Monday, July 13, 2015


New thread.


stronghunter said...

Thanks, Steve. I will tell the others.

Mema Jo said...

Thank you Steve for the fresh new thread and also WELCOME BACK

Hi Shirley - I just came back from my blood work appointment and I am very happy
you found the new thread.

Yes, I had an ice cream cone on the way home.

Need to read other thread if there are any comments I have missed.


stronghunter said...

By Carl Sandburg
The fog comes
on little cat feet.

It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.

I think this is the poem you are thinking about, Judie. One of my favorites. Yes, these kitties have been making their share of noise, but they can be quiet, too. I saw one go upstairs, so I went looking, but then I found he/she had crept back downstairs somehow without my knowledge. Right now, they are napping in the doggie crate. They got a good workout while they were free, but so did I.

I have never seen anything fling cat litter so far and wide.

stronghunter said...

Trying to get some pictures on here. Charging phone right now.

Glad you got that ice cream, Jo.

Hoping Frank's procedure went well.

Need to head out on a couple of errands--Grocery store and library, and then it will be about time to pick up Hunter.

Rain seems to have stopped for the moment at least. BBL.

Judie said...

Good afternoon.

Thank you Steve for the fresh Monday thread.

Congratulations to Shirley on her new feather. Seems an appropriate new toy for Smokey and Bandit, yes?

Nice encouraging report on Zoey so hoping the vet has the same opinion.

Shirley, having fun imagining Smokey and Bandit exploring and making themselves right to home. Good idea to confine them at night while they adapt. Next thing you know, they'll be curled up with Luna - three best friends.

Darth is fine. Thank you for the kind thoughts.

Nest was MT when I checked. Rainy and overcast here. Osprey chicks are hopping and flapping and could fledge this week.

Glad to see Margy stopped by earlier.

Janet, glad you're feeling some better.

JudyE, glad you won't lose out on retirement funds but it sure is sad to know how Walmart operates.

Sandi, so nice that the social event went so well but then I suspect it usually does. Last year was successful also, I recall. Congratulations. Also good to know Brian had safe travels. Hope the entire relocation goes smoothly.

Lolly, been thinking about Jacob and electronics. That's the new normal for young people and Shirley can certainly attest to that. So, wonder if Jacob would enjoy camp in August with other pre-teens. Just a thought as Hunter is apparently impatient to get to his camp in the morning.

Jo, glad you had a good day and an ice cream cone. Happy birthday early to the oldest grandson and the great grandson.

Off to the scullery to contemplate dining options.


Lynne2 said...

Afternoon all!

All is well in these parts...still no official sale of the property though. Now the boss has gone off to FLA to help her hubby work on their new house, no plans of a return date as of yet.

Been doing some side work gardening. I'm gonna need and ocean ♫ ♫ of calamine lotion. LOL!

The In-laws issued a MAYDAY last week as they are in need of help from Steve and Sunday I drove him to the shuttle in Frederick so he could meet them and head to their place. I fear he will look for a job there and never come home!! LOL!

I have been informed that my library copy of Go Set a Watchman has been shipped and I should pick up tomorrow!

Judie said...

Oh, see Shirley was here. Yes, the poem by Robert Frost. I remember thinking all those many years ago that Frost surely never owned a cat. lol We have some experience with litter-flinging and put down an area rug to catch the flinged stuff.

Judie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lynne2 said...

Shirley the kitten antics make for great fun reading! It's AMAZING how far babies can fling litter...they have NO self control on MOST matters of being a kitten!

Once upon a time, I was on the phone with my sister as she watched her beagle, Maggie, get in to the cat's litter box and pee. She was so excited....she no sooner said 'wow maybe she can be litter box trained' and a nano second later she was screaming because Maggie decided to fling the litter everywhere!!

Lynne1, so glad you have potential homes for your babies and it's wonderful of you to take them and momma in! We are getting several calls a day now from folks trying to unload kittens as the shelters are full.

Lynne2 said...

Glad all is well with Darth, Judie!

Sandi said...

Hi all! Thanks Steve for the new thread and Shirley for the call over.

Beach was nicer than I thought - there was a nice breeze. Much hotter here at the house, a few blocks from the ocean.

Lynne2, prayers for stability for you and Steve!!

Judie, good news about Frank's procedure.

