Wednesday, November 16, 2016


New thread.  Still cam should be up very soon, live video afterwards.


Hoda said...

Thanks Steve.
Feather is mine!

Sandi said...

Good afternoon my eagle friends.

Thanks Steve for the new thread - and for the great news about getting to see the eagles soon!

Thanks Hoda for the call over.

Lolly, my daughter-in-law has been vegetarian for as long as we have known her - I feel your pain.

Shar, it does sound like moving your aunt to your house may be a good solution for you - good luck figuring out what's best for everyone.

Lynne, any news on the job front for Steve?

Heading outside for lawn clean-up. We had a lot of trees removed yesterday and there is debris that still needs picking up.

Have a greyt day all.

Lynne2 said...

Thanks for the new thread and update Steve!

Good afternoon all!

No news for Steve yet. He called Walmart yesterday and they said the background check has not come in yet. HOW LONG CAN THIS TAKE!!?? It's a week today since his interview! Weis is interested in hiring him as well and they also do a pee and background check but will NOT do it unless he commits to hours first. This is so frustrating...he might loose out on a job this way! Or any number of other opportunities with the background check taking so long.....UGH!!

Update on the inlaws.....moving day had to be postpone by one day because the mover got sick! So they didn't get moved til yesterday. They had just gotten to storage in Easton around 5:30 with the mover. The original plan was to move Monday of course, come back Tues to the house and finish up cleaning and settlement on Wed. But there was no way they could have gotten back in time for settlement today unless they drove all night after driving most of the day. SO right now we have no idea where they are of what is going on!

Good to "see" you Lori!

You too Shar....praying for strength for both you the Thelma as you care for your Aunt!

Lolly, how annoying all these delays with your car. Any idea how much longer it's going to take? Sorry Zach won't be with you on Thanksgiving. That sucks.

Lynne2 said...

oops forgot to check the box!

JudyE said...

Thanks for he new thread STEVE and the grrreat info on cam I feel I am cheating on BELLE AND SHEP buy watching other cams LOL

Thanks for the call over HODA

what a beautiful day today so nice walking out at the park in the lo 70s
Silly me wore a T-shirt black. Bad idea even if it's cool out the sun baked me

Suppose to get in the 50s for lo with his cold front.
Our weather man warned about smelling smoke with this windy cold front and he was correct I smelt it when I was walking so many people commented at the park about the smell and was surprised when I mentioned it was the fires from GA,NC area

Still waiting to see if a third egg for Romeo and Juliet. Still no egg at the nest of Harriett
A beautiful sub adult has been in the nest tree there everyone thinking 3yrs maybe a offspring didn't seem to bother either adult I got some cool snips. So pretty the colors

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,

Sorry I haven't been posting for several days. Computer issues again! I finally did get the Geek Squad to update my Windows Live Mail, and transfer over all my old e-mails and e-mail folders, so that's done. But ever since then there's been trouble connecting to the internet on Firefox. It's agonizingly slow. The Geeks did remove a virus from my computer, so that may have been part of the problem, but it should be fixed now. Guess I gotta call them back again. Yuck--more hours on the phone, or with them remotely controlling my computer? Not thrilled.

Delphia, so sorry for the loss of your best friend's daughter! Praying for the family, and for healing for her two kids!

Hoda, prayers for your friend who lost a daughter, as well! So sorry for your loss!

AZPatti, prayers for the police officer who was shot, and for his family.

Gosh, there's much more I wanted to comment about, but must go right now and cook some rice, so Emma will have some ready in time for her dinner. I'll come back after dinner and finish my ramblings. Have a good evening, everyone! I ♥ us!

Lori O. said...

Good evening Momlets!

Thanks for the name reminder, Shar! Do you know the tricks and tips for moving patients? There are videos for transferring online. Bless you and Thelma for helping your aunt.

Sandi, did they take out your Leyland Cypress? That would be messy. Have you heard how Potter is doing?

Lynne, moving is one of the most stressful things. I hope your in laws are doing well. Maybe Steve should take the Weiss job?

Janet, any kitty update?

I am soooo excited for the return of the cam. THANK YOU, STEVE!!!!

Lori O. said...

My apologies. I'm just catching up again. I didn't see the post about your friend, Hoda, but I send my thoughts, love and hugs to you.

Andy, Great to know that Geek Squad does things remotely. For some reason I always thought they had to come out for an appt. Love to Emma.

We took foster girl Sunday to the vet this afternoon. She has entropion that has suddenly become really bad in the past week. She'll be on steroids and antibiotics to get the swelling down before she can have her surgery.

grannyblt said...

Good evening Momlets. Trying to post

grannyblt said...

Yahoo, it worked.

Can't wait for the cam to be operational. Maybe it will help take my mind off of other not so happy things going on these days.

Lolly, I feel you pain about vegans. My daughter and granddaughter have followed that path. Needless to say, I won't be in charge of Thanksgiving this year. My daughter is a very good cook and can whip up vegan dishes I won't even attempt. I did buy a turkey breast and will roast and bring it if their non vegan friends from TX are able to come.

Hope things work out for a job for Steve, Lynne and that your in-laws situation is resolved soon.

Sharon, caregiving for your aunt is a big commitment and can be exhausting. She is lucky to have you. Good thing Thelma can help.

