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Back from furlough.

Our guys will start maintenance work on the nest cam next week.  More on that once I know what schedule we'll be on to get things done.

New thread.


stronghunter said…
Good morning, Steve. Welcome back! I will get the others! Thanks for this nice new thread.
stronghunter said…
Thanks for the information on the nest cam, Steve.
stronghunter said…
Enjoying a leisurely breakfast this lovely fall morning.
Mema Jo said…
Thank you Thank you Thank you, Steve and welcome back to reality.

GM Shirley and Sharon

Boy, like a breath of fresh air!
Mema Jo said…
Good news from Steve on the camera fixens.

Sandi - congratulations Mom on Kevin's b-day! The pics on FB are cool.

Lori - Best of test results to you ♥

Dana & family - praying for your dad and for a solution and treatment

I'll look for the full moon - I hope it isn't hazy tonight.

Have a good one, Janet! Hope ice skating last evening went well for Olivia. Are they still on a break from school. Our MD schools are closed today and also next Friday.
Costume Lady said…
And a beautiful morning it is, here in Martinsburg/Shepherdstown.
Good to know our eagle cam has not been forgotten. Looking forward to a New Beginning for our eagle family.
Thank you, Steve!
Lolly said…
Good morning! Wahooooo! Happy to have a new thread. Thanks Steve!

Out to mow. Jack is already blowing leaves off the patio. 59 and dampish feeling, but have to mow!

Gotta tell you about last night and then I am off! We had just gone to bed to settle down for a long fall nap when out in the trees we heard GHOs. Away to the windows we lept...and listened with awe. First Mr. GHO and then the Mrs. would answer. Awesome!!!

Hope they return!!!! I love open windows. Now to mow!
Mema Jo said…
GM Wanda and Lolly - good to see you here.

Lolly - I love the owl sounds. Full moon tonight - bet they will be very vocal....

Hubby mowed yesterday but then the Cub Cadet went kaput... Son fixed it quickly and so mowing will be finished today.
Hoda said…
Thank the team for us please!

Awesome story LOLLY.
Hoda said…
Hoping to hear from all our missing friends.

JudyE said…
Good Morning

Thanks for the New Thread Steve and the cam info
BUT We still have the long distance camera for now out of alignment but still can see
Mema Jo said…
Hoda - our morning friends aren't missing - they are over on the last page of the old thread.... All of them are there... go check it out. ♥
Hoda said…
Thank you JO
Thinking JUDIE KAY LINDA C/A et al...
Kay said…
Good Afternoon Eagle Buds and thank you STEVE for the brand spanking new thread ! I'm sure you're glad to be back in the saddle again ! Whoopee ty yi yo !!!!

Thank you, SHIRLEY, for calling us over and congrats on the feather !

Thinking of DANA, her dad and the whole family on this momentous day in his treatment !

HODA, thanks for the special call out !

LORETTA, happy news about the daughter, sil and pets getting moved into the new home. It's been quite a journey for them and I wish them well !

WANDA, so relieved when I see you here and I miss you when you aren't !

Hello to JO, SHAR, LOLLY and JUDYE--nice to see you on our new thread.

LORI, thinking of you, classes and tests every single day !

Happy RED FRIDAY ALL and prayers for all in need !


Hoda said…
Pretty good day here.
Energy going inward
Case lot sales on in three health food stores in town.
Pretty much everyone I know is shopping.
We buy a case and split the cost with friends.
So much cheaper to eat healthy this way.

Off to make more Kale Chips.

I love us
Hoda said…
It is also member rebate month. So my week's groceries is on the Co-op this week.
Sandi said…
Hi all!!

Thanks, Steve for the new thread - welcome back to the world of the working!

Good news that the NCTC folks will be working on the nest cam soon. I can't wait to see our eagles up close and personal again!

Beautiful fall day here in Bethany. Skies have been clear all day so I should be able to see Hunter's moon tonight!

The new TV is getting set up tomorrow morning. The furniture to put it on won't be here for another 2 weeks so I agreed to let Denny schedule the TV Install guys to set up the new TV on a cedar chest that we use as a coffee table, and hook up the DVR and VCR/DVD player. When the furniture arrives, we'll need to move the TV to the new furniture, disconnect the DVR and VCR/DVD player to get them inside the door sections of the furniture, and then reconnect them to the back of the TV. Denny really wants to be able to watch the Notre Dame vs. USC game tomorrow. I may never get him out of his recliner again!! ;)

Need to find something to snack on. Later!
Hoda said…
Feeling good to simply prepare soup.
Drinking hot tea with a dash of coconut butter.
The Ancient Asians taught me about that.
Also put it in really strong coffee in winter.
They think it is good for the brain.

I will go to a brain workshop tomorrow.
Volunteering for Cancer Awareness Month with the Dragons.
Doing Front of House at the Capitol theatre and listening to The Symphony of the Kootenays.
Exciting weekend coming up yoga and meditation included
Hoda said…
October 18 1928 a group of resilient, passionate and very intelligent women from Alberta, led by Emily Murphy and Nellie McLung obtained recognition from Wesminstre that Canadian Women are Persons.
Very happy to celebrate my status as a person and my Democratic Rights.

Prince George of Cambridge will be christened in three weeks. Canada issued a new stamp of him and The Duke and The Duchess. I like it. Simple and elegant.
Lolly said…
Just came in from working in the yard all day. Really should have come in sooner but it was just so nice. Jack has started harvesting pecans. Not a big crop this year but a crop!! Some years there are none. I worked in the yard, it was just soooo nice! 67 right now.

I have cleaned up, washed my hair and soon as it is dry I need to get to the grocery store. I have a pumpkin pie to bake for Joseph's birthday. He is 13 today! I have a teenage grandson! OMG!!!Going up in the morn and going to Jacob's baseball game, taking Joseph shopping for boots, then a soccer game at 6 and after that out to eat!
Busy day!!
Hoda said…
Yay the teen years!
Keep your Grandma on her toes trying to figure out what it all means!!!
Janet said…

been a really busy day and i am very very tired. am glad it is friday evening. going out to eat with some of tom's folks tonight. right now, sitting on a heating pad and relaxing.

glad everyone is doing well and super glad we hae a new thread!
NatureNut said…
Hello! A new page. Welcome back, Steve, and all the NCTC staff.
We did observe at County Park where I work that there were more visitors during the past two weeks!
Some who were furloughed said they went online to find a park to visit!
Just went outside to find a spot to view the moon. Believe the partial eclipse is 7:50PM ET.
Eveing all

Got off early..came home and fished! No luck but had fun trying.

