Thursday, October 14, 2010


Sitting in the Charleston SC airport after meetings this week.

Here's an update on the cam progress:  We purchased a very nice high definition cam that will greatly improve the video coming from the nest.  This cam did not have audio, so we needed to devise a way to include audio, as well as a better mount.  In addition, there are more complicated networking issues related to the new cam, and these issues needed to be solved, including purchasing some additional equipment. 

All said, John, Rob, Ryan, and others have been working hard to make sure the system works well before we go up in the nest.  Will let you know when we're ready to go, I hope very soon.

New thread.


stronghunter said...

Thanks Steve. I will pass the word.

Mema Jo said...

Hope that plane soon comes to bring you home. That information concerning the cam really brings us up to date.
Thanks so much and give my best to the crew working on this!

Steady Rain here in the valley. But
squirrels still need their peanuts.. they have been coming right up to the door for their morning vitals.

Lolly said...

Good morning! We have been busy moving the trailer to a more protected spot. Beautiful day, getting ready to head out. Rain after midnight, more concerned about wind. Temps no lower by much. No snow!!!

Mema Jo said...

Hi Lolly.. We are have a steady rain - no wind - hope you don't get the same. Take care and glad you got on the blog...... Talk to you again.
Headed out for Foot Dr - just a routine visit.


hedgie said...

A beautiful day here at the BEACH!
Heading for Hatteras Lighthouse this afternoon....Frank is looking for a coffeetable book of the lighthouse move.
Then fishing for them....and just a bit of sand/sun time for me. Will stick a toe in the water, but afraid the water will be chilly!

Sounds like good cam news coming our way!

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,
Thanks, Steve, for the new thread, and the detailed update on the nest cam! Many thanks to all those who are working on it!

Dropping in quickly to say hello before I hit the road running. Have to go to bank and make a house payment, then go to school, finish my transcription homework, and turn it in. Then I can breathe a bit before returning to school tonight for my Algebra class. After that, nothing but homework until Tuesday!

Have all my patio plants watered, so they are happy. The birds are fed, so they're happy too. I will be happy if I can manage to figure out my Algebra homework. The lady who wrote the book often assumes (sometimes incorrectly!) that we already know the definition of a new term she's suddenly using. Wrong! Think I'll go to Borders and look for "Algebra for Dummies"!
Bet that would help quite a bit, since there's no glossary in this Algebra book. It might better explain the processes necessary to solve different types of problems, too. Well, gotta run. So much to do, and so little time! Will check back in sometime later today. Prayers continue for everyone. Have a great day, and I'll talk with you later. :o]

Mema Jo said...

******* Add this birthday!!! ******
Tom Riffe (

has a birthday on Thursday, 21 October.

movin said...


Good Morning, aLL

iN eagLe lAND.


Thanks for the great
news about the new
cam and equipment, Steve.

C(°ٿ°)D Jim

hedgie said...

Well, beach got the storm.....but short-;ived. Sun and blue skies again now. Just had to turn around and leave beach as soon as we got there! Drat. It was supposed to miss us.

Judie said...


Thank you for the new thread and the cam update. We know you all have been working so hard to keep us happy. We do appreciate very much.

Charleston -- wonderful city.

Judie said...

Tests Mon Oct 25 -- dobutamine stress echocardiogram (drug induced stress test), fasting blood work. Then see cardiologist in three weeks. Sooner I suppose if it looks really serious.

Paula seems to be pooping out -- storm, that is.

Shirley, what a zoo your life is right now. George into broccoli-cheese soup,peanut butter on the class ceiling, and having to buy new clothes because the washer is always busy. You really need a break.

Wanda, know you had a wonderful birthday with GG. Does she tell stories about your baby days?

I WANT PINK AND GREEN BUTTERFLY CAKE! No lunch today -- starving. Will be headed to the kitchen in a few.

Andy, hope all your school work is finished before you leave for school tonight. Do you get grades for these classes? We need to have some more A's.