I e forgotten all I was going to say, but I've rambled enough. SED to everyone

Janet Neely said...

morning ya'll. looks as if we have some SPAM on here. :(

hugs and love to all. esp to DELPHIA....SHARON....THELMA.....and LYNNE2.....for the highest and greatest good......

kitty update:
I have an appointment to have momma cat spayed on Monday. I have to drive to the next county over, that's where the mobile rover will be. and the cost is $20. that includes all injections.

as for the babies: all have a home.

my friend jess took k1, whose name is Jax.

you know I don't believe so much in coincidences, but more in quick story for k3's new home.

unbeknown to me, she went grocery shopping a couple of days ago and located a small pink kennel in the parking lot. being much like her mother, she has to investigate in case some small furry critter is in need....and the kennel was empty.

no one was about, so she took the kennel home. her husband when she arrived home, concerned as to who was in the kennel and she assured him, nooone.

the next day we caught k3. I had the urge to text her a pix and she fell in love....the kitten very strongly resembles her oldest cat morgan, who is 11 now and having some health issues.

and so it began.

late Tuesday evening my son in law texts me and says i'm on the way for the kitten. so k3 is now Kaleesee and lives in my oldest daughters home.

I took k2 for a feline leukenmia test and it came back negative. I knew we would end up keeping one. that is just the way of things. but, after much discussion, tom really liked k4, who has a tabby face and calico/tabby we have two new furbabies....Gomez and morticia. yes, from the addamns family . lol.

no new residents were captured yesterday. I am hopeful we have everyone.

I am excited to have an apt for momma kitty so I can return her to the area where she wants tso be. given everything, she is doing well. certainly, not trusting, but isn't spitting, hissing at every sighting of us. she just watches us with big suspicious eyes.

I hope things will settle down a bit now. that's quite enough excitement for a while.

I wish everyone a great day. I am off to work. btw, it was 77 here yesterday and supposed to get 82 today. we desperately need rain. wildfires are spreading.
a front is coming thru tomorrow night, hoping and praying for rain.

blessings, light and love to all!

Janet Neely said...

pardon please my lack of manners.

Janet Neely said...

oops, not enough caffeine. the she in the first story is my daughter Chelsea....

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

♫♪ Happy Birthday, dear HODA, Happy Birthday to You ♪♪♪ You are the fourth person I've know with a November 17th birthday---good people, all!

Thanks, as always, to you STEVE for so generously sharing your blog with we Momsters. Looking forward to resuming our nest watch soon and thanks to all who are working to make that possible.

A week from today we'll be gorging ourselves with scrumptious food. Much excitement here as my three kids, their mates and the five grands will all be in town. That hasn't happened since 2007, due to college kids being scattered across the country.

Have a wonderful holiday y'all! Prayers for those in need!


JudyE said...

Good morning Eagle buds

KAY so good to see the Liberty hearts on here again. So nice you will have a great holiday with lots of family members.

JANET great work on the kittens rescue!

It was 58° last night high will be 80° of about there. Dislike waking up cold! I know I am a wussy!


馃幖 馃幍 馃幑 馃幐 馃幓 馃摨 馃摚 馃幎 馃帳 ♫•*¨*•.¸¸ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday Dear ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you!! ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ And many, many, many more!! 馃幎 馃帳 馃幍 馃幖

馃巿 馃巵 馃帀 馃帄 馃巿 馃巵 馃帀 馃帄

***Sending birthday wishes your way***

Hoda said...

Thank you ever so very much for the Birthday wishes. I am blessed with your friendship and I am very grateful.
Good day here. I highly recommend NY cheese cake for a birthday cake. Delicious.

Lolly said...

Hi all!

Sitting here totally exhausted. Today was going to be our blowing and mowing day but it was also pick up pecans day. We have had many calm days but today it was windy and it rained pecans. All the pecans from the tops of the trees fell. OMG! I think we picked up 4 five gallon buckets of pecans. So...I picked up pecans, waking around with my head down using a pickerupper! Also, mowed, edged, raked, blew, pulled up dead flowers, etc! I is TIRED.

As for Savanna being vegetarian, I am not going to worry. I always have salad makings! Having steak next Wed. Will bake her a large potato. Not going to change my cooking. A large baked potato with all the fixings plus salad is a good meal. The rest of us will enjoy our Steaks!馃榿

Know waiting for a job info is frustrating, Lynne. Guess he has to consider benefits and pay, too.

Ok, I really need to get to bed before I fall flat on my face.


Hoda said...

Thank you Steve for removing the spam.

JudyE said...

Good morning eagle buds!

HODA I must agree with you on the choosecake. I love all types of cheesecake.

I also thank STEVE for removing the spam as if any of us would check out the link.

LOLLY Dave you ever had enough pecans that carried over to the next year???

LYNNE2 hope Steve hears soon!

JANET so sweet you kept two kittens. Are the dogs ok with them.

62° out now. 80° should be high today. still no AC turned on with the low res points and sweet humidity really helps. Lovin this weather! Cold front for the weekend

Bird Girl said...

Hello eagle friends...

Ryan is out of PICU, but still in hospital. Audrey is still in a coma, but the pressure on her brain is signifcantly reduced. They do not yet know if she will have permanent brain damage.

Pamela's body was released to the mortuary yestersay, and will be cremated. Pamela was an organ donor, so there were many who will live because of her.

The family will not see any financial restitution, because the driver was not insured, and the truck he was driving, which was not his, also was not insured. He has no real potential for earning a high salary, so garnishing his wages would pretty much be a waste of time.

There is some good news, however: one of my dear friends is President of the local Kiwanis club, which "adopts" one family each year to help with Christmas. This year, they have chosen Pamela's family! Matthew will not have to worry about figuring out how to give his kids a nice Christmas, with astronomical medical bills looming over his head

Their GoFundMe campaign is still doing well. So many people have given so much, it is wonderful to see! Please contribute if you can, or at least share her story and the link with everyone you can.

