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New thread.  Snow is coming.


JudyE said…
Thanks for the new thread Steve I get the others
Janet Neely said…
Congrats on the feather JUDY and THANKS STEVE
Sandi said…
Good evening all.

Thanks Steve for the new thread and thanks Judy for the call over.

There is snow in the forecast for the northernmost part of Delaware but rain maybe mixed with a little snow here at the DE beaches. But it is cold again - boo! Belle and Shep will handle the coming storm just fine, as they have so many other storms.

Lynne, I'm so sorry to hear about your hip pain. Have you and Steve found a new place to live?

Just think, two more weeks and we'll be on hatch watch!
Hoda said…
Thank you Steve and Judy.
Yes Sandi on hatch watch.
Rather an exciting time.
Glad the chicks are not here yet.
Stay safe everyone.

Easier to protect the eggs in a storm I think.
Lolly said…
Good morning! Just had a great start to my day. On the fb blog I attempted to see a video Hoda posted, and accidentally started a video Chat! Did not know we could do this! It was awesome as Hoda and I could see each other and talk. Amusing as neither of us were prepared to be seen. Too funny! But, it certainly started my day with a smile!

Had a busy weekend and that is why I was away! Baking and House cleaning on Saturday. Church, memorial service, and family for dinner yesterday. Memorial service was a celebration of a great life of a good friend. Both my kids were there, so great to have them there! The boys stayed at the house. We played card games and just had fun!

Had my bone scan Friday and just heard from my doctor. My left foot does have a stress fracture, so now I go to an orthopedic doctor. Looks like a black boot in my future. As it is, I have been walking with just an occasional limp. Right now sitting here in my chair, feet up, and my foot aches. Not bad just a dull ache.

Do not like the weather forecast, Lynne! Sunny but cool here!
Hoda said…
Dana wrote it is 40 degrees and sunny where she is!
Not snow weather I do not think.
Did the over speculate?
Not doing much on Lydia Mountain either.
So how are the rest of you in the zone doing?
Stay safe. Hope all is good...
Hoda said…
I guess you all did not get the snow you were expecting.
Nest looks clear.
Maybe this evening?
JudyE said…
HODA the storm is moving in tonight

I googled it

TonightA chance of rain and snow before 8pm, then snow. The snow could be heavy at times. Low around 29. Southeast wind 8 to 11 mph becoming northeast after midnight. Chance of precipitation is 100%. Total nighttime snow accumulation of 5 to 9 inches possible.
TuesdaySnow before 2pm, then snow showers likely, mainly after 5pm. The snow could be heavy at times. High near 35. North wind 11 to 13 mph, with gusts as high as 20 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New snow accumulation of 3 to 7 inches possible.
Tuesday NightSnow showers likely, mainly before 8pm. Cloudy, with a low around 20. Northwest wind 14 to 16 mph, with gusts as high as 25 mph. Chance of precipitation is 60%. New snow accumulation of less than a half inch possible.
WednesdayA chance of snow showers. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 29. Blustery, with a northwest wind 15 to 23 mph, with gusts as high as 36 mph. Chance of precipitation is 30%.
Wednesday NightPartly cloudy, with a low around 16. Northwest wind 9 to 16 mph, with gusts as high as 24 mph.
ThursdayMostly sunny, with a high near 35.
Thursday NightMostly clear, with a low around 16.
FridayMostly sunny, with a high near 41.
Friday NightA chance of rain and snow showers. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 30. Chance of precipitation is 40%.
SaturdayA chance of rain and snow showers. Partly sunny, with a high near 47. Chance of precipitation is 30%.
Saturday NightMostly cloudy, with a low around 30.
SundayMostly sunny, with a high near 46.
Sunday NightPartly cloudy, with a low around 26.
JudyE said…
Don't like the accumulation prediction

We also are in for a cooler spell 41 low for wed and inland in the high 30s
JudyE said…
We are getting much needed rain also

Casper my granddoggie has torn his ACL once again. Not the same leg as when we went on the cruise! Will be getting surgery this week
JudyE said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said…
In case you want to look at radar for the nest

radar for nest 8pm predicted
JudyE said…
My delete when I typed link href it changed it to beer lol I was just as I went and tapped to publish
So redid
JudyE said…
It is in the middle of Martinsburg off 81 and Fredrick's near 285 and 70.
JudyE said…
Looks like KKAY may be getting it now. Ohio on radar that is heading to nest

Hoda said…
Thank you Judy.
I wish Belle and the eggs well.
JudyE said…
Snow is accumulating on Belle back

Streaks of snow on lens
Lolly said…
Yes, just took a peek at poor Belle. Possible frost here tonight. Jack is turning on the heat in the greenhouse. 49 and predicted low of 35.
JudyE said…
This is under the cam I noticed it the other day

""Attention Educators - Please join us for this free broadcast for schools, from the National Conservation Training Center!
March 15, 2017 Time: 2:00-3:00 PM Eastern Time -- LiveStream Broadcast Link
Conservation Connect LIVE: Bald Eagle Exploration

Join Conservation Connect host, Louie Ocaranza in our “Bald Eagle Exploration” broadcast. We’ll previe"""

Belle is covered in snow

Hoda said…
Saw that Judy.
I will try to watch.
Belle is doing a super job protecting those eggs.
Hoda said…
Lots of snow.
Three hours ago, Belle stretched and did a poop shoot.
She seemed strong.
Now she is still.
Snowing still.
Good night all
JudyE said…
Good morning eagle budlets

Lots of snow on our eagle this am

Looks like Peace the juvie is being released today at it's nest area NE nest

Cold or cool front is moving in now this may be our hi for the day
We are mild today 63 now nice
Gonna get chilly in 40 tonight some area 30 and tomorrow nite also hi tomorrow 60
But then warming!

