Tuesday, November 29, 2016


The live cam is back fully online at Outdoor Channel.  Looking forward to a great nesting season.

New thread.


Lynne2 said...

Thanks Steve...WOO HOO!

Pass my feather please!

From old thread:


Sandi said...

Thanks Steve for the new thread and thanks CarolAnne for the call over!

Judy, thanks for the heads-up that the still cam is also working, even though I only watch it if the live cam isn't working.

Lynne2, congratulations to Steve on the job! What a relief!!

CarolAnne, it's so good to "see" you on the blog!

Spent today working on a project - turning an old step ladder into a Christmas tree shaped display for Christmas decorations. Got the ladder primed and the first coat of paint on. Denny got the horizontal boards cut. So far, so good. Hoping to finish up tomorrow.

Time to throw something together for dinner. Later!

Hoda said...

Thank you Steve.
Thank you Carol Anne.
Happy Christmas to you too.
STEVE got the job. So very happy Lynne. Congratulations.
Blessed Be you all.

JudyE said...

LYNNE2 Congratulations STEVE on the Walmart job

CAROLANNE HELLOOOO long time please come back to visit more

SANDI I have seen that project on FB in the past. Can't wait to see your creation

77° out now.
Still not running AC $62 was elec bill this past month liking that

glo said...

Yeah Steve got the Walmart job. I am so very glad to be reading this. Hope all had a good Thanksgiving. Sandi I am glad you are making that ladder decoration. I bet yours will be awesome. Posted this on FB Sat but didn't come here over the weekend. My Gabby crossed Rainbow Bridge on Sat morning. Gosh she was such a sweet cat. I was blessed to have her for a few years. She was close to 20 yrs old when she passed.

I didn't take Patches to Nursing Home on Monday, we will go back there next week. Tomorrow we will go to the hospital to visit. Setting dates for December with Caring Canines now. It is so good for both Patches and I.

Happy to see cam is up and eagles are in. Shouldn't be too long til I see them in my area. SED all.

Hoda said...

So sorry about Gabby Glo.

Janet Neely said...

morning to all. sorry for my absence...will explain in a min.

LYNNE2: congrats and fantastic news about the job!!
STEVE: thank you for the new thread
so excited to watch the cam again!
SANDI: hopefully you will post some pix ofyour project! it sounds fabulous!
GLO: my heart goes out to you. I am so sorry you lost Gabby. Big hugs and love...

As for my absence: while I am so thankful for the rain, we have so needed it, my stomach has been sick and my heart heavy with the wild fires in Gatlinburg. As you may/maynot recall, I have many friends there, to include the members of Tuatha Dea. In addition, I have a deep affinity for the area, it is so beautiful and we have so many memories there......

So as the fires burned I wept inside...sending love and healing, protection and hope to all in the area.

Lots of people lost everything....absolutely everything. To the best of my knowledge my crew still have their homes. I don't know about the beautiful home we shot the video of THE LONG BLACK CURL .... I have no way of knowing of that, yet. I am sure they don't know either as no one has been allowed back in.

The main commercial part of Gburg is intact and survived.

I have been watching (online) their local news. It is raining there now. I hope there will be enough rain to quench the fires and soothe the earth.

Wishing all a lovely day....

JudyE said...

good morning Eagle buds

GLO so sorry for your loss.

Lolly said...

Good morning!

WAHOOOOO!!!! So very happy that Steve got the job! Prayers for his future with this job!

Had a dentist appointment yesterday and actually did a little Christmas shopping. Going to run some errands then get with decorating the house! Outside is finished and the tree as well. Trying to get ahead for when we are called to head to south Texas for a funeral.

Sandi.....will want to see pictures of the ladder with decorations. Just thought that would be ano no here. Skippi ignores the tree but I think she would try to climb a ladder.

Yesterday we did move plants into the greenhouse. Still have two plants to move into the garage.

Our Joseph is having a great basketball season. Scored 20 pts in his game last night. Also, in the last seconds took an elbow to his mouth. Teeth are okay however a tooth punctured all the way through just above his lip! Ouch! No trombone playing for a while! Poor boy!

