Monday, December 06, 2010


Just back from DC.  Here's the scoop on today's activities.

Our tree folks came out this morning, and after some observation and long discussion, it was decided that the tree was not safe enough for our climber to get up into the nest.  Our nesting tree is slowly deteriorating, and a number of the limbs that support the nest are dying or dead. 

This does not mean that getting our guy into the nest would have caused something catastrophic to happen, but it did mean that we were concerned enough about his safety that we could allow the work to happen today.

Our next step is to consider some alternatives, and we have targeted this Friday as the next day we can attempt to get the new cam in place. 

Will keep you posted.

New thread.


Mema Jo said...

Thank you so much Steve for the update!
We were all concerned with the wind factor and didn't consider the sycamore.
Hopefully a solution will be found on Friday....

Thanks again.......

glo said...

Oh dear. That doesn't sound so good. Surprised they even actually came out this morning though from the sounds of the weather. sigh. I guess MTBR

Eagle-Eyed Sharon said...

I say turn the old cam back on if they can't get the new cam in. Hmmm, skeery!

Lynne2 said...

OK well that's a bit of disturbing news.

paula eagleholic said...

Not good news for the cam, and certainly not good news for our nest.

We all saw the big limb on the right side of the nest, and there have been prior comments about the condition of the tree itself. Hopefully, when the tree and the nest do go, they will go when there are no eaglets in the nest!

Sharon, I think the old one is broke :(

Lynne2 said...

thanks for the update Steve! Have the eagles been doing restorations on the nest?

Well, I guess it stands to reason that eventually trees will decay. That nest has to be very heavy. Even heavier with wetness from snow and rain. Steve didn't say it was the wind. So if it's the tree itself that in unsafe to climb, that makes my heart a little sad, and worried. Perhaps they can get a cherry picker or something to get up there without having to climb.

Lynne2 said...

I will be very anxious about this winter....

Costume Lady said...

I feel sick:(

Costume Lady said...

Much can be done for a decaying tree, but it is very costly...don't think Lib and Belle can be disturbed now. They are probably VERY busy with nestorations now.

paula eagleholic said...

Lynn, they do use an 85ft bucket truck, then climb the rest of the way. I would guess they are worrying about the climbing portion.

hedgie said...

Yep, I thought that the tree itself was in trouble before.....thanks for verifying that observation, Steve. Sure hope that Lib abd Belle will be safe in it---wonder if they have any innate way of knowing that it's time to make a move?? Wouldn't that be a bummer if they had to??

LOL, Wanda---breezy??? It's almost gale force!!

Brought over from other thread:

Loretta, Chrissy DID get THAT tooth extracted surgically and had a very bad time in hospital doing so. This is ANOTHER tooth. OUCH!

Poor little Mai Ying just tossed her cookies. Either ate too fast....or maybe a little too much play.

Got pics ready to post. Next time she goes to sleep....!!!!

Breaking news:
Elizabeth Edwards, the estranged wife of former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, is resting at home with friends and family after doctors advised that "further treatment of her cancer would be unproductive," according to a statement from the Edwards family.
Sad situation.

hedgie said...

Agree, Shar----old cam is better than no cam......

hedgie said...

Andrea is still without access to blog. She is not a happy camper.

NCSuzan said...

Wow,that is very serious news concerning the nest and the tree.

paula eagleholic said...

So sorry to hear about Elizabeth Edwards...strong woman.

Heading home, cya later.

hedgie said... just said that John Edwards is there, too.

PA Nana said...

Hi everyone. I see sad news abounds.

Steve, we know you are concerned about the safety of the climber and we appreciate your keeping us informed. Though we're a bit disappointed, we will be looking forward to seeing our eagles this weekend.

Sad news about Faye. May she rest in peace. God bless those mourning her loss.

magpie said...

Tough tough news about the for people must come first....
that nest could be weighing upwards to a ton by now...

We Momsters and Dadsters will still stand strong! Just might have to organize a few nest visits here when we find out more.

Hoping for good news on the possible alternatives

Thank you Steve...tough for you and your staff too I'm sure.

magpie said...

sorry that Mai Yang did a barfie, Lynn...that is NOT what you will be posting pictures of, eh ? LOL
just funny, the two things in one post

Good Evening Eagle Pals, make that a very cold evening, Eagle Pals...

headed out once again dressed like Ralphie to take care of some chores


magpie said...

I just can't imagine a season without being able to watch the nest and the Eagles though
sigh, Wah and :(

wvgal_dana said...

