Friday, July 17, 2015


TGIF thread.


JudyE said...


Judie said...

Good morning.

Thank you Steve for the fresh thread. Have a happy Friday.

MT nest. No plaintive cries. Two of the Scotland osprey chicks have fledged. The third is not quite ready but making plans.

Andy, do hope Emma starts to feel better and that Sandi was able to give some information about antibiotic side-effects. Very happy you are okay. The brace should help. Reminds me of Margy and her carpal tunnel discomfort.

Yep, Shirley. Hang onto that 4$. Might come in handy when you visit Paris. Oh, you all are preparing to visit Huntersville so before I forget, safe travels and enjoy the trip down memory lane.

♪♫ Happy Birthday Jack ♪♫ Have a special day and celebration tomorrow.

Never tried the combo of peanut butter crackers and chocolate milk. Jo, is that a prescription for restful sleep?

Sandi, you're off to tennis so hope you're having fun.

Janet, enjoy the trip. Have lots of fun.

Wishing everyone a lovely day.

JudyE said...
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JudyE said...

Have a great Birthday JACK

my delete I wanted to make sure that JUDIE collected her feather before she ran off and committed scullery

JudyE said...


JudyE said...

MT nest and no sounds I am heading out got to get Jordyn in a bit

Sandi said...

Thanks Steve for a fresh thread for the weekend and thanks to Judie for the call over.

Home from tennis - nice morning to play. Not sure what I will get into for the rest of the day. Maybe nothing. Nothing is good, right??


Kay said...

Good RED FRIDAY Morning Eagle Buds!!!

STEVE, thanks for new thread!

CONGRATS on feather, JUDY!

SANDI, "nothing" rocks!


JANET, relax, enjoy!

JUDIE, birthday dinner? Where?

ANDY, Emma in thoughts!

GLO, how's Zoey?

Appleby's lunch with Seth today!!!

Penny mani-pedi day.

Prayers for all!!!

P.S. Trying hand at concise ☺.


JudyE said...

KAY feather is JUDIE she found thread
I was first to comment
She was shy I guess

Still raining on and off our area under flood watch all the way up the coast

Angie sent lunch with Jordyn today so I have to wait to get her I normally take her to lunch but Angie was uncertain with my dental issue
So I have to wait now to get her but with all the rain I think I just may go ahead and head out

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Delivered Hunter to Y camp. We will leave for Huntersville this evening. Hunter's trip to Florida has been postponed because Ryan's mother has to take come teacher re-certification classes next week, but we have decided to go to Huntersville anyway. We have a hotel reservation at the same place as Ryan and family, so the boys can visit. And, I have contacted one of my Huntersville cousins.

Things to do and places to go. Hope everyone is having a good day.

Have a good birthday, Jack.

stronghunter said...

. . . some teacher re-certification classes

Mema Jo said...

Good Red Friday Morning to all ♥

Jack - enjoy your birthday and tomorrow your celebration
75 is NOT old - been there and done that - lol
Wishing you a fabulous new year ahead

Andy - great to hear you got the Prevnar 13 shot -I've heard very good reports about it and I have to wait until my immune system is steady - in between my chemo I think.

Glo reported that Zoey is home from the Vet with a supply of her medicine. ♥

It really smelled like rain earlier - Judy it sounds like you are getting it all.

Steve - thank for the new Friday thread - Enjoy your weekend

paula eagleholic said...




paula eagleholic said...


Mema Jo said...

Hello Paula

Hope all is well - happy when you stop by with us.

paula eagleholic said...

Hi Jo...all is well here...

grannyblt said...

As Paula reported, MT nest. That is a good thing.

Brother and sister in law just called and they will be here in 3 hours. Haven't seen them since last fall. Hope they will be smitten with the kittens and agree to take one of them. The babies are doing fine and have opened their eyes. I sit and watch them for more time than I'll admit. The storage on my iPad and iPhone are full, so I'll have to delete some things so I can take a picture for FB.

I guess I'd better think about a meal for this evening. I think planning meals is the worst part of having company.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

grannyblt said...

I forgot to check the box.

paula eagleholic said...


paula eagleholic said...

Really shaggy tail feathers....slightly dirty at the tips....guess it's Shep cause Belle just landed and grabbed the scraggly looking food. Shep up to the stump...where are the kiddos?

JudyE said...


JudyE said...


JudyE said...

Kids werent' around the other night when Belle showed up either out being kids I guess

paula eagleholic said...

Hi Judy!

paula eagleholic said...

I guess they will leave fairly soon :(

paula eagleholic said...

Food consumed. Beak cleaned.

paula eagleholic said...

Off she goes to the right.

JudyE said...

walked back in from kitchen and MT nest now

JudyE said...

got two snip of her and are in album as well as FB

Mema Jo said...