JudyE said...

LYNNE2 what shift is STEVE working. Is I the inventory control shift?? Early am but getting off early is nice! Just curious

The benefits were good don't know what changes were done after I retired I know lots were going to happen. Insurance reasonable also. And 401k you don't miss it if hey take it out also they do match may have changed also

Been out enjoying the weather 80 today. Cool front here in two days again with lower dewpoints points will be sweet

LOLLY the cat climbing the ladder reminds me of my favorite show MY CAT FROM HELL!
They suggest letting you cat have a high spot like shelf
So funny how some cats sit in top of doors. If you haven't seen it I recommend it. On animal planet station. I usually find when channel surfing on the weekends when there is nothing on

Janet Neely said...

hey all. good evening.

more news from Gatlinburg: 7 dead. several hospitalized. over 400 structures burned/destroyed. the main strip mostly spared.

my friend Tesea has started a go fund me for xmas gifts and such for children. many families whom she knows lost everything; home & job. with the holidays coming she knows the red cross and other organizations will take care of many things; but she wants to make sure parents have gifts for their children.

if anyone would like to contribute, go to my facebook page. you will see it.

had a good day. put up some decorations.

I am off tomorrow. we were going to go to a concert tonight, and so I asked for the days off months ago (and forgot). we decided not to go to the concert, but I still have the day off. guess it will be grocery day.

regarding cats and high places: yes yes and yes. the higher the better. lol. we have a kitty condo. the older cats prefer sleeping on the sofa for the most part, but the kittens are loving climbing and scratching on the condo.

good night to all

good night to all!

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone!
Thanks for the new thread, Steve, and the call over, CarolAnne.

LOLLY, prayers for your sister-in-law's mother, and for the whole family. So sorry about Joseph's punctured lip! Prayers for a rapid healing.

LYNNE2, CONGRATULATIONS to Steve! So glad he got the job!

GLO, so sorry to hear that Gabby crossed the Rainbow Bridge. It's such a heartache when we lose a furbaby. ((Hugs!))

JANET, I've been thinking of you ever since hearing about the wildfires. What a
heartbreaking situation! Lots of prayers being said.

I have an update about our friend Jim. He's still in the hospital; they did give him a pint of blood--but he may need another pint, since his hemoglobin level dropped again after going up over one point. If the second transfusion works, he may be out of the hospital in a day or two. Thank you for your prayers and wishes for him!

We had a scare with Emma on Sunday evening! After dinner, she suddenly started running around frantically, and licking everything in sight--our clothing, rugs, upholstered chairs and the sofa, blankets too! Then she started gagging and lost about half of her dinner. She developed a dry cough and labored breathing, so we went to the nearest emergency vet. We did give her a dose of Benadryl first, though. It started working in about 20 or 30 minutes. She seemed much better by the time the vet saw her, and they sent us home with instructions to give her Benadryl for a couple of days. I'm still giving it to her, because when I stopped it on Tues. evening, she started raspy breathing again. She's fine on the stuff, although a bit sleepy. I think she may have tried to chomp a spider (she does go after them), and gotten a bite either on her tongue or in her mouth.

Has anyone heard from Bev? Hope her knee is doing better!

Well, better go and hit the hay. I'm starting to yawn too much! Have SED, everyone, and God bless! I ♥ us!

JudyE said...

good morning Eagle buds

ANDY the last thing that I remember from BEV saying on Facebook is no surgery needed only a break below the kneecap---- off work for 4 weeks and no weight on it for 4 weeks and she can only get up to get a shower. Otherwise seems fine. I see her posting on fb.
Scary situation with Emma

Lolly said...

Good morning!

Going to get with enterior house decorating today.

Talked with Laurel. Joseph is doing okay. No BB practice yesterday. Mouth is swollen but not too bad. Had a sandwich for supper last night at church. He tore it into bite size pieces. Hurt to open wide to eat sandwich whole.

Down to 38 last night! So great to have cooler weather. They say a wet cold weekend is coming, but bright sunshine today.

Time to start moving! Have a great day!

