Wednesday, October 23, 2013


New thread.


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Janet said...

Woot Woot I'll claim the feather and get the others ! Thanks Steve this feather is for you!

Janet said...

Good morning.
Yesterday was a busy day.
Over the weekend/Monday the washer stopped pumping out water. Hmmmmm. I have the stackables. And our laundry room might be 3 and a half feet wide and about 9 feet long. Little room to work and have to unstuck….
So To m did the research and was fairly confident that the filter was clogged. Hmmm. So when I got home I cleaned stuff out of that room and get it as prepped as I could. Had dinner ready quickly and by 6:30 we began.
It took two hours from start to finish, but we moved the washer and dryer and cleaned the filter. It works! There was over $2 in change, 5 hair elastics, a button and a sliver of sandpaper in the filter along with muck and yuck. We emptied it and I bleached it. Washer works again.
I did have Michael to help Tom to restack the washer and dryer. Went faster and easier on me.

I tell ya'll, Tom is my hero!

Only 2 30 min massages today, which is good. Readyfor a day that allows me to catch up on few things! It will be cooler, 55. They say the possibility of a killin frost later this week, which may mean good bye to my lovely tomatoes (still ripening) and such. Hmmm,well, it IS nearly November!! How much can one expect? And so much to be thankful for!

Safe Travel, Mema Jo.
More good grades Ms. Lori! :)
Light, love, hugs and smiles to all!

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Congrats on the feather, Janet. Happy that your washer fix worked.

Going over to read the old thread posts I missed. Be back later.

Mema Jo said...

Good Morning! Congratulations Janet and Steve thank you so much. We really did miss you and your fresh new threads ♥

Janet you made out with what you found when you repaired the washer.
Good for TOM

I need to read old thread because Janet - I have to find out why you wished me safe travels lol

Mema Jo said...

Zoo Atlanta Cub A and Cub B now have names :)


Mema Jo said...

Bringing over comment from Margy:
magpie said...
Good Morning, Eagle Pals...
Thanks for all the Travel Wishes.
I haven't been able to read backwards, and won't be able to do much while I am a bit out of touch with the doins' amongst us

hoping to be in the air by 12:31 today from Dulles...going to Sonoma, Ca, have family there....
Will be holding you and all that is going on amongst us in my heart, and in my prayers
"See You" sometime after Monday...
Prayers for Wellness...
God Bless Us,
Every One xoxoxo

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 7:07:00 AM

Janet said...

Mema Jo: I may have misread...thought I read (prior to coffee, so brain was asleep) tht you were traveling fora few days...sooo if not you, I need to read back, lol. OOOOOPS

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds, from snowy Ohio ! It won't stick for long, but forms a lovely frosting on the Autumn landscape.

JO, Mei oh Mei, what a wonderful pair !

Thanks to STEVE for the new thread and right before a split, too !!! Congrats to JANET on the feather and on having her fine Tom by her side !

SHIRLEY, the young football player is being added to my prayer list--keep us posted. PBS has had a "football injury expose`" running this past week. Scary ! I know you and Kathryn will make sure Hunter has all the recommended safety equipment and I wish him well !

Love and prayers for all !

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥=LIBERTY, but also stands for the fact that I love you all 7 days a week ! ☺

Hoda said...

Good Morning
Sweet day to everyone.
Safe travels MARGY
Thank you JANET and STEVE
Prayers continue.
Missing those of you who have not been on for a while.

Lolly said...

Good morning!! :) Have been on fb and now ready to get my day started. Need to eat, yes, I eat late. Have to drink my coffee first. Going to do my walking and then have a dentist appointment for a regular check up and cleaning.

Kay, thanks for the email on cleaning up the smell in L's car. I had googled and read about charcoal. She put in in the car along with some carpet fresh and she said the smell is gone. Should be interesting to see if it is still gone today after having the car shut up all day at school.

Gotta get rolling. Prayers for Michael, stabbing pain is not fun! Prayers for the young football player. Keep us posted, Shirley. Norm has been moved to the rehab floor. Will have three 45 min sessions of therapy a day. Keep the prayers coming! He is strong. A former pro football player and he has stayed in shape as much as a 71 year old can!

Have a great day!

Mema Jo said...

Janet - all my guys went to beach house to close it down. I don't go as It is a waste of 8 hrs total.
It was probably Margy you read that was going to be traveling a few days

Or last of all it could have been my daughter and hubby going to Los Vegas and then on to the Grand Canyon - which I would have gladly accepted that offer ♥

stronghunter said...


Want to go practice bowling today. Have to figure something out. Keep hoping I have the right moves. Maybe. I did manage to throw two consecutive strikes for the first time in competition yesterday. Previously had only done that in practice. But I was still having trouble picking up spares.

Mema Jo said...

Happy Birthday Wishes

to Lisa Mayo - webmaster of the

Black Water Refuge ♥ Enjoy your

day and have a great year ahead ♥

Mema Jo said...

Shirley, Spares are so tricky .
I think my dad was the greatest on figuring out which pin and which spin to use to hit it just right !

stronghunter said...

Going to be eating late, too, Lolly. Well, I guess I did have some Oreos for breakfast. I do not usually do that.


stronghunter said...

Yes, spares are tricky. Going to work on that.

Mema Jo said...


It isn't too soon to print off or look at your Events of Birthdays and anniversaries for November....

To print the month go to Events November 2031
Go to Actions above November and select PRINT.........

*** Some dates for some reason have a name multiple times ?? I haven't figured that one out yet ♥

Ms Bookworm said...

Good Afternoon!

Emma and I slept in late today. For some reason, neither one of us could get to sleep last night. Good thing Ken slept well!

Shirley, prayers for Coby, the young football player. I hope he will be okay, with no permanent injuries. Football is a much rougher sport than many realize. I hope they can design a better helmet that protects players from head injuries better.

Still praying for those already on the prayer list, as well as everyone else here!

Janet, that's great that you and Tom were able to get the washer working again! The filter in it must be something like finding coins and stuff under the sofa cushions!

Well, need to get going. Since I got up late, there's so much to do, and so little time! Have a good afternoon/evening, everyone.
I ♥♥♥ us!!!

JudyE said...

Helloooo eagle buds home from work and find a new thread


and congrats on the feather SIS


no comments in the email so I will read the 18 on the blog page I usually forget that LOL

I am on vacation Cool Beans for me

JudyE said...

YEAH sis on the washer fix saved $$$ for you now you need to go into business and now you can retire with what was found in it LOL

SHIRLEY any word on the young one that got hurt in the game yet??

JudyE said...

I pick up Jordyn at school tomorrow at 3 then she will spend the night with me Angie and Carl are going to Luke Bryan concert Shhh don't tell Jordyn that is one of her favorite singers Then Fri 7am Angie and Carl will pick us up to go to Disney for 3 days I will take my lap top and try to say hey to my peeps

JudyE said...

I have decieded to give my 10" laptop to Angie for Jordyn I just can't stand the small key board NO gaps in between the keys at all I looked at work there is one that is 11 1/2" with space in between each key for big hands may just get that one only 199. with my discount 10% won't be bad gonna have to think about it
Was gonna get some kind of a tablet like the new Surface but that is 10.6" and 349. little high for right now but I like the idea of the keyboard snapping on and off

JudyE said...

It is sooooooo niiiiiiiiicccccccceeeee

73° temp
humidity 53%
and Dew point is 50°

LOVIN this cold front the third one in a row comin in later tonight NICE

The nest cam is so awesome right now sky goes in different pinks looks like a fast moving front is moving clouds are racing by so fast goes from pink to greys to blues to dark pinks amazing beautiful just wish a eagle was in the attic to go with it

Hoda said...

It is 37 here.
Fog no snow.
What temperature is it over there... East Coast ???
Many on FB are complaining it is cold!!!

Hoda said...

Sunset at 5:37 PM
Endless Harvest just delivered my organic and sugar free treats for Halloween.
One item is not gluten free and I am concerned about that!
Whole Wheat base!!! Not Good!!!

