Friday, September 04, 2015


Our crane guy was out this morning to do a pre-work site survey.  We are targeting the week of September 21 to go up in the nest. to install the new cam.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the new cam project, especially the folks at Hancock Wildlife Foundation, The Friends of the NCTC, the Town of Shepherdstown, the Eaglet Momsters and others (you know who you are).

New thread.


JudyE said...

.great. Thanks for new thread Steve

Mema Jo said...

Thanks Steve for the fresh new Friday thread.
Congrats Judy on your feather.

The progress report is wonderful! If it is Nu who goes up in the tree to the nest - please be on the lookout in the nest for our DUCKY - thx

You are more then welcome from all of us who have financially supported the new cam equipment. The response from so many persons, organizations and especially the gift
from Shepherdstown.

Happy Happy Friday ! Everyone enjoy your Labor Day weekend and be safe in your travels...

Sandi said...

Hi all. Thanks Steve for the Labor Day weekend thread and the news on the new cam. Thanks Judy for the call over.

After tennis, I delivered the Neighborhood Watch cards for the area of houses that I watch during the fall and winter. The first house I went to was my neighbors on the corner who live here year round. They have a large dog who has always been friendly toward me. Since I know they never lock their house, I opened the ground floor door to lay the card on the inside steps.

Well, the dog wasn't friendly today! He came barreling down the stairs and, as I was bent down putting the card on the steps, he bit me! Then he continued down the stairs snarling and baring his teeth and bit me again in the thigh. At that point, I shoved him away from me with my foot and he put an 8 inch scrape down the back of my leg, either with his teeth or his toenails. I managed to get outside without letting him out and hobbled home bleeding the whole way.

I don't need stitches or a doctor visit and the dog is up-to-date on his rabies shot (Denny called the neighbor at work) but my arm and leg are really sore and I look like I was in a fight and lost! Any advice other than take it easy? I washed all of the wounds with soap and water, put antibiotic ointment on them, and covered the 2 bites with large bandaids. Not much I can do with the huge ugly scrape. Will that suffice?

OK, I think I'll go read a book. Tennis was awful, I was attacked by a dog - it has not been a good day.


JudyE said...

SANDI so so sorry about the doggie bite and the bad tennis day
just keep it clean is what I would think the dog may have though you a burglar good dog they have maybe because owners weren't home is why he did it
Hope the rest of your day goes better I am off to get Jordyn no dinner at Angie she has a cold and I don't want it with my mouth so I will just drop her off at the drive way without me going in when I take her home Jordyn wants to see me so I will get her Will just come home and not go anywhere I know she will be good with that being she has barbies etc here

Mema Jo said...

And this is just the start of your holiday weekend - You are definitely not doing well.
Please keep an eye on those bite marks.... You really should call your dr just to be
sure he doesn't want to give you an antibiotic ! So Sorry all you are going through!

JudyE said...

cam is off I guess they are working on it waiting to see NU LOL Just got back from getting Jordyn

Judie said...

Oh my goodness, work on the new camera. What wonderful news along with a fresh weekend thread from Steve. Have a great weekend Steve. Thank you for the update.

Congratulations on the feather to add to your headdress, JudyE. Thanks for the call-over.

Sandi, what an awful day you've had. If you have those drop-in primary care places, you might try one just to make sure you don't need an antibiotic or a few stitches. Better than having an infection set in right at the beginning of school. Hopefully, you will still be able to enjoy dinner on the boat but please take precautions.

JudyE, what's happening with the dental work?

Headed to the scullery in a few minutes. Was there most of the day with laundry and food prep for the weekend.


Janet said...

Good afternoon all!
THANKS STEVE for info and a new thread and CONGRATS SIS on a feather!

OH SANDI! So sorry you were bitten. I’m with JUDYE, thinking the owners weren’t home and the dog didn’t feel you belonged there. I think keep it clean, use peroxide perhaps? Antibiotic ointment….and use common sense….if it starts to get pink, swollen, hot, shows signs of infection, see a doctor. Many hugs to you!

It was a good day even though I had a no show and a cancellation. I made another cake last night (same kind) and took it in for my co workers and bought some vanilla ice cream to go with it. 
So in the dental department: the orthodontist told us the other day that Olivia needs 4 teeth pulled. No surprises there. Our dentist doesn’t do full anesthesia for anyone under 16. I have an appointment with an oral surgeon on the 14th. Thankfully they take our insurance, but I’m not looking forward to that co pay.

Things are good here. Hot and humid.
Hope everyone has a good evening. Time to make a dinner plan…………..

JudyE said...

JUDIE little sore
but that is to be expected being extraction and bone graft and I got two stitches also
I go back Thur for preop and i realized I have a cleaning the same day 11 in morning for preop and 2 for cleaning I am going to call to see if I can only go in at 2 preop is just a look and see I am sure they will

I have Jordyn still here we went out to dinner Its Fri and we both had New England Clam Chowder everyone is so surprised a kid loves it she has like it since she was itty bitty Gonna take her home at 8 I kidnapped her I called angie and told her that
I had clam chowder because so hard to chew with the partial over the area where the tooth was pulled

JudyE said...

and the temp partial where the wires are are sort of rubbing on my inside mouth area needs adjustment of some sort but will have to be MON not open of Sat and I noticed it with me running off at the mouth LOL so just need to keep mouth form talking and with me that is gonna be hard LOL

Lolly said...

Oh, Sandi! How awful! How scary! Keep a close eye on it. Certainly do not want an infection. Did the neighbors call and check on you this evening?

Today was yard day. Worked hard in this awful heat. I am exhausted!

Tuesday is Jacob's 11th birthday. We are celebrating Monday. Sunday baking a pizza size cookie and decorating it. That is what he wants. He wants to eat mac and cheese, so we are having steaks and Mac and cheese!馃榾. Michael will be there, too. Hope he is able to bring Zach! Laurel is baking one dish of Mac and cheese and I am baking another recipe. Looking forward to the day!

JudyE said...

LOLLY ah kids are so simple don't ya just love it mac and cheese
Jordyn loves it also
just got back taking Jordyn home

gonna go watch some dvrd stuff Watched my last episode of
The Whispers anyone else watched it I love it my kind of movie scary horror flicks I love

got several The Astronauts Wives Club to watch and one Bones will do bones probably

JudyE said...

shh not a word but right now the extraction area isn't sore I have done lots of salt water rinses probably has helped a bunch off to tvland

stronghunter said...


Oh my goodness, Sandi! It would not hurt to have a doctor look at the bites. And, on the peroxide--the latest is that it can damage tissue, so you are not supposed to use it. At least that is what I have been told. I would have been terrified. I guess your neighbors are well-protected from burglars.

Sounds like a happy celebration for Jacob's birthday is in the works, Lolly.

Take care Judy. Enjoy the feather. :)

stronghunter said...

I'll be in France when the nest work is being done, so I will be counting you all tell me about it. Maybe a video?

Getting ready for France--Found my little digital camera, but I am not sure where the USB cable is. I had hoped the GPS cable would work. It fits, but I get a message from the computer that there is a problem, so I guess I'll head out to the store for a new cable tomorrow.

Sandi said...

