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New thread.  Hopefully some action very soon.


JudyE said…
They both were looking around. I wonder if the gate keeper would notice anything in the area flying around

Good morning all. An eagle is on the nest still arranging fulgg and twigs. Don't know how long it has been there.
And gone. :( Geese flying overhead and no wind yet!
JudyE said…
Good morning eagle budlets

MT nest

Heading out to run some errands with Angie

Hoda said…
Belle in.
That is one deep cup!
Hoda said…
In comes Shep!
One awkward landing.
Belle was on the cup. She returns.
Camera is slow.
Hoda said…
Shep leaves.
Belle still in.
Belle hops to railing.
She takes to wing.
Barbara said…
One bird is home with what looks like a snack, hanging out on the left edge of the nest. They do seem to be around more than they have for a long time. Such a neat railing along the back edge! That nice deep cup should be very warm and snug...
DanaMo said…
Yeah! Eagle in! I hope we have some action over President's Day weekend here!!!
Hoda said…
Back in.
Sitting on the railing. Exact same spot from where she had gone.
Lolly said…
Good morning! 61 and going up. Going to be a pretty day! I just love looking out my window and seeing all the Daffodils and a few tulips.

Saw Shep in the next this morn, messing with the rails. No one home at the moment. What is with the eagles? Two eggs by this time last year!

Nothing much on the agenda today. Sweetheart banquet at church tomorrow, going to Denton Sunday to celebrate Joey's birthday which is next Tuesday.

Have a great day!
JudyE said…

Eagle back

Anyone here
Hoda said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hoda said…
Yes Judy.
I have been lurking all day.
My delete. Autocorrect problems.
JudyE said…
I think it's gonna happen
JudyE said…
I put pic on the em fb page if anyone cares
JudyE said…
CONGRATS TO BELLE AND SHEP same date as 2014
JudyE said…
I hope to think that JO is smiling down on her eagles
Hoda said…
Thank you Judy for the awesome picture.
Congratulations every one.
Jo would have been happy.
So here we are celebrating her and Belle
Lolly said…

Just missed it. We were sitting outside!
Lynne2 said…
Mom sleeping peacefully over her little eggbert!
Lynne2 said…
Can't sleep!

Still all snuggly in the nest.

Can't wait to catch a look at eggbert.

Emailed Andi. Getting a little worried....

DanaMo said…
I've been on and watching with the kids! I leave for a bit and we finally get an egg. Mamma is all tucked in at this early hour.
DanaMo said…
Thanks for the post on FB. JudyE.
Good Saturday morning to all. Late getting on today. Both eagles are sitting in the nest at this time; no one on the egg cup :(
Did I read that we have our first egg? Neither eagle looks eggcited this am. :) One is at 5 o'clock and the other at 11 o'clock just looking around.
One eagle left the nest with a poof and a flap.
The other eagle went to the egg cup and with a wiggle wiggle, sat down to keep the egg warm. Maybe we'll have another egg soon. Yes Judy, Jo is smiling down on her nest with us this year and thanks for the pic.
I just love to see that bright sun shining on the nest; no snow or wind hopefully this year. Jo will put in a good word up there for her eagles. :) Eagle can't seem to get settled back down. Working a little more in the egg cup. Now getting comfy again and making sure the flug is all around in the right places.
Lolly said…
Good morning! Have been watching the eagle while reading the paper and having my coffee. They battled for a while with a big stick. It was funny, yet at the same time concerned about the egg.

Off to get some things done!

Have a great day!❤🦅
JudyE said…
Good morning eagle budlets

Looks like a beautiful day at the nest!

Is STEVE on travel I wonder?? I did tag him with the pic I got

Nice to know we finally got a eggbert and I also say should be named JO

I was almost doubting it this year lol

HODA I recall ANDY was visiting her friends due to death and helping clean up the storage units with them. But I don't recall what state she was visiting.
Hopefully all is OK with her and the damn threat is not as bad in CA as it was
as well as others
JudyE said…
LOLLOY I love your flowers pic. Especially the tulips!
JudyE said…
CAROLINABEACHMON In also have been happy with not as much bad weather this year!
On this day on FB there have been many snowy nest pics
And I sometimes chuckle when I see the pics because the cam and nest position. Like the no head zone lol
JudyE said…
See ya later going out to play

Lynne2 said…
Thanks for the Andi info Judy!