Jo, thanks for sharing the news about Zoey's continued improvement.

Need to hop into the shower. Mitch will be leaving tonight or very early tomorrow to get to a meeting. Lisa, the kids, and the dog will leave tomorrow afternoon. It has been an enjoyable 2 weeks - very drama free - but I'm ready to have the house to ourselves for a bit.


Sandi said...

Oops, forgot to check the box!!

Also forgot to say how nice it was to see Margy on the old thread!


Lynne2 said...

I should mention that getting poison ivy while doing this garden work was SO worth it....the lady lives on the edge of the woods and is a bird lover! She has bird houses with nests and bushes with nests and feeders everywhere! Best of all was that for the hours we where there, there were 2 Wood Thrush singing and singing!!

Our baby Great Horned Owl is still out here screeching for food each night! I'd love to get a glimpse of him but so far, no luck.

Lolly said...

Well, just typed on the old thread. Duh! I am on my iPad and can not copy and paste! Grrrrr!

JudyE said...

Home from work and find a new fresh thread THANKS FOR THE NEW THREAD STEVE


JudyE said...

keep loosing the cam I guess the wind isn't helping that but nice to hear our juvies

JudyE said...

I was sort of a bad girl today of sorts I guess I SAID NO

The new store manager came up to me and said, Since you didn't get to have lunch with us the last time for your 25 yrs anniversary (remember I left work early avoiding going with them in the first place) He said I am taking Carol out tomorrow for her 25yr Anniversary and we wanted to know if you would like to go
I did say NO THANK you sir the reason is during my lunch I like to do things on my computer etc. I said no thanks again but thanks for the re invite
I really don't want to have lunch with my mgmt staff
Free meal or not

most people at work are shocked that I said no I told them its my right to spend my lunch anyway I want and I really don't want to sit with the mgmt staff I really don't like LOL and then they said that there may be repercussions for me saying NO I don't think they would do that but maybe I am wrong in saying NO

Janet said...

good afternoon to all.

sounds like everyone is well.

JUDYE: you are retiring soon. as long as you were polite declining the lunch, I don't see why they would have a stink about it. you are right your lunch break is yours and I agree with you. spend it as you like.

well folks, I went to the dr today to get a note to cover my absence from work this past weekend and it was I who had the surprise. I have strep. bah humbug.

no work til Wednesday. i'm kinda of tired, so, i'm not complaining, although I do miss work.

my meds should be in shortly.

everyone have a great evening.

JudyE said...

SIS so sorry for the strep news that sucks big time for you especially since you said you were getting better

JudyE said...

JUVIE still making noises

JudyE said...

I keep loosing the cam on my desk top
BUT NOT on my desktop
ODD I'd say

stronghunter said...

Hey, Judie, the poem was written by Carl Sandburg. Easy to get those two confused, I think.

Mema Jo said...

From Glo just 7 mins ago
WELL everything looks pretty good for Zoey EXCEPT the liver values have not budged in the right direction at al "sigh". BUN is still falling which is good too. We will stay on current meds and recheck on Friday. The good news is Zoey has also drank some water for me today. Please in addition to the liver function , please pray for her "drinking problem". She does seem to be feeling lots better no matter what the liver function is saying.

Keep those prayers and positive vibes coming for Zoey

Mema Jo said...

Janet it's a good thing you went to dr to get your note even though you got more then
you bargained for. Rest Up so you can go camping this weekend. Are any of the grands
being checked for strep?

Lynne2 - happy you got to see many many birds. Hoping Steve can help out your in-laws.
I can't imagine that you were only 5-8 miles from me today - If I had known you were
coming ....... - No, I don't bake cakes anymore. lol

BBL Jeopardy

Lynne2 said...

LOL Jo! Actually it was Sunday that I took him. The inlaws are keeping him very busy! I just hope they realize that he and I are not able to always be at their beck and call...even though we'd like to be. They are 3.5 months away from the start of "mountain winter" and they still have made no plans or preparations.....GROAN!!!

Janet, that sucks about the strep! Rest Rest our Margy says "germs hate rest"!

Judy, I can hardly see why there would be repercussions to saying NO to lunch. But I might have held my tongue in saying anything to coworkers about no liking management!

JudyE said...

