Wednesday, July 15, 2015


New thread.


Mema Jo said...

Good Wednesday Morning to all

Thanks Steve for the mid week fresh new thread.

Lots of rain late last night.

Going over to alert the others so they come on over

Mema Jo said...

Judie found the thread first

Congratulations on your new feather !

Judie said...

Good morning, again.

Thank you Steve for the fresh mid-week thread.

Sandi, I was not clear yesterday. Developments referred to all the goings on I read when I checked the blog posts. Nothing new here. Sorry about the computer issue. What a PIA.

Continued positive thoughts for Zoey and Glo.

Thinking of Jo and her upright pill.

Thinking of Shirley and the little rascals and Luna. Maybe an update later on Hunter, too.

Think today will be zucinni bread day and maybe apple cake as well. Really too humid for baking but want to use the zucinni and apples.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

Judie said...

Hey Jo, how about we give the feather we share to Shirley so she can play with Smokey and Bandit? And, a good morning to you.

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Finally, a somewhat sunny day ahead before more storminess.

Must be in honor of Your Day, JUDY! Have a happy one!!!!

SANDI, sounds like a vet trip is a good idea for Jenni--hope it's nothing serious. Too bad about the computer mess, but glad you've sorted it out.

Heading back to see what I've missed since yesterday....

Oh, but first---thanks to STEVE for the New Thread and congrats to whoever winds up with the feather!

Kay said...

Okay, I think I'm up to speed here.

Hmmmm, blueberry butter in PA, zucchini bread and apple cake in VA---y'all are making me hungry, as usual!

Special thought for Petsters Jenni and Zoey and prayers for all in need!


Judie said...

Okay, a second jolt of coffee and a scan of previous blog posts.

♪♫ HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUDYE ♪♫ Hope you have a very special day and a very special (retirement) year ahead.

Sandi, saying a Jenni prayer that the vet will be able to help.

Was all sunshiny but now very windy and looking dark and stormy. Definitely a baking day.


stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Thanks for the new thread, Steve. And thanks Judie and Jo for the call-over.

Happy birthday dear Judy!
Have some fun today.

Blueberry butter--that sounds very interesting, Lynne1.

I've read that red winged blackbirds like to hang with other black birds, Jo, and I've seen them with those big groups of grackles before. Interesting.

What kinds of developments, Judie?

It is hard to get rid of Conduit, Sandi. Are you sure it is gone? It is very good at hiding.

Hope you are feeling much better today, Janet.

grannyblt said...

And another good morning to eagle friends.

Hope Zoey is holding her own today. I've also been on that bus going to the vet this month. Lizzie aka Ms Stray aka momma cat, has a stubborn case of diarrhea . We are going the antibiotic route first, then into the testing and more expensive treatments . She'll still need the rest of her shots and spaying. The fat kittens are starting to open their eyes. So cute.

Rain here yesterday and cooler today and maybe more rain. I'm wondering if Glo and Kay are in cahoots with the weatherman and are sending it our way. You can stop now. I am tired of thunderstorm warnings and flood watches.

stronghunter said...

Oh, I see Judie already answered the question about interesting developments.

Luna seems fine with the kitties. They have not paid too much attention to her, but they have noticed her wagging tail.

stronghunter said...

And Hunter had a fun day yesterday at Kings Dominion. He rode lots of rides and bought Dipping Dots for himself and a couple of friends. (That was the field trip for the Y Camp kids.)

NCSuzan said...

Judie, how deliciously cruel of you to tempt us with mouthwatering delicacies that are outside of our reach! haha!

And what about blueberry butter? Slathered over warm zucchini bread....mmmmmmm.

Maybe I should fix something to eat like toast or something!

JudyE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope all wishes come true! Enjoy your day!

Mema Jo said...

Juvie in nest with fish - did anyone see s/her come in?

Sandi said...