Lynne2 said...

Hi from work!

Judy, all, Steve will be working the 10-7am shift doing maintenance to start. Still waiting on the phone call for orientation day and time. Hope THAT call doesn't take almost 3 weeks!

Settlement on the In-Laws house is scheduled for tomorrow at 2pm. Let's hope this goes without a hitch. Seems that the bank was concerned because the buyer didn't have ENOUGH credit for their liking.

Sandi, you had asked about the house being for sale a while back...they DID have it on the market 2 and 3 years ago in the spring/summer/fall with no results. This time when they put it up in late Sept or early Oct, I can't remember exactly, it sold in 4 days.

Andi, what odd behaviour from Emma! Glad she is OK! Hope Jim gets to go home soon!

Janet, glad your "crew" has escaped the worst of the fires but it's been so heartbreaking to see the pictures and videos on FB. I think there was to be some rain last night...hope so, hope it helped.

Glad Joseph is OK!

Lynne2 said...

15 posts in 53 hours?? Beyond sad.....

JudyE said...

Good morning eagle buds

Chilly start to the day

Cold front had to close my windows when I got up. Yes I am a wimp but suppose to get in hi 70s - 53 when I woke up

Charging Fitbit so I sit here waiting to move LOL

JudyE said...

Anyone else Peking in on Harriett
She uncovered the one egg is went back to incubating it with the second

He covers it and she uncovered it

JudyE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said...

My delete
Tablet went Peking
was suppose to be peeking in

Lolly said...

Good morning! Continuing to decorate the house. Rather sad to be waiting for a call from my brother. Will then drop everything and head south, so trying to get things done. Sunday is Laurel's birthday. Taking dinner up there to celebrate. She will be 44. How is that possible?

Baked my Holiday Lizzie's last night aka fruit cake cookies. They are Jack's favorite and need time to soak up the whiskey!馃榿

Wishing Steve the best with the new job, and, yes, hope it does not take 3 weeks to get started!

Joseph got his face pushed into the floor last night at a game and broke open his wound. More blood to be cleaned up and more ice to the face! Who knew basketball could be so rough! He is playing great and playing the whole games except when injured!

Expecting rainy cold weather this weekend and our first freeze next week. Prediction is Hoda will leave her freezer door open!馃槣

Thinking of Kay and hope all is well! Time to get busy. I am so slow moving in the mornings!

JudyE said...

Just thought I would pop in and say hi
But no one to say hi to. I guess it's time to say bye now

Jewels said...

Hello all!!!!! I know I don't come here often. Its sad to see such little activity. Lets hope the Eagles bring everyone back together again. Hope everyone is doing okay. Thoughts and prayers to all. Bella is doing fantastic!!!!!! Getting too big too fast.

WVJerry said...

Good morning to all. Just updated to a new cellphone. That's the good part, the bad part is I can no longer view the Cam. I will keep on Facebook and most likely won't be posting on the Blog. I have problems before viewing Cam but kept up on Facebook. Take care all.

WVJerry said...

Just took anothet chance to view Cam, was able to see an empty nest. Looking forward to posting on the Blog now.馃榾

Janet Neely said...

good evening to all the beginning of another week upon us.

its been a difficult week; with deaths reported in Gatlinburg, just so much sadness. I have been trying to keep up on the news from there.

And in the meantime life goes on.

I have managed to catch a bit of a cold, so I've just slept off and on today and enjoyed the rainy day.

Love to all

JudyE said...

Good morning Eagle buds

JERRY congratulations on the new phone and so happy you can get on the blog and see the camera
JANET so sorry your getting sick hope you feel better soon love you sis

CAROLYN aren't grandbabies the best. She sure is a cutie!

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Good morning my eagle momlets! They are panning the cam around NCTC. Love that the live cam is back on.

I have such good intentions all the time of posting on here and somehow life takes over.


WVJerry said...

Good morning Judy and Sharon. Looks like Cam will not work for me after all. It will start with sound first, then video and after about 15 seconds it stops. I might try again but for most part I will just follow on Facebook.

Lolly said...