OH I didn't tell co workers didn't like mgmt just said I rather do my lunch on my computer in MCD's same as I told boss
JUVIE is still hollering

Judie said...

Dinner is over and the scullery is in order.

Janet, very sorry about the Strep. Hopefully, you have medication to help you fight the infection. Jo is a good grandma to suggest getting the youngsters checked.

Lynne2, sorry about the poison ivy but glad you were able to enjoy all the birds. I will say an in-law prayer that the tide will turn and they will realize the need for being practical.

Very promising good news about Zoey. No doubt Glo is feeling much more optimistic and will certainly say a prayer about the drinking problem.

Thanks Shirley. Yes, Frost and Sandberg similarities and I typed the wrong poet. My memory is that in Chorus we learned a song based on the words to the poem but I cannot remember who wrote the musical score. Well, good that I know I was not fabricating altogether.

Janet said...

heading to dent pillows shortly.

well, I would think the kids would get checked as well and Chelsea is usually right on top of that. lorelei and mia both were snotty, sneezy and such all last week. lorelei still today. so who knows? here's the kicker. Chelsea was called for jury duty and was picked for a jury. the good news is it is a short trial. should finish up tomorrow. guess who has the kids? yepper. me. I was really looking forward to a day "off". but......her one friend can't and she doesn't want to put them with the other friend...a mom of a lonely only child and since our three have been exposed to strep.....chris can't take off work....soooo, who does that leave? I told her to pack lots of stuff for them to do. I think tomorrow may be somewhat rainy. that's that. not sure what they are gonna do when I got back to work on wed....hope that trial is done.

I was feeling better. but I have been really tired and wanted to sleep all day. just fought it off.

oh well....have a z pack. hmmm. need to start on some yogurt too.

good night all


stronghunter said...

I have posted a few kitten pics on my blog. Don't know about you all, but it seems to me that it has gotten more complicated to post a picture on there.

Strep can really make you feel yucky, Janet. It's good you made your way to the doctor. You definitely need medication. Yes, Jo made a good point. The kids should be checked, too. I do hope they are able to entertain themselves tomorrow and for however long. I would be resorting to TV or whatever.

stronghunter said...

Watching CNN. Oh, there is my man--Dog the Bounty Hunter. He's wearing sunglasses on his forehead tonight. Gotta say, I do think he makes sense.

stronghunter said...

Got to be nice to go to the beach whenever you want, Sandi. I envy you on nice summer days.

Judie said...

Shirley, thank you for the pictures of Smokey and Bandit. I left a comment. They really will be wonderful companions for the entire family, including Luna.

Janet, sorry you have kid-sitting duty. Do try to rest and get healthy.

Headed to the pillows. Sandperson just departed in a cloud of sleepy dust.

Restful sleep for all.

Mema Jo said...

Coming in to bid everyone a



Mema Jo said...


JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle buds

fell asleep in the rocker last night watching the news haven't done that in a long time

Temp is 70° at the nest

no visual on the juvies

JudyE said...

Love the pic JO and saw the pictures on FB

JANET I hope you have a good day with the kids and all goes smooth and testing the kids sounds good One could be a carrier and not get the symptoms I know that can happen

JudyE said...

Juvie in nest

JudyE said...

picking at nest overs in the pantry

JudyE said...

back to the stump while vocalizing

JudyE said...

and back down

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Just polished off my first cup of coffee. Becoming conscious.

Glad you enjoyed the pictures, Judie. The little rascals are tearing around somewhere. I think they're still downstairs. I'm lounging in my room upstairs.

My woodpecker friend is pecking away on the gutter over my window.

Hunter goes to Kings Dominion with the Y Camp today. It's supposed to be stormy. I mentioned that they said something about sending money to purchase a poncho, but Hunter declared that he does not want one. I expected he would not. Not a poncho kind of guy, this one.

stronghunter said...

Looks like some grass is growing on the top side of the nest. I do not see any juvies or adults there right now.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends.

Shirley, Smokey and Bandit are just adorable - faces like theirs are the reason I can never volunteer at an animal shelter!!

Janet, sorry about the strep. My first year here in DE, I spent 6 months teaching 2nd graders. It took me exactly 14 days in the classroom with them to get the worst case of strep I have ever had in my life! Little germ-carriers is what they are!!