JudyE said...

our sunset is 6:54 HODA

JudyE said...

Margy would be telling us that tonights MOON is WANING GIBBOUS the weather channel app even has that on it HODA if you had the zip code of the city I could tell you the temp The weather channel app has that as a tool I love it I know what the temp and weather is at the nest and other cities that I program in to it You can download for free

JudyE said...

the nest is 47°
SIS in TN is 49

other SIS in KY is 43
June in NC 40

and its says Nelson 47 with freeze warning flashing in the tray

ME 72

JudyE said...

I wonder why the Nelson I have is 10° warmer different part of it I guess Just like here 10 miles north can be 10 or more different because of lower that us

Hoda said...

Nope. 37 here. No freeze warning and it is foggy.
Sunny for the next few days till Monday.
Thank you JUDYE.

JudyE said...

Got my bags packed all ready to go

HODA I take that back its all the others that have the yellow flashing icon with freeze warning not your area I goofed

JudyE said...

HODA here is a snip I just took of the weather channel app

JudyE said...

I noticed the snip is tiny when you open it HODA so I just emailed you the snip to show that it now says 46° must be a different area than you that its reported from

Sandi said...

Hi all! Have been to the grocery store, put everything away, fixed something quick to eat, and made dog food

Now time for Survivor. I'll see everyone in the morning.

Hmmm, no box to check for sending comments to my inbox. Guess I'll have to post twice tonight.

Sandi said...

Sure enough, there's the box!

I guess Margy is getting some family time in CA by now!

Judy, enjoy your week off!

Janet, congrats on fixing the washer! Isn't it a good feeling when you can figure out what's wrong AND fix it??!!

Goodnight all!

paula eagleholic said...

Judy, have a great time at Disney!

the cold has finally reached here. Last night it was 64°, tonight it is 54°.

I worked the last 2 nights on cleaning up the front (back) room, well the one that faces the water. Got everthing all cleaned up and rearranged.

Going to take the night off! Had grilled cheese for dinner...gonna go read a book!


Hoda said...

I won't download the app JUDYE.
Thank you for your suggestion.
Enjoy your time off and your trip.

The colours right now take my breath away.
The sun has set and the colours are with a deep hue.
The trees are full. No wind yet. I love this time of year.

Blessed Be

Lolly said...

Had my dentist appointment today...all is good. However, I do have a broken tooth and have had it since the last exam. They did not push but advised, so I am going in for a crown on Monday. Get that over with and I will be good to go!

I am thinking about picking up my Kindle, so I will say good night now.

Nothing, I say Nothing, is on the agenda for the next several days. I am happy with that! Laurel was feeling a wee bit squeamish tonight. Hoping she does not get Jacob's stomach bug!!!

Night all! SED!!

Mema Jo said...

Judy - You are going to have a blast! Looking for pictures of YOU and all the Princess that you see.
And also Mickey Mouse !

Watched a little TV - played card games on 'puter - Now time for the news and then off to bed with the heat turned on.

Prayers for all - Restful sleep
and pleasant dreams

Goodnight to all ♥

Hoda said...

Good night
God Bless Us all
I presume MARGY is safe and sound in California

stronghunter said...

Time for good-nights to be said for sure.

Had an interesting adventure today. Several days ago, I had an itsy-bitsy spider crawling up my windshield right smack in front of my face. I was not happy, but kept telling myself it was a very small spider. It disappeared in the crevice at the top of the windshield, and I could not find it again.

This afternoon I was driving to the bowling alley when a jumping spider suddenly landed smack on top of the steering wheel right between my hands. It then turned around and stared right at me.

It was about three times larger than the spider I saw before. Came right from the spot where that little spider disappeared. Only thing I can figure is that it molted or whatever they do.

Unnerved, I pulled off the road and removed the critter with some napkins I found in the door of my car.

Just hope it was the same spider. I have to say I've never looked into the eyes of a spider before.

When I got to the bowling alley, they must have been having some kind of Halloween party for the home-school bunch. The place was full of people in all kinds of costumes. I wonder how the woman in the kimono managed to bowl.

Lori said...

Great Thursday morning everyone!

LOLLY, glad you're getting your tooth fixed - even though 2 hours in the dentist chair isn't fun.

JUDYE, have a great day off and a fun time with Jordyn today before heading off to Disney tomorrow. Hope you find a new laptop that fits all your specs.

JO, I would have gone with you to Vegas and the Grand Canyon. Been so long since I was there last.

SHIRLEY, congrats on the two strikes in a row! Maybe things are beginning to change for you on the lanes. Awesome.

JANET, now I know where to look next time I need some spare change and the couch is empty. Glad it all worked out.

HODA, very nice of you to get health conscious treats for Halloween. Do you get lots of trick or treaters?

KAY, how beautiful you've already had that first snow and it wasn't a dumping of it. We've got a chance for half an inch again tonight. It's sure cold enough for it. Big good morning hugs!

JUDIE, haven't seen you on in a while...hope the computer problems are totally resolved. How many days left at the big school house?

Did not get my test back from yesterday, so hoping the scores are online today. I'm so nervous for the Nervous System (brain & spinal cord) test tomorrow. Have never had so much info to cover on one test. It's at least 100 questions.

Wishing everyone a beautiful day with love, light, smiles and joy!

Sandi said...

Good Thursday morning Lori and all my eagle friends.

Today should be interesting - I started with a scratchy throat on Tuesday and yesterday my voice started "disappearing." Today I have very little of it left.

Make it a great day all - prayers continue for Dana's dad, Norm, and Michael.

Hoda said...

Good morning LORI AND SANDI
SANDI are you going to school with the bad throat?

Janet said...

Good morning to all. Thursday yet again.
I ended up with a day off yesterday; was on my way to my client’s house when I got a text that the wife fell and they were on the way to the urgent care. Possible sprained/broken wrist.

So I had a lazy day. In the afternoon I did get a few things done. But I certainly didn’t go full force all day.

Got Olivia fitted for new ice skates. The head of the ice skating rink worked with me to keep the skates WELL within my price range. Given that Olivia likes skating, but isn’t motivated to skate at a level of competition, even though she has certainly attained the skills to do so. I was very appreciative!

Also signed her up for the December program. Paid for that as well.

Prepping for some chilly weather the next couple of evenings. Low 30’s they say for tonight and tomorrow. I suspect that will likely be the demise of the tomato plants!

All righty, have to run and get the day moving. Hope everyone has a great day…btw LORI: in looking for spare change, especially if you have stackable washer and dryer, it is MUCH less work to peruse the a parking lot or two….that washer is HEAVY…lol. 

Hugs and love to all!

Hoda said...

Actually no LORI. Not very many trick or treaters. Yet the ones who do come are very cute and I worry about handing out sugary treats.
Good luck with your exam on nervous system.
Proud of you LORI and pleased for you.

Ms Bookworm said...

Good Morning!

I'm getting an early start to the day today. Woke up much earlier than I did yesterday, but feel rested. Need to decide what I'm going to try to accomplish today. I'm feeling fairly ambitious, so may wash floors. The thought of cleaning closets has also occurred to me. I need to find a way to make more space in them, so plan to donate some things to the Salvation Army. I've heard that most folks only wear about 20% of the clothes they have. Need to figure out what that 20% consists of, and weed out the rest! That should make some space in there.

Weather here is feeling more like fall. High today should be 72, and temp. this morning is 53. Supposed to be partly cloudy.

Received a new DVR in the mail from DirecTV. The one in our bedroom is pretty doggone old, and they say it will soon be inoperative. Need to figure out how to hook up the new one and get it activated, and the old one DE-activated. OMG, the cobwebs behind our entertainment center are pretty scary! Maybe I'll try to clean that up instead of doing floors today. We used to have a huge, bulky old TV in the bedroom, but it quit working. Kept the DVR that we had there so we could record more than one show at a time. Now, to activate the new DVR, they say I'll need to connect it to the living room TV, then move it to the bedroom once it's working. Sounds like quite a project! Guess I'll figure it out.

