Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tuesday's Observations

It's been a good day for our eagles. A few observations:

The adults have spent significantly less time sitting on the eaglets today. In fact, as we write (3:30 EST), the adults are out of the nest, leaving the eaglets to sleep. What you can't see on the eagle cam and we can see from our window, is that one of the adults is always perched ten feet or so above the nest.

The youngest eaglet is really there and doing ok, at least right now. The adults have figured that if they stuff the oldest and most aggressive eaglet until it is so full it can't move, it cannot interfere with the feeding of the other two siblings. that's what they did this afternoon.

Remember that mortality rates among eaglets is 50%, so we have a ways to go to have three healthy birds.

Thanks for your continued comments and calls.

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