JudyE said…
WANDA has beautiful snow pictures looks like 7 inches on her railing so pretty untouched snow

Hoda said…
The changing of the guard was amazing.
How no snow fell on the eggs is beyond me.
Way to go to those amazing birds.
Yes! You do have lots of snow...
Lolly said…
Good morning! Hard to watch Belle in all that snow, but know all will be well! Amazing birds!

Had 35 here, so no freeze and I think no frost! That is good! Bright sunshine and now up to 48.

My foot is aching and still have not heard from the doctor. Wish his office would call.

Not doing much today. Did go out yesterday in the yard,sit, and pull weeds! It was beautiful!

Forgot to tell you. We do not have Ravens here, but this last couple of weeks we think we have heard one! Strange call! We hurry out when we hear it but have not seen it. Jack got the call up on the computer and we are sure that is what we have heard.

So now we have heard a fox and a Raven!
JudyE said…
LOLLY just thought of you as I was watching the news. A lady in TX climbed her pecan tree TX to protect it from the electric Co from triming it. Didn't work she has a injunction against her meanwhile the tree got tricked. Lol

JudyE said…
Trimmed not tricked. Tablet oops
AZ Patti said…
Evening' all! Didn't check the nest last night but did check periodically throughout the day today. Yes, amazing birds. You can tell Belle has done this a time or two! :-)

Lolly, we have ravens here. That was my "wild hair" project I mentioned many moons ago. We took a regular squirrel peanut feeder, the cedar box with the hinged lid they can open, plexiglass front, little perch "out front" to stand on while snitching the in-the-shell peanuts out of the feeder. But we mounted it on a plywood platform, probably about 4'x4', strapped to one of our chain-link fence posts so it's out from all the trees. Hoping to "train" the ravens to get the peanuts out of the feeder; the ravens will only take them from on the platform. So far, only the squirrel has taken the peanuts directly out of the feeder. We laughed so hard on Sunday morning, we almost cried. The squirrel would come take a peanut, work so hard to pick the perfect spot to bury the peanut for later. Once he was done and moved along, the raven would come and dig up the peanut for itself. Since the raven didn't wait very long to dig up the peanut, most times the squirrel would see him and chase him away. And not just a bit, he would chase the raven across the ground, the raven would fly up the top of the fence, the squirrel would follow up the chain-link. The raven would hop/fly a little way down the fence, the squirrel continued to follow. Finally, the raven had to truly fly away. And on to the next peanut and the cycle started all over again. Great entertainment!! If I can ever get my profile straightened out, I'll post pics and a hilarious video.

Judy, sorry about the pooch's torn ACL. We've been through that but it was many years ago and the downtime after surgery was very difficult for our boy, Max. I hope technology has greatly improved and he won't be uncomfortable for too long.

Lynne2, hope your hip pain is tolerable today.

Hoping all the people in the path of the storm are warm and toasty. SED and prayers for all in need.
Janet Neely said…
good late evening to all.

difficult to fall asleep tonight. too many days off I suppose....but I have enjoyed them. it has been chilly. could be so much worse tho!

JUDYE: how's CASPER doing?
PATTI; I was most amused by your squirrel and raven story!
I have stayed inside most of the last few days. I went out and about as necessary, but mostly happy to be in! I have done some wood burning and painting. nothing major. although i loved the warmer weather, i have rather enjoyed this last taste of winter. i have made chicken and dumplings and then tortellini soup.

i guess i know that when the warmer weather does arrive for the long haul, it gets busy around here. :) and i enjoy that too.

i hope everyone is well. light, love and hugs to all
Lolly said…
Good morning! Patti, love the Raven/Squirrel story! Awesome!

Another pretty day. 55 and going up. I am sitting most of the time with my foot elevated but did go out into the front yard, sit and crawl around pulling weeds. I just can not stay in! I love listening to the birds while out. Have not heard raven for several days but do hear our red shouldered hawks. The other day one landed in one of our trees, called out, along comes mate.....and HP. So great to be aware of nature!

I have an appointment next Tuesday with orthopedic doctor. In the meantime I continue walking and taking ibuprofen!
JudyE said…
Howdy eagle momlets

Watching the tree rocking in the wind. Lots of naps in the nest this am

JANET CASPER is on pain meds at present still working out surgery details. I can't help them out like I did the past ACL surgery. As a matter of fact almost paid off. Angie has it sit up 25 per week to my acct. I think her dad is helping. If I was working I would but with just SS I can't and I won't put in a credit card.

PATTI loved your critter story. Would be neat to see video or pictures

Hope everyones weather is doing better

We are cold gonna be in high 30 in areas tonight.

I am hibernating myself. Lol

Ravens or crows I don't think could tell the difference!

Hope everyone in pain get pain free soon

Happy Wednesday to all. I peeked in yesterday to see the nest snow covered with an eagle tending the eggs, and couldn't watch any more. Hopefully this will be the last storm they have to go through for this year, and Shep and Belle have two beautiful bobble heads. Now if that wind would stop and tree would stop rocking.

