been all kinds of fun (NOT!) ever since. Both of us have been to urgent care, and Ken was given an inhaler and a capsule version of Robitussin DM. I was given 10 days worth of antibiotics and a liquid prescription version of cough syrup. The thing that works best for me is a bowl of really hot soup! The weather here is changing from dry and hot to cooler (73) and more humid, so my sinuses are complaining. We're supposed to get rain on Sunday and Monday! Hope so!

Jo, I'm happy to hear that your treatment is going well, and you are feeling good. Prayers for you continue!

I am SO not caught up on what's happening here, except I don't think either of the eggberts has hatched yet. Glad there is no snow at the nest right now.

Well, I'd better get busy and do some more housework. Need to sweep up some dog hair dust bunnies! Will try to check back in later, after reading back a bit to catch up. Have a great day, everyone! I ♥ us!

Mema Jo said...

JUDY E - I sent in the email for the frozen Still Cam early this morning.
IT can't always drop everything and reset it - we have the live feed and that should suffice until the guys get the chance to fix the still cam. The other day with their busy schedule and their priority list it took them almost 3 days (over the weekend) to
reset. By now we know that with the Wed nitght server download - we get frozen so please don't lose your cool !

Mema Jo said...

Put my feet up for about 2 hours sleep once I got home. They dinner was veggie soup with cheese and crackers.
Really don't see must to watch on TV... Maybe another snooze - lol

Everyone take care - stay happy and smile and don't growl!

IF I don't return - Goodnight to all ♥

NCSuzan said...

Jo, Judie, a little update from Pot Plant Owl.

Life here goes on....Pappa found a new mate and brought her to the nest site. He showed her the pot plant and kicked around soil. She watched and hopped in the pot plant after him, 'talking' to him as she did. The jury is still out whether she's a keeper and if the pot plant will be the chosen nest site.
In other news: the neighbours who put down rat poison were asked to remove the outside aviary attracting rats. Hopefully, this will spell the end of rat poisons required.
Will keep you posted.

JudyE said...

JO I didn't loose my cool Just wasn't positive you saw my post earlier because you normally will say you emailed them after someone comments on it So since no comment was made I said it again

I got me a nice Ford Expedition as rental thank you ford She sure is a nice ride BIG compared to my truck but nice has all the buttons and whistles in it

That is the old car that they had that was a ford Ford won't pay for another make LOL so I was told if I felt it was to big I could change in at another Enterprise I think it will be fine I did get use to it on the way home Just a little scared to park in the carport at the back of the house The drive is narrow on my piece of pie property

JudyE said...

ONLY car not OLD car they had

stronghunter said...

Good news about Luna. The cancer was restricted to her hair follicles, so they were able to get it all. She is recovering very nicely from the surgery.

Snowflakes are falling in my neighborhood. The snow is beginning to stick on the cars and the steps.

JudyE said...


BUT we all know BELLE and SHEP are troopers and will get through this BUT WILL the MOMSTERS and DADSTERS

JudyE said...


JudyE said...

I am watching AI or listening I should say LOL

Do you all remember last year when SHEP covered BELLE in the snow? I just hope it doesn't get that bad

need to go look at the report for the nest for snow accumulation.

OK now to go watch and not just listen LOL

Judie said...

Good evening.

Looks to be Belle in the nest not yet tucked in. Could be my imagination but I think some frozen rain might be flying around the nest.

Shirley, cannot tell you how happy I am about Luna as I know all of you are both happy and relieved. Don't see any snow here, yet. So glad I got the foraging done today.

Hi Andy. So sorry you and Kubby have had such illness. Please get well soon. How's Emma?

Suzan, thank you so much for the PPO update. Let's hope this will be the beginning of a fine romance and lots of baby owlets. Oh, where do you get the updates? FB? Sure hope those neighbors honor the no poison request.

Sandi, hope today wasn't too awful. Regardless, tomorrow will be so much better.

Need to check the weather map as I wonder if Kay has snow.

Dinner over and scullery is in order. Taking my cue from Jo and putting my feet up before denting the pillows.

Restful sleep for all.

JudyE said...

ANDY so sorry you all have been under the weather

I typed this at the ford dealer but must found when I turned on tablet

Sandi said...

Hi all - snow has started here as well.

Shirley, what wonderful news about Luna!

Jo, chemo is over until your scan, right? Sending prayers and positive energy that the scan will show no need for any more radiation or chemo.

Andy, so sorry you and Ken have been battling sickness for so long - how exhausting!