Rained here all morning, some wind. Clear now with a bit of sun and a bit of gray.

Back after dinner.

Costume Lady said...

My goodness, only 10 comments since 9am. No visits from Lib and Bell sure does slow our chatter down, doesn't it?
It seems that the rain has ended here, in Nestville and it is a sunny 61°, going down to 44° tonight.
Lolly said they moved their trailer to a safer place...don't know where that would be in a Nor'easter? Topper Shutt said 40 to 70 MPH winds in their vacinity.
Stay safe, Jack and Lolly♥

Costume Lady said...

Judie, Sad to say that GG didn't realize it was my birthday. Probably just as well, if she knew how old I am, she would have to take a trip to the ER..or..ED as they call it now:) She doesn't talk about my childhood (I must have been a very dull child), she speaks a good deal about her own childhood. With 4 brothers and 1 sister, and living on a farm, of sorts...there are a lot of wonderful stories for her to tell. I love her stories of those times in her life:)

Costume Lady said...

She tells stories of running through the woods in her bare feet and stepping on a snake, or having to go find a lost cow after dark, maybe a mile or two away. She has many stories about their times at Back Creek/Swinging Bridge (where Margy finds peace and quite on her days off). That was GG's favorite hang-out as a child & teenager.
She and my Dad used to go there and wash his car when he was courting her:) Gene and I did the same.

hedgie said...

Nice memories for GG to recite, Wanda. Sorry she forgot your B-day. :(

Judie, hope the stress test goes well. SIL had one a couple of years ago---I had to take him, but they wouldn't let me be with him during the test. He didn't have any trouble with it, and all results were good.
Did I miss something? Pink and green butterfly cake??

Hamburgers on the grill for dinner tonight. Simple but yummy!!

hedgie said...

503 cop is alive and well. Grrrr.

Costume Lady said...

I have one pair of handcuffs left in the shop...think I will put them on
COP 503!

Costume Lady said...

Where are you staying, Lynn, that you can be using a grill? Sounds like you may have rented a house?
AND sounds as if you are having too much fun!

Any word on Cinnamon?

hedgie said...

Lolly and Jack better tie that RV down----sounds like it could be rock'n'roll night!!

NatureNut said...

Hi all, nothing was going on here today with the rain, except Shorty came for peanuts, too!Rain makes his little tail look puffier ☺
Since sun is almost out, thought I'd check the nest and it's bright, too. Just need a visit!!
Thx, Steve and crew for all the cam work.

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Eagle Gang,

I just got home from school about 10 minutes ago. Turned in my transcription homework for the week.
After dinner, I get to go back to school for my Algebra class. Will get home from that at about 9:30 or 10:00. Judie, I did get an A on the last Practice 4 exam, and got back last week's homework with a grade of 100%. Thank God! Haven't had a test in Algebra yet, but think there's supposed to be one next week. MTBR there.

Gosh, sounds like they are going to put you through your paces, Judie, with that stress test. Hope all goes just fine, with no problems.

Shirley, sounds like you could use a new washer/dryer combo--one of the ones that can handle 30-some bath towels in a single load!

Lynn, sorry you had stormy weather at the b____. Any news of Cinnamon yet? Still praying for her.

Wanda, it must be fun to hear all of GG's stories from yesteryear. You should record them, to play back later.

Well, gotta run--Hubby should be home any minute. Will BBL, after I'm home from school. Later, alligators! :o]

stronghunter said...

Good evening,

The custodians did a pretty good job removing the peanut butter. It was on a recessed light fixture cover, so they could remove it and wipe it down.

They have enough to do. They do not need that stupid mess.

stronghunter said...

Playing around with a new avatar. So far I can't get it to work.

stronghunter said...

Neeed to put together a test for my Block 4 kids. They need to be held accountable.

magpie said...