Hi all. I did call my doctor's office today but it was closed for the long weekend. Really didn't want to go to a walk-in clinic if I didn't have to, so I will just keep an eye on the bites. I washed them well, applied antibiotic ointment that I have left over from the stitches I got back in July, covered them with bandages and will just keep a close eye on them. I am planning to play tennis tomorrow morning though the worst bite is on my right forearm and I am right handed, so I guess I'll have to wait til tomorrow to see how it feels. I took Ibuprofen today.

Shirley, I have read the same as you about peroxide damaging tissue so I haven't used it. Funny, that's the first thing my mom ever did with cuts and scrapes - pour on the peroxide and watch it fizz! Actually, I was more surprised than scared (though I was plenty scared) b/c Tank has always been friendly when I have seen him outside. Ken said he is very protective and more aggressive in the house - wish I had known that before I went inside! Again, the bites are my mistake - I shouldn't have gone inside when Ann & Ken weren't home.

Goodnight all - see you in the early AM.

stronghunter said...

Oh, forgot to tell you. Hunter got his first credit card application in the mail this afternoon. Discover Card. Kathryn ripped it up and I shredded the pieces.

stronghunter said...

Your story reminded me of the day I went into my neighbor's fenced backyard to check on their dog. I have forgotten why. I was a bit worried when I saw that big black dog come running at me. Fortunately, he just wanted to greet me, but I got a scare. You don't always know what might happen.

Judie said...

Almost time:

Sandi, do take care, please.

Shirley, not to worry. We'll keep you posted on activities while you're off having such a well-deserved holiday.

JudyE, glad your mouth isn't giving you serious discomfort and Jordyn was able to share dinner with you.

It's time: headed to dent the pillows. Restful sleep for all.

grannyblt said...

My goodness, Sandi, what a surprise you got today. Keep an eye on it. These things always seem to happen on a Friday afternoon.

And Lynne2, I'm glad you are feeling better. My DH had a kidney stone a couple of times and I remember driving all over one evening trying to find a drug store that sold the pain meds, like your experience.

SED to all.

stronghunter said...

Thank you, Judie. I will enjoy hearing about the events at the nest.

Good night, everyone. I will see you tomorrow. SED.

Lynne2 said...

GOOD GRIEF SANDI! How awful!! If ANY of the wounds are puncture wounds, you need a DR. ASAP. Puncture wounds don't always look bad, but as the teeth puncture the skin, the bacteria in the dog's mouth and on your skin are sent down into the tissue and puncture wounds close up enough to keep all that bacteria down there and that is dangerous.

Shirely...ROFLMBO over Hunter's CC application!!!

Judy, hope your mouth doesn't get TOO sore. If you have pain meds, don't wait til you are in pain to take them....they work better if you keep to the dosing schedule!
Are you enjoying The Astronaut Wives Club? I enjoyed very much and will miss it. Of course as I always say...the book was so much better!

Lynne, I was shocked to go to 2 pharmacies that didn't have the medication. Rite Aide waited a full 15 minutes before they came out and told me!! GGRRRRR! I have to send for a urine 24 hour test kit now so they can evaluate the results to see what caused this stone, and hopefully prevent another from forming. The urologist is pretty sure based on how it looked on the CT that is is a calcium stone but that they don't happen because of too much dairy, necessarily. Talk about paranoia....every stinking little twinge I feel now practically sends me to a panic!!!! I'm sure this will pass soon, but I'm still not far enough away from the horrifying pain I had to not panic just yet!

Off to bed.....Prayers for all!

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends.

Happy birthday Lynne1!!! Hope it's a great one!

Lynne2, the bites are a combination of punctures, tears, and scrapes. Another friend, who is a physician in Balto. emailed last night that I should get a tetanus shot if I haven't had one in 5 years and should be on oral antibiotics. I just messaged the receptionist at my doctor's office - she and I are FB friends - to ask if she can get in touch with the doctor. If not, I guess I'll be going to the walk-in clinic and I guess I'll be getting a tetanus shot since I have no recollection of when I got the last one.

I am going to attempt to play tennis this morning - all of the wounds have stopped oozing and I put new antibiotic ointment and new bandages on them.

Have agreat day all.

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Having a little alone time this morning--just Shirley and the pets. Kathryn decided she had to go to work and finish up some things there, and she took Hunter along. They plan to finish up some school shopping afterwards.

I was thinking you might need a tetanus shot, Sandi. I'm like you. I never remember when I got one.

Guess I am about ready to install Windows 10. Little blue notice showing up on my screen.

Also need to take care of a few errands this morning. I do hope I can get the digital camera to work. Need to find someone at the store who knows about them.

The vet still does not know what was wrong with Smokey. At least there wasn't anything in the notes she took. Kathryn spoke with the receptionist, and they went over the notes together. There was just some speculation. She mentioned leukemia as a possibility. That could be bad for Allie. I do think Smokey had already been checked for leukemia earlier.

Judie said...

Good morning.

♪♫ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LYNNE1 ♪♫ Wishing you a day filled with whatever you wish to have and a wonderful year ahead.

Shirley, enjoy your alone time and hope you get the camera working.

Sandi, I had to visit a walk-in clinic this past year and I was really impressed with the professionalism and the doctor took time for education and he was sincerely nice.

Lynne2, I suspect we can relate to your reaction to any little twinge. Take care. Any update on the goats and other animals? What's the new owner up to?

Bet Kay is just having a grand time with Seth regaling her with his college stories.

Not much on the agenda today. Dirt Devil the kitchen floor and reading. Overcast and gray.

Wishing The Family Lennox the best family reunion ever.

Janet said...

Hello to all

Huh. Stronghunter, that is interesting about peroxide. I had never heard that. Thank you for sharing.
JUDYE: glad things are not too bad and you could enjoy a meal with your favorite granddaughter!

SANDI: what LYNNE2 said makes sense. I didn’t think about the puncture wounds sounds as if you have it under control!
And STRONGHUTNER: so sorry no idea on what caused Smokey’s demise. Hoping it was not leukemia.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYNNE1! May your day be bright and your year wonderful!
And the LENNOX reunion is today…………..hmmmmm lots of fun and love will abound there!

Its Saturday, bright and sunny. Two dogs curled up with me, so glad they never tire of my company!
Today, heading to the chiropractor and its ½ off day at the goodwill Then talking about taking Olivia roller skating. Other than that, I think maybe straighten the house a bit?
Its not too too bad. Kitchen needs some attention.
Went out to Red Robin for dinner last night. Had a co worker talking about cheeseburgers yesterday and I got that in my head! :P soooo, yuuuummmmmmm.
Not a lot else going on. Hoping everyone has a lovely day!

stronghunter said...

Hello again,

I am now on Windows 10. Hope everything is going to work. We will see.

Need to get ready to head out and get a few things done.

stronghunter said...

I think I can get the camera working. We will see if I remember enough to take some good pictures. It has been awhile. It is not an expensive camera as cameras go. Rus gave it to me for Christmas. I think he paid about $100 more or less. That is as much as I want to have invested in a camera for now.

stronghunter said...

Yeah, someone in the medical field told me about peroxide as I recall. I think it was after Hunter had some kind of scrape.

JudyE said...

Good Morning
eagle buds


***Sending birthday wishes your way***

Mema Jo said...

Good picnic morning to all ♥
We really had a storm last evening - Electricity was ifffy and the TV (Comcast) did go out. Therefore I didn't need to decide on any TV programs to watch.