Ms Bookworm said...

Have been praying for everyone on the prayer list. Have we heard anything about Dana's dad yet?

Shirley, have you heard anything about Coby yet? Sure hope he's OK.

Lolly, hope that Laurel is feeling less iffy today! Hope Jacob is much better!

Well, better go get started on one of my projects for the day. Will check back in later. HAGD, everyone!....Hope we hear from Margy--I assume she got to Calif. without a hitch. Bet she's enjoying Northern California!

grannyblt said...

Good Morning all. Dusting of snow here this morning.

Went shopping and lunch with friend yesterday and came home through Moraine State Park. Many beautiful scenes of changing leaves--but it was raining, so no pictures. I may just do the drive again today..

Hope everyone off on journeys have a good time.

stronghunter said...

Good frosty morning!

Hunter and I had to scrape the windshield this morning. Lots of frost, but no snow here.

Good luck on that test, Lori?

Judie, Judie, where are you?

Snow for some Momsters this morning. Oh, I prefer summer.

I keep looking for more spiders to jump out of the crevice above my windshield. I do hope it was only the one.

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds !!!

JUDYE, on vacation with extra time with Jordyn and then on to the wonders of Disney ! Cool beans indeed !

JANET, hope your client recovers soon, but nice you could turn the day into one so pleasant for you !

LORI, will have you in my thoughts tomorrow---good luck on the Nervous System, both your own and the test ! Hugs right back to you !

LOLLY, glad your preserving those precious choppers---it's well worth the effort ! I still have all my own teeth, but have about five crowns to show for it.

ANDY, good luck with the DVR--I'd never be able to figure it all out and I admire those like you who have the talent and patience such tasks require !

JO, I don't care if I ever get to Vegas again, but The Grand Canyon is my favorite spot in the world ! Don't blame you for staying home while the guys winterize your summer haven.

SANDI, sorry to hear about your throat--hard to teach with no voice so I hope your staying home for a couple of days of self administered TLC !

SHIRLEY, do hope that's the end of the itsy bitsy spider tale for you. I just learned--via Jeopardy or Millionaire ??--that spiders have four eyes. Do you agree ? Hope you have a Coby update soon.

HODA, so considerate of you to worry about the little ones having sugar highs ! I don't get trick or treaters--they don't like our controlled access units. Sometimes I go to Julie's so I can see the little goblins n' gremlins. If I do this year I won't take Penny along---she'd be a spastic mess !

Had to unearth her sweater and my warm hat n' gloves for this morning. Brrrr. Way too early for this blast of winter !

LYNNE1, I guess we're forwarding our weather day by day to you. What a beautiful area you live in and I'm glad you take full advantage of it. Fall colors are in full glory here, too and that brightens my days a lot ! I love Autumn !

And I love y'all and pray for all in need !


Mema Jo said...

Good morning to all ♥
I have faith that Margy is safe and sound in CA and enjoying time with her family ♥
Prayers continue for Dana's dad (Hope the report was better then expected) for Norm to recover and a
thanks to all for remembering Michael.

Lori - funny that you are nervous about the nervous system lol You will do well!

Sandi - do you know of anyone else with the throat problem at school? Hot tea may help... or you will just have to let it run its course. I bet the kids love it ♥

Mema Jo said...

Hoda - play it safe and hand out the apples for treats.....

Judy - I bet you are getting as anxious as Jordyn about Disney vacation

PA can keep the snow - lol
I'm just not ready However; My new boots never saw any snow from last winter.

Mema Jo said...

Shirley - Turn your car's defroster on full blast to rid it of any lurking spiders. Good thing you pulled over to dispose of the one - Spiders can cause accidents.
Loved the Kimono Bowling Ladies.
Perhaps some quick short steps before rolling the ball would help - I think I would fall flat on my face!
Hoping the young man's football injury left him well with no side effects.
I guess Kathryn wrapped up in her blanket during their last game.

Mema Jo said...

Daughter just sent pic from her IPhone - she and hubby are standing on top of the Grand Canyon... She said God was here ♥ Looks like they could touch the sky!

stronghunter said...

Getting ready to call the vet. George is having his constipation issues. I will not go into detail.

Yes, I am sure spiders can cause accidents. I keep thinking that wrecking your car is far worse than a spider bite, and that a spider jumping into your lap should be a small issue. But...

I could try the defroster. Good idea. Of course the crevice is at the top of the windshield. Don't want to blow out any spiders while I am sitting belted into my seat, though.

From what I read, jumping spiders have very noticeable eyes. I think there were two eyes on this spider. I know some have more than that.

Taking a few steps before releasing the ball--that is what the teacher taught me, Jo. Start on left foot, take three steps,and curtsy before releasing the ball. It's what improved my speed. One of my teammates has said maybe I should not try for speed, but I think I get more pins with more speed. I discussed it with the teacher, and she agreed.

Lolly said...

Good morning! Have not been to the Grand Canyon in approx. 46 years. At that time it was Jack's and my first time camping. We rented a pop up trailer. It was a dump! LOL We rode the mules to the bottom of the canyon. That was fun! Oh, to be young again. lol Jack did go a couple of years ago with Michael, but they flew into the canyon, then helicopter to the bottom and then white water rafted. Anyway, we want to go again!

No treat or treaters here! Not many children and the houses are too far apart. Used to get a few each year when the children were young and there were more children in the area. We go to Laurel's and take a bag of candy to help here out. That way we can snitch some and not feel guilty. LOL

Lori, you can not go wrong on these have so many praying for you! :)

All my own teeth, too but lots of crowns. Yuck!

Nothing on the agenda today, that means I get to head outdoors and enjoys God's world in my own backyard! Whoopee! Presently 66 with bright sunshine! Can't complain! Have a great day!

stronghunter said...

Another teammate thinks the speed improves accuracy because the ball has less time to curve out of control.

Obviously, I have to do what I think I should.

Sandi said...

Hi all - home from school and my nail appointment. Hoda, surely you remember that it's harder to write lesson plans for a sub than it is to just go into school! I made out just fine today, though I don't have much of a voice now. I feel fine, just can't talk! Tomorrow I'm scheduled to take another group of kids to James Farm Ecological Preserve for the day. Temps are only supposed to be in the 50s with wind from the north which means it will be pretty cold on the beach. Will be wearing many layers plus a hat and gloves!!!

Need to fix something quick to eat. Sure wish someone had some news on Dana's dad.

I'll see everyone in the AM!

Mema Jo said...

Photo Album Eaglet Momsters

I just created the new album to be

used from 11/1 through 12/31.

There is still room for pics taken

the remainder of this October. Thanks

Mema Jo said...

Chicken Noodle Soup Sandi!

Hope the field trip tomorrow goes as well as the previous one.

Lolly said...

We have a plan! This next spring we are traveling to the west coast. Want to spend some time in the redwoods as well as the Oregon coast. So, I told Jack and he agreed...two years from now the northeast, once again. And, West we come! Two years from now!! If no open house, well then there has to be a dinner in Shepherdstown, right???

Lolly said...

It has been way too long since I have seen most of you, so that is our plan. I need some Momster hugs!! Momster laugher!!! Momster fun!!!

Worked in the yard all day. Todd, from next door yelled at me, "Amazing what you can do when it is not 110 degrees!" LOL

paula eagleholic said...

Lolly, we will all be here to welcome you and Jack back!

Sandi, glad your throat isn't sore. Stay warm tomorrow!

Lori, good luck on your tests!

I found an electric fireplace on was in Ocean City. Drove there tonight and picked it up. Still have to unload the car. Picked up some raw oysters too! First of the season!

Lolly said...

I am counting on it, Paula! It has been too long!

Glad you found a fireplace. You will certainly enjoy it!

Mema Jo said...