Hi all - back from tennis and then the dermatologist, my last visit for a while. He removed the stitches from 2 weeks ago and then burned off a basal cell carcinoma on my forehead. So I have another bandaid but at least no new stitches.

Shirley, I thought I remembered you getting that Conduit hijacker on your computer. Last night I did a Google search about how to remove it and followed each of the steps in the article one by one. The laptop seems to be working fine but I guess some little bits and pieces could still be lurking somewhere and it may rear its ugly head again. Fortunately, I knew what had happened as soon as I logged onto the computer and tried to open Firefox b/c I have had another browser hijacker - Vosteran - on my primary laptop. I'm sure Michael must have been having problems with the laptop once it got "infected," but of course he wasn't about to say anything to me b/c he would have to admit that he had downloaded a game suite that he wasn't supposed to install on my computer.

I have decided to hold off on calling the vet for Jenni. She hasn't had any more diarrhea today so I am just going to stick with a chicken and rice diet for another day or 2 and see what happens. Her appetite and behavior are normal and she is drinking plenty so I'm not worried about her getting dehydrated.

The weather doesn't seem to know what it wants to do today - it gets cloudy and looks like a storm and then it doesn't rain and the sun peeks out.

Being up during the night and playing tennis 3 days in a row has me beat - I see a nap in my near future. Then it's off t0o the grocery store for me.


stronghunter said...

Didn't see juvie come in, Jo. But one in nest now. Having issues keeping cam up.

stronghunter said...

Juvie lying on nest. Interesting shadows of branches above the tree. Breezy.

I am surrounded by small, furry, fierce beasts.

Mema Jo said...

He had food at first - didn't know if an adult gave brought it in or if
our juvie finally caught his own fish

Lynne2 said...

Happy Birthday Judy!!! I wanted to leave a message on your facebook page but for some reason I can't! When I go to your page, there is no place for me to leave a comment.

stronghunter said...

Oh, hi, Sandi. Didn't see your post awhile ago.

Similar weather here. Right now, it is sunny.

Yeah, I had Conduit, and I asked the people at Office Depot about it. They said that it can be hard to find. I got so suspicious that I was afraid to trust the sites I brought up on Google to get rid of it. I am sure Michael wouldn't want to admit he'd gotten your computer infected. Sounds like you are plenty sharp when it comes to such things--kids and computers.

I kept getting Conduit when I tried to download Firefox, so I got rid of Firefox for awhile. Have it back now.

Wondering why I keep finding kitty toys in the laundry. Kittens want clean toys? Toys are being forgotten in pockets?

Lynne2 said...

Well, we did end up getting a heck of a storm last night and I am happy to report that Daisy did really well WITHOUT the thundershirt this time! I think using it previously has helped and I will use it again, too. But by the time I saw the lightning it was too late. But she bravely stayed in her bed, not shaking for about the first 20 minutes of the event! Then she went into the bathroom but instead of curling up in a ball on the floor by the tub, she just sat in there, looking nervous but not shaking!! This is BIG progress!!

JudyE said...

Home from work and find a fresh thread


JudyE said...

WTH is going on I don't have a comment box on my profile like you said LYNNE others must have been posting where it says my birthday announcement on the side I guess Checked in setting can't find anything wrong HEY CHECK out yours and see if its ok

JudyE said...

Well LYNNE@ I got my comment box back under notification it got enabled for some reason Just like the recent stories get switched to top stories I guess but now the comment box is below some of my comments WTH is going on and its on all three devices not just desktop was going to run scan but not just one puter Odd yesterday I was having Adobe issues and google chrome I relaunced google and I wonder if that has anything to do with it I will be patience HAHA me no way

JudyE said...

ok I seem to be fixed Comment box is back on top of my page I went in a enabled and disabled just playing around we will se e

Mema Jo said...

Judy sometimes when things just aren't right or aren't like they used to be - I just close it down and then when I bring it up - all is well.