Missed the nest last week as we were visiting our son,Josh, Sophie, and wife Shelly in Richmond. Va. and their first owned home. A nice visit was had by all. Sister just called . Got to go. Have a great day.
Good Thursday morning to all watching our cam. Just peeking in to see eagle change! One in and one out. Still has snow in the nest. Didn't hear much wind either. Maybe now they can get on with their hatching. Prayers for everyone's aches and pains. Stay warm. Spring is just around the corner.
Janet Neely said…
hi all.

hope everyone is having a great day.
it is warmer here today. I went outside after work and worked in the yard!

enjoy your evening!
AZ Patti said…
Evenin' all! Heading out to sit on the beach, and wait for this time tomorrow to hurry up and get here. Bon Jovi tribute band!

Did I read/hear something a while back that the Sycamore Palace is diseased and dying? Since that thought seems to come up every time I check the "rock n roll" nest, thought I'd ask. Either put myself out of my misery or continue to "worry".

SED and prayers to all in need!
JudyE said…
PATTI Steve has said they are always checking the tree.

Love that the majority of the snow has melted from the nest!

One more chilly night tonight here then a warming spell. They thought maybe the last cold front

Jordyn wants me to pick her up early so we can go to the park is donating one I will get her

JudyE said…
What the heck. Donating???? Picking her up at one talk to text lol
Lolly said…

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Nice to see the snow melting in the Nest! Hope it stays that way!

Cloudy but warm. Already 72. Think I will spend the day outdoors.
Hoda said…
Thinking of cutting my hair short!
Have not done so in 14 or 15 years!
Hope all is good with everyone.
Wishing to hear from Lynne!
Janet Neely said…
JUDYE: you are as good at talk to text as I am. lol. I get some doozies sometimes

HODA: you have such pretty hair! are you just looking for a change.


warmer today. now it is lightening and raining. I am glad for the rain.

light and love to all
Hoda said…
Nest is clear of snow.
Looks wet to me.
All good.

Good morning all.
Thank you Janet.
Hair cut idea is more about healthy hair practices.
Getting rid of toxins.
Refreshing practices.
So this is the kind of change I am looking for Janet.
When warmer weather arrives perhaps.
Lolly said…
Good morning!

Great to see the snow gone from the nest! We are getting closer to hatch date! Yea!

Hoda, I think with your hair cut you will feel lighter than air! LOL

Sunny and 71! Ran the sprinklers this morn. It is beginning to dry out! Time for a good rain!

Have been taking care of neighbors 3 dogs, 1 cat, and 1 rabbit this week. Enjoy it! Also, today need to water her vetgetable seedlings she has in the kitchen. She does not work in her yard, but she has sun for a garden.

Have a great day!
grannyblt said…
Good afternoon eagle watchers

Getting close to hatch. Sure hope April has her calf before then or I'll have to keep my iPad and phone on all the time.

I hope our Lynne2 and Steve have found a place to live. And that her hip problem has lessened. Positive vibes are being sent their way.

The eagle nest I was watching here in Tulsa blew down a couple of weeks ago, I may have mentioned. I was scoping out the apt complex close by for next not so sure. I've been packing up and further downsizing my belongings to put in storage. I think this will be the last time. Next year I'll either move here or have them sent to PA. At least that is my thinking now. Hoping to be back in PA by the end of the month. Hope weather cooperates, don't relish 1000 miles in good weather let alone stormy. I'll miss the sunny weather here for sure.

I hope all are well and hanging in there.
JudyE said…
♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday Dear Beverly ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you!! ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ And many, many, many more!!
***Sending birthday wishes your way***
Good Sunday morning to all . Just checking in to see if anything is happening before I go to church. Nest looks peaceful, but there is a little wind blowing. One eagle on egg cup. Belated Happy St. Patrick's Day to all and Happy Birthday to Beverly. Hope you had a nice day. Time to go. You all have a great day
Lolly said…
Good morning! Played hooky from church today. Just sitting with my foot up. Will be happy to get to the doctor on Tuesday. Want to know what would be best to do for foot. Tired of this.

Beautiful day here. 78 and sunny. Heard the raven again but did not see him.??!

Yes, time to hear from Lynne!
Ms Bookworm said…
Hi, Everyone,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEVERLY! Hope you're having a fantastic day!

It's been far too long since I've posted here, so thought I'd better check in. Ken and I are both fine. We have been very busy with our friend Darlene ("Luckie"), who lost her husband Jim on Christmas Day. She is doing a little bit better with her loss, but she has asked us for prayer for her doubt or unbelief, so thought I'd mention that in case any of you are prompted to pray for her. It is a tough situation. She and Jim never had any children. She never lived by herself in her entire life (She's 77), until now. She was raised by her grandparents because her parents abandoned her. Her only sibling, a sister, left home at an early age, and eventually passed on of a drug/alcohol overdose at about age 27. Her aunts and uncles have all passed on. She says she feels horribly alone, and she calls us at least twice a day; we talk for usually 45 minutes to an hour each time. Ken and I do go to her place for a 'Bible study/sharing' with her and our friend Bobby once a week. She cries when it's time for us to leave. She has resumed her real estate business, doing open houses every weekend, but if someone comes in who knew Jim, she ends up crying uncontrollably. She won't take any kind of medication for depression, or to sleep better, because she often has a bad reaction to meds that don't ever bother other people. We are praying for her without ceasing, but it's taking her a very long time to get through this. I don't expect her to just snap out of it and act completely OK, but it's been nearly 3 months, and she's barely improved. She's still working at going through boxes and boxes worth of things that were saved in one of the 7 storage units that she still has (no progress there yet, but she MUST get rid of them by the end of March--no means to pay for them any longer). Going through the possessions brings back countless memories, and she cries some more. She hates to get rid of anything, because to her it's "like getting rid of Jim." She has had a wonderful relationship with the Lord for most of her adult life, but now she seems to doubt that Jim is with the Lord, or something like that. Ken and I are praying that God will give her peace about it. Thank God she has her cat, Purrski, who's a Snowshoe--he looks like a lynx point Siamese with white boots. He is SO sweet, and loving, and a true velcro kitty!
It's just very time consuming caring for Luckie, especially since visiting her means a 20-minute drive one way. We aren't going to abandon her, by any means, but we really hope the Lord will do a mighty work and give her peace and a purpose.

