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New thread on a bright day in WV.


NCSuzan said…
Was checking my calendar from last year and I have that our eagles first egg was the middle of February. Wonder when it will happen this year.
NCSuzan said…
Ok. Gotta go. Be careful.
Hoda said…
Hope to hear from SHIRLEY soon and that all went well and that she is in no pain.

grannyblt said…
Good afternoon all. In the middle of making some quasi minestrone-vegetable soup and hoping to hear that all is well with Shirley. Nest MT a minute ago.
Kay said…
Checking in for word of/from SHIRLEY. These things often take longer than we impatient waiters would like!

STEVE thanks ever so much for the New Thread!

SUZAN, so glad you got the feather! Stick in the Aunt Bee knot on your head and you'll be bee-you-tee-ful!

JudyE said…
Howdy I see we have a nice new thread Good afternoon eagle buds

and Hey to ya Jerry welcome back to a full season

Judie said…
Good afternoon.

Thank you Steve. The new thread brought some sunshine to my nest.

Congratulations Suzan. A feather to go in your "up do." Thank you for calling us over.

Suspect Shirley is going to be so happy with her recliner for the next few days. Stairs to the bedroom might be a challenge for a day or two. George will keep her company.

Hi Jerry. Not to worry about misspellings. Sometimes those lead to the most fun and enjoyment and words that are added to our blog list (e.g. flugg).

I appreciate the Bootsy comments. No, she is still hiding under a bedside table. Will have nothing to do with me or Darth. Have to push a bowl of food under the table so she will eat.

A woman in our community fosters shelter cats. We left a phone message for her to see if she has any suggestions.

Hoda said…
KATHRYN answered SUSAN BELL on FB. Her Mother SHIRLEY is out of surgery.
Hoda said…

They will decide if she needs physical therapy at her next appointment. Depends on how she is doing
Hoda said…

Is your Mother home Kathryn I asked.

Yes we got home about 12:45
Hoda said…

It went well, she is relaxing in the recliner now.

SO cool JUDIE thought so!!!
Hoda said…
Happy Birthday Martin Luther King.
He would have turned 86 today!
Mema Jo said…
Very happy that Kathryn let us know that her mom was home and resting in her recliner.
Watch those spares/strikes start coming ♥
Mema Jo said…
Suzan - happy for you to have a feather!
Mema Jo said…
Thank you Steve for this bright day new thread. Almost the weekend - I wish these temps would rise a bit more!
stronghunter said…

Still relaxing in the recliner. Slightly sleepy. Hunter fixed fire, and he and Kathryn fixed food. Nice to be able to eat.
stronghunter said…
Thanks for your concern. I am doing well.
Judie said…
Hurray! Shirley is home and in her recliner. Rest and take life easy. Let the others take care of you. You deserve the Queen For A Day treatment.

Still quiet here. Setting sun. Yes, I can actually see the sun. Thinking about scullery duty. Think I'll grill salmon and add a salad and some broccoli.

Oh my goodness, Jo, happy birthday to your granddaughter.

Mema Jo said…
Hi Shirley - You have 2 good caretakers there with you. Recliners are great for sound sleeping if you can't travel up the stairs yet. Take
it easy and heal - you will be on the alleys in no time flat!
Mema Jo said…
I am keeping an eye on our nest - and I am also about to sit down to dinner......... Wondering what my chances are of getting one photo??
Mema Jo said…


The next vote of Blizzard Bear

WILL BE 300 -

JudyE said…
.♥.EAGLE in nest.♥
JudyE said…
just sitting there got a couple of pic
Lori said…
So excited to be here and seeing a live eagle on the cam. First in a long time for me! YAY!
JudyE said…
sitting launch pad areas looking for partner I guess
JudyE said…
lookin up and I hear in attic
Lori said…
Is that Belle or Shep?
Lori said…

I'm guessing Belle due to no black dot on the head.
JudyE said…
LORI we haven't seen the spot in a long time that Iknow of
Mema Jo said…
both in and
digging up the floor

Our Royal couple is a beautiful sight

JudyE said…
did you see the eagle porn JO LOL and heard it
Mema Jo said…
All gone - Poof and then later
another Poof....... MT nest
Janet said…
good evening to all!

so glad our STRONGHUNER has checked in and is resting with two wonderful helpers.