The pic of Shep really shows how handsome he is ♥

NCSuzan said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Jack! Hope you have a wonderful weekend of celebration!

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LOLLY'S JACK!!! Have a great day, and enjoy your Birthday celebration!

Sandi, thanks for the heads-up about the antibiotic--that's the one they've given Emma. So far, so good, but will be keeping an eye on her. The vet took care of her anal glands while she was there, and thought they might have become infected, so hope the antibiotic will work on that if that's the case. She's had no more diarrhea, so maybe we're on the right track....The brace they gave me seems to be working; thumb & wrist feel better today than they were yesterday.

Golly, I apparently have a case of CRS here. Can't remember whether I wished JudyE a Happy Birthday! Wishing you a Belated Happy Birthday, just in case!
Hope your day was a good one!

Well, I'd better get going. I need to feed Emma her "lunch", and then need to make copies of her vet bills to send to the pet insurance folks. Glad we have the insurance, because it adds up quickly! Hope everyone is having a good afternoon. Will try to get back here after dinner tonight. Ken is making Orange Chicken in the crock pot, and it smells really GOOD! Full report to follow later! I ♥ us!

Lynne2 said...


Lynne2 said...

Cloudy day today, big heat is on the way. Sure did enjoy the 2 dry and cool days and nights!

Lynne2 said...

Interesting thing happened the other night.....

My sister in law forwarded an email from my mother at her request that she had sent to my brother and his wife, my sister and her husband, and her sister and brother. She has been diagnosed with some sort of genetic deficiency that causes lung and/or liver diseased. She's got the lung problem, bronchiectasis. It's not fatal but she will now be under the care of a pulminologist and on meds for the rest of her life. The email was urging us to get tested at the recommendation of the pulminologist. I have a Dr. appt on Tues. She provided a list of the tests that should be done.

Interestingly, my brother sister mother and I have always had terrible bronchial issues, me especially. Several bought with pneumonia, terrible bronchitis year after year, and most recently being diagnosed with asthma.

Good grief....

Lynne2 said...

Well, SHIRLEY if you are checking in...MY BOOK IS READY FOR PICKUP AT THE LIBRARY!!! The Civil War Letters!!! WOOT!

But I just got Go Set a Watchman and that is only a 7 day checkout so I need to read that first. Will start tonight.

Lolly said...

Hi all! Thanks for the birthday wishes for Jack. Will pass them on! Jo, gave him your message......he smiled.

We did the yard today and have since taken it easy. You have to take it easy when it is so hot and dry! No rain for a while and now having to water. Time for another good rain but nothing in sight. We can water twice a week, lakes are full but we are still limited on watering.

Andy, hope Emma mends quickly! Skippi was really affected by her shots yesterday. She was groggy and sleeping all evening! I

Judie said...

Good evening.

MT nest.

Lynne2, so now you have an explanation for all the pulmonary problems and testing will help you cope with future problems, if any. That is a good thing.

Andy, glad Emma is doing better and that the brace seems to be helping you.

Bet Kay and Seth had a yummy lunch today.

Wishing Shirley and family a wonderful time this weekend.

Wonder if Jo had some Elliot time today? Hope so as I do plan to elope with him.

No rain today. Heat and horrible humidity arriving for the weekend.

Headed across the hall to do some reading before I dent the pillows. Sandperson will be packing soon.

Restful sleep for all.

Mema Jo said...

Good evening to all ♥

Lynne2 - The tests your sister=in=law has given you - you mentioned a Dr appointment...
Is the dr you are going to see a Pulmonologist ? If not you may wish to check with the
dr to whom you are going to be sure that he can give all the suggested test. I am familiar with some of the tests as I have COPD/Emphysema and know that special equipment is used for testing.

Mema Jo said...

I just realized that hubby and I had dinner last evening at Applebees.
I know Seth and Kay will eat hardy.

Shirley, I wish you a fantastic weekend and splurge and spend your four bucks!

I am watching a show on TV that has just come back with their new season -
VERA. It is a Mystery theme of course.

My cams are up thinking that soon there may be some squawking from a juvie.

After TV show I will be hitting the pillows. So I shall tell all of you now


Lynne2 said...

Jo, the list of blood test she sent:

Alpha-1-antitrypsin: Total
Alpha-1-antitrypsin: Phenotype

I have to see the primary care Dr first to get a referral. These are the genetic tests that would tell if I have the deficiency. If they come back positive (or negative?) then we go from there.

OK everyone, enjoy your evenings! I'm off to shower, grab a sandwich and start Go Set a Watchman! Will check in later!

Mema Jo said...

Great Lynne - all blood work
I'm familiar with the Alpha 1's

Here's praying your test do NOT warrant any referrals. Nite.

NCSuzan said...

Jo and Lynne2, the first pulmo dr. I had gave me the Alpha test to do myself and then send it off. It was just a prick in the finger and a drop of blood here and here and voila!