Lolly - it will be wonderful - in 2 years time we should have a Plan. ♥

FB -- Carolyn and Christie are at the Outerbanks - They are honoring their Mom - our Lady Lynn. Many pictures for you to see.

stronghunter said...

I'm sure you will enjoy that fireplace, Paula. I think I could have had a fire tonight.

Kathryn asked around and found out that Coby is doing okay. He did have a concussion, however, so I am sure they are watching him carefully. Other than that, he has bruises. It was very upsetting when the other boys ran down the field and this one child was lying spread-eagle on the ground.

stronghunter said...

Will be nice to see you in two years, Lolly. I do miss the trips we once took in our travel trailer. We really used it a lot in the years when the children were young. Ours was a 21-footer, and it got a bit crowded when the twins came along and there were six of us.

stronghunter said...

Will be nice to see you in two years, Lolly. I do miss the trips we once took in our travel trailer. We really used it a lot in the years when the children were young. Ours was a 21-footer, and it got a bit crowded when the twins came along and there were six of us.

stronghunter said...

Glad your day went okay, Sandi. A teacher without her voice can be quite challenged. I have seen teachers try for awhile and then end up taking some time off. Don't push yourself too hard.

stronghunter said...

We'll get our share of trick-or-treaters. Our subdivision has its share of young children.

stronghunter said...

We got the biggest crowds when we lived in Ohio. Our subdivision in New Albany was the only one for miles around, and the people in the outlying regions brought their children to us for their candy fix.

We had to hire an off-duty officer to help control traffic because we were afraid someone might get run over.

Lynne2 said...

oh dear. Look what happens while I am absent....

Lolly must think getting crowns will make HER the Queen. Humph.

Shirley is making Goo Goo Eyes at Spiders while driving.

Lori is a bundle of nerves over the nervous system.

Judy is playing in a magic kingdom and making cold fronts.

Sandi is speechless.

Paula will have oysters roasting on an electric fire, while Jack Frost nibbles at her nose.

I think the evil Jufie has found and hidden Judie.....

Hoda is worried about giving away SUGARY treats on Halloween, but those SPECIAL brownies can be made without sugar.

Margy has gone WESTWARD HO while Kay and Lynne1 send weather to and fro and Jo doesn't want any snow and Janet keeps the ice skate budget manageably low.

stronghunter said...

Well, hello there, Lynne. You have summed things up quite nicely.

I am going to call it quits for the night. I did not sleep much last night, and my pillow is calling me.

SED everyone.

stronghunter said...

Missing Judie, too.

paula eagleholic said...

Got the fireplace in and on! Feels nice! Gotta get some new bulbs so I can watch my fake fire, LOL!

Saw the pictures from Carolyn, very touching.

Gonna hit the hay...

SED love and hugs to all ♥

Mema Jo said...

Goodnight to all
TV evening was worth sitting watching a movie.....

Tomorrow is RED FRIDAY already

Bev and Sharon headed for the Rockies
No cell phones working..... lol

I have received some beautiful pics from daughter at the Grand Canyon...


Lolly said...

Had not thought of it that way, Lynne! Lol. Bet I have more crowns than you. Therefore I should be Queen! Will fall asleep with a smile and that thought rolling through my head. Roflmbo

Hand to think that through, Paula, buying new bulbs. Then the bulb appeared above my head and I got it! Lol

It is late, getting silly. Night all! SED!

Hoda said...

Good night
God Bless Us All

Special mention to Lady Lynn.
Back home to the Ocean.
Huge shout out to her daughters CHRISTINE and CAROLYN. Way to go ladies way to go.

Lori said...

Good Red Friday morning everyone!

Some great news, got a 99 on Monday's test on Pain, Comfort and Sleep. Now if I could only do as well on today's test on the Nervous System! Still so much to learn and only hours to go, so I had better get at it, here's the 12cranial nerves: Olfactory, Optic, Oculomotor, Trochlear, Trineminag, Abducens, Facial, Vestibulocochlear, Glossopharyngeal, Vagus, Accessory and Hypoglossol. Now to go memorize whether they're a sensory or motor nerve and what the control! Wish me well! Thanks.

Hope everyone has a great red Friday! Lots of love, hugs, light and joy for everyone!

Hoda said...

Way to go you!
Impressive about all the words you listed.
Correct spelling to boot!

Sandi said...

Good Friday morning Lori, Hoda, and all my eagle friends. Only 38 degrees here at the beach in Bethany!!

Great recap of the blog goings-on from Lynne!!

Voice is not much better today but I feel fine. Got my multi-layers of pants, shirts, and socks laid out for today's trip.

Prayers for all - make it a great day! Good luck today Lori (though it really isn't luck - it's LOTS of hard work on your part!!)

Janet said...

good morning to all! First official freeze of the season...31 here at my house. very frosty out!

i have a contining ed class today. it s on depression & anxiety. since i as well as many of my clients and friends deal with not only will this fulfil 6 of my 6 hours, it should prove interesting!

good to have lynn, our queen sum it all up, lol. :)

LORI; wow, impressve! 12 cranial nerves! now when you get aggravated you can tell someone whch nerve they have gottenon!

go girl!

hoping everyone has a lovely day. got to get the kid up and the morning moving along. furbabies wanting to attend!

later ya'll! light, love, hugadsmile!

JudyE said...

Good morning eagle buds

congratulation LORI on the great score

59° here

waiting for Angie and Carl to arrive Had a good time yesterday with Jordyn and evening also
My DVR has finally given out I really don't use it only when Jordyn is here Its a older one and now I need a new one the screen is black only works for a few sec and then goes to black screen No movie watching so she is watch TV for now

stronghunter said...

Impressive list, Lori!!

It was 33 degrees and very icy in my neighborhood this morning.

Need to check on George. He spent last night at the vet's for his treatments.

stronghunter said...

Yay, George is ready to come home. He does have a UTI.

Kay said...

Good RED FRIDAY Morning Eagle Buds !!

LYNNE2, love your summation of Momster doings !

LORI, a 99 ! Wahoo ! Can't wait to hear how you did on the Nervous System though I am refusing to get nervous about it ! You rock, girl !!!

LOLLY, love all your travel plans. Something health wise has always interfered with my plans to meet up with everyone at The Sycamore Palace. However, I'll be there when you and Jack are if at all possible ! At my age one is afraid to plan ahead two years in advance, but I can dream !

SANDI, glad you're feeling well in spite of "no voice". That's a weak spot for me, too, and I understand what you're going through.

Something outside is giving my allergies fits this week. Guess, as much as I hate the thought, we need a good hard freeze to kill out the little pollen and mold demons that lurk out there.

Like the rest of you, I keep hoping to hear a report on DANA's dad--prayers continue for him and for all others on our list !


Kay said...

SHIRLEY, happy news re: George. I'm sure he feels like a new "man" now !

Kay said...

Wow, you've come closer to a hard freeze than we have here in your old stomping grounds, SHIRLEY ! Something topsy turvy about weather patterns these days !

Lolly said...

Good morning! 56 here. They predicted in the 40's but do not think it made it. Out to mow or should I say out to mulch leaves. Grass did not grow much. Actually, the leaves in front yard are not even falling yet, however there are two trees in the backyard that are loosing them fast.

Kay, tell a daughter your plans for two years from now. I will see you at the Palace!!! I declare it as I am the Queen now with the most crowns! ( hee hee, Lynne!)

Costume Lady said...


Hoda said...

Good morning all
A very deep and sound sleep.
I just did Face Time on my iPhone with Carol in Windsor.
Beautiful day there and the colours are stunning too.
Oh LOLLY I am jealous.
A trip back East in two years.
Maybe I should plan to meet you all there too?
How fun.
You are coming west too. Are you coming to BC west or are you staying in the USA.

Scary about the spider SHIRLEY. You handled it well.

SANDI enjoy the day. Yes I remember about going in instead of preping for a sub... Now I think differently. I am not in a classroom.