Howdy Evening Eagle Pals....
I have seen this about grackles in the neighborhood for about a week now:

"The common grackle is with us more than half the year and can be seen chowing at our feeders anytime between March and October. But like many migrating birds, grackles flock up in the fall and can move like waves through our yards and neighborhoods. It should also be noted they eat huge amounts of harmful insects. Tons of beetles and insect larva that eat our fancy plants are eaten by the omnivorous grackles. "

Go Grackles!

Hope all are well tonight. I have to go back and catch up a little


magpie said...


hope you are still planning to come to Open House...we can keep you distracted in the days before your next round of tests

magpie said...

Training officer at work out on maternity due on Oct 3 was born this morning..

baby GIRL was BOY was delivered....
lots and lots of pink things to be exchanged

Baby and Mom are well...and the DAD is a little more excited than he thought he was going to be ☺

paula eagleholic said...

Evening, all!

Glad the rain stopped early here...

Picked up some Chinese for dinner...yummy!

paula eagleholic said...

Thanks Steve for the cam update. Looking forward to the new video.

paula eagleholic said...

And thanks to those at NCTC working on the new cam setup!

Andy, I don't envy you a bit...hated Algebra!

magpie said...

Howdy there Paula.....
evening clearing skies at sunset were really beautiful....cooler weather and breezes definitely here!

glad you are getting home at a more friendly hour these days !

paula eagleholic said...

Ha Ha guess that baby boy was hiding it!

paula eagleholic said...

Ajay had more than one sonogram during her pregnancy...she made them check every time, LOL

paula eagleholic said...

Anyone want an egg roll...I said 2 eggs rolls, which is one order, they must have thought I meant 2 orders....I have 4 egg rolls!

magpie said...

oh Man I love egg rolls...wish I loved closer to you Paula !

magpie said...

not sure how many sonograms were done...this is first child..labor was long and laborious...
hope there were a few non-pink things to send him home in...everyone is scrambling to find their receipts ☺
name: Kohen Alexander...I think girl name was to be Riley....

magpie said...

Oh Yoo Hoo by the way:

National Boss's Day is Sat Oct 16 BUT in many ways and places, to be observed Friday...Oct 15 -

hope anyone on here who IS a BOSS gets treated like the Royalty you are....and if you HAVE a BOSS, well you know the routine ☺

Lolly said...

Good evening! We have had a great day! Saw some wonderful sights, wonderful weather. We drove around Mount Desert Island, checking out all the scenic harbors. Walked through a beautiful garden. Put pics on fb. Sorry Margy that I can not post here.
We moved the trailer. Before it was right on the water and sideways to the wind, very exposed. Also no dump so we were having to go to the showers. Now we are further back, among other trailers, sewer hook up, and our tail to the expected wind. Rain expected 1 to 3 inches, and gusts of wind to 40, possibly 50mph! Tomorrow we will stay huddled up here . Rather be here than on the road. Oh, and we went into the shopping area of Bar Harbor. Finished my shopping. Going to do laundry now. BBL. I am. Getting much better typing on my phone. LOL

magpie said...

laundry and dishes and phone calls and emails here

My sister Anne is OUT of ICU, getting a little to eat including ICE CREAM I hope...still somewhat confused and very weak...but we are excited, and feeling very blessed about all this...

So I want to repeat again: THANK YOU ALL FOR THE ROUNDS OF PRAYERS, and we will still need them until we are out of the woods here....


Hoping to see a report from Dana here soon too...would like to hear good things

ttfn xo

magpie said...

great report Lolly!!!

not to worry about me not being able to view FB things...."one of these days...."

Oh stay huddled up and cozy Friday, you and Jack can trade off being BOSS ☺


NatureNut said...

Margy, you've inspired me to put a new pic here as avatar. My asters at home have run their course, but still have pink ones blooming at Park. Here's a pic from Tuesday of monarch and bumblebee visiting! ☺

(I have found an eagle riding a broom, but I think some one else is using that)
Din Din time, if there's any left!!!!

magpie said...