Mom just said the news said Mrs. Edwards has 2 weeks. She supposely put on facebook "everybody has a time".

PA Nana said...

Guess what, I fell asleep watching the game last night. Unbelievable!
Had to ask the guys this morning who won. I guess it was all the meds I took yesterday. What a change? I'm usually the one telling him to go to bed.

Judie, sounds like you're on the way to a full recovery. Keep those toes moving to the beat.

Jo, I'm jealous. I used to be so active and now can barely move, which is probably one reason I'm in the condition I am. You go girl!!

Watching for pix of Miss Mai. She is so cute and guess she'll grow into any wrinkles.

Andy, your Emma is adorable. Floppy ears and all. Watching for updates on her too.

Also Jo, I agree with your reasoning on having cats. That's why I'm owned by 2 cats. :-)

PA Nana said...

Lynne, keep warm and don't lift too much. Keep that back in good condition.

Hi Paula, Wanda, Dana, Margy & NC Suzan and anyone else I may have missed. I think I'm caught up now.

Jim's doing his prep for his colonoscopy/endoscopy tomorrow so I don't have to cook tonight. Poor guy. These are not pleasant tests but pray they find nothing wrong.

I'll get my tests results Wednesday from the rheumatologist and hope (and pray) he has something good to tell me. Busy week here.

Chris gets his stitches out Wednesday. He had a sebacous(?sp) cyst removed from his chest. He also gets his flu shot from the state on Friday. Like I said, a busy, busy week.

So now you know the Daze of our lives. ;-)

Mema Jo said...

9:00 is the return of one of my favorites - The Closer.

Mema Jo said...

We got the tree up and trimmed. Just a small artificial tree but it looks really good. I have so many memorable things to hang. Usually the gkids are looking for ones they had given us way back then.

wvgal_dana said...

Diann prayers for Jim's prep. Pray for his results to be good.

I'll be doing that prep on Dec.13th YUCK!! Test Dec. 14th.

stronghunter said...

Good evening,

Oh my, the news about the nest is concerning.

I do hope they can do something about the camera soon.

Got home late this evening because I took the time to stop at the grocery store for some chili. I was craving it on this cold day. Chili and some chocolate pudding for dessert.

paula eagleholic said...

Wanda, are eagles would not be disturbed.

Wonder if they have been spotted lately?

Fighting a cold here, making chicken soup for dinner :)

stronghunter said...

Sympathy for Jim and the prep. It is no fun.

stronghunter said...

I hope the results of Jim's procedure are all okay.

paula eagleholic said...

Diann, did you see the report around Lancaster area last week about the abandoned golden retrievers? Someone found 6 along the road, aged 2 months to 8 months!

Costume Lady said...

Paula, I meant that the eagles couldn't be disturbed long enough to repair a decaying tree, even if NCTC could afford to do it.
Repairs could consist of braces and concrete...similar to what Jo and Judie had done to repair their broken bones...minus the concrete:)
Other possibilities are available, but costly.

Costume Lady said...

I have to wonder where Lib and Belle would go if they were disturbed for any length of time. Would they stay around NCTC and build another nest or move on to another far off area?
I don't even want to think about that!!

Costume Lady said...

Poor Jim...according to Gene, Jim is doing the hardest part right now. He said the procedure, itself, was absolutely painless. I do remember he slept a good bit most of the day...must have been the anesthetic. He said he wasn't asleep, was wide awake. Afraid he'd miss something;)

Mema Jo said...

Do you all remember the tree at Barton's Cove?

Barton's Cove Eagles

wvgal_dana said...

Heading for a recliner that is calling my name. With a warm throw to cover my burrrr body.

Prayers for Lolly and Joey and Laurel and family.

Prayers for Chrissy.

Prayers for anyone that I have missed.

Prayers for our eagles tree and nest.

hedgie said...

Diann, hope everyone in your family gets along okay!

Shirley.....chili and choco pudding sounds like a strange combo! LOL!

Paula, hope you beat the cold. Have any Zicam??

PA Nana said...

Yes, Paula, been following the goldens in the newspaper. Some were adopted soon after being found. Haven't heard anymore lately, but sure they all have been adopted. That breed doesn't last long at the Humane League. Chris had one and she was so sweet.

Thanks for all the well wishes for Jim. Wanda, have told him this is the worst part - had 2 myself. Think Jim will stay awake for the same reason. Hope Gene's test was fine and Dana's will yield a good result too.

PA Nana said...