It is frustration - I was trying to make a personal album of the ggs photos and
the format and directions were just totally not what they used to be. I gave up
but will try again when I remember to do it.

JUDY - I only see 2 or 3 photos in the Momster Album from you - Have you given up on it. I know the FB Eaglet Momsters have all your photos - I miss them on our Yahoo

Judie said...

Good early evening.

Suzan, if you just hop in your chariot and drive like a banshee, you will find both zucinni bread and apple cake with butter cream topping waiting for you. Oh, as you drive across the VA line, stop by a help Shirley pick up kitty toys from the laundry then bring her along with you. I just love the way kittens carry their "prey" around with them.

Uh, well, glad all the FB issues are resolved - whatever those issues are.

Lynne2, very happy that Daisy is making real progress with not being so frightened during a storm.

Hope Zoey had a good day.

Sandi, maybe Jenni just had a tummy bug? Maybe she's on the mend? Do hope so. Okay, I'm getting a bit suspicious as Darth came home today with a blister on his cheek - maybe he was with Sandi as he also had a "spot" frozen. Are you two meeting at the dermatologist? Well, if you are it's okay as I plan to elope with Elliot.

I am headed across the hall to put my feet up. Hope everyone has a nice evening.

JudyE said...

THANK YOU FOR THE REMINDER OF THE PIC I forgot old age sitting in there are now the pic on the album

just got to do the lap top next I grab a few during lunch if they are in the nest

I found the issue on FB some how my disabled was a enabled so I just switched I was having issues with Adobe flash player and google chrome maybe that screwed something up but I found it in my settings and I know darn well I didn't change them as the same as the news feed switching on it own from recent to top stories FB hiccuping

JudyE said...

FYI I put pic of the locked talons on it also that was amazing

Sandi said...

Judie, what happens in the dermatologist's office stays in the dermatologist's office! :)

Apple cake with butter cream topping sounds heavenly!! I won't ask for the recipe b/c I would never make it, but if you could box a piece of that up and ship it to Bethany Beach, I would be forever grateful!!

Just read on Facebook that Dana's dad had a CT scan and 2 of his tumors have shrunk considerably. What a blessing!

Janet, hope your first day back to work didn't wear you out too much.

Shirley, it sounds like a very happy time in the Phillips household with those new kittens!

Jenni got boiled chicken and brown rice for dinner with a dollop of Greek yogurt mixed in. She inhaled it. Her gastro problems are not resolved but we shall see how things continue to progress.

Off to Facetime Miss Freyja - I will see everyone in the early AM.

JudyE said...

Barn Owl Camera in Texas

JudyE said...

adult in

JudyE said...

adult in

JudyE said...

I can see a fish also

JudyE said...

adult now eating can see white head go up and down so far no kids must be out for the evening Nice seeing adult

Judie said...

Good news that Jenni was hungry and eating. Sorry about the continued upset tummy.

Good news also about Dana's father. I hope he continues to improve.

I had not checked the barn owls for several weeks. Thanks for the reminder JudyE. They are too cute and about to make their way into the world.

Sleepy and soon headed to the pillows. Sandperson is about to depart.

Restful sleep for all.

glo said...

Mom's Celebration of life service is tomorrow. I will leave close to sunrise. I have friends caring for my animals during the day. I will give Zoey her meds and broth and chicken before I leave. She sees vet again on Fri. She has eaten ok today. All should go ok here for pets tomorrow. Thank you all for your prayers and positive thoughts. Made a couple of photo collages to bring with me tomorrow. Good times and yet the memories trigger some of the sadness a little. With Zoey I haven't had much time for the grief. Tomorrow though I will be with family. We ave a lot to celebrate which in reality also means we have a lot to miss. I am praying for the weather for driving and for services to co-operate. Morning here when I leave is looking a little stormy I hope they are wrong for my sake and Patches especially. I will try to check in here tomorrow night hopefully when I get home. AOYP all.

