Friday, March 31, 2006

More Nice Weather 3/31

Another nice warm day, and that really brings out the activity. The oldest eaglet continues to grow like a weed, and even the youngest is starting to get bigger, to the point where we got a great look at its face this morning on our closed circuit view.

Also looks like there are extra sticks added to build up the edge of the nest to keep the eaglets from accidentally falling out, especially the oldest who is moving around the nest a fair amount.

Karen Lindsey, our land manager notes that it seems that the male adult is taking extra care to make sure the middle and youngest eaglet are getting fed, which is a good sign that we might beat that 50 % mortality rate. Still have a ways to go though, so we'll keep our fingers crossed.

Thanks to those who are sending there own screen shots to us. If you want to send one, send it to

Also, the link to the blog is now up on the eaglecam website, so welcome to those who have linked over from the eaglecam.

We'll post a picture later.


Sandy said...

I'm so thankful that I decided to check out the blog. Thanks so much for relieving the horrible feeling I got while watching the Eagle Cam, and noticed that the smallest little guy wasn't moving. I was thinking of Gessner's "Return of the Osprey," and was actually crying as I saw the images that showed the two older eaglets moving about, but the third seemed to be stock still. After checking today's notes you left, I felt much better and have hopes that perhaps all three will make it to the skies.
Thanks again from a grateful birdwatcher.

PhyrFly said...

I sure hope eaglette #3 is okay. I was concerned as well a I was checking in this AM. The little guy doesn't seem to active today at all. I am anxious to see him get bigger.

Carol said...

The littlest one seems to be getting along pretty well. I just hope he's getting his share of nourishment! They are all easier to identify now. What a gift to be able to watch them. Thanks for making it possible. Carol

Grandma said...

We are relieved to know the male eagle is helping to feed the two smaller eaglets.

Three generations of our family have been following the progress since before the first egg was laid. Thanks to NPR for its broadcast that turned us on to the eagle cam and to this blog with its current information.
Grandma and family

Anita said...

I was worried about #3 also. #3 didn't seem to move for the longest time. Later in the day I saw #3 in a different spot. I'm glad you posted a link to the blog so I could read that he was doing okay.

Thanks for the cam!

bradley said...

Ithink it is neat that the cam is there my kids love it and im a big fan so to speak on bald eagles i love the birds and like to know more about them