Jo, what would we do without our eagles in view. It's upsetting to even think Lib & Belle would move.

hedgie said...

Logging on to desktop PC...will post pics.

NatureNut said...

Read Steve's update earlier, but someone else was on 'puter. So sorry to hear that news about the tree. It is possible to brace tree & branches, but wrong timke of year. If they can't install cam, guess we WILL have to visit a lot, like Margy said!!!

I now think little hawk that visited today is a Cooper's. When you consider the tail being included in length, I think it was 16". Also has a flat head like a Cooper. It came back 12:30ish & was hidden by twigs, but it's motions told the tale of it eating lunch. Fubby is mad & threatening to take down bird feeder! Wrong, everybody has to eat. Will put one pic on blog.

Costume Lady said...

Diann, Gene had no specific reason for having the test...just something that the VA suggests, so he did it and it was all good:)
Hope it turns out the same for Jim.

NatureNut said...

Lynn, thx for new info on Chrissy. I didn't know she had another bad tooth. Poor thing. I'm sending her a card.

Costume Lady said...

Baby Mai is adorable! Look at that face:)

hedgie said...

Lots of assorted pics up for your viewing pleasure!!!!

paula eagleholic said...

Got it, Wanda. I'm not sure they would move too far, the area provides good for them. It would depend upon that perfect tree!

Lynn, I do cold-eeze, advil, throat drops, vitamin C and chicken soup :)

Diann, glad the dogs have been adopted. I hadn't checked the paper to check on them.

Lynn, does Mai have puppy breath, LOL.

Jo, I think that's an old article on the Barton Cove pair. Yup, it was published in Jan 09.

Mema Jo said...

I just wanted to jog the memory of those asking about the tree and Nest as to what could happen when it falls.

hedgie said...

Oh, yes, Paula, she DOES have baby puppy breath---coffee-ish!!! Love it!

Costume Lady said...

I forgot about PUPPY BREATH:)
Our Missy tooted frequently and had the rec room smelly for a long time.(that is where we kept her)

paula eagleholic said...

I love puppy breath!

I have to tell ya'll a funny story. We too, had a collie, her name was Francheska, Checka for short. Well, we tried to breed her and got 3 pups. One day, my brothers and I were downstairs in the basement playing with the puppies. My older brother and I held down my younger brother, and the puppies licked and licked and licked his face. Eyelids, in his ears, up his nose, in his mouth. We were laughing so hard we about peed our pants. To this day, my younger brother will NOT let a dog lick him in the face, LOL. He likes dogs, but NO doggie kisses for him! He's scarred for life, LOL.

paula eagleholic said...

ROFL Wanda! Mine toot, too! But not that bad!

Mema Jo said...

Off to the TV

movin said...

tHANKS a lot for the info on the the cam and the Sycamore, Steve.

Is the tree's problem it's age, or is there something that can be done to bring it back to health??

I guess we WILL be watching our pair of favorites on-cam this season yet, and that's the most important news.

C(°ٿ°)D Jim

hedgie said...

Loretta, love your Coopers'!!!!!

NCSuzan said...

Lynn, Mai has grown! She has the most precious face. How could anyone deny her anything ever?

Elsie and Einstein have nests next to each other. At least that it how it appears. Paula, do you watch that cam? What do you think? Sorry you are comin' down, like my geandma used to say.

Shirley i had leftover chili for lunch today. It hit the spot.

paula eagleholic said...

Suzan, I haven't really had a chance to watch that nest. The NBG eagles now have 3, possibly, all within a couple hundred feet of each other.

NatureNut said...

Lynn, love your pictures! ☺

Gotta do some stuff & shampoo hair tonight, so I can bundle up like Margy & Ralphie in AM!

hedgie said...

Wanda, to answer your question about the possums: Momma apparently got scared off by something and dropped all the babies. She did not come back and after several hours Simon Legree(my ex) threw the babies into the burn barrell. Carolyn went and got them out after he left for work and when I got home I called the vet for advice and we did it all in secret for about 2 months!!

hedgie said...

Heading for the tub. Big day tomorrow---retiree Christmas luncheon. ANd I am sneezing like crazy and all clogged up. Hoping it is just a little allergic flare-up to something and NOT a cold coming on! BBL.

stronghunter said...

Headed off to bed. I think I might be getting a cold, but maybe allergies.

I will see you tomorrow. Good night, all.

magpie said...

You better not be allergic to Mai Ying Lynn!