Oh, that is stunning Loretta...

keep it on there awhile, please ?

okay back to work here...

paula eagleholic said...

Thanks for the pretty avatar, Lowreeda!

Awesome news, Margy. Praying for continued improvement!

Lolly must be in Maine...lost track of her for awhile!

NatureNut said...

Margy, glad to see Anne is improving!! Continued prayers and good wishes to Judie for your new tests. After I got carotid stent a couple/3 years ago, that specialist wanted me back in a few months to take a stress test. I had enough time to get in an aerobics class! Passed the test!I know you have leg problems and might have to do some modified exercises, but might help. ☺

Lolly said...

Yes, Paula, this is our third night in Maine, Bar harbor to be exact. LOL, Margy, Jack says it is about damn time he got his turn (being Boss!)
Sunday we start heading down the coast of Maine, heading to WV! ;)
Talked with Laurel. Faye is a little better. Looks like a long hosp stay. Oh, and Jacob learned to pump on the swing! That is important!

NatureNut said...

Lolly, love those reports especially for us homebound folks!

BTW, the Lowreeda monicker. I have not been to the newly reopened Ledo's but called in an order that F picked up & the girl did not say my name when he got there.If she took my order, she spoke perfect English! I'll have to go up there and see who's around! Is that like outsourcing??? LOL

hedgie said...

Yes, Wanda, we rented a house.

Margy, such surprising news about Anne----all good signs for sure! Miracles happen!!!They'll be starting PT before you know it. Are you going down this weekend?

Poor Ashley----I would have been SO disappointed if that had happened to me....I only wanted girls; worked hard to make it so!

stronghunter said...

Such good news about Annie!

I am really tired. I will try to stay up for awhile, but not sure how long I'm going to hang on.

stronghunter said...

Okay, George has returned to my blog.

Judie said...

Margy, so very happy about Anne's progress. Will continue to send butter pecan prayers for her recovery along with a huge pretend helping of same.

Lolly, so glad you have the trailer in a safer location. Just don't give details about the trailer rockin & rollin. TMI. Seriously, stay safe, please.

Wanda, I think having GG tell stories about her life is amazing. So nice to have a sense of continuity. I guess swinging bridge must be quite the place. Maybe I can visit there someday. Is it fun to imagine your mom looking for a lost cow and stepping on a snake? Treasured memories, for sure.

Lowreeda, really like the new avatar. Nice it is something of your own.

Welcome to the world Kohen Alexander.

Do wish Dana would check in soon.

Don't know what to expect with the chemical stress test but know, realistically, the outcome is not likely to be good news.

Going to try to scan the newspaper and multi-task with the t.v. on. Will try to come back later.

stronghunter said...

On having little girls . . . My ex informed me that his family has sons, not daughters. I got two of each, HA!

stronghunter said...

Hope all of the tests go well, Judie.

I do remember having a stress test several years ago that involved walking on a treadmill. While I was doing it, the doctor peppered me with questions. He happened to be a friend and neighbor.

Some people thought that the questions were part of the test, but I still think he just wanted to talk. He kept it up until someone from the staff came to remind him that another patient was waiting.

magpie said...

And precious ones they are Shirley! have a great way with words and with wrapping up the day's comments ☺
please try not to worry too much in advance...we'll start prayers a'goin early for you

Hedgie...sorry you couldn't squish your toes in the sand today...maybe Friday....

magpie said...

I hope to make a visit Sunday, Lynn

okay another round of phone calls

ttfn xo

stronghunter said...

Speaking of questions, I have written a bunch of questions for my Block 4 kids. I will have to add some more tomorrow.

I really think they need recess after about 45 minutes. There is no attention span after 45 minutes.

stronghunter said...

Wanda, maybe you should record some of GG's stories about her childhood.

stronghunter said...

Continued prayers for Anne.

Judie, I will enjoy a break.

I have not had too many classes that I just simply dread, but this one falls into the dreaded category. They have been surprised to see that I can acutally laugh.