I'm doing the Great Backyard Bird Count the weekend. if anyone wants to count...only need 15 mins or as long as you want through monday!
There was a change in the nest about 15 minutes ago, I think. I forgot to write it down.
JudyE said…
both are just standing eggie uncovered since arrival Belle is making soft noises as she stands
Just peeked in to see only one eagle in nest. Egg is uncovered. Maybe the other eagle went out to get dinner. :)
remaining eagle is now doing egg roll, fixing egg cup and with a little wiggle, sits down on the egg.
All is still quiet on the nest. I am off for the night; watching UNC play Virginia in basketball if I can stay awake long enough. You all have a restful night.
Lynne2 said…
Good afternoon all! Beautiful bird in beautiful nest incubating a beautiful egg!!

JMHO...I'm all for naming the baby after Jo but I think we should wait until we have a successful hatch first. Call it superstition?

I cannot believe the weather in these parts!

Nest forecast:

Today Sunny, with a high near 70. Northwest wind 11 to 13 mph, with gusts as high as 24 mph.

Tonight Partly cloudy, with a low around 40. Northwest wind 6 to 8 mph.

Washington's Birthday Mostly sunny, with a high near 62. North wind 6 to 8 mph.

Monday Night Partly cloudy, with a low around 35. Northeast wind around 5 mph becoming calm in the evening.

Tuesday A slight chance of showers after 1pm. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 56. South wind 3 to 8 mph. Chance of precipitation is 20%.

Tuesday NightA slight chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 42. Chance of precipitation is 20%.
WednesdayMostly sunny, with a high near 68
Wednesday Night
tPartly cloudy, with a low around 47.

Partly sunny, with a high near 69.

Thursday Night
A chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 48. Chance of precipitation is 30%.

A chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 66. Chance of precipitation is 30%.

Friday NightA chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 49. Chance of precipitation is 40%.

SaturdayA chance of showers. Partly sunny, with a high near 60. Chance of precipitation is 40%.
Good morning all eagle watchers. Thanks LYNN2 for the week ahead forecast; no snow in there! Just got back from church and breakfast to find one eagle sitting on the egg cup. The second one shouldn't be too far behind. All is quiet and of course, the wind is still blowing. Have to get the pine cones pit of my yard today. They are starting to pile up again. You all have a great day. <3
Lynne2 said…
Think I'd rather pick up pine cones next chore is to poop scoop our yard. UGH! But it IS a gorgeous day for scooping anyway!
Lolly said…
Hi all!

Had a fabulous night at Sweerheart banquet at church. Church this morning and headed to Denton soon. Going to celebrate so in laws birthday.

Presently keeping an eye on the nest.

Have a great day!
Lynne2 said…
Hi Lolly, have fun tonight!

Been hoping to catch and egg roll to see if a second has been laid but no such luck so far.
Lynne2 said…
well, just had the adult up, stretch, fluff and return and could tell anything .
stronghunter said…
Happy to see we have an egg.
Lynne2 said…
Welcome home Shirley!
Hoda said…
I have checked in to see if there was a second egg...not yet, bot today.
Lynne I agree with you. Naming after the eggs hatch, not before. Good idea.
Raining here.
Good to see you Shirley.
Lynne2 said…
Rain, not snow!! Nice change of pace but I suspect a huge mess....

Hope Lolly isn't running into any of the bad weather down her way.
Hoda said…
Lynne, they are working really hard to remove the snow. The danger now is from
+4 temperatures to -4 Celsius. It becomes a skating rink. Everything out of control!
It has been a tough winter.
Lynne2 said…
oh my Hoda, do be careful when you go out. And here we are with probably one of the mildest, driest winters ever here....
Lynne2 said…
last check before bed, adult over cup, preening. Cannot see any egg(s).

See you on the morrow!
Good Monday morning LYNNE2, SHIRLEY, LOLLY AND HODA. It is nice to see that someone is checking in from time to time. Right now as I am watching, the wind is blowing a little,flug is high by egg cup and parent eagle is just doing an egg turning. Can't see down into the nest to see if there is still only one egg. Egg turned and back down to keep it warm.
Eagle is up and working in the egg cup again and down again.
Lynne2 said…
Hi Candy!

Yeah that flugg is sort of in the way to see ANY eggs right now. GRRRRR!!!
Hey there LYNN2. Just watched one leave and the other come into the nest. Yes, that egg cup is sure deep. Hope we don't get any snow this year.I didn't see an egg roll, but the eagle is back on egg cup.
JudyE said…
Good morning eagle budlets

So good seeing SHIRLEY and her troll on the blog

HODA do be careful in the snow

JudyE said…
Egg roll saw one only
Lolly said…
Good morning!

Great family time in Denton! Tomorrow we see them again in north Fort Worth for BB game. Joseph probably will not play, but who knows! Will be wearing District champs t shirt with his name. He has been moved to varsity for play offs.

Only saw one egg. Maybe this afternoon or evening!