Have been very busy WHAT with Laurel's birthday yesterday. That is over now and on with Christmas. Plans for this week include a party Thursday and a BB game Friday. Decorating is complete and now to get with shopping! Still waiting to hear from my brother. At anytime we drop everything and head to the Valley.

Jerry sorry you are having a problem with the cam!

I have not brought it up today. Need too! Last time I was on it ran great. Have yet to see an eagle.

Later Gators!

Janet Neely said...

hey all. Monday evening and I feel tons better. I slept most of yesterday and slept in late today. (THANKS SIS) I did wilt a bit mid afternoon, but some coffee and a fig newton fixed that.

I spent the day mostly indoors doing house work as is my Monday routine. laundry and oh the fun stuff. picked mia up of course.

I made beef enchiladas for the first time tonight. very tasty. something a bit different!

hope everyone is well. love to all

JudyE said...

Good morning eagle budlets!

Jordyn Christmas performance is today 530

It is so yuky out, humid, sticky, storm front heading in today really windy cold front.

JERRY DEB said she was having buffer issues. I do also on occasions. Don't look as much being I am not up early when they visit and have been out and about at the time they come near sunset.

Lolly said...

Good morning!

Looks like winter really arrives this week. Hard freeze predicted in a couple days.

Off Christmas shopping today. First Jack is taking the car to the trailer. He needs to "winterize" the trailer. After that I am off!

Have a good day!

WVJerry said...

Good afternoon Judy and Lolly. I downloaded a browser called Puffin for my phone. I can watch with it. Right now nest is wet and empty.

Lynne2 said...

Good miserable, rainy, cold, windy afternoon here everyone!

Lolly I think you are going to be as cold as we are when this cold front hits later this week!

Glad you figured out how to watch the nest on your new phone Jerry!

Happy to hear that you are feeling better Janet!

Just dropped Steve off for his Walmart orientation! Sure hope he gets a schedule today!

Lynne2 said...

OH....the in-laws FINALLY got to settle on the house Friday! Now they are officially homeless til their apt. becomes available in a month or so!

Hoda said...

Happy to read the posts.
Thank you.
It is very cold here. Car doors froze!
Had to de-ice. Vancouver is covered in snow!!! They don't get much snow normally.
They do not use snow tires. Chaos!

I am house sitting for the month of December. Two separate houses with an overlap of one night.

Stay well everyone.

Did Steve get a schedule Lynne?
Janet two Canadians perished in the fire you were telling us about. I am so sorry for all the suffering.

Judy good to hear Jordyn is doing well.

Shirley has not been abducted by aliens! Just to quel the rumours!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!

Lynne2 said...

Hoda, Steve isn't home yet! This must be SOME orientation for sure! He's been there since 4!

Lolly said...

Had a successful day! Got some shopping done! Will do more tomorrow after getting the do done!

Sorry about the lunch bag, Lynne! Roflmbo

JudyE said...

Good evening Eagle buds

Christmas performance was awesome as always it was very nice took videos and pictures naturally.

eagle camera that now have a raccoon living in it a night pretty interesting to watch

JudyE said...

LYNNE2 where are they staying the outlaws now?

JudyE said...

In-laws not outlaws was doing talk to type LOL

JudyE said...

Good morning eagle buds

And good bye eagle buds

I am beyond sad

Lynne2 said...

what's wrong Judy???

JudyE said...

The blog has me down LYNNE2 that's all.

Lynne2 said...

me too Judy.

Well Steve's orientation was 3.5 hours. Only him! They went over ALL kinds of stuff..lost kids, explosions, terrorism. OMG!

Lynne2 said...

I thought this was weird...they pay people on a Visa debit card instead of a paycheck!

JudyE said...

If you have direct checking that is how I got mine.
Wait till he does the stupid CBL computer based learning
Video with test.

JudyE said...

You sit at the computer while listening to stooopid stuff. Lol.
On all policies and procedures at wmt
Even alcohol and tobacco sales even if you don't run a register
Safety,fires CBL some are done every year. It's hard not to fall asleep because most you can't just click to the test.

JudyE said...