Happy Bday to Jo's gd!

JUDIE: sorry bootsy is unhappy.

been a busy but good day. work was great.

made a couple of pitstops on the way home. home school dinner made. time to put feet up and relax for a bit...then get ready for work tomorrow. then four days off...

hope everyone has a lovely Friday eve! :)
Sandi said…
Good evening all. Just stopping by to check the box and get an update on Shirley - good to hear that the knee surgery went smoothly! Enjoy being taken care of for a few days!

Lori, welcome back to the blog! I've missed you! What's keeping you so busy lately?

Judie, so sorry to hear that Bootsy is feeling puny - hope it's nothing serious.

My BFF didn't show up for school today and the sub request didn't get submitted til almost the start of the school day. So yours truly had to teach English until a sub could be found and could make it in to school. Yippee! No plans, no advance warning!

I will be in bed early tonight. Goodnight everyone, I'll see you in the early AM.
Judie said…
Good evening everyone.

Will say again how happy I am that Shirley is home and in good hands. May she sleep well. Jufie is headed there to watch over her through the night.

Sandi, sorry you had to do extra duty. BFF really should be terminated. Wonder if the newbie principle is intimated by the thought of bringing action?

Lori, nice to see you stopped by. Glad we didn't lock the front door.

Headed to watch a little PBS then early to bed.

Sandperson will be on the way at 11pm. Restful sleep for all.
stronghunter said…
Tried to post a good night. Got this message: Input error: Memcache value is null for FormRestoration
stronghunter said…
Sorry you had to take on an extra class today because of your BFF. Really sounds like she might not finish the year.

Jufie is coming here tonight? Hmm, that is interesting. Just hope he is not offended if Luna sits on his feet. That is a true sign of love and respect from a basset hound. She does not sit on everyone's feet.

Have found a way to keep Luna away from unauthorized kitchen visits. Placed the vacuum cleaner next to the kitchen fence area she bulldozes through. She is terrified of the vacuum. Took awhile to convince her it is okay to walk near it to go outdoors or to eat near it, but so far it's working.

About time to go upstairs. SED, everyone.
Judie said…
Jufie will not be offended because Jufie will be hovering and watching to make sure Shirley sleeps quietly. Luna will only see an additional vacuum cleaner - ah Luna, fear the Jufie.
Mema Jo said…
I had my nose after Jeopardy in the TV WETA/PBS. Just finished the last one.

Thankful for such a good report Shirley. I didn't think you would be going up the stairs. You Rock!

Goodnight to all and God Bless you and keep you through the night.

Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends - it's Friday!

Have decided to talk to the principal today and ask that, whenever ANY teacher on the team - not just my BFF - calls out sick at the last minute and they can't find a sub, someone else besides me be the person who has to cover. I should not always be expected to do the coverage, as it prevents me from doing the things I need/have planned to get done in the mornings. Maybe a guidance counselor, or the school resource officer, or even the principal or vice principal (God forbid) could cover until a sub arrives. It's just not fair that I am always automatically expected to drop what I'm doing and cover other teachers. No one even asks me, and I'm feeling very taken advantage of.

Shirley, hope you have a relatively pain-free day today!

Have agreat day everyone!
WVJerry said…
Good morning....looks an eagle in nest now.
Sandi said…
Hi Jerry - thanks for the eagle alert. There certainly are 2 beautiful eagles in the nest! Oops, now 1!
Sandi said…
And now MT! Rats - I was hoping to show off the eagles to my students this morning. But soon enough, there should be an eagle in the nest all the time! :)

stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Enjoying a lazy morning. Kathryn had a meeting at school this morning, so she took Hunter with her. He mentioned that he could take the bus home, but I am not sure if that is the final decision on that one, so I will need to find out. It would be nice for him to ride the bus.
stronghunter said…
Guess your school does not have permanent subs, Sandi. It was very convenient when we had them. Paraprofessionals who came to school every day. They took care of odds and ends and were available to sub in an emergency.
Mema Jo said…
Good Red Friday morning

Steve has given us a fresh new thread



JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle buds I am off to start my day

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