I am headed to bed - goodnight all. I'll see everyone in the early AM.

stronghunter said...

Yes, we are happy with the news about Luna.

Thanks for the update on the Pot Plant Owl,

I hope you are snoozing peacefully, Jo.

Nice to see you back on here Andy. I hope you and Ken are on the road to recovery.

Two cats are settled into my bed with me. I hope I can find room for myself. Sleep well, everyone.

Lolly said...

Great news about Luna!

Andy, sorry you two have been so sick. Not good!

Got a lot done In the yard today. Also, Jack tore down the picket fence around my herb garden. He has boards cut, painted and ready to build a new fence. Old one had rotted. Going to look good. Back out tomorrow. Enjoying such beautiful weather, but rain Is coming Sunday and early next week, so trying to get a lot done this week.

Thanks for the update on when to expect hatching.

Beddy-bye time! Night all! SED!

CarolAnne said...

Oh no, a snow covered nest.
Eagle sitting contentedly picking at nest.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. I see one eagle in a snowy nest.

Snow here as well but we are just at freezing so it's a very wet snow - just sticking to the grass but not the streets. Teachers are still expected to report today - just not this teacher! :)

This afternoon, my brand new shiny blue kayak is arriving! Not exactly an ideal kayaking day but ... Actually, we'll be carrying it into the house until we can figure out a way to secure it outside so it can't be stolen. Every once in a while we get an email from the police in town alerting us to bikes and/or kayaks that have been taken. And this is not a cheap kayak - it has a rudder and foot pedals so you can either paddle or pedal. The pedals are nice b/c leg muscles are stronger than arm muscles and, when you are pedaling, your hands are free to use binoculars or a camera. Last fall, we sold our tandem kayak with foot pedals b/c Denny never wanted to go out, and I set the money aside to buy a single just for myself this spring. There are a number of women in the neighborhood who kayak together.

A neighbor suggested last summer that it's good to have at least 5 hobbies when you retire so you have enough to stay busy. Tennis, kayaking, reading, gardening, bird watching, and greyhound rescue are already on my list.

Lynne2, where are you? How is the job going, and the kennel and barn, and is Steve driving again? you've been away too long!

Have agreyt day all!

CarolAnne said...

Geese overhead, chirping bird, eagle alert

Jewels said...

Good morning!

Just wanted to share a little call I received yesterday evening.
So I was at Food Lion the other day with Bryan and he always gets mad at me if someone says hi to me and I do not introduce him. So this time I did. I ran into my mom's old significant other and said Hello to him, quickly introduced Bryan as my boyfriend and said this is Bill, he was my Mom's BF. I caught Bill off guard and I could tell he was a little flustered. So fast forward to last evening, I get a call from a number I didn't recognize. It was Bill. He had called my sister for my phone number, said he wanted to apologize to me, felt he was a bit of a ass to me, but it was because he did't recognize me till I said this was my Moms BF, but then felt bad that if he said the wrong thing I would have taken it the wrong way.
He said I had lost a lot of weight and looked really good. ( i have been feeling really bad, cause I have gained about 30 lbs back) I told him I had many made many changes over the last 2 years. and unbeknownst to me, Christie had filled him in on my separation. HE told me my Mom would be very proud of me.
Christie said he told her that Mom would be happy regarding my decision to not stay with Charlie. Although mom loved him, she knew that I was unhappy and his ways was never going to resolve.
So my sign that I asked for, just may have been given to me.
Still not feeling the greatest with me per say.... I know that my situation is a stepping stone and bigger and better things are to come.

sorry to bore you, just felt I needed to tell someone that may understand, and well you all out of everyone would. Mom confided in some of you about many things. So I thank you for listening. :)

Judie said...

Good morning.

Don't like the snow on the nest but it is not a serious amount and should be melted by late afternoon. Bei Bei is sitting high up in a snow-covered tree just hangin' out. Berry eaglets are growing some darker feathers.

Sandi, seems as if you might want to consider doing a bit of planning as you approach retirement. Seriously. Tennis, kayaking, reading, gardening, bird watching and Greythound rescue should only take up about two or three hours a week. (: Enjoy the new kayak.

Lolly, congratulations on all the yard work accomplished.

Jo, enjoy the day off. Chin scritches for Mr. Newt. Bet he's inside today.

I know Shirley also has snow but wondering about Kay.

Wishing everyone the best day possible.

Judie said...

Hi Carolyn.