Janet said...

good evening to all. a very tired good evening.

LYNNE2: sooo very pleased that Daisy is doing well with and without the thundershirt! bravo!!!

i'm feelingokay. sluggish and tired to be precise. but I muddled thru my day and made it home.

made dinner. kids cleaned up. I piddled out in the yard. now its about bed time. so good night to all SED (and JUDYE: happy birthday sis, love ya! make it the best year yet!)

JudyE said...

Security system is armed please be sure to use your code if out past curfew

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

Mema Jo said...

Popping in to read your evening comments - happy that all is well

Well my haircut is above my ears! Also I had my gal buzz the lower back and the sides.
You guessed it - with only 3 days of chemo I notice when I combed my hair this morning that a lot came out on the comb............. so to be ahead of the game I took the
initiative to make the first step! My curls are gone except for my top notch and bangs.

So it is what it is.......... ♥

Goodnight to all and Gob Bless you through the night!

whoa! what do I see about selecting all images with street signs to prove I'm not a robot That is crazy and I am skipping over it...... Hasn't anyone else seen this
before you published? Weird NITE

Mema Jo said...




stronghunter said...

Will be thinking of you, Glo.

Very sleepy. I played bridge tonight, and, for once, I won. A whole $4.00! It was nice to see everyone again.

stronghunter said...

SED, everyone.

Hoda said...

Happy Birthday JUDIE.
Sending you Love and Light and wishing you a spectacular year and much eagle watching. Enjoy your special day.

Hoda said...

GLO, sorry to read you lost your Zmom. Sending prayers and keeping you in the Light as you experience her Celebration of Life. Blessed Be. A life well lived.

Hoda said...

Not sure why auto correct says Zmom!

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle fiends - no Jenni messes to clean up on the floor this morning!!! She did wake up a little early and start pacing so I hopped up too in order to get her outside. I do think she is on the mend.

Hoda, I am always so happy to see a few posts from you!! Please visit - and comment - more often!!

Glo, you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers today.

Jo, I know it's "only hair" but losing mine would be really hard for me. Prayers continue for you for the chemo to do its job 100%.

Last but certainly not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUDIE! Hope it's the start of a fabulous year for you!

No tennis for me this morning - getting my toes AND fingers done! Looks like a cool day here - only in the 70s. I think a chance to turn off the AC and air the house out.

Have agreat day all.

Janet said...

good morning all.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JUDIE! have a great day and fabulous year!
JO: what a remarkable woman you are. Holding you close in light and love.
GLO: keeping you close in heart and thoughts today.

Thursday. Work. Then getting my hair cut. I've let it grow out quite long, and now its driving me nuts. Time to chop off some of this mess.

Taking Jackson camping tomorrow. Only a 3 day trip. But do need to pack some stuff tonight I suppose. I was not motivated to do much yesterday.

hoping that once the coffee hits I feel more like myself.

have a great day to all! hugs!

grannyblt said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Judie. Hope your day, and year, is grand.