I understand Carolyn is going to come do puppy duty while you are out? She mentioned that at work last week to me

Great Pictures, Loretta and Lynn
oh, Loretta Lynn ha ha

magpie said...

Too Cold outside !

mid 20's with the wind, Woof !!

Good Evening Eagle Pals

Diann - best wishes for Jim's test in the morning, I agree...the preparation is the hardest part, the rest, not so bad
soft food for a couple of days, of course...broth and jello and all that jazz

Hope everyone else in the family will heal up well also

magpie said...

Lynne - -
sure hope your back condition improves...can take the energy right out of every other part of the body !

magpie said...

I sure do remember when Barton Cove nest toppled...that was awful, but at least the eaglet survived....

I hope Steve might give us some information on Eagle Action at NCTC -
since we cannot be seeing it

magpie said...

sounds like things are really going great for you these days, with the exercises, tree is up, lots of family visit, and only days away from the Germany Gang's arrival !! So happy for all of you xoxo ☺

magpie said...

just a little clarification
I have mentioned that James's mother and his grandpa are coming to visit.

His Mom, is actually my stepdaughter, her dad, my former husband...
so really James is step grandson
but 100% grandson in my book!
Thought that might straighten out the family deal here
His Mother has lived in Florida for several years, been in rehab, is on the straight and narrow now we think - hope -
James lives with his Dad in Berkeley Springs
hope that is not TMI - but just figured it might make more sense to explain it

ok, break time over, back to work here tossing clutter !

xo Best wishes for a good evening
back before bedtime whenever that might be ☺

PA Nana said...

Gotta say goodnight friends. Must get up early tomorrow for Jim's test. Thanks for the good wishes.

Prayers for all needs and wants.

Will catch up tomorrow, I hope.

God gless

magpie said...

oh boy snow in Frostburg and points north and west and south of there...
Brother Prairie Dog John should get a dose of it in Frostburg

hedgie said...

Hoping that Paula and SHirley both wake up with no colds! Me, too! No, Margy....if allergy, I think from the fuzzy fabric on Mai's bed....she was doing the running in circles and diving into it for several runs and I was sitting so that it was just below my head. Hoping that's all it is!

Diannm hope Jim's test goes well tomorrow.
Hope that Judie makes headway with the walker.

I'm gonna shut down this machine and let it rest!! I may not check in until late afternoon---leave at 10:30 and not get home until after 3. Right, Margy---Carolyn will come let the baby out around 12:30.

LOL, Margy-----feel privileged that I already knew all that info!!!

Goodnight, dear friends. Thanks for enjoying all my pics.

Prayers for all.....especially for Joey and his family, and for Faye's soul.

hedgie said...

P.S. WInd chill factor currently 14° here. Ridiculous.

magpie said...

Bless You, Lynn....
Sleep Tight...

Mema Jo said...

I am extra cold just thinking about the wind chill! I saw that Mattie Jane is off school tomorrow - inclement weather I suspect.

Daughters to be here bright and early
A toy store trip is scheduled!

Margy - Here's hoping and praying that James does well with his Holiday visitors. ♥

Good Night All
Prayers for many
Hugs for All ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

magpie said...

chicken a'la king a'la upstairs neighbor

sure like it when he cooks extra on his days off !

Better say Good's getting late

Prayers for all with health concerns going on, and
for Faye's family (and Lolly & Jack) in Texas during this time of loss

God Bless Us, Every One
xoxo ♥

paula eagleholic said...

Lynn and Shirley, hope ya'll ain't getting colds too! Have a nice time tomorrow, Lynn.

Margy, hope James' Mom has a good visit with you and James, and keeps on the straight and narrow.

Whoo Hoo only a couple of more days for Jo's Germany gang

I took it easy tonight and just went thru paperwork, found some answers on some estate stuff!

Gonna let the dogs back in and head to bed.

Catch ya'll in the am

Hugs to all ♥

paula eagleholic said...

Someone on the news had a couple of inches of snow...had to be somewhere around the DC area....was that you, Shirley?

Night again!

Costume Lady said...

Paula, it seems you may need help with your estate paperwork. When my Dad died, the paperwork was mind boggling, so I went to the court house and the clerk there helped me with everything that I couldn't understand.

Lolly said...

Hello! We are home and I am exhausted. Cleaned house, did laundry (4 loads) warmed up two meals, washed dishes (all day) picked up Jacob at school and took Joseph to the doctor. Groan....! Lunch was provided, I just had to heat it. Dinner was provided, just had to heat it. Their dinner tomorrow will be furnished by Michael and Ashley, and then a meal at the church following the service. Laurel spent the day with Letha cleaning out the house. Well, really they just got started on it.