The temps are down to where I can enjoy being outside - This year all has been left up to the adult children for preparing for the reunion at !:00. We can walk in empty handed, sit down and enjoy being with those we don't see very often.

Happy to hear Sandi is going to make sure the dog bites don't become infected. I also have heard from a medical person that peroxide should not be used.

Mema Jo said...

Happy Happy Birthday Lynne1
Have a very special day
Wishing you a wonderful year ahead

Lolly said...

Good morning! Sandi, glad you are going to a doctor. Really do think that is

Grocery store is all that is on the list for today. Hate going there on Sat. Oh, well......

Going to be a very HOT long weekend! Come on cooler weather! So very very tired of this and the drought conditions. Our trees look okay but driving around you see trees drooping, turning brown and dropping leaves. So sad!

Lolly said...

Shirley, while you are in France, we will be in Colorado. I love France. However, have only been to Paris and Versailles. Our week in Paris was awesome! I conquered the subway system! Lol

Sandi said...

Hi all, Did not play tennis this morning. Did get in touch with my doctor who recommended that I go to a walk-in clinic for a tetanus booster. I explained that I think walk-in clinics are considered like emergency room visits and that my copay for an ER visit is $150. Then I asked her if Walgreens gave tetanus boosters like they give flu shots. She called the Walgreens that is 3 minutes away and then called me back to say the pharmacist was waiting for me and would give me the booster - no charge - and also had the antibiotic prescription waiting for me. The whole thing cost me $6 and change!

My doctor said that, if I told the pharmacist that I was bitten by a dog, it would have to be reported to Animal Control. Sure enough, she did ask, but I lied. I said I had a bike accident. I don't want Animal Control showing up at my neighbor's house and filing a report on their dog when the mistake was mine. I shouldn't have gone into the house.

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!


JUDIE, Seth won't be here til' dinner time this evening, but I'm sure you're right, he'll have much to tell me. It seems I'm a favorite sounding board and I try to be nonjudgmental. He knows I love him unconditionally. I'm so lucky in having a grandson who appreciates me! Good news from my eldest grandson, Max (26). He's landed a scientific research job in Seattle which is funded by a grant and will be a year long project. Just the perfect timing as he hopes to be Phd. bound at the end of that year. He's been so happy in Ft. Collins but I know he's going to enjoy exploring the great Northwest, too!

SANDI, I was horrified when reading your account of the dog attack. Glad you're seeking medical advice and attention--dog bites, even when the animal is up to date on shots, are a very serious matter.

JO, do enjoy the Lennox Family picnic today--so glad the weather is cooperating and that the next generation has taken over the reins!!!

Got to get a move on---walk the dog, take a shower and head for Kroger for Rx's and some Seth faves.

Have a great Saturday all!!!

Prayers for those in need!!!


Kay said...

SANDI, good news on the Walgreen's service! We've all had those little white lie occasions---you are forgiven!☺

grannyblt said...

Good afternoon eagle Momsters.

Thank you all so much for the birthday greetings. I've been on and off the phone all morning with various family members who also sent their good wishes. Yesterday I had lunch with my birding friend. We went to a nearby state park afterwards and saw nothing but picnickers, no birds. On the way home we stopped at a close to home birding area and saw the resident flock of SandhillCranes that we had missed all year. Next week I will join another group of Sept birthday ladies for another lunch out. We range in age from 69 to now 93.

Sandi, glad you have some antibiotics for your bite.

Jo, have a wonderful family reunion. Isn't it. Nice when the youngsters do all the work? Enjoy.

I hope all have a nice weekend.

Judie said...

Good afternoon.

Sandi, glad you got some medical care.

Lynne1, how nice that yesterday was a bit like an early birthday gift seeing the Sandhill Cranes and yet another gift having lunch with the ladies. Lovely.

Shirley, best get that camera action down pat as we will be waiting for pictures of your adventures.

Kay, it really is a terrific opportunity for Max. You might, however, consider the proximity of his new job location to a place called Nelson which is home to a flibberty gibbet named Hoda and has, so I understand, an amazing supply of special brownies.


Lolly said...

Roflmbo. Need to tell Hoda to get her bod over here and protect her reputation!

Yea, Sandi, yea doctor, yea Walgreens!

stronghunter said...

Glad things got taken care of, Sandi. I was thinking that you might run into the issue of animal control regarding the dog. Sounds like you handled it just fine. I will be checking at Walgreen's for a flu shot before I go to France. They do a nice job.

Camera issues . . . found a very nice guy at Best Buy who told me that the connection for the cable on my camera is damaged, so I bought a card reader to grab the pictures. Also got my power adapter and a carry-on bag.

Happy birthday, Lynne1!

JudyE said...

LYNNE2 Just got done doing a marathon of the Astronauts Wives Club ( I think 7 episodes)

I have swollen eyes from crying and laughing so much
That was the best show ever I loved loved it so happy I recorded it

I loved seeing it all it brings back so many many memories. I can remember watching the real thing sitting on the floor in front of our old TV my parents way back then

loved all the nostalgia and oh my have we come a long way baby LOL

and LYNNE2 I am taking my meds religiously I know it was sore and will be worse if I dob't keep them in my system I remember when my kids were little the dr when they said 4 times a day that was every 6 hours and not 4 times during a waking part of the day I so remember having to give kiddos meds in middle of night but they mostly slept through it LOL

Just got done eating the leftovers of my clam chowder from last night nice and soft I made a oops last night when I ordered it I ordered a bowl and not a cup of soup big mistake but nice I had leftovers to eat tonight

Hope your ouchs are somewhat better this evening SANDI

good news on the camera SHIRLEY good thing you check it out

LYNNE1 so sorry you saw no birds better luck the nest time guess all the picnic people chased them away and so jealous of your crane sighting did you get pixs

Sue a friend contacted me at 120 today to let me know that one of the eagle were in the saucer at the cell tower and they still haven't filled the hole I keep taking pic and sending to her in regards to it there is sort of a trap door but its not completely wired over and I fear a eaglet may fall through the Audubon is handling it that is who she volunteers with I am going to attend a meeting with her this month sometime Eagle and Osprey watch with the Audubon need to get the exact date hope its not on a day I don't work I really think it may be Sat since I know she works 5 days a week also

JO how was the picnic?? I am sure it was fabulous
and KAY I am sure you had a great time with SETH an't grandkids the best

Jordyn on the way home last night was giggling and I made a comment to her I want you to record your giggle for me on a disc that way I can listen to it when I want SHE announces but OMA that will be too boring for you LOL I told her no way I still have a card Angie made me one of those your record what you want to say and it still works don't want to wear that battery down

JANET you need to open a bakery You got that from mom boy she loved to bake and she never measured anything from what I recall

JudyE said...

dob't a new word lol just noticed as I clicked publish saw the red underline but tooooooo late

JudyE said...

I am so so so sick of Kim Davis I am so over it always on the news and all over fb

Janet said...

hey all. yes JUDYE: I do love to bake. you can look at me and tell! lol

had a good day....

will check in tomorrow!

night ya'll

stronghunter said...


Had a little issue with Windows 10. I kept losing Internet connection. Computer said I was connected to the router. I got Hunter to turn the router off and on. Sometimes that helps solve the problem. We will see.

stronghunter said...

Happy birthday, Lynne1!!