Heard the owls already tonight...had a campfire...saw the slightly shadowed moon. Sat outside and talked with neighbors. Loverly evening.

Going to a beef and oyster feed tomorrow...and not sure what else.

Lol Nick is already snoring!

Gotta get caught up
Welcome back Steve.

Glad to hear abouut our cam
Mema Jo said…
Checking in to see that all is well ♥

Glad to have heard from all of you today - I have been keeping an eye on the moon. Brilliant!

Goodnight to all - I am closing down


I ♥ Us
Hoda said…
Goodnight all
God Bless Us All.
Lynne2 said…
Sorry for being so absent. I'll get that email out this weekend...

In the meantime, I speed read, and speed pray as I go...I'm sure the good Lord hears speeds prayers too!

Love you all, miss you much!
Laying here in bed..I can hear 2 owls calling to each other..male and female

SED love and hugs for all<3
Lolly said…
I heard those owls last night. lol

I got my pumpkin pie made as well as a new pumpkin dessert. Then Jack and I sat out and enjoyed a fire in the chiminea, Beautiful weather! While we were sitting out there the new cool front came through. Wind picked up and definitely a wee bit cooler. Loving the weather. Ready for bed now/

Night all! SED!!
Lori said…

Good Saturday morning all!

SANDI, good luck with the huge new TV setup today. Hope you like it as much as Denny. LOL

LOLLY, have fun at Joseph's birthday celebration today. A teenager already - time goes so fast.

HODA, have fun shopping for cases of food and all your volunteer work this weekend. Must admit, never heard of butter in tea!

So happy to have a new thread. THANK YOU STEVE!

WANDA, so good to see you on here again. You were missed! Hope your computer troubles are gone.

Didn't get my test back yesterday, but think I did well. It's another homework weekend here. Have a test on the Endocrine System and all those hormones on Monday and want to work on my oral report on Parkinson's the usual 5 or so chapter and homework for each chapter that needs to be read. Wish I had more interesting things to report, but it's all I do! LOL

Have a great day and enjoy your weekend, everyone.

JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

the attic is MT this am

stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Went to sleep without saying good night last night.

Wishing everyone a good day. Hunter and I are about to head out for football practice. One more game.

stronghunter said…
Okay, the cam page says the cam is off until late January.
Sandi said…
Good morning my eagle friends. I'm a little late checking in this morning b/c I've been moving the old big screen TV into the downstairs bedroom and moving the cedar chest into place to sit the new TV on. The TV in the bedroom is overkill but I bet my mom will love it when she is visiting - we had a little 13 inch TV sitting on the dresser before. Now she has a 51 inch! :) It will also be nice for me if Denny is watching sports on the new TV and I want to watch a movie on a decent-size screen, rather than the 15" one in our bedroom.

Have a property owners association meeting at 9:30 - may miss the installation of the new TV but Denny will be here and can give me the tutorial when I get home. He's the king of the remote anyway, as well as the TV addict, so he's the one who needs to know how to operate it.

The moon rising on the canal last night was simply beautiful! Have been hearing the GHOs calling each other here as well.

I read on FB that dana's dad's procedure went well and now they wait for results. Prayers continue for him and for Dana and her mom.

Have a great day all!
Janet said…
lol. goooooood morning.

SANDI: i ditto your comment. Tom is king of the tv and remote here I swear he can make that thing dance...I am doing good to turn it off and on and maybe change channels on occassion...

Quiet day here Had dinner out last night with family and it was fun. His aunts, uncles, fun fun.

Was really tired when I got home yesterday. Was glad it was Friday afternoon and nothing much on the agenda.

HODA: Thank you for proof reading so wel. I would have not caught my error!!!!

Hope everyone has a lovely day. Anyword from DanaMO?

Light, love, hugs, and smiles to each of you!
Mema Jo said…
Good late morning to all ♥
Sounds like all the owls had a hooting time last night in the full moonlight.

Enjoy your day with Joseph Lolly.
He is such a good looking teen ♥

Lori - I know you are used to your studying weekends - I do wish you could have a couple hour's break. How many more weeks are ahead for you? I've lost count ♥

Shirley - I sure hope we have our cam up/running before Late January.

Lolly said…
Good morning! Need to start getting ready to head to Denton. Jacob has a ballgame at 11 and another at 1:00. We are going to the 1:00 but need to run the desserts to the house first. Then off with Joseph to shop for new boots. Then a 6:00 soccer game and dinner out afterwards. Going to be a busy day!

Lori, you are an awesome student!! Keep up the good work. I need to be refreshed on...when will you be finished? And, what kind of nurse will you be on graduation? Beside a GREAT nurse!!! :)

Need to go do the do and paint the face! See you guys late this evening!
Hoda said…
Good morning.
Headed out to a workshop on Brain Chemistry and composition and how it affects our nervous system. Then going to volunteer with the Dragons for Breast Cancer Awareness, then in the evening doing Front of House at the Capitol Theatre and taking in The Symphony of The Kootenays. Enjoy the day everyone
WVJerry said…
Good afternoon everyone here. Sorry I've been away. I had been wanting to post but didn't realize the Blog was a casualty of the furloughs. Glad the Blog is back and glad to see more work coming on the Cam. Thanks to all involved. The reason I'm posting today is what we had been fearing finally happened. My mother-in-law passed away Monday night October 7th. It was 20 years to the day my father-in-law died in a tractor accident. We're slowly recovering and my wife was extremely close to her Mom. She always treated me kindly and that is what made it hard for me. They told us she would not make it past the Friday before but she battled until late Monday night. My wife was at her side. It is good to know she is no longer suffering as she fought a lot of ills for many years. Just wanted to let eevrybody know what happened and to once again thank you for all the kind thoughts, words and prayers. Take care and I'll try to remain a level of activity until nesting season gets under way.
JUDIE said…
Welcome back Steve and thank you for the fresh thread.

Happy Birthday to Joseph.

Jerry, sincere sympathy to your wife and you and all the family.

Will never get caught up so just starting fresh with the fresh thread.

One week and two days without internet. Will see how long the connection lasts. We were not amused.

And then there is Hoda - Ancient Asians taught her about hot tea with coconut butter. Come on Hoda, you're not THAT old!