Good morning Eagle bud
馃巿 馃巵 馃帀 馃巿 馃巵 馃帀 馃巿 馃巵 馃帀 馃幖 馃幖 馃幖 馃幎 馃幎 馃幎 馃幖 馃幖 馃幖 馃帳 馃帳 馃帳 馃帳
♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday Dear SHIRLEY ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you!! ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ And many, many, many more!!
***Sending birthday wishes your way***

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!

Here to wish SHIRLEY a super duper birthday, surrounded by family and inundated with gifts! Nice way to kick off the Christmas and New Year holidays! Have fun!

Happy to see that Steve has landed a job with Wally World, Lynne2. Sounds good!

Happy, too, to have the cam back. I have yet to spot an eagle there, but am sure they'll be very active soon.

Seth is now home for the holidays, so we'll be busy, busy, busy. Yeah!

Prayers for all in need!


Janet Neely said...


I have spent most of the last couple of days asleep. virus. thought I had kicked it Monday, yeah, last laugh not on me. I am heading to the dr in a bit for a note for work. but apparently this is all over work; quite a few folks out. oh well, it happens every year. not surprised.

it is cold here and getting colder. good news; we had a good bit of rain, which did help Gburg. (fires there are still burning on Chimney 2, but reasonably contained) they have arrested 2 youths for arson with regards to those fires. so sad. absolutely preventable.....

on a lighter note; tom saw mamma kitty/aka shaw yesterday while driving his school bus. he said she was crossing a road (sub division). this of course does not please me, but she is feral and there's not a thing I can do. but at least I know she is alive. I am continuing to put food out every afternoon and someone /something is eating it. I hope its her.

JUDYE: dear sis, we can't make people post. I miss the days when we were joking and teasing on here. but all things change. I am hoping it will pick up shortly.
after holidays and eagle watching begins in earnest.
(((hugs)))) and love to you sis.

this is the first year; ever; that I have not sent out holiday cards. I get so few that it is discouraging. I might pick up a small box for any that happen to wander in, but I am not worrying about it this year. any one else?

hope everyone has a lovely day. (((hugs))) and love to all

Ms Bookworm said...

Good Morning, Everyone!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHIRLEY!!! ♥♥ Hope you have a wonderful Birthday, with a spectacular year to follow!

Janet, hope you manage to kick that virus to the curb quickly! Glad that mama kitty has been spotted, and hope she's the one that's making the cat food disappear!

Lolly, I hope you have some long johns handy--it looks like you're going to have quite a cold snap there very soon! Guess Hoda has left the freezer door open! It's been pretty chilly here too (Yippee! I can finally wear some of my sweaters!)--low 50s at night, and in the 60s during the day. Sorry to hear that Joseph re-injured his nose! Hope it's feeling better!

Lynne2, glad your inlaws finally settled on their house. Very happy that Steve got through orientation at Wally World. How soon does he start work?

Kay, that's great that Seth is home for the holidays! Woohoo!

Well, not a lot going on here, just the usual routine. Think I'll sign off for now, and check out our cam! Will probably be back later tonight. Have a super day! I ♥ us!

Hoda said...

Happy Birthday Shirley. Wishing you the best always.
Hoping you come on here to see all of your birthday wishes.

Am at the hospital waiting for a friend who has cancer to get done with her radiology.
Sort of a Karma Yoga practice. She has to get her lungs checked every few weeks.
Have an awesome day everyone.

Lolly said...

Howdeee! Been so busy, but all is good! Today we ran to Dallas to do a bit of shopping. Heading to kitchen soon to prepare sweet potatoes for tonight's dinner party.

Yes, it is COLD here! (Hoda left freezer door open!馃槺). High today 35, headed down to upper teens tonight. Wind is blowing fiercely! Brrrrr!

Happy Birthday, Shirley!

Gotta get busy, but wanted to say Hi!

Sandi said...

Hi all - one eagle in the nest right now.

Sandi said...

Oops - POOF! Sorry!

Hoda said...