NCSuzan said...

Yes, Lynne2. I agree with Jo. Hope everything is A OK.

Lynne2 said...

Thanks Pulmo Warriers! In a way, if I am a genetically defective specimen then at least I will have an earlier start on treatment than my mother had, and I will finally know that I AM defective because I have never really thought my bronchial issues are normal.

On the other hand....I really cannot stand the idea that there would be yet another defect in this body.

So here is to hoping that I have my Dad's genes in this matter. It would make sense, I have his good looks, sense of humor, love of nature and moral compass. :)

Well the book is pretty good so far, I've got 5 chapters under my belt. I keep getting distracted by the baby owl (he's back after a couple of days of not hearing him) and the other strange sounds I keep (thinking) I am hearing. Glad Steve will be back tomorrow!

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends.

Janet, how is camping with the grandson going? Saw some photos on FB.

Glo, how is Zoey feeling? I hope she is continuing to improve.

Shirley, how is life with those kittens? That photo on FB is so precious!!

Kay, so glad you're getting lots of Seth time during his summer break!

Lolly, enjoy your family time today.

Judie, have you heard anything from the retirement community about the availability of a house? It's been a while since you and Frank put your names on the list.

Jo, prayers continue for you, today and every day.

Lynne2, our older son Brian was diagnosed with bronchiectasis when he was a child. He had 2 serious bouts of pneumonia when he was very young that damaged the bronchial tubes in the right middle lobe of his lung. The pediatric pulmonologist from Johns Hopkins recommended surgery to remove that entire lobe since Brian was so young and still growing. Otherwise the condition would spread and he would have chronic lifelong problems with his lungs. He had the surgery at age 16. The other 2 lobes of his lung expanded to compensate for the missing lobe (again, that's why the doctor recommended the surgery while Brian was still growing) and he is perfectly fine today - no lung or breathing problems.

Before he went into surgery, the doctor explained that he would have to remove part of a rib bone to get to the lung. Brian said he wanted the bone - said it was his body part so he wanted it! The doctor gave it to him and he STILL has it. Several years ago, when Brian had a chest xray, all of his ribs were intact, so even the missing piece of the rib bone regenerated as he grew. Amazing, right?

Went out to dinner on the boat with tennis friends last night - beautiful evening to be on the water. Looks like laundry and cleaning the upstairs will occupy my time today.

Have agreat day all!

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds works schedule is 8-5 this week they were suppose to change it bud didn't really doesn't matter to me so I stayed at angies later last night

MT nest and no sounds Norton is asking me to restart my puter so I must do as he says catch ya later

Judie said...

Good morning!

MT nest. Dark and stormy this morning. Lots of car activity on the street as I think the pool activities have been cancelled. Good decision - thunder and lightening and children in a pool = not good.

Sandi, we indicated we would not be ready until this Fall earliest. There are quite a few ahead of us on the list. We have been contacted a couple of times as those ahead of us were not ready to move or did not want what came available. We had to say no. Darth is not ready in terms of clearing out "stuff." So, I'm thinking within the next 6-12 months depending on residences becoming available and how many ahead of us are ready to move or bypass the offer. Of course, I was ready many moons ago.

Amazing story about Brian. Thought the liver and some brain neurons were the only parts to regenerate (except skin). So apparently little ones' bones and lung tissue also. Wish that would happen with aging hair follicles. lol

Jo, which channel for VERA? Is it a pay for channel? Been hearing good things about Applebees. My one experience many years ago was not tasty. Darth recently took his aunt and uncle to one and he said it was excellent. May try for his birthday next month.

Lynne2, of course you don't want more health problems but it is good to know so everyone can be prepared for medical treatment, if needed.

Hope for today: to get an update on Zoey, did Lynne1 have takers for a kitten, and that Shirley is having a terrific time.

Okay, rainy day is laundry day.

Have the best day possible.

Mema Jo said...

Good 'later then usual' Good Morning to All ♥

I voted Sandi - Good luck for the #1 canal prize

It has rained but has stopped - storms later today then predict.

Brian's story is so reassuring - I can almost imagine as parents, you and Denny found
it a very distressing time ♥

Judie - I had signed out before you asked about Vera but when you asked it was already
finished. WETA (265 for me) 9 - 10:30. It was very good!

Mema Jo said...


Wishing you many many more years of love and happiness

Mema Jo said...

Decorah N2 nest tree downed in storm – eagles ok

The Raptor Resource Project is reporting this morning that the N2 tree has fallen in a thunderstorm. Lightning broke off the eagle nest about 20 feet below the nest. All three young eaglets have been accounted for and one parent has been seen. There is no reason to think that anything has happened to the other parent, it just hasn’t been seen yet. The N2 nest was the main nest used by the eagles this year to raise the eaglets, but since they have fledged it was not being used much at this point.