No doubt your mom was guiding your meeting up with Bill and I'm sure she is bursting with pride for you with the changes you've already made and those you will make to have a happy and contented life. YOU GO GIRL!

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Yes, we got a bit of snow, Judie. But just a bit. School is on a 2-hour delay. Those who live in the north would find this fact amusing. There is almost no snow out there at this hour. I believe Prince William County is closed for the day, though, so maybe there is more snow to the north.

Hunter is home sick with a cold. Kathryn took him to the doctor last night just after we took Luna for her check-up. Hunter, even with his love of wearing short pants, does not get sick very often.

stronghunter said...


Yes, we do understand your decision, and we are here for you. So glad that Bill found your phone number and called you after your meeting. Your mother would be very pleased about your conversation with him.

Congratulations on your weight loss! :)

stronghunter said...

Oh, yes, there is a bit of snow at the nest this morning. Looks like more snow we have here. But a bit of warm weather will take care of that snow. And there is there is a nice dry spot all around the egg cup. Our eagles have done well protecting those eggs.

Jewels said...

Thank you Judie :)

Sandi, I am excited for all your plans, but I agree with Judie, You need something else in there, hmmmm but what? Traveling... to see me with those Greyhounds!!! LOL

Momma Jo, I soo want to see you soon!! We need a lunch date!!

glo said...

Good morning everyone. Carolyn It's all good and we all love you and want nothing but happiness for you. Beware the jealous ones. They are insecure about themselves and it is not your job to keep them feeling secure. We are all enough just as we are. We all need to stand on our own 2 feet, not lean on others to stand up. Respecting feelings of those we care for are very important, but taking responsibilities for those feelings not so much. I have worked with women's issues for much of my life. ok nuff said. Be happy and know you are supported and loved.

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

getting ready to head out

Gonna have lunch with Angie later

then have to pick up Jordyn

and try to figure out if my truck will be ready sometime today
I will call and ask if they got the part in yet and make sure they have my cell on file Being they have always called me on house phone if not tomorrow

Trying to figure out now if I want to start my volunteering with the Audubon to be a eagle osprey watcher and rescue or wait till I get all the things I need done on the house.
Like painting and yard clean up (big time)
The house I was going to start painting now.
Starting in the back being no siding is needed back there and the front none is needed, but on both side of the house two sheets is needed on one side and one on the other
So do I just paint the siding over there now and wait for him to replace the siding then paint the ones he put up May look funny Will have to figure it out.
The kid is working on Kens house across the street first and then mine. Just don't know when.
He is doing it after work and on weekends.
I bought the paint and was going to start being the weather is nicer out.

stronghunter said...

Wow! Lots of plans, Judy. If you go for the volunteer work now, you will have a break from all of the labor on the house. I say go for it.

stronghunter said...

Eagle calls. Not sure what is happening, but it does not seem like that was simply a request for a break from Shep. She is looking around and very alert.

Lolly said...

Good morning! Really dislike the snow in the nest, but it does look dry and cozy around and under the eagle.

Travel, gardening, and reading keeps me happy in retirement. NEVER have felt bored! Funny though, I never read during the day. I still feel guilty about sitting. Oh, and going to grandson's sporting events. Gotta add that to my list! I retired at the end of May 2000. Joseph was born in October of that year. It was an early retirement, but have NEVER regretted it. Oh, could have taught longer but I was so tired. Quality of life has improved. That is so much better than more $$$.

Need to get to church today to prepare communion. That is our job this month. Then back out into the yard.

Have a grrrrrreat day!🤓😎😌😜

JudyE said...

I was thinking if I start the volunteering NOW then I won't get to the house painted You know what I mean LOL
So will just do the house painting as I can even if it will look odd partly painted on the sides. The one side of the house can't be seen because of the fence and the line of ligustrum trees. Should only be maybe 2 sections on the side showing needs replaced

Judie said...

Good almost afternoon.

Still overcast here but no snow visible from my window view.

What a terrific opportunity JudyE to volunteer with Audubon. I'm sure it won't be 24/7 so the house can still be painted and you will still have time for family activities. I say go for it and take advantage of the opportunity to stay busy with what you enjoy.

Lolly, I enjoy being retired and never feel guilty sitting around reading. I do, however, miss the students.

Sure hope Jo's immunity doesn't include immunity from ice cream cones and apple pie.

Snow has disappeared from the nest. That is a good thing.

Back to the scullery.

stronghunter said...