JudyE said...

Just got done watching a Lifetime movie was good Rive raft Nightmare pretty good movie

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all
♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

stronghunter said...

We have Keshia's daughter Kayla visiting tonight. Keshia fell down the stairs and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Kayla's 10, I believe. It's tough being a single parent, especially when something like this happens.

We had to warn Kayla that she is subject to kitten attack, but, of course, we will rescue her if necessary.

Wishing everyone a good night. SED.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends.

Shirley, sorry to hear about Keisha's fall. I'm sure Kayla is in heaven with Allie!

Jo, picnic details please.

Judy, how's the mouth this morning?

My dog bites are still sore but no worse than yesterday. My left shoulder hurts much more where I got the tetanus shot. Tossing the ball for my serve this morning should be interesting.

Have agreat day all.

stronghunter said...

Hi Sandi,

Kathryn said the same thing about the tetanus shot.

Hi Everyone,

Kayla says Allie attacked her toes once, but all seems well this morning.

I slept in this morning after a bit of insomnia last night. Thoughts of getting ready for my trip were playing through my mind.

stronghunter said...

I'm getting the spinning circle thingy on the live cam right now.

Janet said...

good morning to all. busy day yesterday. much more laid back today. heading out in a bit for some acupuncture.

another hot day. when I get home I may declare it pool time. not a lot else going on. hope everyone has a lovely day!

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle buds

SHIRLEY how is Kayla after the fall

oh my mouth is still sore so happy I have the week off I am having issues with the two wires on the partial rubbing the inside of my lower lip So I haven't had them in only to eat and again so happy not working for that reason
I am sure the dentist is closed tomorrow so will pop in on Tues to get adjusted

Angie still has a cold and looks like Jordyn is getting it She said when she was here she had a scratchy throat and had coughed a couple of time sooooo hope I don't get it on top of this mouth

JudyE said...

I think the cam is down since two days ago when they were there the day this thread was opened you can watch the NE cam in Fl both eagles are now back and at the nest throughout the day

Kay said...

Good Afternoon Eagle Buds!!!

SANDI, hope the arm allowed for some good play on the court. Take care.

SHIRLEY, hope Kayla's mom is recovering well--I'm sure it eases her mind to know her daughter in a safe and loving environment while she's recouping.

JUDY, sorry your mouth is causing such pain! Safe healthy! A cold at this time would be the pits.

90° here for a few, then the temps edge down late in the week. Indoor days for Penny n' me except for necessities.

Seth and I had a great time as he gave me an overview of classes, profs, friends, roommate.....all good! His Junior year is off to a great start.

JUDIE, LOL Max and HODA's access to special brownies. Of course he's leaving CO, so if he's been interested there have been ample opportunities in Ft. Collins! I have no idea if he or any of the grands have given those particular sweets a try, but it would not surprise me. Grandmother is trying to be realistic and not a fuddy duddy.☺

JO, hoping to hear that the Lennox Family Reunion was a resounding success and that you're resting up today!

Prayers for all in need!!!


Judie said...

Good early afternoon.

Haven't heard from Jo. Maybe she was kidnapped by two bald eagles and taken to a nest somewhere near Shepherdstown, WV. She's likely up in that nest searching for turtle shells. Seriously, hope she checks in soon. Bet she's just tuckered out.

Shirley, glad you finally got some sleep and surely appreciate the stream of thoughts about the trip. Hoping that Keshia is on the mend and Kayla is enjoying her stay with your family.

Sandi, sorry about the injection soreness. My most recent Tetanus was ~2008 and I don't recall soreness. Got a pneumonia at the same time. Maybe one soreness counteracted the other? lol
Important part is that you got medical care and that's a good thing.

JudyE, so sorry your mouth is sore. I can only imagine. Maybe, as Sandi did, just call the dentist's office to make sure and maybe leave a message. Might see you sooner. Hope Angie and Jordyn kick the cold to the curb.

Judie said...

Ha, Kay, you posted while I was posting. Yep, still hot in these parts, also. You and Penny stay in as much as possible. As for Max, well, yes, I have heard about special confections being available in CO. Maybe Max will venture over to BC where he will find not only special brownies but also dragon boats, the flibberty gibbet, and her friend Dudley DoRight.

I did not bake brownies of any variety or content today but I did bake flour-less peanut butter cookies.


Mema Jo said...

Good Sunday afternoon to all ♥

My picnic report is that the Lennox Reunion was Awesome !
Many attended - young and old. The oldest Lennox is 80 and the youngest is 9 months ♥
Our children did a complete job of setting up, arranging the decor on the picnic tables, and provided all the games with prizes! Even had the young ones decorating their bags for the candy toss! The weather was so good to me especially - I was able to stay the full 3 hours or so and enjoy myself. Desserts were great ! lol

This morning I was watching Mrs Red and her little Red at the feeder - Little Red wanted fed by mom but mom said NO and then Little Red feed herself very well. I love when little birds flutter their wings for attention.

JudyE said...

AH HA I see the eagles have brought JO back LOL
Love the pic on fb of the reunion JO

SHIRLEY how is Kayla mom? is she still there?

I will call the dentist but I know they are closed because we discussed it when I was there

I have bike 58 miles (stationary one) since I have been on vaca since I am not going out and not working thought was a good idea
the bike I have is a pia the tension on it has a mind of its own after all I only paid 16 for it at a second had store its really nice with a nice back on the seat with arm things also to work sometimes its really easy to push and sometime hard so I just go with the flo LOL

JudyE said...

I have discovered ON DEMAND I can watch anything I want on it so I am watching Wayward Pines which I loved they even have the Red Band Society on it on weeknds not much on I went out for a while but it is in the 90's hot hot

Janet said...

good after noon all.

after a late night of dancing, tom and I slept in. then I headed to acupuncture where I became a pin cushion. I relaxed a bit as that took effect....then headed home. 2 hours of pool time and now the clouds have moved in. laundry is going, but i'm not doing too much else today.

JUDYE: take some vitamin C and anything else you have to to increase your immune system. Surgery is stressful on the immune system and so try to build it up so you don't catch that cold.

Its that time of the year coming and I don't look forward to it! I've been working on building my immune system to hopefully avoid at least some of the nonsense that comes down the pike. Tom brings much of it home from the school bus. I send clients home if they are sick. Most of the therapists stay home if they are ill. But I think too keeping stress levels down helps to keep the immune system stronger.

Anyway, not a lot else. Hope everyone has a fabulous evening!

Judie said...

Good evening.

Mei just gave all watchers a fantastic view of the baby. She put it down and walked away for a full minute or so. What a treat!

Dinner over and scullery is in order. A big BLT which will likely be one of the last of the season.

I see Jo has returned and reported yet another amazing Family Lennox reunion. So happy you were able to enjoy the day, Jo.

JudyE, so you're using a stationary bicycle? Good for you. Nice for cold or rainy weather. Try to out-bicycle those cold germs.

Janet, happy the acupuncture helped relax you.

Hoping Shirley's guest is enjoying her stay and that her mom is better. Bet little Allie is having the best time ever with so many admirers (and toes) to chase around.

Headed to PBS to see what's on mystery tonight. Then to dent the pillows.

Restful sleep for all.

Mema Jo said...

Quiet day today - Hoping all had a good Sunday - Holiday weekend almost over.