Kay said...

Good Morning or Almost Afternoon, Eagle Buds!!!

SANDI, the story of Brian's early childhood condition and the care he received at Johns Hopkins takes my breath away. No pun intended. There is a very soft spot in my heart for that institution so full of fine doctors and state of the art equipment. I don't think Seth would have made it for more than a few days in the average hospital and am so glad Julie and Hugh lived in Maryland at the time of his birth!

LYNNE2, I do so hope you've been blessed with your father's genes. So glad your mother had enough love in her heart to alert your family about the condition and that there is testing available for it! Prayers!!!

JUDIE, Seth and I did have a scrumptious lunch at Appleby's, but we ordered fare that is hard to mess up---cheeseburger and fries for him, Cream of Broccoli Soup n' Salad for me. We weren't home for long when a ferocious storm came through. Electricity went out almost immediately and wasn't back on for 3 hours. Another storm, just a tad lest violent, came through within minutes of the restoration of power. No outage the second time. No flooding for me on my little hill, but other folks here were not so lucky. Hope your storms and rains are not damaging!

JO, you're in my daily prayers---as others have said, you are an inspiration as you face each step in this fight against the big C with such a positive attitude, grit and determination! I believe you are winning the battle due to all that, some excellent medical attention and the prayers of all who love you! And thank you for the Decorah news---sorry about the tree and nest, but so happy to know the eagle family is alive and well!

Hope the weather in LOLLY's neck of the woods is perfect for a day of celebrating. I'm sure JACK is one happy guy with his family surrounding him.

Happy Anniversary to STEVE and his lovely lady on their 29th!!!

So much for my vow to work on being concise, eh?

Prayers for all in need!!!


JudyE said...

Hello on lunch later than normal being 8 start today

Applebee I love that place

SANDI Interesting store on keeping the bone I probably would have asked also But they wouldn't let me keep my tonsils had to send out for testing bummer I would have loved to keep them


We have another friend Lynn diagnosed with cancer she posted on FB yesterday Carls sister has stage 3 Ovarian cancer and is on yer 4th week of 12 treatment now

so so happy that the eagles are ok at Decorah Sad news on the nest I wounder if they have a back up nest or will have to start over with a new nest Would like to find that out may have to go to the FB page and ask that question

Judie said...

Checking in.

Happy Anniversary wishes for Steve and his wife. May they enjoy the day and many, many years of happiness to come.

Oh my, so sorry about the Decorah nest. Had not checked for some time as the eaglets had fledged. So glad the babes and a parent are okay. Hopefully, the other parent will be sighted.

Jo, did you mean Channel 265? That is A&E for us. I'll check it out but don't think we have the same 265. Thank you for letting me know.

I also voted for Sandi's canal and hope she wins. The picture she sent sure helped. Lovely area.

Okay, washer is buzzing me.

JudyE said...

WR juvies are back in the nest the camera person found on of them in a tree with adult and had zoomed on them Love that camera all views are awesome

Sandi said...

Hi all - boy, is it ever hot outside! I spent about an hour out there weeding the canal end garden area. Thanks everyone for your votes to help us win the "beauty contest."

Brian's diagnosis and surgery were a very scary time for us. I vividly recall that, prior to the diagnosis at about age 12 or 13, he had to be tested for Cystic Fibrosis. Even though the doctor assured us that surgery was the best course of action for someone as young as Brian, we were concerned that he would have life-long limitations or problems as a result. But he can run for miles and chest xrays show no sign of his right lung being smaller than his left - the upper and lower lobes simply expanded to take up the space where the middle lobe was removed. He does have a whopper of a scar running down his back, from about his shoulder blade to almost his waist and then curving around his side - he likes to tell people he was in a knife fight!! :) The inner workings of our bodies are truly miraculous!

OK, I hear dirty bathrooms calling my name - bye!

Mema Jo said...

Judie - WETA 2 is my channel 265 Do you think you get this one?

My WETA is my channel 26. This is my Midsomer Murders with Barnaby.

JudyE said...

got my vote in also SANDI and I only voted for #9

JudyE said...

Well so much for getting to sleep in like I did this morning they changed by schedule back to 7-4
fine with me

I did turn in my new availability form today to start only working 4 days a week
I made my old asstmgr sad she got teary eyed said she would miss me I told her I would be in shopping and she said that is not the same I told her this has been talked about for years She must not have been around when it was discussed she said
She is going to miss my work ethic and me being there cause they depend on my She asked me if I was going to find a new Judy to do my work LOL
I told her its not my job LOL

Mema Jo said...

I am so thankful for my AC - must be 95° out there in the sun. Good day for the beach.

Judy a 4 day week will be a good way to slow down. I'm sure they will miss you for all
the reason your Assistant Mgr mentioned.