Golly, I've been thinking of you Momsters and Dadsters back east a lot lately! Hope you are all surviving the severe weather. I see that Belle and Shep have 2 eggs now!
I hope I can find more time to spend here so I don't miss out on this nesting season!
I hope you are all doing well. I will try to post more often, if possible.

Have a great evening, and SED tonight! God bless! I ♥ us!!!
Hoda said…
Andy thank you for checking in.
It sounds your friend is very fragile and bless you and Ken for supporting her.
Looking forward for some relief for her.
End of March is coming soon. How will she ever empty the 7 storage areas?
Hoda said…
I wished Bev happy Birthday on FB
Hoda said…
Both in nest. Shep eating.
JudyE said…
Good evening eagle momlets

Lovely day today. Most of it was involved in a baby shower. Had fun and laughs long story suppose have it at one place but went to another but all work out

Last night was our monthly Zumba bash! Had a great turnout. Raised 860.00 60 people in attendance also.
Don't know if I mentioned that we thought we were going to loose the place where we having it at. The bar was sold after the original owner of 20 plus years sold it to the VFW which as you know must be a member. But being the bash was already scheduled for the night the let us have it
They aren't officially open until the transfer licences etc. The had water and cans of soda but wouldn't except money only tips for the volunteer bartender. Name Al. Sweet gentleman. As the night progressed and the end drew near the $$counted and announced. Then Al hands all this tips (70) over to the cause we were doing Hugs of Florida for Neuro illness eplisey and hydrocephalus patients THEN he tells us that with thumbs up that they will allow the monthly bash there. Happy happy dance began.

It was so cute also that Al was dancing of sort behind the bar and was doing videos. We was thinking that maybe he was sending the videos to the owner. And maybe the owner saw how large the crowd was and maybe that is what the deciding factor was to continue it there we will see!
It could pull in revenue for them!

JudyE said…
Good to hear from you ANDY sure hope all works out for your friend. Grief is so hard for each individual. I hope she gets through it

I know Mom was lost without dad
As most couple are hard to survive without the other
My in-law were the same way he died so young in his 50 and she soon followed him also young just couldn't live with him
JudyE said…
Without is what it was to say
Good Monday morning eagle budlets. The nest is calm. no wind, and sun is shining. It looks like a beautiful day in our neighborhood on this First Day of Spring! Parent up and had an egg roll about 5 minutes ago.

Hi JANET I am waiting for a little warmer weather to get out in our yard to rake and get things straight. I am so ready to get out there and get started.

LOLLY, I sure hope that you find out about your foot on Tuesday. Only one ore day to go.

HODA, I hope you just are going to get your hair trimmed; just to keep it healthy. You have such beautiful hair.

JUDYE It sounds like you had a wonderful Zumba Bash and for a good cause too. Also nice to hear that you can still have it there monthly, even tho it has changed hands.

Good to see ANDY on and AZ PATTI. I pray that your friend can find peace in the Lord again and know that her husband is there with him now and both are watching over her. It is good that she has kind friends in you and your husband.

Well I have a dentist appointment this am, so had better get going. Wishing you all a great first day of spring!
Janet Neely said…
Good SPRING morning to all!!! Happy Happy Vernal Solstice!
HODA: you make sense, as per the ususal! I have been growing my hair out for 2 years now (goodness knows I couldn’t go much shorter with out shaving myself bald, lol). I do get it trimmed periodically…..its rather fun having long hair again. When I tire of it, or see the need I will cut it…or not. Lol have a fabulous first day of spring!

Good morning LOLLY!

LYNNE1: I don’t envy you with moving. I have thought about it, but I shudder at the thought of packing, so…here I stay! Good luck with your endeavors!

ANDY: so lovely to hear you chiming in and what a wonderful thing you are doing for your friend.
Love and hugs to you!
JUDYE: your Zumba bash sounds fun AND profitable ! good for everyone involved. Doing something they enjoy AND benefiting othes!!! Woot woot!

Had such a lovely day yesterday! The weather is warmer and the sun is out. That sure helps!
You all know I love to make things, paint things, etc. Well Tom spied a stack of crepe myrtle mini “logs” long branches, ….big enough to make walking sticks. You may remember I made myself one and I use it . Well I have had so many compliments on it, I’d like to make more but without cutting down my own crepe myrtles….. so now I have about 20 to make walking sticks out of and some of them are 8 foot in length, so maybe some will make two sticks! Someone in his bus route had trimmed their crepe myrtles and put the trimmings out for the brush folks to clean up. I cleaned up quite a bit of them!   they have to dry of course, but future projects underway!
Then we worked out in the yard. I had a plant I didn’t know the name of. My friend amie finally told me what it was: a naked lady. Anyway, so decided to move it and there were more than 40 bulbs there! I have given a few away and replanted the rest. When I checked them out they are fairly expensive, 4 for $40. Not sure why they are so high? But okay.
Did this n that around the yard. Just felt good.
Going to do the same today. Working on my palm tree painting….laundry. ice skating for livvy later.
Yall behave yourselves….or not. Have a wonderful first day of spring! Light and love to all
Lolly said…

Have been I. The yard working. I sit down a dscootorcrawl around. Pretty sight!