I kept hearing Jenni pacing during the night (she's heavier and slower than Bella so I can tell their footfalls apart). Awoke to find dog poop everywhere on the hardwood floors this morning!! Have administered Pepto Bismol but I may be making a vet appointment. We just went through this at the beginning of June - GRRRR!

Cloudy morning here - I didn't have any tennis scheduled but just got a phone call that the men need a 4th player so it looks like I will be playing at 9am. Then I have a property association board meeting this afternoon.

Have agreat day all.

stronghunter said...

Love the Elliot picture, Jo.

stronghunter said...

Hope Jenni will be okay, Sandi.

stronghunter said...

So you will be playing in the men's tournament, Sandi?

Sandi said...

Shirley, not a men's tournament, just a men's group that plays every morning. I am a stronger player than most of the women and occasionally, it's nice to get a chance to play tennis with men who hit the ball a little harder and give me some stiffer competition.

Janet said...

good morning. up and moving. sort of. moving coffee cup to mouth. kiddos will be here shortly. I said to pack their electronic gadgets. we have tv too. not raining, yet. later ya'll

Mema Jo said...

Good morning to all ♥
I just poured my first cup of coffee. Looks as though there was some rain throughout the night. I sure slept soundly last night - didn't even have a loo stop.

Sandi I hope Jenni will be ok - Sorry you morning started out poopy! Enjoy your tennis with the fellows!

Janet take care of yourself - I thought the camp out with kids was the weekend and that you had time to rest longer and get more meds into you. Take a book while the kids all have their techy games.

No plans for the day - Hubby meeting up with his brothers for lunch.

Mema Jo said...

Shirley I'm sure you are right since Hunter is a No-Jacket type of guy that a poncho
would not be cool. I am glad to hear that the adorable Smokey and Bandit are taking over the house - at least the downstairs.

Nest is MT - glad Judy saw them earlier The grass is growing. I remember last year
that the grass got really abundant and grew quite high

Judy - Falling asleep in the evening in the recliner is a sure sign that you are
ready for retirement lol

glo said...

Good morning everyone. As MeMa Jo shared yesterday Zoey's liver function is not budging in a healthy direction. After sleeping on it I think this is what I will tell my vet when we go for a recheck on Friday. "Zoey is feeling lots better BUT her liver results are not budging . I am going to have to pray hard and learn to accept her as feeling better and hope to keep her that way for as long as I can. I can't afford several more rounds of tests etc to determine why we can't get those results to improve. I think I will keep her on the liver supplement when her Vet meds are gone and continue to ask my vet to do supportive care for her. She is eating and I am working at getting her to drink as much fluid as I can. "sigh". Thank you for your prayers as we take this one day at a time. Going to Petsmart this morning to get a can o kitten milk and see if she will drink it. Going to price the running water fountains but time will tell whether or not we get one of those. Stay tuned.

stronghunter said...

Glo, Kathryn learned how to administer fluids to the cats. That helped with expenses. Just a thought.

I think I might go back to sleep for awhile this morning.

glo said...

Ty Shirley Yes I am sure if she will give me the supplies I can easily administer fluids if Zoey needs them Stay tuned. :-)

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Current avatars showing Freyja and Elliot are soooo precious!

GLO, here's hoping Zoey soon develops a drinking problem in the other direction! Glad she's holding her own and looking forward for further answer to prayer!

SHIRLEY, your kittens are adorable! Love the unique striping on one of them---I'm guessing that's Bandit and that the one with less distinct markings is Smokey???

JUDIE, happy to hear that Darth is Aok!

JANET, glad you had to go for a Dr's note--a blessing in disguise. Feel better soon!

JUDY, I'm in your corner! Here's hoping mgt. does not get testy over your lunch time wishes.

JO, glad you've "no plans for today"---yesterday's activities were quite enough and so well capped off with an ice cream cone!☺

SANDI, Jenni's problem is so distressing! Here's hoping her digestive system settles soon.

LOLLY, seems you couldn't make it back after posting on the old thread. I think JUDIE has a stellar idea--in fact there are probably computer oriented camps available for Jacob. Seth took part in one such program for a couple of summers in his teens and he is now earning spending money as WebMaster for a Service Club and for a Blacksmith. Word of mouth is working and we're wondering if this venue will be the start of a career path for our 21 year old college junior. Might as well take advantage of an avid interest these young men already have!