JudyE said...


~~~▄▄██▌ Its your Birthday so
▄▄▄▌▐██▌ Let the good times ROLL!!!!!!!!!

Good Morning Eagle Buds

Good to hear SANDI that you had no messes to clean up.

JO LOve the pic on FB of Elliot he is so cute and I love the new cut on hair

SIS hope you are feeling better with each passing day

LYNNE2 so happy Daisy is better with storms

Yes its good to see HODA on here but since I am the reason she isn't posting she probable won't read this just pass over it

STILL feed is stuck again LIVE is up no eaglet in nest but I do hear one

Thinking of GLO as she celebrates her mom and so happy ZOEY is doing better

JudyE said...

we are having torrential down pour right now I have a 11 appt at dentist to get post removed from gums that wasn't pulled years ago
SIS I was typing and getting dressed same time you were typing good to hear you are somewhat better

JudyE said...

still cam is back

Mema Jo said...

Good beautiful morning to all ♥

I had sent email to NCTC IT to resets our still cam - It has been done.
Great morning comments - I am headed in to see Radiation dr for a sit down visit...MTBR

Shirley hold on to that four bucks - very happy you won it all!
Sandi - fingers and toes getting polished - you will sparkle - glad Jenni is better.
Judie - beautiful weather for your special day - I wrote you wishes right after the stroke at midnight. ♥
Janet - You 3 day event is almost ready to start - Thanks for your words and hope your
haircut turns out to be stunning.
Hoda - it is good to have you here with us... Please come back often!
Lynne - hoping those 2 little ones' eyes are open and they see all around.

GLORIA - prayers for safe travels as you go to Mom's service.


NCSuzan said...

Judie, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank you for your sense of humor and the levity you bring here. May every one of your wishes today come true!

Judie said...

Good morning.

I feel quite accomplished as I am able to read and type at only 4 1/2 hours old. lol Nice sunshiny day out there and supposed to be not-so-horrible humidity. Thank you for your birthday wishes. No special plans yet. So nice that Hoda stopped by.

MT nest but a squawking eaglet nearby.

Thinking of Glo and hope her travels were, and will be, uneventful. Also hope that the day brings peace and acceptance for Glo and all her family.

Sandi, glad Jenni woke you up and seems to be feeling better.

Lynne, how are the little babies doing?

Congratulation Shirley! Please take care to lock the doors with all that cash in the house. Maybe Smokey and Bandit are in for $4.00 worth of new toys? Well, okay, maybe ONE new toy.

Jo, I like the curls but understand getting the "do" done. Have a terrific day.

Okay, off to find more coffee and contemplate the day's activities.

Wishing everyone the best day possible.

JudyE said...

Hoot Hoot my camera has been up for a while now Shh don't tell maybe cause not as windy???

I hear a juvie just a second ago

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

♫♪♫ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR JUDIE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ♪♪♪ Hope those "days activities" will include some very special moments!

SANDI, s'wonderful that Jenni is getting over those tummy woes!

GLO, thinking of you and yours as Mom's life is celebrated.

JO, sorry chemo is beginning to rob you of those lovely tresses, but here's hoping it's getting rid of that damn spot in the process! Prayers!

HODA, love having you speak up---hope all's well in your neck of the woods!

One more nice cool day here before Summer reenters. I'm off to the dentist for a filling redo.

Prayers for all in need!


JudyE said...

Back from dentist and also exchanging the shoes I got in the mail Will never do that again both pairs to big picked out shoes that were there They will do My feet are happy once again

my live feed is still running since I left Pretty cool I say must have to do with the winds I hear nothing or see nothing in the live feed kids are out enjoying being eagles I guess

Waiting to go get prescription antibiotic and mortin at Wmt after 2 mouth is starting to get unmumb Dentist suggested I go to Publix to get the antibiotic cause they are free there but onlly 4 at work I will pay the 4 instead of going somewhere else to get the second presc filled

Mema Jo said...

Good afternoon - the sun is hot but the breeze is delightful and no Humidity.
Hope everyone is having a good day. If it isn't a good day believe me it will get better

Sat with my Radiation doc - He confirmed that what was in my Lymph node has disappeared
He discussed future radiation that he could take care of me - I do have more chemo next week but it should go as well as it has in the past.

My red winged black bird returned all by himself just minutes ago. I have had my hawk
