Friday, June 11, 2010


Fresh Thread, fresh food.

I'm giving this new template a try, it was time for something new.


glo said...

Looks good Steve. Thanks for new thread and new photos too. Oh and also the template.

glo said...

Go to Friday thread 2 :-) Enjoy your day.

wvgal_dana said...

Oh Steve how I use to love canoeing. Just me and my dog Slinky. She would sit at the very point of the canoe, not on a sit.

Oh the young life but I got the memories and you will too.

Ragdoll said...

Thank you for the new thread Steve. Looks like you and your daughter were having a good time.

Have not had time to read back. Busy day at school. I did get to see parent and Palmer during the recent feeding. Quite funny. Mom was eating fish. Other parent brought in something else. Palmer ignored it and was begging Mom to feed her. Mom left fish, went to other food. Palmer went after fish. Then after other food. after Mom saw Palmer was doing the right thing, she fed Palmer. To use Mom's, our babies are always our babies.

Have to run for a bit. BBL ^..^

Ragdoll said...

I meant us not use. LOL

hedgie said...

Like the new template and lake looks inviting.

hedgie said...

Come over to #2 thread (Steve;s picture)!

magpie said...

Ok checked this one and been to the new one

wow !

Great Stuff, the photo, the scenery, the life vest, and all that jazz !

Judie said...

Steve, thank you for the lovely pictures and for the new template -- very nice, I think.

Checked on Palmer. Yes, I was finally able to see her a few minutes ago sitting near the tree. Just hope she gives everyone a real treat tomorrow with an air show.

Need to get a bit more done so BBL