LYNNE2, how nice it is that similar interests have brought you and a neighbor together! First time I've ever heard any one speak in a rosy manner about having poison ivy!

Big storms overnight--Penny snuggled at my side--neither of us rest well that way--will have to make up for it today with naps. It's another rainy day anyway.

Prayers for all in need, including our Juvie's as they continue to learn all about foraging and life beyond the nest!


Sandi said...

Hi all.

Glo, how old is Zoey? I agree with the way you are choosing to proceed with her - it's where we are with Jenni. She has this tumor inside her mouth that is obviously growing back and now she has started with gastrointestinal issues in the past 2 months. I have no idea if the 2 things are related. But she is 13 1/2. She's eating well and seems happy and not in pain - I'm OK with that. Not planning on having the vet run a lot of tests or do any invasive procedures on her.

Tennis was good - I won all 4 sets. I think the men were actually a little embarrassed, but I was much younger than all of them so my wheels work much better!

To the shower - the humidity was at about 99% this morning on the court!

Mema Jo said...

Whoo Whoo - was that Sandi or Serena on the tennis court? GOOD SHOW Galfriend!

I just had a beautiful hawk at my birdbath. He stayed a good while but not long
enough for me to get a good picture. Made my day !

I am looking for Judie and hope she soon signs in ♥

glo said...

Sandi Zoey is 13. I did buy her some kitten milk this morning. About to offer some to her now. Hoping but I will be surprised if she drinks it. Pleasantly surprised. She is indeed my Finicky Feline.

Janet said...

afternoon salutations to one and all.

my heart goes out to SANDI and GLO. It has been all too recently that Sable transitioned and I know all too well as do many others on here, the gut wrenching, agonizing stress it puts you under. Holding you and your beloved furry ones close....

I've been a BAAAD girl today . Tom had to go in to his part time job. I looked and this house and said ewwwww. Soooo, I've scrubbed. Now I am pretty wiped out and tired, but at least the house is respectable.

It is very very thick and sticky out. I don't even want to stick a toe outside. Cloudy too. I hope it rains just to cool the air a bit.

Gonna relax the rest of the day. Work tomorrow!!!!

Lolly said...

Helllllllo! Went to church early to work in the prayer garden. Did not take enough mulch, so will need to go again soon. Came home and worked in the yard. Neighbors had a tree that fell and took out part of our fence. Told them not to worry as the fence was being held up by English Ivy. We knew it needed to be replaced. So, we have started taking it down. It is a huge job as we have to cut through all the ivy. When we get it all down Todd is going to help Jack put in the new panels. This is a hard job, too, as they have a chain link fence. We put up the privacy fence years ago as the neighbors at that time did not keep their yard and we do not like chain link fences!

I have rested and going to do a little house cleaning.

Friday is Jack's 75th birthday. We are celebrating on Saturday and the family will be here. Michael will not be bringing Zach as he will be on a trip with his mother.

No Eagles in the nest!

stronghunter said...


Kitties tore around like crazy things for about 2 1/2 hours. They gobbled their lunch. I have now put them into their crate. One is crying, but one seems to be settling down for a nap. Loud cries and climbing on the sides of the crate. That's Smokey. Meanwhile, Bandit is bathing. Okay, now both are settling. It is very quiet now.

It is truly not easy when our beloved pets become older. I expect Zoey will appreciate the kitten milk, Glo.

Been hearing of fierce storms in the Central Ohio area, Kay. Hope all is well in Columbus.

stronghunter said...

Congratulations on the tennis wins, Sandi.

JudyE said...

Home from work and it rained earlier at the store I got a inch and a half here at my house and I know the store got more

Nest is MT at present no visual and no one calling out so far but just got home Still windy at nest 85° it says there

JudyE said...

Check out google for today Can't wait for the first reports from Pluto

off to Jordyn gym

Lynne2 said...

evening all!

Glo, how is Zoey today?

Shame on you Janet. BAD.

More storms on the way here...UGH.

Just a reminder that hot asphalt when walking dogs. We had a dog come in today that several days ago burned it's paw pads. The owners are good pet parents, and they made a tragic mistake. I truly don't think they understood the danger. They were treating at home with Bactine ( which, BTW, I haven't thought of for years but boy did I LOVE the smell of it!) and last night the rear pads literally fell off. This can be fixed, but it's so painful and will take a long time to heal.