return during the morning hours for the past 2 days. I did this afternoon have a little gold finch at the bird bath for a drink. Because of the hawk I don't have many little song birds this year.

Time for Feet up - Judie I hope your day is measuring up to your expectations ♥

JudyE said...


Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JUDIE!!! Hope you have a wonderful day today!

Well, Emma is back at the vet today getting checked out. She had diarrhea early yesterday morning, but then was OK. Same song, second verse this morning. She's been known to do this when she's really stressed, but she hasn't seemed to be worked up over anything. Started a new allergy pill last night, but that wouldn't explain yesterday morning. Hope the vet can figure it out!

I'm supposed to go to the doctor this afternoon myself. I'm overdue for a routine checkup, but my doctor is out on medical leave until sometime in August because of a broken ankle (with surgery to repair it), so have to go to another doctor instead. Aargh. Feeling fine except for a sore wrist/thumb. Don't think it's related to that recent fall, because it's hurt before that at times.
Just hope they can figure it out.

Ken's fine, thank goodness! Can't have everyone on the puny list around here!

Mema Jo, glad you have a good report from the doctor! That's a very good thing that the lymph node is now clear! Thank God!

Well, better go get a shower and do some damage control to my appearance before I head out to the doctor's. Will check back in later. Have a super day, everyone! I ♥ us!!!

JudyE said...

JUVIE IN with sirens on

JudyE said...

Great report from the dr JO power of prays are with you each step of the way

JudyE said...

BBL heading out took snip

calling out we are wants feed

Judie said...

Good late afternoon.

Suzan, think we posted at about the same time. Thank you for the birthday wish. How's weather your way? Think you may be getting some rain?

Kay, hope you're having a good day and enjoying the cooler OH weather. Send some more over this way, please and thank you.

JudyE, glad you got the dental done and hope there are no complications.

Jo, yes, my expectation for the day has been met. I expected to wake up breathing and I did. Most important, so happy your visit with the radiologist was good news. You deserve another ice cream cone. What a wonderful role model of optimism and faith for us.

Andy, I have pain in both wrists/thumbs. Xray shows bone-on-bone arthritis. Maybe get it checked. Otherwise, hope the checkup is all good news. Hope Emma will be okay, also. Thank you for birthday wish.

Off to do some reading.

Sandi said...

Hi all!

Jo, what wonderful news that the lymph nodes are cancer-free! Like Judie said, your optimism is inspiring and having a positive attitude makes so much difference when it comes to the body healing.

What a gorgeous day it has been - cooler temps and low humidity! I love when I can open the house up and especially love sleeping with the windows open which we will do tonight.

My fingers and toes are now a very bright fluorescent pink with lovely flowers on my ring fingers. I only do a color like this once a year during the summer season.

Jenni is continuing to do well - no messes to clean up all day! Yay!

Time to feed people and pets - later!

Lynne2 said...


glo said...

Yeah on Mema Jo's lymph node news. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. I did have lots of heavy rain this morning as I drove but In Springfield it did not rain at all. I am now home about 20 mins ahead of the storm warnings going up for my area. I am tired but at peace in many ways which is good. Going to cuddle with my critters.

glo said...

oooops Happy Birthday Judie

Mema Jo said...

Whitetail was in the nest and now s/he is up on the stump

Chirping and asking if anyone is home I suppose.

Mema Jo said...

Thank you so much for letting us know you are home safely, Glo
I'm sure PATCHES, GABBY & ZOEY will have a good night's sleep as you will. ♥

Mema Jo said...

I had a craving for chocolate milk and peanut butter crackers - They were so good

Going in to watch some TV and then off to bed.

This is my Goodnight to all ♥

Lolly said...

πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆHappy Birthdy, Judie!πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸ˜œ. Hope it has been an enjoyable day and may the year ahead be blessed!

Has been a rather laid back day. Did get some grocery shopping done. Getting ready for Saturday.

Had a fun visit yesterday. A while back Jack got his truck stuck in the mud in the front yard. A neighbor we did not know from way down the street stopped to help. We got his phone number to call him but lost it. Well he stopped to talk with Jack yesterday and then he and his wife came yesterday evening for a tour of the yard and a glass of wine. Think we have some new friends!πŸ˜„