Most of my reading is done while I am behind the wheel. I enjoy my audio books. Nothing too heavy. I can listen while I concentrate on the driving.

Sandi said...

Judy, you're painting your house yourself?? Wow, I can think of a ton of things to do when I retire but painting the house would never make my list! Why not ask the young man who's replacing the siding what he would charge you to paint the house after he does the siding? Then again, maybe you love to paint!

Carolyn, if you like greyhounds, there may be lots of them available in WV real soon. Both houses of the legislature recently passed bills that would end the subsidies that have traditionally gone to the 2 greyhound tracks in WV effective July 1st. Without those subsidies, it's very likely that greyhound racing will come to an end in the state. While this isn't good news for thousands of people employed by the greyhound industry, it's fabulous news for the dogs and people who love them.

Now that the cam has zoomed out, we can see that the snow in WV was very minimal - nothing our eagles can't handle easily!

Lolly, I had no idea you had been retired for so long - good for you!!

Denny and I certainly plan to do some traveling in retirement but not on a regular enough basis that I can count it as a hobby. And I forgot to add yoga to my list - it's something I have wanted to do b/c it's such a healthy habit, but by the time I get home from school, I'm too tired to want to go. During the summer, there are yoga on the beach classes and there are also a number of yoga studios in the area that I can go to.

JudyE said...

The expedition is mine for the weekend

so don't have to worry about returning it after I get Jordyn

but now do I want to keep this big monster LOL

I can trade in if they have another ford I will decided after I pick up Jordyn I guess

They did get the part in and ordered from a different mfg and he wants to drive it around tomorrow to make sure there is no noise in it

SWEET Nice that a dealer will do this for me after all the truck is a 2004 and no way under warranty

eagle calling

stronghunter said...

Eagle calls. Maybe a request for a break from egg sitting this time. Hard to tell.

Kay said...

Good Afternoon, Eagle Buds and it truly is Red Friday Afternoon! Woe is me, that is at least the 2nd time I've jumped the gun on Friday. Thanks for putting up with me!

ANDY, flu is bad stuff. Hope you and Kubby are feeling better!

JUDIE, yes we have snow, but it's melting fast as the temp climbs toward 40--to be that temp and above for the next ten days. Even reaching 70 by next weeks end. Wahoo!

CAROLYN, happy to hear about the encounter with Bill and his follow up phone call. Based on conversations with your dear mom I can fully agree with the sentiments he expressed. She was always proud of her sweet daughters and is now, I'm sure, happy with the way life is going for you!

SANDI, that shiny blue kayak should chase any Winter Blues away! I like the way your retirement bucket list is filling in. Retirement is Grrreeaaatttt and you're poised to enjoy it to the fullest!

So happy to see that the wind has stopped at Sycamore Palace. There is a mighty serene atmosphere there right now. I hear a jet overhead anad have seen a little traffic on the road. Our brooding eagle is oblivious to such things.

Julie and Malcolm will be here for a spaghetti/garlic bread and salad meal tonight, so I reckon I should get a few things done. Fortunately she doesn't do a white glove inspection!

Prayers for all in need!!!


JudyE said...

Sitting in car line love free WiFi

Sandi said...

My kayak is here! The guy who delivered it spent an hour and a half explaining all the features and making sure I knew how to work everything!

stronghunter said...

Egg roll. Two beautiful eggs.

stronghunter said...

Congratulations on the new kayak, Sandi.

Sandi said...

We used to get occasional calls from young men with Middle Eastern accents named Bob or Mike claiming to be from Microsoft Windows, alerting me to the fact that they have been getting error messages from my computer indicating that I have serious viruses that they can fix if I give them remote access to my computer.

The phone calls have increased to almost daily. The numbers that come up on my caller ID are all different so it's impossible to block them all. I have ceased being polite with them.

Is this happening to anyone else on a regular basis? Is the Do Not Call list totally useless?

OK, time for pizza and then TV. BTW, if anyone has watched the first 3 seasons of House of Cards on Netflix, season 4 is now available!

Goodnight everyone!

JudyE said...

SANDI if you Google the # there is areas to write complaints I have done in the past to several #

Also here in fl our cable co has virus protect I would call them it wouldn't hurt

At Angie

Talk at later she just pulled in from

stronghunter said...

I get an occasional call from the guys claiming to be from Microsoft, Sandi. I do not see any reason to be polite to someone who is trying to scam you. I have messed with them a couple of times, asking such questions as "Which computer are you talking about?"