Sorry to let you know, not only is the freezer door open it is soooooo windy here it blew away!!!
Freezing cold.
I have had to buy my second bottle of anti freeze! Not since Alberta days have I experienced such cold.

JudyE said...

Oh now HODA with the door, maybe it's caught in that garland out there.
On the bright side being its cold you won't need the door. Lol

JudyE said...

Good morning eagle buds.

50 out now and windy 60 will be the high today
A couple of chilly days for us. I like this NOT!

Angie wanted to do Busch gardens tomorrow nite since Carl is on call so it would be just the three of us. Sat hi 71 would be nice but 48 Sat nite gonna have to think about it I think to cold!

Janet Neely said...

morning all. JUDYE: lol. we won't be above 35 today. I hear ya. when I had hot flashes I loved this weather, yeah, now, not so much.

went to dr yesterday. I have a sinus infection. so, one injection and 2 meds later plus a stay home, do not pass go, until Tuesday note, here I am. I called work, of course, boss said, half the clinic's out (same stuff) and clients are not calling, books are basically empty. I suspect between holidays and whatever is flying around, they are sick as well.

MS> BOOKWORM: thank you. it was good to know she seems to be okay (momma kitty). I am so glad we have her babies. knowing how cold it is outside, and yes, I know they adapt etc etc etc....but I am a softie.

so another day here. I am going to start a brisket for dinner, wrap some gifts and call it a day.

will check in later!

Lolly said...

Good morning!

Oh no! If your freezer door blew away, does that mean it is going to be really cold all winter?

Only saw 28 last night and it is up to 35 now. Thankfully no precipitation! Three years ago we had major ice!

Party last night was fun! Now, shortly off to decorate the Family Life Center Christmas tree. The kiddos at our preschool love the tree. We decorate it when they are there eating lu ch.

I was going to try to finish up my shopping today, but that will have to wait!

Have a great day!

Hoda said...

OK you wimps!
17F here!
Honestly this is going to be one frigid winter!
Sorry Lolly!
The Freezer door is gone to the land of things never to be found.

Love you all.
AM joking about calling you wimps.

Snow here.
12 more days till Winter Solstice.

Hoda said...

I checked the cam a couple of times and did not see the Eagles. Any one see them today?

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Good morning Eagle Momlets! Thought I would check in and see how everyone is. It is a balmy 19 degrees in Bluefield, West Virginia.


JudyE said...

Helloooooooooo. SHAR nice seeing you on here again

HODA I didn't see the eagles in the nest yesterday but I think the were in the am I think I saw pic from DEB

49° when I got up. My heat is running

Lolly said...

Howdeeeeee! Have been in the kitchen all day. Have 8 coffee cakes rising and soon gonna smell mighty good around here!

Went to Joseph's BB games last night. He had another facial injury. This time the back of another's head hit his nose hard. According to the trainers his nose was not broken But he has an abrasion and a huge bump on his nose. Poor baby! I'll post a picture on our fb blog. Ouch!

Tomorrow church, lunch after church and a party at 6:00. Then Tues a band concert. So we are busy!

I am going to attempt to get outside and haul in pots of dead plants. It is up to 48 but cloudy.

Just wanted to peek in and say hi!

Whimps, huh? Well!!! 馃槼

Lynne2 said...

Yeah? She called us WIMPS?? HA!

Good afternoon all!

Spent my fist night alone last night as Steve started the overnight schedule. Wasn't too bad. Steve is in the "test taking" part of training....sitting at a computer watching videos and taking tests on the. Judy, he hasn't fallen asleep yet! He has done really well...I knew he would but he was so nervous. He has more videos and tests tonight, and I think Monday night too before he starts training for his actual job stuff.

My goodness Lolly...poor Joseph! Are you staying warm? It's pretty darn cold here, too. Judy's weather right now is just my speed!

Janet, hope you are feeling much better soon.

There is a pic on FB Eagle Cam of a possible GHO at the nest but it's a small picture that I cant enlarge and I'll be darned if I can see anything. That would NOT be good news for sure, if there is one there....

Kay I hope you and Seth are making the most of his Holiday time with you!