I know i have a stress fracture in my foot. Just do not know what the orthopedic surgeon is going to do. If I get a boot, which my GP said, will I be able to work in the yard? Oh, this is not a good thing!

So, when is our hatch window? Do not like the cam being off.

Andy, good to hear from you. Prayers for your friend.
Hoda said…
Lolly the cam is good here.
Window 24 and 27
Did not understand your start paragraph.
All good here.
Some mud slides.
Three road closures around my area.
Hoping the spoken of rain holds off or is not as heavy as they said.

The big house where I like to house sit, has been sold.
My last time house sit here. A week.
Happy to be here.

AZ Patti said…
Evenin' all! Andy, your friend is very lucky (pun intended :-) ) to have you and Ken. Prayers for her to find peace.

Judy, love that your Zumba thingy is all worked out.

Lolly, prayers for treatment for your foot that will allow gardening. I would still be scooting/crawling around with a boot on!

Hoda, mud slides are not good! Rain on top of all the snow makes things so bad. Prayers for your neck of the woods, too.

Janet, "found" treasures are amongst the very best! Enjoy making those walking sticks. Had to google your naked ladies. Very pretty!

Nothing new here. Worked in the yard a bit over the weekend. We get a spring teaser every year about this time. BUT, it doesn't last; we're supposed to be back to the mid-40s for highs by the end of the week. It's soooo hard for me to wait. But some chores just can't be done before the last frost.

Off to the evening chores. I think The Voice is on tonight. SED and prayers for all in need. Needing to hear from Lynne2.
It is Tuesday at our nest and nothing new has been happening so far. I am having trouble from time to time with live cam and I have no sound. There was an exchange of egg sitters and there are still two eggs in plain sight. Nothing furry yet. There is no sun or wind. All is calm.

LOLLY I am thinking of you and hoping you get good news from your doctor today.

HODA Praying that the mud slides go around and away from you. Stay safe.

JANET Just saw your palm tree painting on Facebook and it looks great!

My visit to the dentist yesterday was just for cleaning. I like that kind of visit. It is still cool and cloudy here on OBX. Sun just came out. It is supposed to warm up, so then I will enjoy going outside and working in the yard. I love the spring best of all as everything is all new, clean, and shiny and looking green and beautiful. My favorite time of year. I feel we all get a new beginning.

Hope all is well with all. Have a wonderful day.

JudyE said…

Good afternoon eagle budlets

No sound at nest due to training

I love the palm painting also JANET

JudyE said…
Forgot to say the sound will be back on the 22 under cam it says

Angie friend would always get the palm pods from my tree to paint but she moved to California awhile back.

Janet Neely said…
good evening to all!

Thank you for the compliments on the palm painting....I am going to hang it over my sliding glass doors!

its been a busy day. just got back from the grocery store. have any of ya'll tried the breyers low carb ice cream? oh my stars! it is incredibly good . we watch carbs because tom is diabetic. and of course, we still have to watch portion can't pig out just because it is lower carb....but it is creamy and very good. only two flavors, chocolate and vanilla....but that works for us!

that's my most recent yummy find.

we are sticking to our exercise, etc routine. we are both doing the elliptical 30 min 3 to 4 x a week and I do my yoga, stretching and have an exercise now to work on the flying squirrel flaps on my triceps! :( lol

hope everyone has a good evening. hugs, light, and love to all!
AZ Patti said…
Evenin' all! Looking to hear how Lolly's day went with the ortho.

Anyone have any ideas how we're going to see down into that egg cup? We should be on pip watch in the next few days, yes?

Off to the beach to sit a spell then evening chores.

SED and prayers for all in need.
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Good evening my eagle peeps. Hope all is well with everyone.
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Hatching time is getting close, probably this weekend. I miss everybody!

Good Wednesday morning all. I have the cam and the sound back on this morning. The wind is blowing again. Looks like the sun is trying to come out. One eagle on egg cup at this time and the tree is just swaying. We had quite some thunder storm with rain last night and now the cold is coming back for a short visit.

Still nothing from LOLLY. Hope all went well for her.

Great to see you on here SHARON. Lets hope the little ones wait for a little warmer weather that is coming to hatch. This wind would blow them right out of the nest! Hatching time is close at hand.
Parent just flew off the nest and two eggs can still be seen in the egg cup. I am getting a nice long look, but I can't tell if there are any cracks yet. OH, Belle or Shep just came back to the nest and settled back down on the two eggs. All is well at the nest.
JudyE said…
Good evening eagle budlets

Beautiful day here

Went to the park to watch my juvie soar in the sky. Only one flew today. I really have just seen one fly! We will see tomorrow!

Pic on FB of them!

LOLLY put on FB she has a stress fracture and is grounded! What every shall she do¿
I bet she is hard to keep still.

She is in a preddy boot! Stylin she is!