JudyE said…

Home from work and I see a MT ATTIC

still may show up I say LOL

JudyE said…
JERRY so sorry for you loss
Sandi said…
Hi all - ended up being a cloudy, drizzly day here in Bethany - a good day to watch the new TV!

Judie, good to see you back on the blog - hope you stick around!

Jerry, I'm so sorry for your family's loss - you will be in my prayers.

Time to fix food for people and pets. Later!
Hoda said…
Sorry JERRY about your loss.
Condolences to you and your wife.

JUDIE I did not tell you which life time the Ancient Asians taught me LOL!!!
No in my travels I met many indigenous people and the Asians in winter time and cold weather always served tea/coffee/... With melted fat form. Gives energy and warmth.

Volunteering went well.
Lecture went well
Enjoying my beautiful autumn day.
Weather is perfect.

Time to do meditation practice and then in a few hours volunteer with Front of House at the Capitol.
Looking forward to the symphony.
stronghunter said…
Good evening,

Nice to see you back, Judie. I do hope your Internet connection stays intact.

My sympathies, Jerry. Prayers for you and your family.

Jo, me too! I do hope the cam is up and running long before late January. By then, we will have missed so much.
stronghunter said…
Kathryn called awhile ago and asked if I needed her to pick up anything. I suggested that dinner would be nice, and that Hunter want some boxes of cereal for breakfast.
stronghunter said…
Going to go downstairs now and see what she has fetched.
JudyE said…
guess they aren't going to show up tonight Maybe tomorrow MT attic looks like storms are at the nest!
gonna hit the shower and some tube time
Mema Jo said…
Had a lazy day - the rain is just now here - just a sprinkle.Shirley how long did your rain stay in the area? Hubby's right knee has been giving him a problem - he says he twisted it when walking. I'm going to send him to the dr because that happened a month ago.

Sandi - the humongous TV - you'll know where to find Denny. Sorry your weather isn't any good down there.
Mema Jo said…
Jerry, please accept my sympathy and prayers for you and your wife to feel peace in your hearts for your loss.
stronghunter said…
Did not rain very long, Jo. But I think we might get more.
stronghunter said…
Kathryn fetched some chicken breast and some potatoes. She had enlisted Hunter's help with the cooking.
stronghunter said…
It is nice to wait for someone else to cook something.
Hoda said…
I will say good night now as I head out the door for Front of House Volunteering.
You all will be asleep by the time I come back

God Bless Us All
Evening all!

Went to the Appohanock Indian pow wow. Saw some interesting dances and music. Mat a wildlife rehabber out of ,orfolk that had 2 beautiful RTH...the female loved the music and dancing..and they walked around with her on their arm a lot. Had a bison burger..very good!

Then went to beef and oyster feed at firehall...ate way too much!
Then over to neighbors for cake music. And wine. Rained ligvhtly off and on all day. Hoping to go fishing in the morning off my beach.

Jerry so sorry to hear about your MIL, my sympathies to your family.

Sounds like evryone has had a good day...will check out our nest toomorrow.
stronghunter said…
Enjoyed the chicken and potatoes. Winding down for the night--I will see you tomorrow. SED.
Lolly said…
Had a great day until Jacob got sick and threw up in his momma's car. It was late when we finally got to take Joseph and Laurel out to eat. Joey stayed home with Jacob. We are on our way home.
Mema Jo said…
Our rain must have stopped due to my seeing the bright moon again tonight

Shirley you deserve a good cooked meal - hurray to Kathryn and Hunter.

Time to hit the hay ♥

Goodnight to all ♥

Hoda said…
Great Symphony.
Very uplifting

Goodnight all hope you are having SED AOYP Too

God Bless Us
Lolly said…
Nite all! Sweet dreams! SED!
Lori said…
Good Sunday morning everyone!

I will be a Licensed Practical Nurse when I am done, which won't be until August 1, 2014, so still a long way to go! Thanks for the good wishes.

HODA, glad your volunteering and the brain chemistry lecture went well. What did you learn at the lecture? Fascinating subject. I would have enjoyed that, too.

SHIRLEY, when is Hunter's last game, that he practiced for yesterday?

JERRY, sincere sympathies on the loss of your mother-in-law. Prayers for your family. 20 yrs to the day is amazing. Makes you wonder.

PAULA, the pow wow sounds fun. Never have been to one.

JUDIE, so glad you have your internet connection back!

Still a lot of studying to be done today as tomorrow's test is on the Endocrine System and all its hormones - now, hormones get really confusing!

SANDI, enjoy your new TV!

MARGY, welcome to your weekend.

Love, light, prayers and blessings for everyone.

Sandi said…
Good Sunday morning Lori and all my eagle friends. Chilly start to the day.

Tennis for me this morning (indoors), then I think it's time to say goodbye to most of my perennials in pots - they're getting pretty sad-looking. Also need to say goodbye to the summer clothes that are still hanging in the closet and hang up the winter ones that are spread all over the bed in the spare room.

Prayers continue for Dana's da, Miracle Michael, Lolly's cousin, and Jerry and his wife.

Have a great day all.
JudyE said…
Good Morning
Eagle Buds

MT attic

tree looks black and white no color this am
Morning all

Breezy and cool here

I hear we might get our first frost this week!

Turned my heat feels great!

Sun is shining!

Lolly so sorry about Jacob. Poor kid!
grannyblt said…
Good bright and sunny morning all. Rained yesterday and the s word is a possibility later in week, but we won't dwell on that.

I've been busy with meetings and appointments this past week. Our club is sponsoring a craft show in Dec and I am in charge of lining up crafters and vendors. When editing my email list, I saw that somehow a couple of eagle momsters were added to list. Sorry if you got an invitation to participate--unless you want to LOL.

Also had yearly Dr. appointment and he said I was good for another 10,000 miles..yay.

Jerry- so sorry about your mother in law.

Sandi--that is one bigger than life TV.

Lori--keep up the good work

Lolly- hope all tummy's are in good shape today in TX

Hope all have a good day--I'll be at the grocery stocking up for out of town company coming tonight.
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Looks pretty and sunny outdoors this morning. It has been getting cooler and cooler around here. I would not be surprised to see frost soon.
stronghunter said…
Still have not been able to get the computer to recognize my wireless mouse. Frustrating.
Shirley...make sure windows has all the currentg updates installed...a nd see if the driver for the mouse needs updating.

You can also check microsoftg to see if that brand is compatible.