I have 2 hrs TV return season for Cedar Cove this evening - 8-10pm channel 48
I have watched all the previous season and I think I'll remember all the different
scenarios that are happening.

I didn't do much today with the exception of "pulling my hair out" lol Really ♥
Chemo has won again! Loss of hair is such a small price to pay for your health!

Now - I'm disappearing in a little while and will try to come back to say Goodnight

Mema Jo said...

Here I am to say Goodnight to all



Judie said...

Good evening.

Sandperson just banged out the door so y'all get ready to dent the pillows.

Jo, your channel 265 and mine are not the same. You get "special" PBS stations. I suspect your Cedar Cove is another example. Never seen that. We just have the standards.

JudyE, so nice your manager has let you know how much you will be missed. No doubt you will be. I have no doubt you will be very much missed. Enjoy the four-day work weeks.

Dinner was delicious. Just love those cheddar biscuits. Also enjoyed coconut shrimp. Darth had a platter. Must look for a copy-cat recipe I printed out way back when.

Saw a post that the Decorah family have all been seen and all are okay.

Okay, eyelids falling down now. Headed to the pillows.

Restful sleep for all.

Judie said...

♪♫ HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTY ♪♫ Wishing you a wonderful and special day. May the year ahead be the bestest ever.

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

JudyE said...


~~~▄▄██▌ Its your Birthday so
▄▄▄▌▐██▌ Let the good times ROLL!!!!!!!!!

Sandi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. It's supposed to be a hot one here in Bethany today - heat index over 100. Our nest looks and sounds MT.

Well, bathrooms never got cleaned yesterday so they are on today's agenda. Around 4pm yesterday, I opened the door to Kevin's room to let it air out since he's away for the weekend at a music festival. He always keeps his door closed and I need it to be that way because his room is such a hideous mess. I even stopped changing the sheets in there a couple of years ago and I'm not sure that Kevin has washed them since I stopped. I only clean his bathroom - period. Until yesterday.

Five hours and 5 contractor-size plastic bags later, I emerged. I stripped the bed down to the mattress and threw his sheets, pillow cases and mattress pad away. The bags were filled mostly with empty beer and soda cans that he had stacked up in pyramids covering the floor and every surface. I retrieved missing plates, glasses and silverware and dusted and vacuumed and windexed and Febfrezed the entire room. Today I'll steam clean the carpeting, though I'm not sure that some of the stains will come out.

When Kevin comes home tomorrow, I'm sure he will be furious. And we'll have to have a conversation (hopefully not a knock down, drag out fight) about expectations if he plans to stay here. My father was a "my way or the highway" parent - this is MY house, so if you don't like my rules, don't let the door hit ya on the way out. I always swore I would never make my kids feel like this is my house, not theirs and want them to always feel welcome. But from now on, if Kevin wants privacy in his room, then he will need to maintain the room in some kind of order. Otherwise, I will invade his privacy to insure that his room doesn't stink up the rest of the upstairs or attract bugs. And if he can't live with that, then he will have to go live somewhere else.

Have any of the rest of you ever had adult children living at home, especially male adult children? I'd love to hear how others balanced an adult child's privacy with the "rules of the house" and expectations for cleanliness.

Have agreat day all.

stronghunter said...

Good morning from Charlotte.

We had a very nice visit to the Carolina Raptor Center in Huntersville yesterday.

Will be headed back home later today.

Wishing everyone a good day.

Judie said...

Good morning.

MT nest and do not hear any screeching. Maybe our eaglets are beginning to find their way around Shepherdstown.

Wow, Sandi. No children of any age. Shirley can help when she returns. I'll send an email.

Bright sunshine this morning and anticipating horrid humidity. Plan to stay inside. Maybe sort through the fridge checking for any undesirables and planning use of leftovers. Do not want to cook.

Hoping everyone has a working AC and can stay inside as much as possible.

glo said...

Sandi How difficult that must be for you. I have friends who actually took the door off the bedroom when their older teen kids would not keep their room livable. Door went back on in a months time of teens proving they actually do know how to keep it clean and chose that alternative to get their door back. No one hates anyone and in the future I bet if they have to, those teens will resort to the same thing if their kids are "slobs" at home. Besides you are also teaching a "husband to be" perhaps. Zoey seems to be maintaining. We will do one more blood check when we go back in 2 weeks. It would be nice to know if the liver is going to budge in the right direction. It certainly should by then if it is going to respond at all. Patches is going to Puppy Class tomorrow night. Not sure if she is ready to participate or not. She already knows all of what they will teach her BUT she needs that socialization. Since I photograph for the Disability Assistance Dogs, the instructor of the class told me that we can just be her guest and come on over. There might be another maltese in the class. That would be very good for Patches. Blessings on this Sunday to one and all.