I can laugh and joke around with the other two classes, thank goodness.

I remember one group of freshmen I had. They were mostly boys who stayed in trouble with the school authorities on a regular basis, but they were generally sweet when they were in my class. Several told me that their goal was to have a girlfriend by Valentine's day.

One boy was very small because he had spent much of his early childhood in cancer treatment. He wanted to grow tall enought to kiss a girl. (He was so cute and sweet that I am sure he would have had no trouble finding someone given some time)

One day, I had to prevent him from being coaxed by some other kids into a large locker. I am not really sure what they had in mind, but I told him that he should never let anyone talk him into getting inside a locker.

stronghunter said...

...actually laugh, that is

stronghunter said...

I think I am going to have to hit the errant group with more and more assignments. I would like to to fun projects, but there are many things that I just don't trust them to do. For example, I do not want to allow them to touch the laptop computers.

stronghunter said...

> . . to do fun projects, that is

I think I might be able to get onto Firefox again soon.

I hope so. It has spell check.

The ITRT (teacher who teaches us about computers) was using it for her presentation today, and, of course, I asked about it, and she said she would be checking out why I was told I could not use it. She said that there are things you can't do on IE that you can do on FF.

stronghunter said...

So very tired.

Headed upstairs.

See you later.

Good night, all.

Judie said...

Sandperson has arrived and is using stealth tactics to ambush me. Need to turn my light off but will leave the night light on for others coming in, headed back the hallway, washing sand from between her toes, rockin & rollin' in the trailer, or stumbling in after school.

Going to get my "do" did in the morning. Back tomorrow afternoon.

NatureNut said...

May not be awake for long either!
We know spotlights will activate, as Rackety Coon turned one on earlier--searched railing for leftover peanuts!

If I konk out want to wish everyone Pleasant Feather Dreams ;>) & Prayers

magpie said...

Better throw my Good Nights in here too...

Friday coming up, make that a
Red Friday
for our precious military....
across the nation and around the world

Hope Sleep is Especially Sweet tonight for everyone

God Bless Us, Every One
xo ♥

hedgie said...


Good night, one and all. Prayers for all in need.

hedgie said...

Sure hope everything is alright w/ Jo----so unusual for her to be MIA since lunchtime!

Mema Jo said...

Hi Lynn -Everything is fine - Had foot doc appointment - home - nap - dinner -
Watched my 3 in a row TV shows tonight.
Just chillin' Didn't mean to worry
you one little bit.

Lolly's photos on FB are beautiful.
Hope the weather doesn't do them in tonight.

Mema Jo said...

Off to bed for me... like down the hallway

Good Night Everyone
Prayers for all wants/needs and
thankfulness especially for Anne's recovering
Hugs for All ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Ms Bookworm said...

Good Evening, Everyone,
Just finished catching up on the blog. Dragged in from school a little earlier tonight--teacher let us go early 'cause there's SO MUCH to study for Tuesday's Algebra test!
Start praying, please! Dreading this one.

Say, has anyone heard from Dana today? I'm kind of concerned that I don't see any comments from her here tonight. Hope she's using her walker and keeping her cell phone with her! Hope we hear from her soon!

Judie, praying for your stress test results already. Never hurts to get an early start!

Margy, that's fantastic news about Annie! Prayers for more progress continue.

Lynn, thanks for the bear update. Hope you find just the right property! Any news of Cinnamon? Prayers continue there, too.

Well, gotta go watch some of my Thursday shows. Leaving the porch light on for lateniks. Prayers said for everyone. The eye-scanner security and Dana's thumbprint-scanner security are enabled. Sleep well, and I'll talk to you tomorrow. (No school, just homework and study for test!) God bless, and goodnight! Love all of you! :o]

Costume Lady said...

I need to say goodnight before I fall off i falli didn''''''''''''''''''''''''sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Costume Lady said...