My heart is aching so much, and yet it still does not quite seem real to me. I got to see my friend yesterday and hug her, but we didn't get much time together. When I said I was sorry I couldn't get there sooner to be by her side, she said "You have been here all along". I am glad she feel my love and thoughts for her and her family from so far away.

Bird Girl said...

Lolly said...


Oh, yes, Judy! We give gifts of shelled pecans and freeze enough for several years. They keep! One year we had 42 gallon freezer bags of shelled pecans. Do not know what we will end up with this year. Jack has three bags shelled and tons to go. Lol

Have a brunch/party in the morning. Then entire family plus Savanna tomorrow night. A great big sleepover. Laurel and I are preparing a Mexican food dinner. Cheese enchiladas, tamales, tacos, rice and chili rellanos with sides of chips, tortillas, dip and guacamole. Then everyone except Zach will be back Wed and staying until Friday, then I collapse. And, gotta start thinking about Christmas!

Janet Neely said...

good morning to all.

DELPHIA: holding you and yours close in my heart and thoughts. did the local news carry their story? around here, often there will be a local bank that accepts contributions to help them.

JUDYE: sweet ? lol. I thought for sure you'd say nuts. jk. yes, kittens are hard to resist. everyone is adjusting. I have the babies kenneled for their safety when they are not supervised. they are not so sure about dax and beano. boris and Natasha (other cats) prefer to ignore them.

THANK YOU STEVE: for removing the spam.

HODA: cheesecake rocks. one of my favorites.

cold front came thru last night and I heard rain on my windows! it wasn't much but I am ever so thankful for that which we received. it is so dry....

chilly today. working 9 to 12. happy to have 1/2 day. I was extremely tired last night....then i'm off til Friday....but oh so much to do! thanksgiving.....getting momma cat spayed....and I was invited to speak to a local class (Monday night) on Reiki.

I won't be bored!

light and love, hugs and smiles for all

JudyE said...

Good morning Eagle buds

Sitting here waiting for Angie to call we're going to go grocery shopping yukie.
But now until the first of the year Walmart has 10% off all groceries. We only got it off fruits and vegetables because that's healthy for you over the years. So as a Christmas bonus they offer 10% off all groceries so we're going to take advantage of it.
Then tonight and she's having a little surprise for Patty and your sister-in-law who just drove down from Georgia for Thanksgiving week. Angie had planned a surprise thing for Patty so we're going to the Zumba bash which is always the third Saturday of the month and it's going to be bringing groceries for the homeless and then after that we'll go back to Angie's house where there will be a bunch of people to surprise Patty I hope it works out for her she worked hard on this. And matter of fact all Carl's relatives are down this year again he has just a big family. Sunday we're having a barbecue cookout at Fort Desoto with Bernadette and 39 people families so far that signed up. And that's late Thanksgiving I think I'm Tuesday Bernadette's having a get-together at her house at 5:45 not sure if I'm going to that are not being Jordan has school I will go only if they go.

We will be having your coldfront Janet in the next couple days suppose to be like 48 46 one or two nights I don't want that so if you want to keep the coldfront up there please do LOL!

Need to get my stuff together instead of playing on the puter

Lori O. said...

So nice to see so many and mostly happy news (except Delphia's friend's daughter) on the blog!

Lynne1, so sorry you are dealing with some "not so happy things." Big hugs.

Heavens LOLLY and JUDYE, you guys have some serious eating festivities coming up and a lot of them. Enjoy. Cheesecake sounds yummy but ooooohhhh how I am craving Mexican food now that you described it, Lolly.

Janet, you are so wonderful for taking care of all those kittens and having the mama kitty spayed. To me, kitties are such a joy to have around giving hours of laughter. You should have some pretty cute videos to share.

Kay, I'm so happy for you and that all the family will be getting together. Take lots of pictures. What a wonderful weekend it will be for you.

We had a temp foster bulldog boy with us for two days. That was five dogs in the house! My limit is four but goodness he is cute. Kate has taken him to his new foster this afternoon.

Still so much sewing and gluing to do so I had better get crackin' again. Happy day everyone! ♥♥

Lynne2 said...

Good afternoon all!

Took a nice about 2 mile walk with the hubby and the dogs earlier this afternoon. Got back about a half hour before the wind really started kicking up. It WAS a beautiful day! Last one I think we'll have for a while. Trailer is rockin' in the wind!

No news for Steve yet. The personnel lady said it would be 2 weeks at least, maybe a bit longer with the holiday this week. GGRRROOOOOOAAAAANNN!

Lynne, sorry to hear there are not so happy things going on. Hope everything resolves.

Lori, how is the foster's entropion doing? Is this the one that went to the new foster today?

Glad all the kittens have new homes...hope you all enjoy them!

In-law update...not so good. The movers took all their stuff down to the storage on the eastern shore, got there 2 hours ahead of my in-laws. Not enough room in the unit for everything. Move happened to find an empty small unit and just put the stuff in that one. No one in the storage office to discuss this with. First unit is packed front to back, side to side and top to bottom. Took my inlaws and hour to get the door open when they got there. They'll never find anything! Closing has been postponed by the bank for 2 more weeks. Seems to be a problem with the buyer. Not good. The WV house is totally empty save for a futon, the in-laws are now staying in the empty house. They had to go buy supplies so they could stay there. It's nothing short of a nightmare. I don't know what will happen if the bank isn't going to lend the buyer the money. I don't even know HOW this could happen. I think my mother in law said the bank thinks the buyer doesn't have ENOUGH credit.....HUH?