Mema Jo said...

Good Sunday morning to all ♥

Another hot hot one out there
Jenny is visiting with me this morning and hubby will bring us both a donut from DD.

Sandi - set down the rules handed down to you by your father. Michael has lived with us for some years but he was a neat freak thank goodness. I hope Kevin upon seeing his clean room will Thank You - maybe he isn't home much due to his messy room (you wish). Let him know that you will be opening his door to check things out once every week or two - give him the warning. As Glo, said he will be a husband one day and then his wife will need to deal with it!

I hope Patches enjoys socializing and struts her stuff! Be sure she wears her ribbon in her hair - watch out - she may get a boyfriend. She is so adorable. Would love more videos on FB of her playing. Prayers that Zoey is healing - and here's to GABBY ♥

Safe travels coming home, Shirley - I really enjoyed the photos on FB of the town.

Janet I hope your camping weekend is going well.

Judy - You are receiving good compliments concerning your job performance - accept them graciously = and if they have a retirement party for you - Go and have a blast!

Judie - I may have missed your comment but sounds as though you and hubby went to Red Lobster - That is a favorite of mine. One waiter that serves us remembers exactly what we order - I guess that tells you how often we go.

Mema Jo said...

The morning excitement around here was when hubby spotted a dead skunk in our side yard.
We have no idea why or how he died - just sorry he picked the spot he did in which to
die. Big Stink !

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Ew-ee, JO, sorry your place attracted a Stinker!

JUDIE, Hmmm, your Red Lobster meal had to be delicious. I think their very sweet coconut shrimp would make a good dessert! Someone in the original RL corp. had the bestest idea with those signature biscuits---they keep people coming back for more and more!

SANDI, sounds like your place has been a haven for a two legged stinker,☺. My 20 year old grand in NJ is moving to his own apt. this week---I won't want to see it as I've seen his room, ugh! His father had a very nice room, a king size bed and a 3/4 bath while growing up. He had to give it up for guests and so it was never the mess his son's room in. I'm sure much work will be needed to bring his son's room up to snuff and usable for overnight guests. Just about the time they get er' done he'll probably be moving back in. Very immature! Good luck with "the talk" and a change in behavior at your house!

CHRISTY, some little birds told me it's your Birthday! Have a Happy one!!!

JUDY, it's about time someone around WallyWorld gave you an "Atta girl"! They'll have some trouble finding the likes of you!

GLO, glad Zoey is "maintaining"---seems like progress! Happy School Daze for Patches!

Last week we were all staying indoors due to heat, humidity and/or rain---now it's due to the heat index---sweltering here with rain possible anytime now. It still beats the white stuff of winter which is equally confining for the likes of me. Waiting for weather to decide whether or not I'll go to the band concert in the park this evening---will have to reek of mosquito repellant if I go---they are most annoying this year and some of the West Nile variety have been found nearby.

SHIRLEY, safe travel as you head home--glad you had fun the brief respite!

Prayers for all in need as well as for the Decorah eagle family and our own dear Sycamore Palace royals!

Being concise takes too much work for this old mind, so you'll just have to put up with my novelettes!


Kay said...

A re-read that I should have done prior to "publishing" shows a bunch of little typos. Sorry!

JudyE said...

SANDI I feel for you I had the same thing happen when Tommy lived with me Hence he no longer lives with me for that reason

I wouldn't have any dishes or silverware left I always had to go in his room and get them Can't figure out why he never returned anything especially when he had to walk to the kitchen all the time The rug in that run is so stained need to replace one day

He would go out and come home at all hours and I didn't like it because he would forget to lock door The last straw was when I knew he took my car out He said he only sat in the drive way at listen to music LIE I know it was He lost my car keys and off course house key on it also (that was my mustang)
He now lives with his dad and from what I hear from Angie Tom and Karen are both pack rats and slobs and Tommuy has somewhat changed he cleans there and tries to get rid of all the junk They never throw anything away cloth or anything the extra room that they have was filled with crap and Tommy has been sneaking thing to the trash and in Tom and Karens bedroom ever wall has cloths piled higher that they stand So me kicking him out was the only thing I could do and odd how he as changed since then over the years I guess he grew up

JudyE said...

KAY I agree with the concise part LOL

I should say that also that is when he was messed up taking or over doing the prescription drugs that he got hooked on when he was in several accidents He as since years ago Cleaned up his act all by him self No matter what we said nothing work and then all a sudden he did it on his own I guess that is what it took He is changed in some aspects but still hasn't gotten out from under his dad wing or job on his own That is what burns Angie that her dad will not kick him out and make him get a job on his own He does side jobs with his dad under the table now He hadn't held a full time job in years years