That's not what I wanted to say!


magpie said...

Good Morning Eagle Pals...

Wanda, I was up right around midnight was about to ring you up on the phone or throw on some bibs and head your glad to see your second post ☺

Red Friday today....thinking of our troops....

and Happy Boss's Day to all, you are each your OWN BOSS so make it special for yourselves !

Headed out a little early for work today....
have you all in my thoughts and prayers

ISS makes its early morning rounds this week coming up, going to take a peek around 6:30 hereabouts
xo ♥

Lynne2 said...

Morning all! Sunny and windy here today....thanks Steve for the cam news!!!

Was at Irvine all day and babysat last night til 1am. I'm a bit tired but I always get up with Steve in the morning anyway. Never go back to bed. But today, I may need a Panda Nap! And WHEW, my poor back....

I also had the distinct and rarely felt by anyone experience of being grabbed by a hawk with his foot on my ungloved hand. WHOA NELLIE!!!!! My hand is fine, and I am ever so grateful that his talons had just been trimmed moments before, but you can only imagine how strong they are...then you get grabbed and you know that you did NOT imagine it as strong as it really is!!!!

Lolly, stay safe in the wind today!!!

What great news about your sister, Margy!!! Just thinking back to this time last week when things seemed so bad. WOO HOO!! Love the grackle news! I like grackles...Megan said she had a big flock of starlings this week, eating the stinkbugs! Wish they'd ALL come east to us and eat OUR stinkbugs!

Sorry the weather messed up your beach day Lynnellen. Hope you get some today. I was in the OBX this time several years ago and the water was pleasantly comfortable!

Shirley, I think you need a SERIOUS Calgon Take Me Away Bath!!!

Wanda, sorry GG forgot your birthday. Even though it isn't something she can help, and you realize that, it still must be hard for you. Maybe her really long term memory is much better than her regular long term memory? But I agree with others in that they should be recorded on paper or in voice. So very precious to have!
How I wish I had thought to talk to my grandparents and my dad about so many things....

Judie, prayers for you upcoming tests. I had all that done last year at this time. Even had a heart monitor for a month. I have Atrial Fibrillation. Thank God they have these tests that can figure out what's going on so we can work to correct it. Even if it isn't the best news, at least you will know what you are dealing with. I know you must be very anxious about it all....

Andy, glad you'll have plenty of time to study this weekend. Take some time to step away, too, and relax!!

Lolly said...

Good morning! Rain started about 2:30and has been raining hard since. And, the wind! Sorry, Judie, but we are rocking and rolling.LOL. Really, we are fine! Snug as bugs in a rug! We may venture out later on to the PO and Wally World.

Costume Lady said...

Margy, I do believe you would have popped on your bibs and come down here to check on me...what a good friend you are!:)
I decided to leave the "sleepy comment" on the blog because I know that most of you can relate to that happening! Don't know why I was so sleepy, but when I got into bed, I fell right to sleep and slept all night and got up refreshed this morning:)

56° here, this morning and sunny, going up to 63° and possibly a shower this afternoon.

I had a young man in the shop yesterday who was about 6' 9" tall and wanted a costume that would completely disguise him...well, anyone that tall is going to be recognized no matter what he wears. I wanted to make him a WOMAN, but he would have no parts of that!:)
Enjoy you Friday♥

Costume Lady said...

Sorry it's raining on your parade, Lolly, but it will end and you will enjoy the rest of you stay in Maine. One more week and you will be joining us here, in Wild and Wonderful! Wooo Hooo!

Mema Jo said...

It's time to get in here and say
Good Afternoon! Didn't realize I was so far behind already! Emails, FB, phone calls WHOA! Time to slow down.

The wind picked up here and the leaves come tumbling down. It's a pretty sight but so cold.....

Mema Jo said...

Whoa! Good thing that Lolly and Jack moved their camper the other day - pictures just posted on FB show why it was a good idea. Lots of flooded sites.

Costume Lady said...