Sandi said...

Hello my eagle friends.

Lynne2, the scenario you described doesn't sound very good for your in-laws. I didn't even know they had found a buyer for their house in WV. I do recall that it had been on the market for a very long time. If this sale falls through...oh dear. What a shame for them. I'm sorry that you are still waiting to hear about a job for Steve - you must be sooo frustrated. I could be wrong, but I suspect the "not so happy things" that Lynne1 referred to involve the election that just took place. There are indeed some not so happy things going on in our country right now.

Lori, any luck finding a forever home for Sunday?

Janet, I love the names for the new kittens!

Lolly, sounds like a busy family week coming up for you - I'm sure you'll love every second of it!

Today was another sunny beautiful day here - took Janey up into Bethany to walk on the boardwalk. But the wind and the plummeting temperatures are due to arrive in a couple of hours and last through Monday afternoon. I suspect the trees will be pretty leafless by this time on Monday.

Little dog update - the doxies have gotten very good about using the dog door and taking care of business on the back deck. We have decided to add steps and then fence a little area at the bottom of the stairs so Bella can start doing what she needs to do in the yard. Jenni lived in a home with no stairs for the first 12 years of her life and, while we have been able to teach her to go up the stairs, she refuses to go down. The vet believes that, at her age, her depth perception isn't good and looking down an entire flight of stairs is just too scary for her. So she'll just continue going to the bathroom on the deck, but at least there will be 50% fewer messes to clean up on the deck.

Can't wait to see our eagles again!!

Time to fix food for people and pets. Take care.

Janet Neely said...

good evening to all.

Thank you LORI.....but I don't think I am doing any thing extraordinary....just doing what seems to be the right thing to do for all.

SANDI: thank you. the names seem to fit well.

LYNNE: (hugs)
LYNNE2: I know this is frustrating for you...many hugs

JUDYE: you all are gonna be busy! and sis, how selfish I would be if I didn't SHARE with you, lol. I am not looking forward to the frosty mornings myself....but I am looking forward to the ragweed dying out for the year!!!

Tom and I went to a car show tonight, all the new 2017's out of all brands. Many models to look at. wowee,,,,,,sticker shock!!! some of the prices are unbelieveable.

Then it was hit the grocery for turkey day stuff.

I was amazed. Did you know butterball makes a "boneless" turkey. It is called a turkey roast and comes in light meat or a mix of dark and light. They weigh about 3 lbs. my friend Julie told me about them. I bought my regular turkey tonight AND one of those. Last year everyone dessimated the fried turkey. This year I desire some leftovers, so I will fry that bonesless one up for me. (I also told the kids to bring a small breast or whatever turkey they want and I will fry it for them to take home to have plenty of turkey for sandwiches and such)

I am goin to attempt to make eggnog tomorrow. I've never made it before. we shall see how this goes.

And I have my raisins and candied fruit soaking in rum so I can start the stolen tomorrow.

I don't go back to work til Friday, but I think I shall be plenty busy!

good night to all...and SED!

Lori O. said...

Sandi, We still have Sunday, but we adore her so that's okay. It would have to be someone who is a major homebody like me to adopt her. After her abandonment by her previous owner she really requires someone who is home (not leaving her), letting her out to pee (she's a senior). After being returned the first time I'm so leery of breaking her heart again. She does the cutest little happy dance for two things: 1) when Kate gets home and 2) meals.

Lynne2, it is Sunday, our foster, who has the entropion. The ulcers on her eyes are getting better with the neo-poly-dex drops. Hoping she can have the surgery in a few weeks after the swelling goes down. There was also a gland in one eye that was causing some problems with a waxy excretion to protect the eye.

Janet, have fun making your eggnog. I don't like it myself, but I always thought it smells like bubblegum. :) Have a joyous week off!

JudyE, I laughed about your "coldfront" and overnight temps 46 - 48. That will be our daytime high here today. lol

Lolly, enjoy your family gathering. I think you said on the last thread that you were having one this weekend. I wish it was easier to post pics on here.

HODA, Happy belated birthday. Sometimes I read the blog and just forget 90% of what I wanted to say. You make everyday wonderful, so I'm sure you had a great day. ♥

glo said...

Good Sunday evening. So good to see some names on here I have not seen for a while. Of course I too am not here very often as I disconnected internet over a year ago and had to use hot spot data on family plan to get online so have been very careful about how much time I spend on internet. good news is I hooked my internet back up on Thurs afternoon. It is nice I have to admit but of course once again I have that bill to look forward to. I did not hook up cable though just internet.

Eagle season in WV and here is only a few weeks away. Holidays will keep many folks busy til then. Patches and I will be going to the hospital after I leave my neighbors on Thurs morning. We will visit the cardiac unit that day. For me it will be something to look forward to. I know i will see some smiles on staff and hopefully some patients.

Take care everyone. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

glo said...

Forgot to add a link to the video I made of Patches and the rest of the story. It is 7 mins long but has a pretty surprise ending for those who haven't been following her on facebook. I will say if I had the energy and time Patches and I would be at the hospital much more than 1 day a week. I do need to keep going to the Nursing home once a week too though. So many there miss their pets so very much. anyway A story you might enjoy Following in her daughter's footsteps

Janet Neely said...

good late sunday evening. its been a busy day.

i made my eggnog. it tastes pretty good ( for me, a bit more rum would make it better, but trying to please everyone, yanno) and i made four stolen. they have to rest now. (lol. so do i)

busy day. tom and livvy put the outside holiday decore out while the weather was acceptable. it was chilly. but it was dry.

early day tomorrow. bunches to do. but may have to make time for a nap.

good night to all!