Wishing all a goodnight with SED and AOYP ♥

JudyE said...

JUDIE I use to have a regular bike until I fell and broke my ribs years ago Gave the bike away and haven't been on one since Chicken I guess that was the worse pain and nothing could be done but wrap you up I can't fall off a stationary bike LOL

watching the news and then hitting the hay

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all
♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

Lolly said...

Have not been on all day. Had usual Sunday activities and stuck my nose in my Kindle the rest of the time.

Jo glad the reunion went well. Looking forward to our big family reunion in June. Our oldest will be a cousin who is approx 80 and we had a new family member born just Friday. He is a first cousin 3 times removed!馃槣 he is a cousins great grandchild. Also, another is expected in November.

Tomorrow I have a lot of cooking before heading to Laurel's.

We have a change in weather coming! Wahoo! Tonight at 6:30 it was 94, no wind, and high humidity. It was awful. Very unpleasant outside. But, looks like highs in the 80s are coming with chance of rain!

Today our Mississippi Kite was in the back yard on a low limb. We had a great view but the sun was such I could not get a picture. The Blue Jays were really screeching at him and swooping at him. Poor baby!

Heading for the pillows! Night all! SED!

stronghunter said...


Kayla has gone home to be with her mom. Keshia has her leg in some kind of brace. She thinks she has done some damage to her knee--she has had surgery on that knee previously, so this might be a problem.

Kathryn had Kayla with her most of the day. She and Kayla worked in the kitchen fixing a nice dinner for the evening. They left me some, then took the rest over to Keshia.

When I went downstairs this morning, I found Kayla watching TV. Eventually, she snuggled with Luna on the floor. I think she had a good time.

stronghunter said...

Happy you had an awesome reunion, Jo!

Hope the kite stays with you in spite of those blue jays, Lolly. We have lots of jays around here. They're a noisy bunch. Also plenty of cardinals, Jo. I love to watch the young birds, too.

Oh, Judy, I am not sure you can't fall off a stationary bike. Take care. I fell off a rolling desk chair once. Right in front of my students. They just stared open-mouthed until I told them I could use some help, which motivated two young men to come to my rescue. I always wondered what kinds of stories that event might have generated, but I heard nothing.

stronghunter said...

I love those BLT's, too, Judie. I have been making them with my little cherry tomatoes.

Never have tried acupuncture, Janet. I am not sure I'd want to. I'd have to think about it.

So glad you had some good quality Seth time, Kay.

stronghunter said...

About time for me to consider winding down. I did sleep in this morning, so I have been waiting a bit to get between the covers.

SED, everyone.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. Happy Labor Day! Or, as I read on the meme that I shared with Dana on Facebook, "Happy Labrador Day!" :)

Jo, you need that photo of Elliot in the basket as your new avatar! Why the plastic shower caps for everyone? Looks like it was a fun day for the Lennox family!

My dog bites are still a little sore as is my shoulder where I got the tetanus shot - more Advil today. Not sure yet what the day will bring - tennis, beach, and dinner out with fiends on their boat are all possibilities.

Have agreat day everyone.

Judie said...

Good morning and a happy day of remembering all those who have and continue to labor in the workforce - both civilian and military.

Seems everyone had a very nice weekend and, yes, it would be very nice to see an updated Master Elliot as an avatar.

Hoping all the injuries continue to heal quickly.

Wishing everyone the very best day possible.

Janet said...

Good Sunday morning to all.

I beg your pardon JUDYE, I bet I could fall off of a stationary bike! Hopefully injury though would be much less than broken ribs! Ouch!
I still love to bicycle, but we have to load up and go to a greenway, a kind of park to bike. Our neighborhood is all hill, as is much of Nashville.
STRONGHUNTER: I love acupuncture. It doesn’t hurt, maybe a little zing. It is very relaxing and it works. I go to a place called East Nashville Community Acupuncture. You do not have to disrobe, you sit in comfy recliners, they give you a blanket after inserting needles and you can sleep! AND its affordable….very affordable. I do it for the arthritis in my right hand. Sometimes it gets very painful and is difficult to work. This helps.

I have several things I want to accomplish today, but moving slowly this morning. We have the Darlington Race recorded and we are watching that at the moment.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Kay said...

Good Labor Day Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Another scorcher here, so Penny and I will happily hide out in air conditioned comfort. Feel so fortunate in having that wonderful device for I know many do not.

JO, would also love to see Elliot in a basket!

SANDI, do you foresee any scarring as a long lasting reminder of the dog bites? Is the part that was more of a scrape healing well? It still makes me sick to think of that trauma. I'm so reminded of the pit bull that attacked Penny n' me and menaced other residents/dogs before being ousted from the community a couple of years ago. Thankfully it never broke skin, but it scarred the pee waddin' out of many of us.

SHIRLEY, loved the imagery of Kathryn and Kayla working together in the kitchen. I'll bet Kathryn loved being in the company of a sweet girl, though I know she's very thankful for her fine son! Hope Keisha recovers without having to have more knee surgery.

JUDIE, wishing you the best day possible, too! Are you cooking up something good for Darth's holiday meal!

JUDY, how's the mouth feeling today? It's good you have On Demand for a diversion.

LOLLY, I've never seen a Mississippi Kite in person, but I know they're gorgeous and so helpful in thinning out excesses of insects and bats. Too bad they can't do a thing about armadillos! Enjoy your day in Laurel land!

Happy holiday to all and prayers for those in need!!!


Kay said...

Hey, JANET, you checked in while I was authoring my latest "book"! Hope you and yours will have a grand holiday---seems like it might be time for some lolling in the pool after the race is over! I have a dear friend here who has gained much pain relieve through acupuncture, too. May have to consider it myself. Good to have another testimonial.

Mema Jo said...

Good Labor DAY to all - whether you are in the work force of not at this time!

Photos of Elliot in a basket are too dark as they were sitting under the pavilion.
The shower hats, Sandi was part of the game. Two lines (partners) lined up across from each other and shower caps got Whipped cream on top of the cap and your partner had a cup of Cheese Balls and the challenge was to see which team could get the most cheese balls tossed onto the whipped cream - Whoever had the most was the winning team. Most adults participated in the fun.

I bet when Kayla gets home she is going to be asking for a kitten or a dog. Kathryn
really enjoyed her although not the reason that brought her to your home. Praying for her mother's healing.

Mema Jo said...

Shirley it is less then 2 weeks now for you to get up in the air and on your way. I hope you have your clothing all selected and soon will be in the suitcases. I hope the airlines doesn't charge very much for baggage. Getting excited for you and your galfriends.

Judy hoping tomorrow perhaps your dentist can check you out! I know you want that Steak

I notice the still cam is up but the live feed is down. Cam work soon to begin - one of the concerns is devising a very stable mount to hold the cam. The grasses are really

Mema Jo said...

Sandy I remember the sting and the after-ache from the tetanus shot. Record the date you received the shot on your medical records at the doctor's.

Just a note to all of our 50+ years old members and also anyone with respiratory problems -Check out the Prevnar 13 shot.

Prevnar 13 is a vaccine approved for adults 50 years of age and older for the prevention of pneumococcal pneumonia and invasive disease caused by 13 Streptococcus pneumoniae strains. To learn more check it out on the web OR ask
your doctor. Don't forget your flu shot... I know some of you don't think this is necessary but for those of you who do the vaccine should become available soon if not already out.