The group that I get the most calls from is the one wanting to help me with my credit card debt, even though they have no idea what credit card I have, if any. I usually get that that call at least once a day, at least on weekdays. I don't think I am still on the Do Not Call list. I signed up long ago, but haven't renewed recently.

Judie said...

Well, congratulations on the arrival of the new kayak Sandi. Now you only have to curb your anticipation of warm weather.

Ah, the callers who tell us they have detected viruses on our computer. I typically react with shock and: "viruses?" "you mean viruses that can create illness?" "Okay, thanks. I'll call our primary care doctor to get an appointment for antibiotics. Thanks" My alternate response (depending on how many calls I've answered that day: "Is Mr. >>>> there?" "Oh, I'm so sorry. He no longer lives here>" Yet another alternate answer: "Oh, I'm sorry to tell you that he and his computer died yesterday. Some kind of virus." Okay, I know I'm not being nice but then I don't think I have to be nice to people who work for scammers who violate the do not call list.

Hope Jo is feeling well tonight. Also hope Glo checks in soon and Lynne2, also.

Headed for my recliner and the reading of the final pages of a library book.

Wishing everyone a night of restful sleep.

stronghunter said...

When I asked what kind of computer I have, one guy told me it was a Microsoft computer. As far as I know, Microsoft has operating programs, not computers. Not too hard to confuse these guys.

grannyblt said...

Good evening.

I have come to the point where I screen all phone calls. I figure I have an answering machine and if it is important they will leave a message. I do answer calls from know callers.

I hope our Mema Jo is doing well, I didn't see a post from her today.

Just checked our nest and all seems well.

SED everyone.

Lolly said...

When we get calls, we answer and if there is a pause we just hang up. Do not think we have received the computer calls just the credit card ones. Happy now that the political calls have ended for a while.

Again got a lot accomplished in the yard. Really enjoying it! It is just so nice and enjoy listening to the birds while working. I hear the rs Hawks and wonder where their nest is located. I am thinking it is In the backyard of the house across the street. They have 2 acres and big trees I the backache.

Sandi, your kayak is really pretty! I know you are really going to enjoy it. Yes, I retired at age 56. Jack was retiring that summer at 60 and I told him he was not retiring without me! Lol. Then that Fall when Joseph was born I was able to go stay with her and help out!

Saw on Fb that Dana's dad was coming home. So happy for her.

Going to stick my nose in my kindle now! Night all! SED!


Lolly said...

Lol. Don't you just love auto correct! Backache instead of backyard? Roflmbo. I also saw where i meant to type "was able" and it was changed to washable! Ha! Saw that one and corrected it!

WVJerry said...

Good morning. I see an eagle in nest. Not sure if awake or sleeping. Working 6-2 today and then off until Tuesday. Have a great weekend. Talk later and take care all.

CarolAnne said...

Happy Saturday everyone.
Nest snow appears to be gone.
Eagle awake and looking around.
All looks well.

CarolAnne said...

Second eagle arrives.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. 28 degrees and only going into the 40s. Rain mixed with snow tonight. I guess there will be no kayaking this weekend.

Happy birthday Sharon! Please stop by the blog to collect your birthday wishes - I miss you here!

Great news about Dana's dad going home.

Lynne, I'd love to screen all calls but when Brian calls, only "Private Caller" or "Out of Area" come up on the caller ID and he doesn't leave a message if we don't pick up. Plus, with Denny running his business from the house, any phone call could be a potential client. I have politely asked them to stop calling, have played along with their ruse, and have offered witty comebacks. Now, when they say they're from the Windows Technical Department, I cut them off with, "No, you're not. You are a scammer who thinks I'm stupid enough to give you access to my personal information. Take me off your f%#&ing list and don't ever call my house again!" and hang up.

My mother used to keep my dad's police whistle next to the phone. Whenever she got a prank call, she just picked up the whistle and blew it right into the phone earpiece! Hmmm, I have that whistle here somewhere - wonder if I can find it?

Tennis for me this morning, then laundry. There will be a nap in my afternoon - I was awakened at 5:30am to the sound of a dachshund throwing up. Fortunately, she was in her bed, not mine!

Have a greyt day all.

grannyblt said...

Good morning.

Happy Birthday to Sharon.hope your day is great and the coming year wonderful.

All seems well at the nest.

Light snow here. It is supposed to be in the 50's by Monday and. No snow in the 14 day forecast. I sure hope they are correct.

Good news about Dana's dad. I hope he continues to improve.