Jo,good we concerning the lymph nodes. Prayer continues for you!♥️

Jack is 75 tomorrow. My! Where have the years gone? Lol. Celebrating by having a yummy breakfast in the morning, but then working in the yard. Big celebration is Saturday!

Lolly said...

Miss Skippita went to the vet today. It was almost time for her shots, but we really went because of a spot on her nose. He came to the conclusion that it is just a small area of lighter skin pigmentation. The stripes on her back have also become more prominent. She is half badger! Lol. They were amazed at her Stripes! It is very unusual. They love her as she is so sweet. Vet says there are two ladies that would kidnap her. His assistant and his fiancΓ©. Lol. Anyway, she is just great, did get her shots and has slept all afternoon. The outing exhausted her. Going to get a picture for you to see her stripes.

stronghunter said...

Happy birthday, Judie!!

Almost missed it.

stronghunter said...

I still have the four dollars, Judie. Holding onto it for a special event.

Goodness me. Kitten climbing on the bars of the crate. I am about to go to bed little kitty. You are going to have to settle down for the night. We do not need to have you cavorting about the house while we try to sleep.

So glad to see you have good news from the doctor, Jo. I just had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You reminded me I wanted one.

Glad that there aren't problems for your fur child, Lolly.

Take care, everyone. SED.

Lolly said...

About to shut down for the night.

Sandi, Jacob is NOT to download either, but he does and we end up with messed up computers. Grrrr! He knows he is not to do that and denies doing it. We have to watch him!

Night all! SED!

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,

Wanted to be sure to drop in tonight and let you know what's happening with Emma and with me. Emma came home from the vet's at about 2 pm. Vet says she has some sort of colitis, and he put her on a new antibiotic for a week. He says not to be overly concerned. It may be a gigantic case of nerves left over from July 4th. In fact, I think she had this for a while last year about this time too. She's got a terrific appetite, and she's been playing like crazy with her Kong toy, so guess we'll try to ride this out. Oh--Emma was up on the couch this morning, sniffing the throw that Sierra was using for a blanket while she was here. Those two really bonded.

My doctor appointment went well, too. She had them x-ray my wrist and thumb to make sure nothing's broken, and it was all OK. She gave me a brace to wear that holds your thumb perfectly still, and it's helping. I can also ice the area, and take Tylenol. I go back in a month for a re-check. While I was there today I got a booster of my pneumonia vaccine too. It's the PCV 13 vaccine.

Well, think I'll hit the hay. It's been a busy day, and I think the Sandperson may have blindsided me! Sweet eagle dreams, everyone. God bless, and goodnight!

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. Still cool this morning but the humidity is supposed to return this afternoon. We shall see how long the house stays opened up. It was nice sleeping last night though.

Andy, about Emma's colitis. When Jenni started with colitis symptoms in early June, I took her to the vet and he put her on metronidazole. The diarrhea cleared up but after about 2 days, she started throwing up once or twice a day. When I did a Google search, it turns out that is a common side effect of the medicine. When her colitis symptoms started this week, I just switched her diet to plain chicken and rice with a tablespoon of Greek yogurt mixed in and the symptoms cleared up without taking her to the vet or putting her on the meds. I just wanted to warn you about the antibiotic in case Emma is taking the same one.

Tennis for me this morning at 8am. Finished a good book yesterday - Beautiful Lies by Lisa Unger.

Happy birthday to Lolly's Jack!

Have agreat day all.

Janet said...

good morning to all. gson will be here any time.

busy day yesterday. after work, I did get my hair cut. now it is at the base of my neck instead of about 3" down my back and it doesn't flop in my face any more either! much more manageable!

spent last night working on packing the rv. for 3 short days, so much to pack!
ran to the grocery and got some stuff for the trip.

I still have to put my clothes in the rv. dont' think anyone wants me running around in my birthday suit! ha ha .

cutting this short this morning. not sure if there is internet @ the RV park...I think there is. if yes, will touch base from there.

holding each of you close in my heart and thoughts!

Judie said...

Y'all come no over to the new thread.