Or download a new driver for. The mouse even if it doesn't need updating. Will might have already checked these thing
magpie said…

Good Beautiful West Virginia Sunday Morning, Eagle Pals....

Hope for the same in YOUR home territories....

Having the usual computer wonkies here too, but also have some family in town, and I am preparing for a visit to family in California (Sonoma)
Wednesday through next Monday...

I am up on the posts...
caring about the cares and concerns,
Praying for the illnesses,
and Joyful about the Happies !

Heartful condolences to WV Jerry on the loss of his dear Mother in Law....Prayers for Peace and Comfort in the days to come, Jerry...
magpie said…
in terms of all the things that so many of you accomplish:


Jewels's trip to the Outer Banks is coming up this week also....


xoxo ttfn
stronghunter said…
Thanks for the suggestions, Paula. I will check out those things.
Sandi said…
Shirley, have you tried completely uninstalling your mouse from your computer (go to control panel and then add/remove programs)and then reinstalling it?

Tennis was great fun. It's a BEAUTIFUL fall day - headed outside to de-flower most of my pots before the frost that's predicted later this week.
Mema Jo said…
Good afternoon!

Sandi - won't be back down until next season - Hubby and sons are coming down Monday to close up the house. I wish it could stay open longer - especially since Helen said the Christmas lights are beautiful in OC.

I am praying for Carolyn's trip to the outer banks to bring some closure to her mom and our dearest friend's passing.
Kay said…
Good afternoon Eagle Buds !!!

I see I didn't post yesterday so just wanted to stave off the posse by saying all's well here. It's a gloriously sunny, crisp, cool Fall day here and I hope the same can be said for your neck of the woods !

JERRY, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your wife during this sad time.

LOLLY, hope Jacob's tummy has settled down and that no one else came down with the icks !

PAULA, what a grand Saturday you had ! Yeah !

Seth stayed on campus this weekend, enjoying a Friday night movie and a rousing football game last night after a dinner having dinner in town at "The Grill". He is expressing nothing but happiness with the whole experience and is doing B work in all classes. He was used to A's in H.S., but knows it takes time to adjust to such a huge lifestyle change and doesn't seem to be stressing over the grades. Have heard from all the kids and grandkids this week and they are all doing great. That makes it a hunky dory week for me !

Love and prayers for all ! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Hoda said…
Good morning all
Another Beautiful Autumn Day.
Hope to hear JACOB is better.
Hoda said…
Lolly said…
Good afternoon! Jacob threw up several times during the night but does seem to be better today. He has had some chicken soup and has kept it down. He says his tummy still hurts. So far no one else has come down with it, but a good chance one of us will get it. There was loving on Jacob before he got sick and loving care afterwards. If I get it, I promise not to give the bug to you!!
stronghunter said…
Sometimes we senior citizens get spared because we've already been exposed to whatever virus caused the illness.
Hoda said…
Prepare food with fresh garlic LOLLY before you get the bug.
Nip it with garlic.
Give some to JACK too so he does not have to deal with the odour.
Lolly said…
Laurel just called in tears. Looks like Izzabelly may cross the rainbow bridge tomorrow if not sooner. She has been going down hill and Laurel says she is hardly able to walk today. She is stumbling around. She is going to stay home tomorrow to take her to the vet. We will be going up there to meet her at the vets and we will be bringing Isabelle home to bury here.
Lolly said…
Right now Laurel said Izzabelly was sitting outside in the sun, however she has not been eating and not able to get into her litter box.
stronghunter said…
Sorry about Izzabelly, Lolly. I am sure Laurel will appreciate having you with her at the vet's.
JudyE said…
HELLOOO home from work

and I see ATTIC is MT

LOLLY so sorry another pet is crossing over the bridge :-(
and happy GS is better

JudyE said…
I am trying to catch a cold I am trying to out run it by taking the homeopathic from work and so far so good Jordyn and Angie both seem to have had it on Th when I was there now I got it So hope its gone by this weekend VACATION time and we are going to Disney on Fr and Sat be back Sun evening
JudyE said…
LIL bird is on the branch now NO Eagle :-(
JudyE said…
this is really a puzzler I have the live cam on the platform BUT I can't get it on lap top OR I can't get it if I open another tab Get message been disconnected BUT I am watching the wind blow on the tree right now It was up when I came home Don't close down when I go to work Lucky I guess I will nOT close the browser and see if I keep it Sort of scary eerie that I have it but can't reload on another browser
JudyE said…
EAGLE in the attic

on the edge of the frame of the cam but still can see
Mema Jo said…
Lolly, very sorry to hear of
Izzabelly not feeling well at all.
So gracious of you and Jack to meet Laurel - it is a very hard thing to do except for knowing your beloved pet is so better off crossing the bridge rather then suffer and not be able to live a comfortable life. ♥
JudyE said…
and poof but I did get ONE Picture will put on fb and my avatar
JudyE said…
this way you know I am not loosing my noodle EERIE I always snip with date and time in the corner of my computer to show the time and date
JudyE said…
the adult was there for only One min if that
JudyE said…
I figured it out the cache change for that page and I now have the new one I wonder does that mean it will be the new address for the new cam if they keep this one but I did get the cam up on another browser Just couldn't figure out why I had it if it was disconnected The IP address was changed that all
Oh Lolly, so sorry about Izzabelly. You and Jack being there will be a great comfort to Laurel and the kids.

Margy, wonderful news about your trip to CA. I know you will have a wonderful time!

Thanks for the heads up, JudyE. Missed watching our nest today. I was outside working on putting the vinyl skirting done. Got it finished and it matched up pretty good.

Fished today, but no luck! Also ran up to a yard sale, found a nice bucket buddy, a plant stand, and a frog statue for outside.

Thinking of Carolyn and Christie as they head to NC to honor their Mom and our dear friend, Lynn.

Kay, happy to hear Seth is enjoying college so much!