My sister in Egypt will have Cataract surgery Sunday and Wednesday. Both eyes one a day. Seems close and not enough healing time. Keep her in your prayers please.

Very frustrated with several experiences the past few days. Working on it and reaching for LOVE AND LIGHT.

I will go listen to a Tibetan Rinpoche/ Monk give a talk tonight. Looking forward to it. Yoga in the morning.

Thinking of SHAR BEV JUDYE MARGY on holidays.

Lolly said...

Hoda, Jack wants to spend some time in the Redwoods, not just pass through. So, as much as I would like to get up into that part of Canada, I think Oregon will be as far north as we get. Start planning on two years from now. You HAVE got to see the Sycamore Palace but more importantly you need real hugs from a lot of Momsters!!! Love you!

JudyE said...

just got here in hotel room just wanted to let you know that

Mema Jo said...

Hi Judy
Enjoy and get those pics

Mema Jo said...

Happy that George is coming home

Congratulations Again Lori ♥

Water in the bird bath has a glaze on it! Not frozen solid BUT........

I saw a downy woodpecker this morning and lots and lots of squirrels with the Blue Jays.

The sun is shinning but it sure isn't too warm......... ♥

stronghunter said...

George is here settled into his bed. He did not eat all of his food. For once, Lucky came along and ate George's food.

Mema Jo said...

From Sandi on the FB Blog

Hi all! Easier 2 post here than on the blog when I m using my phone. We r driving 2 balto 2 visit my mom and my sister & her family 4 the weekend. Will check in when I can. Please put this on the blog 4 me 4 those who arent on FB. Thx! Have a great weekend!

Hoda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mema Jo said...

Bev and Sharon are reporting on FB
that they are having a fantastic family fun trip. The scenery from their photos is awesome.

I am going to watch an hour or two of Tv


stronghunter said...

Good evening,

I am worried about George. He just does not seem right. He ate a little bit of food when I got him home. Now, he is just lying in his bed. He's breathing harder than he should be.

paula eagleholic said...

Evening all.

Going to be cold here tonight.

Waiting for my bro and nephews to arrive around 9 they said.

Lori...that's succeed because of hard work, not luck.

Another good week finished at work :-)

Sou.ds like lots of good weekend plans ahead.

Gotta go grab some grub!

Shirley, glad George is back home.


Janet said...

Good evening to all. It has been a great day.
I had my continuing education class today. As I sat there, quite entranced with the information being presented, about the brain, stress, stress effects on the brain, depression, anxiety, meds, and other related topics, for 6 hours mind you, I realized what a GEEK I am! Lol. I was fascinated.

I also bought 2 more booklets, which when complete will give me more continuing ed hours. I actually got 3…buy $20 worth and get 1 free. I bought one on positive psychology, meditation and the free one was understanding anger.

I worked on the pool late this afternoon, getting it ready to close this weekend. Let me just say that 50 degree water temp is cold cold cold! I had to stick my hands in to hook up the vacuum and clean out the filter. Brrrrrrrrr. Tomorrow I will revacuum, put the closing chemicals in and backwash. Then Sunday, the cover goes on and the pool is put away for the winter.

I haven’t updated you on my hotflashes. I added probiotics as well as some soy isoflavonates to my daily routine….and for now, at least the hot flashes are much better.

I learned something too today that I will share before I close out. As everyone knows we have a brain in our head. But it is thought now that our gut is our “second brain”. The vagus nerve, which runs bilaterally is thought to connect the brain in the head with the gut. Happy brain, happy gut. Happy gut, happy brain. Adding probiotics to one’s diet can make the gut healthier and happier and thereby make the brain healthier and happier!

Have a great evening to all. Happy weekend!

Hoda said...

Very good health report JANET.
Thank you

Lynne2 said...

worried about George Shirley...

Mema Jo said...

Shirley - George's breathing would worry me... I pray he is good through the night - May need a vet visit tomorrow.

Janet - I have always been one to go with my Gut Feelings!

Watched too much tv this evening..
Now I need to close down for the day

Daughter called from Grand Canyon and today in a small plane there were 8 people (and she and Hubby were 2 of the 8) to take the flight through the canyon. She just couldn't describe all the beauty they saw.

Mema Jo said...

Prayers for all our needs for ourselves and our families and our friends............
I am still reflecting on the tribute Lynn's daughters gave her today ♥

Goodnight and God Bless us all ♥

stronghunter said...


I am still worried about George. I went out for awhile with Will. He wanted to go to see some friends who were working at a haunted woods place. We just about froze to death.

Kathryn was here to check on George. When I got home, he seemed very glad to see me and purred when I hugged him, but he is still not eating. I gave him his antibiotic but skipped the other meds I usually give him. I don't think he can handle but so much right now. There has been some diarrhea and vomiting. I will definitely take him to the vet tomorrow.

I put him back on my bed surrounded by plenty of waterproof padding. Offered him a tiny bit of food, but it is a no go for the food.

stronghunter said...

George's breathing is calmer now.

stronghunter said...

All that walking around in the woods with goblins jumping out at me has really done me in. I am very glad to be back in my warm bed.

stronghunter said...

SED, everyone.

Hoda said...

Attended a meditation session with a Tebetan Rimpoche this evening.
Was very glad to attend.
Several in the group were over 90.

Hoda said...

Good Night
God Bless Us All

Sandi said...

Good Saturday morning my eagle friends! Chilly and frosty here in Elkridge - 33 degrees. Nothing special on today's agenda.

Shirley, I hope George had a good night and wakes you up saying he's hungry.

Lolly, 2 years til we meet in person!! Can't wait!!!

I have very little voice this morning - had to use it in a loud tone quite a bit yesterday. Wrote office referrals for 4 boys when we got back from the trip.

Make it a great day everyone

Sandi said...

Hate typing on this Kindle - it has a mind of its own sometimes. It sounds like Bev and Shar are having a great time.

Also sounds like a happy/sad week at the beach for Carolyn and Christie.

Prayers continue for good news from Dana about her dad's biopsy results.


Hoda said...

Good morning.
32 and Foggy
Will clear later in the morning.

Lori said...

Good Saturday morning!

HODA, I hope you've solved the problem with your several bad experiences. Big Hugs and lots of love and light going your way.

KAY, sorry about your allergies acting up. It froze here last night so hope it did for you too to kill those buggers! Don't know if I can wait two long years to see you and LOLLY.

PAULA, hope you see lots of wildlife this weekend. Love your reports - especially when you see eagles.

SHIRLEY, how is George doing this morning. How old is he? Prayers for his complete recovery.

LOLLY, it's so cool that you have a fantastic trip to look forward to. Can't wait to see you in person!!

SANDI, hoping your voice returns, and glad you're not feeling unwell. Have a wonderful weekend with your Mom.

JANET, happy to hear that your hot flashes have gotten better. YAY!

JUDYE and MARGY, have a great day at work. It's your Friday, MARGY! Haven't seen you on much, MARGY. Is everything okay?

Missing JUDIE and WANDA, DANAMO, LINDA, CAROL and all the others.

JO, what's on your agenda today before Mass tonight? Big hugs!

I didn't get my Nervous System test back yesterday, but it was a truly frustrating experience. All, and do mean all except one thing that the teacher told us to study for the test, was not even on the test and instead there were questions on things we did not cover in lecture and weren't even mentioned in our text book! Hence, I am not expecting a great score. It was really unkind of that teacher to do that. The entire class was up in arms and furious, but the teacher who lectured on it wasn't there. She made up the test so she knew exactly what was on it! Why set us up to fail???? Very hurtful and frustrating.

Hoping everyone has a great weekend. Lots of love, light, smiles and joy + big hugs for everyone!

Janet said...

good morning.

Stronghunter: how's george
LORI: ((((((hug))))))love ((((hugs))))

Hoda: what was his topic? The tibetian guy?

Gotta scat. lots to o this morning. very frosty and coldhere. killed the summer time plants... early frost.... heavy frost....

light love hugs and smiles

stronghunter said...