My wayward in-laws will be coming for a visit tomorrow. They have left the mountains for good and are currently staying in Baltimore with their good friend Kathy. Not sue if they'll stay there long or head to the eastern shore and stay in a motel til their apt. becomes available. I'm pretty sure THEY don't know what the heck they are doing!

JudyE said...

Good morning eagle buds we a slight dusting of snow in the nest

I saw the post about the GHO But some were also saying fox ?????

Janet Neely said...

good morning folks.

okay, what's a GHO?

I am doing better (thanks Lynne). I finally felt like myself yesterday.

Tom took Olivia out shopping so I managed to spend some time wrapping presents. I have about 4 more to arrive in the next couple of days and once they are wrapped I am done.

Today is Lorelei's 4th bday party (bday is Tuesday). that means a trip to chuck e cheese pizza place. oh yeah. whoopppeeee. but I will enjoy watching her have fun. the rest f it, not so much, although I do like skee ball.....

the weather has warmed. we are in the 40's and that's tolerable. lol. HODA: I have become a wimp. weather extremes really bother me. I get warm very quickly and cold very quickly. I am constantly adding/subtracting clothing.

more rain is on tap for later this week.

I have been working with my friends in Gatlinburg. They are trying to contact families who lost everything in the fire to invite them to a party. They have collected some moneies with which they plan to purchase gifts for the children. they have a santa and other things in order. you would think it would not be too difficult to locate said families.

I called several shelters, churches, etc. I finally found someone who knew something.....I know it was odd for me to call, but her phone service is still sketchy.

that area really took a hit. although the main strip is fairly intact, the surrounding areas...so much burned to the ground. nothing left. the fire is still burning. it is somewhat contained, but we need more more more rain and no winds.

I wish I could do more.

well need to get my day rocking. hope everyone has a lovely day!

Hoda said...

GHO= Great Horned Owl, Janet.

Snow here.
Lots of it.

Lynne2 said...

Evening everyone!

The in-laws came for a visit this afternoon and then took us out to a nice Italian place for dinner. MMMMMMM! It was SO good to see my MIL again! She brought us a baby Norflolk Island Pine so we now have a Christmas Tree AND some Berger cookies! The dogs were so excited to see her I didn't think they'd ever leave her alone! They'll be heading to FLA later this week to visit Steve's sisters, and then up to GA to visit all of Norman's kids and Grandkids. The new apartment will be ready for them on Jan. 11.

We had a dusting of snow this AM!

It's a beautiful thing Janet, what you and your friends are doing for the Gatlinburg people.

Janet Neely said...

hey all.
THANKS HODA. the acronyms are sometimes still confusing to me.

LYNNE2: thanks.

hey, the tribe (my friends Tuatha Dea) have put together a video of their new song Appalachia Burning. Danny wrote it while they were evacuated from their home. I will attempt to post it on my blog. I have never figured out the create a link thing. I would love for each of you to give it a listen. they do a short interview about that night and their memories...and then the song. It punched me in the gut and gave me tears. They all look so tired and haunted in the face. My heart cries for them.....and all of their home and family were okay. I cannot imagine what others are going through.

Had Lorelei's bday party @ chuck e cheese. as much fun as ever. lol.

hugs to all

Janet Neely said...

Okay. My blog is now Janet's This and That. It is the first and only post. Please let me know your thoughts. All I want to do is hug my friends' and ease their pain....

Lolly said...

Good morning!

Happy your visit went well, Lynne. Had a concern there!

Back is giving me a wee bit of a problem. Do better up and moving. Can not decide whether to go outside and attack leaves or go finish my shopping. Hmmmmmm????

Maybe go shopping and then attack leaves. Tomorrow heading to Denton. Taking dinner, then Joseph's band concert. Nothing else scheduled for the week. Yay!

Still have not seen an eagle. Happy some post pictures! I am just not on at the right time!

Have a great day!

Janet Neely said...

good afternoon all. the week has started off so much better than last week. livvy's had her allergy shot....house is straight, laundry done, and now i'm picking Amelia up to deliver her to another school, coming home, making dinner, then shuttling the family over to the school to watch Amelia's chorus performance...and off to work tomorrow!!! yeee hawww!