Lolly, glad Jacob is feeling a little better!
JudyE said…
just scroll down below the message that google posted and you will se the live cam
JudyE said…
sure wish I knew what it meant by A Web cache that is in the IP address post without link to see the address is a google one never have seen this anyone else have a clue?????? the orginal address is part of the address notice it there also
JudyE, can you put a link on here, please and thanks!
JudyE said…
the night lite came on and I have also notice not forsure if because of the moon but you can see the tree at night check it out Not dark but fuzzy I wonder if the change is due to maybe this cam new address Odd I don't know just guessing OK I will stop taking up the blog gonna go get a shower and watch the tube
JudyE said…
I did PAULA and I also did on facebook
JudyE, that is a copy of the last time that google searched for the page.
Thanks, JudyE, I didn't see the cam on that page when I got there the first time.
JudyE said…
7:06 is the time posted I put on the eaglecam FB page and the livecam paage under the camera and on the SH fan page I think I covered it all LOL
JudyE said…
go down the page PAULA it below the google message
JudyE said…
it takes a few sec to load the screen is gray you will get the commercial HOPE it works I just clicked on the link and got it up
I do have it up now with your link, thanks!
JudyE said…
Is that weird that the link works that way this is the original link

which is the same as in the google search If you copy the link above it won't get you the cam says been disconnected Well at least we have the cam to watch again no matter what happened was just wishing thinking I guess LOL

Yea, I went right to that link and it didn't work...thanks for letting us know!
JudyE said…
out of the shower didn't want to get out felt sooo good beating on my neck and I guess it was the moon the other night I see no tree only grayish matter
JudyE said…
You know me PAULA the town crier LOL
JudyE said…
Ok gonna go watch the tube I have a 8 show to watch
JO did you see the commercial for Bones at the wedding when she was asked Do you speak from your heart and her reply no from my mouth LOL

JudyE said…
Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."
Hoda said…
Goodnight All

Had a terrific day.
An abundance of apples and plums. Guess what I will be doing for the next little while.
Drying mint and Taragon in the dehydrator right now.

God Bless Us All
Mema Jo said…
Headed for the pillows
TV shows ran late due to football games

Goodnight to all ♥
Lolly said…
Have spent the evening reading! I get started on a book and do not put it down. Now time to close these eyes. Nite all! SED!
magpie said…
G'Night, and Good Morning, Precious Pals....

Happy that
Washington won, but sorry
that Baltimore did not, on
Sunday's games

Lolly, sounds like a great book...what is it ??

Thinking of our gals
Christie and Carolyn as they
make their blessed journey to Lynn's favorite place.....
(( HUGS ))

Prayers for wellness all around...
including for Jo's Ed and his Knee

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxox

Lori said…

Good morning everyone!

It's back to work/school Monday.

LOLLY, so sorry to hear about Isabelly. Glad you and Jack will be with Laurel. Good news that Jacob is feeling better.

SANDI, how does the new, super huge TV look?

KAY, sorry you didn't get to see Seth this weekend, but I'm so happy he's doing well in school and loves it! Glad all the gg's have checked in.

HODA, still doing apples and plums? Mint and tarragon in the dehydrator will be nice for you this winter.

Time to shove off and get some last minute studying in for today's test on the Endocrine System and hormones.

Have a great day everyone. Stay warm and dry and in the light.

Sandi said…
Good Monday morning Lori and all my eagle friends.

Judy, thanks for the new link to the cam!

Lolly, so sorry to hear about Izzabelly - very sad for the family.

Kay, what great news that Seth is doing well academically and socially at college! I know you miss seeing him but I also know it means more to you to know that he's OK.

Today I am going to James Farm Ecological Preserve with 25 of our kids (it's part of the 8th grade science curriculum). It's a wildlife place on the Indian River owned by the DE Dept. of Natural Resources. Have been there many times but it will be a nice day away from school. Weather forecast is just about perfect - sunny and in the 60s.

Have a great day all!

Janet said…
good morning to all. MONDAY! Egad!

Busy weekend. Sat typical house cleaning, then a bit of work: Reiki session and Reiki share....then watched the movie LINCOLN.

Marathon sleep Sat nte into yesterday....then a few chores...made a lasange for dinner...

Lost all 3 games @ bowling....we had a really off night.

Sorry to hear of those who have passed to the other side; sending light and love....

Everyone have a lovely day. Hugs and smiles to all. Here's to the last week of October!
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds
I hope each one of you have a wonderful day in what ever you do
JudyE said…
the screen is all whitish this am no tree visible
WVJerry said…
Good chilly morning. Just wanted to check in and thank everyone for all the sympathies, thoughts and prayers. I think my wife has done well in her grief. We're just taking things one day at a time. I'm starting to look forward to a new nesting season. Last one I didn't get too much involved in or at least a s much as I would have liked. I guess it will another two/three months. Take care all and have a great Monday wherever and what ever you're doing.
Hoda said…
Goodmorning All
Jerry tell your wife it takes te.
Prayers continue.
What is your wife's name?

Oh the days are getting shorter!
Dark when I get up!
Hoda said…
Sun rises at 7:20 AM and sets at 5:46 PM
10 hrs and 26 minutes.
Mema Jo said…
Good Morning to all ♥
I see we have a late Owl/Early Bird on here - Margy another upcoming trip for you - Family ties are important.

Always a bittersweet sadness when hubby goes down to close up the beach house. Just like the season of Fall which I love.

Mema Jo said…
Happy Birthday to Bev's Hubby

Tom - enjoy your day and have a
wonderful year ahead
Mema Jo said…
FB is being a bugger this morning as I try to enter comments or check up on all my friends and family members.
I keep getting "ERROR". Others are having the same problem. However, our chat with Momsters is smooth sailing.

Snow tires - Oh my Hoda - short days
and long dark nights. Put the bike away soon. Thinking of you as I also experience a very cold morning.
Mema Jo said…
Prayers for Skippy and for Mr Dash who is trying to bring her back to good health.

Skippy is one of the 3 little ostriches... Not feeling too well
Mema Jo said…
Skippy did pass away today
Now we have Rascal and Popcorn doing well........ Keeping a very watchful
eye on them! ♥
Kay said…
Good Afternoon Eagle Buds !!!

JO, so sorry to hear Skippy is ailing--prayers for the dear bird !

♫♫ Happy Birthday to Tom Riffe ♪♪ ☺

LOLLY, so good to know Isabelly and her family will be getting the TLC needed at such a sad time.

SANDI, thinking of you and the kids enjoying an Ecologically perfect day !!!

Another gorgeous Fall day here so Penny and I are spending most of it outside. Snow showers tomorrow as the weather changes rather drastically !

Love and prayers for all !!!


Lolly said…
Isabelle did cross the rainbow bridge this morn. Laurel took her early before we could get there, but the vet kept her for us to pick up and bring home. She now rests with many loved pets in our backyard. We spent time with Laurel which helped. Jack did some repairs and I helped with housework. Also groomed Luke, who was happy to see us. PC is being a great therapy cat. Usually does not want to be held but today will not allow Laurel to put him down.