Enjoy your Spring Lolly. I hope to make it to TX this year to catch a glimpse of the blue bonnets. Hope they aren't early this year, though I fear they will be. My Houston friends have already put out their tomato plants.

Sandi, nothing gets one out there f bed in a hurry than the sound of an animal up-chucking.

With that pleasant thought, I'll bid everyone adieu. ( how do you spell that word?)

grannyblt said...

Their bed. Gotta proof read. Between my fingers and auto correct......

Judie said...

Good morning to all.

Overcast and chilly here.

Nest is snow-free with an adult looking around maybe trying not to be too bored.

♪♫ HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHARON ♪♫ Hope today is wonderful and the year ahead even more so.

A couple of errands today. Nothing major.

Hope Jo and a few others stop by later.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Oh, yes. I have leaped out of bed to tend to an up-chucking animal. Hasn't happened in a long time, though. In the past, it's been an animal up-chucking on the bed.

stronghunter said...

Happy birthday, Sharon.

Lolly said...

Good morning! Another bright sun shiney day and then several days of rain and storms. Yep, storms of the not so good kind are predicted. In the mean time I will get out and work!!

Yes, Spring has come early to Texas. My Texas Mt. Laurel is covered with buds. Will take a picture when it is in full bloom. I imagine the Bluebonnets will be early.

🍰🎈🎉Happy Birthday, Sharon!🎉🎈🍰

Heading to church to work in the garden there. Need to weed and spread mulch. Then work in my own yard. Have a great day!🌞🌞🌞

Mema Jo said...

Good morning to all ♥

Sharon's pre-birthday wishes are welcomed but don't forget to repeat them on the 6th.
Hoping she comes over tomorrow. One can never have too many good wishes.

Pictures of Dana's dad at home on FB - his coloring looks so well! Hoping he heals!

This past week has been a long one - I think I have slept more during the days and nights then ever before. I have felt very well - just tired. Sorry I didn't get on here daily and hope I didn't cause too much concern.

The snow the other day covered everything - very wet - good snowball weather.

I am happy with the news about Luna and also about Yoda (Robyn's white boy cat)
Hoping that all other pets are doing well !

Judy don't over do the house painting - you take care of your neck!

Sandi - the kayak is beautiful and I'm sure you are going to get many many pleasures while out on the water. To where does your canal lead - what body of water.


Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Another serene scene at the nest. I love it!

LYNNE2, you and I have the same telephone habit and it works well. I only recently acquired "caller i.d" and find it a great help as well. Now my close friends and family do not have wait through the ringing and Mr. Message's spiel. I check on line to see if the "call registry" thing is still in place and it is---so much for that system. The folks in charge must get the same calls so why don't they update the thing???

SANDI, too bad about that rude wake up call. Hope the little girl is okay now.

I wonder why the calendar jumped the gun on Shar's birthday, JO. I saw the date and am saving my birthday wishes til' tomorrow---except to say we wish all members of "The Southern Delegation" well and happy every day!

JO, so glad you're getting the rest your body must need---sleep is an underrated source of healing and well being. JMHO Thanks for the FB update on Dana's dad. He's another trooper with a lot of grit and determination.

Happy cam show viewing or CVS as in Cam Show Viewing. May you all have a grand and glorious day!


Judie said...

Going out to take care of a few errands.

Kay, calendar (caught me off guard, also) jumped because of leap year, I think.

Jo, as long as we know you're feeling good and getting lots of sleep, we're happy.

Sandi, until we figured out Jake is allergic to grains, we were greeted several times daily with "returned" food. He's fine now. Just wish I had realized the true problem sooner.

Congratulations for Dana's dad. May he continue to heal and grow stronger by the day.


Sandi said...

Oops, sorry about jumping the gun on Shar's birthday. When I got the reminder yesterday, I didn't even bother to look at the date - just thought it was today.

Jo, good to see you on the blog this morning. I'm glad you get a break from treatments now to get your energy back! I think apple pie and ice cream are good for one's energy level! ;)

Tennis was good fun. Off to walk Janey and check on my Neighborhood Watch houses. It's cold but at least it's sunny!