JudyE said...

good morning eagle buds

Happy Labor Day

I called the dentist is all it does is ring and ring

will just pop in tomorrow to get them darn wires adjusted I was thinking of doing it my self but thought better of it LOL just a pair of pliers and a little turn NOT

JO Interesting game I also was wondering when I saw the pictures of the shower cap assumed some kind of game just didn't know wh

JudyE said...

will keep a eye on the still to see if the shadows change on it maybe like the last time just stuck wish the time stamp was back Odd it came with being a holiday

JudyE said...

yep still is really really working I see different shadows now at the top of the nest that weren't there a hour ago Odd that it comes back on the holiday I really don't think they are working on it on the holdiay

Judie said...

babyback ribs on the grill
Cole slaw
sliced tomato
ribs are sealed in foil and resting with rub on them
sealed packets on the grill one hour (medium heat gas grill)
another 1/2 hour naked of foil but slathered with sauce
shower cap optional

JudyE said...

SIS with this bike it is not a ordinary stationary bike it has a full padded chair of sort on it and way low to the ground maybe 15inches off the ground if that It has supports under it so no falling or tipping over

Judie said...

Dinner is over and scullery restored to order.

Headed to my book and the Kid's Cookoff.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day.

Restful sleep for all.

Sandi said...

Good evening.

Great last day of summer. Tennis this morning and then we spent the afternoon on the beach. The weather was just about perfect! Now our little town is quiet again, the tourists have all headed home, and the reality that tomorrow is the first day of school has set in. Will be headed to bed soon.

Shirley, I hope Hunter has a great 1st day of high school!

Jo, that game with the shower caps, whipped cream, and cheese puffs - I would LOVE to see a video!!

Lolly, what did Jacob name his new hamster? Bet it will be fun to watch the dog (can't remember his name) chasing that hamster around in its wheel!

Goodnight all - see you in the early AM!

Janet said...

good evening all.

My productive day was NOT. I had a half dozen things planned for the day and only did a couple. Its all good. We all need days like this I suppose.

KAY: I have sent quite a few people (clients, friends) to acupuncture and all have had great results. It is simply amazing!
JO: I had asked the dr about Prevnar last year and he didn’t feel it was necessary. I don’t know. I will have to do some research I suppose. Always get our flu shots here….
JUDYE: sounds like a safety bike. I like that! Is it recumbent? I like those.
I made wings and fries for dinner. We picked Olivia up from Chelsea’s, they went to the waterpark today. Well, more correctly, Chris took the kids to the waterpark. Chelsea was home with Lorelei who has croup. I asked that Olivia meet us at the curb, I didin’t want to waller all over the kids and get a good exposure to whatever they have. My immune system loves those little kid germs. It hangs on to them.
Not a lot else going on. I was so tired today I didn’t get dressed til I had to go get Olivia and then I had tom drive! I didn’t get in the pool. I am telling you, I did as little as was humanly possible.
It’s a good thing breathing and other things are automatic or I would likely not have done those today either!

Good night to all!

Mema Jo said...

Good late evening - I seemed to be tired today - either the picnic activities yesterday of my fatigue from radiation is setting in.
I am headed into TV - 9:00 movie I may not have seen.

Won't be returning tonight

Goodnight to all and God Bless
Thanks for prayers and positive thoughts


Lynne2 said...

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

JudyE said...

JANET laughing about your comment about breathing been there and done that also I will take a pic of the bike tomorrow

being my mouth is still sore when I put my lower in I am thinking of waiting till Thur to see the dentist at my scheduled appt makes sense to me in a way why get the wire thingy fixed if I can't wear them right now (only two days and maybe the bottom gum maybe better I hope) will keep teeth out and stay a homebody lol
I am eating mushy food and till then I will survive LOL I remember the dentist a long time ago when I first got my lower We haven't lost a patient yet over having a partial LOL I had issue with them rubbing years ago So it may be best to let the gums heal without the teeth I put them in tonight to eat a salad won't do that again OUCH big time back to mushy food like oats, pancakes, cottage cheese,applesauce, and soup along with others too many to list after I started listing them

and again I am so happy I took the time off Yeah me LOL

Hope everyone had a good day with family on this holiday
I went and sat on the porch and watched it rain I got 3 1/2inches in two days not including today didn't go out to look at gauge yet will wait for am Lots of rain out in the gulf but shouldn't come in tonight till tomorrow when the sun shines and makes the storms that happen when a lo is out there
The rain is so bad they are putting warning about the Bufo frog three cases today Poor dogs warning others to walk on leash and not let out on own in fenced yards

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all
♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle"

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! Ken and I did, but the whole weekend has seemed like a blur it's gone by so quickly.

Friday Ken went up to L.A. for the Mediation Meeting with his former employer. It was an all-day affair that lasted until 5 p.m. A settlement was reached, and we are very pleased with it, although we are not allowed to mention any of the particulars to ANYONE, or we will be fined $7,000 for each time we disclose anything. We had to sign paperwork to that effect. It's an amazing story, and I'll have to share what I can with you, but I'm too tired right now.

Ken went to the dermatologist today about the spot on his hand, and it turns out it's NOT cellulitis, but squamous cell skin cancer! That's a type that's very common, and the doctor said not to worry about it at all. He took a biopsy of it, and sent it off to the lab. It could take up to 2 weeks to find out what's up, but then the doctor will remove what's left and stitch it up. It will leave a small scar, but no problem. It's not infected, and it's not contagious either. No wonder the antibiotics had no effect on it! We're very glad that we insisted on seeing the dermatologist, for sure! Four doctors and several nurses all thought it was cellulitis. I must say, though, that it looked exactly like the online pictures of cellulitis! Crazy.

Sandi, it's been years since I've had a tetanus shot, but I remember the sore arm, for sure! My arm was so bad I could hardly manage to get dressed, and it swelled up to 3 times normal size, too. If I ever need one I'll get one, but not exactly eager.
Sure hope your wounds heal quickly and without any problems!

Shirley, I'm getting excited for you! Your trip is getting closer!
I hope Keisha will recover quickly, without needing any surgery. Bet Allie is going to miss your house guest, and Luna will too! Sounds like Kathryn and Kayla had fun in the kitchen.

Jo, your family reunion sounds extremely awesome! Glad you had such a good time.
Hope you sleep well tonight, and wake up totally refreshed in the morning! Prayers for you continue, as always.

Lolly, we talked to daughter Jen on the phone tonight, and she says they're predicting rain for them on Thursday! Hope you get some too.

Well, my eyes don't want to stay open, so think I will hit the hay. SED, everyone!
God bless, and goodnight! I ♥ us!!!

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. First day of school for me - my 32nd and last first day of school! :)

Andy, I'm so glad that Ken got a correct diagnosis. Squamous cell carcinoma is nothing to worry about IF it's removed in a timely fashion, but some of them can be very aggressive in terms of spreading.

Judy, do whatever feels right for you as far as the dentist. Hope today is not as painful.

Have agreat day all.

Judie said...

Good morning everyone.

Sandi, wishing you a wonderful first day of your last year at the school house. Is that a big grin on your face? I thought so.

JudyE, waiting seems reasonable. Just make sure you watch out for tissue damage where the wires are rubbing.