Lori, George is about 17--an old cat, but not the oldest one in the household. Lucky is 20.

George is a bit better this morning. I think I have figured out what the problem is. The vet gave him Clavamox.

I remembered that I'd given it to him before, but I had forgotten that he had a bad reaction. Don't know why the vet didn't have the info at her fingertips.

Anyway, I did not give him a dose this morning and I'm getting ready to take him in. They say the vet is triple-booked, and the one on duty this morning is not my favorite, so I am prepared to say what I think the issue is.

Wow, Lori. Sorry about that last test. Sounds like you have a good reason to be frustrated. Hang in there. Guess you will be prepared to face just about anything.

Lori said...

SHIRLEY, glad you're taking George in this morning. I even remember him having a bad reaction to Clavamox now that you mention it. I would definitely tell the doc what you think the problem is and what drug they substituted for it last time. Bless his heart. ♥

Mema Jo said...

Good Morning to all ♥
Really cold out there last night - A
group in Frederick opened a make-shift shelter for those on the streets - they used their meeting place - Blessed Be. We have cold weather shelters but it's only Oct & I don't think any of them expected the freezing weather this soon.

Mema Jo said...

Yesterday I had to change this Google password - Good thing I write my passwords in my notebook. I really do try to keep them the same -
almost impossible to do that.

Lori - so very upsetting concerning testing on material not covered. I am thankful that the entire class is voicing the same concerns. I remember this happening once before with a test Is it the same instructor....?
Boycott ♥

Mema Jo said...

I check in on Rascal and Popcorn (the ostriches) throughout the day.
They seem to be doing very well - even have had some time outside.

Shirley - Happy you are taking George back to the vets to get him all better.

Sandi - Frustrating about field trips and students that don't appreciate them. Rest your voice this weekend ♥

Janet - enjoy your busy weekend - sorry about the frost killing your plants.
I hope Megan made out ok with her garden.

Mema Jo said...

I put up the Africam - Black Eagle
The little chick is pure white...
All alone in it's nest right now.

Mema Jo said...

Also the Decorah Eagle cam is now up/running

Lolly said...

Good morning! Upper 50's this morning and presently 62. Possible thunder storms today, but not a lot of rain expected. Dern! But another chance, a better chance, mid next week.

Nothing on the agenda today, but better get to the grossssserie store.

Cooked a new recipe for potatoes last night and it was really good, potato risotto. Had it with filet migon. Yep, a delicious meal!

Thinking of poor George, Shirley. Annie is hanging in there. 19 on her next birthday. Just wish she was not so senile! She is eating very well as we put her in front of her dish to remind her to eat. lol There are days she does not eat, but that passes and she is back to eating. We do not worry as we have learned the pattern.

Hoda said...

LORI MARGY is visiting family in California.
She will be back Wednesday. All is good.

Lori said...

Thanks HODA. I thought I remembered she was taking a trip but thought she would be back by now.

Hope you're enjoying your day. :)

Kay said...

Good Afternoon Eagle Buds !!!

LORI, two years, I know.. However, the years roll by so fast for me now. A pox on those nursing instructors who so blatantly practice unethical testing practices. Perhaps your class should go en masse to the administrators.

SHIRLEY, hope George has done a turn around now that he's off the offending med.

SANDI, save that voice today and tomorrow, sounds like you need it for those rascally boys at school.

Went to dinner with Julie and the guys last night and Seth will be here this evening. It's an "away football game" weekend and one with little going on, so he asked to come home. Okay by me, but we do look forward to the day when he's content to stay at school most of the time.

Love and prayers for all !!!


carolinabeachmom said...


carolinabeachmom said...

Hello to all Eaglet Momsters Trying to see if I could still get in and what a time I had. Finally changed my password. Hope Margy is having fun on her trip to California. I didn't know she had family out there.

Lolly did I see where you might be coming back out here in 2 year! Wow that will be great. I retire after this year! Can't wait to see you.

carolinabeachmom said...

So very glad that there are still quite a few of you still on here. I sure hope you will all let me come back in. I have to finally go downstairs and see what I have to wear to school in the cold weather. Yes, it is cold down here too, but so far, no snow!:) I hope you all have a wonderful day.

grannyblt said...

Good afternoon all. Brrr cold and windy here. My company left this morning and the towels and sheets have been washed and put away. They forgot to take their nice coffee thermos--good luck for me as mine had just about died. They will get it next trip, I almost forgot the drug turn in today. I still had some of my Mom's that needed to go. I didn't want to flush them or add to the pollution at the landfill.
Hope to see our cams up and Belle and Shep busily thinking about nestorations.

Mema Jo said...

It has become a sunny afternoon - still a nip in the air but SUN.

Candy good to hear from you! I'm sure it will be bittersweet when you do retire. It's not unusual to have that feeling --- missed all my work friends and missed my daily work routine. Then as time goes one you get very happy that you are retired.
You will always be a part of us ♥
I had to change my Google password yesterday and it gave me trouble too. TTUL

stronghunter said...

Good afternoon,

A pretty sunny day here. George is sleeping on my bed. He does seem better.

The vet said that the problem with the medication happened because George did not have food when he took it. I did try to give him food, but he would not eat. According to the vet's records, this is what happened before as well.

She gave him an injection and said that I could return the medication for a refund. They also gave him fluids and an injection for the vomiting after he threw up on their examination table.

The vet seemed thorough. I have some reservations about her because she would not see Luna when she was in such pain due to glaucoma.

They thought that it was a simple issue of dry eye. Kathryn took her to the office, told the vet that Luna was in pain and was in the car, but she said that she did not need to see Luna.

I think that was on a Saturday. By Monday, I think it was, Luna's eye was so swollen that she had to have it removed surgically. We think the vision could not have been saved, but the eye might have, and some pain could have been avoided.

I have been going to this office for more than 30 years, but in this time the original vet has retired and two women have taken his place. I have kept going there because I do like the others on the staff. They also know George and his ways. Kathryn has found a new vet for her pets. I keep thinking about it.

stronghunter said...

I have been told to wait until tonight and give George some baby food. Kathryn has done some research on cat food and said that I need to make sure that the baby food does not have garlic or onion.

I have changed George from his prescription food to Fancy Feast. The vets say that is fine, but that Fancy Feast has sugar. I read the label of one of the cans I have bought for George and can't find sugar or anything that I know of that resembles sugar on it. Maybe she read the label on a different variety of Fancy Feast.

stronghunter said...

Time to go buy some baby food for my kitty. I have done some research. Definitely no onions for George. They are very bad for kitties.

Sandi said...

Hi all! Lazy day here. Took Mom to Costco and Walmart. Getting ready to eat pizza. Hey I tried to turn off the FB notifications for every time someone posted on the Eaglet Monster page but instead I think I left the group because now when I go onto FB there is no indication at the top of the page of new posts. Can I fix it or does someone else have to?

stronghunter said...

Gosh, I don't know, Sandi.

I can tell you that George likes the baby food I got him. From what I read, there is a high percentage of water in the baby meat. I think that is probably one reason she wants George to have it. I gave him half a jar. Will give him more later.

stronghunter said...

While I was in that department, I picked up a couple of packages of diapers for the baby shower we will be attending on Sunday. Always fun to buy baby stuff.

Mema Jo said...

Sandi - I fixed it by Adding your name....... ♥


stronghunter said...

Thanks, Jo. We need to have Sandi back.

Mema Jo said...

I assume everyone is snugly warm

I have watched some TV but I am really ready to head off of here and get a flannel on and hit the pillows.

Hoping George has a good sleep and is feeling better in the morning.
I still miss my Mr Marvin - it like all of a sudden I look where he should be - and then just have to Sigh.

Looks as though our friends up in the Rocky's are having a blast! Ski lifts and such a beautiful fall scene on the mountain.

Judy at Disney - With a granddaughter and you can't beat that!

Mema Jo said...

Kay enjoy Seth's visit - It is very special for him to come see you.