JudyE said...

JO so sorry about your racoon in your yard atleast you found him before he started stinkin up the place

JudyE said...

I posted my thoughts on FB about my boss and several other Walmart associates from others stores always say We need a Judy at our store LOL and Lori was my dept mgr now at another store said she couldn't have survived without me and made the promotion she has now made me feel good
But the only reason they have me is because of my neck disability can't throw freight so I concentrate on things I can do like price changes etc
See I do the dpt mgr duties that way frees him or her up to do other stuff They expect to much out of one person I think There were two positions before that walmart took away and I still do the one but don't have the title of price coordinator

JudyE said...

ok i think I have filled enough space on the blog at lunch lol

not concise lol

Mema Jo said...

Raccoons don't stink
Skunks do - lol

Your fingers are like mine at times - they don't type what I am thinking
They have a mind of their own.

Mema Jo said...

For those of you on FB - The NCTC Friends campaign for our Cam Equipment has met
it's quota. I have our remark Pinned to stay up as the very first comment on our
Eaglet Momsters page. I am going to "unpin" it today so that it will stay there but
not on top.

Total donations were $5035
Work could begin in August ????
We have had an MT nest for a while - perhaps our Juvies are out and on their own.

Thanks to everyone for making this happen ♥

glo said...

:-) MeMa Jo You sure have a way of covering the whole fur family. You make my heart smile. When I get home from church today Patches was full steam ahead. I have never seen her run so fast. She now plays like crazy. I am afraid she is going to run into something and knock her self out. I am going to turn the living room into a doggy playroom. May as well She and I spend the most time in it :-). I think she was happy to see me come home. Probably worried that I would be gone all day again like Thurs. She has totally bonded to me. Makes me happy. Watching her play though: oh my, no words for how it feels to see her so happy.

Mema Jo said...

Glo - I can feel your excitement - I hope she shows off for her class this evening.
ENJOY hearing about her and yes you may as well take up the rugs and let Patches have her very own space!

Judie said...

Good afternoon.

Glo, so glad Zoey is holding her own and do hope the liver function begins to improve. Have fun with Patches and please give us a fun report. So exciting and heartwarming to have a pet adapt as if life had never been otherwise.

Safe travels home for Shirley and Janet. Not a bit surprised that Shirley had a wonderful visit at the raptor center. Hope Janet had a good weekend also.

Yes, Jo. We went to Red Lobster. I brought home shrimp and a biscuit. My dinner tonight. I think we'll try Applebees next. Hmmm. Must look up the spelling for that place.

Jo, wowser. Sorry about the skunk. Sure do seriously hope the stink doesn't linger.

Jo? Where's Elliot? Better check. We may have eloped. lol

Task for today accomplished. Refrigerator organized, wiped out, cleaned out. Maybe now I can find what I need without playing "I know you're in there somewhere."

Congratulations again to the camera donors. Let the work begin.

JudyE said...

LOL LOL LOL JO I didn't even give it a thought I think you are correct about fingers having minds of their own at times I know coons don't stink but my fingers was thinkin skunk LOL still chuckling over it as I type here HOME from work as if you didn't know Hope everyone had a good day in no matter what they did

JudyE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said...

the camera works is just around the corner
hard to believe that its the mid of July already

93° at the nest my temp says WOW

nice to report here with the rain we are 81° lovin it only had a few showers so far today maybe a half a inch so far sporadic showers hit and miss

JudyE said...

so it was a skunk and my fingers visualized a cute little furry raccoon

JudyE said...

Is that ducky in a wad next to a stick in the pantry ????????
I saw it yesterday Hard to tell

JudyE said...

so no one has heard a peep out of our kids I bet JO is correct they have moved on
no sounds beside a lite wind over speakers Maybe the adults will visit at sunset

being my schedule is back to 7-4 this week instead of the 8=5 I was suppose to work 8=4 on two days cutting each of us 2hr but my AM put me in for 40 instead of 38 when he fixed my schedule
I told him about it this am and he was so so surprised and thankful that I was honest about the hours - I know that payroll is set and those two hours would have gotten him in more trouble than me Just had to let him know about it He said he would fix it Will check again tomorrow to make sure he fixed it

Mema Jo said...

JUDIE TV for tonight is one of my favorites

Poldark on MASTERPIECE | PBS (Masterpiece Theatre)
9:00 PM on MPT 22, 1 hr 2015 TV-PG

OR WATCH ON: Poldark on MASTERPIECE | PBS (Masterpiece Theatre)
9:00 PM on WETA 26, 1 hr 2015 TV-PG

Mema Jo said...

Elliot is with his Mom sitting and playing in his baby pool in his yard and his dad
is taking his picture. He looks so very very happy !

Judie said...

Hey, just you wait until I get my baby pool! Then you'll see how happy I look after Elliot and I elope. lol

Have not yet watched a Poldark episode. Will do so tonight as we often enjoy the same PBS programs.