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,

Steve, thank you for the new thread and the news about the camera. It sure will be good to be able to watch Belle and Shep! I appreciate all your efforts to get things up and running!

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, HODA! Hope your day was a great one, and hope the year to follow will be wonderful.

Have not had the time to call the Geek Squad back about my computer problems yet. The e-mail is working better, but still rather slowly, and getting on the internet (which used to be almost instantaneous) now can take as long as 30 minutes! I'm going to call them tomorrow when I will have more time to devote to straightening this out.

We got a 14 pound turkey today, and it's thawing out in the refrigerator. Will probably be just the two of us and Emma this year.

Called and talked to Jennifer today, and she's feeling almost completely healed! She is not supposed to do any running yet, but she can spend an hour a day walking the dog, at almost her usual walking speed, which is pretty fast. She goes back to work tomorrow! It's a good week for that to happen. She will work a full day Monday and Tuesday, then probably only until about 1:30 on Wednesday. She'll have Thurs.-Sunday off.

Believe it or not, we've had some light rain today! It had just started to sprinkle when I took Emma outside after her dinner, and about an hour later it rained harder for a while. Looking at the live radar on my phone, we should get a whopper of a storm that's coming in from over the ocean in about 2 or 3 hours. Boy, do we need the rain! It's supposed to continue until about 3 pm tomorrow.

Gosh, I know there was more that I wanted to say, but I'm getting sleepy, and can't remember what it was. Guess I'll hit the hay, and try to get back here some time tomorrow. Have SED, everyone. God bless! I ♥ us!

grannyblt said...

Good morning eagle Momlets and Dadlets. Can't wait until the cam is running..

Janet, homemade eggnog, I am impressed. My mom made it for the family years ago, but I don't think I ever have. My DH preferred the store bought variety and I went along with that.

My Vegan daughter wants me to bring the turkey roast, dressing and gravy along with non vegan dump salad for the meal Thursday. I got a mushroom vegan gravy recipe from the internet I am going to try, I think. I'll also make some regular pan drippings gravy. Maybe homemade rolls too. They are very busy getting their new house ready for occupancy and may just put the vegan thing aside for this meal.

Sandi, you hit the nail on the head. Wondering with worry about the election results. But more importantly health issues of family members and close friends.

My cat William has adjusted pretty well to being an indoor fellow. He doesn't sit at the door and meow too much any more. He and Lizzie chase each other around the apartment a couple of times a day, but the rest of the time they eat, sleep, and look out the windows.

I'm so proud of all of you that do animal rescuing.

Guess I should take turkey roast out of freezer and get to grocery for some forgotten ingredients. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.馃馃馃

Lolly said...

Good morning! Survived the Saturday til Sunday noon family visit. Unknown to us Savanna brought her dog, Pierre. Thankfully both Pierre and Luke are both laid back dogs but a lot of action getting to know each other. The three boys get really loud, mostly Zach but he enjoys it so much and Joseph and Jacob are so great with him. Will miss him Thanksgiving but it will be quieter and we will be allowed to sleep later. Zach was making noise at 5:30a d was up at 6:00. Groan....

Skippi did fine with Pierre. Now Thanksgiving Skippi will have to put up with three dogs as Cosmo will be here, too, and Skippi is not too sure about Cosmo. Hope my house survives. I will put up a gate to keep dogs out of kitchen while I cook! I will survive! (I hope!). Glad I did not have our carpet cleaned!

Today on the to do list cornbread and cranberry sauce. Also more grocery shopping!

Do have my car back, but they did not do all they were supposed to do. Needless to say, car will never go back to that place for repairs!

Gotta get busy! See ya!

Lolly said...

Oh, and , Lynne so sorry you are having to wait on job info. And, as for your in laws...what a mess! Sorry!

JudyE said...

Good morning eagle buds

Chilly here in sunny Florida! Yesterday's BBQ was nice. Sunny and chilly. But jackets are nice. I brought extra good thing I did a couple of Floridians wore summer attire and sandals. The jackets I brought helped but their poor feet were cold! Youngins that don't watch weather or adults LOL

I have to go to get all my squash casserole to fix.
The celebration will be in the rec hall where Angie's in laws live being all their relatives are down. The only bad thing is it's a 55 plus mobile home park right on the gulf
So no place for kids! Angie wanted at her house but too many folks with the reunion.

Patti's surprise went great.

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,

Well, the Geek Squad worked on my laptop again this morning, and it's really made a big difference! They removed 36 malware threats, scanned for viruses and removed all threats, did all necessary updates, adjusted the startup items so that it loads faster, and basically got everything running smoothly again. Phew!

Golly, we DID get rain overnight--almost an inch! It rained really hard at times. Still grey and cloudy today, and may rain more. Sun keeps trying to come out, but not for long. We really need this rain, so it's a big blessing.

Janet, kudos to you for rescuing those kitties! That's awesome that you're keeping 2 of them!

Delphia, still praying for Pamela's children, and the entire family. Hoping for the best possible outcome.

Lynne2, sure hope Steve gets a job soon! Can't imagine why the background check would take 2 weeks! Hope something speeds that up! Sorry to hear about the crazy mess with your in-laws' move! Prayers for that situation, too.

Lolly, glad you have your car back, and that you survived the weekend family visit!
Sounds like your place was jumping! It's great to have everyone all together, though.