Lynne1 - I guess your house is quiet with Company gone. You know, so many people do flush unused drugs down the commode without giving it any thought about where they are going.

Shirley have fun at the baby shower.
Baby items are so darn cute.

Mema Jo said...

ok Times up for me

Goodnight to all ♥
Restful sleep and peaceful dreams..

I love us ♥

Hoda said...

Good night all

stronghunter said...

Well, Kathryn went to the store and bought diapers, outfits, and some baby food for George. We do like to buy baby things. The shower is not until Sunday, Nov. 3, but we are ready.

stronghunter said...

George looks much better. He gobbled down another serving of baby food.

stronghunter said...

We now have plenty of baby food. Kathryn took one of the jars to give to Lucky.

stronghunter said...

According to what I read, the baby food is not really a complete food for cats, so I will need to get George back on cat food in a few days.

stronghunter said...

Time for sleep.

I have been watching the Ohio State-Penn State football game. With the score 56-7, I think Ohio has this one.

SED, everyone.

Lolly said...

Annie was raised on Science Diet, but when she stopped eating we went to canned food, mostly Fancy Feast. When we board her the vet says she prefers the dry food, We give her both and she barely touches the dry food. We give her the canned food a spoonful at a time as fast as she eats it. We keep it unrefrigerated during the day in the bathroom by her dish. We give her a spoon full many times during the day. lol But, she is eating!

Still watching football. Game delay because of lightening in the second quarter, It was a 3 hour delay and the game is still going, TCU is loosing, Boo Hiss!

We did get an inch of rain, thank you very much!

Night all! SED!!

Maybe if when the time arrives we let Steve know I am coming all the way from Texas and we can be allowed to see the nest and perhaps eat on the campus. We have two years to plan! I get so excited thinking about it!

Lori said...

Good morning eagle gang!

Hope everyone is looking forward to a great day today. Seems like everyone had a good day yesterday.

SHIRLEY, glad George seems to be doing better and likes the baby food.

Hope JUDYE & MARGY are having a great time on their trips to Disney and California.

HODA, what are your plans for the day?

JO, are you having family over today? Is the market over for the year? Hope those baby ostriches are doing well. Love the black eagle cam - so funny that the chick is totally white. Probably not for long.

LOLLY glad Annie is holding up so well for her age. Love that you love her so much!

LYNNE1, seems like the PA cold and wind will not be as much today as yesterday. Yesterday was brutal!

SANDI, hope you're having a grand time being able to spend some time with your Mom. Nice that you don't have to travel too far.

More family arriving here uncle is here from Alaska - Dad's brother - so another of his brothers is coming today to visit. The house will be full.

I'll have to find a quiet place (?) to study for tomorrow's test and prepare for my Tuesday presentation on Parkinson's Disease - I'm a little nervous about that one.

Have a great Sunday! Love, light, big hugs and joy for everyone!

Lori said...

KAY, special first of the day good morning hugs to you - unless Seth beat me to it. :) Did you get to do your usual Seth routine of dinner and PHC? Glad that he loves his Grandmother so much. :)

Hoda said...

Good morning.
Rain here.
Maybe that will take care of the fog which has been hanging around Nelson for over a week now.
Hiking today.
Will check in later.
Been doing small but effective amounts of LOLLY TREATMENT to fridge to kitchen...
Down to three bags of apples for drying. From 8 that is.
Made some compote too.
I love us.

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds !!!

LORI, I, too am glad that Seth still needs his grandmother fixes ! We did just what you said---dinner, PHC and then watched Keeping Up Appearances before lights out. The usual biscuits and sausage this morning and now he and Julie are off for more French tutoring before he returns to campus this evening. Good luck on the Parkinson's test---you get nervous over all of them and that may just give you the keen edge you need for those outstanding grades you're turning in !

SHIRLEY, hope LYNNE1 weighs in on the cat food issue. My vet says most pet food labels are lacking in pertinent info on content, calories, etc.. LOLLY's method of feeding Annie might do the trick !

HMMM, HODA, your apple compote sounds quite good. I'm one of those folks who doesn't really like apples anyway but crispy n' fresh. No juice, cider, sauce for me--wish I liked em' like most of the world does. Most ways probably have to much sugar for me now, however.

Prayers for our travelers as well as all in need amongst us !


Lolly said...

Good morning! Do not think I have mentioned hearing the migrating geese headed south. They fly so high I have not been able to spot them but have heard them several times.

Laurel has a test Tuesday, She was informed at school last month that she had to be ESL certified now and was not provided with a class or materials to study. They did say they would pay for the test. So she has scrounged to find study materials and Tuesday is the test. She is so stressed, so prayers please for peace and to do well on the test.

Time for church...later Gators!

grannyblt said...

Good Sunday to all at least the frigid wind has died down. I'm not ready for winter yet.
Shirley when reading back I misread that Kathryn bought food and diapers and outfits for Geroge, the cat. Or do I have names confused? Anyway glad the kitty is somewhat better.
Glad you got some rain Lolly.
Hope all on the road today have safe travels.

Mema Jo said...

Good afternoon to all ♥

Lynne1 - tee hee - Baby items are for Baby Shower today... When I read something and can't remember who or what was actually said - I'll be darn if I can go back and ever find it.

Lolly I wish Laurel could find someone who recently took this test to be certified. This sounds like Lori's predicament with her test material.

Mema Jo said...

Lynn1 The baby food WAS for
George - lol

Mema Jo said...

Lori I love housefuls! Today it is a quiet day here - Market is dwindling down but many vendors are there today. I suppose Megan is starting to gather greens for the wreaths. I didn't go over - Jenny was here but we just visited most of the morning hours.

Mema Jo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mema Jo said...

That last comment just kept rolling and rolling and rolling. I clicked publish twice and got my dup - I trashed it.

stronghunter said...

Sorry about the confusing post--the diapers and baby outfits were for a friend who has a baby on the way. The food was for George. That was a classic example of a very confusing sentence.

grannyblt said...

I figured it out on rereading, but for a minute I thought you were getting the diapers and outfits for the cat. Lol

Lolly said...

LOL Had to go back and read your sentence, Shirley. I understand what you meant but that sentence would confuse folks. Too funny!

Has remained cloudy but no more rain, just a fine mist on the way to church.

NatureNut said...

Hello Eagle Buds! Started early this AM reading the last 2 threads, but will I remember most of it????
So sorry to read about WVA Jerry's MIL. Prayers to the family.
See some are travelling about. Knew Margy was going to CA! What a world traveler this year!
What a heartfelt trip for Carolyn and Christie to OBX, one of Lynn's favorite spots.
Warms my heart to hear of Jo's daughter at Grand Canyon. I've always wanted to go there, but maybe it will have to go in my Will that a get there! Someone here wants to know why you would want to see a hole in the ground? aarrgghh
Hope JudyE and family are enjoying Disney!
I see Hoda is in the food prep business! Bet lots of people would purchase for the winter! ☺
Janet and Tom are tackling appliance repairs! Way to go.
Jo's summer house is getting closed for winter and Paula's is getting battened down for the winter. Should be exciting to stay at the beach this time of year.
Lori, you are an ace to tackle all the med classes. I hope there is a civilized revolt among the students on test questions not covered!! I hated it when that hap-pened! Best Wishes.
Glad to hear Annie and George are feeling better.
Shirley, hope the football casualty is getting well. Tough sport.
And Lolly, is there a field trip in the works for NCTC in 2 years??? I'm sure we can worm our way in! Kay, you've got to come!
Sandi, hope you will soon be able to shout some commands on the oversized rug rats! ☺
Prayers for Dana's Dad, Lolly's Norm and Miracle Michael.

JudyE said...