JudyE said...

good Morning Eagle Buds

So happy to hear that Dana Dad is returned home Great news.

yep we have several MIA Lynne1 and Paula haven't check in in a while

resent temp is 64° high will be 74° today but by next Tues we will be 85° every day temp going up

Took Jordyn to the neat park that I found with all the birds owls, hawks, turtles pond and others after I picked her up at school yesterday. It is over where she lives She really liked it but we were there only 30 min they close at 630 and have a gate didn't want to get locked in. they have a sign on gate in case you get locked in call Largo police which has a key. To me if there are cars in the lot why would they close the gate JMHO
She loved the board walks and the opportunity to go out to the inter coastal waterway on them. She so wanted to see a dolphin but we weren't there long enough She said she wants to go there from now on after I pick her up on Fri Which is fine with me and she wants to walk the board walk trails also she said. Just no time last night.

JudyE said...

Call out and another eagle flies in to the top of the tree and then you can see the eagle leave the tree also great capture by Terry at about 113 and 138

Lolly said...

So, I was led astray on Sharon's birthday. Checked on fb and see it is yet to come! Lots of birthday wishes is a good thing!

Jo, sounds like the treatments are tiring you out. Rest and naps are good!!

Did myself in today. I was so tired when I finally stopped. Thank goodness I have a bench in my shower as I used it today. Lol. First we went to church...weeded, spread mulch, Jack used the weed eater and then we used th leaf blower. Came home and Jack spent the day working on the picket fence around the herb garden. I used the blower to clear the patio of leaves. Then I mowed, then I used the edger (manual), then I used the blower again, on patios, walks and driveway. By that time I was exhausted so I sat an pulled weeds out of a flower bed. Didn't use my good sense and stop was sooner!😩

Rain is not coming until Monday so I will be back out tomorrow! Rain all next week. I will rest then!😀👍
Going to put my nose in my book now. Night all! SED!

Sandi said...

Quiet day on the blog today.

Just wanted to say goodnight - I will see everyone in the early AM.

Mema Jo said...

Today's video from Terri Bayles of the sub-adult visitor to our nest.
3/5/2016 12:48:11 PM NCTC Eagles

It was a sub-adult

I've watched some TV - going to close for the evening and will hope to be back tomorrow. Sunday is always a Jenny day!

Goodnight to all and God Bless and Keep you Safe ♥

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. I see one tucked asleep eagle in the nest with a little snow around him. I'm guessing this is Shep b/c the grass around him is free of snow.

Happy birthday Shar - got the date right this time!

Lolly, how much property do you have? It seems like your outdoor work is never done! Then again, it seems like you love doing it so that's a good thing!

Cleaning the upstairs is on my agenda for today. Have a greyt day all.

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle buds

Waiting on Angie to come we are heading to Busch Gardens minus Carl he is on call

WVJerry said...

Good morning Sandi and Judy. I saw an eagle has in nest. Looks like we had just the slightest amount of snow sometime last night. Looks like warmer weather coming after today. Sandi - enjoy your kayak. Everyone have a great weekend. Talk later and take care all.

Judie said...

Good morning.

Okay, well, not such a good morning for those of us who watch Downton Abby. Am anxious to have threads of story lines come together but so sad to have this series end. Now, I can only hope there will be new Fisher and Midsomer mysteries.

Eagle egg-sitting in a snow-free nest with just a tiny breeze. Looks overcast there as it is here.

Sandi, I think Lolly and Jack own about 50% of TX based on their endless yard work. lol

Going to review some paperwork today. Need to refresh my brain on the retirement community policies as well as some legal documents that need updating when we move. Should be enough to induce an afternoon nap.

Wishing everyone the best day possible.

Mema Jo said...

Good morning to all ♥ A little snow on the deck but since has melted. The temps scheduled for this week tells me it is almost spring.

Jenny and I are here yakking this morning. She brought a new Easter egg wreath for the front door - looks great!

The kids are planning an Easter lunch here at the house... It should be crowded and lots of fun.

No plans for any outing today

Have a good day everyone

Lolly said...

Good morning! Great to see sunshine butt it disappears this week! Yard is still muddy so not looking forward to more rain. Lakes are full so possible flooding. Time will tell.

Sandi, we have an acre. It is a lot to care for but we do enjoy it. We will have to hire help as we get older but right now we are able. To walk around our yard is such a pleasure. I am definitely an outdoor person.

Time to eat and then head to church. Today ends 8 weeks on the diet and I am down 19 pounds. Walking and gardening really helps. Winter time sitting is NOT good. One more month on the diet. I can do this! Jack is not dieting but he is down 7 pounds. I am definitely not baking and not opening bottles of wine. Also eating tons of fresh veggies. That is why Jack is loosing. Lol

Have a great Sunday! Yes, looking forward to Downton Abbey this evening but hate that it is the last!