Sad story, coworker found a juvie red tail that had been hit by a car. It was dead.

glo said...

Lynne 2 Zoey has had a good day. She is eating like normal now. Still has a drinking problem :-( Did not drink the kitten milk I bought her. I would have been more surprised if she did than I am that she didn't but I wanted to try. Hopefully she has been to the water bowl some today. Just not sure.

Judie said...

Good evening everyone.

Well, there have been some interesting developments today.

Janet, hope you're better.

Shirley, enjoy those little rascals. How's Luna doing?

Janet, congratulations on the tennis this morning.

Lynne2, so sad that sometimes even the most caring and attentive pet owners make mistakes. Hope the dog heals quickly and completely.

Hoping Zoey drank some milk and continues to improve.

Judie said...

Supposed to get some stormy weather here. Sky is looking a bit gloomy. Supposed to get very stormy around Kay's part of the country. Kentucky areas hit hard with floods.

Was extra busy today and now I am extra tired.

Sandperson is packing early and will be on the way soon.

Early stop to see Jo.

Restful sleep for all.

Lynne2 said...

Just got back from enjoying some time at the barnyard. The breeze is just beautiful and the lightning bugs are very abundant! Barn swallow babes have all fledged.

I think we can safely say that here in central MD, we will NOT be getting any heavy rain tonight. There is a little blip on the radar near Frederick but for the most part that big line of rain that was heading our way seems to have dissipated coming over the mountains.

Daisy says that's just fine with her!

Janet said...

Good evening to all

Yes LYNNE2, I was a bad bad girl, but my house is clean and laundry is done. Iam tired as well. bed time shortly.
JUDIE: thanks, but uh , I’ve never played tennis….you MIGHT mean SANDI? Lol

Busy day done. Looking forward to work tomorrow!
Sleep well all

Mema Jo said...

Woah! Loud clap of thunder - I guess I am closing down soon...

Everyone stay safe from the storm and sleep well....

Goodnight to all ♥

Lynne2 said...

whoa! storms have redeveloped and I'm seeing lightning now and an impressive radar!

Daisy is NOT happy now.

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

well I guess I was practicing for retirement again and fell asleep in chair LOL

67° at the nest I see no juvie nor do I hear one sounds quite at the nest

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends.

I was up until 11:30 last night working on the upstairs laptop - my 11 year old nephew downloaded some games on it (which he wasn't supposed to do) and also downloaded a browser hijacker called conduit. So both IE and Firefox had stopped working - Chrome isn't installed on that computer. It took me about an hour and a half to get one of them working enough to download Adwcleaner and Malwarebytes and then run the scans to get rid of conduit.

Then I was up during the night cleaning up Jenni messes - will be calling the vet when I get home from tennis.

The house is empty and all of the yellow lab hair has been vacuumed up. It was a very good visit and I miss having everyone here already.

Have agreat day all.

Sandi said...

Hey Judie ... interesting developments???? Details, please!!!

Sandi said...

Oops ... Happy birthday, Judy!! I hope it's the start of a great year for you!!

Mema Jo said...

Good morning to all ♥ Early for me but there is a monthly pill I take and then I must
sit upright for an hour. So I decided to come on in and see who was here.
We did have a storm around midnight - but seemed to leave as quickly as it came. Lots of rain with all the lightening and thunder. We lost our power but for less then a minute. I was very thankful when it came back on.

Today I get my haircut - I need it to be shorter - Not use to having it over my ears.

I am still praying for Zoey to regain her health. I hope Jenni's trip to the VET will
find a solution for her.

Just had a red winged blackbird fly in to the feeders - he is hanging out with a flock of crows. Love to see them fly.......

I'll be back later today - ♥

Mema Jo said...

Happy Happy Birthday Judy

Enjoy your special day and

wishing for you to have a fantastic year ahead

grannyblt said...

Happy Birthday to JudyE

Off to make some blueberry butter, then meeting early afternoon. Hope everyone has a great day.

Judie said...

Good morning.

Y'all come on over. Steve has provided a fresh thread.

Mema Jo said...

I see that JUDIE was the first to find the new thread - CONGRATULATIONS !