Good Thursday morning all NCTC eagle watchers. Just checking in to a very quiet and peaceful nest this morning; sun is shining and NO wind blowing! One parent on nest just looking around and enjoying the sun. Both parents had better get rested so they are ready for the baby bobble heads when them come. :) <3
Change of guard. I could only see one egg, but the other could be hiding.
Sorry another change and this time I see two eggs.
LOLLY I hope you are adjusting to your new medical situation and the boot. You will be up in no time and back out gardening in your yard. Just behave yourself. :)
HODA I just love your new hair cut. You must feel a lot lighter. It is so pretty.

You all have a great day!
Janet Neely said…
good afternoon all.

just checking in.

if I remember correctly, the camera can move. so perhaps when the time is nigh they will do a zoom in so we can see that egg cup better??????

I hope everyone is well.

my giggy up and go had got up and went. shoulder has been a nuisance for about a week now. been to the chiropractor 2x, had a massage and have been stretching. I had a rib out; that was part of the issue. I am glad tomorrow is Friday and I have four days off. maybe i'll feel better next week.

tom and I got the boat moved last night. we decided about 18 months ago to sell it; to our family's displeasure. there's a lot involved in the decision and we waited and sat with it for a good long while. and so now we are prepping it and advertising it as is.

don't get me wrong, I LOVE boating. but it is a bit of work that we have to do to get ready and then the clean up after. but mostly for me, its the family politics that irritate me. I have someone in the family who is very tit for tat if you will...well, thus n so got to go 3 times this year but I only went out two times. or you don't plan times where we can go. etc etc etc and I am so very tired of that garbage.

we considered getting a smaller boat, but that would be the same problem. so decided to let it go and just be done with it for now. I still have my pool and we have the rv and that is good enough for me.

will have to check out HODA"S new "do". i'm sure it is beautiful.

well enough jabbering here. hope everyone has a good evening. i'm trying to find my motivation...I know its somewhere around here....

hugs to all
Lolly said…

I am doing fine with my lovely boot! Have been out in the yard....scooting and crawling around. I can not, just can not sit inside with my foot up. Now, if they told me to do that, I would, but there would be a lot of tears!!! He side gardening is fine. Ha! The boot does drive me crazy but I forget about it outside!

Possible storms tonight. We need the rain!

Time to keeping an eagle eye on the nest! Wahoooo!

JudyE said…
So so sad. The Dale Hollow eagle cam the eldest eaglet attacked and killed the littlest. Nature sucks at times!

Lovely day at two parks for about 5 hours. Went to the park with all the raptors in rehabilitation but not releasable. That's where the boardwalks go out of the intercoastal. Saw dolphins at play. Lots of ospreys.
Both juvie still at the tower

Good Friday morning eagle buds. Nest looks cold and damp as it sounds like it is raining there. Parent in hunkered down protecting the two eggs. Belle and Shep are two of the greatest parents!

JANET Sorry to hear that you and Tom are selling your big boat, but I know how family's can be. It is just a shame that it has to be that way. With your camper, you can just take off for parts unknown any time you two want to.

LOLLY So glad that you ventured out into your yard with the boot. It will make you more pleasant to be around. :) Only kidding. Just take care of that foot and the boot will be off in no time. <3

JUDYE So sad to hear about the littlest eagle in the nest. Yes that is nature and maybe he wouldn't have been able to make when he fledged. It is still sad. Sounds like you had a real nice day tho. I haven't heard our osprey yet; they seem late in coming this year.

The sun is shining at the OBX and supposed to warm up into the 60's today. That should feel like heaven. I might just get the Easter yard decorations out and see what I have got left. I am waiting for it to warm up some more tho. :)

All is peaceful and quiet at our nest. I sure hope the rain doesn't turn to snow there. :(
Lolly said…
Good morning!

Yes, about being more pleasant to be around!😁 For the last two nights I have become grouchy in the evenings! My foot is is rebelling about that time! It wants to be freeee!

So, once again rain has missed us. Just enough moisture to keep me inside. Do not want to get boot wet and dirty. It was already gathering dirt! Not good! May looks nasty at the end of a month!
Janet Neely said…
good late evening to all. just about to go dent some pillows!
it was an okay day. took it ez on the shoulder. hit it up with some tiger balm at lunch time and made it thru the day. nothing eventful, which is good.

came home. we worked on cleaning the boat a bit. even though it has been covered, it had mildew on it. so we scrubbed and rubbed and cleaned. I am sad to see it go. I love boating. but given the situation, I think it is for the best.

yes, we have 3 camping trips planned for this year!!!

rain for the weekend.

LOLLY; keep boot scootin' and boogie=ing out in the yard!!!
I don't blame you, I have a difficult time sitting still ....

JUDYE: that's the difficult part abut watching the cams. I almost turned that one on yesterday, but got distracted and yeah, oh yeah, what was I doing?????

heading to bed. good night to all
Good Saturday afternoon. I have been lurking on here. There was just a change of parents on the nest, but I didn't see any pip; just 2 white eggs like when I first started watching. Maybe one of you will be the lucky one to spot it.
Hoda said…
Deb posted a video saying "hatch underway". Sound heard.
Hoda said…
Hoda said…
OK who can fix the link so you all can watch it?
Lynne2 said…
I've been watching the nest and lurking....getting very EGGcited!

All is as well as can be expected, will check in soon.
AZ Patti said…
Hi Lynne2, I, too, have been lurking and am getting EGGcited!