We had a blast Jordyn rode on so many rides We went to animal kingdom and two times to Magic Kingdom Today we went to Ole Town also lots of rides
Jordyn rode the Tilt A Whirl with me at Ole Town She wanted to go on it But realized it wasn't the same as a roller coaster which she loved the most I was so surprised she wanted to go on the roller coaster because she was sort of scared but you know how that is It feels great to be scared LOL she went on the roller coaster about 4 times Didn't get on the blog because it was almost midnight each nite getting back to hotel I am downloading the pictures right now Had taken 555 but on the way back I spent my time on the road deleting some down to 528 LOL not much of a trim is it, So many pictures and video
Jordyn got to choose who she wanted to go on the rides with and she mostly choose me I feel so honored Angie and Carl tried to sit in front of us to get pic got some good ones of her death scared looking face on the roller coaster but she kept wanting to go back on it
She seems to love all rides but the ones that spin like the Tilt A whirl Angie and Carl don't like it either but me I love it

need to go unpack and do laundry then will work on pic in the evening


JudyE said...

PLUS Angie also took pic will get her XD card tomorrow Oh got to ask her to borrow her card reader mine is only for SD cards I guess one day I need to buy a multi reader Look at pic now sooo many to choose from to post How will I ever choose

paula eagleholic said...

Evening all

Bro and one nephew came down...tried to catch fish but noo luck.

He's coming back in 2 weeks to do my insulation.

Pretty day here...wind is now. Calm and the. Water is like glass.

Gotta get caught up.

Welcome home Judy...glad Jordyn had such a great time.

Oh bro put my antenna on the roof. TV comes in really nice.

Hoda said...

Welcome home JUDYE. Glad you had a terrific holiday.
SHAR posted she is home and is now working.
SANDI is on her way home . 2.5 hrs.

I had a terrific hike. Autumn colours continue to be breath taking. Leaves are beginning to drop.
Ended up at a Buddhist Monestery where I went in for an hour and a half meditation session. The Tibetan Rimpoche is in residence. He told me I wore my hair like a Mongolian Princess. I smiled. Actually laughed.

I have lots of Kale so will go dry some.


stronghunter said...

Good evening,

Watching the Redskins-Bronco game. Very exciting. Score is 14-7 with Washington in the lead.

stronghunter said...

Another touchdown!!

On an interception.


stronghunter said...


stronghunter said...

Oh my! Score tied at 21.

Mema Jo said...

Just returned home from taking Michael and his son out to Longhorn Steak House. Was an enjoyable evening.

Broncos just got another one.....
Exciting game...... Really need another touchdown to tie...
They sacked Griffin :(

Lori said...

SHIRLEY, thanks for keeping us up to date on the Redskins game -- I don't get to watch them here, it's Steeler country.

HODA, glad you had such a good afternoon. Is it really possible to meditate for 90 minutes? I have trouble concentrating for 10!

PAULA, sounds like you've added another renovation to the list - glad you found someone to do the insulation. Your house will be like new soon.

LORETTA, so glad to see you on today. You are missed!

JUDYE, Welcome home! Sounds like you had a great time with Jordyn, and lots of pictures. Did you see Snow White? She's my favorite.

Just finished checking the last item off my list for today.

LOLLY, happy that you got all that rain!

Mema Jo said...

Anxious to watch The Good Wife this evening - I think she gets kicked out
since they found out she was planning to leave.

The I will watch the Mentalist to see how close he is to finding Red John...

The sunset here in the valley had so much pink - it was beautiful.


Mema Jo said...

Shirley - this game is not going very well.... :(

stronghunter said...

Things are going downhill fast. I did not think anyone else was here, so I stopped posting the results.

stronghunter said...

Now 38-21 with Denver in the lead.

stronghunter said...

Oh good grief, another interception by Denver. Griffin is down.

stronghunter said...

Guess Griffin is okay. Not sure, though.

stronghunter said...

Interception by Skins.

They are putting Cousins for Griffin.

stronghunter said...

Interception and touchdown by Broncos.

stronghunter said...

45-21 :(

Lolly said...

Cowboy's lost a heart breaker today. They have so many injuries. Jack says they are pulling then in off the street to play, lol

Oh, dear! Think I have told you Jack wires the pecan trees with a pet charger to keep the squirrels out of the 4 pecan trees down front, Well, one particular squirrel has been just running up one of the trees, ignoring the hot wires, Well, he will not be doing that again. There he was on the side of the tree and Jack says with the wire in his mouth, Guess that along with wet feet did him in. Sorry about that squirrel!

I made a pumpkin pie and a new pumpkin dessert for Joseph's birthday. Well, I have been informed that if I want to join them this Thursday for Halloween I have to bring that dessert. He likes it better than pumpkin pie!! Told him he was a greedy kid, lol

Sandi said...

We be home and unpacked!! Now to watch some TV - I'll see everyone in the AM!! Last week of October - hard to believe I've been back in school for 2 months!

Goodnight all!

Hoda said...

I hope they tie it to two games each!!!

This is just to let you know sports

No one here is from St Louis so I am safe!!!

JO likes the bird the cardinal I hope that does not go as far as baseball team!!!

Second impressed I hope you take note!
I know who Boston is playing.


NatureNut said...

Good Evening dear friends. Saw some of the Redskin game, but I didn't have the remote. Maybe just as well. Yes Lolly, poor Cowboys done in 30 to 31! I think.
Paula's excursions last weekend reminded me to mention that we held the annual American Indian Festival at the Park last Sat. I had to man the office at other end of Park and direct traffic for the illiterate or blind. Asked if they saw the signs on road (some 5' tall with gigantic ARROWS) pointing in direction of event. Some said they saw no signs-----"they must have fallen down!" I saw them all at 5 PM!
Since activities have been pretty much the same and I got no pictures, I do have 3 sets in the Nook if anyone missed them a couple years ago. Go to Nook,2011, October. In the center, first set is named "Talon (eagle)etc. Opens Festival", followed by 2 sets of AIF.
Talked to daughter Sherry again and now that house was getting somewhat in order, carpenters had to repair top shellac coat on set of stairs inside. They had laid a textured lightweight cover over them, but it textured the stairs! That meant More sanding!!!!!!!And their sanders didn't have dust bags! :>( However, we are invited for Xmas anyway!!!!

I had been moping around lately and grouchy like Maxine, but got real wake up call this evening on what's really important in this life. My cousin Pat who now lives in San Diego, CA wrote about her hubby, Norm P. He went to the Dr. early this month to get RX refills and told her that he had a lump on his stomach. Got scans, biopsy ASAP, and shockingly, he has liver tumors, and a couple small ones in lung and lymph node. He has had 2 chemo sessions and will go for more. I asked her permission to mention this to Momsters and she said they can use all the prayers they can get. The whole San Diego Mormon Church is praying for Norm P.!
TY, so much. Luv you all ☺ ♥

stronghunter said...

Prayers for Norm, Loretta. That would be a terrible shock. Good that they have the support of the church.

Missed the last of the Redskins game. I went downstairs to fix something to eat. It was exciting there for awhile.

I see that the score is 1-1 right now, Hoda. Please know that it is okay to cheer for your team even if someone else on the blog is for the opposing team.

Hoda said...

LOLLY tell JACK I am dedicating the merit from my evening meditation to him. May he not come back as a squirrel in a future life.
I know his reaction wil be a LOL moment!
Picture of JOSEPH'S new favourite dessert please.

Hoda said...

Prayers LORETTA.

stronghunter said...

So the squirrel was actually chewing on the wire, Lolly? Wow!

stronghunter said...

Boston 4
St. Louis 1

Hoda said...


I guess it is Not in the "cards" after all!!!

Ha ha!!!

Hoda said...

In the 7 th I understand!
Late game then.
I hope they keep it up

Hoda said...


Mema Jo said...

Wow! We just may hit 200 by the end of tonight if there are some chatty latecomers.......

Loretta - Norm has my prayers as does his wife & family. It really knocks you for a jolt when things like this happen - I think we take too much for granted at times in our own lives.

I am saying Goodnight to all ♥

stronghunter said...

Good night, Jo.

Yes, I think we will hit 200.

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