JudyE said...


JudyE said...

And poof

JudyE said...

SIS I saw the video on FB very touching. But with me hard of hearing ear I had a hard time hearing words. As I do with all music

Very pretty

JudyE said...

new eagle cam

JudyE said...

Dale Hollow Lake TN is the location. Pretty view

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,

All's well here in SoCal, and thought I'd better drop in and say hello, before you all think I've dropped off the edge of the earth! Just caught up in the craziness of the Christmas rush. Ken and I have started walking at the Santa Ana Riverbed Trail, rather than attempting walking at the mall. Too many people! No parking spaces! Yikes!

Janet, I love what you and your friends are doing for the people in Gatlinburg! So glad all the kittens are not out in the cold, too!

Hoda, hope you're bundled up and surviving the cold! Brrr!! You too, Lolly! Our kids in TX are hanging in there. Marq managed to get all their Christmas lights up on the house, and the frozen roof, and he survived the experience! House looks great!
Their newest kitty managed to knock over and unplug one of their Christmas trees already, but I think has learned her lesson. Apparently she's behaving now.

Oops! Gotta go feed Emma her dinner! Will be back later tonight, hopefully.
I ♥ us!

JudyE said...

Good morning eagle budlets!

Beautiful day 66° out now windows back open

Hope everyone has a great day!

Lolly said...

Just a quick good Morning!

Packages to get to the post office, one more gift to purchase, prepare dinner to take to Denton and then we are off...about 2:00. We try to beat traffic in Fort Worth. Also, taking to Laurel at school a new bookcase for her classroom. It is painted black, all her other bookcases are off white. It is going on top of a freestanding closet. On this bookcase she is putting the books that always disappear. Kids will check out these books by signing in blood. Lol

Gotta get busy! Have a great day!

WVJerry said...

Good afternoon Judy and Lolly. Just stopping by to say hello and report an empty nest. I'm back to working 6 days a week again. They hired a young man who worked a week and never showed up Monday. I was asked to work. We can use the extra funds. Our health insurance now costs $600.00 a month with a $10000.00 deductible. Kinda puts a real bind on our finances. Enjoy the rest of the day. Talk later.

Janet Neely said...

good evening to all.

sitting here watching the dolly parton telethon for gburg. raising lots of $$$. i'm sure every single penny is needed.

JUDYE: the quality on TD's video,(to me) the vocals are a little hard to understand....that's why I had the lyrics available as well. the song grasped something in my spirit, but the look in their eyes as they spoke....maybe its because I know them....just gut punched me again.

they are doing a free concert over at the hard rock in pigeon forge as well to our community together to bring in more help.

tesea's fund is just shy of $5000 which is her goal for the wild fire fund for kids. her plan as of now is to take santa, a photographer, and make home visits (she is getting information via email such as names, ages, items requested) to deliver gifts on the 22nd.

I was at back at work today, which was great. we had some lovely rains. we have colder weather moving back in once again.

I am happy to report, I am now only awaiting 1 more package in the mail. once its wrapped, I am done done done!

JUDYE: I just tuned into the Dale Hollow eagle cam. very cool!

okay, a chuckle to report. so you all remember my min pin dax. so today, I brought mia home with me from school because everyone was gathering here before we went to lorelei's bday dinner.

I was showing mia something and I hear paper ripping in the living room.

it didn't stop.

dax was jealous that I wasn't in there with him, per the norm. he had taken a gift bag, tore it open and was shredding the tissue paper within.

have a great evening all.

JudyE said...

Good morning eagle buds!

Foggy morning here SEAFOG visibility is O in some areas.
64° out 78° high for today

Lolly said...

Good morning!

We had the fog yesterday, but today it is 44 and cloudy. May work in the yard today. We have a lot of leaves to dispose of! Yikes!

Great time in Denton last night! Dinner with family is always fun and the band concert was great!

Have a great day!

JudyE said...

Two Eagles in the nest

Sandi said...

Thanks for the heads-up Judy. Only 1 eagle in the nest now.