Been working on income taxes and am not amused. Absolutely do not like the outcome.
Good Sunday morning all those egg watchers. All is quiet now as I lurk in at the nest. Just one parent, looks big like Belle, is sitting on the egg cup. Birds are singing in the background. Hoping for a beautiful sunny Sunday for our first new bobble head to come into the world. No fish in nest yet. It may be too early.
She is calling out for her replacement. None yet.She is off and I only see two eggs yet. Change of parent. I didn't see anything but two eggs there yet.

Have to go off to church. Hope I don't miss anything. You all keep a watchful eye out. <3
Judy said…
There's a baby in the nest!!
Judy said…
I can see the baby peeking out from under her wing
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
I saw 2 eggs on that last egg roll.
stronghunter said…

I cannot get the cam, just the twirling thing.
Hoda said…
I got it OK Shirley.
On iPhone
OMG Do we have a furry bobble head in our nest not? I must have missed it when I was in church.

SHARON have you seen a new arrival?

Looks like our eagle is taking a little nap while he/she can. :)
JudyE said…
Only two eggs I have seen

No bobblehead yet from my observation

JudyE said…
Also Deb video shown none yet!

The eagle can't seem to sit still. Wish he/she would totally get off the eggs so we could have a look see.
One on egg cup flew off and other one is just sitting there. Can't see any eggs at this time!:( Wiggle, wiggle and the new eagle is now on egg cup.
Judy said…
If I was wrong and the first egg did not hatch,
I apologize. I really thought I say a baby.
stronghunter said…
Finally got the cam.

Thank you for the suggestions, Jerry.
stronghunter said…
Egg roll.
Cannot see anything. Cup is very deep.
Steve Chase posted on FB that our nest was in the process of having it's first hatch a while ago.
JudyE said…
Shep on duty. You can always tell he is there always messing with flugg

Wish they would zoom in on cup a tad

At pa k now got WiFi but need to go walk

Lator gator
stronghunter said…
Yes, Judy, I think that was Shep on duty. Belle now settling in.
JudyE said…
Belle has a stained beak tip

Waiting for food delivery

I see something
Sandi said…
So, it looks like we need a 1st hatch of 2017 thread!

Congrats everyone! One down and one to go!
JudyE said…
Now we need a food delivery
Lynne2 said…
I'm SO happy! But I haven't caught a glimpse of the little fella yet as I am having buffering issues. UGH!
JudyE said…
When she was getting up I saw the other egg she moved it up front. She is tucked in now for a good fifteen min now
JudyE said…
I am having buttering issue also but on the laptop but not the tablet I don't have any controls on the tablet like the live button so I really never know if it does buffer
JudyE said…
No food was delivered so a shift change and Bell flew off so maybe she'll bring the fish back
Yeah! We have a bobble head! Can't wait to get my first sighting.
JudyE said…
Belle return mt beak. Shep Poof's
Lolly said…
A big whale of a fish was delivered! Could see one egg but bobble head was lying low.
Hoda said…
Judy if you get some still shots/ pictures of the new bubblehead would you please put it on Jo's thread on FB so Mr Ed would see them?
Jo's daughter asked for some pictures.
JudyE said…
I will be honoured to put them there. The one I got today is not that great just a fuzzy blob. Hope to get one tomorrow I will be dog sitting Casper

In other words I need to get to bed early
JudyE said…
The video you posted there shows more than my pic. I loved the video
Hoda said…
Thank you Judy.
Still pictures might be easier for Mr Ed to see. Susan said Pictures. You take awesome ones so thought of you right away. Thank you.
JudyE said…
Good morning eagle budlets

With that rain drop or ORB on the lens gonna be hard to see the bobblehead

At Angie's dog sittin

JudyE said…
I lost the live feed
JudyE said…
And still isn't working for a few days

Anyone else looses it
JudyE said…
Thought first was tablet but can't get on dau laptop either
JudyE said…
I see Deb and others are down also
Good Monday morning to all! I see a big fish in the nest so there has to be a bobble head in our nest for sure. Everything seems peaceful and quiet for the time being. One big blop of rain on the middle of the screen. I am getting the live cam all and sound.
JudyE said…
You have the live feed ¿¿¿? I can't get it
JudyE said…
I do see a message under cam now

Hoda said…
Steven responded to my message.
" They are working on it as we speak"
Thank you Steven.
Thank you NCTC Techs
JudyE said…
Seem to be a stuck pic on it

Work in progress I assume
Janet Neely said…
good morning.

no cam here either. :( message tho. I am sure they are working as quickly as they can.

I declare today my lazy day.

hope everyone is doing well and had a lovely weekend.

hugs to all!
Lolly said…
Good morning!

Cam is up now! Also the moisture spot is drying up! Could not believe it was right on the eagle!

Taking my towel and headed to church prayer garden. I sit on the ground with the towel under my boot! Fear it is really going to be dirty after a month! Liner can be washed. Jack said I could go to bed, he would wash it, but what if it is not dry by morning? I would have to stay in bed all day.....with a catheter! Lol. Whoops! Not funny!

Well, hoping to see bobblehead today!
JudyE said…
Eagle up saw egg but no eaglet back​ I down on egg
JudyE said…
Cam is still not right on a loop. I have seen the white truck several times then cam freezes
Barbara said…
It looks like the cam is pulled in -- eagle looks huge! And somebody brought in a snack as well. Plenty for the little one...
JudyE said…
Up again saw egg no baby. Took snips
went to get a bite of fish then lost the cam was back on egg when brought it up
Sandi said…
Eagle Cam page on FB is saying the chick has died???