Today is a little of this and a little of that.

Wishing everyone the best day possible.

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Doing a quick check in before picking Malcolm up for doggy play day. Hugh is out of town this week so Julie is bringing her delicious Ratatouille here for dinner this evening. So we'll have Malcolm here for a very long day. Yeah!

JO, hope you got a good restorative rest!!!

SANDI, another countdown is on and I'm elated for you!

SHIRLEY, you also have a countdown going. Excitement reigns!

JUDY, don't tough it out til' Thursday if the pain worsens.

ANDY, so glad Ken's settlement is satisfactory and that his health picture is improving, too!

JUDIE, wishing you a stellar day as well!!!

Prayers for all in need!!!


JudyE said...

ANDY good news on the settlement and wow you don't want fined
so sorry about the cancer diagnosis good thing it was found

boy was I wrong with the rain not coming in at night two different times I was woke up with thunder storms they were brief and in and out but was the weather man wrong and its raining on and off all day hit and miss 50% he says and when it rains it rains in my city being we are near the bay and near the gulf I am sure

I really have no pain in the area only when put the partial in were the extraction and graft is its is really sore feels weird when I put my tongue on it not sore just weird so will wait

SHIRLEY are you packing yet? I remember when we went to cancun I packed so early was so excited

I did 10 miles on my bike yesterday and yes JANET it is a Dual action Recumbent bike says so on the side of the bike saw that when I went to take a pic of it I googled it and can't find the one I have I have had it for maybe 10 years or less not positive The ones I saw on ie are different and a little higher up than mine

EAGLE CAM has pic of eagle in the nest before sunrise

Lolly said...

Good morning! Interesting start to the day. Jack and I went to church to weed and water the prayer garden. Then one of the faucets would not turn off. Church secretary called a plumber who came quickly and got it off. He is going to return when the children in our preschool are not there. Very nice guy! Garden is well watered!馃槺

Yes, we have a prediction of rain. Starting tomorrow! I will believe it when I see it!

Good news from you. Andy! Happy for you! Know you are happy to have this behind you?

Yes, Jacob has a hamster. He is really cute. And I like his name, it is Titan. Jacob was really sweet explaining the name. He said Titan is such a strong, mighty name on a cute tiny little animal. He has not handled it yet, just petted it. Poor little thing was traumatized with his move to his new home. Jacob has treats to give once a day to get Titan used to him. Yes, it will be interesting to see the dogs when Jacob does put it in his ball to roll around.

Birthday celebration was a big success. Zach went with us to pick out the hamster.

Dinner was good and the decorated birthday cookie was yummy! Will have to do that again sometime.

Janet said...

good afternoon to all.

SANDI: hope you are feeling better from those bites and that you have a fine day at work.
ANDY: good grief! Hugs and love to you and Ken!
JUDYE: hopefully you get that wire fixed and feel a bit better today.
SHIRLEY: thinking of you as you pack and prepare!
JUDYE: yes, I like recumbent bikes. We have an elliptical and I like it, but mostly am too lazy to use it. I will get into it for a bit, then regress again. Wish ih ad the love to exercise gene!
Well I am home today. I planned to go to work and actually went to work…..but this shoulder is acting foolish again. Spasms. No way I can put my weight behind it and work. I have been on the TENS unit since I got home. A quiet day ahead ;although, I do need to take Olivia to her allergy shot and to tutoring later today.
No public school today; tom is at his second job.
Will check in later with ya’ll. hugs

JudyE said...

LOLLY will Titian stay at your house or go home with him?

How long are they there till? Until school?

JudyE said...

Dentist office just called to confirm my appts for Thur 11 and 245 I she was asking to combine both appts at once being the cleaning appt was made months ago - but I told her with the way my gums feel I don't think a cleaning is a good idea she agreed so I will have the post op and adjustments done she also said with the gum being sore I am doing the best in keeping the partial out of mouth no sense in irritating it

JudyE said...

SIS to be honest I haven't been on the bike in forever I guess we sisters are alike LOL but with me not working I thought would be a good idea since at work I probably walk 5 miles a day or more and I power walk so many people tell me to slow down I just walk fast always have

gonna go sit on the porch and watch the wildlife out there drizzling out only a tad over a inch since yesterday Knock on wood may be clearing up

JudyE said...

Here is a two pix of the bike JANET and also a red jewelry stone that I got from mom years ago I ran across it awhile back do you remember it It does a pretty good job on my rings just messy on the fingers LOL

My bike and mom cleaning stone

CarolAnne said...

Hi all, hope everyone is recovering from their various ailments. Not being well is no fun.
Looking for suggestions. Years and years ago Mom took in a great niece and nephew. Because the parents were having issues my folks had to take out a foster license even though they were relatives. Anyhow, all these years later they have kept in touch with Mom. We received a sympathy card with a $500 check in it. Astonished to say the least. Our concern is how to best honor them and their thoughtfulness in what we do with their money. ????
Everyone take care, enjoy the coming of autumn

Judie said...

Hi CarolAnne. Perhaps a donation in your mom's name to a charity that supports research related to your mom's illness or some other medical research she favored; a hospice organization; a group in your area that feeds the homeless; a shelter for abused women/men, a shelter for animals that gets little to no financial help, etc. Darth and I always try to choose something the deceased felt favorable toward and could also really use a donation.

My this and that are accomplished. Now only dinner to prepare.

JudyE, good luck tomorrow at the dentist. Hope all will be better when you leave.

Andy, so happy the law suit is settled and in favor of Kubby and you. Removal of the skin cancer cells should be the cure. He'll just need to keep watch on any dry/rough skin spots.

Lolly, glad Jacob's birthday was a success and I'm sure he and Titan will become fast friends.

Can't wait to find out how Sandi feels after her first day of the last year.


Lolly said...

Oh, my, CarolAnne, do not know what to say. They did not designate what it was for? To help with funeral expenses? If not then maybe a charity that your mom would approve of?

Cat-In-A-Bag carrier arrived today. Hope it works out. Put her in it. Actually she walked in on her on accord. Zipped it closed, adjusted the collar when she stuck her head out, but I did not get the collar tight. She managed to get a paw out. Going to leave it lying around so she becomes accustomed to it. Hmmmm? We shall see!

Judy, we were at Laurel's yesterday. The hamster abode and hamster are on a shelf in Jacob's room. Door is closed.

JudyE said...

CAROLANNE I would first say if funeral services need to be paid maybe there

or Hospice or maybe a place that fosters childrens of some sort There are so many ways to donate it if you don't need it for expenses

thanks LOLLY did not realize it was at there house Can't wait to hear stories of the new pet in the future

grannyblt said...

Carole Anne, I would suggest a charity. How generous of the relatives.

JudyE said...

Oh oh I think my stitch fell out
I was brushing my teeth and rinsing after with salt water and something gagged me
Of course water running so couldn't see what
But no stitched there now
Look good to me it was wobbly when I swished the rinse and not eating with lower in may have done it I will call dentist but I think is fine. If it isn't one thing its another

Sandi said...

Evening all.

Judy, sorry about the ongoing problems with your mouth.

CarolAnne, I would choose a charity that your mom contributed to or one that you know your mom would have cared about to receive the money.