We got home last night before storms. Nothing serious but we got 7 tenths of an inch of rain. Will gladly accept That!

Going to stay in and do house work today. Too muddy to work out!

There it is eggbert!😁

Have a great day!🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅
JudyE said…
In 2014 if she follows the pattern we would have a egg today

Hoda said…
Janet seems awfully silent.
Anyone know what is happening with her?
Thank you Judy. Doing my best to stay safe.
Looking for Belle's second egg.
Like several have mentioned maybe today for a repeat of 2014?
stronghunter said…
Happy to see we have an egg.
stronghunter said…
Cannot log on with my computer. Hunter logged on for a school assignment, and I cannot find a way to log him off.
JudyE said…
Alt and delete key should give you options to log off SHIRLEY
JudyE said…
Still only saw one egg anyone else see more¿¿
Hoda said…
Shirley does this mean you are home? Computer log on/Off issue?

Only one egg is what I saw Judy. How do you do upside down question marks?
JudyE said…
HODA. On my tablet I found it by accident put slight pressure on the ? and you get¿ ,and if I do the period I l get lots of choices also on my phone on the key pad it is there as a choice listed with others
I also can do àâåæàáäãā my a, sß, îìïīí is I, some key does something else with slight pressure.
JudyE said…
Now I want to see what each key does lol


Lynne2 said…
Hi Judy *yeah where is your sister???, Hoda, Shirley...

Just checking in before settling in for the evening. Nothing going on at the nest at the moment anyway. Today is day 3 post eggbert 1. Maybe if there isn't another egg tucked in there we'll only get one this season. They are getting a little long in the tooth to be raising too may at once....LOL!

See you on the morrow.
Hoda said…
Shep is considerably younger than Belle Lynne...
I think she still has it in her...We'll see.
I am hoping for another...

Thank you Judy...I will check that out on my iphone about the upside down ?
Welcome home Shirley.
Anyone know when Sandi is coming back?
Lynne2 said…
I think Sandi was coming back today maybe.

Yes Hoda, I remember that Belle is a COUGAR!!!

OK really leaving now. LOL!
Hoda said…
Ha ha! Yes it works Judy.
Sandi said…
Hi all. I am at the airport in Detroit, waiting for our connecting flight. I have been keeping up with comments so I know we have one egg. Still just one, right?

Puerto Vallarta was so awesome and it was wonderful to have the whole family there all together!
Hoda said…
Belle is restless.
Is she laying her second egg?
I will keep watching.
Hoda said…
Yes one egg, second might be on its way. Belle is acting odd.
Welcome home Sandi and family.
JudyE said…
Deb says 1148 second
Lolly said…
That was about the time I saw her squirming and then get up and look in the egg cup. She has finally tucked for the night!
Hoda said…
So exciting!
She is following 2014 pattern.
2nd egg tonight!
Yay Belle.
JudyE said…
Check out video of Deb put on em FB page.
Janet Neely said…
good morning to all.

I haven't been on here I guess because its been so quiet. felt as if I were talking to myself. made me sad.

things change and I get that.....just don't like talking to myself more than I already do! lol

I am excited about the eggbert. hoping the daylight shows it has a egg-bling. (sibling))

been working about the house and outside. my neighbor and I went out and did some trimming together yesterday.

hoping everyone is well. love to all
Good Tuesday morning JANET, JUDY E, HODA, and LOLLY. What a way to start Tuesday by seeing your posts that we have a second egg in the egg cup! Hooray for Belle!
Everything looks peaceful and quiet at our nest. Thank goodness no high winds or snow. I am having trouble keeping the nest open this morning. I hope it doesn't continue.
JudyE said…
Good morning eagle budlets and the two new pearly white eggie

JudyE said…
My live feed was working. But now not won't load!
Noticed on OD page others also complained
but we still have STILL to use such works

Heading out for a walk
JudyE said…
Changed avatar to show two eggberts
Lolly said…
Good morning! After watching the video, I realized I was watching her lay the egg. I never saw the egg. I thought she had possibly had it, but did not know for sure!

Another beautiful day! May do a little more house cleaning and then head outside. But first need to get through my slow moving morning!😁

Tonight BB. Game!
Hoda said…
Good to read your post
We are all doing our best Janet.
Glad you posted.

Rain snow and more rain is today's menu...
Streets are slick, avalanche threats increased! Ice layer makes snow banks unstable.
Hoda said…
Snow base not bank...
Lynne2 said…


Lynne2 said…
Good to "see" you Janet. Welcome home Sandi...was checking out your pictures on FB while you were gone. Freyja certainly has grown!The dogs are going to be SO eggcited to see you again!!!
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