Now I am going to do housework around here.

Oh, and Jacob ate well last night and this morning and went to school cheerfully. Now, to just get the smell out of Laurel's car! She has scrubbed, sprayed and aired! Now she has put charcoal in the car. I googled and found that. Anyone have any other ideas? Also, know about putting vinegar in to soak up smells. Hmmmm??
grannyblt said…
Good afternoon all. Enjoying a cup of tea out of one of my Mom's fancy teacups. Thinking about her as I went by the cemetery today and lo and behold, they finally installed her grave marker. This has been a year and a half wait. Many excuses on their part, but all is well now.
I finished reading"A Wilder Rose" last night and will start rereading "I Heard the Owl Call My Name" that I picked up at the library. Is anyone reading anything interesting these days?
Sorry to hear of cats and ostriches crossing the rainbow bridge.
Sandi said…
Hi all!! Got to spend an absolutely beautiful day outside at James Farm today - only one or two of the kids acted like kindergarteners rather than 8th graders, the rest were very well-behaved and seemed to have a good time.

Just as we all got down to the beach at the Indian River Bay and the instructor was explaining to the kids how to put on their hip-waders to go out in the water with the seine, I looked up and a beautiful adult bald eagle flew right over our heads!! :) Of course I pointed and shouted, "Oh my God, there's an eagle!!!" and grabbed my binoculars, which just happened to be hanging right around my neck! Sure was the highlight of MY day!

Feeling like a nap after being outside in the sunshine and fresh air all day - maybe some caffeine will give me a little pick-me-up.

Lolly, sorry to hear about Izzabelly.

Jo, I remember that winterizing the beach house always made me sad.

Praying for good news on Dana's dad.

Later all!
Mema Jo said…
The guys are back already from Fenwick Island and the house is winterized. :(
Going to be taking them out to eat - Cracker Barrel I think~ It's meatloaf

Will return and come right back.. ♥
JudyE said…
HELLO home from work and see MT attic

this blog is 4 days old now and we haven't hit 200 whats up ladies and gentlemen LOL

have to read the few comments from today 13 I think that is it should take to long Hope everyones day went good
JudyE said…
♫♪ ♫♪[̲̅̅H̲̅][̲̅̅A̲̅][̲̅̅P̲̅][̲̅̅P̲̅][̲̅̅Y̲̅] [̲̅̅B̲̅][̲̅̅I̲̅][̲̅̅R̲̅][̲̅̅T̲̅][̲̅̅H̲̅[̲̅̅D̲̅][̲̅̅A̲̅][̲̅̅Y̲̅]♫♪ ♫

JudyE said…
So sorry for the loss of one of the ostriches I am not watching this time to upsetting the last time but will hope for the best for the two that remains I do remember it being said that most don't make it so I wish him and his family the DASHs luck
JudyE said…
KAY snow you say YUK we are right now 87° too hot for me odd Oct this year but we are getting a little relief by the weekend a cold front will sort of make it 80 will be the hi lots better than what we got

ON the NEWS about FB issue Network maintenance and the apologize and it went to twitter also
Lori said…

Oh JO, I love CB meatloaf! Yummy. Have a wonderful evening. Glad the house is all taken care of for the winter. So sorry to hear about Skippy. Big hugs.

SHIRLEY, sorry about the bowling losses...good thing you're not the super competitive type!

LOLLY so sorry to hear about Izabelly. We all know what it means to lose a four legged member of the family. So nice of you and Jack to give her a final resting place at your home.

SANDI, glad most of your kids were well behaved for you on your trip to the farm today. So jealous that you saw an eagle. It's made my day that you saw one!

HODA, haven't seen you on here this afternoon. Hope you're just busy with plums and apples, and all is well.

GRANNY, what a special moment having tea from your mother's special cup. Glad they finally got their act together at the cemetery and you get some closure.

Got an 89 on today's tough Endocrine System test...really studied hard and expected better knowing that I knew my stuff but there were some things on the test that weren't in the book and were NOT covered in lecture. URGH! Now I'll be studying all week for Friday's test on the Nervous System - it's two chapters and lecture so there'll be plenty to study.

Beautiful day here, but will be cooling down another 20 degrees or so by midweek...that'll be highs in the low 40's, then a 40% chance of some snow...glad it's not a 100% chance. I'll have to get my wool socks out!

Have a great evening everyone.

JudyE said…
Does PENNY like the snow KAY??? our dog we had up north loved to roll in it all the time Strange I always thought
JudyE said…
LOLLY so sorry about another one going over the bridge BAKING soda may help with the smell and I use to use vinger on my carpet with pet accidents which worked also
JudyE said…
LORI do you get your test back?? and the 89 is a GREAT score in my book OH and you also gonna have snow while I am melting LOL Hows is you mom and dad doing and Kate?
JudyE said…
HELLOOOOO back at ya BABE LORI LOL the reason I ask if you get the test back to studies the ones you missed I use to make my kids do that
JudyE said…
our feels like is 92° right now the humidity and dew points are so out of control My air needs to be turned off sometime this year and I still wait for that day
JudyE said…
check out GOOGLE

gonna watch the news since I see to be running off at the mouth by myself which I seem to do alot of LOL

Sky looks yellow at the nest tree but attic is still MT
I ma having issue with my new desk being its closed in at the bottom the stupid cable box puts off heat and I feel it on my legs got to figure something out processor seem to be ok just the cab box

JudyE said…
Fixed it I put the cable box down on the bottom not on top of the processor there it was 1"from desk top and now it has a couple of feet above it to breath No longer hot air on the legs that was so annoying

KELLY Clarkson got married just on the news
JudyE said…
the nest sky is so pretty a PINK ribbon of color straight across toward the bottom of the nest and lighter pinkish above and below
Evening, all.

Lolly, glad you could provide a final resting place for Izzy.

I sympathize with you Jo! But this year I don't have to winterize my beach house! YAY.

Hoda, our sunrise here is about 7:20, and sunset is 6:15.

Yep, gonna get colder here this week! Brought my hibiscus in pots inside. I wonder how long they will continue to bloom?

Good job on the test Lori! Dontcha hate it when there is stuff on the test that isn't in the book or the lecture? Did you say anything to the teacher?