Shar, I hope you can work out a better way to care for your aunt. Thank God you have Thelma helping you! Hope it will work out to be the best situation for everyone.

Well, I guess I'd better go get a few things done around here, like dusting and running the vacuum. Have a good day, everyone. I ♥ us!

Janet Neely said...

good evening.

what a busy day!

momma cat/aka shaw is back "home". I drove down to Dickson (about 40 min from my house) to the aspca where the mobile rover was parked. drove back home, ran around the house like a crazy woman...(lol, in other words, a normal day) and later headed back to pick up shaw.

they gave her all her injections, plus 2 specific pain meds, an antibiotic injection, did the spay! I am most pleased. she is resting right now. soon she will have her freedom again.

I have been acclimating the new babies to the house. I let them run around the dining room and kitchen a good part of the day. they are so much fun to watch!

GRANNYBLT: the eggnog is very easy to make. I was very surprised how easy it was.

in the morning livvy has an orthodontist appointment. then tomorrow is season the turkeys. I begin cooking tomorrow.....and continue on Wednesday.

hitting the bed soon! good night all!

JudyE said...

Good morning Eagle buds

52° out now

Not FL weather. OK I am a whiner

Picking Jordyn up at noon this week. Holiday break camp at school.

JudyE said...

on Facebook Steve posted a picture of the nest with the comment looks like they're working on the nest the Eagles that is. I went online and check the cameras and so far not working. So it must be on there and that they are able to see or get pictures right now I'll be in there working on the cameras. So heads up keep looking today maybe it'll be up today or tomorrow keep fingers crossed legs crossed eyes crossed and toes crossed LOL

Sandi said...


Lolly said...

Wahoooo! Rushed right there and sure enough! Saw a cars headlights going down the road. Apparently no sound.

Lolly said...

Forgot......thank you, Sandi!

Cranberry sauce is ready, so are sweet potatoes. Have dough mixed for dinner rolls and Jack has cooked sausage and bacon ahead of time for breakfast. Tomorrow two pies, dressing, and prepare turkey to put in the oven. On a roll!

JudyE said...

Isn't it grand to have the live feed up I can't get the stillup anyone else???

JudyE said...

Ft Meyers nest. One egg today

JudyE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said...

Buffering issues also

JudyE said...

My delete. Saw both in nest

Hp also

JudyE said...

from Steve about cam still a work in progress""This is a test for now, there will be problems as we get the new equipment and system fully operational. Will be after Thanksgiving.
Unlike · Reply · 1 · 47 mins""""

was buffering earlier but running great now There is faint sound I can here on my tablet but on laptop real faint tiny speaker also

Sandi said...

Good morning my eagle friends. I have been waiting for a long time to say this again - 6:35am, we have an eagle in the nest. I'm guessing Belle.

Sandi said...

I opened the live cam at 6:34 and the nest was MT. Then one eagle flew in. It's obvious that they have been working on the nest for some time.

6:40 - poof!

Yesterday was my 4-hour volunteer orientation at the local hospital to do visits there with Janey. I got my volunteer vest at the end of the training. I also was required to get a flu shot - have never gotten one before since I have a very strong immune system from so many years of teaching, but I understand why they require it. Hopefully next week we will be able to do our first visit.

Taking my Jeep in for it's 5000 mile service today and also a recall repair so I will be vehicleless all day.

Have a greyt day all.

JudyE said...

Good morning Eagle buds. Fantastic news eagle and then this this morning. SANDI

Gotta head up to get my stuff to make my squash casserole later on. Going to be picking up Jordan at noon for going for lunch and then heading to the movies. Hope everyone has a fantastic day.

grannyblt said...

So happy our cam is back if even just for testing purposes. And thrilled the Eagles were spotted. I have to remind myself that I am 1000 miles westerly for now so the daylight/nest is different for me. Just now saw a car go past, but that was it. Thank you Steve and the crew at NCTC for all the he work you do .

Lolly said...

Good morning!

You win the prize, Sandi! Wahoo! Seeing one of our Eagles!

Yes, the nest is looking fabulous! They have really been working. Lots of nice flugg in the Nest!

Heading to the kitchen soon, about to finish my coffee,so time to get started!

I think we should have three eggs this year! We could have Mema, Jo and Lennox! LOL

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! I came for the eagles but stayed for the friendships I have made! And, to quote Sharon, "I love us!"

And, in parting.....prayers for Bev who fell yesterday and messed up her knee. Not good!

Hoda said...

Happy to have Cam back.
Sorry Bev is hurt.
Yes on three eggs Lolly.
However many, this Season is dedicated to Mema Jo Lennox.
Love her and miss her.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all south of the 49th.
God Bless You and your friends and families.

Lynne2 said...

Good Thanksgiving Eve everyone!

Glad to see the reports and pics on FB of the nest! WOO HOO!

Sorry to hear that Bev has messed up her knee. We have RULES here, girlfriend!

Hope you do get to do yours and Janey's first visit next week Sandi! I know we'll all be looking forward to hearing about it!

Hope you and Jordyn had a fun date today Judy, what movie did you see?

Lolly are you still Dervishly Whirling about the kitchen?

How is Momma Cat recovering Janet? Hope all is going well. Having all the kittens running around must be hilarious!

Andi, glad your computer is finally running smoothly frustrating that all must have been. Glad you got some rain, too!

Steve isn't the only one in the waiting game boat, the personnel lady said they are waiting for 4 others to come back. Weis guy said he is going to call Steve after Thanksgiving.

Finally getting some birds at my feeder. Took long enough! Today a male cardinal showed up who only has one leg...I have dubbed him "Uno".