I haven't been watching all day long but I must admit I have not seen a feeding.
JudyE said…
I also think we lost the first hatch

No attempt to feed near cup

Lolly said…
Just saw both eagles choking and no sign of an eaglet!
Shep in, Belle off for a break. Could see top of second egg. No feeding attempt.
Lolly said…
Chowing NOT choking!
LOL Judy...was wondering what you meant.
Lolly said…
Hi Paula!

Well, this just stinks!!
AZ Patti said…
Oh no! I've been peeking in when I can (Monday is our busiest day at work). First thought was maintenance?!?!?? Still hadn't seen the eggs or little one, and now we think it didn't survive? Bummed. Will keep checking and peeking in.
grannyblt said…
Yes, really stinks 😩
AZ Patti said…
Very wet eagle in the nest. Looks foggy, too.
Good Tuesday morning all. Looks like another rainy day at the nest. :( Was hoping to get on to find some better news this am. I guess no one has seen a little bobble head in the nest, :( so we are awaiting a second hatch.

Such sad news. Can't imagine what happened! They made it through the storms and the tree with stood the high winds....... Everything is quiet on the nest now. Hopefully there will be a little bobble head yet to come.
Not to get anyone's hopes up but Belle has gotten off the egg to roll it and it looked like there may have been a hole in the shell of this one. Could have been a speck of dirt, too. Time will tell.
JudyE said…
Good morning eagle budlets and momlets

No food in the pantry I am not liking

One very dirty beaked eagle in the nest

Mumbrella is open

It would be about the right time for a hatch keeping fingers crossed

rockingcircler said…
I have been sharing the site with our kids in our Severe needs class--they have learned so much and are loving Belle and Shep. Hope to see a new baby today!!
Nice to see you all here!!!
rockingcircler said…
Egg roll and nest primping.
JudyE said…
Welcome rockincircle

Did you see under the cam about the invite for teachers on the 19 April

Saw eggbert. No pip seen by me

Lynne2 said…
Hi all. Checking in from work to see some really unhappy news. Keeping my fingers crossed we'll get a second and very healthy eaglet today.

Welcome rockingcircler!
JudyE said…
Shep in to take over. Brought in flugg and now incubating while some nestoration
JudyE said…
I and other have not seen a eaglet

BUT apparently others have see the baby
under the cam they are saying the are seeing it.
I say not No baby.
I say what I see and not going to respond to their comments
JudyE said…
Another eggroll a few min ago

I am at Angie's and watching on tablet but run to her puter for snips
JudyE said…
Sure wish the pantry had something in it

Lynne2 said…
eagle off cup, unable to see any egg or chick
Lynne2 said…
moving sticks around, back on cup. Saw nothing at all in cup....poss egg roll but not really.
Lynne2 said…
looked more like just putting beak down before settling in.
JudyE said…
Have you guys been following the Fulton nest the dads are doing a great job raising the three eaglets on their own without Mom so sad

I just wonder will they both pick an a new mate together or will they go off on their own and each get a mate

They have only been together for years as a threesome
Next we will see.
JudyE said…
Parents. Switch

Egg seen
Lynne2 said…
lots of looking around, but quiet now
JudyE said…
She sure is doing lots of adjusting
Lynne2 said…
going to have to sign off for now...will check in this evening.
JudyE said…
I ink we have a hatch

Where is the food


JudyE said…
No food shepnin Belle poofed
JudyE said…
Still no food Shep in and out
Good Wednesday morning all eagle buds. Looks like Shep doing time on the egg cup unless Belle got her beak cleaned by the rain. Wind, wind and more wind. It looks like some kind of food in the nest?
They are saying that they just saw a bobble head being fed about an hour and a half ago on the other live cam blog. That is what I get for getting on later . :( They only spoke of feeding one. so we might have ourselves an Angel J or Jo Lennox our fearless leader and one "Tough Old Bird" <3 ! If there is a hatch, she has seen it before us and is up there with a wide smile on her face. :) We love and miss you Jo.
Huge Fish just brought in by parent. Both in nest now. I am looking for a fuzzy head as the egg cup is open, but baby must be deep down. I SEE IT! wE have a bobble head!!!!
Parent flew off and the newly arrived just cuddled with a wiggle, wiggle down softly on our new baby eagle. I just got to see the fuzzy top of his head! All is quiet and ready for the nest feeding. One parent and new bobble head in nest.
Bobble head is now visible. Looks like it is sleeping. Movement, Must be time to eat fish!
rockingcircler said…
Huge fish brought in! Way to provide for your family!!!! I haven't been on in quite some time, so very sorry to hear about Mema Jo--:(.
Nope parent back down on egg cup. Nap time isn't over yet.
JudyE said…
Good morning eagle budlets and momlets

So nice seeing the feeding earlier

Been on the tele with two banks

Fraudulent​ email received from two banks

I suspected the one as fraud was correct now waiting from other bank left mssge

Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Good to see you again rockingcircler. Losing our Mema Jo has really thrown us for a loop. So hard with the new season and her not being here.
Lynne2 said…
So good to read of the second hatch!
JudyE said…
So sweet the sounds coming from the egg cup

Active little peepster

Another feeding after switch
JudyE said…





Lynne2 said…
On phone st laundromat, not sure how to get more than one thing open at a time so I can watch nest, too.
Lynne2 said…
Sorry about your stress fracture, Lolly.
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