Well, I am the one-on-one para for a 7th grader who gave his para and his special ed. teacher last year a boatload of trouble. I shadow him in all of his classes, even his exploratories (art, music, gym, etc) - all day except for lunch time. All behavior goals on his IEP and a classification of Emotional Disturbance. But I had 2 "crazies" at the same time last year - the young lady whose Mom was suing the district and "racist Johnny," and I was responsible for being their case manager. This year, I'm just the babysitter who documents and shares everything with the special ed. teacher on the team. I can do this. Day 1 went just fine.

Time to watch some TV - trying to finish season 3 of House of Cards before the season premieres of the network shows start. I'll see everyone in the early AM.


CarolAnne said...

Thanks all for the suggestion regarding the memorial check.
A note about her funeral expenses: Several years she took out an insurance policy that was specific for funeral expenses. At that time it was to cover costs for a casket type funeral. A few years back she decided she wanted be cremated. Turns out between the policy and interest and the switch to cremation there will be a refund to us. It has motivated us to do the same in regard to a policy.
Hoping everyone has a good evening and a great tomorrow.

Lolly said...

Just talked with Laurel. At 10:45 last night Jacob asked for Titan to be removed from his room. Hilarious! Titan went bananas last night! Jacob could not sleep. So each night he is going to the bathroom with the door closed. Just too funny! He has a wheel to run in which he apparently did. However, Laurel found some of his long hair in the wheel gears. Poor baby. She said she would like to see him on it. Try to figure out what happened. He was still awake this morning but has been asleep since they got home.

stronghunter said...

Hey Lolly,

If they decide they need to lubricate the hamster wheel, they need to research what kind of lubricant to use. Some oils aren't safe for hamsters, as I recall.

stronghunter said...

Ordered a butane curling iron for my trip to France. Now I am wondering if I can take it on the plane. It cannot be shipped internationally, but people are saying they took it on a checked bag without any trouble. I am reading that hotels in France do not like the plug-in type of curling iron. Will I need to resort to sleeping on curlers? I do not think I can endure that. I may just wear a hat every day.

Judie said...

Good late evening.

I'm feeling a bit sad for Titan. JMHO

Sandi, so glad your duty is one of "baby sitting" and you are okay with the assignment.

Shirley, you might check with airport security. If you don't have any success, I'll try to contact one of my former TSA airport officers.

Headed for the pillows.

Restful sleep for all.

stronghunter said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Judie. I will try that.

stronghunter said...

When I was growing up, we had a hamster that loved to run in its squeaky wheel all night long. That hamster spent the summer on our screened back porch. Beyond that, I do not remember.

JudyE said...

LOLLY might want to see if you can find a plastic one we had gerbils and the wheel they had was also squeaky we ended up getting a plastic on after a while someone chewed it up but we just got a new one or see if you can put some kind of rubber washer in the area it goes around it duck tape or something maybe just a thought

SHIRLEY I would just pack the iron in the luggage not being carried on to be safe
I did google the question and they said that the butuane containers of must be 3oz or less and put in the plastic bag in your luggage and lots of people have taken them abroad

JudyE said...

only have one more day of antibiotic and I have been so good on taking every 6 hours midnight needs to come I am getting sleepy I place a pill on night stand for the 6am one my body clock wakes me up that time then I go back to sleep

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all
♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle"

stronghunter said...

Speaking of dealing with difficult students, I still remember watching a special ed student approach a para while holding a chair over her head. I was a substitute teacher in the classroom. The para had been sent to help me because I was dealing with emotionally disturbed students. The girl got angry, grabbed the chair and started walking towards the para. I held my breath. The girl lowered the chair as she got near the para and that was the end of it. This girl was one of three assigned to this class, and the other two were absent that day. These kids spent a lot of time in juvenile lock-up or in court. I have great respect for teachers and everyone else who work with this type of student.

JudyE said...

Louisiana has a pink dolphin in a river beautiful just on the news and they think she is pg

JudyE said...

I pulled a Margy

Hello Magpie stop in ok its bye now for sure

stronghunter said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Judy. I saw something about a limit on the amount of butane you could take on a plane. Then I got to thinking about the fact that they will only send it to me by ground transportation. It is scheduled to arrive the day before the flight.

stronghunter said...

Time for me to say good night. Hunter's bus comes early.

His first day of high school went well. Hoping for a good year for him.

stronghunter said...

SED, everyone. I will see you tomorrow. :)

JudyE said...

I'm back LOLLY I googled it there are lots of remedies for a squeaky wheels out there Olive oil is one google it and you will be surprised there are videos to watch also Good luck

Lolly said...

It wasn't so much a squeaky wheel but running all around his cage. Laurel sent a video of him running in the wheel. So cute but not sqeaking. I heard their clock chiming and Titan cocked his head and listened.

Go to a store, Shirley that has adapters for foreign travel. They can tell you what to get for France. I have a curling iron we bought in Europe?

Sandi, I hope that you can make a difference in this student. You could become very fond of him, just working with him. Hope so!

Enjoyed texting with you tonight, Jo. 馃榾

Up later than we should be. Oh, well...

Night all! SED!

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends.

Lolly, I remember those noisy hamsters at night. I also remember cleaning the stinky cages!!

Brian sent a video of Freyja walking across the kitchen floor last night - too cute.

Have agreat day all - stay cool, it's supposed to be a hot one. Baltimore schools closed early yesterday due to the heat and may do the same today. All of the schools in this district are air conditioned as of a few years ago.

Judie said...

Good morning everyone.

Have a great day!

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Like JUDIE, I wish you all a great day!

Storms expected to arrive soon and spend a couple of days around these parts. Getting all computering done in anticipation of shutting down.

Prayers for all in need!!!


JudyE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds I called the dentist and they said no issue with the stitch falling out and I should expect to be sore for a while not what I wanted to hear so I will see him tomorrow

KAY stay safe in the storm be sure you check in to make sure all is ok with you

SANDI oh my walking already they grow up toooo fast I am sure you were over joyed with the video

I will say DITTO with JUDIE and KAY Have a good day


Lolly said...

Good morning! We have received close to a half inch of rain. High is supposed to be just in the 80's. Yea! Saw 100 yesterday. Funny that the schools closed because of heat. If not air conditioned, I could understand it. With AC should not be a problem. When it is so hot here, we keep the kids indoors for recess. Yesterday I was at church and they took the preschoolers out to play for a short while. They came in with pink cheeks!

No yard work for me this morning. Think I will start harvesting basil and make and freeze pesto. We leave for CO at the end of next week. Need to take care of the basil.

stronghunter said...

Have an adapter, Lolly. Just wanted to avoid having to use it for the curling iron if possible. For one thing, my travel documents say that the hotels discourage the use of curling irons. But thank you for the suggestion.

Mema Jo said...

Good afternoon to all ♥
Yesterday late afternoon was my PFT breathing test. All went well - It is what it is ♥
Next week I will see the Pulmonary dr to go over it.

Perhaps the radiation fatigue has hit me - I could just sit and do nothing most of the day. This will pass... Remember I have no pain or discomfort

Our little Prince Panda is really getting his marking - his black bib is showing up well.

I have read all your comments and hope all are doing well... Right now I am going to take an hour "sit down" BBL

Janet said...

new thread new thread come on down!


Apologies for my neglect on this site.  I'm thinking that it might be time to conclude this blog, as I started it before the social me...