JudyE said...

Moana is the movie we saw and it was good. Jordyn loved it!

Sitting at Angie's Jordyn watching a Barbie move
Carl is on call
Angie is searching for her sterno's out in workshop for tomorrow

JANET Loved the video of the momma's cat release sis. Looked like at first she didn't want to leave the cage.
Then took off fast!

Janet Neely said...

good evening to all.

LYNNE2: we only have of the kittens. the other two were adopted out. but it is fun to watch them.

because of the menagerie, I have them sectioned off to the dining room and kitchen area to run and play. they climb up the kennels as if they were ladders...up and into everything that they can find. they love the scratching circle. (cat nip helps)

at night we still kennel them so they will be safe. I don't think boris and Natasha will hurt them, but there are also so many things they can get into.

they are about 7 weeks old now.

yes, momma cat (aka shaw) I think is most pleased to be free. I don't think she realized that the door was open. and its hard to see in the video, but after she ran, she stopped, looked at us, I think to make sure we weren't chasing her, and then off she went.

I do so wish we had a cat cam. I am wondering tonight how she is warm out, 50's. we are going to stay okay temps for a few days for her acclimate. and I know, logic says, she is fine. will be fine. she's taken care of herself for likely her whole life, but, I kind of miss her and am concerned for her well being.

it is almost bed time. I was so stinkin' tired this morning and didn't want to get up. I did. went and gave my two private clients a massage, ran a couple of quick errands and then baked 6 pies, put together the dressing, the collards are cooking, made "pie dough" cookies, and did something else, but can't think of what it was!
basically I am very tired.

i'll check in tomorrow. love and hugs to all. SED! Hurray for the CAM!!!!!

JudyE said...


Sandi said...

Good morning my eagle friends.

One eagle in the nest when I opened the live feed at 6:40am.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you - may your day be filled with family, friends, food, and peace. Regardless of how we feel about the election results, we are all blessed to live in the USA ... except for Hoda, who is blessed to live in Canada. :)

We are off to Baltimore to spend the day and tonight at my sister's. Later.

Janet Neely said...

happy thanksgiving!
be well.
be safe!
light and love!

glo said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Sitting beside me is a 4 legged furry friend who already has 3 folks waiting on her visit at the hospital. I am thinking we will go up around 1 pm. It is so nice to have this time to look forward to with this little dog. Bitter sweet BUT sweet indeed. Happy to see our cam and even an eagle stops to send Thanksgiving wishes. Bring on the new eagle season but first Give Thanks with a grateful heart. ((((Momlets))))) :-)

WVJerry said...

Just wanted to stop in and say Happy Thanksgiving to all here. Glad to see Live Cam is up and running. Thanks to Steve and everyone that makes this happen for us. I will try to be more regular but it will not be the same for me without Jo being here. I have been working six days a week for about a month now. Our recent issues have pretty much been resolved and we are doing fine. I would like to retire sometime next year but Social Security has my birthday wrong and it needs to be corrected if I ever get a day off to go into Martinsburg office. I keep up with some on Facebook and will continue to do so. Take care all.

Lynne2 said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Hope everyone is having a great day! We had a quiet day, took the dogs for a nice long walk then had a turkey roll and fixins. Going to watch a movie soon.

JudyE said...

Good Thanksgiving evening Eagle buds. Hope everyone had a great holiday.

Are you all as full as I am? LOL

Just got home a little bit so I thought I'd say good evening to you guys.

JERRY going to retire that is just too awesome good luck cuz I love my retirement.

Really had a great turnout for the Thanksgiving feast with the reunion of the Taylor's I think 79 people were there total.

Tomorrow they're going to have a adventure going kayaking and canoeing down the Weeki Wachee Springs River I think 49 or going on that.

Need to unwind gonna watch the news and maybe something I dvrd

WVJerry said...

Good morning. Eagle in nest now.

Lori O. said...

Happy Black Friday Momlets. I hope everyone has a memorable (in a great way) Thanksgiving.

Ours was nice and quiet. Kate didn't realize how long it took to thaw a turkey so we had grilled chicken breast. She makes the best and super moist chicken so all was wonderful.

Headed out to the dentist now to get a filling replaced and fitted for a crown that fell off about a year ago. We should know in about a week if that will involve a root canal. Hope not!

Janet Neely said...

evening all. typical tired Friday night here. already in jammies and contemplating bed time.

yesterday was very very good. so much better than last year! thankful!!!

glad the cam is up, hope to watch is some this weekend.

work today. good day. work tomorrow. after 5 consecutive days off I was ready.

no sign of momma kitty, but the food we put out disappears. not sure if it is her or the opossum...but some one's getting a full belly.

everyone is well. glad to see jerry checked in.

good night to all.

JudyE said...

Good afternoon eagle buds!

Not just going on in my neck of the woods.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday with family.

JudyE said...

Not much going - is what that was suppose to say.

Just saw as I was heading to bed

JudyE said...

Good morning eagle buds!

Cold front came through last nite. But it's a mild one for us this time

News from Ft Meyers nest. A second egg but the first was compromised apparently buried in the nest. Looks to have a hole in it!

Saw the eagles this am. But so briefly when I turned on the camera went poof!

Lynne2 said...

wow, where is everyone?

No word from Walmart since Steve talked to Amy the personnel lady last whatever day it was. We were at Walmart on Friday and he ran into the guy who actually interviewed him, who said he's never heard of it taking 2 weeks or so for a background check to come back. But it must be so...Amy said it could take two weeks or even more due to Thanksgiving. Very worrisome. He advised Steve to follow up with Amy again and he will do so tomorrow afternoon if he doesn't hear anything earlier in the day.