Mema Jo said...




Mema Jo said...

Some commotion at the nest !

Kay said...

Good Afternoon, Eagle Buds!!!

JO, did you figure out what that nest kerfuffle was all about? Yesterdays young adult may be giving them fits. Happiness is having a dear daughter to yak with. The wreathe sounds lovely.

SHAR, wishing you well and happy today. Hope the family is treating you like a "Queen for a Day"!!!

I'll be watching Downton Abbey with youse guys and also lamenting the fact that it's coming to an end.

Prayers for all in need!!!


Mema Jo said...

Kay we are thinking that the nest kerfuffle was just some small birds around the nest.

JudyE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sandi said...

Hi all - looks like another slow day on the blog. This time next week we could be on pip patrol!

It was a good day here - got a lot of cleaning done and also took Janey for a walk. It was still pretty chilly - upper 40s. I think we will be warming up for the next few days. I'm off on Wednesday of this week and it's supposed to be in the 60s by then. Nice but not warm enough to take the kayak out.

Time for some TV shows so I'll say goodnight. I have never gotten into Downton Abbey but I know many folks have and they all seem so sad that it's ending. I shall see everyone in the early AM.

Judie said...

Good evening,

and Good Night Sandi.

Yes, those of us who have followed Downton Abby are sad to have the series come to an end. In addition to doing some pre-move planning on what we can take and what we must let go of in terms of furniture, etc., I have been watching the reruns.

Dinner is over. Scullery is in order. Headed to my recliner and the last episode.

Hoping everyone had a good day.

Eagle is tucked in for the night.

Wishing everyone a night of restful sleep.

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Hello my dear friends. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes yesterday and today. Today is my 54th birthday and Becky's (Mattie and Justin's Mom) 41st birthday. Beverly's youngest boy was born on this day in 1980 and we never got to celebrate 1 birthday with him. He will always be in our hearts.

Today my sister fixed lasagna and we had a Dairy Queen ice cream cake. The absolute best part of the whole day was when I looked up at the front door and there stood my baby boy, Andrew and his wife, Kelsey. I had no idea they were coming. Feelings were a little hurt because he hadn't called me or even sent me Facebook birthday wishes. He definitely fixed that.

I'm so sorry I haven't been around much lately but I am working 2 jobs and it is consuming my life. I'm hoping it levels out pretty soon.

I hadn't had a car of my own in a long time and it worked out that I was able to buy a 2001 Ford Taurus in excellent condition, including new tires and battery. God is good all the time. All the time, God is good. One day, I will explain to you how it all came about but let's just say Daddy and God played big parts in it. And - I have no car payment! Woot!



stronghunter said...

Oh wow, Sharon! Congratulations on getting a car. That will make life easier for you. God bless you.

Happy birthday, dear friend.

stronghunter said...

Rest well, my friends. SED.

JudyE said...


~~~▄▄██▌ Its your Birthday so
▄▄▄▌▐██▌ Let the good times ROLL!!!!!!!!!

Nice day with Angie and Jordyn and Lori and Khloe
at Busch Gardens was there longer than intended LOL Angie wanted to leave by 4 but it was after 5 when we left
Kids had a good time
as well as the adults LOL

Pictures are on FB of the day I took to many pictures and didn't want to pick and choose so I uploaded them all

hope everyone had a good day today

my delete earlier MY bad wrong person OOPS facebook remeinder

Mema Jo said...

All's well that ends well and Downton Abbey said it all. Wonderful endings for all characters concerned!

Time to rest through the night

Goodnight to all ♥

JudyE said...

gotta get up early to take the rental back and get my truck

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all
♀ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need
"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle"

Lolly said...

Loved Downton Abbey! Loved the way it ended.

Worked I the yard all afternoon. Heard geese again but could not locate them. Love being in their migration path. Really hate that rain is coming as the south side of the house is just now not standing in water. The brick path has been dug out from under the mud! Well, here we go again.

Time to get ready for lights out! Nite! SED!

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends - it's Monday. 29 degrees right now but the warm-up begins this afternoon.

Jo, Judie, Lolly (not sure about Kay and Shirley) ... I am sorry that your show has ended. I hope you can recover from your sadness.

Have a greyt day all.

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

out the door I go sure don't miss getting up early LOL

starting out chilly 50° but gonna get 77° today

Hope each one of you have a good day

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

We have a nice new thread.

NEW THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!