We are not going up there tomorrow. House is in order and Joseph does not need to go to the doctor. Will go up again Wed, morning. All are doing well.

Costume Lady said...

Jo, your daughters are so wonderful to visit with you, exercise with you and shop with you, even take you to lunch! You surely did something right in raising them:) Daughters are special, aren't they? I'm sure sons are too, but then, I wouldn't know. I do have 2 special grandsons but they are not the same as the closeness a mother has with her daughter. Little Jayden is special too, but he's a free spirit hugging and kissing:(


Costume Lady said...

Lolly, I'm glad that things are sorting themselves out, prepared meals are a really big help at a time like this. Prayers for the family.

Lolly said...

Sorry to hear the latest about the cam. Well, let's just hope for the best. I just can not imagine not having Belle and Lib to watch. Don't want to think about it!

Lynn, love the pictures you posted. Keep them coming!

Like I said, we are staying home tomorrow. The last 5 days for us have been quite unbelievable!

Heading to bed now before I drop on my face.

Sweet dreams!

Lolly said...

Wanda, you are right! Daughters are special. Sons are fantastic, but it is just not the same. Laurel is my friend. We have to talk every day! She shares, I share, she asks my advice.

Michael is busy! Oh, he loves us. He would do anything for us. But, it is sometimes several weeks between calls. And, men just do not like to do the talking and sharing girls do. But, then remember....I did have my trip to NYC two years ago...just Michael and me!

Costume Lady said...

Yes, Lolly, that was VERY special:)
One of a kind son!

Costume Lady said...

Need some sleep...getting another
'new knee' tomorrow!!

magpie said...

Nice to see some posts from our Grand Ladies Lolly and Wanda here...

comforting and heartwarming to read what you write


magpie said...

Good Cold Tuesday Morning Eagle Pals

Bundle up...fingers toes head ears

Large black raven putting feetsie prints in the snowy nest in Finland

magpie said...

Raven has left, but I put a picture of it on
Feathers, Fur and Miscellaneous link on my blog

magpie said...

lots more snow at the Snowman cam

magpie said...

Respectful thoughts on this,
Pearl Harbor Day

and grateful thanks for all those that suffered and died on that day

continued prayers and thanks for all our military and their families
and all Veterans


magpie said...

Best wishes for a good day everyone....
bundle up the WHOLE body if you have to be out in the kind of weather we are having here

I'm getting ready to start the rest of my day, so ttfn

God Bless all of you, my friends

xoxo ♥

magpie said...

oh, Eagle just arrived at BWO with chow

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Cough, cough, sniff, I am dragging this morning, but I am at work. Too much to do to stay home right now, though it is a temptation.

I will see you later.

Paperwork to complete for a student going before the disciplinary hearing board. He is very likeable, but a rascal. I hear he got into an altercation of some kind and then was discovered with some kind of pills. I do not know what kind of pills. He was expelled from a different school last year. I hate to see this happen. Class clown? Definitely. But very personable and bright.

Okay, spell check says I misspelled "likeable." I disagree, and the dictionary agrees with me. Odd that the spell check says what it does.

stronghunter said...

"Likable"--Would you pronounce that "lick-able"? Completely different meaning.

stronghunter said...

Well, dictionary shows both spelling. I still prefer to keep the e.

stronghunter said...


stronghunter said...


magpie said...

have trouble myself with some of those words
judgement or is it judgment
words like that
privilege always stumps me

hope it all goes well, Shirley, the hearing and the future for the young man

Okay, headed out

wvgal_dana said...

A good morning to ALL Eagle Friends. One this very cold morning.

Will have to check out pictures later. Just dropped in so you know I am still around.

10:45am today have to be at hospital to register for the colonscopy on 14th.

Prayers for Lolly, Joey and Laurel and family.

Lynn-Hedgie glad it is not a cold.

Shirley I hope you began to feel beter. If it is a cold start taking something.

Prayers continue for Chrissy.

wvgal_dana said...

Well will check out Mai's pictures when I come back.

Seen Loretta's hawk..great picture.

Need to bundle up and warm up the car. Hope I can find a close spot. In all that mess at the hosital.


Mema Jo said...

Good Morning everyone.... I am about to leave for the toy store with my
I invite you to read Pook's comments on MooseWatch cam. At last I can give
donations to her.
Hope all is well and not frozen over.