Darth is off to a concert. I have consumed the remainder of my coconut shrimp. Headed to the recliner, news, then PBS.

NatureNut said...

Good Sunday evening to all Eagle Buds! See that are juvies haven't been around for a couple days, but isn't it great that they've visited this late??
Nothing much going on but same ole, same ole. That's why I had nothing to write.
However, a huge,probably 200 yr. old oak tree at Park collapsed during one of the rain/wind storms a couple weeks ago. It stood near the top of the river bank just behind our Visitor Center! Wish I could find a total pic of it somewhere. I have some pics taken through the back window with different fowl perching in it. Maybe I'll put a set in the Nook.

BTW, I never left my word to the wise in case anyone is getting serious dental work. This never happened to me before, but before you leave dental surgeon's office after a procedure, MAKE SURE that your drug store Has the Rx drugs in stock & can fill them in less than two hours!!!!!!
I had only two stumps from broken teeth and one other small tooth removed. Fubby dropped off RX, brought me home! The one drug store didn't have that med! Luckily there's another store nearby and they said RX would be ready in an hour! I fell asleep in bed and when Fubby woke me up w/the RX, I felt like a truck hit me! My super dentist called me that evening to see how I was and I told him about the drug stores. Boy, was he mad and said they (drug stores) think they're a bunch of prima donnas!!

JudyE said...

LORETTA I feel ya pain When I dropped of both of my presc at work they said a hour and a half that would have been 130 So I said I will be up at 2 figured give a tad more time Well the dr gave me 800mg of Ibuprofen and I didn't want to wait so I just took 4 of my motrin same thing so just would need to take a antibiotic when I got them So I went up at 330 on the way out When I got there it wasn't ready two hours later than what they said I had to wait another 15 min and then got it

Judie said...

Hi Loretta. Glad you stopped by to bring us up-to-date. Very sorry about the prescription issue but so glad it was quickly resolved and you're better now. It would be really nice if you put some pictures of the tree in your Nook. So sad to lose beautiful old trees. Keep feeling better. How are the kitties?

stronghunter said...


Have done a quick scan of posts, but too tired to respond right now. SED, everyone.

Judie said...

Well, here it is time to think about following Shirley to dent some pillows.

Jo, I missed Poldark. Got a call from my former student now detective in Houston. Will check PBS listings for a rerun. Was it a good episode?

Sandperson packed and is now headed out the door.

Restful sleep for everyone.

Lolly said...

Howdeeeeeee! Yesterday was fun. We even got in a good game of Trivial Pursuit, a family favorite! Jack felt properly celebrated!

Oh, Sandi, I do feel for you. Never had an adult child living at home. Wishing you the best on that one. I love the idea of taking the door off of a room. You want privacy....clean your room!

Today was a quiet day. After church spent time holding the water hose. Have not had rain in a long time and high nineties adds up to needing lots of water.

Reg doctor appointment tomorrow. Follow up on vampire work done last week.

That's all folks! Time to start getting ready for the pillows. Oh and count down has started for our beach trip. We will be there one week from tonight. Yea! Have not gone in a couple of years. It is time!

Night all! SED!

Mema Jo said...

Crashing in my recliner

Goodnight to ALL ♥

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

JudyE said...

MT and quite nest this am

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle fiends. It's hot and muggy already outside - heat index could be as high as 110 today. No tennis for me.

Shirley, welcome home - glad you had a nice weekend.

Glo, good to hear that Zoey is holding her own and that Patches is doing great. Hope she enjoyed her play date yesterday.

Andy, how is Emma?

Lynne1, did your visitors the other day fall in love and commit to taking a kitten?

Lynne2, is Steve home from his parents' place?

Thanks for everyone's input about living with adult children. Kevin made it home from the music festival and crashed after 5 days of living outside in a tent and getting little sleep. I was upstairs cleaning bathrooms when he saw his room. Instead of anger, his response was, "Thanks Mom, "gutting" my bedroom was going to be on my to-do list for this week." I said, "After you have caught up on sleep, we'll talk." That didn't happen yesterday - hopefully today. My focus will be on the need for MUTUAL respect - I want to respect his right to privacy but want to know that he will respect my need for cleanliness in his space. Fingers crossed that the conversation stays nice - I don't want anger and ultimatums.

Dentist this morning for me for a cleaning and then I will be calling the vet to make an appointment for Jenni. Her diarrhea started again on Friday and continued through the weekend - this has been going on for too long.

Will also be heading to the Verizon store to upgrade my phone - Apple or Android, what features do I want - so many decisions!!

Stay cool and have agreat day!

glo said...

NEW THREAD HEAD ON OVER Zoey has a feather to play with today :-)

Judie said...
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JudyE said...


saw the pic on FB we have a dino world here also and I can see his point

JudyE said...
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JudyE said...
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