Sorry to hear about the baby ostrich :(
JudyE said…
7:35 am 6:56 pm
JudyE said…
according to my weather channel app
the nest is
7:28 6:23
JudyE said…
also tells me the temp is 59 sounds nice we are 80° feels like now 84°
Mema Jo said…
Coming in to say that my TV shows are over and that I am ready to close down for the night.

Sandi - good field trip and so happy you were awarded with the Eagle sighting.

Lori - Test school was darn good!

Everyone stay warm - especially in the morning hours.

Wow, JudyE, 6:56....that's nice!
stronghunter said…
Time for me to say good night. Bowling tomorrow. Our team is in second place. (Lori, the team did well. It was just that I wanted to do better personally.)

Sounds like you did wonderfully on the test, Lori.

How nice that you're getting to spend the winter in your summer home, Paula.

SED, everyone.
Lolly said…
Nite all! Thanks for the sympathy, I passed it on to Laurel. She posted a pic on fb and has received so many comments. It helps!

Norman was moved to a different hospital with a different team of doctors. He is doing a wee bit better. They can understand about every 4th or 5th word he says in a sentence, but they are understanding him and joking with him. He is also joking back. Doctor said he could not cure ornery, Bobbe posted she was hoping for a cure for that. LOL Now getting updates on Caring Bridge. Thank you for your prayers for him. I cry when I send him messages.

Again...nite all! SED!
Hoda said…
Glad to hear about Norman's progress LOLLY.

Enjoy your trip MARGY. Yes family is important.

Glad beach house is all looked after JO. Next season will come soon enough.

Sending love and Light to all.

Good night
God Bless Us All
Sandi said…
Good Tuesday morning my eagle friends!

Lolly, glad to hear that Norman is making slow progress; he's in my prayers for a full recovery.

Prayers also continue for Dana's dad and for Michael.

Kay, if Penny is like Bella, she HATES snow (which is OK since we rarely get any here on the coast).

Have a great day all!
Janet said…
good morning to all.

LORI hip hip hurray! another good test score!!!! way to go!

rain and cooler temps here this morning. supposed to be about 30 sat morning....fall is in the air.

anticipating the rain i did some yard work yesterday after work

thought i'd be slick and toss a load of laundry in the wash. well, drat and darn, the thing stopped workig. sooo, tonight we have the pleasure of taking the dryer off of the top of the washer, dragging them both into the kitchen.

after resarch, tom has determined the water pump is kaput. :(

thankfully tom knows how to do this stuff.

always something to be thankful for.

hugs, light, love, to all
Janet said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said…

Good Morning Eagle buds

MARGIE one more sleeps before heading west Hope you have a great time with family

JudyE said…
LOLLY so happy that Norm is showing some improvement
Lolly said…
Good morning! Was 47 this morning and up to 55 with a bright sunshine! Loving it!

Nothing on the agenda today except for a meeting at church tonight.

Think I just might head outside. Surprise! Surprise! LOL

Have a great day!
Mema Jo said…
I have been searching for Margy's comment about her trip west. Can't find it.. Hope she comes on to say good bye before she leaves.
Dana - enjoy the Pumpkin Patch - Prayers for Dad's med report to come back with excellent results!
Lolly - so thankful that prayers are being heard for Norm's recovery

Mema Jo said…
Hubby is taking Michael to dr visit
It is scheduled - I just wish something could be done for the severe pain he encounters. It isn't a headache pain - it is like a stabbing pain. May need to live with it the rest of his days. Prayers requested that something is possible to relieve it.
He does go down the UMMC to see his surgeon the beginning of Nov.
Thanking you for the prayers and healing thoughts you have for him.

Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Magpie's post on the trip (from 10/20 at 10:37 a.m.

Having the usual computer wonkies here too, but also have some family in town, and I am preparing for a visit to family in California (Sonoma)
Wednesday through next Monday...
Mema Jo said…
Thanks Sharon!

Safe travel prayers for you Margy ♥
Kay said…
Good Afternoon Eagle Buds !!!

JO, renewing prayers for Michael and hoping the docs find a reason and cure for that stabbing pain !

Thanks to SHAR for the note on our dear MAGPIE ! Wishing her safe travels.

LOLLY, happy news re:Norm's slow but sure improvement ! Will look through my files for the odor cure Laurel needs and will e-mail you if I find something you haven't mentioned.

LORI, a pox on that instructor for testing on things not covered, but hurray for you because that's a darn good score ! You rock !

JUDYE and SANDI, Penny hates rain, but loves snow. She became mine on Dec. 12th last year--12/12/12--so we saw a lot of snow together. It's hilarious to watch a doxie bound through snow as deep as she is tall at times ! Guess she differs from Bella because she Ohio born and bred. I'm going to consider that date as her birthday each year---soon to be 7 years old--a great combination of frisky and couch potato. We're a good match !

It's about 50° here today and no snow in sight. Some still expected this week, but it shouldn't be much and shouldn't stick since the ground is still too warm. Fall colors reached their glorious peak and I'm loving it !

Love and prayers for all !!!


Ms Bookworm said…
Hi, Everyone,

Had a busy weekend, and it's been a busy week so far, too. Sorry I've been MIA!

Jerry, so sorry for the loss of your mother-in-law. Prayers for you and your family.

Sorry, too, to hear that Isabelly has passed, and the ostrich chick.
Lolly, glad to hear of Norman's progress.

Lori, I'm so proud of you! You are doing great in school. Way to go!

Margy, wishing you a really enjoyable trip to Sonoma to visit family!

Well, I should really get going here (although I feel like taking a panda nap!) and do another load of laundry. Also need to start stockpiling some meals for Emma. We are supposed to go to the Lawrence Welk Resort for a week starting Nov. 1st. We'll have to leave Emma at Petsmart Pet Hotel while we're gone.

Well, off to do laundry. Will try to check back in later, after dinner. Hope I don't fall asleep first! Have a good evening, everyone. I ♥ us!!!
JudyE said…
JO this is Margy post
magpie has left a new comment on the post "Friday":

Good Beautiful West Virginia Sunday Morning, Eagle Pals....

Hope for the same in YOUR home territories....

Having the usual computer wonkies here too, but also have some family in town, and I am preparing for a visit to family in California (Sonoma)
Wednesday through next Monday...

I am up on the posts...
caring about the cares and concerns,
Praying for the illnesses,
and Joyful about the Happies !