Judie said...

Forgot where I was last night. Following brought over.

Good late evening, everyone.

Not much news here. Been unusually sleepy since I signed off earlier. Maybe body was tired after therapy and computer -- sounds better than saying it is old age.

Lynne, just because I have to go up and down stairs on my butt, no need for you to play copy cat. I'm glad you're better today and hope you are completely better tomorrow. Have an image of you at Irvine looking like a little Dutch girl with water buckets on the ends of a pole.

Not the best news about the cam but we should give Steve a momster/dadster hug for all the effort.

I can't believe stink bugs are still around. Found one in a trash can yesterday. Darth made it disappear.

Jo, maybe the shiny garland will fly past your house and drop off a new recliner. It's getting to be that time.

Will set aside some energy tomorrow to email Chrissy. Feel bad as I have neglected her. I sure wish she could catch a break.

Well, news keeps talking about the s__w in WV. Looks like an early winter for you Mountaineers.

I see from my email that student assignments are beginning to arrive in my email. Will begin the task of grading them tomorrow.

Continued prayers for Faye and all the family.

I hear the sandperson creeping down the hall calling my name. So will turn my light off but will leave the night light on for others with puppies, those headed back the hallway, up the stairs.

Going to tie some tin cans on the door knobs until Andy returns to set our security alarm. Hope she returns soon.

Monday, December 06, 2010 11:02:00 PM

NCSuzan said...

Good Cold Morning! It is 28 degrees here but with wind chill 18. Brrrrrrrr.......
Lolly, know you are exhausted. Glad you are staying put today.

Shirley, so sorry you are feeling puny. Please don't put off going to the doctor if you become worse.

Magpie, thank you for reminding me about Pearl Harbor Day.

Hope everyone stays warm and cozy and that new fur babies do not make their mommies go out too many times!

Judie said...

Good morning, again.

Lolly, am glad to know family is pitching in and do hope that this transition will be a peaceful one.

Not such good news about the nest but have confidence Steve & co. will do what is best for our eagles (and for us).

For those preparing for health exams, wishing for all good results.

For those with colds/allergies, wishing a speedy recovery.

Up for a few minutes but need to elevate my foot. Spoke with a nurse this a.m. and got instructions on how to treat the mushy stuff underneath the 4x4 gauze bandage. Have to wait for Darth to return -- will probably pass out.

Jo, happy toy shopping today. Hope you find everything you want.

Wanda, didn't realize you're getting a new knee tomorrow. What did I miss while in my drug-induced stupor? Hope it is completely successful. What's recovery?

Okay, off to check on picture of Ms. Mai and then back to bed.


Costume Lady said...

Oh, Oh, Oh...not again!! surgery for me, just an injection to make me feel like I have a NEW KNEE. It used to be that way, but not so much anymore. The shots just ease the pain. Knee replacement will come when I have time:(

paula eagleholic said...

Wanda, hope the shot helps! I do have a lawyer for the estate, just have some research to do on some assets. Mom's paperwork was a mess!

Judie, you are sounding better every day, hope today is good one!

paula eagleholic said...

Oh, and I think the news was talking about the snow in western MD.

BTW, did I tell ya'll I'm going to visit Michael this weekend? I'm sure I did....leave Sat afternoon, back Monday afternoon. Can't believe the weekend is coming up! Whoo Hoo!

Lolly said...

Good morning! Had a good nights sleep until a wrong number woke me up. Grrrr!

Jack fixed a delicious breakfast. Uusally just eat cereal but we are needing to get to the grocery store. Yikes!

I am going to get ready to head out. I will feel better when I have some more shopping complete.

You will like this...Ashley has requested that Jack build for Zach a "Valet" key cabinet for Christmas. Does that tell you that they eat out all the time? This 4 year old knows what is on the menu at many restaurants in Dallas. Knows how to order and to say "Thank You". Oh, dear!

Judie sounds like you are doing better. I do hope so! No more passing out, Girl!!!

Really need to get a move on. Will be back this evening!

magpie said...

That's great Paula about your upcoming trip ! Hope the weather gets a wee bit milder before then

Suzan - - nice to see you, always, we are often not on at the same time...hope YOUR weather is a little more moderate than ours

and I see that our Judie is getting more and more back to her witty caring self!

Hope Dana gets in and out of the hospital chore with no discomfort

just passing through to say hi, headed for a wee Panda nap right now
and a trip up to see James after that

xoxo Enjoy your days, folks

magpie said...


And new information from Steve