Took the dogs for a nice long walk again today and sadly found a baby deceased box turtle near the road. Shell badly damaged, probably hit by a car.

Supposed to get quite a bit of rain starting late Monday nite til Thurs AM. Supposed to also be windy Monday nite and Tuesday but in the low 60s Tues and Wed!

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone!

WOW!! The live cam is working!! Thank you to Steve, and everyone else who got it fixed! Glad the eagles have been working on the nest. It looks like our nesting season is underway! Jo must be so pleased. Sure do miss her!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! Ken and I sure did. The turkey turned out well, and so did all the fixin's.

Sorry to hear that Bev fell and messed up her knee! Hope it's feeling better by now.

Good to hear from Jerry. I bet retirement will agree with you. Ken and I now wonder how we ever found time to work! We've usually got a lot going on. Ken's sis is retiring as of Wed., Nov. 30th! The Gas Company she works for gave her a package offer that she couldn't refuse. They'll pay her medical insurance, including for eye exams/glasses/contacts, hearing checks, etc., for the rest of her life. She's saying she wants to get a part time job after January 1st. I told her not to rush into anything--to get settled into not working first.

Need to ask for prayers from the Momlets! Our friend, Jim, is back in the hospital again, as of Saturday noon. He had a rough night, then got worse as the morning went on. He has COPD. We were at the hospital with him and Darlene for much of the day.
Darlene texted us this morning to say that though he still needs prayer, he started feeling somewhat better at about 3 am. They have him on antibiotics, and are doing his usual breathing treatments and meds. Prayers are much appreciated! Thank you in advance!

Janet, I'm glad that Shaw got spayed and got her vaccinations, and is now out where she feels at home. Those little kittens must be keeping you entertained! Bet they are cute as can be!

Well, better get going for now. Need to get some chores done and get Emma's dinner ready, not to mention ours! Will try to get back here later tonight to chat more.
(Yes, I know--I'll be back if Emma doesn't do a lap plant, that is!) Have a good evening, everyone. I ♥ us!!

JudyE said...

I have the cam up still and I just heard a eagle calling

Lolly said...

Howdeeee! Sorry I have not been here. We got busy and spent yesterday and today decorating outside. It looks great! Hope to get the tree up Tomorrow! Weather will be rainy and windy, a good reason to stay home.

Prayers please for my sister in law. Her mother could pass at anytime. She has had a major stroke, so they are just trying to keep her comfortable. She is I. Her 90's and has Alzheimer's. We will drop everything and go when they call.

A friend at church was excited to tell me her experience. She was at her daughter's on the Texas coast for Thanksgiving. Eagles have built a nest on their property about 200 ft from their house. They have an unobstructed view! They just sat out and watched the eagles! They are keeping the nest location a secret. I was wondering if Texas Parks and Wildlife should be informed.

Hope Steve learns something tomorrow!

Time for shower and bed! Nite all!

Janet Neely said...

Good morning to all. lol. i need to go to bed, but had to unwind a bit. slept late on sunday, and just a lot in my brain this evening.

LYNNE2: so sorry about the Walmart stress/waiting game! i would think that it might take extra time to get a back ground check back with the holidays and such. you know many people took a good part of last week off to travel, etc. hopefully you will get some good news shortly!

and sorry to hear about the box turtle. our modern ways certainly do mess up habitats of other creatures....

MS. BOOKWORM: sending light and love for your friend, Jim. COPD is a terrible disease....our dad died from complications from it.

and yes, the kittens are a source of entertainment, that's for sure. the one who was most reluctant at first to be friendly at all, has turned into the friendly little smarty pants personality. whereas the male, who was most friendly and cuddly at first has determined he's a bit too independent for such things. but they both love to play, as all kittens do. everyone else in the house is adjusting to their presence.

HI LOLLY: holding your sister in law closein heart and thought, light and love.
Wow, your friend's daughter has an eagle nest that close! wowo!!!!!!! awesome!!!!

Well i feel as if we are finally finished with turkey day 2016. it seemed to last a week around here, lol. and yet, another part of me is amazed its done.

i had my much longed for turkey leftovers sandwich today!!! didn't get one last year!!!! alas and alak such a sad state of affairs it was! not so this year!

we are anticipating rain as well here. and wind too. i will have to secure a few things in the morning before the rain moves in.

i suppose i should go to bed soon. those pillows aren't going to dent themselves after all!

good night!

JudyE said...

Good morning Eagle buds.

ANDY and LOLLY will be keeping you and your friends in my thoughts and prayers.

LYNNE2 definitely have STEVE call back to check on application.

I do think the eagle nest should be reported to the state. Here in fl they keep record public records of all nest. Nest locator the FL fish and wildlife conservation pretty cool

JANET send some leftover my way. Lol having the festivities elsewhere email leftovers.

Janet Neely said...

good early afternoon to all.

JUDYE: if I could figure out HOW to send you some leftovers, you would have them! lol.

just checked the nest: no one home.

missing JO today....missing her commentary......

getting some rain...hopefully more. doing house cleaning. just a nice quiet day.

JudyE said...

JANET you just missed a long visit by BELLE 45min maybe. Pic on em FB page

Having issues with the em album. Will try later

I am keeping up the album's in Jo's memory

JudyE said...

Good morning eagle buds.

Sounds windy at the nest!

Lynne2 said...


CarolAnne said...

Happy holiday season, everyone.
Congrats Steve!
New thread with it's own good news, come on over.