Heartful condolences to WV Jerry on the loss of his dear Mother in Law....Prayers for Peace and Comfort in the days to come, Jerry...

Post a comment.

Unsubscribe to comments on this post.

Posted by magpie to Shepherdstown Eagle Cam Daily at Sunday, October 20, 2013 10:37:00 AM
JudyE said…
HELLO home from work Well I guess you figured that out since I posted Margy comment from the 20th

One more day and I am on vacation also but not traveling like Margy HEY put up your angel cloud for yourself I haven't seen it in a long time
I bet Swinging Bridge is pretty with the fall leaves falling with the reflection in the water

JudyE said…
oops I just saw where SHAR posted it
two times can't hurt LOL
Not to many comments again today

Attic is MT sky looks dreary at the tree also

the cold front is heading our way temp is 81° feels like 87° dern humidity but that should go down after front comes in tomorrow right now it is rainy on and off cloudy seems to be coming from south Odd and front will be heading down that may mean some big storms

JudyE said…
LOL KAY with Penny loving the snow all my dogs use to love it also as I said before I can just visualize her in the snow LOL

Something just flew behind the tree something big
JudyE said…
caught up with the post that was easy
JudyE said…
I must be missing comments I see nothing on DANA dad lately I went to her facebook page and didn't see anything at all
Healing thought to all those in need as always keeping you all close to heart everyday
JudyE said…
Well now that I haave broken the blog rule of posting so many times I will go watch the news at 6
JudyE said…
Mema Jo said…
Well Judy I hope you liked Bones as well as I did last night.
Tonight is Terrific Tues TV -
8 - 9- 10

I will return to say goodnight!

Hoda said…
Pretty awesome day here.
After morning meditation and prayers and journaling I took my Kefir Drink and headed out for a two hour walk in the woods. It was perfect...low fog and the colours were spectacular. I feel blessed.

I had some computer work to do today. The Grans wanted me to submit a write up to be included in a book published by the Stephen Lewis Foundation. It is a coffeee table type I worked on that and got some pictures and chose a couple and sent it off to Ottawa for consideration as an entry in their book. I think it would be cool if it was published. We will see.

I had minutes to send out for the Kootenay Spirit Yoga Festival. We had an excellent meeting last night. I got it done and posted pictures from the meeting too on the Festival page. Work is progressing nicely.

I am out of Kale Chips OH NO OH NO OH NO!!! So I mixed a new batch and they are in the dehydrator right now.

I prepared and Ethipoian Lentil soup and had some with Quinoa for my lunch and now feel very stuffed and glad I ate two hours before yoga so it would clear my stomach and I could do yoga practice tonight.

So that has been my day.
Glad that all those who checked in seem to be alright.

Sending LOVE AND LIGHT AND PRAYERS to all who have yet to check in.
JudyE said…
yes JO I LOVED IT and what is your opinion???????? on the series lots of peeps are saying the series will be ending I hope not! I don't think it will be. JMHO
I have to finish watching the other show that I watch HOSTAGE does anyone watch it. It is a great suspenseful show. I tired a couple of other new shows and not liking to many of them. The Crazy Ones is funny!
Mema Jo said…
Judy - gd watches Hostages and enjoys it - I didn't chose to start
watching it - Looked like too much violence.

Bones - not sure if it ends with this series or not It has been on for about 8 years - **The series has been renewed for a ninth season which premiered on September 16, 2013

stronghunter said…
Good evening,

Happy to see that Margy is getting to visit family.

I am a bit tired. It was chilly at the football game. Hunter's team lost. The other team has improved greatly since we beat them at the first of the season.

Unfortunately, there was an injury at the game tonight. One of the boys on the other team was knocked unconscious and might have a neck or back injury. He was taken away in an ambulance. Saying a prayer for this young man tonight. His name is Coby, and he was Hunter's teammate in a previous season.
Lolly said…
Oh, that is scary, Shirley! Prayers for sure for that young boy! Joseph is considering not playing next year and that is fine with us! He loves basketball and soccer. Boy in our church broke his arm playing football last week. Same age as our boys.
Lolly said…
Worked in the yard today then had a meeting at church! Thinking about pop corn right now!
stronghunter said…
Yes, Lolly. It is scary. My heart goes out to that boy and his family. There had been a hard hit on one of our boys just before that play. He was able to walk back to the bench and then play again later.

stronghunter said…
Funny, Lolly. I bought a huge bag of popcorn to take to the game tonight. I would share with you, but Hunter has probably eaten it all. He complained that we did not leave him very much.
stronghunter said…
I am going to say good night. I am plumb wore out--oh, our bowling team won two of the three games and the overall point count again today. Not too bad. I actually did better than usual.
Mema Jo said…
After 3 TV shows in a row I am done for ..

Shirley - prayers for the youngster not to have any permanent injury.

Lolly, Prayers for Norm and all the family. I saw your picture of him and his son.

Mema Jo said…

Goodnight to all ♥
Pleasant dreams and restful sleep ♥
I ♥ us

Lolly said…
Had my popcorn with a G&T. Now I am ready to hit the pillow. Had a hard time falling asleep last night. Do not know what the problem was but hope it is not a repeat tonight.

Yes, I posted the picture to let you know just who I am asking for prayers. It is a touching picture.

Night all! SED!!
Hoda said…
Good night all
God Bless Us All
Safe Travels tomorrow MARGY
Sandi said…
Good Wednesday morning my eagle friends. Supposed to be rainy and chilly here today and then colder the rest of the week.

Margy, have a great trip and a great visit with family in CA!!

Shirley, sorry to hear about the young man who was knocked unconscious at the football game! I hope he turns out to be OK. I was always happy that neither of my boys expressed an interest in playing football.

Prayers continue for Dana's dad, Lolly's cousin, and Miracle Michael.

Have a great day everyone!
magpie said…
Good Morning, Eagle Pals...

Thanks for all the Travel Wishes.....
I haven't been able to read backwards, and won't be able to do much while I am a bit out of touch with the doins' amongst us

hoping to be in the air by 12:31 today from Dulles...going to Sonoma, Ca, have family there....

Will be holding you and all that is going on amongst us in my heart, and in my prayers

"See You" sometime after Monday...

Prayers for Wellness...

(Watch for a SPLIT coming up soon)

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxoxo

Janet said…
NEW THREAD! NEW THREAD! COME ON OVER YA'LL! ;) I got an early a.m. feather!

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